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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Anniston, Alabama Fair ships due fair skies wild warmer temp endures Wen exported today with a High of 55. Colder Wreath Eriv a a re tonight and tues Day. However with a Low of 28 tonight and a High of 44 tuesday. See Complete weather on Page 2. Vol. 84, no. 101 Huniston Futar a up aka to. A. Times Washington Post services a your Home newspaper since 1882 a r irs Roy night from 8 . To to ., arc a and local news is flashed Over station whoa. The stars final edition is presented each weekday at 4 The Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast time. To pages i Section Anniston Alabama monday december 27, 1965 10c daily 20c sunday 50c a week by Carrie Marine patrols kill 56 communists i j. S. Hopes world blames reds resumption of rads wide Al Loris aides mum about halt Iii bombing Len Lam Ltd hit lift for new Kotlier a arms. Robin Mantonya Iii clinic siamese chances rpm a 9 j wins �?~50-50�?T from wire reports Washington u. S. Officials hoped today that the worlds blame for the resumption of the War in Viet Nam will clearly fall on the communists. Hope continued despite Blunt statements today from Hanoi that the a a aggressors . Never kept their there never had been any great expectation Here that the communists would let t n e Christmas Lull in the fighting go beyond the announced truce period. Determination is noted but there was a Clear determination to act in a Way that1 by Washington Post meant the Viet Cong would have Washington a administrate fire first and thus Bear the Tjon officials refused any com responsibility in the minds of ment sunday on whether the u. Those around the world who had s. Has instituted another halt hoped the truce might Lead to m the bombing of North Viet a More permanent peace. Jam about four and a half hours while full scale fighting and after the 30 hour Christmas Lull air strikes had resumed in South had come to an end. The state Viet Nam there have been no department reported that air strikes against the North for american and South vietnamese at least 24 hours following the troops were showing a a a r e a end of the 30-hour Christmas restraint in the face of a Par truce. Tial resumption of communist there was no indication action. Or the pause was for operate ,1 at the same time the depart reasons or whether it was ment had confirmed earlier re Par a another attempt to sound ports that both Saigon and out Hanoi on the possibility of Washington had ordered their negotiations. Reports from Viet forces a a not to be the first to Nam said weather was not a resume hostilities after Christ Factor in the suspended raids. Court martial Fossil in Hollywood up siamese twin g res born christinas Day Anc separated by emergency surgery today re Given 50 50 Chance of survival by doctors. A delicate surgical operation. Performed one hour after birth separated the twins s Kila forint and Lisa Manteno who were joined at the bladders. W a talks set the girls Mother m r s. Robyn Mantonya who celebrated her 20th birthday sunday was reported in Good condition at a Hospital 20 Miles away. Her husband is also 20 years Ola. The Surger left one of the guts with an incomplete intestinal tract and the Doc lots had to perform additional remedial surgery goal is cited i thus the two governments expected to pin the blame squarely on the communists for what did in fact take place a a resumption of the War. Neither give comment neither defense nor state department officials would com ment. In Washington officials said Only that if bombing raids were carried out they would be announced. U. S. Planes have been hitting even As reports of increasing North Viet Nam steadily since action reached Washington Dur last february. The Only Previ the evening officials said Ous pause except for bad wealth that those american and South or or other operational reasons. By Dami s. Brunick United press International blasts staged by Michael to Malloy United press International Saigon a two heavily outnumbered u. S. Marine patrols battled entrenched Viet Cong near Danang today and killed 56 of the communists a military spokesman reported. The fighting near Quang a in Ilage erupted As the leather Nee is resumed full scale operations for the first time Ainee the Christmas cease fire i of sending three full battalions into the Field a Marine battalion run from 1200 to 1500 men the two Marine patrols were gyrating about seven Miless Mth Southwest of the major u. Is. Al Danang 375 Miles Onui least of Saigon. Southern areas bombed a i. S. And vietnamese planes a so have resumed attacks Onvy it Cong positions in South v it Nam. But there have been no reports of bombings in North Viet Nam since the cease a re. J a military spokesman said a a we have received no instructions to Lay off bombings of tee North but by the same often we have received no orders to commence bombings a in the Mekong Delta a v Etc Long terrorist posing As a re edit smuggled two b lbs into furnishing and delivering to on the statement or s a y a Barracks filled with trainees Viet Cong certain documents whether Smith and Mcclure and exploded one causing heavy statements and writings Minimi Are Iii confinement on Okinawa. Sergeants Smith Mcclure targets of i. S. Charges. A pair released Al cambodian Boudar of tar i Iet Coo it Captivity freed soldiers face aiding reds charges a of life. The second bomb a Ned to kill Rescue Crews in a h a Okinawa a two vietnamese forces still not fired was a five Day suspension last a s. Army sergeants freed by Cal to the interest of the United it is known Only that they were g 0fj upon after the truces effective May. The meaning of which was the communist Viet Cong last brought to Naha from Korat. Toll still unknown end were under orders to hold made Clear to Hanoi it was re mont1 Aid wjl0 Aler were critic nothing to gain Thailand after leaving cambo military Security prevented heir own re period later. American movement in the statement indicated Din. Which does not maintain p Oll Cattoi. Of the exact number communist North Viet Nam i he May suspension was seen today accused the United states As an attempt to permit Hanoi of Only pretending to go through to come to the conference table with aiding the enemy the u held for alleged dealings with lined stat a the 30 hour Christmas cease while it was not under direct s. Military command disclosed their communist captors and l ,. % of dead and wounded Nam have been charged Smith and met lure were being diplomatic relations Witti the truck c carrying troops of the u. S. Army a isl infantry division later in t h a handles return veep readies i file and charted Quot the Daggres attack. But the pause in the today s irs never kept their raids did not result in a n v counter move seen negotiations and since then the United states has stepped up air attacks on the North. Bombers strike nearby by ii Shry Khlly associated press writer the North vietnamese also charged the l. S. And South a _ Quot just before the Christmas nov. 28 at the cambodian bord a the United states has nothing two week invent i a non was i he Barracks Ina 1 a. Truce began american bomb or after two years in Captivity to gain from the War in Viet conducted into the conduct of at the headquarter # Iti la i Chi a fisc. I a ii i8 in struck Clos to Haiphong a tors statement issued by sum Quot and Aid the would join the two sergeant which War government. Gilt int. To it Diu Tofu j h Lupul a a repealed tuning a Power Plant military authorities on Okinawa peace movements alien they ram. The in Quot Quot Quot Quot a ,st0, att Only 14 Miles from the North said Cha act would be brought returned to America. In violation of tin uni term loot Southwest o Saigon the official. North Viet Nam vie namese port these recent against the men for Quot preparing. The army refused to Elanor a just Cen article 104 there were no reports of Cas Bias Usu Tiki i in 11 i a a c. A a in Ltd Sai a a a a raids again underlined u. S. Washington Hubert la. Humphrey wings toward the far or a East monitored in Tokyo Abib to jew devastate North Vici not for statements attributed to the australian embassy in by struck a mine in Mina duo the two Are sgt. George e. J them in a nov 30 news con phenom Peiruh handled their Saigon u Smith of Chester. W. Va., and Ference in phenom penh Cam return to u. S. Army officials. Pelati Vivere sketchy but a u. Spec. 5 Claude Mcclure of Chat Bodia. The u. S. Army Headquarters g military spokesman said Tanooka. Tenn. They were freed they told the news conference for the Ryukyu islands said a a a heavy casualties were feared just before the Christmas nov. 28 at the cambodian bord Quot the United state it a it nothing two week in Viet conducted occurred of the East today on hts first major overseas trip As vice president. The a Whitewash their vile Nam s Industrial Complex a we. K Long asian journey to the Philippines Japan South Korea a Ord quote l Quot Lei r so. To it. United states has pub v Quot h. A. A. He Myrnen in Saigon to spread , la it does not want and nationalist Luna May by tilt news that several Viet Cong t0 Fage Holiday Highway toll l shia a a actions took place at Tju ,mp0 f ii a fighting 1 Fae pm so and villages a s m the ast three of fit Sui Kerork doling the it Seine period months and As the u. S. Vomit said the Viet Cong had fitment of arms and men has Chicago apr americans ordered a 12-hour cease fire on been stepped up. There have died in traffic accidents Over Ciais Mas eve a to enable the been renewed appeals from weekend in numbers t h a catholics in the ranks of the u Domestic opponents of he pres i a record for a three Day s. And mercenary troops to eel end p s Milicy in Viet Nam Holiday berate Christmas in As we As from foreign Diplo. At last count 697 persons u. S. Draws Barge Mats for another pause in the jaw it it a win dead Sui passing the a re but it added the Viet Cong raids on the ninth. Trip not made High of 609 for a three dui ration a caused great con thursday on the eve of the although Johnson travelled today Christmas Holiday i he fusion to the u. S aggressors truce Secretary of slate Dean 28 countries when he was vice National safely Council had est As a it Unter a measure Rusk called on a hungarian president Humphrey s most ciliated there would be 560 to if u. Aggressive ringleaders Diplomat for talks that admit talk Dahout trip was the one he Lata lit in largely ceremonial. But the War in \ let Nam Humphrey says v ii by a prime topic in his in one talks with leaders of the foal Friendly governments the foreign travel May Aho help strengthen Humphrey s image at Home As it did for Oil Soma Richard a Nixon and Lyndon Oft the inside dirt make a when Johnson lint chief Justice Earl Warren instead of tee tee president to represent the in ted states at sir Winston Churchill s funeral City briefs generally Humphrey has the actor Stein Ohn been kept on a Short tether la to log Boring As Liaison Between the while House and Congress and giving speeches within the United states. Obituaries dear Abby sports a so ordered the and Teddy included Viet Nam. T n e puppet troops to observe a hungarians have be ii among a ceasefire on Christmas eve the leading Advie ates on t ii e i Quot but As a Rule the aggie a communist Side of a pause in sri s never Kep their Promise the bombings 2 it quoted a Western news the Only certain fact was thai 7 at Acy report As saying that on there had been a sunday pause 7 do 25, an artillery unit of the beyond the truce period news a a 1st air cavalry division of bombing raids against Norte continued filing for nearly tour Viet Nam usually reach hours after the truce Peri o d Egton in tin Early morning 6 went into Efard at 6 pm hours they May use Middle initial san Diego a Wien or. And mrs John Schultz were married they decided to allow any children they had to choose their own Middle names at age 12. Quot my husband who has no Middle name either and i decided that our children should be allowed to choose their own Middle name inasmuch As they have no Choice Over the first or last a said or. Schultz. But the parents did t reckon with their Only daughter Mary 13, who has pondered a name tor More than a year now. Lbs still sees i Lime now Mary has made her selection wee Donty amount it is a ski Nova and her favo Marv explained that she likes Folk song rite is Quot Don t a weep. Done Tva mourn Lite family s four boys Haven t chosen Middle name yet. Aiding the enemy. Unities among u. S. Army and t barges were preferred dec. Visors in a nearby compound 21 and further investigation is at Sade. Being conducted to determine a whether they should to Dis i missed or Smith and Mcclure be brought a court martial a spokesman said. Capture is noted i Smith and Mcclure were captured nov. 24, 1963, when j the Viet Cong overran the Hiep hot u. S. Special forces amp 27 Miles Northeast of Saigon they were the second and i third americans known to have come hit of a Viet Ting prisoner of War Camp the first was sgt Isaac Camacho it get Al faso Tex win is now stationed in West Germany. Both Smith and Mcclure t have been provided is us legit that. Counsel lilt pm it said the \ in Cong said at the time of their release they were being freed in Honor of anti Veit Nam Austin Tex apr president Johnson reportedly still retained a Glimmer of Hope today that the fighting in vie Nam will not return to p r a Christmas ferocity. Tile fact that the United states had not resin cd bombings of North Vici Nam even two Day after the Era of the fire. Was seen As evidence of ii min til was seeking a til settlement when the United states and kith Viet Nam were con and my last Wick a 30 hour Chr it Pic demonstrations Iii ult United Mas cease fire so lung As their state and they crossed t ii t troops were not fired upon Border the same Day pacifists Johnson kept aloof from t ii a staged their Quot March on Wate eventual announcement anti i publicly Hie decision making. or otherwise by David Kkt Asuja is Angels times writer Johnson City. Tex the White House announced the plans for Humphrey s asian trip after a Public opinion poll whose findings apparently surprised Humphrey s staff Johnson said in had selected Humphrey As ins no. 2 Man because to was equipped to be a Good president but the recent poll to slowed that the majority of people Sample j was tag As sold on Humphrey As Niky Ammons picked up his Johnson said he was. It to Hunting Rifle sunday Jum Valenti tines Tim a i resident Johnson to net tin to accompany Humphrey to Turner into Las Street. He wish the ear East Johnson is Send Esh no ing erne of his own closest adv is because at the same moment. Or it presidential aide Jack Val a firecracker which Tome took anti. To be a shot went Oil on the Humphrey will return to Awn next door Washington Jan 2, eight Days the husky 18 year old High before Congress returns to school senior visiting his grander Turk ip.,tents in their modest House by it Fexas hot makes it Hunting alter All Cross the Street from the Prest ii it s boyhood Home is still a hit shaky in in his encounter the secret service. Quot i guess i poked the wrong mini to go Ducr Hunting a the boy told refiners Quot How could i know the president was Coni i g Here the president with or j Hinson and others in ins White 11 ii toils me was driving at a or. We a Quot a carrying six be service agents was close and. Nicky had just lifted the High powered in vet action Rifle from tee front seat id his pick up a Ruck when the firecracker expelled Hie presidential limousine had jus passed Nicky s Llu a k a Bat Hill a secret service a a tit leaped from the car follow my the u a silent and ran inward the boy with hands raised in a warning gesture other agents re. Idling for to or guns bul my drawing i them warmed about mum Diatel. Nick flushed he Stomi there stunned Rifle Frozen Iii ins hands. Nicky s grandmother mrs. To Ammons Cairn swiftly to the s. Enc and nervously inquired a a hat did he do wrong Ile is just going out to build a tree i and Dot some Hunting the agents told the boy to he be tile i upon on tire seat cd the truck where they unload a d it. Aller several moments Al questioning a agent handed tilt cartridges to the youth Aud id him to put them in h i it picket two agents then went a Al the House to talk to h i s grandparents Joe Ammons later told a reseller the agents assured him thire would be no charges Quot what charge could there be Quot he said Quot it was just an Acrite a i. Jusi one it those things the firecracker was set off by some girls playing at a to Nighbor s , mrs. Ammons said she and or husband had known the a unseal in 20 years Quot and we but them very much we think toe world of them a Quot Why just the other night a she added Quot we were Over sing-1,g Christmas carols to the p. I Sidenia Aud his Nicky is the son of or and \ is Jerry of ammo he had noticed mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy attempting to comb out of the car Hill pushed her Down into the Seal As the car sped Oft Johnson wen1 to visit his Tail in i j Home after he and mrs. Jcu soft pattern cd services Ai the first Bapt is Church two blocks i Way he remained at the Home if san for about 15 minutes and App i it Nelv was unaware of the in Hill was the agent who sprang indent across the Street Omo the Hack a get the presidential Silky arum in recovered Cai when president John f Frau his run in with tile secret Mumedy a. Shot in Dallas. Crae to Glt Hunting altar All ;