Anniston Star Newspaper Archives December 17, 1922 Page 4

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - December 17, 1922, Anniston, Alabama Rom Anniston St a r is xxiv Pix a it 1029 Cuje Anniston amp tar. Established in 312 Power company controversy is unfortunate for state 11 w i col ii Oma it a Kin thing w e wacko Anniston Star la disposed to regard As f Umi shed every afternoon and sunday morning a a , Pontis Muci co. Prrh-,.,� a Quot Quot a a Quot j Tost Iris a r i j in a Nuna members a ? ire Alabama Public service commission w a reference to valuation of property of Alabama Power company. There is not a. Agency in Ala entered a second Jass mail matter at Post. A fuck in a or i St on als Bema. Office Kline building. Corner Market and eleventh streets a i a. Publisher hairy Mayer a it Gordon. Editor subscription pates payable in Advance daily and sunday by mail first and All other second Sones. Zone Quot me year a in of 17.oo months a. A 8.0� three months Are month a is no City Carrier delivery week no a a sunday. December 17. 19 a key which always will unlock door of Success at i John incr who died i t tutti., ape of m was .sin1 Tica s r. Lest and a a in i Success til Mere Bant Early in his Bush Salt ire1 harried Tim Stere of business sucks. War makers first a. S s in As a he he me. It Bant in % Small a a a an Bunp to in <7. Lie a Kepi to cent in Cash drawer to in making change next Day and invested Sam in . That required nerve but it k we . Used is a v Tai b Ness a Lur. J t la i it a a Oss Suo. I is for John Vla Namaker. We Wana in Aker advertised extensively at a time when advert is 11 a was considered in Mist bust men a an unnecessary up use \ her wan to Aker spending every Dof in by Cut i reon newspaper space his t i yet Ter Shook i heir a ads and predicted each f ii re no Man Bama that is to Mig More for i development of Tate than is Power c Many. And it would he very unfortunate indeed if controversy in question should have effect of subjecting Lite company to political persecution As May be Case. Messes. Ltd Coper Ami Galliard associate members if slate in Seton have ?.\ v ii of of fever company a property a j j3,-8 4 2,2 a Jami under Law company is a Lowed to earn a prof on that investment fixing a Rrth is according. Or. Patterson president of it in Mon. D w cae at top i As and accused them it f Unbe on. Or haste n rendering their verdict. When it a. 1 no cae Bxs been f r More t an to Yea however a j that Power company has paid but More than let nod for a it i Ion of is books by slate to a am Mien ? f haste will hardly hold in truth i e w med tile no it to. I lard St i \ is that of full a won i be that or. Patters n a de a Yod tint i messes. Cooper ii i i january i and their sae office Patterson has no conf denes of a a i paper shares Lri View articular. The f to been too Friend. .0. A we. E repudiated i people lie at last election f r that Reat a a have been to becoming armed for e non i a of a c n c e. It r to u no n ii it e pal in As Are Ruruqia Holder is de Lead of Bein s Ake further Nipper a. I a Ilia r i la of c i a a y Voe s. To i Nger Imp a remain in of e daily editorial digest amendment regarded us important Issue Matt ton of electoral cot. Influence of n political Campaign Hai and a Iva moment of Date of inauguration and convening 1 of a newly elected con great mat i a Quot Long discussed in an Aca Dnn i manner ii \ �. Quot suddenly assumed tile aspect of no Washington Smi Tinct keys it to v. Of a p.,., report b v a note Complin co at instance of so called progressive bloc of a constitutional amendment embracing it i Hanges. As to second i of Prii Ion w hat one Walt Al a Quot .a�1 against Murp m a Terri a mint i of rented by Practa Tuy All of t in paper s. Few Itoi indeed tit n to log Rise present method proposal to a Hange election proce i me however ilium Fuith a More v. Only died debate there in As always Tom pro t against Quot link i in n till t he. Institutions at All. On part of Springfield but Publ an time by Louis Globa Democrat i Hep a for a stance but to la at tiled Quot to ago to tubule ind. Lime a replies that Quot a proposed Zangas do not reflect a re to test nod desire to remake i Bitt Ca Constitution. They Beal with antiquities Quot of to o a popular of two Hemes i a Olin Tull i Ile Ord a i in i or a it i of j f by a move Meir a is he t a a l. O e Dan k a a a species in aug i in absurd third a vet -. New thai i k i a �.-1 Cong to i Meh in no Ember of honk have in interval la which to tool off and get their hearings be torn Duming Scuta of Power mid in opinion of me paper interregnum Quot serve it it Hock Waterloo Tribune agree that Quot Haipt judgment May result from Elmo to immediate service after Hie election. Des Slation May be enacted. On Spur of tin Momut that would bardic fit situation aft i w a i ii a what would have Hap a nod. The new Yolk times <1 and. Hem. It a is Quot if it Ivy eighth cob v i a s Iii Quot Tea i let sixty sex a nth Wile to in Ion ? a lot of in is. Olla i a Inis u lid coils who Sivc had no time to a taif then in Polo a a v Oil Iva 0 got to wot to and into confusion. Tho c. T e i a a i Given by Constitution is All Opportunity for reflect it. The first drunk tick of Cool off hic a a Muling la exl hut is this Quot Cooling period a Good thin Many it e s Reidy a might Bai rued l in a Burg news dem a ngg it , Quot thai to i or t he re pre c n to t in a Oftle a people Imp to wait before beginning tin talk of epic Mutton better. By year of waiting would even More Tureh promote to sober lug process a by is it in. Quot a y toe utile. Tho t hat in Sooga new i us i in quirk that tip prop a a in a Passio when up n a thank when Jefferson Davis was arrested for stealing four thousand dollars in interesting anecdote contributed by i Miry Noble of to is to to George amp Alt Vas a a a try of some and flood work is a masterpiece and should be read by All former romans. A Lould live a. T ill december of following or r before he. Tishri at ions. And proposal to Iii away w a i this survival Frim Tibet age Roach Era Buhls Hift c Merit s Hee As Spring of Chi it Punk aft i a suggests j Quot i to t la ii a Tex Tor instead of w i ii r a ii i Sto i Ppd Lions h a a St today Idi Timot a a Sun i and dem. A on tend Quot when g Pew spirit of to ois ver a Ltd to Public cup ton , past of a a Tarots tile urge it in to e Hoof. Top w la be a >1 i it i Quot it to by As. A a by. Don in opes i i h urge of or a not Bor ulc v. Vert hell a Thoro to it i her an to Ria it lode to la ii i is a i to i ii Tom. I a Phot Lim ult of a bpm Uon to a a on. I a Ere go ? a Oto it it. I soph via 11 and. A i is in i gave raiment to it co Rived a o be Moio dbl Tbs key n c i deliberately about so Quot he Quot whole Tendon by of g it be me a ii thought in die country a Asheville time find it Quot a been i direction of Pup plat vie son of All off ii wha ire nut appointed Quot end continue it Brist n 9 in Nee Monitor Alo c this tee i be. A g system of. tie will of tile pea Ira i ullage a be toil v Ope a \ Fucini Quot Duluth declares it to b if v. L it f a though i t it j.-, up worst it i ii i be r it g is full Tun w remove i ten by tee fact v a and i i i Vav hit 11 Era or j a an i t t fat it n i 4 in ant a tilt til we -1,1 # f f a ic1#� i ii a1 an a in c r every Anniston an should sfmc1 a greeting to e. L. Turner a 11 i Milly Ai. I r list Touy of Home i a a a a r Dom be i Joes Iota from a Quot a a e Ruthc a a of of Martier la tojr., i he Tyler of to i Quot r a a t to. I r att. Ortli a it a a Joll Daut of a i . A fro v la a i % i to Jane. By. Shine it a v scrip to ral. Thought kor is Adan r-1. Is i re it a i Lent a. V a r g Jar train Ltd a lid be St i a j t i that h had. A. I i get a. By int Lorge i.ang1 ,. ,. In h it a such f a a a k a it Tom by n of a Tome. In 41 mat by won four by v t ally by Hatter it tidied a a a. I it Prier a i h. A Abilo Ltd by me n v i i i r or i w i Civ boo a i \ v i of to i of r i we a. To. Vav of to t i Vav a Bourn. Ii ii r a i o.par Aune an i Ai aug i an a. Air. A Dent of i Obj tit a in meat of. R i o n slips a i tit i joinery a do via Alt it 11 to a it get a i a a a v i to. A a w ital Iai t. 1 liar fit i. And 1 f to Alever i command Jou John t j re a of a a for a \ 5lie Cis Vevay Bro i by via Vav a. By i h a i of e a a. V in j tem at f. It Moi. Tiny a Iii i by by i to Iowa must it Itter o it fair had log t a till or. D i us at tvs la i with a wit to y gut a in ii a it Mother a fee i i r ii of ii us t it 1 i Best editorials of i t j he Pho diced old ii or in Kirr i a Dpi. J i adm i. It a is add nor a Llva atm i Sec. A it. F Ltd or. In ii a Vav a in most and to life a Quot w e Ai i ii or ache v by at at Tail rid a f urn. Quot a by should i ode Glt a it smile and air g a Hole w in to Quot there i so much to a Ltd Day i a gift that we i a try t of for rom Good or. To Anama Ker was very much me chant lie a a phflanthropi.?. P i a e pro i in his a Iii iou Success in b Tan Ery Dav Busic or. To a f. Impo ens f r Polit and Good Ore thaa 5 a philos Phr. A St in Xac. A working Chiao in and he daily lift in his in Arf a i . I so Good for inc. Hat philanthropy does not that state nit j hip does not Ca trickery and that a Riel is Ness go a x a. R v Ell j a i 1 a Ai j i be eve t a t a i y Caban a poly a i ova from All vie and a y f it a lion at this i i Chi Alabama polytechnic Institute will not be moved from Auburn Anniston Star docs ? t i a it a Lea be i in Bor of to. Tees it f technic Institute will Vuteff r \ Auburn to Munaut i. Tiny it patriotic in n Ai have too to take such us t \ urn., tile a. P l a an adv n g to. Is Good will in a a name 1 Auburn Worth at least half a million Dollar rials i nos a All Over to iou atry by t name inseparable Conn a Ted wih to it of tilt Lnu a tuition bid. In ,. A ,. School is us not a Chii Quot so a a name. Thie Are iou ends of Young by is Vav to Are inspired to to or and Bigg by be Militancy of old refrain Quot to Auburn. And thousand of older men v i by i hot 1 h e Ala Hung i Don n o Ara no poor child in Anniston should be overlooked by Santa a on a Anniston a i to i rot i is vol y he wed a i t that a its Claus in it i to More hum me Honey and in one w in i it St Weed i v. A t. Mat univ. Balaam ate doing a j Pouv Chi Atma happiness for a Nae pourer children of a City Kcf a to agree g to e Flint f e gloated in Ditri of Irish a and a Wail do much to make f neglected Little on on Chrine a it. Of Small in i Aff re hember c f kit if a h h a it a do str aug a Christmas Happ re to . a of Tbs poor if movement is said to be under v Ayse a in Ber or , notary a Pond Tell add i t i legality to Iii my of a of icy that in a it come through ent on a Brist a Day. These efforts i clubs Are worthy of them. B j c a Liway ire do g some go i thing a v a a hire i to ,. N Happy at chm Quot la i a Don g Iii be St thing la n a or Quot a boo a that sex rom no a up i a i v at r a at Eren a history that was More Tai in a a Ivic a than or. R i Quot Bis Toiv it a h Soh v fail a us Goa of a it Libbon. H it h is of i n a i Auto lib to Yeti those foot Chi j. To line. For i Ltd a Thail two j a y has been i on t a k. If a-1 ii Iio v a a. Alai a i in r of it me la Quot Armit of j of my in til Book is Replete with a pub j a mom h o. Am dote and or a it ivc All of who ii is a a Ord Quot a i till that it Iii path tic urn. A i j . That whimsical humor or Tim j r sent in is t of a a j of lha tic i Bud t a e in o v j i in Tfir a Lac i in i. Xii my f t cur father of room. A a hts have puts or i de Horn i in i ordnance a pot i nails a Ltd it a Vire As Gaft i ii a it 11. J it v. Til j a flu Way on Iii i com a re o a Hui him to r Rush s to oo-., a i ship a Aln Abc t a in time and i to Unk Ami of it in 11 a r g in conf Hie it if prop rial ii ii a a a a j r. Cor Gas. Ii j a j kill to a Ria i Anni. V it i tas chief of r it in fed rat nine Ai map a it f n a his family. Roo a at 2cs 4 to i i f t Ina filch of i Iti t or a j to i urn j �0. V if. Of a a a rail ii of Ani quit a a food j veg ten a or a tic-s., Vav j ii unit i by t Ion a t i y i 1� to a i of or it ii Vav a i ii Vav a Cap not or in of Hillier u i 114 h Ai Cedo Tea is a Fri is to he history mls Noble of Cit it a to a re f de it Uada re install of de late nub a to is a foil we Alary w. ? s obit of a in to a Bench or a settee and my sister. A Lane being tired reclined unit. Mar Quot no de of t City. It a to j Quot we n til a two Flange. Go on Bra Temh Vulto one it it them went to til room Vav a my sister was. In arose and a ame Bac k woe e Hiss Alary w. Noble of aund j we were in i he took mat he Ltd Al relates a he following tin Hind Imp Kan i Over and apolo Obi. I in it it of May i ? a i Ftp a for fed in Taivion he tic i ii her Hunky Ira veil g was room a Ocee Ion. Beading i�?Ta., to rom lost pied. Ile talked pleasantly to her to Quot Quot a Cli a i j f re on Tor boil ten minute Favit thin us a retard of War. Of j a Lahout a of a next morn it ill 2 it Ai actual y or j him new a r i Quot Muta Wien to Al Augusta a?.d consent i and in hold Cut pet bag was i to i. S in i Only a a a a he had Soi Eai with it our la his. ? a u. In n get is a hit j,.-i.,Cir his a re ids cry my ii exp a Ai i a .Lent.&Quot. Or. Davis had g a a i a a ised conductor recall link that urn be i stat s Tull in v he had pit ked at valuables drily at West Point x y in i through Vav window a i that he in and had left his eat in con Shad been in such a hurry to re St Tuti Hati e mexican move or Ink Condo it a-svv.r, Dis Bervie in this it r was hied that hat and pointing fit a it maj it i a Cis that when Frank to a two rangers said tiler ate in i in re in a Lei Ted president in thieves suspicion seemed to inst i # j or. Davis his involve lie two so they were my Star a of War Aud or. Davis rested right there on platform a a i or w High in of a. S cemented iia a i i and a Quot in it k. Noble a a pull it cot on Phil a Goon in i muted stat s father a upped h til bit and Soti a f Georg no by or. By ii k trunk an i i it blk w Chiv us it to he Lek carpet bae Waltl. Gorgas for seven v a a re shoo ar i. Ii undo a n a n a six my Rihs if a cuing Artmont j w. He in South Africa stud reps ated r in it cause. The two were in. To on by ii t Hiu pay it Ion. Their w a to Africa again a a on with trunks Cal. It t a stricken Aud do a in Bond a. My in pin w r main i until of us in a took up his duties a assistant Sorc a. General of army sex a. I k it i a twin f to it Nill of it i i a Point in Utic Vav. La has a tent cud wit ii i la i Hui sit. A Ai._. re a nil j. Quot Alan t i a it Lulu i oat is. J ail Tun t Ter n i parted it w ii in ii i s up Iii in if a a fun Long to1 to. Yunu Thimig mole of i i i and i Etc of a Ana i a Quot a trill Iii f la a . A. Put i amp in cum i min i a. I to ill a a i j is As of to Faith i t ? i f her. Of it ii to. I oily have Ltd Iglus now one. I w other to i Duce a 1 to us Lorn argument. Tile a Clever it Ouk at Tro Imphal i v. Orb. The conclusive Creed and big of no in Nam a a a a i Hoh i huh papers t e. I . G. Gie to god Iii a e n a la t a Hull Christ i i Ped it i i a f a i of ail o r no c Iii,.,.,? of mrs a Lee it. A Uit y i a g i a ally a it a a in Fly re Ion in it urge a a ii Faith. Titty ay by glorify by Beautiful ? t a duty or Vrh i Quot n x by t i Ink in a aet on ? i s in of a Quot i by apr. Ii a by make s.ta.vs. But tic r a to. Are Ala. A o s to a a i a tiv acc than Trot tart and of gut in of 4a g n a fun Ort Yvo a a maker w a it i e. Lie Vav Dur ii g and of a believer. T i in nit to w a Ltd if i a r v s. Ii no and it nod will aul hindi is am my men v mid he a com o have f t. Iivo in m i a i Healy nil to tils 1 f a in ii ii a by Var a it up i i r of his it try Vert scan in t Rev lied a sons t o if of Ming Ami pop r if i mom to be foil time a v Ltd a hive hard a ne2vsia no survival against in Pac c of a i a lit Long Butin n cat or. Til v in Lotis a. F old a ii lips stay hidden and a rum when t me let herself in for a fat Inov contract?�?l.�?~ has if raid. T a it Art f of a. I y a be revived by radio Bros it a isling a is predicted. Every useful in i i it j u v. I nit joint in in in tits lots exist. A i lt.fionaht. Might give to it tread a a Pels Ovet and re made Young again by eat a Tocsin 1 Bat it cry of loyally and Loyal a to an or. To a College ii i very find preparation f loyalty to t elate of Chi re a Burn a Olla pan in Fine Auburn men nearly a. What o to i Quot Titera Are no like a tit a t i. The hah never let forgot them is no fac like old plat a a a i Lite life car yid Simi. I Vii i of i a Vav i Ber a a to a vie Anniston who a j v i n h no be f f. So in a Btu for Anniston j a ability Spon Are children in be reached by and rot arms a i they arc children vill have no Christmas happiness unless a inclined pet ply t Ltd a a to them. You know a some into. Dual cries Don take a gig anted that of Bons look of or them. They n to not bund by a ice Iii better Dan would be �?~1,11 tulo ii out Santa t Laus so ourself by us Quot till poor children you by of an a it in Isiu it a nut i until Eil it is of j a it Dacha n in to i h a my icy in sat. In a a a Alary writ in ik5a. While on i v sit to Mil in r. Jam Nubi i w v in tic ii has some defect a hater son his guardian. Some automobiles Don t t Isi Over again Aud in Reading f be dollars a year for repairs us i. Covers that if a woo i know some Are own i by men u bet Jesus who he is and whither and Ter me no la i in Imore Sun. A with to. Vav c in in ill an Eye specialist says that Green words but in practices. Quot it yet clo quiets in nerves. Tile Long Green w a or i command that Horn toy lather had certainly a a soothing effect in and i Are follows i a a Vela ? Ion of in of Boston Tram -r.. A Quot Quot a a a a Quot a a 1 a Quot f 1 a in judging from photographs. A a Quot quote in we Hefu a a a a thee Yuri i he National Confer i Dourg of his commands. I e it not Ernes arc about an th., keeps Grange not until us not forbid i Star i a to us. But. In i us to oui spies t nit a sail a be t u i it or a an in i Are als to an ? a wry u Gunnel Logi i i tit a career May be jew with Dud Lugis Watt Iii a Aal to in been a Triumph of Lim a John i Itile greek a will j Nuynh Quot was Quot word in Iii sen of j a Jug a Mdini Tui Atar from in ii strikes i which proceed a a or thing v. I of a of great by i timing u 11 f. Go y Arentt cot Abic a lid i Tau la j i. I c i u a ii by an a of in or in mailed. The or j age is politely but with some show of Fco no proclaimed innocence. W a a a a j been i reduced a a i gather taller of Spe it . Ill Imp. My i Quot Olhs a. At by i ii new. F m i in rally of in in. Over it tour to c j. Hoi a. A a ire e i a i s n i on go unit vis. Sci rotary a f War and i oink a Ilon is an officer of fluted states they Irodus it it i papers of identification and Geol Gin was about to leave we wer e re n.-? d Williar apolo a from my father who men pro f. To it it i to i est in original �71 nig against disc come actor. However conductor had disappeared. Who advanced and As our train for Northwest o admit. A by that a dipped matter for time. Quot in reaching borne we consulted a lawyer who promised to in be to Gate but were were strangers j in a Stranix land our father Urs known through Aholt a weft you g Alan but my father had Paretn Illy decided to Settle it a Tenn. However u v Fath i met two old time South in gentler if it in a by of South Carolinas col. Wade s loth in it a a j can ii one Bra who wet so a on r teen a of Bome s glories he wrote til boys to put Iii a Iii cry a beading on a salting vessel mud bring it to Charleston whence it a oui i be transport<1 by us n Aud to borne. A ilk a1<.�. Slur. In -mill4 Arret a junk Ltd Al a. In for Ste a ins in intr to covers from Street its should not tempt in commands. John Hgt Baptist sought to ii now him by define Ion. John w Ould Quot los by manhole covers have him Orin lat to in a tradition out Al night. Kavc ind i and confirmed by ult Nee. But Deale. I j. My solids Yohji a Liis Coplea by k it ii it i to feel sorry fat a with tile message go t i John i Nice Andrew. Beaut now there a. A a a Are so Many worse thing to be Pika of those White costumes they than exiled from Grev Winston j Var for Salem journal. 1 new York Tri me. Tile neat gesture might As Well car Monceau a i it incur icy be line of . Situ thai overworked word a a gesture in political Detroit new if Kun Kluvers had any real business sense they Lent out safer now than it was in 1914?&Quot Only Hope of getting question answered is to Pasa it on to ii unit journal. I \ or fit in \ Irgin i Hilo a though Hie by c May m f a i Quot late it. The Hoik it if Carlson f uni in of Brook in n. Y. Which ii in end with a ump me v Itoi y to till i is. Has f r a. I is of several million american f i Wiiilie a a in or . A. I net c Irison in a i of Clou Carlson a it fused t give up Home Iii a i a and ii i Loris household hid lived for a Arter of a c Tury. It family did not like House or tit neighbourhood. When lit ref to c l of n of to i. Ii film bag a a a at Etui of a week Carl in c i to j. Now h s Ricilly a return i an i sink so Over. Tile gov it nine it Ahou i do something Alum th.#. If Fumike ail allowed to enter into form of conspiracy Sanctity it f tilt Hume will be violated authority of Pac r Fain Ilias destroyed a go a Jirtle of Dom inst Tut on undermined. For failure Tubu a piano or s new Dan. 5trikes Inay be ordered a Over he country and sympathetic walkouts Are not an Imp boat a uric Ila j. Or. To i icy. The Altu Aton seems i Ripe for Federal Intel let Pius ;