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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - April 30, 1965, Anniston, Alabama Area teams win Anniston. Oxford and while Plains chalked up baseball victories in High school play thursday afternoon with two one hitters marking the pitching. Hee Story Page 14. A be of misto to Futar Ari is Day night from 6 . Toll p.m., Abc a and local news is flashed n or Slation whoa. The Star s final edition is presented each weekday at 4 p m. The Star arrive. Sunday met Ramg Lone before breakfast time. Vol 83, no. 226 member Abc and Nea 20 pages 2 sections a your Home newspaper since 1882�?� Anniston Alabama Friday april 30, 1965 a and up news 5c daily 20c sunday 50 a week by Carrier. Troops strengthened in torn dominican Republic legislature Dixie solons la old More posts yet Power dented. Broken i positioning \ our a Bill Ilei Sirr Basse adjournment duo Montgomery i Pic the legislature ended the 10-week special education session today after the House gave final approval to a drastic redaction in voter literacy requirements. A wire photo mini i a brains grocery clerk and store owner Start Long Job of unscrambling hundreds of items scattered in aisle Vays by thursday s earthquake in Seattle. Scene was typical of thai in Many stores. See Page 2. Juvenile Issue put to Flowers by jew i h i in the state attorney general is ill be asked to Settle a dispute Between hic City and juvenile court authorities on whether a Jii Vun is bendable following his Arn by City police Robert it. Field City attorney thut Day night said he is going to request the attorney general s office to give an opinion on the Law As set out in the Alabama code pertaining to disposition of juveniles detained by fwd ice another Point on which an opinion will be asked is a a clarification of the status of a juvenile after he has been picked up by Cit police and charged with an offence. The Eirv is of the opinion that under title 1.1. Section 313 of the Alabama Rode the proper procedure would he to have the juvenile transferred to the juvenile court by judge Edward Harwell. Juvenile court judge Edward Mclaughlin maintains a my court h is the original and exclusive jurisdiction Over juvenile Quot nod he observed a since this is True it would leave not iut i fiction for Ain other court Field s decision to make such a request followed a meeting Beld thursday ahem it a at tin juvenile court and att. Tur d by Field judge Mclaughlin and miss Edwina Dunn. Juvenile probation Oil Leer. The meeting according to All three participants was held in a Friendly manner but according to the City attorney no fungi Fht was reached Aslo the Law covering the disposition of juveniles the situation began smouldering tuesday morning after juvenile authorities said Thuv Learned that a i to ear old youth had big in jailed and required to Post a shoo Bond to gain release to ,1 Parent prior to the meeting which began when Field walked into the court unannounced. Field issued a basement to the City police As follows a in order to avoid any confusion brought about by a re it it new paper article the following is the Correct procedure of Law for handling juveniles title 13. Section 3r3. Provides that any child May be arrested with or without a warrant when the child is brought before the magistrate see juvenile Page 12, col. Ii Montgomery apr the Alabama legislature was in position today to put the finishing touches on a proposed new voter registration Law and wind up the a current special session. The Senate passed by a 25-0 vote thursday the constitutional amendment sponsored by rep Holt rust of Jefferson county with but one amendment. Thou change sponsored by sen. Lai by j Ames i or Low a news analyst Washington southerner in Congress hold More Flower positions today than in president Truman s time. 15 years ago. But their actual Power has been dented and. On civil lights broken. The two main reasons besides the obvious ones of new times attitudes and laces a Are the supreme court decision of id�4 and conservatism a smashing Delta in the 1064 election this shows the irony in the southerner Quot Prcin amen in log of Southern democrats held Only 40 per cent of the prize Senate commit tee chairmanships or to out of 16, today they hav e 62 per cent or to out of 16 it Quot sin Ilar in the House yet. Iii the Truman years when their Power position was smaller they could Stop him and Congress dead on any attempt to put through a civil rights Bill they had one big weapon the filibuster. And one priceless All this was the much More conservative attitude of the Congress of thus e -. Which meant Lack of Enthus or perhaps even interest in civil rights or choking off the southerners then some of the most important figures in Congress All of whom had i i v cd through the depression but refused to adjust to the new Era ushered in by the new Deal of the 1930s, were con sen Tiv is their Only difference was in party labels this made a i i reigns haunt tacit Alliance with the southerners to the extent of not them on civil right Quot a lot easier and Nune n a a u r a i since the Quot southerners were Conser vate a. Too at the same time tile old supreme court derision of 18% Quot a my it a Quot come tut ional to segregate negroes is ill stood and thus put a respectable constitutional Camak Over those in Bolti part ii Quot not fighting for civil i Glit it. S bees ail end Victory con firmed Pittsburgh i pm i w Abel a craggy faced welshman nearly three decades in the labor movement has unseated his one time ally David j. Mcdonald As president of by Dumas also of Jefferson spells out that a prospective registrant must be Able to read and write an article of the u s Constitution or furnish proof that he has an eighth Grade education. Aet Given Okay the original Bill had said Only that the prospective voter should Bable to read and write th1 English language. Senators also approved by a 23 0 margin an enabling act which would set up guidelines for application of the Law if voters approve the change in the Stael a Constitution. Before recessing thursday the Senate adopted a Resolution providing that when it quits Friday it will adjourn sine die to end the Ion. The constitutional amendment it it gains approval of tie House today would go to the voters Tor approval legislation is passed All the House has to do is to concur with the amendment of Tercel by Dumas to Complete legislative action on the Hill. Approval of the voting rights Bill followed passage of the tinal legislation included in the governor s education package a education appropriates Bill the Senate waited out a 24 hour filibuster wednesday night and thursday morning before finally approving the Bill to Transfer $250,000 from the Edu cation Trust fund to tile general fund to help finance the spinal session. I. Vav. Abel til nth la Ith Hohl l it stall i Washington Taimy the Oil Lee of education said today it is withholding what Are known As impacted area funds from 31 Alabama school districts which have not tiled acceptable Assur ant is of compliance with the in ii hights a t. Federal Aid Nunney under that program goes to school systems burdened by children cd i s. Employee the withheld Money Eon gifts of what Are known As project funds a for parties Jar projects a rather than continuing funds. Patterson a a Mai ii hits at government Centre Chambers officers installed the United steelworkers Tisu the unions int mat tonal tellers announced today. Abel. 56. Will take ewer the reins of the million member Union june i when Mcdonald a Burd four year term expires the just pays $50.00<� a year. Antrim make statement in an official announcement. Wayne Antrim the unions thief International Teller re Pended Ilia Abel had polled 5 18,910 votes to 298.768 for Mcdonald in the feb. 9 election., Mcdonald is the second he Jor labor Leader to be dethroned in the past month. James r i Rev stepped Down As head of the International Union of Eire trial workers la alter the Federal government conducted a recount of that Union s election and revealed that he had Den Defeated by Paul Jennings til tellers also announced Lur election of Abri s running mate Quot Joseph i Molony �8 of bet Alo. N v. As vice president and Walter j Burke 53, of Milwaukee a Secretary trea user. The jobs pay $35 Hoo i year the v Defeated Howard r Hague 62. Of Pittsburgh and Albert White Touse 59, of Cincinnati Otho Hague a Quot incumbent vice president soles Sre listed i the tellers said Molony i shed Ihm 414 votes to 28 786 to Hague and bulk 313.229 vote Quot to 266 381 for a hit Chou e the Campaign Between Abel. Secretary treasurer of the Union and Mcdonald had All the trimmings of a National political race. The candidates rave led across the country exchanging barbs shaking thousands of hand and making the expected i bonuses the tellers began their list tics rebellion to Betis by i of is i Huelle Santo Domingo. On minibar Republic t apr american a Iriente troops landed in the dominican Republic Early t o d a a swelling the number of i s forces in the country to 4,200 men As civil War dragged Santo Domingo to the Point of a to Arch v. The two Day old military Junta appealed for intervention by american troops to help restore order but t s officials said action other than to protect american lives and property would require authorization from the organization of Meri can states however. President Johns no a admin Ballon was aul ii it a it Cork reported in Kadi ton 1 be on the Alert Tor act Ion to meet any communist threat to a of i the dominican Rej nah i or plunge it into a communist a War of liberation a last is released is officials in Santo doming released a list of 52 Mem Bra % of dominican communist organizations vim they said were believed to have played Kly roles in the six Day old rebel i lion. Beside the name of Ca ii Man was the communist country where he was said to have trained Cuba Luna or the soviet i Ilion sir of state Dean Husk gave i Quot views in a Capitol corridor press conference shortly of f or he Ami of Are Kev adv in. Cis discussed a he Domini in Republic situation with president Jolin on Rusk also re ported on the situation at a closed meeting of the Senate foreign relations committee asked by newsmen whether he knew of any relationship tie tween the dominican Republic revolt and the Contin in \ let Nam Rusk said a i do met flunk min but he aided that a there a a some aspects of a of minium a movement involved it rebellion was launched by b group of Young Ai Tov artillery officers seeking to return ousted president Juan to h to other. But i s Oft Lak in Santo d a Mgo and other observers believe no one now is in control a of could regain rout rot a of the armed Label bands which include Many Young civilians. Occupation is hinted american officials hinted tron Gay that it Woald be Meres Surv for amen an troops to of Washington a i pm Senate liberals today fared a crucial it a Santo Domingo to end the decision on the voting tights Bill whether to a opt a com fighting Promise prop a Quot Al to eliminate the poll tax ban which has Bon unit our let Ltd a lie measures chief stumbling j s embassy. Thursday i lir it Allu Al t v killed two retie a vipers who fired at them Iron a co a top and apartment windows f or in St today Longhi la mat shot hark trom tie and saturday fair and a Little of automobiles parked on warmer. High today. Tilow it. A tee Quot haded Lawn of the err a a Nightmare has ended As or and mrs James Baker of fort Worth tex., hold son Richard Wayne 3, who was Given no survival Chance after firing a shot through his Blain six months ago the child thursday appeared on the verge of recovery. Small \ ims Blan or acini Choice Sot on i Oler Meas bloc k Senate democratic Leader Mike Man told and gop Luau or Everett a1 dil Kon panic d to introduce a subs tit Ite no to Day w hied w o ii i <1 in a a a a i a me new proposal tile s is Titus would drop the outright ban on and lord a fax Quot tonight. Or High saturday. 79. No Marine casualty which me by Steve Traylor next gubernatorial race Ai one campaigning later my circuit Star staff writer observer put it a the s Patter nevertheless he a one of the a it s not a question of Segre cd trs with one Eye on set might politicking now hell Start busiest politicians on the speak Lief entre Page 12. Col 1 jus old do k at the Capitol former gov John Patterson i Nur Day night tired More volleys Aith Federal government before the chamber of Commerce he1 Side stepping current issues Patterson declined to comment on the executive amendment a cd thursday in the state legislature which will divert education funds to help meet costs of the special session. He also said he would a rather not comment Quot on recent newspaper ads by various Chambers of Commerce and other Busine Quot a organizations calling for compliance with the civil rights act a i will say one thing about tin ads a told i ii Star a the people of Alabama owe no a p i ogles Patterson charged in his speech Ilia theres a no end to Federal encroachment. We have seen and types not just on civil right Quot the Montgomery lawyer who Gays be tile Guild of the Capitol is expected to be among the first to officially Anilus candidacy in in a Etal count feb 22 and resolved,.dozen. ,.i proteins in connection Quot Quot Quot a a a Quot Quot a Quot Al bl1 with the balloting to i Iii it Quot i i Quot ii Higitt-,1 leu i like in. <1 he i lit i-,1 in my. I Iii Rhi. In lots Lur of Tiu i. Mid Iii i i ii i. High Al leu per Olure it i ult t i i., ii a. No he. Futol Leit fail Tate col. Of Ullin id b is in Ruurik ii 4 Vav a in rerun Tvr court test of existing say a poll rum libera s and instead. Direct a he attorney general to make an immediate we reported in Washington. The United mates ask a thoas to Cal on Deli. Me hauling dominican Falt a h ii a a Cablish an International Neutral Ore at Santo do for in safety of refugees go ci/1o� Phol Lex governor others id annual banquet principal figures gather for Chat at Centre chamber of Commerce a annual banquet thursday met. Item kit la gov. J olm a Turson Spuur Buis rep. Ralph Meade chamber past president Charles Burkhalter president Jim Bledsoe Doug Henderson Ruber i Loath and Jeff Johnson new directors. A is. A we Are of the opinion this w i Cut Iii in Gistard said Dirk in. But spokesmen Tor the liberals Wen cautious they agreed however that they the other half of the poll tax Compromise a withdrawal of Dirk Xeny so yes ape Hatch provision. The a escape Hatch proposal would have permitted dates and counties to escape coverage a the Bill if 60 per cent of their eligible voter Quot a re Regj Tor i atty. Gen. Nicholas a zen Bach Gav Iii court a est approach to poll taxes his Blessing he said that it it were approved by Congress it would Settle in constitutionality of poll axes before the next a major elections he thought it ult it uld bring a supt me court decision next fall he told newsmen that court a Quot to would take place m at a ,.a, Alabama. Mississippi and tas. The attorney general old he would seek to show that Texes violate the voting guarantee of the lath amendment Bailey s talk slow s Demopolis protests Demopolis api a minute speech by mayor f Oles aimed at meeting de Mauds for stepped up racial in , apparently broke the i Berlt 4i11 Jav i i it us Oxford Nill a a one per tent grass re tempts tax will go into effect saturday Iii Oxford the tax was recently passed by the Lily fount ii of Oxford. All merchants inside t h e City limits will collect one per cent of Ca h Sale which is taxed by the mate of Alabama and merchants Iii the police jurisdiction will touted swat bait is mum Ici my Uay to momentum of demonstrations de by Voung negroes in Lins West i in Quot Ai Alabama town of 8 00. No demonstrations were panned for today and a rally a Hedu led for thursday night a is called Oft a Quot a negro adult i Ider expressed it Quot to give people urn to think for themselves and not listen to some of atom but w Hether negro youths w i have skipped Schot to participate in Street protests would dad the a return to normalcy Appeal remained Uncertain. Bailey a speech was delivered thursday to an integrated audience a i s. Jones school which has been Boycott i by More than 4 per cent of a taw in iwo we jul ;