Anniston Star Newspaper Archives April 14, 1964 Page 17

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - April 14, 1964, Anniston, Alabama 5-b i or anti Nantt of tar Piedmont brat 9. Box i Vit i Cli sex. Garage Bullock. Mrs. T. Burnham. Horace Burnham. Mrs. Horace Burns Effie Mae Burns Joe Burns Louise Butler Lanace Curlee Butler King Buttram Ada Buttram Horace Alexander Buttram mrs. H. A. Buttram Jerry n. Buttram. R. M Cambron. Doyle Velton Camp Lamar Cannon Walter h. Cannon mrs. W. H. Cantrell. Arthur w. Carr. James a. Cates a. B Chandler John Thomas or. Cheat Wood. Wiley b. Childers. Herbert Ralph Christian. Hattie Christian Kenneth g. Christian w. Cobb. Larry b. Cohee Amanda w. Cohee. Clarence b. Coheley Carl coheely David a. Coheely Frankie f. Coheley Gary Gordon Coheley Ruby h. Coker Fearlie Coley John Billy Collier Wynsol Collins John c. Connell. Mary Coogler Otis Cook. George w. Cook. Mrs. John a Nev. Ollie Cox. Will Crabtree Albert w. Crabtree Harold Crook. Orbie c. Cunningham. Aaron Cunningham. Mrs. Aaron Cunningham Clarence e. Cunningham. Gartrell g. Cunningham. Glendle Cunningham. Imogene b. Cunningham. Raymond Curlee mrs. Georgia Davis Charley h. Davis j. L. Davis. W. Davis Lecta Davis w. H. Dempsey Earl b. Dempsey Hershel v. Dempsey Panna c. Dempsey Raleigh a. Or. Diffie Guy e. Dobbs Lloyd Arnold Doke Annie Laurie Doss Arthur l Doss Clara Bell Doss Dewitt dowdy Betty Maria dowdy. Eva Mae Dowdey Hubert c. Dowdy Hubert m. Doyal. Alton n. Doyal Elbert Doyal Grace e Doyal. Joseph i Emuel Doyal Thomas e. Doyal mrs. Thomas e. Duncan de Duncan Marie Edgar John we Edgar mrs. John w. Edgar Sam y. Elliott. Joseph w. Emerson Mary b. Epps H. Or. Erwin William Thomas Estes Carole Louise Estes Inez Ivey Estes Samuel Floyd Estes w. W. Eubanks. Eubanks. Mrs. Eubanks j. T. Evans John Evans w. L. Ezell h. F. Ezell Mary Ivey Ezzell Minnie Ezzell. Velma Fagan Hurshell b. Fagan Jesse Fagan Nettie Fagan Walter Harold Faulkner. Harry Vann Fitzpatrick Lee Roy Fitzpatrick. Sadie Floyd. Gene Franklin Formby John Fields Buren e. For Chee James Woodrow or Foster w. L. Foster Avanolia Franks Flora a. Franks g. R. Freeman Grady Funderburg. Robert Lee Fuqua Virgil Gaines Boyd Gardner Archie Gardner. Otis Garrett Leon Gilley Dorothy a. Gilley Odias m. Gilley. Tohe c Gilmer mrs. Addle Gilmer Clarence Al timer. Mrs Willie Glass j. Glover a Glover mrs. A Glover Clyde Ronald Glover h a Glover James Doyle Glover Nettie Lou Glover. Thomas Sherrod Goodwin. Dock f. Gossett de Gossett Paul cow e is Eddie a pcs Gertrude g. Graham. James t., or. Graham Rose Graham. Vav. F. Green g. Green Ola Griffin j. F. Gross Darrel Gutter. Walter k Hall. Charley Joseph Hall Collie r Hall. James Hall. Robert w. Hammett Jack Hannah. L a hand Joseph Matteson Hanson. J 0 Harper mrs Hubert k. Harper Hubert k. Hart a. Hart c. L. Hart Carol Haskins W. Head John f. Head. Richard e. Henderson Preston h. Hendon. John we Herod. L. A. Hester miss Elsie Hicks e. H. Hicks. Lucy Lonette Hightower Janice m. Hill Flora Hill Minnie a. Dincev Arnold Hinkle. T. Hinkle Maggie Hinkley Olin Hitchcock. Ollie Holbrooks. Fain c. Holbrook. William 0. Holman Raymond c. Holsemback. Etta Holsenback. Floyd Honea Crumpton b. Honea j. L. Honea mrs. L. Honea. James Howard. Wallace a. Or. Howell. Belle w. Howell. Billie Howell Clark Howell. F. P. Howell. Mary Mccarthy Howell w. M. Howell. Mrs. W. M. Howell. Woodrow w. Hudgins Wallace Edward Hughes Claude w. Hughes. Mrs. Claude w. Hulsey mrs Amy Stewart Hulsey Tine Hunt w. D., or. Hutchinson. R. S. Hutchins Walter w. Ingram r c. Jackson Frank Jackson. James c. James Forrest w. James. Tula h Jenkins Alice Jenkins Marvin Malone Johnson Clarence e. Johnson Delmus Johnson mrs. Delmus Johnson Estelle Johnson mrs. H c. Johnson. Jack v. Johnson Maxine g. Johnson Paul Houston Johnson Paul Cliffordjr. Jones Charles Jones e. F. Jones Eva Mae Jones Edward h. Jones Hazel Jones Ray Jordan. Mrs. T. B. Kay Lila w. Kelley Charlie William Kelley Jerry w. Kelley Walter or. Kennedy Beulah Beatrice Kennedy James Kennedy Murvel m. Kennedy we infred b. Kerr Charless. Or. Kerr Grace Borders Kimbrough. Gave cell Kimbrough. Thelma Fagan Kimbrough w. H. Kines Charlie Kines Winford Teague Kirkpatrick Doris m. Kirkpatrick James Or. Kirkpatrick Kenneth g. Knight William Edker Lane. William Laney Harvey c. Langston Gertrude Lankford. G. L. La Plant. Charles j. Latta Granger Ledbetter Anita Ledbetter. Bessie Ina Ledbetter John Calvin Ledbetter Lee Roy Ledbetter m. G. Ledbetter Travis Windall better Vera a. Ledbetter w. Herman Lemons Marshall Wayne Lemons Orville Lemons Vera b. Lewis mrs. M. K. Lewis James Little. Edward Leonard Little Genila e. Little Jack Van Little James Lee Little j. L. Little j. R. Little mrs. Joe Little Martha Little Worth g. Little Wynette Estes Livingston h c. Livingston Vida Livingston Sarah Roxie Lockridge Moses Roscoe i Loftin Charles c. Loft in. Wilda b. Love Anna Ruth love Bertha a. Love c. Love c h. Love Hilliard Wayne love Joseph Wheeler love Ruby Mae love Tony b. Love w. L. Love w. W. Maddox Bennie v. Malock Orbie Duel Mangum George w. Mcalister h Mcalister j Rufus Mcalister Martha w. Mcalister M. Mccain Lillie a. Mccain William a Mccord leis w. Mccord. Mrs Tommie Lee Mccurdy. Maurice Vansant Mcdougal Douglas m Mcdougal John a. Mcdougal. Kate Mcdowell. Bessie m. Mcdowell. Calvin h Mcdowell Clifford tyrus Mcdowell Horace a. Mcdowell John c. Mcdowell Larry Mcdowell Mary Upton Mcelwee. Earl Mcfry m. W. Mcgatha Grady Mcgowan Johnsia Mcgowan Mary w. Mcgowan we j. Mclemore Inez Merrill Mary Katherine Merrill Royc or. Mickelsen Oscar f. Mims Jimmie a minion Albert h. Minton John Morgan a. B. Morgan mrs a. B. Morgan mrs. Clancy Morgan Clyde e. Morgan Horace c. Morgan Mary Elizabeth Morgan. Nunnelly Morgan. Mrs. N. Morris Radford Eugene Morrison. John h. Motes Howard Nabors Roy Nance. Geneva Naugher. Doyce w. Naugher Estelle Mccord Naugher Mary Edna w. Naugher mrs. R. L. Naugher L. Naugher Robert Daniel new Jewell Miller Nichols mrs. Eugenia m. Norton Martha Jean Norton Rachel Norton . Or. Norton Ronald Osborne. Jessie Pace Robert Lee Pace. Sallie m. Palmore. Ruthie Mae Panell. Mrs. Clark Parker. Annie Parker. B. H. Parker. Barlow g. Parker mrs. Jessie Parker Robert m. Parrish Edgar Gann Parrish William e. Payne Clifford Payne Stella Cherry Penny j. Penny John Penny Lottie Penny Kenneth Penny mrs. Rosemary Perry. John Perry M. Perryman William g. Phillips Addie j. Phillips Hoyt e. Phillips Ira e. Phillips Lillie Mae Phillips Melvin g. Phillips mrs. Melvin Phillips mrs. Minnie Lee Phillips. Ruck yester p be Cecil James Pittman. Helen p than Howard g. I Ollard. Charles Burton Pope. Curtis i. Posey h. A. Foley Charles g. I Osey Remus m. Potts. H. V. Price. Albert a. Price. Luc A ropes Eugenia Protest. Griffin i Pitt William Avery Putman. Rankin m Wayne Larkin. Ophelia Rankin Shirley Raper. Wade Douglas Ray Earl Rey Frank h. Ray James f. Hay mrs. James f. Ray Myrtle Ray Orville Ray. Robert Wayne Ray mrs. Ruby Ray Savage w. Ray Thomas heaves. John m. Heed g. F. Reedy Carrie b. Renfroe. W. E. Roberts Charles c. Roberts miss Leola re a berts Louis Roberts Minnie Roberts Nellie a. Roberts Rosa w. Roberts Huby Roberts Thomas Lee Roberts Weldon Hughes Roberts mrs. W. H. Robinson Margaret a. Roland. Leon Ross David a. Ross. Mandy h. Sidler mrs w. H. Sanders Horace a. Sett Ford h. D Sanford Flora m Sanford. Horace Sanford. L. Sanford Leonaid Sanford Martha Anna Sanford Myra c. Savage Emma Green Savage Helen Barnes Savage Lewis f Savage mrs. Lewis f. Savage 0. L. Schegin Scogin mat Evelyn e. Scogin Zack or. Scot James Harvie Scott. Piney k. Sewell Helen a Sewell William e. Sexton Zettie b Shewmake Laura g. New make Site make. Mrs r c. Sampson mrs. H. G. Simpson James Simpson. Kyle Sims aim Estes Smith Fred John Smith Glover m Smith Harry Odell Smith Howard Smith James t., or. Smith jams j. Snith Pauline Smith. Re far j. I Smith or. Robbie love Smith William Thomas Snead Herman b. Snead Marian Sparks or e Sparks Josie Alyer harks Nora Savage Steed. Hazel fined Hubert j Stephens a a. Tephens j. B Stephens. Mrs Ester Davis Stephens Van , George a Stewart Calvin j. J Stewart Idem Stewart. Dutch Al Stewart mrs. Emma Stewart Eugene , Frank f. J Stewart mrs Frank f Stewart Frank Townley Stewart Helen Daphne so cart John Morgan Stewart Laura . Martin vary Lusk Stewart Ollie a. So wart Ray Thomas Stewart. Ruby Burns Stewart Vera jul Stewart. Wanda g. . William Boyd Street Hoyt w. S Reet Snot. W. E. Strickland. Claude d Strickland Judson Bentley Strickland Loyd Willis Stoddard. Gerald f. Stoddard j. Stoddard. Plez Taylor Anthony f. Taylor a. L. Taylor. Luther David Terry. Emitte f. Terry Fannie e. Thomas Paul e. Themas Sally Thompson. A. P. Thompson. Mrs. A. P. Thompson Forrest Thompson. Jane Ann Thompson rate Union. George Robert Vanderford. Mrs. T. Vansant mrs. Annie b. Vansant mrs. Grace v. Ans ant Thomas e. Waits. Leon Waits mrs. Virginia Walden Thomas Wallace. Edward Dot hard Wallace Emmie Louise Wallace Imogene Beard Wallace. Joe Al Wallace John Wallace Mamie Wallace Morris f. Wallace. Mrs. Plums Wallace. Mrs. Roxie Wallace w. H. Wallace. Woodrow Wallace. Willliam Edward Walters mrs. L. Ward. T. La Warnock. Mrs. H. , Frank c. Warren j. Warren Ralph c. Watson c. Watson Frank Caldwell Watson Mary Watson Patricia Holmes Webb. Carl Frank Webb mrs. E. Webb G. Webb Mary Ellen Webb Myrtle Evans Webb. Taut b. Is by. Mrs. Taul b. Webb. Willie Mae Weems. Ross West mrs. R. West Hershel Charles West. Wood Westbrooks e. L. Whisenant. Dewey Frank Wisenant mrs. Dewey Whisenat f w. Whisenant William 0. White Alba White James Dewey White Dewey White Mable White Thomas Whitton. Gerald a Whitton. Mrs. Bertha Williams James h. Williams Grace b Williams William. E. Or. Wilson a. To or. Wilson Agatha w Ilson. Gilbert e. Wilson Hazel Wilson w j. Wisebram Isadore Wolfe Rov Edgar w x James Edward Woods Billy j. Vve ods mrs. Vassie b. Wolf Herbert Woolf. Mrs Herbert l Woolf j. E. Wolf mrs. John V coif Joe Pat Woolf Raymond Fuller Woolf Roger Woolridge Ann c. Wooldridge. Donald Robert Wright Clyde Wright. John we or. Wright Lee Young Alfred h. Young of Young Stewart n. Rung. Velma a. Piedmont Lieut 9. Lox 2 Cit Hall Acker James h. Acker Myrtle Acker Piuma Acker Roy adderhold. Flora adderhold Travis m Alexander Chester we Alexander Clifford Alexander Donie b. Alexander Emmit Alexander mrs Floyd Alexander h w. Alexander Mack Alexander Mary h Alexander William e. Alexandria. Mable Allen Archie w. Allen 0 Fain Allison Raymond b. Allison mrs Ruth Amberson Burns Amberson Charles Amberson Sherman Carl Amberson Vasti m. Ambrose James Lambrose Thelma Walker Ammons George w. Ammon Matthew Ammons Marion c. Anderson Franklin Lamar Anderson mrs. Cd Anderson. Luna Lucille Anderson W. Asbell Clarence Al Atkinson Florence g Atkinson. Ronald Olin Austin Adrian 0. Austin L. Raker. Jodie a Baker Robena a Baldwin Arnold w. Ball Mable Barnett Belva Barnett John Bartlett Blanche Nabors Bartlett. James Bates Grady Bates Hattie Conner Bates R. Baxter umme Odell i Baxter Robert Beaird Billy of Bell Howard a. Bell mrs. Howard a. Bennett miss Ada Bennett Betty m. Bennett Eunice kill 11 j Marlin Blackwelder Edward m. Blackwelder. Mrs. Edward Blair Jack f. Blair Ruth Boles Pauline Boles. Richard 0. Bone Charlie Rone. Mrs. Lillie m. Bradley w. L. Bramlett. Earl Brasseale. Eldridge or. Braswell. John c Braswell. Mrs. Louella Bray. Charlie Brock. Guy b. Brock. Ola Brown. Barney Brown Billy Olan Brown. Fred Brown Guy Brown. Hazel Young Hershel j. L. S. Lula n. Mary Brown. Brown. Brown Brown Brown mrs. Brown May Brown. Melvin b. Brown Al Brown Thelma Brown Willard m Brown. Woodrow Bryan Barbara Kathleen by s an Charles e. Bryan James Ronald Bryan Lendol m. Ryan Lewis Bryan Porter Bryan William h. Buchanan Sarah m. Buchanan Vav. Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis. Burns Joseph e. Burns r j. Burton. Helen m. Butler. Eulisee Al Butler. Vivian m. Buttram. Clarence j. Buttram. Dessie ixe Buttram Gary g. Buttram. Gary Buttram. Shirley Dempsey Canter. Charles Carter. Jack h. Carter. James c. Casey mrs. Arrie 0. Casey Ralph Chaffin mrs. Iola Chaffin j. 0. Chandler Garvin Al Chandler. Joseph Chasteen Henry c. Chasteen. William a. Christian Dean Lyle Cobb. E. Cobb. Maebell Coheley g. G. Coheley j. B Coheley j. Coheley Lassie Coleman. James Al Collier. Joyce Collins Rosie Concill Conner. Jackson Cook. Flora m Cook. Francis m. Cook. Tony Coursey Fred Cowser. Sonic Cox. David f. Cunningham f Dan h. Cunningham Harwell Dark. Rebecca Davis. A. W. Davis. Mrs. Annie Mae Davis. Cannie Draper Davis Charles w. Davis mrs. Mima e. T. Eugene John Kathleen n. E. J Davis. Sadie Davis Sarah Al j Deberry Della j Austin i Decker John e. Def Reese Pef Reese mrs. L. Dempsey of Quot Nore s Dempsey George a Dempsey Helen Sanford a Dempsey James Clarence Dempsey Myrtle f Ain Dempsey 0 f. Dempsey mrs. R g. Dempsey Thomas Jerry Diamond. Andrew Diamond Hollis j m. Donaldson Cecil Ray Donaldson. James Dothard. James Dothard Joe Dothard. Stanley b Downey. William Early Mattye w. Edwards Roy c. Epps h Epps Retha Fitzpatrick Epps Sam h f up William f win Luther m. Fasten Claudia flutes. F Aye Hyatt flutes Mary Al f stes Rossie Jane Estes Wiley Mangum f Agan mrs Beulah Fagan Charles h. Fagan Al f. Fagan Harry Fagan Rebecca Fagan mrs w. Fagan w Illiam j. Fair Harrison e. Farmer. Rosa k f Faughender John Calvin f Faughender Nodie g. Faulkner Joe l Floyd. Albe h w Ilson Ford Sandra f Ford. William Thomas Formby Arrie Formby mrs. Effie Formby Eugene Formby mrs f rank m. F Fth by Gwendolyn j. Formby Hugh f or by mrs. Irene Formby Mary a Formby Paul F or by Robert j. Formby Roy Leoard f or by Tollie F Ort in Berry lame a Fortenberry Lois I Fowler Owen it f Rady Carolyn Parker f Rady David Olin f Rady. Olvan h. Freeman Cullen m. Freeman George m. Freeman Louis a Fuqua Harold Eugene game Lois Garmon. Thyra m. Garmon w. A Garner mrs. Willie Corene Garner. Vav. Hoyt Garrett j. Garrett j. Vav. Gaylor mrs. Vav. A. Gibson Calvin c. Gibson. Kattie m. Tinter. Mary Ellen Tinter. 0. P. Cinter Orville Perry Glover. Cora a. Glover. Pat Dempsey Glover Ray Gossett mrs. Hertha Gassett James Go Wens. Floyce Ray Gowens yester Vav. Gowens Vav. H Graham. Lecta n. Green Austin c. Gregg. Oretha Gregory. John l., or. Gresham Joe Grissom. We z. Gross Betty j. Guttery. Ruth Hall. Filbert Hall. Frank Eligene Hall. Ira Hall. Jeanette Rogers Hamby L. Hamby mrs L. Hammonds. V. Hand. Fitzhugh Lee Haney re die Haney. Paul m. Haney P Hanvey Lamar b. Harbour. John Wesley or. Hardin Guy Hardin. W. I Hart Lula Bell Haslam Carol Haslam George p., or. Haslam Jesse Haslam. Mrs. Jesse Hayes j. Vav. Head. Naomi Hendon Joel Hebron Hendon. John f. Hendon ted h. Herod. W Herod Lucite Smith Hilburn Carl 0. Hilburn Claud Ollie Hilburn George Taylor or. Hill j. M. Hilton John Hilton Willie h. Hincy Gary Hitchcock William Hoff George w. Holley Annie Louise Holley Willie Al Holley w. V. Hollingsworth h. Al Holton. James Ross. Or. Holsenback. James a. Hoskins Arthur Hoskins. L. Houck Ernest 0. Houston will Howell Benjamin f. Howell. Benjamin Flor. Howell mrs. Clark Howell f Ranklin w. Howell. Frank Howell Johnnie Mack Howell mrs. Katherine Howell H. Howell Nancy Jan Howell Paula m. Howell Rachel Mccauley Hubbard. N. G. Hughes. W. H. Hulsey Dave Hulsey mrs. Al j. Hulsey Horace Hulsey j. Dixon Hulsey mrs. Hulsey Paul Harper Hunt mrs. Frances Hyatt j. W. Hyatt Lorene b. Ingram. Wenton c. Ivey Sudie Jackson j. L. Jackson j. W. Jackson Lillie map Jackson Marie Jackson m g. Jarrell Charles Jarrell. Charlesjr Jennings. Mrs Annie Dora Jennings Al cd Jennings f Lovd Hurst Jennings Roy v. Johnson Austin Johnson mrs. Austin Johnson Elizabeth Gay Johnson f3mma g. Ranson Hync a. Johnson j. Al Johnson John flu Johnson A. Johnson Opal Johnson Ralph c. Johnson Thomas Kibler Johnson No Johnson Vera j. Johnson Zelma we Johnson Zelma Johnston. Virginia Jones Hubert h. Kass George Kass Kate Keith la a Kelley. Charlesw Kilgore Roy Kimberly Daisy Iasi f la Kimberly George Mac Kimberly bos Kinabrew Robert h Kinabrew mrs. Robert h Kines. Eugena cd Kine Minnie Dearie King Clarence it King David Wayne King f Ermond a. King. Martha sue King Nona Fletta King Rachel cd King I Kingery j r Kirkpatrick fid Kirkpatrick mrs. F a Kirkpatrick John Roy Kiser f Oster Knight it Knight mrs c i. Knight Clifford o Knight mane Weber Knight Marvin j. Lane Elbert Lane. Mary Jeanette in angles then Langston William Riley , Ottis Lawler mrs. Cora Lawson Fiona Al Lucroy Hugh Douglas Ledbetter. William j. Lindsey Bernard s Lindsey Billy Lindsey j. C., or Lindsey Nola Gaynell Lindsey Thelma Little mrs. Margaret s Little William a Livingston. Taul n. Locklear f Anny Lockridge Hoyt h. Lockridge. Mrs. R. L. Lockridge L. Long a. V. Long. Erma Ruth Long Hubert Long Hubert Long. James h. Long. Jeanette Long. Mrs. Mattie Long vim. E. Love. F. Love Herschel d., or. Love. Inez love Mary n. Love Sharlene Sharpe lib Amsden Harlan Doyce Lumsden James Harold Lusk. Mrs. Lois Maddox Melvin Al Marshall Bort Marshall Gladys Marshall. Harold Marshall. Sarah Martin Charles Eligene Martin. Fave Smith Martin. J m. Martin Thomas h. Mauldin. Annie b. Mauldin Vav. Mcabee. George h. Mcabee Pauline Mcabee. Ruth Wilson Mcabee. Thomas Vav. Mccarley Hazel Mccarley Sarah Mccarley w. Mccord Harbert Harris Mccord William Mccullough f Thel c. Mccullough Roberta Grace Mccullough Wallace r., Mccurdy George h. Mccurdy Glenda sue Mccurdy Julia me Curry. Al Mcdaniel Samuel Mcdonald Henry or. Mcdowell Roy Mcfry Clifton Mcfry Farl Mcgowan Thomas �?T., Mcintyre Dorothy a. Or. B. Moore Moore. Moore Moore Moore. G. M. Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan. Livingston Robert w. Mcintrye James Mcleod Jean Mcleod Iva Catherine Mcne Cherie w. Meadors Louise Meadows. Tallmadge w. Miller Charlesl or. Miller Virginia Doke Minton Billy Francis Minton Herman f Lis Minton. Jean b Perdue Minton Joseph Fred Minton. J Walker Minton mrs. Lura Mutton Mary Loral Minton Nettie Fay Minton. Venice Minton Vav. Mobbs William Claude Mobbs mrs. W. Molock. John Monahan j. B. Moore. A. H. Of Stelle Jake Lance Robert William Al Morgan. Bernie Morgan Bobby Joe Morgan. Kart Morgan Marl s., or. Morgan h. Morgan Harry in Morgan Haynes Morgan hah v. Morgan j. Morgan Katherine Jordan i Morgan mrs. L. T. Or. L. G. Ixo wis Grant To a or mrs. L. Tor. Mary Baker Michael Norris Stella Velma Anderson Morgan. Winnie a. Morris Ida Susan Morrison lame a Mote Benjamin Al Mote Charlie Enoch Murray. S. Myers Vera Nabors Harold v. Nabors j Nabors Joe Nabors Nellie k Nabors Thomas Percy Naugher Frank m. Naugher Harold Naugher Helen Turner Laugher. John Needham l b Needham mrs B new Robert Nicholson Billy Nicholson Jack Martin Osborne will in m Osborne mrs. W. T. Oswalt Charles Owens Aroy Frank Pace. Thomas of Dward Palmer Willie Joe Parish w Parker Annie Ruth Parker David Al Parker James m. Parker Marjorie Ola a G. Mrs Venice j Grover Roy Doris mrs. S. L Troy h Fenland. Opal a Pike Billy Pike Fithel Elizabeth Pike m o Pody Ralph Al Pollard. Ulalah a Pope Ceil Paul Pope Charles Oliver David w Frank j. F red Lucille l mrs Norma Posey a. P. Posey Jack Posey mrs. Pearl Potts Hoyt a. Potts William Powell or hark Powell William Prater Beatrice Prater Collie Parker Parker Parker Parris. Paslay Pas Ley Pasley peace. Prater Frances a. Prater Gracie Lee Prater. James Prater Katherine Prater. Winnie Davis Priddy g. Vav. Freddy mrs. G. Vav. Freddy Marve Freddy flu a Prestridge. Earl Price hot c. Pruett William e. Pruitt. Joe e. Pulvere. Patrick Purdy g. Vav. Purdy Sarah Machovec Rainey mrs Clayton Rainey Dailey j. Rainey Daniel Clayton Rainey 0. J., or. Rankin Melvin Rankin. Willie Mao Rankin. Willie c. Rappe Rupert 0. Rappe. Farl Rappe. Mrs. Farl Rappe. Mrs. Rupert Ray Beulah Ray. Frances f Aye Ray Forrest Faulkner rav Grace b. Raw Paul Raw W. Reedy. To. Or. Reedy Hue h. Reedy R. Reedy. Thelma f Rady Reeves. Joseph h. Reinhart. Wilma Renfroe. Mattie Reynolds. John Rhinehart. F Arl Reese Rhodes j. T. Rhodes. Mrs. T. Rhodes. Robert Robbins Elmar Robbins. Maofa Rances Roberts j. Roberts j. T. Comer Roberts. L. W. Roberts Preston Herbert Roberts Tommie h. Roberts. Virgil h. Roberts mrs Virgil a Robertson mrs. Annie b. Robertson. L. H. Robinson. James h. Rochester. Roy Calvin Rogers. Dueal Rogers William Al Roy Vav Gaddy s Roy. Selma Rucker Ira Vav. Rucker. Myrtle Dobson Rutherford William h. Salmon j. A. Or. Salmon. John Salmon L. Salmon. Nellie j. Salmon. Mrs. Rachel Sanders. P. A Sanders. Vav. E Pope Pope Pope Pope Pope Sanford. Bill Sanford mrs. Etta Sanford mrs Frank Sanford. George c. Saudi Ord Henry d Sanford. Mrs. Mavis Sanford Robert Savage. Cora Dean Savage. Jerry Savage. Mrs. S Saw or. Alfred Scroggin. Roscoe Scoggins. Geneva m. Scott James Harold Scroggins. We Sharpie Al c Sharpe. Mrs. Al c. Sharp. Maggie Shell. Homer j. Simmons. Mac Simpson Joseph Greer sing Elmo Skelton in. Maude Sloan Vvs Smart Claude Smart f Dward Lynn smart Lon smart. It. B Smith Effie Williams Smith France g. Smith. James m. Smith j. L. Smith Jim Tom Smith Jimmie Smith John Richard Smith Linda a. Smith n. W. Smith Pearl Sparks. Donald v. A mar Bemus Spears Etta Spears f ranges Spears Homer Spears Horace Ollie Spears Iva Louise Spears j h Spears. Miss Mary Tjia Spivey. Dorothy f Lizabeth Spivey William Farrier Steele la on or. Stephens Joyce w Steward mrs Alice Al Steward r m. b. M. Charles Stewart Kila m. mrs Jesie Stewart a w. mrs j. Al St wart Ora w. Stitt Ernest Street Ivelyn won ads Street j Leo Strickland Helen Mcaulay Strickland James Eliward Stuart Alex Nelson Stuart Gladys h. Stuart Lee e Stuart Robert Henry Stuart mrs Robert Stuart Woolen Studdard. Belle Stoddard Clayton Studdard. F Dan Studdard. Marion Al Studdard Wilbur cd Sutherland Luelia tall or Anuran j. Taylor Farrier Taylor Sherman Teague Joe thanker Arthur Vav. Thomas Wilma Thomason Fli Vun Todd James Newton Todd Minnie Ola Morgan Toole Maude Tolbert. Clarence William Tolbert. Harold Thomas Tolbert Inez Tolbert j. Stolbert Robert a Toole Archie Toole mrs. Myrtle Tower. Fay Towle. A I Trammell Aaron 0. Trammell Edna g. Trammell Geneva Trammell j. T. Trammell Lester Hugh Trammell Sallie Tucker Clarence e. Tucker Hoyt Tucker Wallace Tucker Willard Thomas Turk j. M. Turk mrs. Maurice Turk Thomas b. Turk mrs. Thomas b. Turner c. W. Turner mrs. W. Turner Ivey or. Turner. Walter c. Tyree. Charles w. Three. Charlie Vanderford John a. Underford. John Vernon Vansant Preston a Amell mrs. Ina Weidman Margaret h. A Waldrep Howard or. Waldrep Mary f. Wallace Calvin Edward Wallace. Luther or. Wallace. Rupert Ward Bernice Alden or. Warmack. James j. Warmark mrs. James Warmack Jessie Leroy Warmack Marvin Warmack. Robert Warmack. Starling Therman Warren Elaine a. Warren John Warren j. R. Warren Taul Weaver Hattie Weaver Walton Webb. Mrs. Fallon Webb. Mrs. Jessie Webb. Webb. T. Webb Robert Webb mrs. Roy v. Welsh Robert Al West f Dan Paslay West Henry Leon or. Vav St. Stanch Carroll Westbrook Robert Westbrooks mrs. Velma Wester James ror. White mrs. Gordo White. James h. White Joseph we White mrs. Lucille White. Willie j. Whiteside. Betty Chaffin Whiteside. Samuel h. Williamon mrs. Funice Williams j. B. Williams James b. William Mary 0. Hoskier Williams. Neat Hampton Wilson. Billie g. Wilson mrs. F rank or. Wilson Irene Wilson. James we Wilson Joseph Hiram of Wilson Myrtle w Ilson mrs. M. P. Wilson Newt Wilson S. Wilson Susan w Ilson. Walker Wilson we 1. Wilson William Donald i Wilson. Mrs. W. Wofford Frances f or by Wofford Franklin e. Woods f red m. Woods Leonard Woods Marvin Fjug ene Woods Mary Morgan Woods. Mrs. W. A. Woody mrs Kula Mae Woody Gladys b. Woody Samuel Gordon Woolf Arnold Woolf Clara s Woolf of Lelyu Webb Woolf mrs. F rank x. Woolf la. R. Woolf Joseph la. Woolf. I. Woolf j. Henry Woolf mrs. Lydia m. Woolf Mayo Chew Woolf Nellie Woolf miss Rosa Wright Al Wright Mabel j. Wright Zell York Odin Leo Young Abe. Or. Young Calvin Young Nezzip Cly do Young. A. Young Mary Al Lizabeth Young Ola j. Young Ruth Young Therman Young mrs. Therman m. Pm Kumi int Lieut 9, Box 3 lira it a Ell a slurp and x a bit Ruth Adcock. Virgil a Alexander Charles Aden Fred c. Allred j. B. Ached. We in no a ired mrs. Willie n. Aired j. Bor. Amberson Alton Alderson mrs. Gaynell Anderson James Alvin Arrington Samuel Maurice i Aker mrs j. Baker j m. Baker Nannie m. Baker Vau by hard Elbert Bartlett Emma Graca Bartlett Sam Bartlett William Henry Biggs Melvin w. Bishop. Myrtle a. Blanks Burnie Bui Trier. Luther byline Ola Bone Charles j. Bone Gertrude Bene Hii vey c. Bojo. Ovid Boyd Rose a Bragg Ulmer bought n f Merlon Brooks William w. Burrows Mac Dell i arrows Savage L Buttram Preston j. Caldwell Hallie a. C Arroll Harris Rafael bust Ian Joseph cd Christopher. Gilford a Cobb mrs. Nellie obey Robert s Coker Coheley Nora Coker James w. Cd Ker a vice g. T in Gler Edward Ook Carstyn sue ;