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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star And Daily Hot Blast (Newspaper) - April 7, 1918, Anniston, Alabama Us toll a Ltd hm.1.1 or the i of i United state. Ii either aide it nut this vital up. La to la. Mem. The plat rot Iii while urns up Kulm Ai Plau 1111 v 1�?T a. Tho la. I Anil the. Creal i Reut Lve a Hen he de. the a fat Anniston the Montgomery convention hat and the daily hot Blas established to 12. Flold div by i sunday morn i of. Congo Fidati d 11 i a Ishino it it a was cd Chi. My a lung a. Unit ii a ii to i,.i t bin i ii k fur ofic a Kline building. Corner it and Kiev it ii sir a. Y to his i v Ifon i a May res pre Ideo t arum Ltd of 4 k. By Ivy a is. Prohibit min All a i of till Pilut did the a us \ w a a i raj.4 of a it ult a. Hat to of Poi it t a g i a i a. 11 o tin. Til or into and and and into them k ally it u pity Ami we fool so badly about i his going and those awful training cum a arc filled with us. Ami pneumonia kills More than bullets. May a this very minute poor John Lins it and the men Haven t \ enough. The food is coarse and really not j accustomed to and he Imant clothing to keep Aud St and ii this and More a u t . Named but i ii cd it i 1 a a w rite Jess prom die a Ben they is Down andr Tov i at. I pi.4 a Tel that very a i. Hard intr Ai feb poor John a letter letter does Mote to r him than anything Al times he is a 4.ul supposing he t. About no h. Dispi. But ii the i id entered is obd Clari mail mat Ter at the Post office Ann of Alabama. Tern i a i t hat telephones. Business office. City editor. 79 68 subscription rates by mail payable Advance daily and sunday. Daiyu. I year. $4.00 i t�r00 6 to 2.00 6 to 1.60 3 mo.,. 1.00 8 to amp i Moss i a subscriptions Are discontinued the Day they expire. So Oil Matt inner tis t we Are t Ion it Jar y u to hear Tho Hibi Tion the same Fellows who a of it As invasion of a tonal gum eat after argument against and who Clung to the Hope a inn to the last minutes the ump i stall Fie. Ii .1 ail i Iii now Mig to i toll it .11 a Fellows praising pro is few years ago denounce rights who p traded anoint Ting out the saloons keeping liquor Aja Are the gentlemen who t Brooks Lawrence Praise of re perhaps Only excelled by the sequence of their encomium. Very strikingly to u to ment or now comp my it prohibition and who Peerless Bryan the tin thing stands out ii ornery convention reps s ii f ices to keep the Way of the by the by Ewers h pc Advt 11. -1 the amendment Beau e it makes it i Ever again to reinstate liquor. Vie that is the Plain homely truth Elo Kent with eloquence St Light of the liquor is open Iii Alabama. Hey Are against the edible for the people that Brewer Candor. A this paper has enlisted with the government the cause of America for the period of the War a a a a a a a the proper Way to a p outlive Good condition and still do our bit toward w nine the Pat won id be to live what a a a waste and Send the rest to our men at the front. Most of u would the have plenty. Never whine Abt it you dance having been betray fault la your s Nim time o for pouring unsafe talk mind. You do no Nail for i Akin by not knowing the pail the ten into. Blame a me it our it a mind when the Kaiser third Liberty l i Fui than lither of the they were Bota Over May realize that the people the dete Minai Ion policies off t i a Anis that More Sucre other two at the w a ii we feel w s urn r the Shadow a Are going to it it once for All. The y a of the Montgom made to Pili Suff Erable ii revealed they a g their own a it a i. By we. Is warning a Ai Abma. Ten Sui not s of the put ppr. Surpassed even Montgomery a Capitol a the people of Albite thing Over nigh now and late the kindly penetrating loner he makers which liquor ,.q like the army ration supposing not the height of his ambition. Hup a lie is Likely to get pneumonia of he were Ai he would not be any better off and Iii nine cases built of Tea h would not receive the care and attention i hat lie get t he Camp. The letter written by the Clacker woman or Man stirs his emotion quicker than his sense of duty and manhood can smooth it Over for it is John who la worrying you crackers at Home. You pity him the Camp him Over there you begrudge him that very development of the Best thing him. He is not suffering just because he crabs a letter. He s crab if ii was quarantined the Back Yard of -4 Home Hod crab if he was fed roast Chicken and Apple pie. To would t be Worth a Continental darn if he did t crab because crabbing is he real sign of the real amt spirit clacking women and men Are the father about you pity you and him Cour Gemei these Ani Desre Mutaf it Eddita to tiling to make a Litti list when they will ,.n end of the a have already rat the Saloon no Wisdom there contribution of spite of the liquor business bed re Amend u freed. Meat and Alabama will a the line the. Pow r of to Saloon. We should like to make Advance engage the Eloy Lent deft a i r a of prohibition who Montgomery to gather another m d rally Shadow of the Capitol to Praise the Wisdom a Glence and the patriotism of the people of who sent the liquor business to deserved res Tivitt. Gentleman consent from Merit with spoke under the the int la la a a. And Ina. Ii a mothers of real men and you would be the first to Send Back if he wore to return. What he needs is t not pity. Are great Days. The country the world is a Seething cauldron into which men a poured to be re modelled and god knows there is dross enough. This it not time for undivided doubts and fears. We Are face to face Edh pie problem of reshaping the world. Ifs morals. Bus Liberty a s All Are at stake thai the unborn Mui Iott will be Able to enjoy their heritage of free Dorn. Com Arey of looking for grander title you should of men a you looking for a grander tit ? you should be proud i Joyful that you have such a son. So Honor de As to take his part of he die will it have been vain better Friend hath no Man than he who gives his life ii r his Friend better aim hath no Mother or father than the son who gives his life that others May live a Rati a a y tic i to subscribe spirit of states is e him Lith and whether you measurable Joy it same roof wit h and Fortune have from her Loving a i hav i f i the Ming under the or w Beth r Fame i ii you fat away arms always re member that constantly of women do no your you for i Mother thinks by v men and to Kusir Moth is. Era w Hill i to lieutenant governor Thomas e Kilby of Anniston was Here yesterday afternoon and last Nihi the interest of Isis candidacy Lur tin democratic nomination for governor lie met a number of the pc Here. Or. Kilby is a Good Man. Or. Kilby was a com a Harry m. Ayers a Well kno paper Man and former prot the Alabama press Assoc from Decatur news. Cd by news Dent of also Vav c k j y i he the Pra let us have t be found occasion to it s after they have . You will doll by of the Amend of the Saloon Ihus convention spirally Aud As it it i have a1 Praise la work of the Pru Hibi shown the or Recknes chs be equally facile lists who put another to i u Germany and the jews their reputation t heir it the Vav but the scots suffer from a. Not enough that they made the reputation for them lining Var f erm0n thought be i i a Lif observe these Plain a sit Al a a John Ign. The a words wire try pilose around him saw o Man nature. The a s v a they Alc air adv i a fur the Only fur the mind of Jesus. / Barren Fields and sordid Hae the Eves of respectability. And indisposition. They were social position and the habit of their horizon was limited to a it Ltd action w hich were personally congenial. It a King too my h of them to have them look to the caution convenience comfortable had Good mind which ease induces the Vii Hills a a ail of the Valley them Only As they Suppo capacity alway with a hard co Ifo indifferent scepticism of life to have Iii not have it of was reasons around them we the y Al. W the i a bit Coph till oppressive vanities Samaritans but knew to i Sui la e wit h cd Jesus a visionary ignorance and a presume that big vision is inconsistent Mim a sense that remarkable v a fact can understand the legitimate those who ask to shown. We want by continuity Ami permanence we would a a whelmed with Chance and Accident. It it pm ugh that Jesus if h4 saw ripened i for War time or no War time. Has Ball holds its grip the Public for supreme popularity. Most of the Young Fellows who used to play Are now the army. It s a game a that appeals to the old and the Young. The old boys will be rooting just As Bard tins year As t Young Fellows used to Root. Father i Way Home will St la incur mothers Tongue lashing for Bein. Lat a to Din m a watching the kids play one old cat the Corner lot. Dot where others saw Only Barren Plains should just his vision by Apical to standards of already tested knowledge. It was equally fair however that those who were to pass judgment his perception should have All the tested knowledge at their command. Jesus a visionary to them just because the tests to which a Quot appealed were Byoma the calculations of those to addressed la saw the end from the beginning. Gen s Tat of Fen country us. Or the main deem it they a held a runt without refer e to change times or circus Tan the Scot is it barged with being a tight wad and jew is famous for his ability to control the economic of any people he is thrown with. There Are no More Rau people than the scots and there is no More manlike Finan Ler than the jew. But the jew the Scot that he is a Man without a the Scot Sticks to hit Heather Hills but the jew knows no National boundaries. And so he gets More o persecution for his abilities Aud Mare of contempt bean Seh it is a Man of opacity he is peculiarly open i Ltd attack those where ignorance is respectable or where politics i democratic. Russia he he no peace and German speaking countries he is the object of suspicion a a heir Austria to define the future of a a convention the it Mittl Europa promises no Austria As conceived by the German element there the Resolution was unanimously passed a we must launch the most enterprising Campaign again the economic and political dominance now exercised by the jews that is the future fur the jew which the pan germans a building right Tutu for this Noble and capable race whose touch for civilisation has always been for order peace and Progress. But he need not fear. The democracies of the world Are United to Universal ize democracy under w hat Ever form of government it May survive and that democracy which is going to be secured for the future the jew will com to him own. Already he is part and parcel of the British democracy this country he has come to his just recognition and out of the great struggle of this hour one of the fruits of its achievement will he the Freedom of the jew. Ii broke up the mass judgments of the group info which and lets keep Bright the glow old glory lets fire its radiance anew that the spirit of Hight by its god Given might brings peace that is starting True. Let s give of our beats and a j d fortunes for those who go Forth a Cross the of a that our glorious land Safe forever May stand a Beacon for world Liberty subscribe to Tim third Liberty loan his lit was cast. Ii destroyed their ease. Mass judgments usually become cold. Stereotyped rigid and con Ergative. Ease Aud complacency Are not Likely to Pir. Adventure Jesus was not a visionary to be i trusted because definitely associated vision with work. A behold la labourers Are few a it was probably the Prospect of hard work to which Jesus vision pointed which made them think he was dreamy. A Genius begins great works but labor alone finishes Joubert the Man who adequately comprehends a big Job is always visionary to those whose indisposition forbids big thinking and at the same time prescriber Small acting. The individual does not achieve alone. All achievements i. Community achievement when he Callet for labourers. What of our patriotism he Chal age and. Their Faith for Faith without works ii was this ii Hinton Are you a slacker notice is Given to those inc orig bite youths. Fennel of Huntsville and Williams of Talladega that a Boom Tow is no place a for a minister s dancing pavilions with the camouflaged cow girl they look the part of the Bovine so far As Grace and animation goes skating rinks and the Uke. fact about the Onjo one of the boys who would re Illy enjoy the big doings Here is a old Harry avers. But even at that. If you Fellows will come Over Well provide perfectly Good chaperone to How you the sights and Sheffi id Standard. There Are certain women who Are members of various mewing bees who have entered their minds the War Kiel pud their time knitting for soldiers and lamenting the fact that tile men of our country have to go to War. There Are certain men who a remembers of some patriotic committee and it is with the deepest Humilia lion that we Grant the crackers the Honor of the masculine pronoun who also do a lot of lamenting along the same Lim when they should either be wearing a uniform or devoting their entire Energy to the successful termination of the War. These crackers both the men and Tim women will it together Aud say a what awful pity that that our poor soldiers must go the prime of life we know that he will be killed and they use such to r Rible and horrible methods and if he should be Lucky enough to let urn to w ill be badly crippled or if not his finer nature will be blasted by hate which is just drilled the Star knows that the patriotism of the people of Anniston is both genuine and Universal it is therefore not the spirit of question As to our Patriot so that we write but the spirit of ambition that we a get the most out of our show of patriotism. We hear complaints from visitors constantly that our City makes no display of its loyalty. Here and there a Flag is seen but Only Here and there some of those seen might be better concealed for having no care taken of them of were not told that there was a sad of War savings Stamps we would scarcely know it at there is not a sign Over any slur or oth r place of business Anniston urging the Purchase of War savings Stamps. We have heard it said that All we were for to Anniston the Money we get out of the presence of the Camp base slander of course. There Are men who would sacrifice their All for the defeat of Germany. But we done to like it to he True of anyone this City that he might seek to make gain the end of his interest the soldiers. The few who do that gift a name to Many who do not. We must save ourselves from this Nam of shame. Let us advertise our Liberty Bonds and savings Stamps widely. The Man who is too Busy just now to do any service he is asked to do for the government t playing fair with his fellow citizens who a taking time to do the service which their country has a right to expect. We should display More flags both the streets and at Home the business houses of Anniston should get together if they will not act independently and have Large signs painted which will keep before the Public the Sale of its Bonds and Stamps every office should have a Large picture of general Morton where the Public can see it so that we May become familiar with the Man who Bas made the Camp for us. Not that we Are not patriotic but that we do not enough show our patriotism we complain president hurls Defiance from Columbia s shores continued from Page one a their desire to von bide a fair Peice i and my old to tin people w to fortunes they Wert dealing tin a it a to k of knitting their own allegiance. But Ai Tionna oink Len d and followed the profession. I heir military masters. Ire men act for Germany and exhibit be funnier to execution proclaimed a it err different conclusion. We Cati not i take w hat Ibex have the Coneen j Domst Russia i Inland the i Hen inc human to. I he real Mem of their Justice and fair play has i Niue from this we May Judice the re to. They Are enjoy lag Iii Russia cheap Triumph Iii which no brava or Gall int nation can Long take Pride. \ great people helpless but their own act. Lie for tin time at their mercy. Their fair professions forgotten. They now Here set up just tick but everywhere impose their Power and exploit everything for their own a it Anil aggrandizement Ami the to a los of conquered provinces Are invited to one under to Weir domination. I off h a my i ssi a a a Are we not justified Iii is Lieving Flint they would do tin same things at their Western front if they Wen not there face to face with armies whom even their counties divisions can not overcome of whew the have Felt their Check to la final thei should propose favourable and equitable terms with regard to Belgium and France and Italy could they blame us if we concluded that they dbl so to assure them Vas of a free hand Russia Aud tin East. A their purpose undoubted a to make All slav Coph All the free Aud ambitious nations of Fri Baltic Piini Uta All the lands that Turkey a dominated Ami misrule subject to their will Aud ambit iou and build i it that Dominion Empire of Force upon Width they fancy Liat they eau then erect Empire of gain Ami commercial sup Mac a a a Empire Asho tile to the americans a i to tile Europe which it will overage Empire which will ultimately master Persia India Ami Tho people j of the far East. sue i a Progi Ain our ideals Hie Ideal of Justice am humanity Ami Liberty the principle of the free of nation upon which All the modern world insists can Piny no part. They Are rejected for the Khz als of Power for the principle that the Strong must Rule the weak that Trade must Fob j Low the Flag when those to whom it is Token Welcome ii or not that the be Opit a of til world ate to be made subject to the patronage Ami Over lordship of those who have the Power to enforce it. Rights trodden Down a that programme once carried out. America and All who care to dare to stand with her must Arm and prepare themselves to cont the Mastery of the world a Mastery which the rigid of common men the right of women Ami of All who Are weak my if a the time being is fro Bleu under of a not Ami disregarded and the old age alone struggle for fre Doin and right begin against its tie ginning fiery thing that America a lived for Ami loved and grow great i to vindicate and bring to a Glorous realisation will have fallen utter ruin and the Gates of mercy litre pit ii sly hut to ism Mankind. The tiling is preposterous and impossible and yet is not that Bluit the whole course Ami action of the German armies has meant wherever they moved. I do not wish even this moment of utter disillusionment. To judge harshly or a righteously i judge Only what the German arms have accomplished with Unpi tying thorough a. Every fair Region they have touched. Wilson stands ready a what then Are we to do for Iny of i am ready ready still ready even now to discuss a fair Ami just and honest peace at any him that it is stare rely purposed a a peace Iii which the Strong and tin weak shall fare alike. But the answer when i proposed such a peace Ca me from the German commanders Kusia and i cannot mistake tin meaning of the answer a i accept the Challenge. I know that you will accept it All tin work shall know that you accept it. It shall appear the utter Sarh Fie Ami if forgetfulness with which we shall give All that we love Ami All that we have to redeem tin world and make it fit for free men like ourselves to live . This now is unmeaning of All that we do. La everything that Ive say my fellow countrymen everything that we henceforth plan and accomplish ring True to this res Pons till tin majesty Ami might of our concerted Power shall fill the thought and utterly defeat the Force of those who flout and mis prize what we Honor Ami hold dear. Germany Lias once More said that Force and fore Aion shall decide whether Justice and peace shall reign the affairs of men whether right us America conceives it or Dominion As sin conceive it shall determine til destined of Mankind. There therefore hut one response possible from a i Force Force to the righteous Ami triumphant Force utmost Force without stint or limit which shall make right the Law of the world and East every selfish Dot pm Iii to ii Down the the vast Hall wan Only dimly lighted and Blue and Green Star lights glowed the roof which up pm ared a Black Cloud Over the Cali Ament. Weapons of Witt. As one gazed out to the sidewalks he saw apparently a Shell torn Field far away France. Dim the distance slender cypresses hid exhibits of air planes and weapons of War. the Back ground posters from All the Allied count res blazoned out War slogans and appeals. I Trident a a stand was a Rostrum a. Tin i Hough. The. am Noth tug that again there mis hesitant hand air Quot by App inc his clapping As he referred to t nyx a temporary a cheap triumphs warmed up at band re it it Hoed a Dixie Quot. A Yankee Doodle and then a my old Kentucky Home of r there stirred the throng and to executive kept time with the hit Iii foot Bim jacket guard soldiers and Blue jackets fully a limed Alo d watch it entrances a Ami til rough the Al sets the band i ii a 11 closed of 8 la Anil fax governor jul Deboroh brought the crowd Yelling to their Cam feet by i Prarle of Wilson whom be called this Man of All the w rid. Every mention of president Wilson brought a Cut thunders of applause Goldsborough appealed for a Solidarity of purpose the United states and the spirit of France a even the dead would Rise up when All else had perished a Wilt ii was bombarded with a fresh burst of cheering while hats and handkerchief uttered greeting. Lie waved his hand asking silence and finally claimed toe Din he began speaking at s 26 p. . Vppl.ui-, by Frond. Silence settled the throng broken Only by a muffled cough and the distinct Click of Telegraph nothing Tor German but Dis asking no a we ate id wining to a Russia the crowd warmed up the resident s suggestion that the Teuton would tip o do the West As he did the ast. A there was Lilly a flutter of adjust amt honest peace but tile Road to its feet when Wilson flouted. A i Ivy opt the Challenge Quot of Psi nutty. The crowd was enthusiastic again at the close of the decreed Fiat ionic uns tinted shall be americans plan hereafter the applause was Liberal with the crowd their feet. There was throughout the speech a sort of subdued solemnity which appeared to restrain the applause. Wheat prod cts Bakker Atlanta ga., april 6. All wheat products will be Barr a from Tho menu of Atlanta hotels Aud restaurants commencing april 14 As the result of action taken at a meeting called by we. C. Royer. State chair Man of hotels and restaurants for Rumen out this vital Click the Georgia food administration countries a third Liberty loan a his War forced the government to regulate your Home and business to conserve food and fuel. You still have Many of the conveniences and some of the luxuries. The longer the War is prolonged the More sacrifice you have to make help end it Mckay invest Liberty Bonds the More Bonds Jou buy now the sooner Normal conditions of living will be Restor d Europe and America you get interest every Dollar you invest after All the details of your subscription this Bauk without chary new accounts invited Anniston City National Bank v Anniston Ala. Total resources Over $2,700,000 thus. F Kilby pres. J As Keith. Jr., vice pres it. F. Smith Anat cashier. Win. O. D. Amp l h. My Haler a. Vice pres Woodruff a Ashler. Galbraith asst. Cashier. Important to it Consumers customers a being added from Day to Day and we wish to ask the co operation of our Consumers order that we May make our service As near perfect is possible. Our wagons leave the factory their morning delivery at six of clock., of you Are my already tubing ice and wish to Login please Call the office the afternoon before you wish delivery to begin order that we May instruct the Driver to Stop As we have no Way of getting information to him after he has left the Plant. If you wish additional ice the afternoon please phone the office by twelve of clock stating your wishes As the wagons leave the factory a twelve of clock for the afternoon delivery and we have no Way it of getting your order to them after they have left. If you Quot ill give us this assistance we will assure you that your ice troubles this season will be practically nothing. We cannot starve you without your �?T0-01 k ration do not civil any orders to Drivers or boys working the Wagon for we cannot be responsible for failure of delivery if you do the management will appreciate your calling our attention to any reasonable complaint that you May have connection with our service. Polar ice 6 Coal co. Phone 444. Strength and service two of the to of important characteristics of this Bank Are its financial strength and its unsurpassed service. Our capital Birned surplus and undivided profits of Over half a million dollars together with our conservative methods and 35 years of successful experience while our efficient safety for every Dollar deposited with us while our efficient organization and to careful attention Given to each customer provide the of satisfactory service every detail. We cordially Placebo entire facilities at your disposal. J / first National Bank Anniston Alabama x resources Over $3,000,000 w. Wrath Jffrey pro. W. W. . J. T. Gardner jr., cashier. H. A. Young. . W. H. Coleman asst. Cashier ;