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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Anniston, Alabama District enters the Calhoun county soil conservation District has entered the 19th annual Competition to select the nations top 53 conservation districts. See Page to. A he him Stott in Star a cies Day t from 6 a in. Toll p.m., Abc a local news is flashed Over station Vii a. The staff a final edition is presented each weekday at 4 p m. The Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast time. Member Abc Ami Nea a your Home newspaper since 1882&Quot a Chi news vol. 83, no. Too to pages i Section Anniston Alabama. Saturday april 3. 1965 5c daily 20c sunday 50 a week by Carrier sr1 migs Challenge jets i mittens in state sift ii a i no ism map War Halo Sliaut Blash theft rushed in Tom Hamby Star stat writer Montgomery a Alabama atty. Gen. Richmond Flowers today sketched for the Star a Stern dynamite control Bill which he has ordered two members of his staff to draft. Elsewhere of i trials continued to wrap the investigation of a Birmingham bombing in secrecy Security tightened on the Sale of explosives Over the state. In Talladega officers today pushed an investigation to determine the whereabouts of dynamite which was stolen the county a store House. The attorney general s office plans to have ready to Intro dui e Early in the regular session of the state legislature beginning May 4 a proposal to a it r e a t dynamite the same Way As narcotics. Flowers revealed this morning. Bill is outlined the Bill would a make sure thai every piece is registered if it Isnit make it a pretty criminal offence to have it a he said. Flow ers said he had no a Pride of authorship a in the proposed legislation will be Happy to offer his offices assistance to the administration or any senators who wish to introduce dynamite control measures. A we Haven to decided which department will be responsible for the registration flout is said in pointing out that details til the Bill have Only begun to be worked out. Punishment is sought lie still the Prois Osal would by i Hank Cormier require registration As to a e of Thurmont. My. Aid president Johnson discusses with Salt. 0f dynamite in the prime minister Lester a Pearson today the canadians Call for severe punishment spite in air strikes against North Viet Nam As a possible for persons found possessing it first step toward peace. Without the proper registration Johnson who flew by hell cop in Talladega. Probate judge Ter Friday night to Camp David. William f. Killough said the a presidential Retreat in Mary county plans to make keep land s Cato tin mountains a an inventory of ranged an informal afternoon by the Road department. Sheriff conference with Pearson. Luke Brewer said a break in nit Agenda was announced it tin county s storage House but Pearson a suggestion Leer a for dynamite was discovered moratorium on . Bombing of thursday afternoon North Viet Nam was certain to a Strong in k Hail been knot a figure prominently in the talks. Cd off the door of the building talk is announced where the explosive material plans for the second Johnson was stored county officials said Pearson meeting in less than Only a Little if any dynamite three months were announced was stolen from the building by the White House shortly be Whit h ii surrounded by an eight in attack near Hanoi lard spills jams traffic this rain slicked Highway in Ventura calif., suddenly became White but not from ice or Snow some 4.000 Gallons of lard spilled Friday from this tank truck it was four hours before the Slippery mess was cleaned up. No one was Hurt in Jam. Johnson due raid Appeal Pearson expected to ask respite in i if Anni More a wire photo negroes Iii Sas Reo i till King some too negroes of the gospel spreading Church of Washington. I c., picketed the lord Baltimore hotel where or. Martin Luther Kings Southern Christian leadership conference was meeting. The March was in protest of Ute sulcs proposed Boycott of Alabama. King flew to new Ork alter tin conference. King Sci it protests Iii Norelli w allure. V Zillins so confrontation due at event americans Chase omm Imi a jail a John i w heeler Saigon. South \ Tot Nam t apr a s. Navy planes today knocked out a Bridge 05 Miles South of Hanoi capital of communist North \ let Nam were challenged for the first time by bed plane Quot. Three communist Mig jets jumped the planes As they attacked a Road railway Bridge at Dong Bimpong said Apt George la Whistler Navy spokesman Navy planes Khasi d the migs but lost them in the Hae at the same time 50 in s air Force floor floats hit the Ham Kong Bridge at Thanh . A fit it of More than a million 15 Miles South of where the Navy planes struck shells hit Bridge a i s. Military so Kesman said several hit Quot we re scored on the Bridge but could not say whether it was destroyed it i Quot a Ingle Span suspension Bridge boo Yards Long. In the action Whistler said he . Plane s got tire during the migs. The raid a Hanoi vet made this May have accounted for the presence of the migs. Kids already in air it seemed Likely the migs were not sent up spoiling for a Light against the More numerous Navy planer but were already in the air the n the raid began n Arr farther North did not behave rinse enough to Pursuit of the the closest to by in s planes i Luma hit action two Block governors school Bill a re King Mullin Jailil Lour in Bla Montgomery Ala a f or negro children burned to death in a lire which destroyed their Home their Mother was jailed Early today on a charge of child neglect. in what had men front room of the gutted House. La identified the victims As Melvin Knight. 6 Gregory Knigh 3. Frederick Knight. 2. And Cavin Knight or. 8 months another child David Knight 9 was taken to a Hospital with Burn Quot pm the face hands Houlton said the Mother. Or port racial discrimination today Corn Ludis three Days of strata. Cel talks with Northern civil a Nannie stored of hts readers. In the weeks months ahead. King plans summer Protea demonstrations for better negro housing. Jobs education in the North. A continued demonstrations in the South an a escalating economic Boycott in Ala Bania. Friday. King flew Here from Baltimore where he had Par unrated in meetings of the Southern Christian leadership Board. Montgomery eth a two Hulk senators a cont in Whistler did not say Whit Vernal but my proposal have tem Model of the soviet built vile Pora Rily blocked legislative involved or what National Proval of gov George Wallace Nash he. Tem. Cpl Alabama gov. George Wallace markings they bore. But North record education program Leader Lim Wilkins Ere to share the same plat vie Nam a kit no a hic v Dat film erne old mig15 mig17 air the weekend Friday without Tuv they Are not believed to my final action of the education s any of the sophisticated package As expected after Dis mlg21s. Cord broke out. Whistler said the red jets of the hour Senate voted d on the scene made t it reconvene tuesday admin on one . Aircraft. He titration leaders an drying to said he did not know if the end the special session next migs fired but he assumed they week did had missed the Navy before recessing the House plane. Apparently the Navy unanimously approved a Strong planes did not score any hits by worded Resolution condemning either. Racial bombings in Birmingham Whistler said the attack was. And urging persons with into new York huh Rev. Or. Martin Luther or. Attempting to Solidi sup tul run it it Adt am Ulk is for his two front attack on Forni Odd a Vanderbilt i a varsity. Both Are on the University a Impact 1965�?� symposium which to Quot a la gun Friday w Ith an address per by new York City Deputy May Tho weather forecast today i Ruble cloudiness with intermittent rain. Con my mild tonight Werp Folind Ore person said Friday night toot High Cyclone Fence , the .Wrcn a we a a Gohe Adelphia thai a pause in Shenef said to. a a a what Liau win Inci i i a i i Zamuil a i Miou Iti Ghret my Raj a it id air strikes might prompt the which apparently was beaten off conferences executive Board. I 0.r�?z a i per a or. A. communist regime in Hanoi to by a Hammer had already be a crowd of negroes picketed a a Ltd a a a a or in us i no a a a adopt More flexible policies. Gun to rust. He said county of outside the hotel to protest a Quot i in hrs pcs 9 Riziere was no immediate Tecc probe Page 2, col. I a proposed Boycott of Alabama White House reaction to the or or. John Connorton who spoke in behalf of mayor Hob erf Wagner. Wall Ace was scheduled to speak on the a a individual while sunday mostly Cloudy Wilkins was to discuss a the re mild with showers Thunder sensibility of government to the showers. High today. 74 Low minority the responsibility tonight 56 High sunday 75, which rests on the minority group us Al stall Stu s. _ a Bange key word in hrs Tiki. . A a or Connorton told approximately i ii i persons most of them Stu Pes rec a Paish re by Jim. No diff. E. Trill Pri Lur Iii doll. Minion Loni Okon Ming. Iodine f to i s a tit. H j Rome in dents people others Oik Friday night that a some resist change while insist on change in new As Well a Quot Alabama a completely successful in sever my route i. Thirty aircraft from the 7th Fleet carriers Hancock i ambassador Maxwell Taylor plans to leave Washington tonight to return to Saigon. Additional troops will follow. See Story on Page 2.1 suggestion. However. Johnson told a news conference thursday the United states will continue to take Evelina Knight. 25. Was being measures lie described us a Tapio so in jail on charges of child propitiate fitting Meas neglect contributing to the Ureda a a words he has used re Del Quency of a minor. The de heatedly in talking about Bobble live said the woman told him ing missions North of Viet sin had gone to a Beer tavern names 17th parallel. A d left the children Lin ked in suggestion is made tin i Louse. Pearson a Veteran diploma Houlton said the apparent sex made his suggestion in accept dision of a faulty kerosene ing the second annual Peac e it hat great Eon font at Ion cannot be avoided or evaded in new York City nor elsewhere a a Connerton said. He Assn noted Al sea had attacked the Bridge that while new York City May across the Nam a River the have the biggest department morning but caused Only a i stores thu Bigge to subway sys crate damage. Pilots report d die biggest of Many a heavy Haze restricted vis Btl by lamp caused the fire artificial heart Marks for dog Houston up a dim tors Friday placed a half Pound Alto Mal heart inside a dog kept it alive Tor three a Hall hours. They said. However i. Will be some time before medical science will attempt get replace a human heart while the dog lived award at Temple University. He said that unless Steps Are taken Oon to reach a peaceful settlement a the War in Viet Nam might Well become a far wider More terrible conflict Johnson spent much of the week considering Vici Nam strategy. He met thursday Friday with Maxwell d. Tax Lor the american ambassador to South Jet Nam. Taylor was asked by newsmen Friday if he had sought an doctors intensification of the air strikes. A wire pesto reported the artificial heart he said a i am quite satisfied the Normal unctions but the a Tern followed of a heart with excellent blood speculation is avoided the heart surgery of scientific work by Baylor Rice under a Grant from the soiling Honor Carl \ Iii son rep. L. Mendel Rivers d s c., holds a sign which will be placed in the House armed services committees new meeting room which was dedicated Friday to retiring rep Carl Vinson of Georgia. Vinson president Johnson Are seated in foreground. A painting of Ymson was placed on the Wall. Health service one car Wilt Lent Hilu t negro Adams says Ilell serve All w others Iii snit remain Minn Johnson was asked thursday was a part ii he thought the bombings Are being done producing results. Although he University declined to speculate on that. Public said we will to to take such measures As Are appropriate Outing measured Are calculated to deter tile at the same time Johnson said he his advisers Are willing to do anything honorable Tyler. Ala. Up a four in Pursuit of peace. Negroes were killed file Anada Poland India or one of four Anni ton bus injured. One critically Early tar comprise the International com mess men who were ordered Friday when a ear ran Oft a dirt Mission set up to enforce the a it but Federal ourt to end Almond crashed into a to a. La j Geneva accords that a. Reged discrimination again a near Here thinned French Indochina negro customers said he would the s in ims were Den tired created two Viet nos. How comply with the injunction As Richard Smith. 35, of set Ever the commission has been a sure Well serve Adma Dorothy Thigpen Jessie relatively powerless to Deal with Ani declared a i Don t want to the civil rights Law alter local Lee Hale Arne style. The vietnamese War. Go to the Federal sought service Iii sex ton things it also has the biggest problems. No. Said one of the a second attack was ordered big problems k crime. This afternoon 30 Al sex i on nor ton said much of this raiders a4 jct attack planes crime is among minority groups dumped 500 1.000 Pound mid in the poorest areas of the bombs on the Bridge dropping City he listed Harlem As one one Span into the Ruer in Alof these area of tons of bombs were or Opp i dignity is upheld Pilot is kale i a we hear a lot about the in one Navy f8 crusader jct de world of die poor a he said was hit by anti a it raft tire Dor i Connorton said that if any my the afternoon raid. The Pilot member of mayor Wagner landed safely at Danang an nitration is Lound a not to a Iii South Viet Nam with a believe in the dignity of Man Hydraulic system failure. Lie will not be in the admin it to Saigon a City wide sear h a ration Long was launched for a Viet Cong a to those it if us in the admin Sedan reported loaded with sex 1st ration in new York City the Plosives destined for a Tor great Sot let Means a Compaq roust attack Fin the i s Lynh it a Senate society. There is ample motion service or the nearby room for individual Dit Serences Caravelle hotel. And there is also ample room a Lur reconciliation of these differences. We Hope to end All discrimination in e in p i g y in ent schools elsewhere. Pc e have u Faith we think is necessary to achieve the e goals a he said. Mayor Wagner had cancelled Las appearance earlier Friday of t Ause of a a a Ressing also cancelling an appearance was Charles Ruby president of the airline Quot Pilot a is nation organizers of the symposium said Tilford e. Dudley motion to report it to Law t enforcement officers. Sens. Bob Gilt Fri a of county Larry Dumas of Jei Ierson refused to sign Tho report of a conference committee Winch whipped into a Shaw a Bill to provide fret text books in All grades Dumas Gilchrist no a fibres of the House Senate committee. Said the report had be it n agreed on but the comm i to bad failed to take a formal vote. Tom nral i Iii mint Biarne Palm Springs Alif ii Phi a in an Neal w Iio a m<1 i ran Bot tone High own acting career in a 1951 list Light Oxtra actress Barbara Pavton today a held without Hail in the i till Laving of his estranged Vav lit. Polit e said tile fatal shooting Friday of Gail Neah the 29-year-old Beauty who was Ney i third Vii was a definitely a homicide a Neal 51. W barged with in a Polk e i Al said. Owners keep i Igil mudslides feared i Burbank area Burbank. Calif. Ltd a knocked out a director residents of 40 exclusive Hill Ter up by Jean Quillen Kenneth Adams local Oil Deal to a statement came today eral downtown restaurants dim on lie program. Following the injunction i used reportedly by Federal judge la. H. Groom ice in in Birmingham. Die request for the injection a Groon lilt last december after local a Gro leaders Choe a Law in to lieu Quot i a a Mons i Ai Ion. I action w is brought Forth to test were ret de some of them. Junction is a by s a i so w a a a in run t of Gal driers cafeteria. Lee by i it j ii i it ii., i ii ii l. In of vies i a. Gardner Bat r serv of the speaker s Bureau of the Al Cio would replace Ruby a fused vgre4 infill my a near Side Homes in danger of being swept away by mud tides maintained an anxious Vigil today a Rains soaked Southern California for the fourth consecutive Dav. Elsewhere the storm a the heaviest in three years caused isolated flooding triggered to see Bult Page col. 5 tiles. Tokyo apr Japan South Korea agreed in Prima pie t Day on three key issues that Quot food in the a. Of Normal Tai Auto accidents snarled free a lations Between the two coun Way traffic closed some i schools downed Power urns teff hed out a me. Police trait Mit to five feel of now in the mountains washed out several athletic events Chc ruled for this weekend. Moderate to head rain Walt predicted today Tor the to Angeles area. And police in this suburb were it n an emergency Alert along a try a Lub drive Eaux on Rea l were the 4 Homes were imperilled the arca was denuded of a ;