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Annapolis Sunday Capital Newspaper Archives May 25 2015, Page 3

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Annapolis Sunday Capital (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, Annapolis, Maryland monday. May 25.2015 the capital a3% i Poland president concedes to right Wing challenger John Nash 1928-2015 by Monika Scialo ska associated press Warsaw Poland polish president Bronislaw Komorowski conceded defeat in the county a presidential election sunday after an exit poll showed him trailing Andrzej Duda a previously Little known right Wing politician. If the exit poll is confirmed by official results which were due monday it Marks a significant blow to the ruling civic platform party ahead of More important parliamentary elections this year. The pro Market and pro european party has overseen unprecedented growth during its eight years of Power but is now being punished by voter discontent Many poles say they Are fed up with corruption scandals involving members of the ruling party and with the fact that economic growth has not trickled Down to Many Ordinary poles. The exit poll said 52 percent of the votes in sundays final round of the presidential election went to Duda and 48 percent to Komorowski. It was conducted by Itsos and reported by the private broadcaster ten. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage Points. A i congratulate my competitor Andrzej Duda and wish him a successful presidency a said Komorowski whose term ends in August. Duda belongs to the Law and Justice party of former prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski a right Wing party that mixes traditional National values like catholicism with Calls for a stronger state role in the Economy. The party ran the government from 2005-07 and the presidency from 2005-10, when president Lech Kaczynski the party chairman a twin brother was killed in a plane crash Czarick Sokolowski a Quot we can change Andrzej Duda said after an exit poll showed him ahead. Official results were due monday. In Russia. During the Campaign. Duda a lawyer and member of the european parliament who was previously Little known in Poland called for a reduction in the retirement age. He also said he wants Poland to retake control of the Banks two thirds of which Are foreign owned. The mood was joyous at the election night gathering in Warsaw of Dudas Law and Justice party As supporters celebrated what is apparently its first significant electoral Victory in nearly a decade. There was an explosion of cheering and people flashed a for Victory signs. In a Brief speech Duda 43, vowed an open presidency based on Unity and said that it would take a lot of hard work to fix the country a problems. A we can change Poland a Duda said with his wife and grown daughter by his Side. Komorowski after his speech the family and the crowd Sang the National Anthem. Polish presidents have fewer Powers than prime ministers and their governments but the president does represent the nation internationally and helps set a political and moral tone at Home. The vote was also being closely watched As a sign for How the two parties will fare in the parliamentary elections this fall. During the Campaign Duda often spoke of the More than 2 million poles who have left the country in the past decade for Britain and other countries in Western Europe. Most people a have not benefited from the economic change a said mar Cin Wolski a Well known satirist at Law and justices election night gathering. A Poland needs change and Duda is the sign of the change that Poland Nobel prize Winner inspired moviegoers by Bruce Shipkowski associated press Trenton no. Bom to an electrical Engineer and later a precocious and dashing Young Man who attained an Ivy league education John Nash seemed destined for a life of stunning Success. That he achieved winning a Nobel prize in 1994, but not without a struggle with mental illness that would make him a household name even More so than his achievements in mathematics Nash had read the classic a men of mathematics by . Bell by the time he was in High school. He planned to follow in his fathers footsteps and studied for three years at the Carnegie Institute of technology in Pittsburgh a now Carnegie Mellon University a but instead followed his passion for math. He then went to Princeton where he worked on his equilibrium theory and. In 1950, received his doctorate with a dissertation on noncooperative games. The thesis contained the definition and properties of what would later be called the Nash equilibrium. But it was while teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of technology in 1959, when his wife Alicia was pregnant with their son that schizophrenia began to emerge a yearlong fight that was chronicled in the Academy award winning blockbuster a a Beautiful John and Alicia Nash died in a car Accident saturday on the new Jersey Turnpike. He was 86 she was 82. A a John a remarkable achievements inspired generations of mathematicians economists and Sci elitists who were influenced by his Brilliant groundbreaking work in game theory and the Story of his life with Alicia moved millions of readers and moviegoers who marvelled at their courage in the face of daunting challenges a Princeton president Christopher Eisgruber said in a statement in an autobiography written for the Nobel foundation website Nash said delusions caused him to resign As a faculty member at Mit. He also spent several months in new Jersey hospitals on an involuntary basis. However Nash a schizophrenia diminished through the 1970s and 1980s As he a gradually began to intellectually reject some of the delusional influenced lines of thinking a he wrote. 2001�?Ts a a Beautiful mind was based on an unauthorized biography by Sylvia Nasar who wrote that Nash a contemporaries found him a immensely strange and a slightly cold a bit Superior somewhat much of his Demeanour Likely stemmed from mental illness. A a Beautiful mind won a an amazing partnership. Beautiful minds Beautiful a Russell Crowe who played John Nash in a a Beautiful mind a on twitter about Nash and his wife four Academy awards and generated interest in Nash s life Story. Russell Crowe who was nominated for Best actor for playing Nash Tweeter that he was a a stunned by news of the couples death. A an amazing partnership a he wrote. A Beautiful minds Beautiful Jennifer Connelly who won the Oscar for Best supporting actress for her portrayal of Alicia Nash called the couple a an in Laura Rauch a 2002 John Nash and his wife Allula died in a car Accident late saturday. Aspiration a and the films director Ron Howard Tweeter that a it was an Honor telling part of their the couple split in 1963 then resumed living together several years later and remarried in 2001. John Nash held a research Post at Branders University before eventually returning to Princeton where he was associated for Many years most recently serving As a senior research mathematician. He was awarded the Nobel prize in economics for his work in game theory which offered insight into the dynamics of human rivalry. It is considered one of the most influential ideas of the 20th Century. Just Days before his death Nash received a prize from the norwegian Academy of science and letters in Oslo Norway with new York University mathematician Louis Nirenberg who called Nash a truly great mathematician and a a kind of Nirenberg said he had chatted with the Nash couple for an hour at the Airport in Newark nj., before they a gotten into a taxi to return Home to Princeton township. New Jersey state police say John and Alicia Nash were thrown out of the taxi when it crashed around 4 30 . Saturday in Monroe township about 12 Miles from their Home. The Driver was High Altitude May boost babies risks for Side deaths by Lindsey Tanner associated press lofty living May make babies vulnerable to sudden infant death syndrome according to a Colorado study that found higher risks above 8,000 feet. While the research shows that the Side rate in Colorado stall mountains is very Low its still two times greater than in the Denver area and other regions where the Altitude is less than 6,000 feet. The results Echo earlier research done in Austria a Alps. Mountain air has less oxygen than air at lower elevations and conditions that reduce infants oxygen Levels have previously been linked with Side. But exactly How Mountain air might put babies at risk is Uncertain and whether there is a solid connection requires More study the researchers said. Lead author or. David Katz a University of Colorado heart specialist emphasized that Side deaths Are rare Only six occurred at Colorado a highest altitudes during the six years studied. The rate at High altitudes was just 0.8 Side deaths per 1.000 births versus 0.4 per 1.000 in the states regions with an Altitude of less than 6.000 feet. The study was published online monday in paediatrics. The authors examined Colorado birth certificate and death registries for 2007 to 2012. Side kills about 2,000 . Infants each year and is the leading cause of infant deaths after the first month. The causes Are unknown but certain conditions linked with reduced oxygen Levels seem to increase risks including brain Stem abnormalities mothers smoking during and after pregnancy respiratory infections and stomach sleeping. Katz said to help protect their infants from Side parents should focus on known risks. That advice includes no stomach sleeping or bed sharing avoiding soft bedding and pillows in cribs and keeping infants away from cigarette smoke. Be amp Job Iris my Cambria chardonnay moot Greg to red White Barefoot wines 1.5ltr. Alamos wines 750ml dry Creek vineyards heritage Creek Zinfandel. Knob Creek Bourbon 750ml. Gray s Peak Vodka i 75ltr. 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