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Annapolis Capital Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1990, Page 2

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Capital, The (Newspaper) - October 19, 1990, Annapolis, MarylandAt the capital. Oct 1mo nation world senators pass budget face Compromise budget negotiators push toward Midnight deadline Whiet debate Washington senior tax writers in Congress Are looking sir hurry up Compromise Between vastly different deficit reduction Bills. A Central whether the class should pay higher taxes Lor gasoline or on their earnings. The Senate passed its plan 54-41 ills with a majority of a parties supporting it. More big hurdle and then Yrtti have the Job said majority Leader George j. Mitchell. D Maine. Many republicans still were not forgiving president Bush for abandoning his pledge to oppose tax increases. Taxes in the face of i recession is a Hare brained said sen. Bui k who voted against the Mea sure. Congressional leaders said they would attempt to reconcile fences Between the Senate plan and the version the House passed tues Day in time to get a completed agreement to Bush before when Federal spending authority sex Pina. The Senate deficit plan would raise the a cent gasoline tax to 18v4 cents limit itemized deductions of those with incomes Over a boost the medicare tax for people earning Over and make permanent the expiring 3 percent tax on Telephone service. The House which Bush Bis promised to would take three fifths of its Revenue from higher income people. But it also would hit lower and Middle income people across the Board by blocking next year s scheduled inflation adjust ments in tax brackets and personal exemptions. Despite Stark differences that have prompted cries of class War Tore from the Bills agree on Many Points. Either would raise consumer taxes on alcoholic air plane tickets and expensive furs and jewels. Medicare beneficiaries would have to pay higher premiums for part b cover age and More out of pocket for doctors Bills before medicare starts paying. Changes in and Bea Efu both Bills include Chani scores of Federal fees All designed to save Money and reduce the budget Defiol Are some other budget developments pm Al pay Federal workers pay would be increased by a much As 5 percent a year through 1994 and employees living in High coat cities would receive Eulau Oom Penalton under an agreement by budget Walt hit Man on tax see John w. A Virginia Dot Honare listed by Forbes Magazine a the richest Man in said yesterday he favors an increase in the nation s top income tax rate Rich taxpayers of the the capital gains tax is reduced. Recognize that the budget deficit must be reduced and that issues of tax fairness Are prominent in the minds of Many said. Bush waffles on Stopgap spending Washington president bulb s apparent decision to sign yet Stopgap spending Bill repro Bis latest reversal in a budget debate that Bis seen More than a Tow presidential flip flops. Birute this us protocol declared in political appearances in tots and Iowa that he would not sign another Short term Bill when the current one expires at Midnight tonight. There be any let me make Clear to Congress just Bow serious i am about meeting that Friday he told a Republican audience in Dallas on monday. Time s up. The Ameri can people deserve More than this Stopgap but us Martin Fitzwa said yesterday that Bush had decided to sign such a measure after All. So Long As is made by tonight toward final budget Compromise. Decide at the time night what satisfactory Progress Fitzwater added. The White sent scrambling several times Over the past Days to interpret or deny a Bush budget found itself m the same position once again yesterday. Asked Why the president had changed his mind on whether to sign another Stopgap Fiu water insisted that he really had t. A House Senate conference com Mittee must reconcile vast differences Between the House passed which Bush and the Senate which he supports readers give views. A6 National digfs1 Hurricane Nana moves toward Bermuda Miami Hurricane Nana moved Northwest Over the open Atlantic toward Bermuda Early with top winds of t5 feet asters said. A Hurricane warning for the Island was expected to be potted later according to the National Hurricane Center in suburban Coral Gables. At 9 . Nana was entered about 275 Miles South Southwest of Bermuda. The eighth Hurricane of the Atlantic Hurricane season was headed Northwest at near 10 Mph and a turn to the North was expected later according to Robert a Hurricane specialist at the Center. Appears is though the Center the is going to come pretty close to the Island in the next 24 to 36 Case said. Because it s such a Small it could pass by the Island Senate takes up Art obscenity debate Washington weary from a bruising Battle Over the Federal the Senate is wading into another fight Over whether to renew strict anti obscenity restrictions on the National endowment Tor the arts. The debate pits sen. Jesse and his conservative allies against supporters of a bipartisan Compromise which would have the courts decide whether federally supported arts projects Are obscene. At Issue before the Senate today was an billion appropriations Bill for the Interior department and several other Federal agencies in the ill fiscal which began oct. 1. The Senate measure contains million for the Aba and the same anti curb i rap said no worse than adult Bookstore fort pm. Rapper Luther Campbell says state prosecutors so far have failed to prove a concert by his band 2 live Crew was any More obscene than what is seen in nearby adult clubs and bookstores. Sing about Oral but the Bookstore just Down the Street from the sheriffs office has pictures of Oral Leader of the Miami based said during a break in yesterday s trial. Campbell and group members Chris Wong won and Mark Ross were arrested on Misdemeanour obscenity charges after a june 10 adults Only concert in Hollywood. The three face up to a year in prison and in ones if convicted. Few adults keep vaccinations up to Date Atlanta too few adult americans get the vaccinations they need to protect their health and maybe even their Federal health officials said yesterday. Rewun it up Type Neemei the Matiea s tetanus 87 percent of hepatitis b patients and 45 percent of cases of also known As German measles. All those diseases Are prevented by the cd said. Blacks in irs disciplined More often Washington a private group complained yesterday that the internal Revenue service is trying to evidence that the Agency disciplines Blacks at a larger rate than other workers. But the Agency said it is making a Good Faith Effort to uncover the cause. The National coalition of irs whistle blowers issued a copy of a memo it obtained in which Michael j. A Deputy commissioner for the acknowledged that Blacks had been punished at a higher rate than other workers. Irs spokesman Henry Holmes said a joint Effort by irs management and Union officials shows the Agency is trying to uncover the for the disparity. Wop d d Gest Navy frigate saves Vietnam boat people Manila. Philippines a . Navy guided missile frigate rescued so vietnamese refugees aboard a disabled wooden boat a Navy the refugees had been at sea for about 10 Days when the found their 25-foot boat on it Lee Sannders. Spokesman for the Navy s 7th said yesterday he said the boat was crowded and mod not to be and the vietnamese were allowed to Board the frigate. The boat was found about 150 Miles off the coast of the photo Pines. U saunters said the refugees would be taken to the Philippines and turned Over to authorities space take stay inside Moscow soviet space officials have ordered a of a shooed remedy for a cosmonaut who caught a coid take Teta of it Tasha c that meant postponing a space walk wednesday because Ady Stre Catov. M. Of of two cosmonauts a the or tag soviet station Mir. Caught s cold White eat be a. Eave eard j Riek. The official news Agency Tass said the space walk was Reee hewed Ter oct m eee Meaut is. Aet a reset or aute Santee be Reenia a of rubbery Biaua and. Is to the n so Vrol i a Bevy of the is Seth lae Tomt tar Meu Cal Heater vat Astana c soviets want Tough iraqi sanctions Washington soviet president Mikhail s. Gorbachev s1 emissary to Iraq is calling on presi Dent Bush with assurances of solid Kremlin support for tougher International sanctions aimed at forcing Iraq out of Kuwait. . Officials said envoy Yevgeny Primakow stressed that Moscow wants to keep working through the United nations to reverse the aug. 2 invasion with political and diplomatic measures. Primakow stopped in Rome and Paris this week on his Way to Washington. Among the new Steps under consideration Are demanding reparations from Iraq for what Secretary of state James a. Baker Iii Calls rape of and possibly u trial of. President Saddam Hussein As a War criminal. The . Security Council has banned virtually All Trade with but after More than two months of occupying Kuwait the iraqi Leader has not bowed to the pressure. Primakow gave no indication in his talks with italian and French offi or in his meeting yesterday with that Gorbachev has an alternative formula to end the per the Effle Ielse old before today s White House meeting. Primakow nothing near and Dennis b. Head of the state department s policy planning they had net heard said an official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Haven t Beard about an iraqi plan or a Gorbachev the official told the associated press. Is nothing Here that seat people Down the aisles saying this is something the official referred to published reports that Primakow was carrying a Gorbachev plan or one from Bagh the Oil War Lance Cpl Karl fat Reot of in Greet Tahoe a Rhet . Marine Corpe Lence Cpl. Jemeze of while they watch equipment from the by Leleh 7ui finc two Binge of in Foo Yoe Tettey. By Leleh Troope alerted or Rivino yeat Erdey be pert of a multinational defence Force in saudi Arabia. Where be met with iraqi Lead ers two weeks ago. After seeing Baker the soviet envoy ruled out any Deal with Saddam that would Reward the iraqi Leader for pulling troops out of Kuwait. Should look for some possibilities to from my Point of the military but not Reward of with its Primakow said at a Are some other developments in the persian Gulf crisis. Mao to ration Iraq today it will ration Gao line beginning next tuesday. The rationing was another sign the . Trade embargo wee hurting the government of iraqi president Saddam Hua Seln. The rationing covers fuel and lubricants for buses and but not kerosene and liquefied which is widely used for cooking and other Domestic purposes. While Iraq continues to pump it lacks imported materials because of the embargo imposed after the August said sources in Baghdad speaking on condition of anonymity. Of mums must a report published in iraqi newspapers today said All foreigners in Kuwait must Register with local authorities before nov 5. Those who Tail to do so be responsible before the and their residency cards will be the report Sam. Under iraqi foreigners who Are found without residency cards Are punished with fines and imprisonment. The exceptions Are citizens from Arab cooperation Council nations Jordan and Yemen Tuam the United states is pressing for the Swift passage of a new Resolution condemning Iraq s human rights violations in Kuwait and demanding the release of All hostages held by Baghdad Baghdad s markets belie . Trade embargo Iraq there is Mackerel from tuna and pineapples from olives from butter cookies from Denmark and grape juice from aus Tria. Even american hot sauce. The array of imported food available in Baghdad belies the . Trade embargo imposed on Iraq in Retalia Tion tar me Kava tee of Kuwait but Many of the items on grocery store shelves Are from what iraqis Call their 19th province which was stripped of consumer goods after the invasion. No one knows for certain whether iraqis will Ever feel the Fud bite of the 11-week-old but it is changing How and what they and what they grow. At Baghdad s popular Riverside fish restaurants almost All the tables Are and diners have a Choice of roast baked fish or beef. But prices Are rising beyond the reach of the common Man in this City of 4.5 million. A Chicken lunch in a Everete fee Aurant costs motorists at Baghdad s open mar Ket pack their can with whatever food is available. I used to buy food for the whole now i buy All the food i can a taxi Driver said. But the basics sugar and Tea Are not available and is hurting Many average said a european who like the others spoke on Condi Tion of anonymity. The government has rationed these items along with cooking Oil. Detergent and Rice milk situation is pretty said an iraqi who i Pom of Cuil Tuuu of 1110117 to he would not give any but said would say that pretty we will be in a serious assessment is that without any external iraqis can last four to five said an asian Diplomat by that their Winter wheat crops will be he noted that iraqi Farmland is very Fertile and abundantly irrigated by Rivers. Any other developing Socie farming had been neglected in but now it appears that the government is he said before the aug. 2 invasion of Kuwait brought on the . Embar Iraq had imported most of its food. In an Effort to fight the the government has asked Farmers to triple wheat cultivation by devoting All Farmland into the crop Economy reforms approved Moscow the soviet parliament today gave preliminary approval to president Mik Hail s. Gorbachev s economic Reform after he accused his key rival of shirking Respa Slbil Ity for the transformation to a free Market system the supreme soviet voted us to 12 in favor of the with bating pose aule Ameo Meiu. Gorbachev. Has Pua As Only St total course of Sam the huge re Exiaa federation Waits Mere i worn gym bbses uru of the social sad epee Ovate berts n. Yetan has lambasted Gorbachev s pro fraud As that is left a Early a toddler eats negligence charged Pompano Fla. The teen age Mother of a 14-Mooth-old toddler was charged with Ehod negligence yesterday for teat no pieces of crack to Caw on the Coffee table of her Pompano Beach apart want where the child Fouad ate Sosa and has since Sll Pipii Fusto a Poteet any deadly Eolia. The child. Michael brow or. Remained hospitalised of Ufa eap Juil yesterday he was Nepove drug oozy Low Ponce be of Long Rehoie what had happened until doctors told her the baby had to Caw n hta system doctors also found traces of alcohol in the baby s but detectives could not explain where it cat from they said the child apparently swallowed several pieces of crack his parents slept m the Otter of out Tii Ruedi apart to Pompano Beach the child got up aed out of was Road Taal the 1 Lashada Lanett Allee. Ii. Was charged with Neju Fevec for aseged by he leg the drugs 21 pieces of eee Ahie wrapped to a paper with a reach of the baby Rue sad just teemed to waft Aunuua Possee of Cec Efet out of of Cru Wal Utu est by heat is Allen told we by she said be the utter. Pottee

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