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Annapolis Capital Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 3

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Annapolis Capital (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Annapolis, Maryland Middles Battle army. A week Early car s in mess Hall but major keeps o head by Frank Young and Dre Marcks staff writer plebes at the naval Academy began preparations for the annual army Navy football clash yesterday they moved the army Liaison officer into the bathroom and parked his car in the mess Hall. When the midshipmen turned out for breakfast yesterday they found army major Peter Wuerpel s my sport scar parked in the aisle Between tables m the mess inside Bancroft Hall All that the middies would say last night was that the direct phone number for want ads 268-7000 other departments 268-5011 plebes drove the major s or into the mess Hill through the Side doors during the night. No one could confirm report that the automobile had been filled with Cereal and other edible. Even if maj. Wuerpel did t need his car to get to his office yesterday he did need a map ii seems that while some plebes were car rustling others were starting careers Ai moving men when my Wuerpel got to his office yesterday he found the cupboard Bare the plebes must have Felt his desk chair tables books papers and pictures looked better in the bathroom nearby Becau-0 that s where everything was although the distributor Cap was missing from the car the Brunt o the midshipman said last night that the car was removed the Connen. From the mess Hall yesterday afternoon Navy l maj Wuerpel is also reported operating out of his regular command office once again yesterday t actually the officer might have brought some of Howe this on himself even if he did have the army insignia weekend working against him an a maj w lasts tur Dathe major made More than several trips Here to i up and Dow n the aisles at the Nav Syracuse football game Navy we with a sign on is Back Reading beat Navy " anything 11 this Job " while other representatives maj Paul Taylor Navy m capt Danny Craw Ford and capt Pat Doles have not yet Felt Valr on n cwt tag eap Ilal o o e Academy which they serve v i yet Toome. N Uander Jayo Connel Landolt. Y reported from West Point 7 � y it "1 consider my position o tween the army and the w of Mutual respect and. Hat i will i volunteered for = St renewal of the traditional la s John Kennedy stadium partly Cloudy parti Clou highs in mid to upper 50s, urn tonight in mid to upper 30$. M i k h i i Lull d in iks a tvrd4 form a ii a � \ d Edi to \ on Page 2 vol Xxxvii no. 267 Annapolis Maryland saturday november 20, 1971 ten cents . A , Power people Carl ton Pennon seated registers by Stone Brake of the Annapolis Power Squadron Emerson Patten past District commander of Oliver 5 Hill of the Annapolis Squadron at the District five foil educational conference yesterday the Annapolis Power Squadron is the Host of the three Day conference being conducted at the Annapolis Hilton this weekend. I Nixon stand on wages jeered by labor chiefs Miami Beach Fla a president Nixon challenged his harshest labor critics face to face Fedaj and told them he will use his Powers to the full est to control wages and prices whether they cooperate or not we want the participation of labor Nixon told Al Cio convention delegates who voted thursday to refuse cooperation with his pay Board s wage controls but whether we get that participation or not it is my obligation As president of the United states to make this pro Gram of stopping the Rise in the Cost of living succeed and to the extent that in Powers Al Low it i shall do exactly that Nixon added the president got a Cool reception there were Ripples of Deri six Hunters shot to Date Only six Days into the Small game Hunting season in Maryland county police have recorded at least two gun accidents one Accident which ended in death for 17-year-old Andre c Johnson 115 Disney re in Severn happened when a 22 calibre Rifle accidentally discharged As a Young Friend tried to untangle the gun from Bushel in which it had been caught. After a similar but less i curious Hunting Accident a Muter Vilk youth was treated at North Arundel Hospital for Pellet wounds in his legs police said John a Reed 13, and three friends were Hunting rabbits in the Ond behind their Homes off route -3 thursday when Reed spotted a Rabbit and chased it into the Woods. After waiting a while one of the friends shot at the Rabbit also striking Reed closer to the animal than the Friend had a a ind police said. Swe laughter from some of the More than 2,000 delegates officials and others when Nixon said his recent 90-Day wage Price freeze Vas a remarkable Success and if Vou Don t think so go Home and ask your wives who go to the grocery store when Nixon finished his speech he started to shake hands w Ith some delegates near the speaker s platform until Al Cio president George Meany said will delegates and alternates return to their seats " Means had been watching in apparent amusement when he sudden picked up his Gavel and called the convention to or Der while Nixon was still on the floor shaking hands and Chat Ting with delegates the presi Dent turned gave Meany a Brief look and stalked away we will now proceed with cd ii cracked Meany who the Daj before had verbally flayed Nixon s economic controls and said that he and four other labor members of Nixon s pay Board will refuse to Coop Erate with the Board or its Deci Sions until they win their de mands for Back pay for the freeze and full payment of All negotiated wage hikes later Friday White House aides announced the president had Cut Short his Florida week end and was returning to Washington in route Back he stopped air Force i at Jackson Ville Fla to pick up his daughter Julie Nixon Eisen Hower the aides said Nixon s Sud den departure had nothing to do with the Al Cio speech and did not indicate a crisis of any sort he s always flex Ible a spokesman said. In Washington a White House aide said Nixon went be fore the Al Cio convention against the advice of All his advisers who feared his remarks might be construed As Antila Bor in his speech Nixon quoted Meany s remark that if the president of the United states does t want our membership on the pay Board he knows exactly what he can do " the audience cheered apparently in support of the Meany quote. President Meany is Correct i know exactly what i can do and i am going to do it Nixon continued i think it is time that we All understand just where we stand on this where we agree and where we disagree he said the inside Story Severn wins finale quarterback Art Banes directed seven Teick Dewi drives As Severn school closed its 1171 football Seabee with a 45-1 Romp Over visiting Eastern vocational Scheel yesterday afternoon. Story on Page ii. On other inside pages Abby horse Colp 7 Bridge 1 obituaries. Classifieds us sports ii comic television 11,11 crossword � Heaters 11 editorials women s contractors cite approval delay permit Bill supported by Dre Marcks staff writer support from builders and residents alike has been building this week for county councilman Joseph Collinson s proposed Bill to regulate the issuance of building permits in the county Robert Baldwin added the support of the Southern Maryland chapter of associated builders and contractors inc yesterday Baldwin is the president of the chapter the associated builders and contractors Incaby a a nationwide organization with members in approximate 35 states in Anne Arundel county the members represent about 90 per cent of Trie contractors and s u b c o n t r a c t o r s w i t h Headquarters in the county Bald in said Collinson said earlier tins week that he will introduce a Bill to require the approvals of six governmental agencies before any building permit can be approved in the county in addition the councilman said that he will write into the measure a restricting clause requiring that action be taken on a permit application within 10 Days Collinson began work on the measure last weekend after the evening capital published a report which pointed to the time variations m approving permits and the Lack of approval by county departments other than the department of inspections and permits before final ratification Baldwin speaking for his organization said yesterday we think it s Collinson s Bill a Good idea " Baldwin said under the current system the pc to getting a permit quickly lies in whoever runs the permit Section he said that builders have incurred financial losses Many tunes due to time delays while an application for a permit lies on someone s desk " the fastest Way to get something done " Baldwin said is to Call him Marcus s Marx director of inspections and permits directly otherwise it just sits " the Abc president said that a letter was sent to Collinson yesterday expressing support far the proposed Bill and suggesting that the councilman work with the building Industry in drafting the measure it All boils Down to How much red tape you have to go through Baldwin said he pointed out that builders want departmental approvals but that time losses have been incurred there is a need to enumerate the departments concerned and require them to perform he continued. On permit applications spaces Are continued on page2, col. 8 hearings scheduled dec 7 7 drug suspects held in jail by Linda Taylor staff water seven suspects arrested in three aty drug raids Are being held in the county detention Center today after they were unable to Post bail an eighth suspect John Tierney 29, of 1204 Poplar twas released after posting $1, Dond on charges of Possession of marijuana and narcotics paraphernalia All eight suspects appeared before District court judge George Taylor following their arrest Early Friday City police and troopers from the state police narcotics division conducted the raids on two residences on College Creek Terrace. Police say they seized quantities of heroin marijuana and narcotics paraphernalia in the raids held in leu of $5,000 Bond was George w Lake 23, of 60 College Creek Terrace in lieu of $2,000 Bond was Albert t Green 25, and Ava 0 Hopkins 21, both of 15 College Creek Terrace and Doris a Randall 23, also of 60 College Creek Terrace. Judge Taylor ordered Charles e. Slams in of 42 College Creek Terrace James a. Carroll 21, of 17 Lafayette ave and Norman e. Sellman 24, of 1150 Madison place held m lieu of $1,000 Bond each court officials have scheduled a hearing for All eight suspects for 9 30 dec 7 Deputy i ref Kalnoske of the Annapolis police described the drug arrests As routine and part of a continuing crack do v1 on the local drug problem the changes against those arrested included Possession of heroin and marijuana Possession of Zitti Ulius paraphernalia and distribution of heroin Cpl Ron Voigt City Detec tie headed up the City police work prior to the raids mad jointly with the state police narcotics division agents Kalnoske said police allege that the Hopkins woman swallowed a hypodermic Needle during the raid she was taken to Anne Arundel Genera Hospital a doctor in the emergency room of the Hospital said last night the Nenaie was not removed " he was Reading from the woman s file but would say nothing More than obviously it was t too serious " contributions still fall Short of to press Campaign goals by Linda Tav Lor staff writer county United fund workers decided yesterday to continue seeking contributions until we make our goal if we have to be knocking on Doois until Christmas eve said Werner Fornos count chairman Campaign sponsors for the Central Maryland Region a week ago extended the area Campaign indefinitely after the fund drive fell nearly $49 million Short of its goal during the past week the Region which includes Anne Arundel Baltimore Carroll Harford and Howard counties and Baltimore City added about $1 million More to its coffers a spokesman said however Frank Baker of Ellicott City Campaign chairman estimated yesterday that the fund would raise still Only about $9 8 million or $400,000 less than reported m 1970 to Date Anne Arundel county has recorded $115,000 in pledges or 55 3 per cent of the $208,000 county goal the fund spokesman said Only the Baltimore City and county division had reached or even come close to its goal that division has already collected 1006 per cent and expects to collect 116 per cent of the 1971 goal he said commenting on the slow response to the United fund Campaign Baker said i wonder How Many of our citizens honestly realize what this Means it Means in some instances the closing of doors and in others the further reduction of services of Many essential agencies " the aged in fact All age groups and the ill the handicapped and the disturbed will have to go without or wait in de. Mutely for assistance Baker said. Anne Arundel county Campaign leaders will meet at 8 . Monday at the Oxbow restaurant on Ritchie Highway for a breakfast discussion of the county Campaign Fornos said woman Dies in Blase a 51-year-old woman died last night when a Pumphrey Home was swept by a fire. Fire officials said that mrs. Mary v. Capel whom they described As a total invalid was pronounced dead at North Arundel Hospital shortly before 6 pin. The came of death was unknown. The fire which gutted the lower floor of the Home at 301 Shenandoah ave. Apparently started in the Kitchen swept through the Bouse and destroyed much of the roof before Brooklyn Linthicum and Gen Burrie fire units could put in out. Fire officials said la right that the cause of the fire which caused $4,010 damage to the House u still under us fire department m one Eue was hone and no Cmel a was All Poi Mayell motor Sterite sen. Ley Staten end state sen. M i blur Waytow Hawtin my War in in. By we in. Pow wow new in Mem Penn a a Fri of i state off fat Ler a vat oem mein ant spells Mytr Kyver Fyk sctt Lull i far Meyer to fat Jemi Hwan

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