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Annapolis Capital Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 2

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Capital, The (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Annapolis, MarylandThe capital Satu Jay 5 1990 digest Bush tries to unt rack rail strike Washington president trying to avoid a nationwide rail named an emergency Board yesterday to Nelp Settle bargaining disputes Between 11 unions and most of the nation s major railroads rising health care costs had been a major Holdup in contract which have been going on for two years nearly signalman and other Railroad workers at about 15 of the nation s largest freight railroads Are affected Bush s move was hailed by organized labor As a sign that the administration is concerned about workers medical coverage firefighters contain Everglades Blaze Miami firefighters backed up against the last natural Barrier Between a 4-Raile Wall of flames and a wildlife preserve said yesterday they had controlled the which has blackened acres of the drought Crisp Everglades fire had raced apr neg hip Riv grasslands anti to anti a Ranal hut r w8s Pic last Ual Between the flames and the sprawling big Cypress National wildlife officials said although arson has not been ruled investigators believe the fire was sparked accidentally in an area frequented by people on motorcycles and All terrain said a senior state forester. Brain culture May Aid alzheimer s victims wasbing1qn history i first continuous culture of human brain cells May eventually be used to replace the tissue lost in the brains of people with alzheimer s stroke or head said a study published today. Or. Solomon Snyder of Johns Hopkins school of Medicine in Baltimore said his research team used tissue removed from a child during brain surgery to develop a Colony of human brain cells that Divide and grow in Laboratory dishes. Never Snyder have scientists been Able to coax human brain cells into growing and reproducing in a Laboratory. But the new cell line can now be expanded at will through thousands upon thousands 0f be said. Asbestos affects custodial workers new York scientists have found lung damage in More than a Quarter of the Veteran City school custodians they indicating the workers Are at High risk of Asbestos related a researcher said yesterday. The findings were similar to the conclusions of researchers in Boston and san Francisco. The new York study indicated that the longer the subjects worked As the greater their chances of lung damage. Asbestos was commonly used in insulation until the 1970s when it was phased out of use because it releases fibres that can Lodge in the lungs and cause cancer. It has been removed or sealed in Many Phlip Arp Puj including chinese Diplomat defects to . Washington a chinese Diplomat said yesterday that he has defected to the United states because he supports the pro democracy movement in China. Democracy activists in China now Are being persecuted and and my situation would not be Xuy who dealt with chinese students in the United said at a news conference. Xuy said his application for political Asylum was Duke a spokesman for the immigration and naturalization declined to say whether an application had been received. World digest de Mandela pledge cooperation Cape South Africa the government and the african National Congress said yesterday they win work together for the first time to Stop political violence and Clear the Way for talks on ending r Hite minority Rule. President . De Klerk and Anc Leader Nelson looking relaxed and confident after the three Rivas of talks said preliminary discussions were an important step toward giving South Africa s Black majority a share of Power. Is the realization of dream for which have worked patiently and Mandela said after the first talks Ever Between the Anc and government. Israelis deny firing on Hussein yacht Jerusalem Israel s military command denied yesterday that one of its Navy boats opened fire on the yacht of Jordan s King Hussein in the Gulf of Aqaba. The admitted shots were fired while the Monarch s Craft was in the Vicinity but said the shots were aimed in another direction and were part of a routine weapons Check. An israeli newspaper had reported an israeli patrol boat opened fire on Hussein s yacht As it sailed in International accompanied by a jordanian Navy with the Monarch on deck. Liberian rebels Kidnap peace corp aide Paris liberian rebels kidnapped an american peace corps Volunteer and three european Relief workers As they inspected refugee centers along the liberian guinean a French Relief Agency said yesterday. The David was checking water supplies at a liberian Village when he was kidnapped said Marc a spokesman for doctors without Borders. Kelley s Hometown was not known. Also abducted were Ludovic a logistics expert from the group s belgian Werner will of West and a Nai Anokye said Gastellu pc Jorry. All s not Well on London s theater stages London falling curtains that won t go up and revolving stages that refuse to turn have caused a series of mishaps in London Heaters in the last 10 prompting a safety investigation. The latest incident occurred thursday night at a gala opening at the Royalty theater of clockwork the curtain refused to go up for the second half of the Royal Shakespeare company production. On the Stephen Sondheim musical in the Park with at the Lyttelton theater was halted in mid performance when a wooden part of the fell from a Hook As it pm Tabu writ leg Latvia plots gradual Freedom Riga user latvian lawmakers voted for Independence yesterday but plotted a More Cau Nous break from the soviet Union than neighbouring Lithuania latvians greeted the declaration of Independence with a chorus of the Republic s traditional Anthem and dancing in the streets the 138-0 parliamentary 50 years after Moscow seized the three Baltic states on the soviet s Western put Latvia on a similar secessionist path with Lithuania and Estonia. However unlike Lithuania s Independence declaration of March the vote by Latvia s supreme soviet called for a gradual break with the soviet Union latvian president Anatoly Gorbunov said he was already thinking about the next step negotiations with Moscow is he said is Only the very begin Gorbunov later was asked at a news conference what reaction he expected from the Kremlin. He said he could not predict what Moscow would but he added that the latvian government had tried to make it Clear in the declaration that there is cause to close the door on dialogue and Start setting Ultima tums fifty seven anti Independence Law makers refused to cast ballots even the measure had no problem achieving the two thirds majority after the vote was latvians inside and outside the Hall broke into a chorus of bless the Republic s traditional Anthem a cheering crowd showered emerging lawmakers with pansies and daffodils. The deputies also voted to drop the words from the Republic s making it simple Republic of Latvia waited my whole life for said Lima who said she remembered when Latvia was in moly annoy Tori by Joseph Stalin in 1940 i she said tearfully always Nili Hlf Kif a tank 9-year-old son of former hostage Frank holds a live lobster Given to his father by sen. Edward Kennedy upon his arrival at Andrews air Force base yesterday. Freed hostage Frank hugs former hostage Robert Polhill As Reed arrives at Andrews air Force base yesterday. Freed hostage prays for mates left behind Andrews air Force base freed american hostage Frank Reed returned to his Homeland yesterday with a prayer that mates left will quickly share his Freedom and Joy. Be it drawn and unsteady despite several Days rest at a.. Military _ Hospital in West Reed was embraced by his family and another former Robert who was released by separate captors in Lebanon just eight Days before Reed was let go monday. Freed after 42 whispered in Polhill s going to get the rest of them Aren t in a Brief formal statement that left his greeters shedding tears As a gentle rain Reed because of All of you i m and in a special tribute to All hostage several of whom were on hand in a customary show of he declared of Peggy kit and Joan the Keenan Pat and Many i am unchained and a Blindfold moments after he boarded a bus which was to take himself and his family to the Malcolm grow medical Center at the the caravan was diverted Down the Tarmac to Reed s he was greeted by Barbara Bush As she was about to Board a flight to Kentucky. So glad you re mrs. Bush said. Know the president wishes he was Here to meet Bush was in Oklahoma giving a speech on nato and the future of Europe. The release of Reed and Polhill left six americans and nine other westerners still held in Lebanon. Okla. President Bush said yesterday that nuclear weapons must continue to play a key role in safeguarding Europe from Are lessons so Clear in history As while offering an advanced time table for negotiating with Moscow on reducing Short Range nuclear Bush United states is not going to allow Europe to become Safe for conventional War discussing the changing face of Europe during a commencement speech at Oklahoma state universe hailed the sweep of democracy through Warsaw pact nations. He ene my today is uncertainty and instability Bush will be crucial to see whether Moscow chooses coercion or peaceful dialogue in responding to the aspirations of the lithuanian people and nationalities within the soviet Bush s remarks were intended to offer the outlines of a new military and political Mission for nato As Europe is transformed by the reunification of Germany and the collapse of communist governments. Leaders of the 16 nato nations will meet in London in late june or Early july to Chart a revised strategy for the 41-year-old Alliance. Bush said the allies should Accel Erate work to determine mini mum number and types of weapons that will be needed to deter credibly and he said Moscow and Washington should open negotiations to reduce Short Range nuclear missiles in Europe once a treaty is signed perhaps later this year to curb troops and conventional arms. Bush had insisted that a conventional arms treaty not Only be signed but also implemented be fore talks could begin on Short Range nuclear forces. Bush said that As the soviet Union pulls Back troops from Warsaw pact is less need for nuclear systems of the shortest acting on Bush s nato scrapped plans thursday to deploy More powerful Short Range Lance nuclear missiles and artillery shells in Europe. Even the United states and soviet Union will still maintain sizeable Short Range nuclear arsenals in Europe. Prepared to negotiate the reduction of these forces As the president. Bush said he did not want to leave Europe vulnerable to conventional warfare soviets stick to Germany nato objections Bonn Secretary of state James a. Baker Iii ran into a Stone Wall yesterday when he tried to persuade the soviet Union to with draw its objections to nato membership for a United Germany. Can t say we heard anything different than we heard a senior . Official said after Baker met for hours with foreign minister Eduard a Shevardnadze in Baker s hotel room overlooking the Rhine River. The who briefed reporters under rules guaranteeing him Ano said the two sides also made no Dent in issues blocking treaties to american food to Ethiopia aboard soviet planes. But on Germany and on arms the results were slim. Baker also brought up the Issue of where an Independence movement is being stifled by a Kremlin economic blockade Fine to talk about a need for but one actually has to take Steps to get to a the senior official said of soviet inability to reach a formula for talks with lithuanian leaders Baker and Shevardnadze were in Bonn for the Ger Man Minifi rating talks that non Gat. As Wall so do architect s plans Washington Marvin Cantor is a victim of German unification. Cantor s architectural firm spent two years designing plans to build a Washington embassy for East Germany. As he was drawing the last the first crack was made in the Berlin Wall. East rapidly advancing toward Union with its neighbor to the soon will cease to exist. Without a who needs an West Germany has a sprawling embassy on a verdant Hill in Northwest Washington. The East germans have occupied one floor of an office building on the City s embassy Row since establishing diplomatic relations with the United states in 1974. But the East germans always viewed their quarters As Tempo rare and inn Fht an embassy nil ring to fishing Thair it narrowly missed an actor. Mexican train killing at least six Mexico a passenger train derailed and plunged into a dry riverbed in the Southern state of killing at least six the mexican red Cross said yesterday the organization originally gave a death toll from thursday night s crash of at least 40. Ana Maria director of the red Siles and to lower troop and tank Levels in Europe. Baker and Shevardnadze will meet in Moscow May 16 to 19 to try to close the Gap on weapons cutbacks but with the Washington Summit less than a month prospects appear to be diminishing for presi dents Bush and Mikhail s Gorbachev initiating a landmark arms urday the foreign ministers from France and the two German states also will take part. Baker meanwhile released a text of a statement he made to foreign ministers of the North Atlantic treaty organization at a closed session in Brussels in Baker Reform process in the soviet Union will be nub of the Warsaw pact and a major economic Power in the soviet bloc. In the Early the East germans leased a lot in a planned Complex of some two dozen embassies on International where several governments including Ghana and Israel already have moved. After another period of East Germany commissioned Cantor s firm in Early 1988 to design the new embassy offices Cantor completed the blueprints late last year. The final decision on the Fate of the embassy project is still before the the isolation of the area and that the crash occurred at night. Yesterday s meeting produced one tentative agreement a joint Effort to assist the hungry in Ethiopia the official said the idea is to Fly nation in Lithuania is he said the Bush administration did not wish to take any action that could escalate the situation probably East germans will know. Has to be said Peter first Secretary of the East German embassy. He said a decision was expected soon

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