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Annapolis Capital Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 3

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Capital, The (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Annapolis, MarylandA2-the capital saturday. January 10, 1998 nation world Faa Check 737s for missing Fastener Der news with Small searching for the cause of the dec. 19 Boeing 737-300 crash in Indonesia that killed 104 people the world s airlines Are checking the other 211 most recently built 737s for missing fasteners that could pose a safety risk. As expected urgent inspections were ordered late thursday by the Federal aviation administration after investigators found that 26 screw like Sheet Metal fasteners and a Bolt attached to an elevator hinge were missing from National digest the horizontal Stabilizer in the directive said reports from the wreckage of. Silk air flight Mi-185. Indicate that the horizon i t the Faa announced yesterday it will Send a special Quality inspection team to Boeing plants on monday. We re going to As sure ourselves that the Quality Assurance program is As it should Faa administrator Jane Garvey said investigators have declined to discuss findings or speculate on a cause. The Faa said there is no evidence linking the missing fasteners to the Accident but the Agency s airworthiness Tat Stabilizer May have separated from the air plane prior to Impact in the Musi River the horizontal Stabilizer is essentially a Small Wing on the rear of a plane that stabilizes and controls vertical flight. It enables an air plane to climb descend and Fly level it is crucial to All flight Maneu vers. Loose or missing fasteners on the horizontal Stabilizer could reduce the structural the Faa directive said. Because the air plane had been placed in service a relatively possible that the fasteners were missing because they had not been installed during Man fac the notice said. If such a Quality control failure occurred on this air plane it May also have occurred on others produced at approximately the same the directive said evidence suggested the missing Bolt on one of six elevator hinge brackets was in place at one time. But it could not be found at the silk air crash scene and the Agency received a Loose fasteners and hinge bracket i report very recently of a Loose bolts and five report air plane directorate. An undisclosed number 1 planes subject to the inspection order in Boeing a Renton wash., factory and on the delivery flight line at Boeing Field in Seattle were examined thursday by Faa inspectors who found no problems. Airlines did not expect the inspections to disrupt schedules. Most planned to Complete examinations thursday night operated by a . Airline. The order for one time visual inspections covers the 211 737-300, and -500 jets delivered after sept 20, 1995 starting a year before the Assembly of the horizontal Stabilizer of the silk air twinset ninety five .-registered 737s Are subject to the directive. Operators were Given 24 hours or five flights whichever occurs later to Check 737s for missing or Cher sobs at sex partner Sonny s funeral path a husband Sonny Bono yesterday As the most unforgettable and told a unique gathering of mourners from Hollywood and Washington How the entertainer turned congressman beat the Odds _ with Bis joking personality. Some people were under the misconception that Sonny was a Short Man but he was Heads and tails taller than anyone else Cher told some mourners at St. Theresa roman Catholic Church. He could see above the tallest people. He had a vision of his future and just How he was going to build a Large color portrait of a grinning or. Bono Hung near his Flag 1 draped mahogany casket. Outside another mourners clutched umbrellas in a Light drizzle listening to the services on a Loudspeaker. The two term Republican congressman and former mayor of Palm died monday when he skied into a tree at heavenly ski resort in South Lake Tahoe. He was 62. Mourners included House speaker Newt Gingrich r-ga., a dozen congressmen former vice president Dan Quayle former president Gerald Ford California gov. Pete Wilson Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt who represented president Clinton and Singer Tony Orlando. In a ceremony marked by tears and laughter or. Bono was As a gregarious Man whose accomplishments were remarkable Given his self deprecating sense of humor overflow crowd on hand for free tickets Kansas City to. An airline that offered free tickets to anyone who showed up at a stadium parking lot with a Case of food for the poor was overwhelmed by generosity yesterday. Canned goods and braving bitter cold lined up in the dark when Vanguard airlines arrived at Kauffman stadium about 4 . Airline officials who had planned on giving away no More than round trip tickets Good for anywhere the airline flies were caught off 1 guard by the size of the crowd since a similar offer in Pittsburgh last brought in Only about 20 people. We were surprised that people were willing to sit outside in the cold All Vanguard spokesman Lynne Mcadoo said. We saw All the cars and said about tickets were Given away is. Mcadoo said. Those further Back in line got vouchers for by 5 ., people were being turned away empty handed. Vanguard collected nearly pounds if food. T Legionnaire s outbreak kills one sickens 7 j los Angeles an outbreak of Legionnaire s disease has killed a 72-year-old Man and sickened at least seven other people in the Culver Are trying to Trace the source of the a outbreak. J the cases occurred Between nov. 8 and dec. 8, said or. Laurene chief of acute communicable disease control with the los county department of health services. None of the victims knew each other and there was no unique restaurant Bank car Wash hamburger stand that All visited or. Said thursday. More than 70 water samples from water Ijo Werst fountains car washes and other sources have turned up no Plues. The flu like bacterial illness was first documented in july 1976 at an american legion convention in Philadelphia. In All 34 died and 221 became sick. About people nationwide develop the disease each Twenty percent to 30 percent of them die. Police order a pizza grab a Felon police ordered a Small cheese pizza and held the delivery Man. Eric Witover 31, was arrested thursday on charges of possessing a firearm despite a felony conviction. Witover had served seven years in prison for robbery assault and other offences. Police said they recently found out that he had a Rifle put want to disrupt the pizza shop by taking him into custody there. Instead during the lunch hour they ordered a pizza and when Witover delivered it to the police station they arrested him. World digest report Yeltsin to meet Pope next month Boris Yeltsin is Likely to meet Pope John Jpaul h next month during a planned visit by the russian president to Italy a spokesman said yesterday. The meeting is expected to take presidential press Secretary Sergei Yastro Dembsky told the itar Tass news Agency in any Case we Are preparing for it very thoroughly the spokesman did not give any details but the Kremlin has said that or. Yeltsin will make an official visit to Italy in the first half of february. Concerns about the health of the 66-year-old Leader surfaced again this week after he cancelled two International summits planned for water this month. Seeking to counter speculation about or Yeltsin s condition his spokesman said thursday that the Russia s president is maintaining an Active schedule while on his Holiday. According to or. Yastro Dembsky the president exercises every torning spends several hours Reading documents and then walks or a snowmobile out to a Lake for some ice fishing he will return to Lithe Kremlin on Jan. 19, his spokesman said. German jobless rate soars to 11.8 percent Berlin Germany s unemployment rate Rose unexpectedly in december to 11.8 percent with More people out of work than i the previous month. Unemployment reached its highest postwar rate last year and has become a key political Issue ahead of parliamentary elections in september. Chancellor Helmut Kohl is banking on a Job Market turnaround. Yesterday however or Kohl for the first tune backed off to halve Germany a unemployment by the conceding that the goal was now impossible. The jobless situation is he said in Windhagen after a meeting of this Christian Democrat party. The jobless rate for december was the highest rate for that month in jew Star Germany an increase Over november s 11.4 percent last year s Peak unemployment rate was january s 12.2 percent a postwar record. Labor Market data suggest improvement for 1998 but there s no turnaround in sight said Federal labor office president Bernhard Jagoda. Clinton nation is on a Roll Mission Texas a Back in a Campaign Mode. President Clinton declared the nation s Economy was on a Roll praised new tax Breaks for College and told cheering Young people he d run for president again if he could. On a trip to Texas yesterday or. Clinton focused on the Hope scholarship tax credit that took effect Jan. 1. Crafted during his re election drive and approved by Congress last year the program was designed to make College universally available by offering tax credits of up to per student for tuition for two years. _ new i spa scholarships and lither initiatives Money is no longer an obstacle to any american going to the president said. For the first time in this country s we can literally say we have opened the doors of College to everyone who has the desire and who has the preparation to under a Bright morning Sun thousands of Flag waving Young people cheered the president at Tom Landry stadium at Mission High school just North of the mexican Border. The president stayed after his speech to shake hundreds of hands. The big turnout got him think ing about running again or. Clinton joked. To do it again after today if i he said but he noted that the 22nd Amend prevents that also was a huge crowd at an Airport rally in Brownsville were at least people crammed the cavernous hangar and spilled onto the Sun baked Tarmac. A report released by the labor department allowed or. Clinton to note that the Economy added another jobs last month bringing the five year total of new jobs to 14.3 million. Our nation is on a the president declared in another peek at his upcoming budget or. Clinton announced he would seek million More for the Federal work study program which would make financial Aid available to 1 million College students with part time jobs. The move would in work study funds another College incentive Tak ing effect Jan. 1 is the education Ira program. Under the program families can invest up to a. Year for each child under age 18 and pay no taxes the accounts earn if the Money is used for higher education. The president also highlighted lifetime learning credits becom ing available july 1, to help offset tuition costs for College juniors seniors graduate and professional degree students As Well As adults who want to go Back to school or. Clinton said they were Worth up to a year. Warning that Young people who drop out of school Are playing Roulette with their fun he said the government can create opportunities but you have to seize in Between Public appearances or. Clinton helped raise at a reception i Mcallen for rep. A photo an Eagle appears to be Landing on president Clinton s head during a Speed pc to a crowd at a High school stadium in Mission Texas yesterday. The Bird is not real but is a Large replica of the school s Mascot. Hinojosa a Texas. He also was the a. Houston reception for rep. Sheila Jackson Lee a Texas that was expected to produce the president who arrived Here Early in the Dax from fund raising appearances in new York was returning to Washington on a late night flight. Stolen Mercury endangers town Texarkana Ark. A a couple of teens made the coolest of finds after breaking into an abandoned Neon Plant last month a shiny Silver liquid that looked neat when it beaded up on their . They just had to share it with their friends. Now weeks later the county is dealing with widespread Mercury contamination that has sent two people to the Hospital closed a grocery store and forced seven families from their Homes. It s very enticing it looks neat and people think it s harmless and want to play with it but it can be very said Donna Gar land a spokesman for the Agency for toxic substances and disease registry in Atlanta since dec. 30, when one of the teen agers who took part in the break in was treated for possible Mercury poisoning at a Hospital emergency officials have been try ing to Trace the pints of the heavy Metal that were taken. Every few Days More alarmed parents Call to say they have a problem More than 50 people May have been exposed to danger Ous Levels of the Mercury which damages the Central nervous sys tem and can cause irreversible learning and speech disabilities last a Mercury carried by a teen Ager broke in Side a combination grocery store and Sandwich shop. Emergency workers found out thursday and closed the store this incident makes us think there is More out there. Every Day we turn up said Dave Hall emergency services coordinator i this City of people along the Texas line about 130 mites Southwest of Little Rock. Emergency officials fear that children who once possessed some of the 23 pounds of Mercury taken have thrown it out won t say where. Some Mercury compounds Are deadly in minuscule amounts other forms such As the Reg. Ular elemental variety stolen in Texarkana Are less toxic. Mercury can cause tremors in Somnia memory loss headaches vision problems irritability and nervousness. High court takes on air disaster Case Washington a the supreme court said yesterday it will use the Case of a shot Down korean Airliner to decide whether relatives of people who die Over International water can seek dam Ages for the victims pain and suffering the justices agreed to hear an Appeal by relatives of five of the 269 people killed when the soviet Union shot Down a korean Airliner on sept. 1, 1983. The Jet had strayed into soviet airspace. Those who sued Over the korean crash said the High court s decision also could affect lawsuits filed in the Wake of the 1996 Twa flight 800 crash off Long Island in which 230 people died including two Anne Arundel county residents. The korean air lines Case is a follow up to a 1996 High court ruling in a different lawsuit Over the same disaster. In that Case the justices said people cannot win financial damages for loss of companionship when people die in plane crashes Over inter National water. The court said the 1929 Warsaw convention treaty covering inter National air disasters leaves it to each country to decide what kinds of lawsuits will be allowed. U s. Lawsuits Are governed by the death on the High seas act which allows damages Only for pecuniary the justices said in 1996. But the families who sued Kal contended that . Maritime Law allows them to collect damages from the airline for their rela Tives pain and suffering. A Federal judge i the District of Columbia ruled against them and a Federal appeals court agreed last july. It said the death on the High seas act controls such lawsuits and bars damages for pain and suffering. In the Appeal that was granted supreme court review the rela Tives lawyers contended they can sue under the maritime Law in addition to the High seas Law. The airline s lawyers also urged the High court to Grant review to resolve conflicting rulings by fed eral appeals courts. A Federal court found guilty of wilful misconduct be cause its Jet strayed into so vast airspace before it was actor Christian Slater headed for Lofs Angeles a actor Christian Slater failed yesterday to Dodge a 90-Day jail term for beating his Girlfriend and fighting _ police who Frimd Hin scream Jig in a hallway during a drug and alcohol Bender. Judge Joseph s. Biderman rejected or. Slater s request to substitute time already spent in a drug treatment Center 118 Days for the jail term which would have wiped it out but the judge did let or. Slater begin the sentence on wednesday rather than today the Date previously set the new Date is a Day after the Hollywood premiere of or. Slater s new film hard ,rain." is to Bejbl Lowed by three months in a residential drug treatment program and a year in a treatment program for batterers. Or. Slater showed no reaction to the judge s ruling. He did not speak to reporters As he left the courthouse. The 28-year-old Star of such movies As Arrow and interview with a Vampire pleaded no contest last month to Battery on a dating partner Bat Tery on a police officer and being under the influence of trolled substance. His plea came one Day after actor Robert Downeyjr. Was or dered to spend six months in jail for violating parole on a drug conviction. Or. Slater was arrested aug. 11 after officers were called to a Brawl at the Poslof Wilshire Boul coad6mlniiums. Police heard screaming and found Slater in a stairwell "swinging3ils and Yelling he threw one officer against a was subdued and later told Ponce he had heroin and cocaine and clinking for a couple Days and had Only a Cote pee hours of officers said. Police said or. Slater in the hallway after fighting of a party with a Man who Stop him from punching his Girlfriend

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