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Annapolis Capital Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1983, Page 2

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Capital, The (Newspaper) - January 5, 1983, Annapolis, MarylandThe capital wed 5.1983 National briefs Reagan signs orphan drug Bill Washington president Reagan who usually opposes government intervention in Industry save a Bill i signed to encourage production of drugs for rare illnesses is an e of the proper role of government m the marketplace the president approved the legislation tuesday although he expressed reservation about a Section calling for a study of what the r radiation from u s nuclear testing has caused cancer in a written statement Reagan said he signed the Bill gladly but had grave reservations about an amendment that directs the department of health and human services to publish tables showing a relationship Between radiation exposure and cancer he said even experts disagree on the but he said the Bill could help cure the problem of developing drugs to treat relatively rare diseases the Cost of discovering and developing a new drug is often staggering the president said by definition an orphan drug is one that treats a disease that affects 200 000 or fewer individuals and from an economic perspective groups that Small do not now justify the kind of research expenditures that companies must make hotel to pay million in Las vegas. Nev the Mem grand hotel has agreed to pay million in claims from a 1980 fire that killed 85 people in the gambling resort bringing its total payments from the disaster to million although the settlement reached tuesday will not be filed in court until it is formally approved by All parties u s District court judge Louis c Bechtle authorized the release of a statement by the hotel and attorneys representing the 450 remaining plaintiffs detailing the million payment under the agreement million will be paid upon filing of the settlement and another a Tobon when All the plaintiffs have signed releases in the Case the balance is payable in two instalments Over a two year period Navy missile production stalls Washington because of persistent production problems the Pentagon has postponed by nearly three More years the target Date for achieving combat readiness for a new Navy cruise missile designed to hit land targets this new delay disclosed tuesday in a letter from outgoing Deputy defense Secretary Frank c Carlucci is the latest chapter in a Story of troubles that have plagued important elements of the Pentagon s Multi Ilion Dollar cruise missile program Carlucci notified Congress on dec 30 that the cruise missile program has been restructured following a review which identified what he described As a number of deficiencies the combat readiness of two types of Tomahawk cruise missiles already Are Well behind schedule vote fraud charged san Diego ballot tampering and defaced voting booklets helped a Little known dentist become Only the fourth person in history to reach Congress on a write in vote according to testimony in a trial seeking to overturn the election witnesses testified this week that precinct workers opened secret ballots ignored defaced voting booklets and committed other irregularities in the election of Ronald c Par Ard the rep Bucan candidate a former mayor of Carlsbad won the nov 2 election by votes Over Democrat Roy Pat Archer rep Bucan Johnnie r Crean a millionaire businessman who Defeated Packard in the june primary came in third striking teachers jailed Washington a leaders of unionized miners Steelwork ers and autoworkers held a protest rally to support a 76-member teacher s Union whose president went to jail for defying a court order to end a strike teachers who planned a round the clock Vigil after the rally tuesday night ringed the courthouse singing protest songs after Gerald Cowen president of the California area education association was taken to jail what business do the United mine workers and the United steel workers have in a teachers strike the companies and the school boards Are forcing us to get together said United mine workers District 5 president Donald Redman briefs corsican separatists rebel Paris the French government has prepared new anti terrorist measures after another eruption of violence Shook the Mediterranean Island of Corsica where a band of separatist guerrillas has been fighting for Independence for a decade corsican separatists have made eight bombing and shooting attacks and have stolen a Cache of arms Over the past five Days in their fight to end France s 215-year Rule Over the rugged mountainous Island Corsica divided into two departments or counties of France is 123 Miles Southeast of the Mainland Warsaw pact leaders end Summit Prague Czechoslovakia leaders of the Warsaw pact nations today ended a two Day Summit that the soviet communist party said would produce new initiatives on the East West nuclear arms race the communist party and government chiefs approved a political declaration and adopted a final communique on the session official czechoslovak news Agency ctr said the contents of the declaration and communique were not released earlier some Western diplomats and some East europeans who were specking part ettely. Stid the could be expected to do link about another major trouble spot for East bloc nations the Economy Navy Cruiser ship collide Naples Italy the nuclear powered u s missile Cruiser Aita Niti and an italian merchant ship collided in the Strait of Messina causing Tome damage but no in junes a spokesman for the my Fleet did today both ships were beaded North in the Channel that divides Sicily from the italian Mainland when the Collison occurred at 7 30 p m monday the spokesman chief Petty officer Joel Jacobs said the had a six to 10-foot Gash in its port Quarter about 15 feet above the water line Bat there was no damage to in nuclear propulsion system did the Crew made temporary repairs the ship headed for Naples where it arrived tuesday for a Prev mily Scebe doted port Vitt the Lulzim was slightly damaged and proceeded to port he mid arms budget Cut urged washinc.1on president Reagan is under Gimwing pressure from his Owen economic advisers and tax increases defense uts or both avoid terrifying deficits that email reach billion by 488 but by All accounts w is staving his budget course Lues i despite private warnings turn Mims Tiawon officials that he Eliud be your tag economic disable i the president remains firm m uni Educ if dolt uie. Viiu firm on not increasing tics 1 his spokesman Larrv Speikes earlier Lues Dav the presidents closest Friend in Congress sen p i Laxalt r Nev left a meeting with Reagan describing the budget Esu mates for the next live Vecais As ing the deficit numbers that we re looking at now Are huge and Zioba blvd intolerable said Laxalt chair Man of Reagan s 1980 Campaign and now general chairman of the Republican party Laxalt said Reagan is very close to being in Concrete in his refusal to trim Pentagon spend ing meanwhile administration officials put out the word tuesday that All of Reagan s senior economic advisers including Secretary of state George p Shultz Treasury Secre tary Donald t Regan budget direct Reagan told to avoid 9 i ii 11 Elm Amati would save in awful lot of Money without i pair ing our Security situation the senator said it appeared it would take a bipartisan Effort by leaders of both the House and Senate to reshape the figures a photo a photo protesting Farmers group at the Baca county Colorado courthouse As a court clerk Eads an unidentified Man tries to Cut Handcuffs a notice of a foreclosure Sale the protest later turned into a ruckus when egg throwing Farmers off Burk. A Farmer who escaped from were sprayed with tear Gas after bein9 arrested durig a Melee protest Melee Breaks out in Farmers demonstration Springfield Colo a angry Farmers who tried to halt a farm foreclosure Sale with an egg throwing demonstration broken up by tear say they were protesting Federal policies that Hurt the agricultural Industry two protesters remained behind bars today and a third escaped in Handcuffs following the confrontation tuesday on the courthouse Steps which Drew Farmers from As far away As Illinois and Missouri the demonstrators were to veg to prevent the Federal land Bank of Wichita from buying a 32u acre wheat and Milo farm in Southeastern Colo Rado owned by Jerry Wright a founder of the american agriculture movement the b Ink which owned the deed purchased he m for about 000 officials said Alton Warren president of the fide Fai land Bank association of Lamar Colo Wright was three years behind in his men s the american agriculture movement which was founded m this Southeast i to of Mummy five Vears ago and formed tractor ads to Wash Egton to protest farm policies organized tues Dav s protest said Laurie Schroder of Campo Oil wife of another founder Eugene Schroder i know Thev the Banks need to be repaid mrs Schroyer said but the question is what Good will it be to move Jerry off his land0 else could do any better bad county sheriff Willard off said Dout Goodpaster 31 and his father him Goodpaster Job both of Ilas Colo were charged with assault on a police officer Goff said one of the men was she hts m ured and had been treated by a doctor neither was being allowed visitors because we still Feti Uncle i threat Here Goff said the thud Man arrested mar Burk of i Field escaped by jumping out of a courthouse while wearing Handcuffs Goff said in an interview on Abc televisions Nuht line program Wright admitted he owed the Bank Money he said he was unable to make payments because of Federal farm policies Over which he had no control including a Grain embargo against the Mon imposed by president Carter and lifted by president Reagan that forced Grain prices Down is a Bushel that made the difference m my making the payments or not i feel my constitutional rights have been violated Here Wright said adding he would Taki his to the courts Farmers Heydn gathering More than an hour before the demonstration scores of tractors Wert parked e n both sides of main Street when county treasurer Thelma goodnight Itten Teci to read Public notice of the auction the tamers be Ean shouting no Salt no Sale w tresses said deputies to Ltd to leave the courthouse Bat were pushed Back inside Goff said in ordered the Farmers to leave three times but the refused the arrests came after a scuffle broke out when some of the protesters tried to push their was inside the. Courthouse Goff said Oft. Deer Nicholas Long 2, smiles As he tails Mother not shown How it tick us to a Young Buck. Nicholas handed out snack at the fort Worth Tom nature Contor on sunday. Bloody fighting raging in Tripoli by the press rival moslem it i p i i Lebanon traded a inert fic fits Dav. Killing 41 people while the per Suade Syria s Alawize government t arrange a ceasefire the lebanese state radio said Syria has an estimated to 30000 troops in Northern and Eastern Lebanon under an Arab Leacie mandate to police the armistice that halted the 1975 7fi lebanese m i War in Tel Aviv the israeli military command said the Damascus government is building two bases deep inside Syria for advanced soviet built Sam 5 anti a Craft missiles said to to effective to a Range of 190 mile and nearly 100000 feet Alti tude israeli officials expressed new Ron i 1101 i buildup of soviet we a i i u Syria and although the irn r immune our did not Sav what urn p inned to do about the bases i has pursued an a policy toward any threat fire Ovnan missiles i i radio indicated the missiles a ,.d israeli Reco Naiss i Iti hts Over Syria ishm ton l s intelligence s Irros confirmed Sana was Makit

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