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Annapolis Capital Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Capital, The (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Annapolis, MarylandBest after used a toes be of Obj. Use advertising arrest not fee most effective in the Cohan erf the Abc tej Oftel the weather sunny Luray with he goes 38 a 44. Gear ought wit a Kos a ice 20s t Dofton mostly Sucsy o 45. Weaber tide details on Page 19 pm Tiki vol Xxxi no. 305 Annapolis. Md., monday december 27, 1965 ten cents . Hidden con6 lairs editor s report youths seek outlets some organizations polite weigh problem Many youths in Annapolis like others of the same age throughout the length and breadth of our great nation Are restless. Most youths love their Homes and have found their guidance and comforts there from the first time they became aware of their own existence through Days spent in prayer at their Mother s Knees but unfortunately there Are other Young people who Don t look upon their Home As a Haven. They wish to get away from it and stay away As Long As possible. Participation in family pleasures chores and problems that most Young people Are glad to share parental discipline which children wish for and respect Are refused by some Young people for reasons that can t be explained. They seek out others of their own age and for Lack of something better to do roam the streets. As might be expected quite a few of them get into trouble with the Law and engage in other unprincipled acts. Moral and spiritual standards Are of Little outward concern to those who Are speeding on their Way toward juvenile delinquency. But these hard to reach Young folks need help. Some of them Don t think that society cares about them or their Hopes and aspirations be they Ever so shallow or a big dream. The easy course for the Public and those who represent it in government to take is to look at hoodlums mischief makers and those who hang around them and say too bad their parents Aren t interested in lit some instances of course parents Are to blame but this fit All families. Some restless youths seeking outlets for they know not what Are unruly and defiant of the rules of society. They defy and exasperate their parents drive them to Mufti fief mint for third straight Day Saigon Viet Nam a third straight Day the United states kept its planes out Viet Nam s skies today but blood spilled again in the Jungles and Moun full time it. Gen tidily gather Usa ret will appointed permanent police commissioner of Annapolis next monday at 7 . At a special meeting of tile City Council. No ceremony is planned according mayor Roger we mover Public is invited to wyness the official act. Toc gains of the South after a Short interrupted Christmas truce. Air attacks were made Only on suspected Viet Cong concentrations in South Viet Nam . Spokesmen said ground action do was reported in Low key for the past 24 hours. Beyond confirming the sus pension of the Aerial War which steadily had been closing in on the Hanoi Haiphong Industrial Belt officials in Saigon said Only that the orders came from Washington. This raised speculation that the pause was a new invitation to North vietnamese president to Chi Minn s regime to come the the peace table. . Officials declined to guess How Long the Lul would last. A the South . Casualty lists grew. A us. Army truck carrying soldiers of the . 1st infantry. Division hit a mine 30 Miles North of Saigon casualties were theary weekly meetings to discussion by the membership on what can be done to help Young people who appear to be St and in some in stances out solely for thrills including maybe a desire to Shock their elders through their unkempt appearance and actions that Are frowned upon. Some need to Bathe and visit a Barbershop. A few found on streets Are completely lacking in Good judgment and com Mon Courtesy. Civitano spend their Money trying to help Young people. They have operated a boy Scott troop for generations. They sponsor Junior civitan clubs keyed to Good citizenship in the Public and parochial High schools. They work with physically handicapped and mentally retarded children and help pay tuition costs for teachers wishing to increase their skills in dealing with such children. So the Civitano Are interested in Young people just As most citizens Are. Today s theme or solution seems to be to1 provide places for the Young people to meet and frolic with their own age groups under not too obvious yet firm supervision. We All know of course that not All Young people found on the streets in fact few of them Are prob Lem children. All youths like to participate in fun and recreation. Annapolis has t done much for its Young people but the hour is Here when Good and naughty Young people alike must be aware that their Community does care about them and wants them to be Happy and grow into useful citizens. Some Young people need jobs after school and during summer vacations. Some need to play organized sports some like to dance and fraternize with other youths. All desire to be recognized and talked with rather than shunned. The problem is big for All of us and most of All for Law enforce ment officers and the courts who Deal with those who completely get out of Ike with Law and order. We have spoken i recent months with Federal state county and City police about Young people and the crime wave that is prevalent in most sections of the nation including Anne Arundel county one Veteran officer said we Are living in rough times. Many of our Young people have served overseas where there has been War and killings and stories of daring deeds Are extolled. Some Young people mistakenly interpret the heroic deeds of servicemen on the Battle front As reckless actions. Some of these reports seem to Spur the wont element Here at Home into acts of disorder and worse. These youngsters like to take a dare do a risky thing and when they get away with some unlawful act their cronies land their spunk. Flaunting the Law is part of the game these youngsters play. They want to see what their elders will do about it. They wish to Shock the sedate citizen and will be Gleeful when they some police place the blame for juvenile delinquency on parents others on the leniency of juvenile courts. Otters place the full blame on the Young people themselves. Some Are willing to try anything including a term in jail. There have always been Young people who have tried to get away with certain unworthy actions. Some of them become kooks in order to get attention. Some Are lonesome because they have no Home life. Both the Mother and father work and Are tired when they arrive Home in some instances Bat this is not adequate reason for a youth to wander the streets in search of a thrill. A generation or two ago most of the fan for Young people took place in the Home yours or a Friend s. There was no thought of going out every night and staying out late. Parents who permit their Young people to roam around Lessly Are inviting trouble for their offspring. They Are to blame. But those who get into trouble most policemen we know on All Levels agree need to run into reasonably stiff punishment quickly. Usually they come eat of juvenile court police say feeling that they have had a lecture on Good behaviour and a Pat on the wrist plus Mak ing a Promise that they will do better. Mother Sheds a tear and dad looks serious while the judge is around. The most distressed person present on these occasions probably b the Poleman. Fie knows that the Young violator has t Learned a lesson became be has been dealt with too kindly. The policeman will safety predict that the lad will steal or Hurt someone again and even Taay will be caught again. The lad in t too ashamed about of fits however because there win be no publicity. His bad deeds won t be exposed. He dares to take a Chance to again break the Law. Kids who break the Law would straighten out sooner if their names got in the paper and their parents were obliged to suffer some said the officer. If judges would bold some Young criminals to rid tale they would behave themselves i the fat Ore. The stocks and pilloried used by our ancestors May have been too severe Bat there weren t Many repeaters in them. They were scared continued on Page 2, col. 1 before Ibe regular Street and sewer committee meetings to be held by the City Council at . General glitter will become the first full time police com missioner since the Post was left open april 30 by the death of commissioner George w. Rawlings. The general former com manding general of the 2nd army at fort George g. Meade continued on Page 2, col. 4 blew up a jeep killing two american soldiers and an american civilian. I s marines reported they 12 Viet Cong while taking continued on Page 2, col. 2 Holiday deaths at 707 the nation s three Day Christ Mas traffic death toll broke All records for Holiday fatalities on the highways. The death toll reached 707 to Day As late reports were Veri the pee pious record Ofaf fic loll was for a four Day mine at a Barracks at a 70 Southwest of just As two vietnamese platoons were Start ing the work Day. It killed or Hurt a lot of sol a . Army officer said. An adjacent compound for american advisers escaped the Force of the explosion. A second mine was found and disarmed. Twenty Miles Southwest of the Barracks a communist mine before Holiday the nation Al estimated would run Between 560 and 660. The toll included records in a number of individual states. In Ohio the state safety director Warren c. Nelson said the 49 deaths made the highest toll for any weekend in 1965 and per haps the highest since records have been kept. Louisiana s superintendent of Public safety state s 32 was the worst toll contained on Page 2, col. 1 trillion ire Senate fiscal expert to end half Century plus of service Washington a a Senate fiscal expert who has handled Federal government appropriations totalling More than trillion retires thursday after 53 years of service at the Capitol. Everard h. Smith 75, is step Ping Down As chief clerk of the Senate appropriations commit tee from what he Calls the most wonderful Job in the you could t find a University any place where you could hear As Many top people on As Many different subjects As come before our committee every he said. Smith went to work for the Senate committee april 1, 1913, at the outset of the Woodrow Wilson administration. That first year the congressional appropriations to run the government totalled 000 id the 1965 session which ended in october the total was billion second High est in history. Only 1942, a world War ii year had a higher figure billion. Over the 53 years of Smith s work with the committee the appropriations totalled in his Early years on the group Smith was one of the three full time committee employees and he worked on All of the Bills. Now with the Federal govern ment far greater in size and much More Complex the com Mittee has 35 staff members including one or More experts for each of the separate depart mental Bills. But Smith As chief clerk since 1938. Has kept his Finger on All of the measures. Smith was brought to the Cap Itol by sen. Thomas s. Martin of Virginia who was chairman of the appropriations committee at the time. He was hired partly because of his knowledge of shorthand and was told Only we want you to do some Little Odds and ends around the world War i world War ii and the korean War put the greatest Strain on the appropriations committee during Smith s career. He recalls that he stayed at continued on Page 2, col. 4 Money Man Everard h. Smith. 75, chief clerk of the Senate appropriations committee retires thursday after 53 years service. He figures that during that time he has handled Federal appropriations total ing More than trillion. A wire photo Back in the fold vietnamese Premier Nguyen Cao by rests hand on a signpost and leans Forward to speak to members of a former Viet Cong platoon that turned itself in to . Troops near v o Dat. By met with the men during ceremony welcoming defectors. Platoon surrendered during joint ., australian new zealand and vietnamese opera Tion to protect the huge Rice bowl Harvest. A wire photo in laundromat Man 23, arrested As would be safecracker after noisy Effort a would be safecracker was last night when noisy tools Trade led to his capture by an Annapolis City policeman making a routine Security Check. Trafford j. Jackson 23, of Clay St., was to be arraigned this morning at 10 . In peo ple s court on charges of break ing and entering and attempted larceny. Investigating police officers found several Hundred dollars in tact in a West St. Laundromat Safe after Jackson was taken into custody at gunpoint. A file screwdriver punch and a Hammer were discovered near a badly battered Safe. A Small gum machine on the Coutv Ter was also damaged. Officer Norman Randall ran to the front of the building and enlisted the Aid of a couple sit Ting in a car. He asked them to Call police Headquarters. Officer Randall than asked a next door neighbor to watch the front of the establishment As he covered the Side of the building until Del. Sydney h. Hirstius arrived and apprehended Jackson. Police said Entrance was gamed by climbing through a rear broken window which officer Randall had discovered Arifer in the Day. Detective Hirstius held Jack son at Bay inside the building until Henry Worcester the owner arrived. Officer Randall discovered the attempted robbery about 10 . When he heard banging sounds coming from inside the building As he patrolled the area. First birthday near charter government keeping Pace with streamlined Era by Raymond s. Gill staff writer Home Rule government in Anne Arundel county will reach its first birthday february 1, and thousands of citizens Are still confused Over the nature of the charter which has drastically re structured their govern ment. What they ask has become of my District county commissioner who would personally receive my complaints and directly or Der the Patching of a Road or the Clearing of a blocked storm Drain it is time to realize that those Days Are gone forever and were rapidly disappearing even be fore the commissioners were re placed by the charter govern ment. Extensive personal contacts Between an elected official and individual constituents become impossible in a county with a population of More than a figure which will approach in just 15 years. The with its vast needs and problems is spreading inexorably Over the county s Countryside. File fire in school due probe fire inspector it. E. Gwynn Bowen is investigating the cause of a smouldering locked file on Christmas Day at the Green St. Elementary school. The smoking file was discovered by officer George l. Ett Annapolis City police when was checking the area he found an unlocked rear window from which he noticed the smoke. It is doubtful whether the county could now be effectively governed by eight part time county commissioners each ruling his own District and a business manager with no More authority than an administrative clerk. Instead the charter provides for a Strong Central administration headed by an elected county executive who has both responsibility and authority for Day to Day operation of a government with a budget already exceeding annually. He is required by the charter to appoint a professional and experienced business administrator titled the director of administration to help him run the executive Branch of govern ment. T the charter requires appoint ment of qualified and experienced professional personnel to head the various county depart ments. It also requires a Merit system of personnel manage ment. Amid the Large and Complex business operation which is the county government today the aggrieved taxpayer still has a place to take his troubles. Working under the executive is a complaints officer who receives the gripes and channels. Inside. Today s 20 pages classified comics ii crossword Puzzle 18 editorial 4 movies .10 picture of the Day .20 prize words .17 school 11 social events 8. 7 South county news 19 sports television 18 them to appropriate county agencies for action. If the taxpayer happens to know the appropriate depart ment he can take his problem directly to that Agency. The county Council is a legislative body prohibited by the charter from interfering in administration. Critics of the charter complain that a councilman does not have authority to order the repair of a particular Community Street the installation of a Street Light the correction of a neighbourhood drainage problem. This is True. Such matters Are the responsibility of the administration. However the the councilmen persuasive levers of Power by which they can Bend the administration to achieve desired results. Under the charter the admin iterative authority of the exec continued on Page 3, col. 1 what i of animal is Phoenix Ariz. A there s a new addition to the Earl Stuber ranch just West of Phoenix. It s a Peony a Cross Between a Zebra and a Pony. A filly was born last week. It has a Zebra shaped head Zebra stripes and a red dish Brown baby fur. The Zebra also has been bred with a Donkey but the Donkey foal won t be born for another month or so. Then Stuber will have a Zero by to go along with his Peony

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