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Annapolis Capital Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Capital, The (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Annapolis, MarylandEra Graor fits classified and will be seen bar More than people when placed u Java err Jiff capital. Com May be Little but the Muir Art big. Can thu us vol. Xxxiii no. 192 mostly sunny and mild today. High in the Low is. Fair and Watker tide details on 10 h. 1967 editor s report Docic area has Greaf potential Clam fete great by Elmer m. Jackson or. The City Dock area always a Beautiful spot but now a famous locale because of the Fine Aru Mart be be crts until lir Blind Osra festival win be even More important and better known u the an Pohs City acts wisely and _ swiftly to acquire More land. Tonus the Mayer and aldermen Wol have the Opportunity to move to the Ronnei parking lot the closed Down Acme store and lining station that together run from Market spare the Fleet Reserve properly on com Promise Street much of the property stands the South Side of the City Dock. Mayor Roger w. Moyer is a Prepotente us j. Have the City Tsy lie a Park and other uses. Alderman Arthur g. Ellington favors the plan too and views the tract with buildings removed As both a Park and parking i. A majority of the other aldermen Are expected to also favor buying the Square fool waterfront piece of land. Appraisers will have to determine the value _ of the land but a City official estimates its current Market Price at about til a Square foot the City would like to obtain title to the land As a willing buyer from willing Sellers but the City has the Power of condemnation and no doubt will use it As a last resort. The Compromise Street land appears to be a a Robeet a historic Annapolis Aad our City Raineri or u in the same direction. The capital City com. N lesion also is on record in favor of the City increasing us holdings along the City slip. We need parking All Over town and in addition la a Park he comp mile Street land be a income bearing venture for tace City that increase greatly la value Otto the Ellington has Sakl _ _ none Kat stated oat tace Compromise Street Tana Mold i a water Frok Park Prai a Well designed and attractive parking lot would be Ade Owal pork item. To Gor Taai Street lot Bow i torts if ears. U4l due to be double decked. Purchase of the Compromise Street land. City officials say dues not mean any delay to the double decking of the City s major Oll Street parking Lota. To municipal government has already moved to build slips a another area of the Dock Lor ii Multi a a Climen stay Tould be i ailed cadre present thinking to u hours. In order la attract a Vilori irom the the Phi sad boat Iljas the rented loyally or to anyone on a permanent basis. They be for transients. 1-ae the parking lots the to pvt clips would be Revenue producing and Mould pay Lur themselves Over the Jears. For air 2x uni Puma area costs Between and a car occupies to Square feel of space. Vac Ottmrn Are torn res but Annapolis has of frred them no facilities so Many Clay away and go it other porn. Those come Here Are Load at the boat Virdi. Though often Are obliged to Anchor their Craft fir the night without lit use of a Dock. Some cities offer yachtsmen bathing facilities ashore and rent them a locker soap Umel and hot or. of the City Dock area Coill Gate aau Pulis a in Ilir Appeal to those on sight Cring trips. Ii the area would Alto include Marina sen ices possibly leased concessions i Mere and More Vulors Hill lock Here. Annapolis Claud become a port of Call Lor cruising Vaea Tinen no presely tit an Are that local Mariaa Sencin Are limited in scope and net of clays available. Tie Oyster beats that Anchor in Annapolis cry Dick add neatly to the atmosphere of the Ana. They Aad the men who Man them Are considered colourful traffic studies reveal that percent of the people mho today drive Down to. N Annapolis Dan t Stop. Hall the people steer cars to rough of. Streets do so in order to gel to work or Back borne. The local trend to apartment Bouses a Fol really add to the traffic congestion that be handled. Eiery time a House by come every Lime a lome is tamed into space each Lime a bosons zip adj Aad adds Eitra clerks and attracts in towers and every time a famil takes i a Boarder the need for More Park Ian is increased. To City Coon co Neil be acting Tanist if u hastens the Speed of bring More und for of Street parking so the streets will not be obliged to eau Niue to tiled talking. The Oty Dock area has a real lure it to. Al Nho get u know it. The very atmosphere of the place Means that both the Fine Arti awl in on Firra of the chamber of a Nam to and the state must stay there year after year if they wish t Rotim. ruler mores u More of packs quarters an an wide Deas Fca Vid have been made. Tit for can Jar tried Al it Raj oyed Pat Cage above All expectation. Nel j. Sals Vaa. Rhal num. And a am dirt my in or Iii tar f. Aad Gorstka p. Barack. Chief to marketing research Lor the seafood ornate our suit Westsr tacit Mesa cake Ufah a air a kit a afield Oil Twar a a Derst Adabie was. They Hare Audr Hist Arr Wadi the earns. Of Craft Keoner watch Thor Cavett somewhere at Ike rfcs air my Cas Tusoni a Page i cat la Annapolis. My. Monday. At Fen cents air raids near o o Border stupid n Cani Luik thrones of the Ana polls cd Lar Dock were reeled jul Radji by Chesapeake Baj s Market development division lie s better known ?1 a Tum sponsored by As the Clam ambassador. Tic two Are aboard dreamer u. Owned Llau Ock i bad Side Rake of Markella la us depart Seiil yacht club. I Clam Nesimi dram thousands to Annapolis for three Days 01 fun feasting sightseeing by Helen Giuin i outdoors editor King indeed was the Maryland Clam in a three Day festival n Ding last night at the City Dock in Annapolis. T although officials win Hazard a Gula and a Cronl is Yei a Aubie they say without hesitation that this year s Maryland festival was at least three times the sue of the inaugural event when 21000 Maryland Clam dinners were served. Titi year it took to Gallons of tried clams to serve a apparently Inu liable Public. If Bias u t e n of to Natch that Well Over 100.000 Uit noised what to this writer was one of the greatest things Ever to hit Annapolis. And hit it did with a bang. Members of the press from Otto Gnu of the state for entire three fays participated in group. They glowed in praising the event which. It is easy to visualize. One rank with the very top affairs in the country. In its very Ost year it had already fallen within the first 20 in the rating 1 festivals Usa. Just give it time. Naturally there Are problems. But they will be tackled. To Coo poriae is to Best teacher. The we Graf Une for clams was Xing. Hun Ureda we ital at a time. But All agreed it was North it. One wonders How in the worm the fryers can Larn out clams any More rapidly. Speed hut Tia is in of the in Ottems to be tackled before next year s festival Rolls around. Entertainment was varied and Stu received. It seen that everyone Rud a thrill from the . Academy Lianas presen latin of Marylaine my Maryland to the Navy sea chanters Lilesii Academy band a Row. Dulled by u. Preston h. Turner. In titties began with the nud Day opening on Friday with govt nor anew in mrs. Agnew they re i fur lunch at the festival. On hand throughot.1 Cindy Whitlock miss Maryland Clam Joeen mrs ambassador. Cordon p. Haliti i brain the but raids i support Washington a . Bombing within 10 Miles of red quins Sharp scism of the Vietnam War by a persistent critic of Antii Litra Tom War policy and appeared Likely to generate More debate Ca Capitol Hill. I think it s very and extremely said chairman j. W. Fulbright p-ark., of the Senate foreign a stations committee. But sen preparedness subcommittee chairman John Slennes. I Misi said the broadened bombing of North Vietnam a philosophy which he supports. The new level of bombing came on the eve of smite de Bate on president Johnson s for eign am program. Debate ours ing today already had been n t Pedrd to bring Resh Atta ii on to Baoba Puu lob in Vietnam and in world. We Euler Ore variety of recent continued on i age ii col 1 religious writers take Dove like turn editorial writers for religious publications throughout t h e country Are apparently pounding out their opinions on the Viet Nam War with doves perched on their typewriters. There is truly i Shilt from Haw like to Dove like thinking among catholics Sayi Robert c. Lloyt editor of the National Catholic reporter from his of fice in Kansas City. Do. S editor Iai Rise of the Jesuit America published in new York agrees that there is a Little Mure apprehension now about the father Davis ads that those lbs proposal who never opposed tre or moral grounds would like to get out for pragmatic me referred to an a Piront no win Vietnam policy by the White House Aryl department. The Hev. John i Techy. C s.c., editor of ave Maria. Cd Thalia publication of notre dime. In Diana notes that More religious publications a More forthright Opp Mio i i present american p n 1 10 y because it does Sci to to be getting anywhere. Carl f. Ii. Ili try. 1 continued on i age 10, col. I air raids near Border maintained Saigon a _ . War planes struck for the second Kara Ifft stay Ai Fiat to Mim irom ked China s Border closer to China than the sir raids in North Vietnam Ever had come before yesterday the uj5. Com Marx said their attacks were Akin the major Railroad from i a to Hanul Navy As Iri Ruders Ard a4 sky Hacks from the Carrier Constellation in he Tor Jun Gulf raked la Lang Sun Railroad Tepass brute u Miles North of Haiphong pilots reported drop Ping the Southern Span of Cie income tax increase weighed by Congress Washington map _ presi Dent Johnson s Tun men Are ready to argue that Praful As it u to raise Licule taif. I would be Moie let everyone s Power. Johnson s Call Lor a sur Durre of 10 per cent on the income tax owed by individuals and corporations starts its series of members Range from grimly to hostile to tee proposal Treasury Secretary Henry h. _ lib get i rec 1. A j i Man Gardner Council of icon omit assign exl m the a House Wajs am c. Mittee. Johnson in a Seru i a sons , has

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