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Angola Triangle Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 2

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Angola Tri Angle (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Angola, Indiana Page 2 the february 16 1953 the Triangle a student publication founded november 191c published monthly at thu state Indiana jul Toila and Bull nil Lioom 126 or the administration Angola phone Coo advertising int Tunny Addor tetik m per column Inch Siuert Waitik cd rerun my Ullin huh subset Pitlon units f member intercollegiate press Coll tee put Blithen 42o Madison new cd Caso Boiton lol agr Ltd fmhci3co by the Angola chamber of Fomin Erco a an medium Samuel Mazza Paul Kasperski editor Nophiel business manager editorial staff sports Hui imiutt8tuph Liny Oil Rte Hiitt Kiino r in Fri to imbue Tuil Don Ardois Clfo Gur Janet Baxter Mech Anuil aug user business staff m f r College staff r Mcvol Lynll Koy potty you and the Jaycees to w there h enough interest at tristan a College for a Junior chamber of Commerce on Paul a who is one of state organizations repro has submitted the Fol living Taylor is one of the stale Anil represents the in How will Inonu Wiship in the Junior chamber of Commerce Benefit you the following arc among the direct benefits that you receive As a result of Active Jaycee membership you pay the obligation that every citizen has to the Community in which he lives in the plans attest possible Way civic service in cooperation with the Junior chamber of Commerce is where the Man Steps into you meet and become friends Wilh the very people Yon be Likely to for companions and Jaycees Are ambitious Young business and professional men representing an unusual by High Type of Char friendships established in your Junior chamber work lasting ones to treasure for a your Contact with the Young men of the Junior Cham Ber of Commerce and with older business men Paul civic leaders whom you will be associated in committee work Are valuable to you even from the present Day Busi Nesb methods require n widespread acquaintanceship As a requisite to Success in Junior chamber of Commerce Young mans need for an Active social you not Only to participation in the social events of the organization but also to a voice in dding what social events shall your activity in Junior chamber affairs will help you develop the sense of responsibility which Yon attain if you Are to succeed in business or in you will be entrusted with assignments which ordinarily would not be accorded a Young by his business responsibilities resulting from committee and the like in the Junior chamber of Commerce will put you on your own for with the consequence that your Powers of and ingenuity will necessarily Yon will be called upon to use ment As few Young men these developments of your sense of responsibility and your coupled with the very real possibility that you May be elected to an important Junior chamber office since your youth is no Handicap to such election in an organization of Young men will instill in you the executive ability to Vance to better business speaking asset which too few business men pan attained by practice in speaking before your your talks in meeting and your addresses before civic groups As a Junior chamber speaker will give you that practice in your at the same time Yon Are improving yourself in All these ways through Junior chamber you will be receiving recognition both in the organization and through the local press for your accomplishments As committee chairman or of there is no better Way for a Young mans ability to be brought to the attention of the Community at will reap benefits beyond the Bounds of your Home through your a Toniatti membership in the state Junior chamber of Commerce and the United states Junior chamber of you will Comedo know the outstanding Young men of the entire nation through your eventual attendance at and Yon May enjoy the same friendships and contacts with Young men of other cities you enjoy with your fellow Jaycee members at watch for the next Issue of the it will con Tain the i Wycee Creed and statements by leaders of America regard Inifi Tho value of Jaycee membership to you and your this article reprinted in part from Junior chamber of comic Pierce Winter driving quiz r precautions should car washers use in Winter your Batty by freq in in Salv Winter does Snow help Kinder your sight distance Jeff night v you should cover door locks and window Bottoms with tape to avoid after washing All Winter you should keep a piece of rubber Over the trunk lock to prevent mow and ice from lodging in Slot the the Chicago motor club advises that a major part of Winter starting troubles originate in the ignition your Battery is the heart of the system and Winter driving puts three times As much Strain on the Battery As Snow improves visibility at night in Winter except when an approaching has Bright lights beamed for the Glare is remember three out of every four Winter traffic fatalities occur after advice Given prospective graduate students Kroder Tok a Malm that the most for those students who Are consider link graduate stud is to in touch with their Heads Otas Early As possible in their College Fred Erick of the Finci ult in Yduate study committee at Hood recently told a of All assembled Here that in this Way the student is More Likely to work out an effective program to follow through lie sides her interest known to her head of department Eddy said that the senior con work should plan the graduate rec Ord examination administered by the education testing service at every interested Stu Dent should look carefully into the whole Field of graduate Reading catalogues and talking to those who have pursued such advanced study in their Eddy pointed that one of thelmore important factors to consider in selecting the graduate school to attend is the strength of the institution in the Field in Willhi the student is in he went on to explain that there is help Avail Able As As financial assist Ance is concerned in addition to scholarships and fellowships there Are the More easily obtainable assistant ships in which a reduced program is carried while the Dent helps in or other work for the de time is an important Factor to be Eddy As the deadline Date for most such Aid is sometimes As Early As Rumary 1 for government Grants including the Fulbright applications must be prepared in the Junior year if the student wants to continue his or her edit cation Zimrie lately following the senior Beta Sigma Tail Here we Are Back this column been missing in the last few but you will be hearing from us in the Beta Sig has broken into the sports schedule with much Active in the team won their first game and took a Bye on the second game brother Juscen was High Man in the first game with 19 Points to his the Lowling led by Captain Tolin also won first three the glee club has been Busy this term making appearances be fore several organizations in an on february the glee club went to Huntertown High school for a combined concert with the tentative plans indicate trips to Orland and we Welcome the new pledges and wish them Luck in their pledge strip they Are showing their interest by joining in the activities such As glee club and their duties include painting As Well As general cleanup the following statement should arouse dents and Beta Sigma Tau has voted to Burn the that right we voted almost unanimously for its it will probably bring better grades As Well As eliminating the work of the files in or House manager Ben Martin asked for More volunteers to clean House on week he very next Star urday morning when awakened by the sound of the men had already begun the clean ing and with everybody the House was clean by that is air the hews for now from big White Public relations advisory Council organized continued from Page will continue to have relations Ettli Many differ ent Public Brown let us recognize that such relations exist plan or them or and that whether pleasant or unpleasant they vitally affect the welfare of these col it shall be the purpose of this Council to explore Means by which the sum total of our impacts upon All our Public May be we must seek to locate and Correct any causes for ill will Between the colleges and their we must take personal interest in a program to draw Public More closely and we must reexamine our instruments of Public relations to determine whether they Are adequate to achieve these the permanent table of organization of the Council includes representatives from 12 administrative Oft leg two faculty Mem Bers professional rank 16 elected by the faculty for two year terms four students from he itar College and four from Wil Ham administrative officers represented Exon Flo Are the president of the the director of Public the director of the news the chaplain of Hobart the alumni and alumnae the directors of the director of athletics of Hobart the director of placement and the director of repair and one member of the colleges secretarial staff will also serve on the the chairman will prepare an Agenda for the monthly meetings and May Delegate members to pre pare Independent reports for in Ture class sponsors dance Friday in Hall members of the freshman class sponsored a dance Friday evening in the College recreation the dance was held from 9 to 12 Oclock with music by the con happen refreshments were served and some 25 hostesses attended from the Elkhart business col Friendship it is my Joy in life to find at every turning of the the Strong arms of a Comrade kind to help me Onward with my Load and since i have no Gold to give and love alone must make my prayer is while i make me worthy of my around the greek Circle a Little practice the from Indiana Alpha will be Here for the party saturday night with group of fort Wayne James Hinkle is still complaining because he Only gets three letters a Day for dry his girl at Home poor Ross White still Hast gone to bed after night this this Mokes six months straight the he has held this think that easy try John Lewis is still As sedentary he used to be and Dick Jacques found out Why you should your wheels toward the curb when you Park on a Kappa Sigma Kappa saturday afternoon the boys from the House on the Hill will be preparing for the Valen Tine which from All indications should be a grand also taking an Active interest in the party Are our nine pledges of the term Wally Gor Don Jerry Lou Cerich Jay skat Wayne Paul Pahal and Don our new fraternity uni ally arrived after about a Obi month bocks hamsters Are still two in Hes to wonder if the pet shop Ped in two of the same one of them belongs to his Jim he won it in a crap there is a unusual trend Here at of the Fel lows seem to be this can be explained Only two either the profs Are starting to Bear Down on the students or female availability is not As it used to and now for some basketball we really say but youll have to admit thai we Are out there far we played two and won two in the Tost perhaps Beta Phi Theta the betas have started out the Winter term under the leadership of grand master Paul mastered so Robe Roger Coleman and Dick pledge Muster Jack Evetts has ten pledges at Liis disposal this the new scum Mies Are Frank Richard James Omer Robert Tom Wal Ter Bill Bob Whiteford and Al the boys have been hard at work on pledge rules and have done a Good Job of keeping the House Good we Hope you All Are Able to pull through your pledge shop the Beta basketball team took Over where the football team left the hoop sters dumped Sigma Phi Delta by a score of 57 to and Phi Kappa 42 to pledges form the largest share of play such great things cant be said for our Bowling but they Are trying week and Hope to have better Luck during the second entertainment fit pledge party was furnished by Dave Sunnucks Mike and an old alumnus Jack witty song so stories and dances Ware de Kalinowski entertained us All with a very humor Ous pantomime of a Man going under for the third that was rather different to the John White our budding Young Ham radio is having All sorts of Success Liis so far Hes been heard As far away As the Beta through constant efforts he Hopes to make Contact with Captain video Orthe space cadets in the near some sort of medal is due Bro ther Kaurala for saving the Chap Ter room sofa and possibly lot Paul managed to get a burning sofa Cushion out of the House Early one saturday morning when the test of the House was the whole mess was Laid to one cigarette from indefinite another tragedy struck the bet Ahouse when Elkhart Busi Ness University burned some of our members were at a loss for some place to spend their week brother Cooper no apparent reason was the most seriously Dick must really enjoy those trips to Elk Sigma Phi Delta Here it is Midway in the Winter Quarter and we of Sigma i Delta have eleven new pledge from Indiana we have Hob Shinn and Dean run Lyle Owen both of Wisconsin Donald Bryan from Montana Ronald Wolfe from Michigan Delano Straka from Ohio Harold scrap Clark from the Empire state and of to Phi Delta pledge class is Complete without someone from and this term we have Bill Dohner and Ted Jacobs to represent the Keystone our Bowling team now stands in second place in the first half of the fraternity the Bas i netball team is also holding its own having won one game and lost but wit the addition of a few of the new pledges to the team Hopes to do even better in the remaining on february the Phi deltas held their midterm party and As usual it was a dig everyone enjoyed the games and entertainment supplied by Roy Mitchhart and his helpers and we would like to thank him for the Fine Job he it was very unfortunate that no one made Cardinal the As usual there were a number trying for Cardinal but Ted Tyr Kwas the Only one to come near Suc i think difficulty was due to the absence of the newly elected congratulations Are in order for Bud skid after Many finally managed to Complete his world famous hat trick for those at the Angola dry cleaners prompt courteous service we pick up and deliver 113 Maumee phone 438 buy your modulus before april 24 order your yearbook from College Book activities building or student Salesman no extra copies to be in 53 its a modulus for me Gamma Upsilon a Large pledge class of 10 Mem Bers is now undergoing the forum native pledge shop at pledge master Armitage and assistant Lar Chart seem Well pleased with the Progress so l for the information of the pledge ship is an experimental the Active members Are Given the Opportunity to observe the pledges different phases of activity and to determine if they wish to have themas these formula Lve weeks of pledging May times rather useless to the but just that Noth ing worthwhile is Ever gained without a Little inter fraternity is All the talk Here at the sports manager seems to have the Man Power for one of the Best teams in recent seasons and is working hard to develop Herb Lynhart is pointing the Way to Victory it you will Pardon the took its first Vic from the Kappa slugs with manager Berry substituting freely in the game to explore the depth of our Sec Ond win came at the expense of Sigma my Sigma in a closely con tested the final score was 65 to 51with accounting for 21 Olin commissary took on a Beautiful glow this week with tie addition of Matching Pear Gray tables and House mothers food and culinary artistry Are undoubtedly the finest on but the addition of the hew tables and chairs make it just that much More enjoyable to save the House managers we have added a new double capacity Coke the old one was continually running out at the most Inopportune the Bowling team finished up with 3 consecutive victories at the end of the first round of some of the Fellows had been tied Down by labs up until that time and were sorely As our previous record now that these men Are Able to bowl we should see a real jump in our second round thanks to the hard work of Bill our social an other successful party was held Over the we were very Happy to have our Brothers from the of fort Wayne As our in keeping with Valentines Day were artfully placed about due to the Large Success of the plans Are even now underway for with other chapters youre not sure what it is its a Micro Tomic taps pan with it Worff moving limit Rai Ranh in drawing to hand Thi Moil in old Tref Lonj loom Only offers you Hidin sity ads opaque acl life absolutely uniform it dorm marking it new dusk Gray Froll latoral Oil town ii Law Tel color Lor a drawing lulls Iti d10mi a incr to Rood to find i aug of one min tale Itadio in Oil Eberhard Faber m i Good food s to beat try the Dixie where students meet engineers of 53 this desk is reserved you dont need a degree in aeronautical engineering to qualify expanding and diversified Long Range programs at Bell aircraft have opened exceptional opportunities in All Fields of engineering with this leading Pioneer in the research and development of guided rocket supersonic and airborne electronic Bell is looking for the right men to work with leading engineers in these Fields while enjoying advantages of High educational plans and other this is your Opportunity to get in in the ground floor today for the engineering advances of to sure to make an appointment with our representatives to get the Complete phone Crisman for appointment phone Angola 809 Plont Tri in of lilt aril Fin air Trail to it to pts of aril aircraft to vary Wing Wop oct in finl com interviews february 2526
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