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Angola Triangle Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Angola Tri Angle (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Angola, Indiana The Triangle 1 1953 published by the students of Tri state College Phi Kappa group raises r March of dimes a boost to the local March of dimes Phi Kappa fraternity exceeded their goal this month when they received in a local downtown a bucket of for the March of dimes their while playing music All Day on the Northwest Corner of the an Gola Public the fraternity members made spot announce ments about the fight against infantile they had As their goal which was espoused by one Check of the fraternity sponsored program was under the direction of Dave former pres ident of the inter fraternity Council and the their Campaign was the Forslof its kind for the March of dimes in the downtown area in the past several the whole expressed was a part of the National tendency of fraternities to help in their a letter of commendation has been received by the fraternity from Snook Angola Campaign he related on behalf of the local chapter of the National foundation for infantile paralysis and i should like to thank your for the very wonderful Aid you gave in making the recent Campaign such a wonderful As you May the amount you turned in was around and that we have had that without your generous assist Many to bring the contribution to tals to around approximately was collected at the Hillsdale and Tri state basketball game along with the canisters located in members of Phi Kappa participating in the downtown Campaign were Lawrence Richard James Frank Ferdinand William William Donald Richard John John be Richard Webster of the members of the Phi Kappa fraternity who participated in the downtown Tarp a of dimes Campaign Are pictured they left to right Frank Dick Jim Fred and Bill Marine corps to open officer course the Marine carps first offi cer candidate course will begin corps head quarters has the announcement said Young College graduates who Success fully Complete the 10 week course will commissioned As Secor lieutenants in the Marine corps Sani Al Cuipylo Andy Martinez de Dur modulus planning completion senior picture deadline february 21 final organizational plans were announced this week by Roy editor in chief of the 1953 the staff is working hard in bin gang together the final areas of fraternity senior and much of tie work has been a june and August graduates must meet the Lynal deadline for having their picture taken by sat february Ali to assure publication of the Book by june the Date established before graduation All seniors must have their pictures taken by this activity cards will be filled out at the time the picture is taken at one of the official photog up More lands located on the City clones 305 Martnee and Gentry 300 Randolph the cover 1053 yearbook will be a Light Blue with the tra do Rioual Gold Tower and Seal of ate Don the Bolt contains pages with the first 16 if two yellow or Gold will make up the opening Section As part of the com the modulus May be Pur chased from your organizational representative or at the College Bookstore or activities there have been Only 500 books ordered for students who Purchase their books Early will be assured of getting their according to John Busi Ness there will be to re ordering utter the original Public foreign students must report All foreign re Kiir Dosh of their Are to report to Martha Secretary to the re kurding their educational pro Gri Inin their condition of study will be Uff Etcil ii these orders Are not compiled by a modulus Why should i buy u modulus one Good Ustim deserve Why you buy the it is True that there has been moments of indecision and discontentment but those were mostly due to the Tempo of the courses Given at the matter How trying those moments were it that the same incidents will probably be with humor some Yiirs the modulus also serves he a record of your Days in col it records the highlights of your activities in College along with your friends and in it shows an important phase of your life in a pictorial As a souvenir it is not easily acquired and each graduate can five testimony to Tomt since the Jjo Duih is printed Only once for each graduating the matter of buy ing one later will be order now and bit assured of receiving one at the Marine corps applications must be submitted by february College graduates and seniors scheduled to graduate by March 1 Are eligible for enrolment in this upon successful completion of the ten weeks train ust tenants will attend the five months Spe Cial Basic course which is required of All newly commissioned Marine they Are then Given their first or according to the announcement a majority of new officers Are now afforded the port Unity to attend specialist schools for additional training in such subjects As com naval naval flight train motor trans port arid the remainder Are assigned to various billets in the Fleet Marine All serve on Active for two newly commissioned officers May now qualify for regular com missions upon graduation from the special Basic v the Washington announcement said that this officer training pro Gram is open to married and single it advised interested men to Contact that nearest Marine corps Reserve or officer procurement activity for an students to file fors spot immediately All eligible stud Eitts who intend to take the Bolett lip service col lege test in 1953 should he at once for the april 2ft selective service National head quarters advised an apply cation and a bulletin of Luxor nation maw be obtained at any selective Perylee local following instructions in to the student should ill out his application by and mall it in the special envelope applications must to postmarked no later than March Early filing be the Stu dents results a Ftp be reported to the students selective service local Board of jurisdiction for use in considering his detergent As it according to educational testing Endlich prepares administers the College Quat Flat Lon Eastern prexy complains his talked too much an4 maybe ome other vocally overconfident Keld mentors should have Heel cached to withhold that Lino Hleap Dolly Council plans blood donation professor Rente students thinking during regular class activities x of what students actually Thor if about in conducted by Ben Jamin associate Sor of education and examiner in the College of the University cd reveals wide variations in thinking that takes the Survey taken of student in five lecture classes and ii thirty discussion groups showed that students spent almost thirds of their time thinking about the topic discussed or ing lectured in the remain i ing third of the time Thelt thoughts were irrelevant to Thi in discussion on third of the thinking is made up of ing to solve problems that come out in the about Quarter of the time is spent Ira thinking about including oneself and the danger of Bei called in spend forty per cent of the time merely following the i different kind of thinking Froni the problem solving involved in discussion various psychological t e s t Al were applied to students ing on what thought in those whose personalities were considered negative had two Dif Ferent kinds of Bright students with negative thinking criticized what was bet ing said in less Bright St dents mentally criticized oth people in including and Condu persons suffering from anxiety according to the tended to think More about themselves than about what was going on in the studies were made possible because of a new called stimulated developed at the University within the last years by playing tape record Ings of classroom events wet Lii two after were Able to recall 95 per cent of what went the recordings served As a stimulant to recalling their thoughts As tips for instructors also come from the one suggests that the la quack or the telling phrase attracts too much Atten Tion distracts the student from the remainder of the five minutes after such a students would still be thinking about it instead of what the pro Fessor was trying to the instructor regarded As antagonistic by the the one who Cip lines the class into gets More attention from the students than do the ideas he presents they spend Moie time thinking about less about what he College grads salaries highest in history 111 can Industry is offering the new College graduate higher salaries than Ever but there will still not be enough men to meet the according to the seventh annual nationwide Survey released by Frank director of placement at North Western another finding of the study is the fact on the the 176 com panics 151 graduating seniors for every ten men because of the Many Job offers from which the men could it was Neces sary for the companies to make 24 offers in order to find ten who would Endicott says that his study allows that the average starting salary is now a month an increase from the average offered in most personnel executives dont think the graduate is he found the businessmen Point to the inflationary trends recent years and to the High Cost of Homes and Home furnishings today As com pared with the late 1930s and Early there Are some How Endicott says 39 per cent the personnel directors Dis that the present starting salary is too High com pared with the Worth of older employees whose salaries Haven been As much As rates for beginning College Ramsay Speaks to lumber dealers professor Robert Ramsay addressed the lumber dealers of northeastern Indiana at their Reg ular monthly meeting january using As his theme some prob Ems of advertising and Market no building i the dealers came from the lies in northeastern and Leld their meeting at the Ains Cabin at crooked this talk was another in the series being presented by the speakers Bureau of Tri state col Ege As a part of the colleges con inning program of service the people of the area who Lave heard any of the in his series show considerable in Erest in this phase of the trl state College other talks have been Given professors Kenneth Robert and Merritt Council plans recognition of student leaders to recognize additional Stu dents for their leadership and Scholastic the student Council is working on a project to submit names for another publication in addition to who among the pro Grain was announced by Richard president of the Stu Dent the selection of students for the american College student be accomplished by the judiciary committee of the which is made up of both faculty and student american College student leade rav lists outstanding Stu dents from Over 1000 colleges the purpose the Book is to be a recognition of achievement to students who have contributed More notably to their College or University by their or extracurricular the publication willbe printed sometime in july and the commit tee expects to be working on the student selections sometime Dur ing the next few who who among recognizes 1c students on the Tri state College the publication will recognize approximately the same number of Tri state student to give ii larger margin of recognition to the Over 900 students on the Council plans to eliminate duplication of no Stu according to the rules established by the can be the cognized in both senior pictures due to registrars department March graduates who have not turned in pictures to the registrars department Are to do so before Jaceb Rory these pictures no the individual responsibility of the graduating senior and Are not to to misconstrued with those being used by the mod ulus it is also requested that nil prospective june graduates report to the department to fill out diploma order Public relations advisory Council organized Hobart and Smith have organized a 23man Public relations advisory Council consisting of representatives of ten phases of Campus the group will meet on the last tuesday of each month during the College in explaining the purpose of the new president Alan Willard Brown Sam it would be the groups responsibility to advise on All phases of the College relations with their internal and external Brown cited student faculty relations As one example of internal he said that citizens of alumni of the colleges and parents students were three of Many 6 ill los Llly bigok8t t at urls talk leaving the Angola High school coach j Man Mart proudly displays the biggest t at trip tote which he received thin oar of a Token of bin 25th year in Ball student Council notes student Council is working up on a plan to reduce the member ship dues As some societies on the Campus can not afford to Send a and the five Dol Lars each term is a hardship on some of the present members Al Andrew Johnson is of this committee with Dick George Munschauer and Joseph Alfi Orl As committee Mem Bers since who who among Stu dents is limited to a Small quota each it has been decided to submit to the Leader publications other candidates who have been Active on the Campus and a Good Scholastic the judiciary committee of the student Council composed of nine one elected fraternity represent one elected society represent the Secretary of student the Vic president of each of the four classes and the faculty Sil balt the names of those in order to get recognition for More Stu dents the students chosen for who who will not be eligible for student if anyone has a suggestion for Stu Dent leaders sea your representative on the judiciary committee Tau Sigma fat suggested a housekeeping project which was adopted by the student Council in which they will attempt to keep the bulletin boards in a More presentable notices posted by the students should in form to the following 1 put notices on card Date each 3 notices to Leman up for 10 eternal As its first operating pie Nilse this Council must accept the fact that Hobart and William Smith continued on Page 2 have you seen pm j newest the projects in Public at till Titi lax bin the direction find ill Tinti t j Ilg Luuy completion of the project nits announced the Lynnl the new billboards ure located on 20 Mill Lour Miles Erich Wenj Roni these skiis ure 31 a and have a White the rest of the color Roni Lii to flt Tom Mir ii in Viil Siwl Liuji of four Eek in Colv Eiress of Ili Nile if Tion for the is red and on the Tower the Lye is bidding to the inn Hose the visit mid Indiana the material whih is illuminated by rur lights it these signs were built in the Vilii Kizian corporation of port of in by Al 1otta ainu Ray the Hoard of student Council repro Check the boards a Schlath each 5 organisational p o s t e i s should to removed the Day after the ban occurred the president of each organization shall he responsible for Ihla Ilem the next red Cross blood i Iva in Angola will be March 25 a committee coi posed of i Sidon Richard and Mccain were appointed Bernard to work with the local lied to increase student in worthy Marvin Marsh stationed in Texas it Man ill m Lill s College St Ai lit Noil it is where he1 will lie Assik Imil to Tho finned kist aim Rod a Ihlson Loi Busk tial Nizic Imai Sli lilo son Olmi Honduras he attended to Listle col Leise and was in Siulua Ilii civil society howling and uni ill Bloodmobile to visit Angola March 25 student Council members Are making plans again this year to participate ill american red Cross Llloyd i Ivo it was announced his week by Rich Ard president of Tiro student governing president Anderson names a committee consisting of Gordon Richard Llic Haid and Bernard the committee will co ordinate the school program with the Angola chapter and will be working with Russell chairman of the local blood drive and professor Paul professor of Mathe our representative from the the purpose of the program is to arrange for the March 25 visitation of the blood Mobile to an Gola the local chapter quota has been 125 pints per according to the local chapter May be asked to increase their quota to 150 pints because additional blood in needed in the infantile paralysis project of Gamma a re port from the National student association reveals that Large Campus campaigns have been resulting in blood spoil ing under the new the colleges have been asked to conduct their programs with local chapters in order to bring about a More even flow of blood into the facilities where it is persons desiring to contribute blood must be free of colds or any disease at the the blood Mobile will arrive at the City Hall wednesday morn ing and will be ready to accept donations by 10 the blood Mobile will be open be tween 10 Oclock and per mitting the unit to be reassembled on the truck and returned to fort additional information for the contributions will be announced later on the famed to Pibil division in win the list armo Ivd division read lulled in under major lenoral lit me c ilium and in at pie sunt Usu Leikus Loni Lial Nai Liik at foil Louil notre announces new plan South new combination arts and letter engineering designed to provide the Engineer executive in modern Industry with a Broad cultural and social background in addition to tech Nical has been inaugurated this year at the University of notre Dame the Lameo s c Vic president in charge of academic affairs in announcing the new said that although some allowance is made for cultural and social training in the Slan daid fou year Engineer ing he vast extent of tech Nical subjects must be Cov ered Wiere Barlly limits the Cul Tural aspect of the the Nen live year tin will provide qualified students adequate coverage in both that the set deut successfully completing the arts and let Pio graph will re Dorees from notre the def Iron of Bachelor of ails with a major in engine owing is Irani t will be awarded at the end or the fourth and the Iee of Niu Hel or of science in the Kilps clonal engineering pursued will to riven at to completion of lilo Holh 111 Tulp Liikal two Trimis of Elln new Zimbi Lillon Niord Iii to in thai the student will Dollop the Levi Ulivi arts and Laucis Punili Ziluni oxi opt Lor of Iliin in Sci i Shpil void reps in and science in the Duilid and four til the porn be Coith Pui Girasuolo nip the Linn us and in the tilth join it is tin Enli ill i Filipp Noil on Luil san Ili of Minir this who on Aii Hilpi Hue a their punish Lunil held 10 Zimm Dimit the Paul us the Hun the Yucai lieu other Ilmi Neoim Siml iils in in Bim nip i ii pm Ilic Dpi up in Loloi of k
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