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Anderson Sunday Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Anderson Sunday Herald (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Anderson, Indiana _ v Library plans stir downtown Community editor s note a this is the first of a series on the growth expansion and future projections for the Anderson Anderson township Stony Creek township Public Library by Lee e. Lortz Herald City editor if David Bucove. Director and librarian of the Anderson Anderson township Stony Creek township Library can bring to realization All of the cultural improvements he has visualized for downtown Anderson and continues to get support from the Sven member Library Board by 1979 he will be presiding Over a Library a museum and a civic Center Complex that will Cost untold millions of dollars. The costs of this program Are unknown because even the principals involved have not attempted to place a Price tag on the whole package the package involves building a new Library in the South half of the downtown Block bounded by main Street on the East Lith Street on the South and Meridian Street on the West retaining the present Library at 10th and Jackson As a museum and eventual acquisition of the Paramount theater As a civic Center setbacks sustained by Bucove in his drive to expand the scope of Library operations Here came when the Indiana general Assembly failed to enact Bills that would authorize a county wide Library District outside of existing Library units at Elwood. Alexandria and Pendleton and that would by statute authorize the local Library Board to operate broadcast services and a Fine arts Center expenditure increases and property tax rates for Library operations have doubled for Many additional senders and improvements at the present Library in the past five years the growth however has attracted virtually no real attention by the county tax adjustment Board and Little More than passing attention by the state Board of tax commissioners during the same period expansion plans and proposals Call for the construction of a 90.000 Square foot Library building in the heart of the downtown retail shopping District that would rival the new county government Center in size the proposed Library has attracted the attention and opposition of business interests pushing for a new pedestrian shopping mall on Meridian Street who had hoped to lure new retail business into the Struc Tures that have already been purchased by the Library Board. The Board. Bucove told the Herald has established no timetable for construction of a new Library Here but he indicated there was a Hope that a new facility could be started by 1979, the 100th anniversary of the 1879 establishment of the Anderson subscription Library which did not become a Public Library until 1890 the original Library was located on the second floor of the masonic building recently acquired As part of the site for the new Library since 1967 two space studies have been made of Anderson Library needs Ralph Van Handel director of the Gary Public Library made the 1967 Survey which called for extensive operating improvements and a new Library Structure to be erected on the present site at 10th and Jackson with about 60.000 Square feet of space of which half would be on the main floor level the second space study was completed recently by Bill Pruitt a Ball state University senior architecture student As the final requirement for his degree in architecture. Pruitt s study was tailored for the half Block area now acquired by the Board Pruitt recommended a Structure of about 90.000 Square feet of floor space a building that would equal in size the new Madison county government Center Bucove told the Herald he was of the opinion that Quot a building near to 90.000-Square-foot Mark would be required to meet Anderson s present and future Library additional space and facilities would also be required to House the Library s three Bookmobile units he pointed out there is no answer to the Cost of such a building Bucove said but he indicated that it could take several million dollars in recent years a new Library at Kokomo with 4$.ooo Square feet costing More than >1 million h is financed with a Bond Issue while a >0 in Square foot Library at Columbus West near $2,500,000 with a combination it gift Bond Issue and Federal fund financing a new 45.000-Square-toot Library was erected in recent years at Bloomington at a Cost of about $2.500000 with most of the financing also derived from a legacy gifts and Federal funding other recently completed libraries in Indiana include a Structure of about 180. P ease turn to Pogo 7anderson sunday Herald vol. 106 no. 180 Anderson Indiana. Sunday morning March 31 1974 Price 25 cents welfare Rolls drop 225,000 $800 million cutback urged by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer key Biscayne. Fla it Al reporting Progress in a solving the welfare president Nixon asked Congress saturday to trim Federal welfare spending immediately by $800 million. He said he was acting because of Quot the first major drop in the nation s welfare Rolls in a number of years Quot a a decline of 225.000 people last year in the program to Aid families with dependent children the Cut in welfare spending can be made without reducing b e n e f i t s to any eligible recipients. Nixon said in a statement issued As he spent a quiet weekend at his Bayside Home Here a in recent the president said a americans have had to live with a continuing upward spiral in both the size of the welfare Rolls and the Cost of the welfare programs Quot the tale has been a tragic one and because the welfare system is marred with inequities. It has also been an outrageous one to brith recipients and taxpayers now. However the Ardc Rolls have dipped to to 8 million. Nixon said. Calling this Quot encouraging evidence that we Are beginning to make some Progress in solving the welfare mess Quot he said Caspar w Weinberger Secretary of health education and welfare reported at a Cabinet meeting thursday that Quot we Are starting at last to turn Back the Ever increasing welfare Rolls which had become a tragic Way of life for far too Many americans Quot Weinberger had used those precise words in los Angeles Friday w Hen he jumped the gun on the president s statement and disclosed the decline in a fix Rolls both Nixon and Weinberger cited tighter hew management As a reason for the drop the Secretary said states showing the largest decline in their Rolls were West Virginia 14 8 per cent Idaho 13 6 per cent Nevada to 9 per cent and Oklahoma to 4 per cent declines also were reported by the two states with the largest fix programs a California. 8 per cent and new York. 7 2 per cent even with the $800 million Cut in welfare spending. Nixon said he plans to press ahead with welfare Reform he said Weinberger is preparing legislative proposals which will be forwarded to Congress this year before issuing the written welfare statement. Nixon conferred with aides by Telephone from the Florida compound a spokesman said the president was to Confer during the weekend with Roy Ash. Director of the office of management and budget who accompanied Nixon to Florida Friday Nixon also was spending some time at poolside with his wife. Pat daughter Julie and son a Law Dav id Eisenhower he is to return to Washington on monday David Eisenhower observe his 26th birth Dav sunday and a family Celebration is expected president Nixon will deliver a live nationwide radio broadcast on veterans affairs sunday at i 07 Edt. The Florida White i Louse announced saturday Nixon was reported working on the speech at his residence Here saturday afternoon it w ill be one of a series of radio broadcasts the president has been making on his legislative proposals the actual local broadcast time is at the discretion of the networks Ford gives elite guard warning Kissinger inks pact a Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger Washington $ most eligible Bachelor was married saturday to Nancy Sharon Maginnis a new York Public relations and society personality Only a few close friends witnessed the Arlington to civil ceremony they Are shown at a football game in 19 72 Kissinger aide wed by Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington a. Secretary of state Inry a Kissinger who cultivated a Quot Swier Quot reputation by dating Beautiful tresses was married saturday in a civil Remony to Nancy Maginnes. A tall blonde reign policy researcher and his most Amant female companion the marriage evidently had been ten Lively set and called off several time since St december the judge. Francis e Lomas or told a reporter that he finally got Telephone Call at 4 p in Friday and was told looks like a Green Light but it was not until an hour before the wed no that he was told the couple he was to Arry in his Law office were Kissinger and less Maginnes. Quot but i had surmised he id. Kissinger spent the morning at the state apartment conferring with Moshe Dayan e israeli defense minister he had said he As going to Acapulco on vacation saturday Ter noon but made no mention of the Arriage when a reporter asked him Satur in if he were seeing anyone else before Tak a off. Kissinger simply smiled As the Evator door closed in front Cit him secrecy has been Kissinger s diplomatic Demark when a reporter asked him on the flight june from Moscow it be was getting married us weekend Kissinger grinned and said he gave the same response Hen the question was put to him on a flight ome from the Middle East last month the 12 newsmen would not be put off with a Uip. Kissinger growing serious promised solemnly that he would see to it that they had four or five hours Advance notice there was none miss Maginnes. A new York socialite was in Washington Over the Christmas holidays giving Rise to rumours that she and Kissinger were about to be married but he said frequently that he was too Busy in his Job to consider marriage the wedding was a closely held secret until the couple a airborne then an announcement was made at the state department in the name of the Bride ? Mother. Mrs Albert b Maginnes of White Plain n x every Man when he get married is entitled to have some privacy spokesman George v est said when asked Why there was no word in Advance Between marriages Kissinger built a reputation that he relished As Quot a he was seen frequently in the company of Beautiful actresses including Jill St John and Liv Ullman actually reporters and others who saw Kissinger frequently tended to discount the reputation for one thing his 14-hour Days at the state department and frequent diplomatic trips abroad left Little time for Quot swinging a Henry a Kissinger and his Bride of Only a few hours arrived Here saturday aboard a private Jet and were whisked to the seclusion of a terraced Honey Moon Home overlooking Acapulco Bay. Neither Kissinger nor his blonde Bride talked to newsmen after their arrival at the private aircraft Section of Acapulco International Airport. But a mexican foreign ministry official said mrs Kissinger told him. Quot i am very glad to be in Acapulco because it is one of my husband s favorite places Chicago api a vice president Gerald r Ford said saturday the political lesson of watergate was Quot never again must americans allow an arrogant elite guard of political adolescents to dictate the terms of a National election Campaign Ford referred to the committee for the re election of the president which ran president Nixon s Campaign in 1972 a it violated the historic concept of the two party system in America and ran roughshod Over the seasoned political judgment and experience of the regular Republican party organization in the 50 states Quot Ford said Quot the fatal defect of creep was that it made its own rules and thus made its own ruin Quot creep is the double edged acronym Ford used in referring to the Campaign committee in his speech to More than i too Midwest republicans the audience including presidential hopeful sen Charles Percy and cop National chairman George Bush stood up and cheered when Ford said Quot the political lesson of watergate is this never again must american allow an arrogant elite guard of political adolescents like creep to bypass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a National election Ford received another ovation when he said Quot our Republican party organization must be the vehicle for future elections if there Are any More cliques of ambitious amateurs who want to run political campaigns in the future. I say let the democrats have them next time he opened his speech noting Quot i was specifically admonished before coming that i should t talk about watergate but with some prerogatives of my own. I la ignore those guidelines a he later told newsmen he really was not admonished by anyone and inferred that organizers of the conference indicated they wanted him to speak to he conference theme a Quot looking ahead the White House said it gave no instructions to Ford regarding any watergate com ments he might make in Chicago but had no immediate comment on Ford s speech in the speech. Ford said. Quot the political failure of Cheep in 1972 was a failure to reinforce the president s impressive Victory overwhelming mandate with enough re Publ leans in t he House and Senate to insure the Success of his programs at Home and abroad the vice president told a news conference his remarks were not cleared with the White House. Quot i spoke As my own he said Ford also said. Quot i Don t think you should interpret my remarks As a criticism of the president Quot asked if he had intended to divorce himself from the White House or president Nixon s philosophies he said Quot not at All i simply said creep did a great disservice to the Republican party he a asked who was responsible for the appointment of the committee officials Ford replied. Quot i was t around then he said that in his opinion the president said to the committee to Busy go ahead and run it Quot Ford said the president was Busy seeking peace in Vietnam opening the door to China and planning to strengthen relationships. Ford also urged in his speech that each and every candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 1976 should sign in Advance on the dotted line that they will not set up outside committees without the specific approval of the party Ford was also asked about his political plans Quot i have said it simply and emphatically i have no intention of being a candidate for any political office in 1976.&Quot he said. Tapes Are reviewed by John Beckler associated press it Riter Washington a most Days now two Short Gray haired men can be seen walking into a former hotel on the Edge of Capitol Hill where they enter a tightly guarded second floor room Don earphones and spend a couple hours listening to tapes they Are reps Peter Rodino in j., and Edward Hutchinson. A Mich. The chairman and ranking Republican member of the House judiciary committee and what they hear will have a lot to do with whether president Nixon is impeached. The tapes Are part of the evidence gathered by the watergate grand jury and bundled up in a briefcase for transmission to the committee for its impeachment inquiry in addition there Are at least a dozen More tapes turned Over by the White House that have to be examined it is the task of Rodino and Hutchinson to determine what information on All of these tapes is relevant to the committees investigation either pointing toward Nixon a involvement in the watergate cover up or Clearing him of any such suspicion. Under rules adopted by the committee to protect against leaks Only these two men and the committee s two top Staft Law vers a John dear and Albert Jenner a can take part in the screening operation Only the evidence they find pertinent w ill be presented to the full judiciary committee when it must make its momentous recommendation in strict Observance of the rules Rodino and Hutchinson Aren t telling other committee members what they Are hearing and it is hard to get them to talk even about How they Are proceeding it is clearly a demanding assignment for them Rodino. 64 finds an hour and a half of concentrated listening is All he can absorb. Hutchinson. 59. Puts in sessions of about two hours they follow transcripts of the conversations while they listen Ana much of their responsibility is to determine the accuracy of the written record but there is More to it than that a you can get More from hearing a conversation than from Reading it a says Hutchinson a you get the tone of the Quality of the tapes is generally poor both men agree and additional difficulties Are caused by background noises such As shifting chairs and ringing telephones and by two or More people talking at once apparently because of the placement of the microphone in the president s office Nixon s voice is harder to hear than that of the persons he is talking to. Hutchinson s. Also under the committee rules. Hutchinson and Rodino cannot take any notes on what they hear and a member of the staff is always in the room with them while they listen they have not said How Many tapes they have the sessions began last wednesday the Day after the grand jury s briefcase arrived on Capitol Hill and by the weekend Hutchinson said they were less than half was through. With a request pending for tapes of 42 additional presidential conversations and with five new tapes surrendered Friday by the White House to special prosecutor Leon Jaworski Likely to go to the committee As Well a serious time problem is presenting morning the inside Story study clues the thin shiny aluminium bract is no bigger than a credit card a seemingly insignificant piece of Metal among a Imio jumbo jets vast array of intricate parts. But in history s worst air crash just four weeks ago today the slender Brace is turning out to be perhaps the most important part Saieta experts believe the store is on Page 7.trial reviewed like pieces in a Jigsaw Puzzle. Witness after witness testifies Tor the government As it methodically builds its criminal conspiracy Case against former attorney general John v Mitchell and onetime Commerce Secretary Maurice la stans. For a wrap up of the weeks court room activities see Page 9.folk Art Back Anderson Folk Art enthusiasts were treated to a demonstration by an accomplished Potter and Weaver this Wek As two Anderson College graduates returned to Campus to exhibit their expertise see Page 11 for the Slor pacers trimmed the Indiana pacers lost their Home court advantage in the Era Western division playoffs by dropping the opener to san Antonio 113-118 in Indianapolis saturday night. For details see Page 21all-stars play the press team will be out to rip the radio while Ala faces the Madison county All stars at the mis a wigwam today see Page 22.warmer today fair and warmer weather is due today with highs in the mid 50s. It will be partly Cloudy tonight with a Chance of showers late tonight and a Low in the mid 4<k it w ill be Cloudy and warmer monday with possible showers with highs in the 60s. Anders i s High saturday 52 Low 32. Sunset today 7 10 . Sunrise monday 6 42 . Where to look new arrivals 2 obituaries. 2 opinion. 4 accent on Laving 11-17 entertainment. 18-19 sports a 21-25 comics 28-29 consumer affairs 31 classified ads. 33-39 real estate news 40 natural aged Chuck roast. Mellow amp Sweet bananas. La. 69�?~ la. To

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