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Anderson Sunday Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Anderson Sunday Herald (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Anderson, Indiana Anderson sunday Herald Val. A no. In a or Anderson Indiana. Sunday morning. January 8. 1967 a Price 25 cents or chinese clashes near 1,000 casualties toll disputes peril tax help too Many hands snarl surplus moves Indianapolis a property tax Relief May be denied hoosiers this year because too Many hands Are pounding at the doors of the bulging state Treasury. The Indiana Legislatures first full week begins monday. And the end of the week is the rough deadline set by the state tax Board for legislative action in time to reduce 1967 tax Bills. The state tax Board said last november it was delaying certification of local tax rates until mid january to give the legislature time to act. Any longer delay in certification would spell trouble for counties in preparing their tax Bills. Legislators discovered during the first two Days of the 95th general Assembly last week that they will have difficulty to spend some of the state s surplus Money. State budget officials have estimated the surplus May reach $137.8 million by a re 30, and climb to $232.2 million by june so. 1969, if none is spent and the Economy remains stable. Democrats accused republicans of a recklessly and irresponsibly proposing to commit too much of the stat surplus too soon. The lowering Shadow of the Viet republicans in turn accused Nam War a new Congress which democrats of stalling property leaders believe has a Pinch pen tax Relief for this year by a a place by mandate from the voters ing partisan politics above the opens its doors tuesday for a Public the e r e p u b lican controlled House has set tax Relief As a anti red guard violence flares in two cities Tokyo up a the purge wracking the chinese communist party has exploded into a wave of violence in banking and near Shanghai leaving nearly 1,000 casualties in fighting Between opposing red guards and workers groups posters put up in peking said saturday. Japanese reporters in peking said the violent Power struggle in the East Central province of Kiang us raged for four Days starting last tuesday and involved an estimated 100,000 persons. The red guard posters Baker trial on 9 counts opens monday said 54 persons were killed 900 injured and 6,000 others were arrested in the first major eruption reported since the a a cultural revolution started sweeping the Mainland last summer. An East european radio Anderson Fine arts Center to open Jan. To a the Community s newest addition Tho Anderson Fine arts Conter will officially open its doors to Tho general Public beginning saturday Jan. 15. The stately Structure at 226 West 8th Street is pictured above prior to the remodelling which began last fall and is now being completed. One of Anderson s historic landmarks the original building was erected in 1870. Brick used in the construction was made on the site from Clay eve abated for the basement. The building has been named Alford House in memory of or. And mrs. William John Alford parents of mrs. Forrest Hill who donated the property to the Anderson Fine arts Center. Art Center opens Jan. 15 another Tanker Burns a this gasoline Tanker overturned on 1-84 saturday morning tying up traffic for several hours near Manchester Conn. Authorities called nearby Airport firemen to use foam to halt the Blaze. The Driver James s. Ekstro of Hartford Conn., was not a wire photo Congress to open facing War Domestic problem Washington he mands accused of obtain banking which has an estimating about $100,000 through de population of 1.5 million apr under the Law in new York and be Ning their own state of the in and o ving Persona. Cause of his conduct Al commit Ion presentation has if come taxes. And of tee business one of the first pieces of May up by which involved former lieutenant governor report said a terror is reigning Washington up a in banking. Traffic is paralysed Robert g. Bobby Baker and Telephone communication pc whose meteoric Capitol interrupted with the rest of the the newly organized Anderson Indiana Art a according to an Hill career was studded world a Tine arts Tenter will be official announcement by the Board of with both a birr dec Anri other peking reports said of opened sunday Jan. 15, and trustees. Both exhibitions will Cra Hui an n a t tot train service Between banking centers Board of trustees contain works of some of in Aal goes on anal Mon an j Shanghai was suspended Bas invited the Public to attend Diana s most famous artists. Day faced with charges because of the bloody rioting inaugural ceremonies. Painters represented in a the that could put him in Between factions split Over the a Large attendance is expect first Hundred years of Indiana prison for nearly half a Rule of communist party de at the affair which will be painting include Karl Bodmer Century chairman Mao tse Mug. Highlighted by two inaugural William Merritt Chase John a a a a 0 x the reports also indicated exhibitions and a Public recep Elwood Bundy Jacob Cox Wilf Orlirio ormer Senate demo Mao faces opposition from some Bon from 2 to 5 ., Jan. 15, Liam Forsyth Samuel Richards Allf i Ile a 37-years provincial and a grass roots in the centers Alford House at Otto Stark. T. C Steele George do i Mhz 0 old with thinning Black hair officials. 226 West 8th St. Winter and others i Wii v was indicted on nine counts by according to the reports the inaugural exhibitions Are a recent Indiana arts is an Las vegas Nev. Up a a a Federal grand jury almost mo5t of the rioting occurred in a the first Hundred years of exhibition from 150 years of in dynamite bomb apparently exactly one year ago. J the major Industrial City of Indiana painting and recent Diana Art organized by Ball triggered by a Man Bent on suicide ripped open a modern three Story Motel in this Gam bling Capite saturday Kitling state University Art gallery. Some of the artists Are Ruthven h. By rum. Robert d. Clements Para Saturn tag 2. C of u in suicide bomb other clashes were reported in districts near Kung Shan about 40 Miles Northwest of special order of business at 10 15 . Monday. But republicans referred to their $144 million distribution plan Only As a vehicle to Lead the democratic controlled Senate to the conference table to work out a Compromise. Hopes for an Early agreement faded when Senate president pro tem Jack h. Man kind Terre haute said he opposed tax Relief for this year. A we Are going to develop a tax Relief program in this general Assembly but we will not be stampeded into any unwise actions based on a timetable be said. Mankin said the tire state surplus cannot be determined until after the legislature adopts a state budget for the next two years a and obviously needs cannot be determined Jan. 15.�?� _ budget Ned by in the Senate a Hardy band of Jot legislation to work its Way j�1� Usu i Cha mph i liberals by wed no will Brough both houses in Likely to a a 411 a it 5aid try to water Down Rule 22, or Ovule for an increase in social chats. Riots broke months Long session. Which requires a two thirds a Security he bits. This will not a Iury Tony lots Bim on All no both houses appear headed i Jority to end filibuster talk. Affect the spending budget sure for a wrangling beginning which As matters stand neither of to come under hot fire from record set the tone for almost fort seems Likely to go any publican when Johnson submits continuous controversy As the where. It later in the month Powell curbs House favored 12 others were six persons at least injured. First favored cd Vij i my o i cd Vav i Msj used to detonate the dynamite. Nine counts Baker could go to tuesday in King us province u7acuin,,w ammunition for the pistol was jail for 48 years and have to and that the fights resulted in Washington apr Norrie the liberals will try also to found in a nearby car registered pay $47,000 in fines a deaths and 400 persons influential Housa Hber als will prevent rep. William m. Col r j. Paris j helped i the trial is scheduled to Start injured. Ask that rep. Adam Clayton Mer. D-miss., a conservative. Dos att r m _. _ a a. W at to am St with District then 011 thursday and Fri Powell be removed As a com from moving into the vacant or said an exam inn a members appraise the state of Johnson s delivery of his mesh on its heels or possibly be a w a sect with distract banking exploded in More Mittee chairman monday but chairmanship of the important a the War in Asia and the state of Sage will be a Down to work Sag. Fore it will come a supplement St bloody rioting with 40 other that he be allowed to remain in House rules committee a �5ln7veaiedf 2 president Johnson so great so a for a Congress in which re Tai appropriation to finance the year old Jurist presiding in the. And a a reported Congress. The ,.ru� a sf2 001111118 04,1 a piety a at Home. Publicans will be flexing their skyrocketing Cost of the Viet b j e a c h eds a a do a seriously the attempt to strip Powell of been worked out by leaders of Fannin a u. The White House announced voter enlarged biceps and in Nam of he a to Marthouse the riots disrupted All railway the chairmanship of the Educa the democratic study group Paris had on Malk saturday that the president will which Many democrats Are will ask Between $9 billion and floor of no oort House traffic Between peking Andron and labor committee will which a claimed member sch a Donas to etrff2 deliver his annual speech on the wading the november election to Billon Mare. A the request Quot m to nov to Hankow for ,w0 Days. There be one of two attacks on the ship of 145, represents a Majori is car but z ill to cd fins state of the Union in person to a jesuits As calling for breath could Mceven higher How in was 110 indication from peking houses almost sacrosanct sen to 0f the 248 democratic House his mind and it Ink it in joint season of Congress of a pm a a now programs. As with everything else that saturday whether the rioting Jority system at the democratic members p a joint session of Congress tuesday night. This Means that the Inis Republican leaders Are plan Pica turn to Pac fore the legislators before either miss rive Todd retires three chamber can get very far into other teachers Are advanced oooo partial Clearing today cold winds is to 25 . Northwesterly colder tonight. Warmer Mooday. High today Low 2gt Low tonight 5 to it High yesterday 46 Low 31 Sunrise tomorrow 8 to . Sansei today lilt Good morning Start Tho Day with a Chuck Memphis. Tern. Apr a Goose that just missed being cooked routed a burglar saturday. A a he a the Best watchdog i Ever had a said Nan key Merkt 72. The Goose charged across the Yard with loud honks Early saturday when it heard a burglar breaking the lock on the rear of Merkt Home. The burglar fled before police arrived. Mrs. Merkt said she bought the Goose for a Holiday dinner but decided not to kill it when her invited guests come. Tender Huck roast Dunean Hines cake mixes. Florida Pink Grapefruit la. 57c4/$l of 10/59c pay less super Market open 24 hours daily controversies coming up As preliminaries to legislative action the House must decide whether to deny in seat to rep. Adam Clayton Powell. D.-n.y., or remove him from chairmanship of the education and labor committee or take some lesser disciplinary action. Powell a negro is in hot waiter because of troubles with Edgewood approved for sewer Grant miss rive Todd area supervisor of Home economics forum five secondary schools in the City will retire at the end of the present semester after serving 46 years g. E. Ebbertt superintendent of the City school system announced yesterday. Miss Todd has beaded the second semester of the current school year Jan. 30. Mrs. Edna Rhynearson. Dean of girls at Anderson High and a Home economics teacher will succeed miss Todd As head of the department for Anderson High school Central Junior High and North Side Junior High to open next fall. She will serve As department head at South Side Junior High for the Bobby Baker started As a 14 a i Olumn 4 i it a it i i year old kicker Clad Page boy from South Carolina Rose to Power and influence in the Senate cloakroom and then was fired in disgrace when his wheelings and dealings in the world of business and finance became known. In 1957, president Johnson. High Side or the beginning the congressman j. Edward Roush has announced that the town of Edgewood is offered a Grant of $106,500 on the application for a sewer project there. Roush was notified by the Federal water control administration of the department of Interior that the Grant has been approved. Total Cost of the project which involves an Interpol turn top of a comb i who local officer wins medal in Vietnam cd Chi Vietnam a army first lieutenant Patrick j. Mckeand 25, of Anderson ind., has been awarded the a r in y commendation medal for meritorious achievement during military operations against a hostile Force in the rep uric of Vietnam for the period of March 28 through dec. 27, 1966. Mckeand is the son of or. And mrs. Dale Mckeand 926 w. 6th St. The announcement of the award was made at cd Chi Home of the 25i n infantry division. Where Mckeand has served As the divisions Public information officer. The army officer has been with Tho a Tropic lightning division since february of 1966. To had formerly served As Public information officer of the a s. Army air defense Center at fort Bliss Texas. He is slated to Complete his military service and return to the states in february of 1967. An Honor graduate of Indiana University in 1963, Mckeand was graduated from the army a artillery and missile officer Pitts Tara to pts 8, column it Home economics departments i Anderson and Madison Heights ple a a tub top re a Oinuma i schools Central South and Madison Heights Jun High schools since 1964. Mrs. Jane Gwinn who is recently head of the Home economics departments for Madison Heights Junior and senior High schools will becom area supervisor for the department in Anderson secondary schools grades 7 through 12, rung of saturday had been halted service resumed. And room on the second floor Trai Quot by. 2slj a a i Quot Effort to topple two a i Ifie opening of Congress. Chairmen the liberals will be a based on what we going against the wishes of Franklin said a i am almost 71 Sci Ioc Cai Amor Irenc i or turn speaker John w. Mccormack convinced Paris used the pistol in jul ii mind Ivy ii Sci Lui v d-mass., who regards the sen to detonate the dynamite a Monty system As a Cornerstone at mid afternoon firemen of congressional organization. If were still mopping up debris series will open Here Jan. 23 3 a y group will from the 1 30 a Quot in. Disaster that a series of five lectures on local committee sponsoring the have achieved a goal Long dismembered the bodies of then the Senate democratic various issues involving rela series. Sought by advocates of Conius pleas turn to Page z. Column it Leader called Baker a one of my to ship of the United states and committee members include signal reforms. Most trusted most Loyal most world communism and policies Richard Davisson reception although the study group has i competent senators of the county resulting from Marvin Lowe tickets David officially taken no stand on the Luhn and political leaders from All such relationship will be held Brough and Martha Ellsworth. Powell Issue a motion to take. Al j Over the country were his Here starting Jan. 23 in the an publicity Craig Plummer the important chairmanship incl my is Lnell Jcu Derw High school auditorium treasurer e. Lee Handley away from him will be made by additional lectures will be m18 Jean Michaels pendleton1 a Leader of the group rep mor held in Anderson feb. 20, mrs. Al Leroy Alexandria Don Ria k. Udall. A Ariz. March 20, april 24 and May 22, Ald Alleman mrs. Marion Day i will then vote to seat pow according to spokesmen for the vis Kay Grenda. Or Elmer Ell a Udall told newsmen a on Moreillon and Craig Plummer the grounds his constituents. J7�?onamp the speaker for the opening knowing All the circumstances lecture Jan. 23 will be w. Cleon about him. Elected him and Skousen a former Fri agent would undoubtedly continue to educator and author. Kousan elect him intimates As Baker goes on trial his links to old political friends have been severed but there is plea turn to Page 2. Column z c. Eugene Yates president of the Anderson loan Assoc anon has announced that Madison county a oldest savings and loan association has changed it. Patrick Mckeand lecture series planned a committeemen in charge of various phases of the Quot issues for americans Quot lecture series to be held in Anderson Jan. 23, feb. 20, March 20, april 24 Ond May 22, featuring a number of speakers on americanism Ore shown above during a recent planning session. Seated from left Are Marvin w. Lowe Richard f. Davisson and e. Lee Handley and standing Vav. Craig Plummer and Willis h. Ellsworth. The series will open in the Anderson High school auditorium Jon. 23 with w. Cleon Kousan Ai the speaker. Or Yates stated a the Board of directors of the Anderson loan association recently pro. J. T a posed at a special stockholder s is Field director of the amen a Powell probably wont agree mating that our name be can Security Council and Edi with me but i Ourk i m doing changed to first savings and tonal director of Law and or him a favor this is probably loan association of Madison Der a widely distributed police the Only thing that could save county. This proposal and the column 2 his seat a new name were unanimously or. Yates commenting upon the significance of the n e w name stated a we feel that the name Betta states the scope of service namely savings As Well As Loans. The Ala was the first savings and loan association organized in Madison county and has served continuously since 1888 we Are Al o the largest state chartered savings and loan association in Indiana pleas turn to Page t. Lions clubs anniversary Claude m. Devorss of with Ita. Kansas will be the guest speaker at the 45th anniversary of the Anderson Lions club. Or. Devorss Bas served As president of Liouns International 1964-65, and will speak at the dinner meeting which will be held at the Anderson country club tuesday evening. Essay contest winners will be announced in a project sponsored by the Anderson and chief Anderson Lions clubs. Donald c. Wright president of the club will Greet the guests and members introducing represent rating from visiting clubs. Jack Toombs will sing and Rev. John c. Zuber will offer the invocation and Benediction. Dinner music will be provided by the Madison Heights High school highlighters. The Anderson Lions Chib began in the summer and fall of 1921, under the leadership of Arthur c. Call attorney and Community Leader and several other business and professional men. And received its charter on Jan 26, 1922 from h a Lentz of Lions International officers for the first year pm a a Tun to fag i. Column t plan event new arrivals in Anderson and Vicinity born at St. Johns Hospital tot or. And mrs. Floyd Parker 2913 Sherman St., a boy. Or and mrs Wayne Redding 19204 Locust St., a boy. Or and mrs. James Ligon 315 Chase St., a boy. Born at Community Hospital to or. And mrs. William Kelley 603 w. 17th St., a boy. Or. And mrs. Herlen Hadley 1812 Lowell ave., a boy. Claude m. Devorss rib belts cervical collars incontinence panties surgical dressings. Ranters apothecary inc. 301 Anderson Bank bldg. Phone 642-4414

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