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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 4

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Anderson, Indiana The a Ordinary americans America i made of people i amp Coop people \ a l Harp Wop Al no people j a a people like a Quot j the Blind Man a voice of Broadway Anderson doily bulletin monday sept. 13, 1954 mature Parent by mrs. Mariel Lawrence How to reclaim control Over teen and show consideration Anderson daily bulletin 11s3 Jackson Strait published every evening except sunday by Anderson newspapers inc. _ Thi Man happens to work in an office he also happen to be Blind. Bot hl5 hardest task has been to convince sighted folks that he s an a a Ordinary Quot person in today s electronic and machine age he performs his Job Aswell As or better than the next Man. George d. Critten Berger president end manager Harriet w Toner vice president Felix a. Buck Secretary _ about six Miles from the Wilsons House is a certain roadhouse. It is a favorite rendezvous for teen age Roister ers and has several times figured in local newspaper headlines. One evening alter their 15-year-old Linda had gone off with friends to a drive in movie the i Wilsons were startled to learn that she was at the roadhouse instead. Over their Telephone the Mother of one of Linda a friends said worriedly a i wish id forbidden Alice to go there when she mentioned the plan i wish i knew what to do. Or. Wilson knew exactly what to do. He got his car and drove to the roadhouse. Then he asked a waiter to deliver a note to his child informing her that he was waiting to drive her Home. On Tho Way Home he did not interrupt her outraged silence. But As they turned into their drive he said cheerfully a a in a not criticizing you for being angry. You went to the Fine Cone inn because you thought it was a Good place for you to be. I took you out of it because i think it s a bad place for you to be. All that s happened is that two people have done what they had to do later that evening Linda was ready to listen to her parents reasons for making the Pine Cone inn a a out of sometimes during adolescence children get the idea that they re the Only people entitled to act upon their convictions. This idea places a heavy and premature responsibility upon them. For their convictions Are Apt to be As unripe As their experience of the world. Edwin a. Bailey treasurer subscription rat by Carrion Anderson j a 30c per week Madison county and adjoining county towns 30c per week by Rural Carrier 30c per week by mall in Madison and adjoining counties two years payable in Advance one year payable in Advance a it six months payable in Advance Aso a a three months payable in Advance f s of one month payable in Advance a i 125 by mail of ends Madison and adjoining counties be years payable in Advance of six month payable in Advance f three month payable in Advance 4.00 one month payable in Advance. I a entered As second class matter at Anderson Indiana advertising rates furnished upon application member of associated press the Assoc ated press is entitled exclusively to the use of republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well Asau a news dispatches All rights of publication of special dispatches herein Are also reserved if you miss your paper phone 2-4240 Between 6 . And 7 . In male american working n a most every kind of Trade and profession contribute their full share to the Nadon Areatne. Once there were ome people trapped in a burning building who Learned that in the dark to $ the muted who ape Quot handicapped a Buno Man Leo them Burely to safety. Bbtt7u�tu Sjuk Vieau int met. Uni a fit tis to Naif to i won a it in in a arrival lie s so romantic a real Continental. Always lets you pay the Loffl movie press agents Are tearing their hair. With Gina Lollobrigida and ave Gardner due to hit town at the same time to promote the opening of new flickers and with Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly already on the scene the division of newspaper Glamor space is just too nerve wracking for the tub Thumpert to Bear. A Rex Mannin amp i child psychology Wilson a life so no doubt when opened to the Public it will have Many visitors. The passions that raged round Wilson in his life have now largely died Down. Besides other contributions he will be remembered As perhaps the first american president to be adopted As a Leader by the War weary Peoples of the world. Events since the defeat of his policies for a world Alliance against War have proved that his enemies were thinking of immediate triumphs rather than the Long Range welfare of the world. Through the machinery of party politics. In order to acquaint students with the Way politics works a new handbook on state and local government will be used this year in new York Public schools. Manuals used in the past have stressed the Structure of government but have paid Little attention to the role politics plays in getting things done. The new Book explains the political As Well As the administrative responsibilities and duties of executives. It explains the operation of government by employing examples such As the manner in which a Lull is passed through the legislature. If students can be made More aware of the use of politics in a democracy More of them will be Likely to take an Active part in politics when they leave school perhaps the next generation if their education is better than the last. Will lose the attitude that politics is something beneath honest Able men. Statesmanship and politics Are not incompatible. They Are usually two sides of the same Coin. A citizen who is to use his right to participate in the government intelligently must have a thorough knowledge of How politics works. Sport shirted Jackie Gleason gave the staff at tile embers a rough time of it the other night. Informed that ties were required or no admittance the comedian obligingly knotted a four in hand around his neck strolled to his table and immediately took off the Cravat. The waiters were fit to be tied but Jackie a defiant Glare kept them from uttering a syllable. Of pledge Alle. I Fiance to the Flag of the United states of Amanca and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with Liberty and Justice for a. Free men at work Many people think of agriculture solely in terms of congressional debate Over subsidies and the a farm however behind the headlines american agriculture As an Industry is be coming one of the mightiest forces on Earth. Highlights of this great transition Are described in an economic newsletter on developments in the agricultural situation written by or. Earl l. Butz formerly of Purdue University and presently assistant Secre Ary of agriculture. After pointing out that farm prices have been fairly stable during the past year and the Outlook is Good or. Butz declared a we live in an Era of Tho most rapid scientific and technological change of All time american agriculture is now feeding our growing population on science and technology. We have increased our total agricultural output in the last four decades by 75 per cent on roughly the same acreage we had previously and with two and one half million fewer farm workers. A agriculture is now big business. It is inevitable that family farms Are becoming larger As the number of workers on farms decreases and As mechanization of our farms continues at a rap i id Pace. It is estimated that the value of the United states agricultural Plant is $157,000,000,000.�?� there Are nearly three times As Many tractors As prewar More than twice As Many motor trucks on farms four times As Many Grain combines and five times As Many Corn pickers. This increase is unparalleled in any country and in any previous time space. Farm equipment manufacturers have demonstrated to Farmers that modern machinery can increase productivity on the land and reduce costs. For exam pie again quoting or. Butz a the amount of hired labor necessary to Purchase major farm machines in 1953 was less than half that needed to Purchase the same machines in 1935-39.�?� a it time goes on we will hear less about surpluses and the farm problem and More about the need for even greater production. We will then be thankful for the conservation and land use practices and mechanization which today dominate the agricultural scene. We should also remember tha free men not five year plans arc doing the Job. Band business veterans Are Dong cartwheels Over a sudden upturn in bookings for dance orchestras after several years of famine the bands have begun to regain their wartime crowd pull ing Powers with All the major hotels in new York signing up name Crews for the fall. Grace Kelly a intimates quote her As saying she has a no intention of becoming engaged to anyone in the near future. Which might Hatter four or five hearts. Schiaparelli a Book of memoirs a shocking life a hits the stalls in mid october. Bob Neal pro when we see these Youthful convictions leading them into hazardous action it is Only kind for us to reclaim temporary control of their action. We reclaim it neither with apology nor anger. We take it Back As an emergency measure recognizing that our Young Perron is not quite ready for total control of his life. However i must warn parents not to attempt to emulate the behaviour of Linda a father unless they can offer their youngster similar consideration. He did not criticize his child s desire to visit a notorious roadhouse he granted her right to a conviction that differed from his own. Without showing her this consideration for her Point of View he could not have led her to understand his own. Nor could he have won her acceptance of Tho action produced by his Point of View. Contribution to safety to a world accustomed to Long drawn out International conferences the Speed with which the Manila meeting proceeded to fashion a Southeast Asia defense pact is Little Short of amazing. The explanation appears to be that groundwork for the session was carefully Laid a proposed draft was prepared with scrupulous attention to the views of All participating nations and the meeting itself was marked by a determination to reach a Quick Accord. For this combination of favor Able circumstances much credit must go to Secretary of state John Foster Dulles. The approved agreement is essentially the american draft. So after a Brief three Days it is a reality that the United states Britain France. Australia new zealand the Philippines. Thailand and Pakistan Are joined in defensive Alliance against the threat of spreading communism in Asia. The achievement is of the ut-1 most importance even though the new pact does not contain the nato Type automatic guarantee that any pact member attacked shall immediately have the Benefit of military Aid from All its treaty members. Some nations those which had Learned most to fear aggression in the Era of marauding japanese militarism wanted the automatic feature. But they bowed before the broader feeling that such a pact would be impractical in Asia at this time. In Europe the Western Powers have worked together in two wars. They have a Long tradition of cooperation in the face of peril. In Asia. This tradition does nut exist. This is the first real welding of asian nations that has Ever been accomplished. It is understandable that Dulles and other diplomats chose a course which would allow asiatics to approach Thia new association somewhat gingerly. To have tried to drive them into a system calling fur ironclad guarantees might Only have alienated them. Consequently the s f. A t o treaty says each party will meet the a common danger a of armed attack in the treaty area in Accord with its own constitutional processes and that in the event of aggression the members will a a consult immediately to determine upon measures for the com Mon defense. Aid will be sent Only on request of an attacked nation. This country made a Concession which May ultimately Widen the treaty a Appeal when it agreed that the pact should not specify Only communist aggression As the threat to Asia. India and its followers Burma and Indonesia refuse to have anything to do with a pact they believe i reded a a against particular pow-1 ers. In time it is Felt they might be induced to see the Wisdom of this Alliance provided the provocative language is missing. The statesmen who put together this treaty made a substantial contribution to the future safety and Freedom of Asia. What they have done is Mere foundation but it was vital work. Washington column health column by Herman Bundesen. M. I. Allergy Sim s trouble May cause nasal polyp polyps Are growths that do not occur spontaneously but rather occur from persistent irritations or allergic diseases. They happen frequently in people with Hay fever or seasonal allergies. These Little growths if found within the nose sometimes become so Large that they cause an obstruction in breath no. The person cannot smell properly and has a constant dripping from the no a. Sneezing and headache Are common symptoms. Tendency to Reh it a physician. By a simple examination of the nose can usually see if polyps Are present. On1 difficulty in their treatment is their tendency to recur even after removal. This occurs because the underlying cause is often inadequately treated. An Effort should be made to find the cause of the polyps. This May be done by Means of skin allergy tests of various pollens holds dust or food. Chronic sinus once the cause is found desensitization can be started. If a persistent and chronic sinus difficulty is at fault it too much be cleared \ thought politics in school politics is looked on with contempt by too Many people. This is an unhealthy attitude in a democracy where the system of doing things depends upon citizen participation in government answer to previous Puzzle these Are unsettled times in deed France rejects the european defense Community the reds threaten to take Over Formosa and the Pennant races in both major leagues Are still in doubt. Nursery rhymes the Antihistamine drugs and cortisone can prevent recurrence of these allergic grow the. In Many instances the polyps will have to be removed surgically. Question and answer l. A i am a i9-year-old girl who has difficulty in hearing. I have had my ears tested and they were found to have adequate hearing. Can you help me with this problem As i have trouble at work answer it can be that your difficulty is in failure to pay attention. Sometimes Lack of concentration will give the same signs As a hearing defect. By Galbraith 41 nuisances 42 Mary a pets cries 43 Spanish Jar 44 upon 4$ sleeveless garment 47 toward the sheltered Side 48 dry prefix 50 Swiss Canton o god. We thank thee for our beloved land. We Are grateful for its Fertile Fields the strength of its Industry and the spirit of its people. We rejoice in the Freedom that is ours. We think reverently of All who have lived and died for it. May we Honor America by preserving its sacred traditions. Here May human rights be preserved and Christ a spirit of brotherhood and Good will find full and free expression in the name of Christ our lord. Amen. A Alfred Grant Walton Brooklyn x. A�?T., minister Flatbush Tomp Kins congregational Church. A a life is Short enough As it is. Why must some people drive along the Highway As if they were in a hurry to get to the end of it new Wilson shrine Woodrow Wilson a Washington Home is to be preserved As a National memorial. His widow has Given it to the National Trust for historic preservation the gift to take effect at her death this will be the second House associated with Wilson to be publicly administered for the Benefit of visitors the other being his Birthplace in Staunton a. The Washington House is associated Only briefly with the Lite president As he did not buy it till 1921 and died in 1924. It contains however Many books pictures pieces of furniture and other objects associated with 41 vegetable 42 wild hogs 45 exert unduly 49 Heights 51 Island for 52 Century Plant 53 repose 54 above poet 55 enervated 56 devotees 57 new prefix you la have to spank him Marge he might be sore at me for life in

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