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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - May 29, 1977, Anderson, Indiana I Anderson sunday Wesalo 1977 trim big government is this 1977, or 1777? sometimes in s hard to Lull. Citizens tire talking about excessive1 taxation about the government being Loo big arid about the need to do something. There May even be another revolution. But this time it will be it the polls on election Lay. Many representatives May then find out that a majority of voters Are tired of political double talk that promises both More government handouts and lower taxes at the same time. R k a s t n s 0 k cock in. Americans have Man y r e a s o n s to be concerned. In the past fifty years we have seen personal and economic freedoms usurped by an unlimited government which has Given us higher taxes inflation controls red tape and an incentive killing welfare system. November 1975, Industrial production had dropped to Only 72.5 per cent of capacity causing widespread unemployment. Taxpayers Are feeling the Burden of More and More government employees up from nine million in Ofiu to More than 15 million this year. Government payroll costs have More than tripled in the same period and now stand at Sims billion. Americans must now work five months every year just to p a f o re i government. They certainly have a right to he upset. And they Are. According to n e w s w e e k Magazine around the nation and across the political spectrum big government has emerged As the hot new ideological it w1u, i Bohably come As a Surprise to Many people but the Federal government is actually engaged today in Many activities that Are illegal. The United states Constitution placed specific limits on the activities of the Federal government. Hut unfortunately our modern supreme court has failed to protect the from the government. Today the Federal government is denied practically no area of activity which leaves the politicians and bureaucrats free to invent one new government Agency after another. Many of these Federal agencies have almost unlimited Power to do As they see fit. This is clearly contrary to the Constitution which states that our government belongs to the people is run by the people and exists for the Good of the people. In fact the tenth amendment specifically limits Federal Power. V i r t u a 1.1, y a l i politicians claim to stand Fol lower taxes. But Are they honest the real lest of their sincerity is whether or not they vote for less government. If Congress Lowers taxes and then votes i or More government the Federal debt will increase. This will increase inflation which is simply a hidden tax on Consumers and is the crudest tax of All. One sure Way to keep politicians honest is to demand that they support and vote for both lower taxes and less government. Then be sure to find out How they vote and let their votes influence your vote at election time. In fact it might be a Good idea to Send a letter to your congressman stating simply please Don t do anything More for me. I can t afford Don t forget them t r a i i t i 0 n a i l v americans have paid tribute to who gave their lives in Delesc of Freedom and Liis nation. This weekend is the time Luil has been sol aside for a nationwide formal Observance. As families gather and Lake to the highways for the enjoyment of a couple Days at the lakes or elsewhere we must not lose sight of just what the Holiday is set aside for. In the i Javk men and and women and girls throughout our Brief history had not made the ultimate sacrifice we would not ice Able to enjoy the luxuries we have today. Also let us not forget those thousands who were crippled and maimed the thousands lying in Hospital Beds across the land. Their sacrifices were just As important. It would be Hoove every american to pause a moment and offer a prayer thanking those who made the sacrifices and thanking god for the wonderful land and the freedoms we cherish and enjoy so much. Federal diary Federal pay hike seen by m1kecausky c 1377, the Washington Post Washington Federal and military personnel will probably gel a 6.5 per cent pay raise in Early october unless the Economy takes an unexpected nosedive Over the summer. The boost would go to More than 3 million uniformed and White Collar Federal employees and if it stays at the 65 per cent level would Cost s3.2 billion. The per a Cal figure in t solid yet. And the actual amount won t he determined until sometime in August or september list experts say it is to look More like the cent was projected by both presidents Ford and Carter in their budgets will hold solid. They Are certain president Carter won t try to shave or delay the raises unless there is a serious economic backslide an Oil crises or . Involvement in a War somewhere. When the 6.3 per cent raise was projected in the Ford budget and endorsed by Carter Many people incorrectly assumed the pay Issue was settled. U does t work that Way. The budget estimates Are merely projections. In past years the actual amount of the Federal military pay increase has tended for a variety of reasons to be lower than the amount projected in the budget. This year however the budget estimate of 6.5 per cent appears to be right on target. Indicators arc that the wage Survey the labor department is making of private Industry will conclude thai government workers Are due a raise of around 6.5 per cent to catch up with wage gains in the private sector. Last year the Ford administration Cut Back the amount through changes in the pay comparison formula thai triggered an Afl-c10 walkout from the advisory group that consults with management in government on the amount of the october pay raises. After Long and ticklish no Foliations the unions have returned to their advisory posts with the assurances that they will be permitted to have a real part in the pay discussions. Also the civil service commission and the office of management and budget had agreed to add a third party the Secretary of labor to the team of pay agents for the president. The Anderson Herald 1e5s Telephone 643-5371 i a Cersoli. Ind Ana 46015 there a nothing quite so powerful As the truth or As illuminating As Public inquiry in the search Lor truth. Sidewalk serenade interpretive report sensing the news defense of the Fri by Anthony Hakk Igan since its establishment shortly after world War i the Federal Bureau of investigation has played a tremendously important role in the Protection of the United states and the advancement of Justice. The Bureau has served the nation Well in War and peace combating enemy espionage agents Domestic criminals and subvert ers of our Laws and institutions. Today however the morale and effectiveness of this vital Bureau is being seriously eroded. It s crucially important therefore that concerned citizens come to the Aid of the men and women of the Fri who have protected the american people with such dedication Over the years. The current disturbing situation was spelled out recently by three very distinguished americans former sen. James l. Buckley former rep. Clare Boothe Luce and former Secretary of he Treasury William e. Simon. In a Public Leller these prominent americans said that the crisis facing the men and women of the Fri was dramatized on april 7, when John ,1. Kearney a retired 25-year Fri Veteran was indicted on five counts. These leaders in american life wrote the indictment was issued because John Kearney had the courage to say he could have avoided the indic rent and its possible consequences by cooperating with the prosecutors and blaming his superiors in the Bureau illegal leaks to the Piess had made in Clear thai he would be ire aled leniently if he pointed the Finger of accusation at his Fri superiors. John Kearney would not do so. Instead he said no ii slops whal were the Why was Kearney indicted for just one reason in carrying out an assignment to track Down the notorious Weatherman error Isle fugitives from Justice charged with sabotage combing and riot he had employed the same investigative intelligence techniques that had been used by the Fri and other Security agencies for Many former sen. Buckley mrs. Luce and or. Simon declared this is a viciously unfair prosecution. As the new York daily news said in a recent editorial activities such As those of which Kearney has been accused were carried out routinely by the Fri for Many years. They were done with the knowledge and approval of attorneys general and several presidents. Disclosure of those operations prompted a loud Public outcry. Edicts imposing Tough constraints and restrictions were imposed even at the Cost of hampering the Fri s ability to Cope with potentially dangerous underground factions. However it is completely unfair to judge Kearney or other agents by the standards now being applied. They acted at he time in Good Faith believing the procedures were legitimate and sanctioned. We urge attorney general Bell to heed Fri director Kelly s plea and wipe die slate Dean in Kearney s Case let s enforce the present rules but not apply them former sen. Buckley and his associates concluded the Fri has had to stand alone for too Long. It is High time for americans Loback it up to stand with John j. Kearney who has elected to step Forward and take the Brunt of the attack. He and any of his fellow agents who May be indicted next Are deserving of our full and generous to achieve the ends of Justice these leaders have organized the citizens Legal defense fund for the Fri suite 608, 95 Madison ave. New York . 10016 to provide or. Kearney with the Best Legal representation possible. Sen. Buckley mrs. Luce and or. Simon Point out that we cannot count on the Protection of the Law unless we Are willing to step Forward and help the men and women who Are dedicated to its enforcement. They have protected us Over the years. Many have Given their lives in the line of duty. Now is the time for us to take a without a double great numbers of americans will share this viewpoint. Count your chickens by Paul Harvey tomorrow is Here. There s More of everything in it. Come and get it there s got to be a fourth of july every year you know. Thai s what the positive mental attitude pa1a rallies Are All about. The fruits of Freedom Are not something won for us once and for All Al Ticonderoga or Valley forge i hereafter forever to be consumed in Leisure. They must be replanted and tended and harvested Over and Over again every year of generation. That s what the pm rallies Are All about. Our 1976 Bicentennial Binge was a lot of fun bul the steam blew off in the whistle. Our enthusiasm is stalling out again. Individually and nationally we need our batteries recharged ceaselessly. That s what the pm rallies Are All about. Call it positive or Call it Faith in the or just Call in counting our 1 mean it. Count your chickens. This next fourth of july let s declare our Independence from the hackneyed pessimistic proverbs of precaution which have intimidated us. Presently our leadership is preoccupied with with thinking smaller and fewer and cheaper and less. A philosophy of less is not like us we americans Are dreamers of big dream is from Prairie schooners to spaceships we count chickens before they Are hatched we Cross Bridges before there Art Bridges there Don t misconstrue the expedient of resource conservation is appropriate. Momentarily our account is overdrawn. But what i m saying is thai a philosophy of less is a re real. We be nol Lei despots Lurn Oul our lights let s nol us do in this country was nol carved out of the you know. This country was hacked and sawed and dug and clawed and mopped and Hoed Oul of the wilderness by Bare handed men who asked nothing for nothing. But what they did they did with courage and with Faith in their god. Their country and that order. They committed themselves during this Carlly while to leaving the woodpile a Little higher than they found it. And most did. That spirit is not dead in our country. It s dormant. H s been diluted by the unbecoming spoon feeding of it s been neglected due to our preoccupation with other than Home folks. So that s what the pm rallies Are All about. We Are nol going to sit Back and do less and use less and have less while our Muscles atrophy and our stamina stagnates and our Energy is exhausted. Off every Pessimist in history has been buried in an unmarked grave. Free Trade necessary Washington d. A free Rade like the free movement of Peoples and the free Exchange of ideas ought to be one of Mankind s main goals. For the obstruction of Commerce is synonymous with the darkest sort of nationalism. But we Are being haunted these Days Bolh in the United states and elsewhere by the rising spectre of protectionism. And this prompts the question of whether it is possible Given the enormous complexities of the global economic Puzzle to cling to the doctrines of Adam Smith. It is paradoxical that the clamor for protectionism in the United states should surface at a time when this country is More reliant than Ever on free Trade. One of every six jobs in America now is related to exports and one of every three acres of . Farmland produces for overseas markets. The Competition of foreign goods has contributed to holding Down inflation and american economic liberalism has attracted significant european and japanese investment in the United states. Yet the outcry for Tariff barriers has become increasingly shrill and it is compelling president Carter to adopt policies that he would have preferred to avoid. Much of the agitation is coming from marginal business and labor interests and their congressional spokesmen. They Are exemplified by the shoe manufacturers who Are screaming for help against More stylish and less expensive italian and asian imports. Arrangements of this kind already exist. There Are elaborate pacts governing the division of textile markets and there Are less formal understandings among the industrialized countries covering inc Export of steel and the Cost of ships. The Carter administration is striving for similar accords in its efforts to persuade Japan Italy. Brazil Spain Taiwan and South Korea to limit the Sale of items ranging from shoes to television sets and other agreements Are being studied that would regulate sugar and wheat. Critics of these deals say hat they Are really disguised cartels that would keep prices High by curbing Competition. Carter s aides concede to this possibility but contend that the alternative would be commercial chaos. As Carter sees it then the Only Hope Phillips Survey Don t forget 1977 is for a Middle Road that runs Between the evils of protectionism and the inadequacies of free Trade. He began his quest for his Road at the recent London Summit meeting. But whether a Compromise can be found depends on the europeans and particularly the japanese who themselves have been building up Tariff Walls in order to defend their Domestic industries hard hit by the recession. Consequently it is going of take months and perhaps years a new system is evolved that is capable of grappling with the horrendous economic dilemmas that lie ahead. Even now though he necessity for this system underlines the extent to which the world has become interdependent. American shoe manufacturers launched their Campaign for higher tariffs last year with he argument that foreign imports had Cost the Industry jobs within the past decade. But they failed to Point out thai a Tariff boost on foreign shoes might Cost . Consumers As much As s5w million year in higher prices. It is Worth asking therefore How much Consumers ought to be penalized for the Sake of saving jobs. Carter answered that last month when he rejected the shoe Industry s request for a Tariff hike. His courageous action further angered the labor unions which already had expressed hostility to his anti inflationary stance. Meanwhile the president is being challenged by the . Makers of television sets and this has created a complicated problem. The ruling by a new York customs court that japanese television exporters Benefit from unfair subsidies could Lead to prohibitive tariffs on other merchandise from Europe and it might touch off an International Trade War. If nothing stood in his Way Carter would favor unfettered Trade. But As a practical politician he is trying to steer a Middle course Between the protectionists and Consumers who deserve the option of imported goods. Thus he seems to be moving in he direction of so called orderly marketing arrangements under which importing and exporting nations negotiate mutually acceptable restraints. Released by the Register and Tribune Syndicate 1377 by Kevin p. Phillips Wheeling West Virginia Kos americans Are not a historically minded people. We celebrated last year s i Centennial with Media confectioner s sugar the soothing purr of Walter pro Nile the splash and Spray of tall ships in new York Harbor. By late summer of 1976. Bicentennial awareness and concern was melting like a chocolate bar on a hot August picnic table. The Bicentennial year was Over Long before ironically though 1976 was merely the 200th anniversary of colonial boldness and Hope not of Independent sustenance. Television Anchorman May not be familiar with this year s anniversaries certainly no Oil companies have seen fit to sponsor 1977 Bicentennial minutes yet without the events of 1777 there would have been no Bicentennial to celebrate in 1976. For those who May have forgotten 1777 was the year that the British government moved with considerable military might to put Down the still Young rebellion. Ii was a year of trial by fire and by Bayonet and Indian War whoop. British strategy focused on new York if the new England colonies and the Southern colonies could be split and driving a wedge right through Ivow York would do in the rebellion would collapse. One British army was to Advance up the lower Hudson River another to come Down from Canada through the Lake Champlain corridor and a third to March through Western new York. All three would join up near Albany and the colonies would be split in two. In theory and even in practice the plan should have worked. But one British general. Sir William Howe Dawdle in Philadelphia and never played his part. A second Leader colonel Barry is. Lager saw his mixed Force of redcoats and indians Defeated at Oris Tany on the York Frontier denied assistance the third commander. Sir John Burgoyne was beaten and forced to surrender at Saratoga. The colonies took heart and France was also encouraged to come into the War on America s Side. No aspect of 1777 has bloodier and More terrible than the Indian raids along the Frontier. As historian Dale Van every sums it up people inhabiting the Westward sweeping arc of the Frontier from the Allegheny to the Kentucky to the Holston Long identified 1777 As the year of the three or the bloody year it was the year in which the Border War of the revolution began in dreadful Earnest. From Hen on the daily existence of every inhabitant was oppressed by the perpetual apprehension that there could Al any moment be an Indian behind the woodpile or a Hundred of them in the underbrush fringing the Boonesborough i Harrodsburg. And Logan s station Kentucky. A few militia garrisoned forts on the upper Ohio. The Blockhouse at kit Laning. Pennsylvania and the partially rebuilt fort at Pittsburgh. And Ibe two stockade of fort Henry Wheeling and fort Randolph Al the Mouth of the Kanawha

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