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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 4

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Anderson, Indiana Page 4 sunday june it Highway honouring father Hook is receiving a lot of attention i Csc Days and it May Well achieve the prestige once reserved Lor motherhood Only. Is. Magazine for example devoted a Large part of its May Issue to 13-views of fatherhood including comments from two single fathers. In the same Issue actor Donald Sutherland told of his experiences in the delivery room during the birth of his first child. And the april Issue of psychology today published the results of a paternalism study of paid s of Rhesus monkeys. The findings were Sim ple males can raise babies too Vas Dai has been acquiring notice and he will accumulate some because it s his big Day. The father s Day Council. Inc. A Trade organization which works All year to make cer Tain thai no lather is slighted will see to that the Council already has announced the recipient s of i alter s i Jay awards in sex in that s right seven categories. Ice president Gerald Ford has snared the grand prize by w inning he National father of the year award. Interestingly enough. 1-Ord to flows in the footsteps of another Vic e president. Spiro Agnew. Who won the award in 1972. E make mistakes sometimes 1 said a Council spokesman. Kok those interested in keeping track of such things the other six awards with 1974 win ners in Are to father of the year i Dom performing arts father of the year Joel ire i medical statesman father of the tar. Michael Debakey sports father of the year Itom Saveri humanitarian father of the i ear i Christopher Edley and literary father of the year father s Day was the brainchild of mrs. John Bruce of Spokane. Who wanted to Honor her widowed father. Because of her efforts. Spokane became the first to set aside a honouring dad. In i Jio. Ithe first Mother s Day Celebration was in later in Lillif. President Wilson observed the occasion by having a father s Day Button pressed in the bile mouse. Kathke s Day is now an official National Holiday which tails on the third sunday of every june according to a Law signed by president in 1972. Holmes Alexander it Freer. Don t hide party Label ii. Shirk of Oregon recently wrote a Fetter in the editor of the Portland Oregon in i makes i lot Olsen m i the i inn of in Kepi blk Hii candidates running tin Ollu a . He stresses the Nec Essav of Iii hiding the lad Are and one to Niemies to believe that the Republican part and Are part of the Sallie Ball of Vias should a i m he Tail end of he starts Oul. " believe that the i Liiv co clones Hie Slupik Titus illegal of the to sied in Niia Donnas in the Hue be jut id the u landslide Victory As achieved Beca use there were Likely As Many democrats As republicans Vav hooted for him. An Republican candidate u to is running scared who tries to soft pedal his parly affiliation is my Ostrich. He should with draw Belore he gets whacked on the exposed part of his Anatomy. Should go Forth before the. Public u ii out apologies utile chins up and with chests to we believe air shirk s advice Sho old he taken seriously in Ai Cai Idida this year. Alter i president Nixon e3 3r? political Liberty political hex re consists i Pou r of Riding whatever does nut injure a not lift i he exercise of the ii Luigi rights of Lipan Hano Oiler than those Lucli Are Lleces Sai to Stuie other at wit s end by irme Bombeck creating a father when the Good lord was creating fathers he started with a tall Frame. Anil a female Angel nearby said. What kind of Kalher is that if you re going to make children so close to the ground Why have you put fathers up so High he won t be Able to shool marbles without kneeling tuck a child in bed without bending or even kiss a child i Luul a lol of stooping and god smiled and said. Yes. But if i make him child size who would children have to look up and when god made a father s hands they were la Roje and sinewy. And the Angel Shook her head sadly and said. Do you know what you redoing Large hands Are Clumsy they can l manage diaper pins Small Sullons. Rubber bands on Pony tails or even remove splinters caused by baseball Bals and god smiled and said. I know bul they re Large enough to hold everything a Small boy implies from his pockets a t the end of a Day. Yel Small enough to cup a child s face in his and Ihen god folded Long slim legs and Broad shoulders. Hal responsible Lor nil the in the Campaign not the Republican Par the Iree exercise of of the same rights and limits Are Delci Mil in of the Kishis of Man in the f Rench National . 1780. The Anderson Herald Slob listed june 18, 1848 published by Anderson newspapers inc. Telephone 643-5371 1 1 33 Jackson Streel Anderson Indiana 4601 5 Oil Grid Pobish Jackson j4m1chipscoti vim pus Stul Tuom Llyl Sec Esq y end Treasury issued e Cepl Maxi of second Closs postage Omer Ike rec 70c s3 05 three Ore year s3mq by 7oi on Rural of a icer sir the e Corner service is rot ovoid Loncle of Vonce one rec s3601 sir months s20 00. Ilene months. S1200, one tenth 00 by rail outside of a Dixi Poy Oble to one Yery. Ii too. Months three months 514 00 Orve moms Sim of Lek your subscriber foils to receive o 03.1, copy of the heroic free Tefft 9 of end o copy will by sent offer to m Sec cd should Corner to i to Rotl ver Sig Noco nil Pinr a copy Alt then of Civ go re. The Neo Resi a axe in vat Sells Herald end Federal diary Washington Senate and House conferees a re expected to go to the a t to i ran out their Multi million Dollar differences Over legislation Hal would change the Price lag civil servants pay to provide a sur Vii or annuity to husbands and wives the Issue a flirts nearly every Retiree and Active employee. Ally Hugh in decision has yet been reached insiders expect Hep iliac Jeus j. Uii ski will ask Lur a conference his Senate couple pails on the widely Dille ring versions has approved in Bill number s 628. I As cleared in the Senate. Hie Legisla Inri Graild eliminate Hie reduced pension Civ it ser vants Lake when Alliey retire in order in i of Ide. Or Pav Lor. An i annuity for a husband or will who outlives them i Resenly. Lylial Rcd clan is 25 pc cd non the first s.i.600 of annuity Anda Flat 10 per cell on any amounts cml sen ants whup want to provide a survivor ii Mimi Imam Lake that reduction when Icv retire in or Wile uti lives the civil sen ice Rel Iree. Lull Surv in or i rom Liuigi conic Neil s. Even ilium go there is no survivor the House Well. Much Luther with the Bill an estimated billion Cost in fact by providing an end to any Nam Iii reduction Tor providing survivor Bench tvs. In tiled the House will give even civil service Retiree a Iree survivor Benalil. Hie Senate Vui uld eliminate the current reduction Only i i the employee loses a spouse. When the Senate got the liberalised House version of its Bill. Cost Ellice civil service committee chairman ale me face got his colleagues to Send n Back Lotic House. It is my up to House leaders to determine Ali Etsu a Thev will Swallow Pineir legislative Pride and ask Lor a Cimler ence i which the Senate would have to agree tool Orl Ulel both Bills die this is an important element because Senate and mouse committees especially these two Are Touchy Over real and imagined slights from the other body a Compromise is possible in the Senate and House i ill agree to meet. It should Beau Inlet out thai the Nix ii administration is to the Senate version but probably by it. The White House is dead set. However again St the House version because of its estimated Cost. A possible Compromise insiders say. Would Bellis. 11 for the conferees to give the Senate what in wants namely an end to reduced pensions Lur a Retiree in Hisor her . 2i due the Louse part of what it wants namely a partial reduction in the percentage of the annuity a civil serv ice Retiree gives up in order to provide future benefits for a sur v nor that could Lake the form one proposal reads of maintaining the 2.5per cent Reclus Liun on the Lisl s3.600 of. Pension eliminating the 10 per cent on the remainder altogether or reducing it to perhaps o per cent some House members believe the Day is coming when the government will provide tree survivor Bene iils to All retirees. They argue Hal retirees Lake enough pm in income without being Luther penalized financially Lor wanting to prov id Surv Svor benefits that Compromise or something very much like in. Appears to be the Only Nav out. It is up the Senate and i Louse to Lake the Tirol step. Hic i is to agree to even consider a Corn new appeals system resident Nixon has issued an executive order which when Ellec live in 90 Days will abolish All existing Agency appeals systems and consolidate them in a single level Appeal process administered by the civil service com Mission is w ill create a new office to manage the appeals system and give details on ils operation to Meier Federal agencies w Ithan the i exl Cou Leol Days. Hazardous Njuty Kei Iremene the Senate i us Oll ice civil service Camii Juliee May Complete anal action june Lii on a Bill that would Grain earlier retirement to thousands of Federal Law enforcement personnel prison guards and i Irel igl Nei a. The committee docket also includes Bills that would authorize withholding of City income taxes Iron the checks of Federal workers and legislation to upgrade Deputy is. Marshals. And the Angel nearly had a heart attack. Boy. This is the end of the week All she clucked to you realize you Jusi made a father without a Lap How is he going to pull a child close to him without the kid falling Between his legs " and cod smiled and said. A Mother needs a Lap. A father needs Strong shoulders to pull a sled balance a boy on a bicycle or hold a sleepy head on the Way Home from the Cir Cus god was in the Middle of creating two of the largest feet anyone had Ever seen when the Angel could contain herself no longer. Thai s not fair. Do you honestly think those Large boats Are going to dig Oul of bed Early in the morning when the baby cries or walk through a Small birthday parly without crushing at least three of the and god smiled and said. They la work. You la see. They la support a Small child who wants to tide a horse to Banbury Cross or scare off mice at the summer Cabin or display shoes that will be a Challenge to god worked throughout the night giving the father few words but a firm authoritative voice eyes Hal saw everything bin remained Calm and tolerant finally almost As an afterthought. He added tears. Then he turned to the Angel and said. Now. Are you satisfied that he can love As much As a the Angel Shuteh up. Copyright 1974 Field me rinses. Inc i Phillips Survey by Krvin pfc ill Phillips member of associated press engled Etsu Bitely 10 the a fired in by Kevin Phillips the journey for peace Washington in isl doubtless Rich Ard Nixon s Middle Kastern journey for place has political overtones but those who dismiss it As anti impeachment a neutering Are probably mistaken. There May be other motivations. Bear in mind the president s intense fascination with Woodrow Wilson whose own Post world War i journey for torn to shreds in the cockpit of . Politics ultimately became a quest Lor martyrdom. Or. Nixon May be think ing As much of future chronicles As of impeachment strategy. Even if he is loudly cheered by crowds Lin ing the roads from Cairo to Alexandria. Con Gress May not let Egypt Nan Decibel Levels influence watergate cover up deliberations vet those cheers will go Down in the history books and if Richard Nixon like Woodrow Wilson is politically destroyed by his con Gressional foes even while travelling the world for future Genera sons May be More impressed Wuh Diplo manc Endeavor than Domestic disasters. Today s school children read of Woodrow Wilson As a seeker for peace More so i think than he deserves. Valid comparisons the last two years have made compar Isoris Between Richard Nixon and his Retro Wilson increasingly valid. Kirsly. Of course the pompous so Gary War to end Al a generation of and the like. Second a controversial excess of Domestic surveillance and Law and order tac tics if Richard Nixon had watergate and the Ellsberg break in Ihnn Wilson had the illegal searches and seizures of the red scare orchestrated by his attorney Gen preamble we the people of the United slates in order to form a More perfect Union establish jus Tice ensure Domestic tranquil ily provide for the common defense pro Mote the general welfare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Stales of America. A Luanda simplicity is not Hythe design if wishes horses Krench president Giscard could ride his Hobby of the Way Home. But he is mounted upon the Hurricane of complexity and from there he must. Comr and the storm. By word and deed Mon Jeur Giscard has come lout for uncomplicated leadership yet he was i.v-, in office a week before holding a mini Summit conference in this City with his peer and rival. Chan be Helmut Schmidt of West Ger Many. If there Are any equals among the Jean of Europe. The countries of Giscard and Schmidt Are so. Each is the Mother s partner but the trouble is that France is financially strapped while Germany 15 the Only nation in the com Mon with a favourable balance of pay rents the relationship is not exactly that of Borrower banker but is uncomfortably close. If the Chancellor and the president make a mutually satisfactory Deal they risk being accused by their neighbors of a Bonn Par is a very Tig by Verard. Chancellor Schmidt is still stuck with Willy Brandt s betrayed Friendship with the perfidious soviet Union and president Giscard is stuck with the Krench Public s distinct distaste for any cosiness with the two world superpowers. It is quite possible for Giscard to achieve a warmed up cordiality with America but politically he must prefer the user Usa. Paradoxical As that May seem. The labor movement in France is communist but is not wholly subservient to Russia whereas no Way has yet been devised for a Krench government to sever its Reliance on America As Leader and protector of the Western worm. There is no simplicity in ambivalence. President Giscard has no Choice except to be the free world tide for nationalism. In America it s called self sufficiency. In Russia the trend has turned toward do it yourself i developing raw materials. The Danes and the italians have swung to protectionism of their agriculture and Industry they want to sell but Don t want to buy. Britain is uncomfortable in the common Market and wishes to renegotiate on payments and Trade agreements. French Pride repeatedly Calls for Independence in the opinion polls. Giscard feels he has a Man Date to be a european St Only if he can make France the top nation and the spokesman for european ism. The plans Call for a european confederation by the end of this decade. Simplicity is just not in the diagram. France is a nato member in every Way except military integration yet military Primacy is the Only ladder by which to climb if a Frenchman could be named supreme commander of nato that would do the trick but would require reintegration. If there were an american troop withdrawal by Means of the Mansfield Resolution France would automatically become the major military Power of the continent but president Giscard and French Public opinion would deplore the removal of each american Soldier proverbial French realism puts in in language that May be roughly translated to say every police Force is an expensive nuisance and an insult to personal liberties but the criminal gangs should be disbanded yet if the Kissinger led negotiations could bring about of bar Mutual balanced Force reduction Between the Atlantic Alliance and the Warsaw pact quiere would be a marked Rise of French prestige and perhaps not the panic that is predicted. The overshadowing american presence has obscured the acknowledged excellence of the French armed services. In every interview on this subject the High frequency word is it has been efficiently achieved without great financial Burdei on the French Economy. The military gels 17 per cent of the National budget which comes Only 3. Percent of the Gross National product. Much is written about the soviet american rivalry in Power and it s Seldom noted that France is a two Ocean Navai Power. . Sources Here say thai French intelligence grossly underestimated the danger of a sea War in the Mediterranean last october but this could be explained by French Confidence in their own Navy and by a residual belief that their diplomacy could have calmed the mid East if the superpowers had stayed Home. The French Navy steadily improves through ship building and training schools. The army has temporarily lost funds to the strategic nuclear Force but expects to regain these since the new Money spent on nukes is considered to be capital investment. By far the greatest source of French military Pride and Confidence is the Independent and supposedly indestructible nuclear strike Force. Land based missiles Are in extra hardened Sites and of medium Range Well Able to hit population centers in Western Russia. If the stationary missiles were knocked out. Three crack units of nuclear armed air Force supersonic planes would go into action. If strikes from land and air should not suffice the French have two modern nuclear shooting submarines which Are Home ported at and could Russia by the Northern route. I Napoleon s spirit Here died. For French arms and French diplomacy to Rule Europe is the deathless dream. Lie 1974. Mcnaught Syndicate inc an editor s Outlook general a. Mitchell Palmer. Partly be cause of these tactics. Wilson became Anath Ema to Many . Liberals. I third both Nixon and Wilson were bitterly at Odds with opposition controlled congresses. More than 50 years have passed since Woodrow Wilson fought unsuccessfully for the league of nations and most of us have Only vague impressions of the struggle. Not Richard Nixon Wilson is his hero and As the president goes to the Middle East in Pursuit of his own blueprint for peach the wilsonian example is probably in his mind. For example just before or. Nixon left for the Middle East he told a throng of cheering supporters that he would never leave office and Hal he would never aban Don his quest for peace. The sainted Wood Row showed Many of the same symptoms during his last two years in office he re fused to make any compromises with con Gress Over the league of nations in one speech proclaiming. "1 am ready to fight from now until All the fight has been taken Oul of me by death to redeem the Faith and promises of the United Stales historian Richard Hofstadler put in. Frilson was in search of similar parallel one hesitates to attribute similar motivations of Richard Nixon but the parallel is not without support. His Home front reputation is in waiters. He has badly mishandled Congress. His foreign policy grand design is at East in trouble and the chances of a generation of while better in the Middle Easi. Have been lessened in South Asia by the new nuclear capability of famine endangered India. Over the last two centuries the world has seen a War be tween major Powers at least every 23-40 years and nearly 30 years have passed since the end of world War ii. Given the Overall political Odds against the president martyrdom for peace May be the Best thing that history has to offer. In All fairness. Richard Nixon has made a larger Mark in International affairs than Woodrow Wilson As a result of his russian. Chinese and Middle Eastern initiatives. It May be. Then that or Nixon intends to journey for peace throughout the remainder of his Lime in office convinced Hal his place in history like Wilson s will be secured notwithstanding Domestic Ignominy. Distributed by King features syndic ale by jenuiiliofdjmu., the riot of expectations prof. Irving Kristol of new York univer sity has Are free men doomed to expect a happier a and in their disappointment will they lose their Freedom in an article in the current Issue of the prof. Kristol Points Oul that Western Man s insatiable desire for perfect social orders first led him into millenarian ism. The medieval Christian concluded thai the world was hopeless and he yearned for the second coming when human institutions would vanish and All those Worth Sav ing would be reborn in perfection. When the age of reason Carne upon us. Beginning about 250 years ago. Philosophers became More optimistic about life on Earth. They believed that our brains would prove our salvation and that if Man Only became sufficiently rational the perfect state would emerge. There followed the age of science in which discovery was counted on to give us All limitless riches health and ease. But science had distressing fallout like Over population due to the prolongation of life smokestack and water pollution and the chilling Spector of cataclysmic weapons. So now Hope has turned to the age of government based on the theory Hal Laws and Public servants can cure our ills. In the end less proliferation of government. Kristol fears the Advance of Duiho Ritaann sales Hal will of course destroy Freedom. Stable or reactionary societies Are characterized by a limitation on human expectations. Many years ago Stuart Chase quoted an exasperated american Salesman in mex Ico who excoriated the peons for their damned in progressive societies a steady escalation of wanting was credited with putting a Spur to Industrial and commercial vigor. Within limits this was True the Man who wanted a Model t tended to Ivory harder than the Man who was Content Vith the old buggy his desire Vas translated into More jobs not Only in Detroit bul in the mines and the Sale rooms which generated wealth spread among More people so that they too. Could buy More the whole Power of advertising is aimed at making people discontented with what they have so that they will forever be crowding up . This was not unsound As Long As it impelled people to save so that they might buy. But then it was discovered that if credit were vastly expanded people who had not saved could become buyers. Millions began to View their net Worth not at the figure at which they could liquidate but at the figure at the outer Limi is of their credit. And this produced citizens who were so deeply in Hock that they could stand no bad news. Hence the demand arose for Guaran teed Prosperity full employment endlessly escalating wages and from Cradle to grave. All this the politicians Hare been promising to deliver by Force of government. But the trouble is that this brings up the hard political Choice Between the taxes Nec Essary to support a Pep Pill Economy or re sorting to Fiat Money which will eventually ruin the currency and destroy so curly. This May explain the Peculiar death wish of liberals that is. The pursuing of policies which would inevitably result in the totalitarian slate a Complete negation of All the human values and freedoms which the liberals claim to cherish. In such a Sale. Philosophical liberals Are the first to he Strung tothe lampposts. Still. The totalitarian state Lias one great advantage. It can Slop the runaway of expectations. Ii can say these things you shall not have and still survive. The totalitarian state is millennial. It claims that the second coming has come that the perfect order is Here that further revolution is unthinkable and thai the slate nol Only has the right but the duty to Squash those who would Buck perfection. To free government could survive the shortfalls in consumer production Hal arc chronic in Russia. Bul the Kremlin says this is the Best of All possible worlds and continues to Rule. I says Kristol. Dreams passionately of a liberation from All existing orthodoxies religious social political but sooner or later in Mist wearily and gratefully surrender to a new orthodoxy which calms its passions even As it Compro Mises its it s a thought. Copyright 1974, Gen. Fea. Corp in these times if t some inter sting Points while hoosiers still talk occasionally about the weather crop planing. Fishing and other assorted subjects people in Washington. . Confine their conversations primarily to the impeachment of the president and related subjects. Several interesting Points have been raised by syndicated columnists political observers and the Legal beagles in the nation s capital. Just recently one radio commentator asked the question about the legality of using the White House tapes presidential notes and other material As evidence in the impeach ment proceedings. He noted that. Our Constitution protects a defendant to the Point he does not have to testify against himself and in effect Hal is what the tapes and related evidence amounts to. Another Point made recently by a washing ton lawyer was the fart Hal a Senate impeachment trial could carry Over from one Congress to another because of the Long delay in the inquiry he challenged the legality of that. By comparison it would amount to a Man standing trial in a civil court and in the mid dle of the proceedings have As Many As tour of the jurors dismissed and replaced by four others. About one third of the Senate is up for elec Tion this year. If an impeachment trial is Star led and not completed before Jan. I Here is a Good Chance Many of the senators sitting alter that Dale would be new to the upper chamber and would nol have heard the testimony and evidence presented prior Tole firs i of i he year. We believe the two men have valid Points. After All. A president s right to due process me his duty to observe the Law ought not be than that of an Ordi nary citizen

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