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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 4

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Anderson, Indiana Page 4 sunday july 28, 196ft or. Big immorality upheld just because an Alabama Law was inconsistent with the Federal so Cial Security act the supreme court of the United states has unanimously approved a decision that says did to dependent children can not be denied a Mother who indulges in illicit sex relations with a Man in Hie House who is not the father of the children. We do not think the judges for a moment desired to condone Adul Tery. We feel they became so embroiled in technicalities that they overlooked the purpose of the Ala Bama statute. The problem is a simple one. Ala Bama has a Law which embraces a substitute father regulation. This regulation denies financial assist Ance under the Federal Aid to fam Ilies of dependent children if the Mother cohabit inside or out Side of her own Home with any Able bodied or married. The supreme court declared the Alabama Law invalid because in is inconsistent with the Federal so Cial Security act. Eighteen other states have similar Laws and these also Are presumably invalid now. To the Law abiding citizen today this May not seem such a crucial matter. However the department education and welfare estimated there May be Between 000 and families affected by the ruling. They also estimated there May be Between and. People not presently Eligi ble might become recipients just because of the recent ruling. What in effect this Means is that huge amounts of Money could be made available to substitute fathers who can then live freely off he great society and the taxpayers without any requirement that the Money be spent to care for the Chil Dren for whom it is meant. The social Security act defines a dependent child As a needy child who has been deprived of parental support or care by reason of death continued absence from the Home or physical or mental incapacity of a Alabama contended a woman having sexual relations with a Man who is not her husband is actually providing her children with a sub die state also a and we think rightly so that such a clause was justified because its purpose was to discourage illicit sexual relations and illegitimacy the Justice who wrote the unanimous opinion said it is simply inconceivable that Alabama is free to discourage immorality and illegitimacy by the device of absolute of needy Chil he also said that we believe Congress intended the term Par ent to include Only those persons with a Legal duty of it seems that such a decision on the part of the court Only encourages illicit affairs and illegitimacy and at the same time in some in stances forces the children to suf Fer the tragedy of being reared in an environment that will hardly con tribute to their future morality and Well being. Thus the supreme court has again become bogged Down with be Gal phrases and technicalities and is overlooking the accepted behaviour of human beings communist rules for revolution a. Corrupt the Young get them away from religion. Get them inter ested in sex. Make them superficial destroy their ruggedness. B. Get control of Means of publicity and thereby 1. Get people s minds off their government by focusing their Atten Tion on athletics and plays and other trivialities. 2. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no import Ance. The people s Faith in their natural leaders by holding the matter up to contempt ridicule and obloquy. 4. Always preach True democracy but seize Power As fast and As ruthlessly As possible. 5. By encouraging government extravagance destroy its credit produce fear inflation with Ris ship Wise by Joumei b. Martin to the casual observer and even to some of the seasoned sailors or seasoned Yachtsman the sight of two Large ships slumbering along at 15 knots less than a Joo feet apart might _. Seem disconcerting but it is the Cornerstone of one of the most common of All naval evolutions the underway replenish ment. Although her As sets More than balance scale one of a destroyer s critical restrictions is her limited capacity for fuel ammunition food and other stores. To preclude nor hav ing to return to port for fuel and supplies every few Days she depends on oilers ammunition ships and stores to replenish her while on station in lie Tonkin Gulf or South China sea. Most cruisers and destroyers in the Vietnam area have Large underway replenishment at least twice each week. Often taking on More than Gallons of fuel 1.000 rounds of am munition several tans of Frosli feeds and other supplies and often even mail from Home. During a replenishment a Cruiser or de Stroyer might be alongside an ammunition ship for As Long As two hours connected by lines and cables hauling danger Ous ammunition across a Hundred feet of swirling foaming White water. Heavy cruisers in the Vietnam area Are used primarily on operation sea dragon ing prices and general discontent. 6. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries encourage civil Dis orders and Foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders. 7. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the old moral Virtues honesty sobriety Contin ence Faith in the pledged word ruggedness. C. Cause the registration of All firearms on some pretext with a them and Leav helpless. Note the above rules for revolution were secured by George a. Brain Liam state attorney for the state of Florida from a known member of the communist party who has acknowledged it to be still a part of the communist program to. Overthrow the government of the United slates. Martin naval gunfire support and in support o amphibious landings Bee Ause of their heavy fire Power. Carrying both eight Inch and live Inch guns these ships can hit targets up to 15 Miles away with their main batteries while concentrating m enemy guns along the coasts with their secondary batteries. Light cruisers Are mainly used on naval gunfire support and amphibious landings. Many other ships of different types Are used in this sea dragon opera Tion in next week s column. Short thoughts henceforth borrowers and buyers will be told the True Cost of credit which still leaves the big question How much Are the monthly pay ments being heavier than Salt water tuna fish must constantly swim or sink to the Bottom. Candidates for Public office have the same prob some sink. The City Council awarded a contract for a motorized fire pump to the Seagrave co. Of Columbus 0., or on March 25. 1915. The pump was delivered july 3 of that year. It failed to meet tests on july 16 and was returned to factory july 19. It was repaired and returned to City 23, the Herald established june 18, 1868 published by newspapers int. Telephone 643-5371 c. Com suck k w. Tom. To i t. Jane Scon caries w. Vaughun Raymond a. Mond honour vim Fife it _ _ Lii Ltd daily on sunday monday. dais Piloco paid i , sir Carrier on. , 50c. 8y Moil in Madison Ond a Xinliu whirl dry i Woi Lawi payable in on. Year j1j.oo month., tar. .1. A slim Ond on j2.4.00 s12.00 jj.50, jj.j5. Special of Rolf f of Rou should mass yous esd a , Iii to i iv.1, copy o a 4j.537, of Ord top tent can t . By Pitiot Meuse air. Tharold your co Rizir fail to you on sunday go to the Rte Oral plot Vrtol Tilli Trond Nan e r.oiipioir.1. A Tony win Gavin you without Thorst. Member of the associated press Tho Ciocio tire 11 inlillia1 to Iho for Publ Olion Oil la fetal Kiwi prof id in hit a Whf of n will Ell m the worry clinic on the right by William f. Buckley Waining from Teverino do you feel threatened i mean by the right Wing if not you should be or such in any Case is the judgment of my favorite lost cause or. Steve Allen. I have Here a communication from him asking for Money for a Little bureaucracy tax exempt called the Institute for american democracy whose literature is testimony to the neuroses of some very distinguished american liberals. Or. Allen s letter Des Niter Fri crimes the unreal from Buckley he reactionary right and the need to expose it. The accompany ing brochure has on Page one a great big picture of Adolf Hitler addressing he storm troopers and the legend it can t happen Here or can it is truly strange is , that american liberals should be talking about the possibility of Hitler Jim in this country inasmuch As they have Al ways accused the right Wing of harbouring altogether fanciful fears conceding an internal menace. And incidentally if we Are to believe or. Allen that it can happen Here surely we ought instantly to encourage rather than discourage the traffic in firearms if a Hitler is around he Corner i for one de sire a Well stocked Little armory with which to Greet tile storm trooper when he comes calling. I have or. Allen s private Telephone number and herewith undertake to give him a ring after the menace hits the East coast in plenty of time before it arrives in California. Thus far one can smile at or. Allen and his illustrious co adj tors the Letterhead includes great big he men cosm polite Law yers like Morris Abram head of the american jewish committee a former at Torney general Francis Biddle and such types As father John , Walter Reuther Dore senary George Shuster and Adlai Stevenson Iii. Adlai Stevenson in will be signing such letters in a few years if the storm troopers Haven t got him by but the second Page of the brochure be comes mischievous. Because Pic Tures there in exactly equal size of nine persons identified As the salesmen of tha Radical right who presumably Are striving to bring Hitler to this country. The first is the late George Lincoln Rockwell and quite properly so inasmuch As that is exactly what he desired to do. Then there is the picture of a Kun Kluwer. And Jien Pic Tures of Robert Welch Billy James har gis Carl Mcintire general Walker h. L Hunt Dan Smoot Clarence Marion and Fred Svarz. Take the Case of or. Shwarz. An Ralian citizen of impeccable intelligence and courage who loathes every form of tyranny. The smile at the neuroses of the Steve Lens begins to Wither at such an guilt by association. Or. Abram who is a " partner in a senior Law firm i hinted York " City presumably knows enough about the Law of libel to wander Why he his hot been visited by 1 a e r s representing or. Shwarz. On the other hand perhaps he and Steve Allen Are unruffled. Perhaps they would be unruffled if a right Wiig Organiza Tion sent out a brochure warning of perils of the left featuring photographs of Joseph Stalin Fidel Castro and Steve Allen. Yet somehow i think to judge from past if such a thing happened i would very soon receive an indignant letter from or. Allen asking me to join him in denouncing the irresponsible right. To be sure the brochure docs announce its opposition to extremists of the by name it identifies the communist party the progressive labor party ram the Black muslims web Dubois clubs and the youth against War and fascism. All very Safe but hardly a complementary rendering. If you Are going to include such As Clarence Manion and Fred Shwarz on the right Why not include John Kenneth Galbraith and Eugene Mccarthy on the left see what i mean Brady s health service by or. William Brady 32 to 132 a lady sends snapshots of herself taken in when she weighed 327 pounds in 3965 when she weighed 220 pounds Janu one taken in August of 1965, when she weighed 175, and finally one taken in october of 1965, when she weighed 143 and wore a size 12 dress. Did she achieve this extraordinary reduction by following some Freak diet no. It is obvious from her letter that she is a person of More than Ordinary intelligence. Here is her letter dear or. Brady enclosed is a Check for s12-s7.50 for the pocket cyclopedia of health and for All 40 pamphlets. To have followed your column in our paper faithfully and words cannot Tell you How much i have been helped by your teachings. I had a severe Case of obesity 327 pounds of blubber arid i had every disease in the Book. I lost 194 pounds in 18 months by listening to my own personal physician join ing a health club using my own common sense and supplementing my diet with Ca i d Candy and using the information you published about the care of skin hair Teeth Etc., and i honestly believe i owe my life to you and wanted to Tell you How grateful i am to you. 1 now weigh 132 pounds and have never been healthier or happier in my life. I feel absolutely mar Velous and have no sign of hypertension diabetes Etc. You so much for All the wonder Ful articles you have Mitten. My Only prayer is that More people would follow your teachings to Good health instead of silting on their ischia Tuberosity is grip ing groaning about their aches pains problems and misfortune. I travelled that Road and it was Bell on Earth but i have now found my pot of at the end of the Best wishes i you May notice the lady says Little about diet. But unlike Many who want to re Duce she listened to her own physician. This is Umi sual most women who want to reduce consider reduction outside of the Ordinary doctor s province. They imagine there is some secret about it which Only a charlatan or perhaps a Hollywood mail order merchant can impart. In Little lesson no. 10, rules for reducing 35c and stamped self addressed i describe and illustrate a num Ber of calisthenic exercises from the last Brady symphony which promote flexibility and supplements characteristics which oppose flab Biness. An important Rule which applies to every sedentary adult who wants to reduce or prevent accumulation of slacker flesh is this when you finish your meal and hear a Rumor of dessert in the Outing push resolutely away from the table or lunch counter. Dessert is . Or boys and girls who play hard and for honest working people but it is very bad Medicine for parasites or those who live by their wits. Any diet whether for reduction or other purpose that does not include three glasses of whole milk skim milk or Buttermilk daily should be supplemented with of i a because a limited diet is almost certain to be deficient in Calcium and an adequate daily ration of Calcium with Vitamin d is essential to maintain health. The Ordinary diet of most1 americans is deficient in Calcium anyway. So restriction of the diet for any purpose aggravates it and this probably accounts for the ill consequences of reducing diets in Many cases. It is just Good sense to consult your physician if you need to reduce. If your physician is not competent to supervise your diet and other treatment you had better change doctors. Signed letters pertaining to personal health and Hygiene not to disease diagnosis or treatment will be. Answered by or. Brady if a stamped self addressed envelope is enclosed. Letters should be Brief and written in Ink. Owing to the Large number of letters received Only a few can be answered Here. No reply can be made to queries not instructions. Address or. William Brady 625 Al Camino South Bev Erly Hills. California by or. George w. Crone Billy is a potential school dropout yet Hev Las Gigli Intelli. From cultured Cuca and comes parents so his Mother decided to use the Bank robber strategy she then zoomed him Inlo the up per Quarter of the class by thus 437 jumping lie Gua and using he Booklet mentioned below. Dads your dollars Don t make scholars scrapbook this Case Case g-537 Billy aged 11, worries his Mother., or. She began Billy is rather timid. And he has been made More so by the fact my husband is a Salesman who has been transferred 3 times since Billy entered first Grade. That Means Billy has entered 3 differ ent schools so he has never made lasting friendships last term Billy was in the lower 25 Par cent of his class so How could i help him raise his Marks next Bank robber strategy it. May sound shocking at first glance but a Good Mother should use the Bank robber strategy for such Crooks thoroughly study i a next Bank they plan to Rob. They Case the and become Well acquainted with the work habits arid Lime schedule of the employes., you smart parents might take a lesson from them by looking ahead to the next your child will enter. Find out which Reading Book will be used or Spelter history text Etc. Then obtain Stich books in Advance nowadays the people who reach the top need not Only to be smart and industrious but they must often jump the this Means they must do a Little scouting in Advance so they Are some what familiar with their future problems even before they face them. Folklore by William Wade slightly stunned might be used to de. Scribe some of the everyday incidents that happen to us. A Man received a deck of Canasta cards from his seven year old daughter on his birthday despite the fact he i does t play the game i and what s she knows it. But Mary sue explained with great pa-1 that she could to resist the. Deck because i the pictures on the backs reminded her of my i mom and Ai look at the pictures on the backs revealed a pair of handsome love Birds. A nervous Young lawyer arose to make his first speech in a court. Your Honor my unfortunate client your Honor my unfortunate client your you parents can zoom your child s school Marks within a Mailer of 6 weeks by 15 minutes of Home tutoring per Day. But sugar coat your tutoring so it is fun. Inject Competition Tco so Junior can try to beat his daddy at identifying the printed words taken from die school Reader which you have printed on Flash cards. Cut strips of White cardboard 1 by 10 inches and print the strange words thereon which your child does t know. Hold up two cards at a Lime but first explain what each word Means. Also Point out its different appearance As window is. shuffle your two cards and let Junior then try to identify each one while you Are counting slowly to five. Add a. 3rd card then a 4th and 5th, Etc., till you soon have Given him All tha strange words in his Reading Book. Multiplication tables can also be presented in Finis same manner. But limit each game to 5 or to minutes. Let daddy compete and whoever names the word first then gets to place that card in his pile. The one with the bigger pile wins that round. Mothers the time to be sure your child does not drop out of High school but goes on to College with flying colors is now for children in the lower half of their class furnish most of the dropouts and Sel Dom go on to College Send for my Booklet How to raise your child s school enclosing a Long stamped return envelope plus 20c. And jump the gun on next term s problems by getting tile books in Advance and giving your child at least 10 per cent familiarity with hem head Start can move a child from the Bottom bracket to the top level o the scholars a College insurance policy is splendid but of no use to a dropout so make your child a Topnotch scholar and he will want to enter College when writing to or. Crane Mellot ind1., enclose stamped self addressed envelops and 20 cents to cover typing or printing costs when you seek Persona advice or Ona of is psychological charts. Wade go on go the judge said so far As you have proceeded the court is entirely with a Man started Down a gravel covered Hill in an Indiana state Park. The gravel began slipping and he lost control of his feet being unable to keep from sliding downward. About Halfway Down he encountered a Large heavy woman with a picnic Basket of considerable size and other items. The meeting was Sud Den and before either a collision occurred and both were sliding Down the Hill the Man underneath the fat woman and her Basket and Blanket on top. When the Bottom was reached and the woman was trying to recover her breath and feet these faint words were borne to her ear Pardon me Madam but you will have to get off Here. This is As far As i american saying parentheses Are a bar Rel for a thought that loss its suspenders. An editor s Outlook Jones by Jenkins Lloyd Jones greatest or is it America s quadrennial voodoo festivals the National political conventions Are on us once again the precious phrase ology of bureaucracy it is time to examine their relevance to our current the relevance is Lousy. Ever since they were invented they have been a combination of ghost raising carnival and burning of the Here tics. The ghost raising has involved calling up from the grave the departed party saints. I the carnival is sup plied of course by the and the heretic burning comes in two parts the vicarious scorching of the opposition party As a Refuge for betray ers of the american dream and the More practical scourging of dissident elements in the convention. Sometimes these dissident elements re Fusa to be scourged and there is a dra Matic Walko ulers never seem to get elected to anything. The Best they can Hope to do As in the Case of the Bull Moose rebellion of 1912, is to wreck the chances of the regular party candidate whom they hate far worse than the head of the opposition. A convention s High Point of asininity is hard to pinpoint but he Choice would prob ably be Between the Ama who nominating speeches and the wild demonstrations that follow. A Man whose speeches consist of a Large number of sentences All beginning with a Man and describing ii rising idume and hysteria a succession of Stead ily More improbable Virtues. At the end there is the name. The name has been known All along but the hundreds of demonstrators who have been packed swe Atily in the wings pretend that it is constantines sign from heaven. They burst Forth in feigned fits dancing Down the aisle in a mad Tarantella while a Dutiful if agnostic organist plays fortissimo whatever has been chosen for the theme song. If this lasted 90 seconds it would be barely tolerable. No sane human being can Beer convincingly for the ing of Jesus for More than 90 seconds. But it goes to and on under the amazing theory that invincibility of the Candi Date stands in direct relation to the Ridic Ulous behaviour of his sup writers. After 40 minutes the demonstrators All look like the seventh Day of a dance Marathon and the entire television audience has visited the bathroom and the refrigerator not once out several times. The second pert of this tableau is tha attempt to curb it. The chairman Bangs with his Gavel and the exhausted March ers wish they could obey him. But in Stead they All yell afresh and redouble their gyrations while the Organ Brays and wheezes with new enthusiasm. This is sup posed to demonstrate that the candidate is so marvelous it is impossible to Stop adoring him. But nothing can last tha hour for the seconding speeches arrives. Seconding speakers include one woman one negro one Insp Catholic one Man speak ing broken English one jew one Man with a Southern accent and whatever ungrammatical party Bosses it s deemed prudent to Honor. You can put 1924 Down As the beginning of the real of american conventions. That was when radio came in. It was also the year when the democrats were in labor through 103. Ballots in an Unai conditioned Houston and gave birth to something called John Davis. Tile breathless radio commentators stimulated the phony demonstrations encouraged exhibitionists to stage walkouts for the Sake of interviews and because the microphone abhors silence spent hours give currency to the most idiotic rumours. But it was until the arrival of Tele vision that the convention lost All sem Blance of sanity. Not Only did these affairs learn to Mill aimlessly until the Onset of prime evening time but a new journalistic device that of the Eyebrow editorial was invented. In the Eyebrow editorial the commentator Speaks Neutral words but by the momentary pause the slightly lifted Eyebrow the barely perceptible Smirk gives the impression that the whole thing is Loo ridiculous. David Brinkley brought this Art perfection the Goldwater convention. Paradoxically. To May yet save the conventions from themselves. A lot of practical american poli agree with Ike Eisen Hower that we d better overhaul the whole show. It s bad theater too contrived to fake too Long. It is possible that each next month will drive away a lot of customers. Gen. Fea. Corp preamble we the people Onitta states in order to form a More perfect Union establish Justice Majure Domestic Tranquility provide for tha common defense promote the general Wel fare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this constr Bot for the United states of America

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