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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 4

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Anderson, Indiana Page 4 Anderson sunday Herald Jupiter and mercurius and Whan the saw what Paul had they Lifis up i her saying in of by Csonka gods Are come Down to us in of men. And they called Barnabas Paul mercurius because he was the e chief speaker. Paul and Barnabas two of the most Stalwart missionaries of the Early Church now Are in territory hitherto unreached by the message of Christendom. Here in fact is a Community that still worships the ancient gods of the a Fertile Field for men of the Zeal of Paul and Barnabas. Paul scarcely sets foot in the City of Lystra before he sees in his Audi ence a crippled Man one it turns out who has been powerless to walk since the moment of his birth. Paul watches the cripple for a moment and perceives in him the Faith to be healed. So he Speaks out in a loud voice stand upright on thy instantly the cripple Springs to his feet and walks about. The Miracle of course does not fail to amaze and impress the people of Lustra. Immediately they begin to mumble in their native Tongue a language alien to Paul and Barnabas. The they to the ancient gods of the greeks Are come Down to us. In the likeness of in a moment s they become convinced that Barnabas is the. Greek god Jupiter. And since Paul appears to be the principal spokesman of the two they decide that he must be mercurius. So there comes Forward the chief priest of Jupiter who brings oxen to be sacrificed and garlands of Flowers to place on the brows of the gods be come men. Meanwhile the people throng about Paul and Barnabas in Praise and adulation. These two Humble missionaries Are aghast to find themselves not their object of worship. Finally they succeed in. Quieting the crowd. They cry Why do be these things we also Are men of like not done vet i passions with you and preach unto that be should turn from these vanities unto the living god which made heaven arid Earth and the and All Are therein who in times past suffered All nations to walk in their own ways. Nevertheless he left not himself without. Witness in that he did Good and gave us rain from heaven and fruitful seasons filling 6ur hearts with food and eventually Paul and Barnabas succeed in convincing the townspeople that they Are. Indeed Mere mortals. But Only a few listen earnestly to the words they preach and Only a few be come adherents to the Christian Faith. Now from Antioch and Iconium already visited by the Chris Tian come jewish priests bitterly opposed to the new order of Christendom. launch upon a Campaign of slander against Paul and Barnabas among the people of Lystra. They succeed in arousing the passions of the people to such a Point that Paul and Barnabas Are stoned in the streets. Under the blows Paul Falls As if dead. And his body is dragged to the out skirts of the City. There gather about him at that deserted spot the relatively few con verts to Ivy among the people of Lys tra. And k As they stand about him mourning what they suppose to be his death they see his body move. Then they see him Rise up and return to the City. There he is reunited with Barnabas and together the following Day they go to the City of Derbe. There they continue their baptizing confirming their converts appointing priests to continue the Mission of building the Church. Into each Community thereby is born the germ of Christian germ that is to grow in the years ahead into the Force in human his tory. Or. Brady s the Case records of a psychologist copyright 1956 by Fht f. Dilfer. George w. Foreign John b. Lorna s Case was diagnosed Many years ago by William Shakespeare. For shakes Peare was a remarkable applied psychologist. If you wonder Why some husbands have nagging wives scrap Book this Case. And be sure to Send for the Booklet mentioned below. Nagging often revealed a wife s erotic frustration. Bonn five Day 40-hour week has not yet become practice in workers put in a five and a half Day week and Here in Germany the typical work week is still 48 hours. But there Are Many More holi Days and holy Days in Europe than in America. European governments decree that every sunday is a Legal Holiday and from 12 to 15 additional Days each year depending on the country Are celebrated As holi Days. Most of these additional holi Days Are holy Days and involve religious observances on the part of a Good catholics and protestants. My wife and i have been Back in Germany less than four weeks during which time the germans have had seven holi Days four sundays and three religious holidays. During past six months the German have celebrated seven Holiday besides sundays. This compare with Only two holidays in a Mer Lea during the same period Nev year s Day and memorial Day the religious holidays in Europe Are customarily celebrate in a most impressive manner specially by the catholics. Such Holiday holy Days Are reverently served by going to Church or by special meetings and Obser one of the most moving Reli ious events we have seen since or arrival was the Celebration of Corpus Christi Day Here on Une 20. This is one of the big jest Church celebrations of the year and is widely observed Lere in the Catholic Rhineland. In every Catholic City and own and even in the villages Here is a religious procession which winds through the streets to the Cathedral or Church with ook part in the procession in homage to the body of Christ Here in Bonn persons took part in the precession in eluding besides leading Church dignitaries headed by papal an Nuncio archbishop Muench University students i n Specia garb nuns monks and thousands of members of various religious orders As Well As professors politicians red Cross workers boy scouts girl scouts and Var ious other groups Many of these groups san hymns As they marched whittle girls from three to seven ears of age All dressed in White wearing garlands of Pink oses on their Heads and carry no Small baskets of Flowers scattered Flower petals along the Vay As they walked. Another impressive group were those nuns dressed in Black with Large White Epa lets on their shoulders who had taken a vow never to utter a word for the rest of their lives. Corpus Christi Day was a Beau Wiful sunshiny Day Here. Along he streets which the procession followed had been placed Small 3irch Trees covered with tender Young leaves while from the windows of houses which lined the route could be seen Minia Ture altars and Many lighted candles. Corpus Christi Day was celebrated even during the perilous times under when the nazis tried to the Bonn Celebration in 1944 by prohibiting women from participating in the procession men defiantly assembled and marched in the Yomen s place. In Germany holy Daj s Are holy Days and Are Likely to be so observed regardless of what kind of political government May be Case v-337 Lorna 20, is a College coed. But or. Crane my problem concerns Lorna began. For she is certainly a perfect example of a nagging wife. Nothing daddy does is Ever right she criticizes him All the time. But he is so Meek and for giving that he shrugs off her caustic remarks. He is very generous with his Money. And he does t smoke or drink. He always conies Home on time from the office. And he is a faithful attendant his proper masculine role. Affection and love of Tactual elements. So Home crave More than flowery wore and Long Range romancing. They Hope their sweetheart i use some Cave Man tactics a least on occasion. They want to know that the steel fist is under the silk Glov once they Are sure of that fac they maybe docile and Happy to rest of their lives. But if a Man never shows his masculine steel but always tries to mollify his mate with gentle that is because Jiggs As iw4 by me by William Brody m. D. Sour stomach i Here s a composite of Many to the Best of my knowledge the diagnosis of ulcer is wrong in two cases out of ten. The Gen eral Hygiene and diabetic and medicinal treatment for Yankee stomach is much the same As the genes s i need a remedy for a sour peach i seem to get after eat Jig. I have a sour choking feeling in my Throat that won t move Iso a great Deal of Gas. I have Een to the no results. Have so much heartburn first Send me a stamped self a dressed envelope and ask for he pamphlet on Yankee Stom in my lexicon a Yankee is Ray resident of North what i Call Yankee stomach s Titis symptom Complex hyper deity hunger pain heartburn acid uneasiness from fullness after eat no bloating by Gas general irritability and impatience. Sour treatment for ulcer. People who have not had a year of High school Are Likely to think gastric refers to it refers to Stoi reach gaster Gas for half an hour or longer after the food is swallowed digestion of starch by the enzyme a Yalin in the saliva occurs. If the food in t chewed there is Little starch Means the Bur Den is shifted to the duodenum where the pancreatic juice and the bile have to do the work that should have been done in the Mouth and upper portion fun As any freshman greek or latin student knows. Following a meal the stomach contents Are very acid or sour in a healthy person. Therefore should some emotional Occi Irence retard arrest or reverse the digestive peristalsis the churning or rhythm and ascription of hype acidity. Hun Ger pain is the gnawing disco Ort of pain that comes on hours after a meal when the stomach is presumably. Empty and is usually believed by taking some food especially or lean the Narue hunger pain. Some instances these sym oms do indicate ulcer in stomach peptic or gastric or in the intestine a few inches beyond the stomach outlet t is called duodenal ulcer. Individual is Likely to realize How very sour or acid the Chyme digesting food or gastric juice is a primary cause of Yankee stomach which is generally ignored by patients and physicians alike is loss impairment or neg gelt of mastication. Doctors and people easily for get if indeed they Ever Learned that digestion begins in the food is properly chewed. During mastication Anc dus of the stomach. In the Yankee stomach pamphlet i do recommend what i relieve is the most satisfactory and least objection Al antacid for Relief of the Simponis mentioned above. But it is childish to Hope that this or any other Medicine will cure such trouble. Signed letters pertaining to personal health and Hygiene not to disease diagnosis or treatment will be answered or. Brady if a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed. Letters should be Brief and written in Ink. Owing to tilt Large number of Fetters received Only a few can be answered Here. No reply can be made to queries not conforming to instructions. Address or. Wil Liam Brady 265 Al South Calif Small worlds Cream being naturally head neatness and dispatch the Pullet egg and Are marked Ter than milk rises to the sur face and is often skimmed off leaving what is called skim med although it might sound a Little far fetched this same process known As skim is the regular feeding pattern of a Peculiar group of Shore Birds known As skim mers. Too it is at the top of the water where the Cream is where these feathered acrobats secure their food. They skim it off the quite an accomplishment this taking in of food in full flight but the Skimmer does it As easily As you would open a Book of matches. Maybe it s not so difficult when we consider the fact that the Skimmer has a Bill unique in he Bird world. The lower Man Dible or under half of the Bill s considerably longer than the Mer is an agile and Active Black markings capable of Long sustained flight. The skimmers Are about the size of a sea Gull. The Back is i size of a sea Guu. I be eau a 13 during their res periods extending up and onto which Are usually air the Day h t of the head the Light hours the Birds rest tired rows on a or by is Whito. Lagg and feet fac Jare Orange color and the Bill is degenerated into a Pla Torii Hus band thrill is fondling a Stein of Beer or a plate of corned beef and cabbage instead of his wife. When men grow senile they thus begin to think about gastric pleasures instead of love delights. They May become connoisseurs of various fancy restaurants and be Able to Tell you the eating at Church too so Why should places that concoct the Best Sal Mother be such a chronic nag ads or the most succulent Stew. So when men debate food recipes they Are often growing effeminate. Shakespeare s psychology Shakespeare was one of the greatest applied psychologists of Why wives nag nagging is often the weapon employed by an erotically starved female to prod a sluggish male into action. Although women in general Are All time and he understood the comparatively frigid As Meas the average male s stand Ard they do have some definite hunger for affection. A Normal woman cannot enjoy the full amount of erotic thrill however from a Dutiful or. Milk Toast. In the famous comic strip about Jiggs Maggie you will find that Maggie is also a chronic Dagger. M Power. Interpreting the news by William l. Ryan associated press stews analyst Nikita Khrushchev s Appeal to us Stop considering each other As enemies and try and get on sounds for rus Sia s addiction to the theory of world revolution. Khrushchev is still trying to make everybody believe that rus Sia is prepared to confine herself to no belligerent Competition for the minds of men. Yet Russia continues to violate throughout the world the Princi ple embodied in the american diplomatic recognition treaty of she should not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. And she continues to live by a Creed which holds that revolution must be imposed by Force. Nos in Khrushchev assumes the Guise of a lout rather than a barbarian. Flounders shrimps crabs scooped up in huge quantities Daphne ala., my thousands of flounders and huge quantities of crabs and shrimp were scooped up thursday in the first fairly big fish Jubilee of the year. Crabs and shrimp swam in to the Beach along a two mile stretch of the Eastern Side of the Bay across from Mobile. Psychology of nagging wives. In the taming of the shrew he showed the strategy which such Cross quarrelsome women need. Subconsciously a girl senses whether or not her male Escor is a virile male or a sluggish half effeminate creature. And if she feels that he isn7 bold or audacious enough she tries nag him into assuming he will become even More quarrelsome. How wives feel or. Crane i Don t know Why i am so mean to my Many a Young wife has tearfully confessed to me. But closer analysis shows that she is trying to prod her mate nto a laying on of hands. I just wish he d spank me ill i could t sit is. A common remark of such wives who thus indicate their craving for masculine brute Force. Although most men Are too self ish and brutal there is a minority who they try to be Loo Gallant and Ultra considerate see tomorrow s if you wish More specific advice on How to handle nagging Send for that Booklet enclosing a stamped return Enve Lope plus 20 cents. When writing to or. Crant Mellot ind., enclose stamped self addressed envelope and 2i cents to cover typing or ing costs when you seek Sonal advice or one of his psychological charts. Scoop. The literary guidepost by w. G. Rogers he talks about the Possi abilities of a Loveless marriage be tween Russia and the West he Dis plays a profound ignorance of american sensibilities. Loveless marriages Are a product of the old world. They violate american senti ment. Especially when they take place for the purpose of enhancing the Power of some ruling fam ily such As the Kremlin Hier Archy. Cancerettes7 name asked for cigarettes London Henry Berg an estimated 500 persons armed general practitioner writing in with tubs sacks baskets suggests cigarettes should be called even while talking of coexist Spears poured out on the Beach or. Ice and peaceful Competition be after the traditional Call of Jubi ers. For beating the craving for Tobac ence and peaceful Competition tween systems was Given by Beach watch he also had these suggestions threatens to break the Bones any satellite whose people act As Hungary s people acted last fall. As Long As Russia threatens free the session lasted about Sixto hours. No scientific explanation has Peoples with Force As Long As she j been Given for the dash of the keeps Small nations in jail she j flounders and other Marine life will be considered an enemy Yilo the Beach. It is believed to All subscribers to the principle of occur regularly Only on the cast Liberty. Ern Shore of Mobile Bay usually As for some of his other say in july and August. Eat Candy. 2. Bite empty cigarette Holder. 3. Chew gum. 4. Switch to filter tips. Or. Bergh said the filter tip would ease the craving in 8 to 10 weeks. They hanged my saintly Billy. By Graves. Doubleday. It was 101 years ago that Wil Liam Palmer was hanged be cause according to judge and jury at London s old Bailey he dosed his dear Friend John Cook with strychnine. A dozen other deaths were Laid in the popular mind to this Young surgeon and sportsman As Well As a few crimes like forgery. Graves does n t question the minor offences but he has doubts about Palmer s guilt on the main charge for which he died with some fortitude before a vengeful crowd of clamouring for his life. Ren stove the murder accusation and Palmer was even so far fro i the saintly Billy that his Mother who was no Saint her self called him. He was born and brought up in Staffordshire in a family of some Means. A Peppery fellow he was still in his teens when he got a girl in trouble. Leading other girls astray he danced Down a Primrose path but a path strewn with corpses his wife his brother men Anc women Here and there were treated with Brandy or wine sometimes they were first insured with Palmer the Benefi Ciary then they keeled Over the though Loman was a failure by to terms so Miller is involved Vith. It though Miller is a Suc Cess. In plays As Mill views them there comes a time when some human being uns smack into some conflict which he cannot find it in him self to walk away from or turn Lis Back and this in the fact says Miller that Eva Sion is probably the most devel oped technique most men Lave you May be for the Law you May be for conscience. But in any Case the argument for con science has never been put with any More fiery sincerity. Miler has a mind orthodox american new eng Landish his mind is of the kind which except on the few dim occasions when we combat it we have always been inordinately proud. No one understands better than he what he Calls the full loathes meness of an often and while in. Full flight they Emit a Peculiar cry that sounds startlingly like the bark ing of a. Small dog. Seldom do they Fly far out to sea prefer ring the tidal Flats and areas close to Shore. Never will they clarifies them As Long winged swimmers Allied to and terns. After the Sun has gone and. Just before total darkness blots out sights along the water s Edge the Shadow shapes of the Skimmer look unreal and almost be found Inland unless blown a male eerie. They seem there by violent storms. J something with no substance Only one flitting through the darkness the Black Skimmer is the Only flying Birds taking on food in upper part. And this acts As a j representative of the species that a hard awhile in full head times the skimmers usually feed at Dawn and. At dusk flying rapid y just above the surface of the Tater. Looking ahead the Bird lives on the North american flight Tinnent. They Range throughout the Eastern Seaboard and around the Gulf to Texas. They Lay their eggs in slight Depres Sions on the Sand with no pee Poti a school of Small fish at cushioning the nest hop Heads for them his Mouth wide ins and trusting that the broken governor Calls it penal powder Keg Indianapolis iffy gov. _ u Handley has branded the Wom open so that the under Bill on the Beach will prison Here a penal powder barely skimming the water. The the wind from blowing themlke6" and ordered immediate fish Are scooped sw.Al-1 away. Lowed. To accomplish this with the eggs Are about the size of folklore by William if anyone asked you to use the. The excess of rain this year word Cwm in a sentence How docs not seem to discourage a ii nmn Irr Tii an. T int _ would you do it it is defined As a or a deep steel walled Amphitheater Al recess in a Moun Tain caused by glacial action and is a Cincinnati resident c. R. Trey ans has written a rhymed the word which also has the forms Coomb Combe comb Coombe and Coom in the readers column of a nest paper. It goes there once was a Man Cwm they said meet his dam for when he saw a Mountain ism he always climbed into a Cwm. Little girl who has written the rain comes pattering Down with steady beat against the ground and seems to say to seeds below come up come up and grow. A married Man in bantering tightening of Security Over More than 25 prisoners regarded As Handley s o r d e r that the escape proofing of the e prison be Given financial priority came on the second Day of his inspection of the 16 slate institutions. Handley questioned mrs. Georgia Schneider superintend ent about Security measures at the institution after seeing mrs. Opal Collins who is serving a life term for one of four. Lake county slayings for which she was indicted ambling about in one of the five cottages at the prison. Another who was about to be mar ried said a Cwm s a Large encircled Rwm american saying a woman in one of which he meet speaking is generally mrs. Schneider said she was aware of the need for segregating the prisoners and welcomed there was a Halo that crowned 1 the governor s Assurance of sup her head port in obtaining the required when at her feet i tarried. Money for such a project. And now it s hats she wears the plan Calls for construction instead iof two maximum Security cells since she and i were married in each cottage total enclosure Alist forbidding uncompromising and ruthless and harder on Miller than the Law could eve be. When he writes an introduction it has the warmth and sex Hort Atory conviction not Only o the stage but of the pulpit. Mckinney denies anti Butler move Indianapolis Frank e. Mckinney democratic National chairman under president tru Man denied Friday that he and Truman discussed a plan last weekend to replace Paul m. But Ler As chairman., a published report said Mckin Ney Truman and sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texas Senate majority Leader talked at the tru Man Library opening at Independence about replacing but Ler with sex sen. Earle Clements dam. J speaking. Of the institution with Fence and installation of an electrically controlled Gate. S continuing our fabulous antisocial he is a mor of Kentucky. the Anderson Herald v established june 18, 1868 published by Anderson inc. Telephone 3-5371 George 0, Critte Birgir and manager Harriet w. Toner of flux a. Mick issued daily and sunday. Monday. Entered at second Clou matter Ano Erem. Under the act of Congress on March to 1889. Subscription Ratet by Carrier one 35c. By mad payable in Advance two year 59.00 Lix months three months oni month outside of Madisen of adjoining counties in Indiana and beyond Indiana one year no Onfry three own Fol to Obj month to. Member of the associated press Hie associated it entitled exclusively the fax publication of All the local Newi printed in of co Wal at Alt news if you should miss your Herald a subscriber the fe4h reset a a daily copy of the Herald should. 3-5371 airfare 9 i copy will be cent 9 . By special menger. Sheroid Carrier fall the deliver your Herald on sunday e the Norert thai the Slyn a a copy will be full Van to you without Sharae 1 special service defense lawyer was not Alert judges passed Down flagrantly 99 unjust rulings some witnesses were spirited away by the state. Craves explanation for the. De termination to convict Palmer is that insurance companies and horse racing interests wanted him out of the Way. This is a singularly wry and tangy Page of , with intimacies Laid Bare and private lives made Public. You la like it. Arthur Miller s collected plays with an introduction. I never liked Miller s fiction and had doubts about his plays perhaps because i read and did not see them. But i m All for his prefaces and most of All for this one. The theme is Man s con science and it is impossible to imagine Miller was unaware As he wrote of Liis troubles with the Law. Just As Millers pulitzer prize winning Salesman Willy Loman was involved with society 9.9 9.9 9.9 9.9 Homer this is my Comfort in psalms i Blind Homer could have Given up and Sot with pencils and a cup beside some grecian City s Gates cursed his blindness and the fates but worked with the gifts he had to write Nis noted Iliad that men still value and Admire and seven cities did aspire to de his Birthplace and you la find though lame or handicapped or Blind there is a Job that you can do unless fear gets the Best of you. W 94 and 9 99 m 9.9 99 Julien c. Hyer i. 999999999999999.99.9 9.9 9.9 9.v shop monday and tuesday for wonderful value finds throughout our store reductions up to v summer dresses summer suits and More better dresses Spring suits sportswear Spring and summer Coats raincoats smart apparel 936 Meridian

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