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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1974, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Anderson, Indiana Washington Lapi former Lunte House aide John 0, Ivor Lichniak was comic Tod of conspiracy and perjury Friday in connection with hip burglary of he Olliee of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist. The jury in the trial of Ehrlichman and three employees o inc Hiie House plumbers nil deliberated Lor less hum six hours More resuming the verdict. was acquitted of the Linal count of Llic five count Vituli eminent charging Hal in lied to a grand jury Alul who had custody of the lies of the plumbers unit. Also convicted Peru cordon Liddy Horm ird i. Darker and h. Mar the i break in at he nil ice of Lewis yielding in Heverly Calil. Was inspired by a desire to obtain derogatory inborn nation about Kallst Jurg. Who Lias admit Ted he leaked lie Pentagon i Sipots to lie news Media. Foj Erlichman Lold reporters outside the courthouse following the Verdiel that he had met with his lawyers and instructed Llie in to prepare an Appeal. As you know. We have i Xii concerned Irani the very beginning atut our ability to obtain a Lair trial in his Lirl Ich Man said. A pc trial motions. Lead asked Hal Hie rial moved to another City in grounds thai Washington s preoccupation with watergate and the heavily Blaek and population of Washington would make a Lair trial Here impassible. The jury which convicted him was composed of nine Blacks and three Whites. Also a great Deal of the substance and background of his ease was excluded irom the evidence by rulings of this Khz Lichniak said. Arid this also will be a part of our embracing his mile lean out Side the courtroom said. I have had Tor tiny years an abiding Confidence in the american judicial system. Nothing that has happened Here today has in any was shaken my confide Nice in that the jury s verdict was returned Ali us an hour alter i Nixon left Andrews air Force Lurise near Washington in route in Good morning vol. 107, no. 22 Anderson. Indiana saturday 13, 1974 Ichman guilty i Thitu i f., a. I inside Story arson charged i a scr Leonard 22. Olarri Onich. Conn., is charged with Selling a lire in a 1 girl Chester. Ilju Linig Alley Shirlly lick Are in Iii is Iris died no in Mac in Liu Lalicin in an adj awol discotheque. I age ii Lias Fenelo Merus. Gurney problems Ini Licul sen. turd ii Irney i Chi. With draws ins re election bid. Florida Republican parly Dlf Ciais say Hie May snip Ort another candidate in Norm bar. A claims appear Oil i age ii. Sunny skies sunny and warm Luday Zilfi highs in he sos in Lou fair and mild tonight Wilh lows in inc to huh 10s. Sunny and but sunday Wilh highs in the Low to Mill Dos. Anderson s High Friday. 81 tue. 51 suns l Loday. . Sun Rise sunday. . Where to look new arrivals Ari a in iils Church news opinion Arci it on living sports comics funeral services Stock markets Tass lied ads Page 2 i .1 6-7 in .10 10 lol where to Call main office.6134371 newsroom.613-5372 circulation.615-1218 classified ads.-.619-5201 i has so i my and started in the morning and by eve Ning we had rented our Rontu Ilow Rel Derator utile lies fur or Rico Mph Dill for help in renting Selling trading Etc. You just can t beat classified ads. It s the people s Market i Lack to place an and. Dial 649-5201, monday thru Fri Day 8a.m. O5 . California and a iwo Tyreek working vacation Al his san demonic Home. Word of Khz Lichina s conviction was radioed to the president s jetliner sources said but there was no immediate comment irom n Ixon or w Hile House spokesmen. All four defendants were convicted by a civil rights charge Hal they conspired to enter yielding s office and search his files against his will. That count came a maximum penalty til 10 years imprison ment. also was convicted of lying to lie Mil in an interview on May i. 1973 in which Fie said Fie had no seen any records on the w i Iii House investigation of Hie Pentagon 1 apers leak for Over a year the government said he had actually seen the files less than two months earlier did re moved some documents irom them. The to perjury counts on which Ehrlich Man was convicted charged that he lied to a Wale Gale grand jury on May 14, 1973. Thai he Learned alter the break in White House plumbers unil was seeking material to draw a psychological profile of Klosk re and thai he also did not know Uii lil alter the break in Hal an Elfon had been made to obtain irom both kills Borg and Fielding. The government introduced documents irom while House files which in said did know these Illings in lord the sept. 3. I j7i. Break in Dale. The jury cleared Ehrlichman of a fifth president signs let Reform Washington Iai 1president Nixon signed on Friday a landmark budget making a Corm Hill giving Congress a lighter grasp on Federal purse strings and curbing his own Power impound Money Hal legislators want inflation is everybody s Nixon said. that current spending be held to. About Billioni and called for a balanced budget in i a Tai. Meanwhile. Press Secretary ronald1 Ziegler said the i resident will Ninke a major economie address in the next 10 Days or so. The Bill creating new congressional machinery provides Reform of the legislative budgetary process in a hid to Jive lawmakers a More Elf Clive Over All grip on Federal budget and spending priorities. The last such attempt at Reform in l j-16. Laded procedures were set up but never were implemented because of bickering in Congress. Thai left of voting funds Lor government agencies in its presently fragmented condition.1 in recent years legislators have pressed anew Lor Reform As they contended congressional control of the purses rings had slipped away to the executive branch.1 the new plan Calls for powerful budget committees one in Hie House the other in the Senate supported by a congressional budget office and stalls of experts. The government s fiscal year currently Starling july 1. Would in moved to oct. I starting in alter the 1 Reid Cal oilers his spending proposals. The new committees would develop and Congress would pass by May 15 each year a target Resolution Selling out total spending and a breakdown by major categories. This is expected to provide Debute Over priorities. Separate Money Hills then could passed As at present but All would he subject to review and. By . 15. Congress would adopt a second budget Resolution either calling Lor adjustments to meet the previously adopted ceilings or changing lie ceilings the budget process would be completed sept. 25. The switch in the Dale Lor Starling the new fiscal year there lore. Would mean Hal each year the government would Start spending on an up to Date basis instead of As it now does in fiscal uncertainty Vith most appropriations still pending. Board accepts bid the West Central Community school Hoard accepted bids for new buses and bleachers thursday night and heard a report from James associates architectural firm about the proposed remodelling of the Franklin Junior High school gymnasium in a three and a half hour session. Five firms submitted bids for the nine new bus bodies the Board and hoped to buy four of the bids were Xvi thin of each other in the to Range but Kelso. Inc. Of Muncie took Low hid honors by a Large margin with a hid of 714.15 per unit. Three companies put in bids to the bus Chassis. The Low hid came from Fairway Ford sales. Inc. Of Anderson at per unit. Superintendent Dale Prough said he corporation needs nine new buses o replace eight 10-year-old buses and one 15-year-old bus but added in View of the bids m reasonably sure we could not go beyond three the Board decided o accept the of bids and Purchase three buses at this Lime. The Board also opened bids from six companies for to Purchase of to sets of 1 1.000-seat bleachers one set each for and Frankton High schools. Some bidders failed to specify whether the prices quoted were for one or two units and whether a spallation was included so the Board postponed ils decision. In general bids including Insl Allilion ranged from to for the two units. The Board heard a report from Tom w Hitaker of James associates on the prospects for remodelling the gymnasium of the Franklin Junior High. The gym area floor suffers from warping and termites visiting according to Prough the Walls need some repair. W Hitaker said. The architectural firm needs to do More diagnostic work on the gym. And will be willing to work with school Board on a phase by phase rejuvenation process. H Hitaffer added. Howard Mills presided of the school Board suggested the Arch heats put som Ching in writing and the Board agreed. Following i Whitaker s proc Lalion. 1 rough slated. Our cumulative building fund is such shape that if there s not too much change in prices in the next 90 Days we could build be whole project at one he said the West Central corporation has no outstanding Bonds and is about to pay off two lease rental arrangements we re in great Prough added. The Board voted to Purchase a certificate of Deposit Wilh he Lapel stale rank following the of superin Lendell Prough. Lie told Board members a s75.000 government certify Cal owned by the corporation matures today and with Ibe addition of a Bond in a higher int Crest bracket could be purchased. The Lapel Bank offered an i per cent return on a 90-Day guaranteed interest program or per cell on a 180-Day program. During a 90-Minule executive session the Board considered applications for the position of basketball coach and athletic director Al Franklin High school to replace Ted Harbit. Afler he closed session in was announced four applicants Are being considered and will be interviewed a the Board. The names were withheld. The Board also hired two bus Drivers. Gerald Dosser of Franklin. And Gary Wells of Anderson. A Driver is being considered. Floating fre6 _ fusion Engineer Dnon of general one Ore is who be Porti paling a the third annual or Snow sunday. July 21, of the Anderson municipal Airport the event year by fhe Cowley shrine club la open to the Public Ond will by Neil the shrine Odom other space show july 21 Illuk in nut in c Ihn Over Yoni knows it s the space age. And the sky is not the limit Lor a local group of civic minded persons when it comes to pulling on benefits Lor sick and needy children. county Sichim club members Are planning a Star studded program Lor the third annual air show july 2 at the Anderson municipal air port. Final plans for the event were Emu peeled this by Jack Klein Good. Club Aid i. Tidier general chairman in Jerl l. Lock and committee Mcm bins. I lie world s newest space Tov. A pers onal Jet tin i tic Lone Pilot a daring Hus band wife flying team the Hod devils precision aerobatic team Anil local sky divers Are among the features for Llic show 1 the Benefit starts . When members of the local skydiving group ill unfurl the american Flag during their descent. As Hie National Anthem is played three of the top acrobatic pilots in the i a. Will bring Hack the action and excitement of he As they perform everything irom the formation Imp and bomb burst to the torque Roll and the spine tingling Headan snap. Tiff a civilian forma lion acrobatic team has won champions hips in worldwide Competition three of the Lasi live Vears. The flying pierces the Only husband and Wile learn performing in sir shows in the United Stales have been Aerial artists Lor tin past six years. The Wile Sandi she spells ii nil a Small a l is a 29-year-old lass irom Texas who Hies Riglin along with her husband Wall. Pm while Wall sits in comfortable Seal to Pilot their Stearman biplane Sandi stands on the upper Wing. Namomi till Imti Cati Maneu vers Wall performs As his Wile is strapped to Hie w ing is a series of loops find Rolls at limes exceeding Mil Miles per hour. The pie revs met Al a Texas Hying school w1 Ere she was a Secretary Anil he was Ai Iii Cin Ictor Sandi says her first instructor just warned to sit around and drink Collie while telling her How great he was. Tired of this Putoff. She asked. Walt to take her up. And they be been Fly ing together Ever since. They have a five year old daughter. Shawn Dell named alter an acrobatic Man Euver called the chair Kyle. Sandi says she d never dream of doing her Oil my think of the sunburn i d she exclaimed. Two a cd Sjuls. Iran ported in a Sci Here for the show will perform Lor Only their fourth Lime in Public. The Liedes Are the Lisl civilian Jet demonstration learn. They will present Low level aerobatics in close formation Al More than 300 Miles per hour. The local experimental All association will present displays of Home built air Rall. In addition chapters from other cities will be on hand Wilh theirs. Among the other Static displays will be a collection of a thirds Illig military Planesi and other items of in Terest. Till activities begin with a 7-11 . Fly run area fasl Al the Airport hangar. The event is open to lie Public and tickets for it As Well As the air show Are available from local merchants or members of the Madison a Noimy shrine club. Helicopter in available irom , Urbisio _ admission for Hie which is co Sling the local shrines some 5.10.000. Is s2 Lor adults and Silor children. Ii-12. Tots under uie age of six will not be charged Lor admission. The rain Dati. Is set Lor monday. July 22. At i . According to committee members. Klein Good said professional entertainers irom the show will be feted saturday night Lor dining and dancing Irani . To . At the club. Nixon know Peterson Washington Iai 1 ass. Ally. Cen. Henry k. Pc Ersen Lold the House judiciary com Millic on Friday Fie never received any inform Alion indicating the i resident was involved in the w ate Gale co Crup. Tiring a closed session of the committee s impeachment i Tersen was asked by up. Charles sign Man. . Have you Ever had any information Hal Ibe i resident was wrongfully involved Sandman later fold newsmen. I a Larsen said he had no information or evidence the president was wrongfully Hep. Don dwards. Confirmed Sandman s version of the Exchange and said. Pc Ersen is Hal the i residenl1 did t know about the however Liep. Hamilton fish or s noted thai pc Ersen has not been on lop of for More than one year. He does t know what we said Ash. Who noted i Clur san bad Lold Llic com Mittee he had not read All of the edited while House transcripts and was unfamiliar w lib Oiler develop cols in Hie Case. I Etersen head of the criminal division in the Justice . Supervised the initial investigation of Lii watergate Kireak in. He told the committee of a series of conversations he bad will i resident Nixon in april mi73 during which lie briefed Nixon he Progress of the via Gergalo investigation. I Leersen said he gave the president info mat Ion about develop cols in the secret sessions of the watergate grand jury but had been unaware that he president sub sequently relayed what he said to aides. Ash said i Tersen contended in was proper to Tell the president Lial was Hap pening before the grand jury. The problem is to what use in is fish Jii old re Larsen Felling Ibe commit tee. Then the new Republican added then i Elerson passed inc Buck Lack to us and said that s Lor Yon gentlemen in de Aller the morning session. Hep. John seize ring. I Ohio. Peterson s testimony As dynamite hut did not elaborate. Is. Clair. I resident Nixon s lawyer described i Leersen s testimony As very favourable to he i Resi Deal. I think it s i Don t think it s said Hep. Liu mice Logan. Asked in he could reconcile me different of the testimony. Albert Jenner. Minority counsel for inc impeach ment laughed and said. That s what i d Call a he declined to give Bis own assessment. W Hen Siclair arrived Lor he Start Olun closed session Fie was asked How he thought his defense was progressing and whether he bought the Best Chance for defeat of an impeachment Resolution was on the House floor rather than in the committee Wilh ils 21 to 17 democratic majority. 1 while House lawyer commented that he d he Happy to have Llic committee reject an impeachment Resolution and Ihen he added. Politics being what Ibey Are in would t be very know led Cable on my part to be in asked in he was suggesting inc committee Uii wild base its action on pail san political grounds. St. replied. Not Al All. The impeachment process is undeniably a in Lilica process and the Constitution envisioned Ilas press Secretary Gerald l. Warren told newsmen at the White House Hal the i resident agreed with is. Clair hat the committee probably will Vole impeachment. Warren said Ibe president believes How Ever Hal the full House will reject impeachment. Communications Gap blamed in walkout ii by land or sea Richard Hylmon who recently retired sergeant who now lives in Alexandria Holman is shown Here irom 20 years service with the . Has apparently near he shores of Aqua gardens in his Oil terrain vehicle Nof loss his love for he amphibious life. A former gunnery Friday afternoon Epperson Harold presided of tin Anderson safety Hoard Lold the Herald the reason Lor inc Board s not being present Ara Thui a div night Mcclug bet Ween firemen and policemen and the cite Council was strictly a i informed the mayor s office thurs Day thai we could t gel All Ibe Board members together in time Lor the meeting unfortunately the mayor did t Stop Al his office when he returned to town in gel the Snow said. of the police and firemen walked of of Hie thursday meeting alter waiting Lor the safely Hoard Lor an hour. The meetings of the past week have salary negotiations Between members of International firefighters local 1202. The fraternal order of police the iwo City agencies. Snow said inc safety Board still plans to meet inc police and firemen either monday or tuesday. We still Haven t Golten the final Liguras Ironi lie City controller on what funds arc Snow said bin re for them i fireman and policemen 100. Per cell. We Don t shun meetings they just did t gel our i Clicc and firemen will picket the cily Hall and the fire department beginning at i . Monday according to a coils

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