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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 4

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Anderson, Indiana Page 4 Anderson sunday Herald sunday january 26, 1958 the divine ministry begins there was a Man sent from god whose name was John. The Fame came for a witness to Bear witness of the Light that All men through him might believe. He was not the Light but was sent to Bear witness of that Light he was in the world and the world was made by him and world knew him not. Before Christ himself began his Public ministry. John the Baptist trav eled the Countryside preaching about tic coming of the Messiah baptizing the penitent preparing in All ways for the Advent of the Saviour. A few of his listeners were so moved by his prophecies that they abandoned their daily work and followed him. That they might know the redeemer when he appeared. Now two of John s disciples Are Sceini Jesus for the first time. Be hold the Lamb of John tells them and they know that Here at last is the divine personage they have been seeking. They follow Jesus until he turns to them and asks what seek they respond with another ques Tion master where dwell est and Jesus replies come and they follow him once More this time to his dwelling place and there they talk with him at great length. One of these disciples is. Andrew and As he becomes convinced that Here indeed is the Saviour he seeks out his brother Simon. We have found the Andrew exclaims. Simon has tens to the Side of Jesus and As Jesus beholds him he pronounces thou Are Simon the son. Of Jona thou Shalt be called the following Day Jesus goes into Galilee. There he finds Philip and orders him follow Philip sum Mons his Friend Nathanael. We have found he declares of whom Moses in the Law and the prophets did write Jesus of Nazareth the son of 1 can there any thing Good come out of Nathanael asks. Come and answers Philip. I As Jesus sees Nathanael approaching. He declares behold an israelite indeed in whom there is no Nathanael is perplexed. Whence Kii West thou before that Philip called Jesus explains when thou was under the Fig tree i saw now Nathanael s perplexity turns to amazement. He proclaims thou Art the son of god thou Art the King of and Jesus answers him because i said unto thee i saw thee under the avg tree believes thou thou Shalt see greater things than these. Verily ver Ity i say unto you hereafter be shall see heaven open and the Angels of god ascending and descending unto the son of i now it is three Days later. Jesus his Mother and his disciples Are at Cana a Community in Galilee. They have come to attend a wedding. As the feast progresses the Host becomes troubled and Mary whispers to her son they have no he replies what have i to do with thee mine hour is not yet Mary instructs the servants whatsoever he Saith unto Vou do so the servants bring to him six Large earthen pots. Then they fill them to the brim with water. Draw out he commands and Bear unto the governor of the and when the ruler of the feast tastes the water that has become wine he Calls the bridegroom. Every Man at the beginning doth set Forth Good he says and when men have Well drunk then that which is worse but thou Hast kept the Good wine until this his first in scope perhaps in comparison with those that Are to come. But his Handi work at Cana strengthens the Faith of the disciples. So As he leaves Cana and moves on to Capernaum they travel with certain than Ever that their companion is in fact the son of god. Now it is some Days later jewish feast of the passover. Jesus and his followers Are in Jerusalem the City of the jews. As Jesus enters the great Temple Good idea the Case records of a psychologist copyright 1938 by the John p. Dill. Co or. Laird a Dala. May Shock you for he shows that 60% of americans indulge in Small scale theft lying and cheating and he re Futics the old idea that Pov erty produces crime for he says Only 2% of embezzle ments Are due to need so scrapbook this Case and is cuss it in sunday school. Case x-313 Gordon j., aged 38. Is a personnel director. Or. Crane we lose a great Deal of merchandise by began. Or. George w. Which make them Hunt for temp two other talented american psychologists have prepared an excellent manual life expedience now widely used by employers to help in detecting the Early tendency to become Crooks. These great scientists Are Gilbert l. Belts and or. Russu n. Cassel whose Imanual is handled by the Gregory com Pany of Cincinnati. Morality at stake i can recommend it very and the culprits Aren t justifies charged for not Only As a helpful Aid repairs 64% of radio shops did to employers but also As an sex professional shoplifters or Rov ing kleptomaniac. No a great Many of our own employees steal whenever they the same As did 49% of watch repair men. About 339o of College students i Cellenti scientific guide for clergymen and other youth counsel lors. If r i it a Toms Wal f l serm0ns think they can get away with it. J cheat and so do their teachers what do you psychologists since about 60% of americans i offer to Weed out dishonest now belong to protestant Cath i workers even before we hire ionic or jewish churches and or. The stress has been i Laird s figures show about ont delinquency crooked workers of the population steal and Tell but or data show that or. Donald a. Laird is one of pics then a lot of those crooked America s Foremost applied folks Are Church members psychologists. A few years ago Crooks develop he wrote an excellent article on temptation adds or. This very subject which , docs not make Crooks speared in management re Jhc potential Crook seeks out he mentioned that casualty and cheat workers of to business organizations at s300 million just by employee thievery. For the 60to who include the adult America that 60% Figi just to the f apples or invader s Watermelon Seldom causes Patch crookedness. In embezzlement no. It refers to periodic or actual need is a Factor in looting of one s pm about 2 per cent of the cases Ployer. Whether of minor Mer deep motives for example a Large Eastern cl-0ok rebel at restrictions drug Chain used the lie Detector there is no mythical weak will1 Washington by Roscoe Drummond make the Chandise or Petty Cash. So get behind your churches i machine on its Crook fist Roig drip hug and found that nearly 75% workforces which push him in unde Cash and Meir sizable directions. J when writing to or. Chancre usually he has a queer Mellot ind., enclose stamped or. Laird adds that about 60t-c-.twisted yearning to be caught envelope Ond 20 of our present population in and punished. Bulge in Small scale theft lying personal morality Why should t defense _ be in politics Washington the furore Spon Siulc trivial egregiously on sided political debate. I am not writing in of that raised by Sherman Adams of debate but in All truth Lotical speech on defense seems i would rather have egregiously of Jerusalem he is to sep that me entered on the wrongs one sided political debate and of Jerusalem be is amazed to see mat matters on inc voters to stronger the question As i see it i nearer loj cratic past. 1 i i _ _ a t i is that they Are being partisan about different issues and Dif Ferent periods of history. Or. Adams is being partisan about Hie democratic Paat cent to typing or pint acing costs when you seek per j v id cheating. A quire not inborn. Crooks arc Sonal advice or one of his pay he also says that 63 to of a made by acquired motives i Cho logical charts. The House of god is in the hands of the Money changers and. The merch ants Selling doves and sheep and even oxen. About our missile program in the demo not whether or. Should blur and mute issues by pc a sen. Johnson s. Quite proper have delivered a partisan they should t be hut whether he delivered a in july 1 think preparing to make a party Issue out of the a club c i u 4.u a ithe Nar san speech lican present and Why our whole to enraged becomes that he Wicther pics in let us look at two Concrete defense program including mis of Small cords up Dent Eisenhower ought to Tallaj cases. Sets their tables and drives them from Jabout being non partisan and presidential i Silas in t being put into still assistant gear right now. Reader comment us hear both Thomas a Afferica editor i note Leften from Reader Are welcomed by the Herold. Write about any you with but please limit the letters to 200 Wora i. Write on one Jide of the paper Only. All letters must be signed with Correct names Ond Addre Uei. Anonymous Letteri will not be considered. Initial or pen names will be used on request if writer s real name and address Are attached will be edited for Brevity and Good Taite. The holy place. Take these things he de simultaneously permit his Firstman Adams is being presently i am not assuming to assistant to be fiercely a horrible partisan Dice this debate Over whether the Issue of Security and because in his fiercely Are doing enough to strength it i i i. He Jorut us. Aul us 11 o a clares make not my fathers House Scace Vas in politics before or. I sided speech he blamed our defences. I do suggest _ 1_________ f_________1 _ _ _1 _ m i _ ,1 to _ ii in annexation 1 have been instructed by Tii uie with individual septic tank systems for some Homes with other Homes forced to do without bathrooms. Docs the state figure that the traffic will Bear a Burden of or More per Home discern the Edge of the Road or l . Lons while we the Highway department a House of and his disciples remember madams and will be in present lag m Nus Silas on the that it is a desirable debate of Al a a politics As far ahead As one can Democrat s. To the extent that there arc Sig teaching of old the Zeal of thine House hath eaten me Many of those in the Temple Are stirred by Jesus reference to this As my father s so they gather about him and inquire what sign slowest thou unto us that thou Doest these ice. 1 in All seriousness should t it be Senate majority Leader differences Between w h i Don is being presently j majority of democrats and the 1uu.v411 jailed . A Model of republicans in con what constitutes he is admitting that Gross it is proper and useful quate defense and How to wage errors of the past Are not and healthy to have these issues fhe peace there Are differences divided along partisan lines in politics of policy of judgment and of and that the real need is to sec1 t to he Ord voting record Between the two that we Are doing better in the Itom. Let us it better parties these differences in up Rosenl. Inot impair it with exc Evit ably provide the raw Ma-1 i suggest that or. Adams and rancor or a phony non partisan to too i l it i Ayisi in Iuliu was ditch or Rise in the up of Public spirited Engi , again do if with a person sneers seeking Only to serve the most of by Bright Hujus do citizenry. We have Learned that he City take these chances of them milked the tax cause of careless payers for All traffic would is the Highway depart the Anderson Herald on Friday j common decency demands we ment the Only department Acle in ramp Tanii Arv 94 a Manas morning january 24. 1958. We take Issue with Vou on Days i will raise it forty and six years was this Temple in one of them tells him and Wilt thou rear it up in three destroy this Temple and in three trial of political debate. Johnson Are both Cic Bate is National decision and to the pro and that the main c 1958 new York Herald they fail to see he is speaking not of course that of the physical apart from political inc. Thais not bad that s Good. U scorns to me a serious mis Reading 01 the role of our Lotical Par is in the democratic j process to Small worlds around us protect our fellow Man by this Hurt Friend a would we either a stranger. Alexandrian e scripture Reading tis bet to Light a Candle than to the applies Here two ways. Mrs. Edna Painter Frankton let us use our two part svs let s necessary number of Remon Stra As required by the present statute. We propose a popular vote upon the subject of Annex i Tion for the reason that this wills Temple in which they stand but of the miraculous Temple of his body. For Jesus knows even now that his body this taken out of politics. I Don to mean that there is Small one Inch give a speedy determination to the matter and we disagree with you that such cannot be done j difference would Point out to you that in it has been done Many times in1, f.1 numerous and varied types of Luc flock registry associations litigation whether a statute drawn up disc Aminat a there s nothing very spectacular and Divide by budding. In Thelcie finally provides for it wins against Ostrager to announce race decision Elkhart sen. D. In. J i u l i j 01 sirens1 in Ipiniu Axll Uriu Tatj , 11. In s indeed destined to be destroyed Fth -1s no partisan Houghl at any grocery store they feed on sugar. The sugar o 1 l l pm j i destined also to be raised up in three Over the objective of try for a few cents Days. N Many months later when the Mir Acle of the resurrection has shaken the world his disciples will remember this Day. Labout a cake of yeast just of one senic nce several , courts to allow parties to of thai saturday he will announce re Flat East a one third interest in thei next week has decision on running i tier t and upon the methods talc u a Senate contained in bread dough is just eans of arbitration and that sha11 _ possible difference can t ing to build a better peace. J act this line Little so liar of Ducky for them. Snail de bound by the in the Quality of the Call but there Are party As they Spring into life. They y m cite of an or by the state agricultural col convention. Of or by and a Thor no apr a announcement would they May Well tiny i ants All at As they Spring Carbon dioxide like most i Eune p nor out of the race for he m the i Reater Oyer whether the ready Al a Momcil s notice growing plants and some alcohol or. Brady s personal health Jurn Mcnol is doing enough to to erupt into life with a alcohol forms Gas bubbles i strengthen our defences and How of lat can become and causes the dough to swell or ,10 wage the peace. Int Pirir if Given the right con As Long As sufficient and warmth. Is available for food the j a single yeast of the yeast plants knows no that Illge or by any other owner rub copyright 1958 by the John p. Dille co by William Brady. M. D. Still telling people off see that you like forty million plantations for the tendency to i i m always nodding or falling others live in the great or fal As Lccy As mrs asleep. No matter if i have had Jan san where soil water and docs but anyway it can do no a Nanri Muht ? As soon As r j 1 a to bring her a v intake i before 1 am Mea eggs to pinup to the level required i protests thai i am suggesting Onk in Malnin i m i and on Bles Good nutrition and f Hope that the present session of con Norv Tom Praml. In it and contain Pituc or no be turned into a Muddy would be much healthier of democracy if More of these a multiplication table even a great issues were put Back into its phenomenal ability an adding mat is machine is a plodding Bungler Slon when compared to the astronomy i calves at premium1 be less profitable with1 to Start a Reg a 1-1. Pvn Iri Iii u by buying a seems Une an Copio h tonal and hey desire har Heifer calf or two and then1 u be tested by the courts for de artificially Breeding to registered Versy sparked by Handley s an termination. 1 sires. Rigi Sierra e can make a Monkey out of hey grow by leaps and is Liat the eve cry Armer of growth ordinance Lac Rounder is had make Bontrager the second re publican to announce officially for ult n the seat being vacated by sen. And sales i at was the Bontrager said repeatedly hand y s decision would have no of it on his. During the Contro i air Ain Vou to your health i do described in lil Alt .3v Cio 1 i i j lilt Juni i physicians and health author fhe pamphlet if she r Gridiron and that the if you if Ioc Vannu in Nann ,.l.ti Tir Kut . I a dividing and multiplying of a not All the yeast plants in Ichisi of cast plants. World Are confined in yeast cakes either the very air we breathe is prolific fun of them. Every time we take he Snead ill these Little babies can give breath we inhale a few this nou Cement. Bowl Ragur made to Vear s fed mfrs mrs def she is right l p the degree of tempera been breathing s s one sincerely ours to use Salt m los and to in a Hancs for Turci there is no limit to what with a miscellaneous assortment it yours Verv Irule t can do they could if sup of Mounds since the Day you Werc a s woo Bart n statements that sounded to Many registry associations can like he was ready to Cir own rules but they the governor for the Back the tide of . If they persist in refusing to rear i bowl Rasor was one of several gazing into my Crystal Ball i place of Ordinary Salt in cooking Al table. Ostensibly their personal health and win amino my proposition Parr inn Prynn will purpose was to insure daily in Joe to disease diagnosis obviously references Borden group will take of at least a Trace of iodine treatment will be answered be Fos fored where no differ from mind Inri sip1 Xiv l wednesday to Sugg Calion of t ister calves of authenticated Ond. Cert tical in Jenner s Surprise retirement will be formed. And certified announcement. Others included i Stock will bang As much at aug a reps. E. Ross Adair of fori As will . A Avn and William Bray of at ii Fiose lights and go from there and blow the mixed with warm water yeast dear sir proof off the entire House. Plants arc sometimes used As a article in the Herald , you Friend of fairness. I. 3, Anderson Martinsville. The annual Madison county Garden school will be held number of letters proposing to do enough to to Sce Garden school will be cd Lens constantly concern acre. No reply can be made to soviets and whether we Are do u1 you t wednesday feb. 12, at the 4-Hiintr the of too queries not conforming to the right things to wage Ana y a i l _ i rn___iii1o t.111. We 1 o j u in n lint a a Al express our sati at All requires the butterflies who arc said in in a driving was truly Awakening. To you and your newspaper of a powerful Microscope habit the internal regions hazards on the Road expert coverage of our you isolate one with the Call your stomach and in con a night and so often we read and1 decent annual presentation of the folklore by club building. Alexandria. Two Well known and popular speak from Cor with people from address or. It is nor helpful it full i v it Orji i. In i i r it j to j Brady 265 Al to try to take individually it docent or .1 to test a Virv tiny sequence give you sense of Well being. A a cast reputation of the clergy for ers have been scheduled for this the trea r lakes Tasin that South Beverly Hills Maui. out of political to much just a very r event. Manv of them Arp afraid to use5 to s by putting them interval Plant closely related to the Minilie Lulu w. B. Ward Extension Gar this seems Sruv in political debate that the Ameri a Mounds slightly egg shaped land Den specialist Purdue will View of the fact that one gets a. Taxi a people can choose which ran Sparel a Little Plant without speak on both the Forenoon and i More iodine in an Ordinary serv policies they wish to support and i leaves. Trunk Stem twigs roots afternoon programs. Of shrimp crab of Akron Clircy Lyle i Register Salmon or codfish is Likely to get in a known method. A county Garden tee will meet Friday. Jan. Me a stamped self and Tox cation he paid a s25 talk i can t Tell you the Story of the function of iodine in nutrition in space available Here. Please their verdict at the e or Flowers. At Ddll stclt6 phoned police from a local bar polls. These plants absorb fond and demanded that they take. Obviously there can be Irre moisture through their body Walls. Me Home because i be Bee n r Xvi c 1anco Anc especially now when1 Many efforts during the talc became bumpy Drinkins Loo it is Cloudy and seasons know we arc most inc Steward Ness went to him hear of a terrible Accident nativity scene d u r i n g being excellent Story tellers was cannot he explained. I week. Upheld Here by the Rev. Bob during. If some of those totally we Are most Happy to present Richards. La Verne calif., injured could Tell us were they this scene to add an important travelling evangelist for inc blinded by an approaching oar Christian emphasis in the of the Brethren and Bright lights or perhaps did not son. But we could not have olympic pole valuing see the other car because it had of without All the Fine co Poi a Champion. In addressing the i no lights at All. Ution we received. Junior chamber of Commerce i i drive to work and Hack and it we realize this is just one of downtown coaches club. Just recently i be noticed the Many times you gave the while a minister was on a More. Why do people take detailed attention to plane trip he l0 was Cit Yail on a chars of Evv our v w i Lua n Liuji Ii Oniu n 111 it. . In the county sex dressed envelope and ask for the when he appeared in municipal1 tension office to plan details pamphlet the iodine ration. The next Day of his school pertaining to in without the final exact topics for the to indicate that it is the Telescope was invented in arrangements for door Merticise. I603 by the dutch inventor lip Ujj noon lunch and registration. There May Well be other sex per shy. Huv pledging along with their Par changing of driving with of your interest and help in and explained that it a dusk and Dawn. There Walter Haldeman. President was lick first or p Don f and addresses. Arc so Many no Spaner editorials television and All talk about this. Ezekiel the Anderson Herald established june 18, 1868 published by Anderson newspapers inc. Telephone 3-5371 George d. A Ruttenberger pm Cunt and manage Harriet w Toner Felix a Buck Edwin a Bailey try two limed daily and sunday monday. 01 Mattar at ind under Art of on March i 389. Maui by Carrier one Wmk. 0c. Mail pc Alt a two 520.00 one year s12.00 tix s7.00 three Monfri. 54.00 one , Jjo of Madison and adjoining in Indiana and beyond Indiana one year. Tix Monr ii. S9 30 three one month member of the associated press the a coated Preiti ii entitled to the for of Oil rhe local Newi printed in this new Papet Ai it All if you should miss four Herald a who Faili to receive a daily copy of the Herald should phone 3-5371 before 9 . And a copy will be after 9 . By special Rennenger. Your Rorrie to deliver your Herald on sunday go to the place that Leoti the win complaint. A copy will then be Given to you without charge sat where they sat.1 onis names i follow i pleas Iii Alpha Omicron Mill Jane Wilson other evening when i left daughter of or. And mrs. Dec Home a car in front of a Wilson. 1521 eds Wood or. A dist 11 had t fur cd nn., Fri miss Martha Ann Muslin. Dauch after Uvo on Conns a Jiter of or. And mrs. A. J. Signalled him to do so. One v 64 h it True eyes for 4 Anderson Assn of. Churches Tkavc o believe this part of it Ray to Tittle. President Don t want to and ministerial Assn. If he would do something Robert boy Otto. Pastor of a religious nature. Arrow Heights Church of god the minister replied of course and went up and Down the aisle taking up a collection. A both women Are them swerved to avoid hit a Morl acc has Benj ii pledges arc mis siting Nim and he was driving against each of Alcan Why the minister got fired Ere Kiev 3.-15 u z z a n h Kay p1c Center line. J had been thousand Homos. This another he told. Of or and mrs for thirty her new sewage Bond Issue a minister had been having Ezek emphasizes that 1717 Nicholi and was at the cite to trouble with his congregation run Marcia Anita Lee daughter ils of Frankton when he turned a Home septic tank can be in Jand the White haired Bishop he sat where other people sat or and mrs Sci Riffe h cd i Flis on stalled for around ?100 and a in. To see what the for mln2s Arrow ave and mks Belli another person May not have of Hundred or so will cover trouble was. And got their eyesight As and a Ost of a tank and effective. The Bishop to the constr and their slant my Sample Dai Ishler of so Many a. J Gustin. It. I each sideswipe or a Headon collision drainage therefrom. J nation of the minister was Mora these coeds is a could spill bodies All Over the a system serving a number of inclined to Lake the c Side of the r those pledging Sigma always thinking of the Homes should Cost than icons Regalio in an address. Arc miss Patricia children in that other car like number of individual Home the minister thought it was 6v f 11 v Iod i ol1 ii ic1 1jii i i Cir in i it freshman daughter of or. And Happy and Only but the state won t to defend himself and in of us rave and rant about what other people do their w 11 i sins and faults but this is h. E. Vanover. 452fl of Bright lights thrown anything costing less thai speaking to the audience said and miss Susanna Lee Mur i n Driver s eyes could about a in my. Andrews. There Are none of us perfect. If we could through our neighbors sopi Lomoro laugh Lei of awful tragedy. How terrible n Huntington county with 300.xonc of us is sure of heaven. W Whir he and realize his mrs. Rissell Murdock. Would be to see a pc soit Many with septic tanks brother Jones Over there he Bee nor he sees and realize Nis re and know we were the thought mass handling of go to hell. And brother weaknesses and limitations we too might fall for his temptations. J Hawthorn re others pledging Are miss cause of it. Kathryn Beth Gustin. Freshman if there is a i daughter of or. And mrs. Omar handling should be at least As cheap Smith he could go to hell. Why car coming individual so stems. But 1 he t he. Bishop Here he can go wards us upgrade around the state would t talk of Julien c. Hyer a. Gustin 2002 Nicholi ave. Al curve or on the level ground less than the comm the Church got a new minis Ipha Chi o Mega. And miss Shari i there is always a glow of lights nity could not stand a _ Lyn sue Rico freshman . Then it scorns to of or More against each american saying inc naked or. And mrs. H. K. Rice. 121 us Alpha Sigma Tau. Me is the time to dim. I be dad j Home Many already mortgaged. Rulh is Marie More presentable in happen to me and could hardly so Andrews was forced to con by Fig leaves

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