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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 5

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Anderson, Indiana Monday. January 17, 1966 Anderson daily Rul Litin fags 5 actor making Carcer of being a sidekick atom smasher building plan May be ousted by Vernon Scott i today there s a great Deal of up hotly Wood correspondent Money in sidekicks and Corv Hollywood up a Pat Sid Erable More Security than in Buttram the comic hayseed of stardom. A a Green acres a has made a Buttram who appears to he a. Its Blan to build a career of being a sidekick anti landslide on bit. Rushmere. To Ltd Al h or it ought 227 a to becoming a Star Star. The pressures _ stings. Go n said get week that three winning at Bridge by Oswald Jacoby newspaper eater rate a a instruction in l Rinkins a is Washington atomic Energy a the commission a in Evvi Aion Shiu last wet mat unt a of a 15 years butt run played alternative proposals Are under Bewick to Gene Autry later if Tours Are to Mikh stars us us. Switching to Arthur Godfrey a ave to worry about being consideration now he a the rustic foil for flowed and fear die sidekick 110 said each wow be cheap Eddie Albert in the lbs to a 1 show from them. Of. And each would be for a a maw Albert in the lab la Tessor than a a a i Tav the proposed 200-billion Electron a its in honorable prof is show �?�7 Aion a he said. A we can traced a if it bombs our beginnings All the Way Back can blame it on the Star. March to or Watson Tonto and the a and any sidekick who wants a some it communities in 43 other second bananas i even to be a Star by going out on his h scrambling to investigated the origins of the own usually there Are a lot of them around but it n to Quot d. U _ a Bev accelerator which used for Basic re word sidekick a it began in England when in gtd to mentl0r a a of int Nav dandies kept their Money in a games House atomic committee was North Are a k q i 4 a k to 4 a a k 5 3 la d a aq976 52 v 52 a a j Aja Bast a84 a 10 7 3 a los a w 9 8 7 2 Stitth a 103 a a a a a 87 532 a 10 4 neither Side vulnerable see article for bidding open inf Lead a a. Quotes from today s yews in 1ens a lilt by gaited pres International a1 and former ambassador to South anic Tica Washington a vice pres France disputing the cont in Greencastle id. Apr a a v j a Dent Hubert h. Humphrey. At i s. Murt mate a a it Paim University is giving it a Ranf Liml assessing the effect of pros firm stand against communism. Nor his. Trifu and mined to a put cd a Dent Johnson s peace efforts to in Southeast Asia Al More to say about Tho overbid a ten ,. View York api a har Bio War in Southeast Atta a i do not Tor a moment think school operation four hearts the other two made new York a a har of withdraw four undergraduate win to the conker valve bid of three Yard Inveraity psychiatrist pm ?,at0n that set from Vliet Nam the next step it two it pm College committees id Rel a nut Thal com by peace it still suffers from would be Waikiki a next semester educational pol their two Par nor it Zajf tsar new York word go 7 my curium end Washington a sen. Willis the my went to four hernia the other passed at three and to All in stances the bidding stopped. The the play at All tables was chafe identical. Watt always opened recently the Ace of Spades and con food in new York Lieb political action director of Demic routine. Committee for a sane _ _ the non voting appointments psychiatrist or. Morris Robertson a a. Warning nuclear policy commenting on made by the student govern told a conferences the economic pressures the change in the North. Y on a alcohol and raided by the viol Nam War vietnamese attitude after a Lull a a health and disease Mav result turned the suit to the Hope that that the purpose of the course trends his partner would be Able a would be to instruct Young pm Ruff Dummy would win with the supervised conditions King Arni each Declarer would ii. R a a a was the Cost of a. Pie How to drink socially under of in t0 the producers e air Tiline materials. In inflation Ary in . Bombing raids upon his Richmond and Robert Drake of return with vietnamese com St. Louis tooth juniors and inflation munits in Kurow Lames Peck of urbans 111. And a right now. With a three Mike of Brien of Park Ridge a alcohol is Here to stay a he increases will be reflected in my people mud Lear healthy attitude to my the resulting Price week suspension of the bomb there is clearly less Leal a heart to his Ace an i said a and people mum learn to every segment of our econ suspicion than when i talked Toon about half of the schools Side pocket to getting robbed. K was kick in those Days keep from several years ago Buttram Tom the As called a organized a Loose confederation a ctn my it Side of to me. U looks like possibly i expert bidding differs widely new York James m Gavin retired lieutenant then Lead a Diamond toward develop a Dummy. No one was wilting to Ward it pull Trumps right away because chalet suggested that a practical play might lose control of lice drinking be initiated at a the band. Very Early age. In elementary a a i amp in my a a Iuva no a Njo ii i once this line of play was school and continue through ff/1vl a it if pct of i is Artw of beginning of the end for the with Only nine tables of sex adopted there was no Way to College he said that the Young a it i la in of Laval ski k a in apr was a Peri 34a-Billioo machine a Peris at work you would expect keep Declarer from making to est children should be clearly in these Pectic to Lilly Iii seniors students have been serving committees name i sidekicks. School project 7de�. Chiu Lihau Quot to i Quot a and. ? Wii pm Rahv a Hhd a blk at it to alternatives it adds up to Many hands in the Champion of wills Pat Brady Gabby Hayes Ben Alexander keep Declarer from making to est children St Koukl be Given Rick West could take his Ace very weak drinks at first Perth amends right away or hold haps Sherry in water with the Down a sidekicks must get the girl in every 10th in All scenes where the i we age Many Nanas in me Champion of diamonds Rig in away or now a a Quot a Quot a Quot a a c and Vivian Iltha a ship team trials would be Iden off once in either instance alcoholic in inv Fayette a Indiana the source said the dec has tical. Smith would lose Only two die creased for the older students Farmers sited t.079.000 acres scheduled a late january meet was the c8se in moods and a Spade it Kafetz an assistant clinical 0j a nth a wheat last fall 15 per professor of psychiatry at har cart than to the fall of _ Vard is also director of the Al j%4 am 19 cent fewer than physicists f v 1 1 to 1 to Hhd "11111 Allf Ihli Quot Ril re limn Nyrl acute Alco Grants sought Vite Drew up some by Laws Quot _. To Fth Vic f Manet it or to i he said. A but nothing much i0.ckfact was 1 must real a \ with them the nation s leading High Energy i and four Blat any hand a u _ 1 produced nearly the same treat he described the alternatives Nen at a1l Utteg ,/d,4 Holic psychiatric service of average. State Federal agricultural the bidding has u a n Massachusetts general Hospital a a Niver Quot every West opened with one went North fast South statisticians ii 1 urine i Nim in Boston. Site forecast the i960 crop at Bloomington ind. Apr happened with the . Commissioner of Ed-1 cation will be asked to Ami Rove almost $2.5 million in higher ,. Eck cation facilities acts Grants Nall scenes where the a a a suggestion a each Felt the hand was a. For construction projects at nine sidekick fails in ,8h Devons chairman of Columbia i _ or Paw in Pas 7 he 101 1 the conf Nib that 37 735 of bushels based on the Indiana colleges and Imi Versi r my heated to / in varsity a a department of re 0nenine Ami you South hold ,1lf Home i 001 the p11 0 10 last dec. I condition this is ties a Quot a a. A posies that the dec s existing 42 �ak87 �T�kq184 aah it teach youngsters How to hold four por cent smaller than the the Grant were recommend All pies that hit sidekicks in 33-Bdlicn Electron Volt atom a a a a pc a f had what do you do the because Many Par 1995 crop and 19 per cent below ded by the Indiana advisory the face must come from the smashers at Brookhaven a s000 enough. A bid three Diamond. Your ends have guilt feelings about average commission on academic a Brown Derby. Hora Laboratory Long Island every North doubled and han<1 a too Strong to bid Only their own drinking. In school he seeding of the i96fi crop edifices a sidekicks must be Reim . Be scaled up to the 120 every South responded two four it i not air ont said the Young people could be progressed slowly after mid v or Herman b Wells Chancel horsed for All Money spent on 150 Bev Range this could Cost hearts. It is noteworthy that Enouf to go beyond game at instructed on toe hazards of in Tober because of wet Fields this ence radiation Laboratory of five card diamonds the University of California that the West players All rebid the the existing 200 Bev plan Fie to two Spades mid at this punt up what do you do now parting of the North players1 Ammer tomorrow Tor of Indiana University and Black Coffee to sober up the about $150 million. The souths preferred the i xxx chairman of the commission Star a a suggestion from the Lawr four card heart suit to the bad today it bastion made the announcement Satur there s a Knack to being a ence radiation Laboratory of Ivo card diamonds. Dilmon., Day. Good sidekick lie has to know a a a a a a a you a b,<1 the a a a recommended Grants How to make it took like it s his Anderson college�?$10,000, sex Fau amp when the Star blows a handed classrooms physical scene. Of course there me education and Library facilities some Excel Lions Uke cheeta million. Ball state�?$96,480. Physical and Tarzan cheeta was one of a a suggestion by prof. R r in a Iii sciences and mathematics a the great sidekicks of All time. Wilson of Cornell that a $150 i if duties. A but what worries me is How million machine of Tower Intel u Indiana Institute of techno they re going to find a sidekick Day be built with provisions to ogy�?$4,288, science Engineer for upper that porpoise they increase its intensity Over a be lug and Library facilities _ got on imm. It la be Rod of years. _ Washington a rep. He started his tuba playing Ca injury still scaled Down to a lower to Tensi there was a to. This would Cost about $260 Way. Seven career snarl Buffalo . Apr Ron arks Well being from the expert is opposed a buh0p 26 of by Quot a a proper use of alcohol. Sex ended the seeding period Chafetz contended that the offsetting the delayed seeding drinking would not encourage were the Good germination Ami heavy consumption but would growth rate of the crop reduce it because there would moisture supplies were got be fewer heavy drinkers. By temperatures moderate Ain drinking Small amounts with a of stands achieved so fall others he said the Young would 1� ,1a i5 hhh1 limited and no learn How to form relationships 1 Cav Al was reported through and derive a sense of relaxation mid Deocam Lxi a Adviotis Cmunt philharmonic orchestra says Indiana University a $83,699, awfully hard trying to train biological sciences facilities. Sardine for the role a Purdue University. $204,611, a mathematical sciences and Civ i i i _ u engineering facilities. L a a i if 11 to ii Rose poly�?$120,000, chemistry and engineering facilities. St. Mary of the Woods $600,-125, new general science Buckl ing Valparaiso University $636,-853, natural sciences Mathe Pilot killed by Viet Cong age 50 to 80? Complete with frames and single vision lenses All glasses one Low Price too styles shapes and colors to choose Fromcke a i glut tit that you a Quot and a a a Yow no a a for your r�9uir#m#�t. So it from a okla of Fra Mai Tho on Alo to nod opt Cialli for your Tail and foetal contour. A my Onori Tho Grotto to Valuo and the Quality of oni Low pm Ici. Wont you Corneas Alfo cals in Mumm. Only so ads local no appointment Nicis sary diet Over How to apply for old Lino la a of it Mayo lit policy if you re Between 50 selection of either of the lat a 1____ a Haara a ter two proposals still would re Richard l. Roudebush. Rinderer ,4 l1>e sword Grade b Chicago apr Man fac quire the dec to choose a site. Mid today he will oppose the cause he was 1 by enough t0 lures distributors and retail three Indiana Sites have been restoration of excise tax cuts Plav lha trombone. Ters face tougher injury Obliga _. Presented. The one pushed the. Prudent Johnson in a they had 8 tuba they needed Jjones because of the spreading go you May still apply for the hardest is Northwest of Indian a played so they started me play a us a 0 liability Sam. Hind of life insurance a polls the others Are near i state of the Union message p a y Cou, Rihs a a court a Quot Cal forma available when you were Young Charleston n and near Newport Roudebush said that a instead in us 00 ak1in a. Illinois. Michigan Missouri or. You handle entirely by mail. Inane l u in additional tax Bur trombone in the school new Jersey and new York have no one will Call on you no to i err a band because he a could no to ruled in favor of persons whose obligation air Fin map a w k Auburn. Ind pm Jam Tuzzi the writ or ,.� Nfn Mattes engineering and foreign was for so to chauffeur exec died Hochl in Sumalb up Crspo mobility by Oldie mar a him credible to ask Commerce cleaner Ollous Al a a la Quot our name. Language facilities. Ives for Cummins engine co Coit court on a charge of Sec willingness to Cut Back his Trade with communist bloc a Hor example. Missouri buyers Al press and Vear 0f birth to Vincennes University-$132, Al Columbus ind., reportedly Ond Degroe murder in the shoot spending on when they Are a Dative Gas stove recon old american insurance co. Open 10 to 10 Dolly a Sonde v j 2 to 7 Mart have you played uhe a yet fabulous prizes 018, general classroom and in was jellied after his cargo plane ing of Murven Tuttle 29. A Truc tonal facility was 5 Down by Viet Cong ter Loo last november. Miller ground fire. Pleaded innocent and judge air America reported Satur Harold stump denied a defense Day the Pilot w r. Pruner motion to Quatti evidence in the was still alive when the private tines plane crash landed. John Mcmann manager of the private lines Saigon office said Pruner and his co Pilot Chang Yong to a vietnamese apparently were shot to death by vie Cong after crashing 80 Miles West of Saigon. A third crewman also vietnamese was unaccounted for. The Trio was flying food to the Mekong Delta when fired upon about 80 Miles Southwest of Here. A they were shot to death inside the Cabin of the Mcmann said. A the natural Assumption is that they were shot by men of the same Viet Cong unit that disabled the primers widow Betty lives to Oklahoma City okla., where they moved from Columbus about three years ago. U. I t the Viet con cref1 my property damage after 4900 Oak. Dept. La us. Kan he called it undesirable Tor member of set fire to their premises. A City to. 64141. The president to recommend Dent Johnson a party sen a business As usual on the Home Vance Hartke d-lnd., also has front while asking full support objected to the proposed Restor of the War to Viet Nam and Saturn of excise tax cuts to ant by to to 8fia a pm i i left Bill i a out of this world savings mumps strike officially Jackson Calif. A an outbreak of mumps has Given officials their lumps to Amador county. Myron Questo chairman of the county Board of supervisors is the latest on a list which includes a City councilman a California Highway patrolman two sheriffs deputies and the courthouse caretaker. The epidemic also is affecting non officials reported miss Diane Smith today. A a it a rough a she said. Diane has the mumps too. Open today a a a a a a him a a a Quot a Quot is. No need to worry with your Banneker inc january specials from the lower floor departments at our Home store 1102 Meridian Street annual Sale one week Only january 15 thru january 22 walking sheer. Tog. .$7.35 reinforced sheer Micro mesh Hoo sheer Heel Cie in foe income tax j5. Let Block take your a a women off your Complete hands a Block men returns know the new tax rules so for peace of mind you can to beat a Block prepared return. Guarantee run guard cd Frece. 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