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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 4

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Anderson, Indiana Paci 4monday, january 17, 1966 cd Liloria rear guard action the Rig Challenge Man is apparently on the threshold of a fantastic and thrilling invasion of what has up to now been regarded As nature s Domain. He is boldly experimenting with birth control weather and climate control space and underwater control. Control of the sex and even the characteristics of the unborn child free Choice by women of the sires of their babies even though the selected sire May have Long been dead and at least partial Dominion Over death by holding the departed in deep freeze until such time As we May learn How to restore them to life. Such Are the marvels of science As research zips along in High gear and physicists Burn the Midnight Oil in ceaseless Zeal. The big Challenge it would seem is for Man to match this Genius by exerting equal imagination Energy and skill in another Fields the immediate improvement of human behaviour. Along with future control of space sex and Sunshine surely we also need More successful regulation of such current problems As the zooming crime wave juvenile delinquency poverty hunger illiteracy and ignorance the traffic toll mounting disdain for Law and order open rebellion against constituted authority social inequalities International distrust and hatred and turbulence violence and social unrest in general. These Are perhaps less glamorous objectives than the Conquest of natures Laws. But even partial Success would justify vastly increased Effort to attain them. The Promise of a longer and More exciting life in the fabulous future would be even More alluring if there were greater Assurance it could be lived without bloodshed bombs and the threat of mass destruction. Peacemaker s pulse face it seemed too Good to be True. Here was the soviet Union in the person of Premier Alexei Kosygin talking those two bitter antagonists India and Pakistan into pulling Back their troops and agreeing to take other Steps toward peace in Kashmir. Russia in the role of honest broker no it really was too Good to be True. For at the same time on the other Side of Asia. No. 2 russian Aleksandr Shulepin was telling the North vietnamese that americans current peace drive was insincere and urging them to continue fighting. The russian Bear thus held the Olive Branch in one Paw and crushed it with the other. The explanation for this contradictory behaviour is not too difficult to find of course. The Kremlin is not so much interested in world peace As it is in cutting red China Down to size. Peace de tween Pakistan and India serves this aim for War Between them Only provides an opening for chinese opportunism in the sub continent. On the other hand belligerent support of North Viet Nam against the United states also steals the chinese Thunder and strengthens the hand of the Kremlin in Asia. The tragedy is not Only that More thousands May die in Viet Nam because of this but that in both instances Russia has seen fit to bypass the United nations which is supposed to be the organization that settles International disputes. Another Wiant topples word comes from outer Mongolia that for reasons Best known to communist theoreticians that country a sole claim to Fame a Genghis Khan a is being Given the de Stalin nation treatment. The official communist journal describes him As a reactionary and an aggressor. Most serious charge of All is that he fostered a a cult of As everyone knows you a a can to hardly do a worse thing than that. Voice of Broadway Asia reds map hard sell on atheism As Way of life by Ray Cromley w Ashington Orre pendent newspaper Enterprise Amu. Washington Nea a four Day one Misc on atheism held at Dushanbe in Kadzhi Kristan has passed by almost unnoticed Here yet h was attended by some 140 key soviet Central asian communist party leaders and ideologists information seeping out of the conference shows that russian communist officials Are seriously worried because religion persists strongly in the wide sweeps of soviet Central Asia despite the Hest efforts of the government s atheist cadre the seminar was held to develop new combat strategy. The conference delegates complained that some of their atheist propagandists Arentt really working at the Job others Are will my to talk on atheism at die drop of a hat but dont know what they re talking about a the Low Levo of scientific work in the Field of atheism. A Tho conferees said is a major Handicap to winning Over the religious to no belief. The delegates were very unhappy. Too. About the poor atheistic training of writers newspapermen and motion picture actors. They did see a few Bright spots though As an example of How things should be done the delegates prayer for today give us the Faith to live by lord the Faith that will save us from the deadening doubt that cuts the heart out of living we cannot see All things bid give us the Faith to believe in the truth that gives value to All we do and say. Give us love to live by we Pray. Make us More susceptible to thine eternal Wisdom 0 lord. Feed us till we want no More for Jesus Sake amen a Lance Webb Springfield Iii Bishop. The methodist Church. Boyle s column All writers sick people author says ring sell by Hal Boyle new York apr Quot life is a kind of shaggy dog joke without a punchline Quot said the Man with the Brown Beard. A there is no final solution in conclusion As the astronomers say. The universe is infinite everything is simply endlessly repeated a a Bud although life May be inconclusive it is far from unrewarding to the Man with the Brown beards British author John Fowler at 39. Fowls former teacher at a girls school by London has turned the Comer of literary Success. His first published novel a the collector a the Creepy Story of a Young Man who captures a girl As if she were a Butterfly Ana keeps her prisoner until she Dies was made into a successful film. His latest novel which has an even eerie treatment of the Man playing god theme is the january selection of the literary Guild. Fowler Abo has sold the paperback rights for $125, 000 Ana is doing a movie script of it. Of is his qualities As a Toner and a Mystic that won Fowles the Praise of critics. But he is a companionable Man across a Tea table and his base eyes Light up As he talks about his work. A nah writers Are sick people. We have compulsive need to have phantasm worlds around us a to create such worlds in which we can he says a i write by instinct of i done to feel like writing i done to of i do 1 write As Tong As my body can stand it�?15 or 16 hours s Day i revise and revise and revise and occasionally throw whole chapters to Fowles the greatest prob Lem in life is individual Freedom. A what i write about is whether people should be Freer than they Are and the extent to which Freedom can be a dangerous two edged he says. A it is Bard to generalize about How much Freedom one should have. I d say you have plenty of Freedom Over Here. France could do with a lot More. So could Russia. A i think Freedom is necessary for the race but not for All individuals a until recently i should have said the greatest threat to Freedom was political creeds. Now i think it is the machine including the Modem City. A the City destroys individuality requires people to function predictably. People in the country Are More mentioned Yang Myirl in Uzbekistan where 33 atheist cells work actively in schools stores shops and at special a agitation these energetic at lists Recruiter squads of educated engineers doctors and teachers to work on the More sophisticated of the religious citizens the conferees commended the atheism Homes a methodology centers of scientific athe Totic propaganda a set up in a number of cities. They recommended More of these. They commended the work of the Young atheists club at the Madam collective which publishes the a Young atheist newspaper and which admits women As full members. The Young atheists of this school it was reported have an a Active influence on their parents. Delegates sadly saw need however for a Tot More to be done they recommended expansion of atheistic material in textbooks. Thev said a special attention must be Given to staffing Day nurseries and kindergartens with. Workers who Are free of religious they decided a it is necessary to. Create ant religious the conference proposed that a historians archaeologist arc h i t e c t s and propagandists unite to assure that historical and architectural monuments become centers. For the propagation of the delegates said it was essential to improve the anti religious training of teachers medical workers and preschool Pioneer leaders. Things Aren t going Well for the soviet atheists in Central Asia. So they say. Occasionally. I feel so Little involved in the game that i catch myself looking at the scoreboard to see How some other team is doing. A Bobby Mitchell of the Washington redskins on the problems of a flanker. We live in a society that compromises with integrity. We have to realize that there is a definite line Between right and wrong if we expect Young people to see the difference. A Phillip billiam Colorado juvenile court judge. Each year americans Are devoting a billion dollars to cleaning up after each other. A mrs. Lyndon b. Johnson Ishing her drive for National Auty. New York bean Connery sire Over not getting the a top feel rom the Sammy Davis Snow after he Learned the Burtons were paid $50,000 was nicely soothed by paying him $25. Too for the show instead of $12,500. ,. Father Peter of Reilly thorny ecclesiastical rockier picketed at St. John s University is called by other priests a the clerical Mike Quill a but with no sense of Humora a. Sports pages did no to mention the lawyer involved As a swing Many in Cassius Clay s Muslim promotions of the next championship Robert arum also had Wen investigating closed circuit sports promotions in fed atty Robert Morgen thaus office. So he had Access to All the secrets. He also work for Louis Nizer. We printed Here weeks ago the now certain soon Stup of Cassius Clay and his Louisville White National Catholic a messenger of the sacred heart a celebrates its 100th anniversary with a new editor k format. Chicago right now swings the Way it. City used to. The up top democrats say . Assembly speaker a Travia s after a Federal judgeship and some dents Are for it just to get an ant organization Man out of its heirs but lbs resists such trading in Federal benches. Apart from the strike itself what makes new yorkers maddest Are the a off duty cabs they re amazingly amendable to extra gratuities and there sure ought to be a penalty newlywed Arlene Dahl mrs. Alexis Lichi nein Matching Mink hat amp coat in the e. 57tn St. Port Haulta a Chic papery Emporium ordered Matching bed trays. Singer. Jane Morgan wed Jerry Weintraub. The Bagman for a nearby City a crime collections is due for a re bout dashed off with $190,000 belonging to the big Guy and with Gal pal. Mav have turned up in vegas. A a cashbox mag named Dean Martin no. I a album vocalist of the year they be been drinking. Danny Kaye a press agent stated flatly that aging Cut on the line a by Jack o Brian cute a is Back among the leaders on the rating charts a so we looked it up he a not even in Nielsen s top 60. Millionaire John Bloom thinks Revlon Boss Charles Rev son will buy his 147-foot. $900,000 yacht last summer. Charles rented a 260-footer Jack Carter spent $1,000 on special needling Materia for the Dean Martin friars roasting in he Wood and paid his own fare both ways but that a never lost loot if everyone laughs enough a Johnny Carson was scouted for the a tonight Quot show at Many just such laugh loaded . Friar luncheons it dinners. One of the sweetest types in Showbiz who a trying to figure her Way into a divorce without smudging Ber immaculate image is in for More than just that a the fellow she wants to wed has a morals complication the does no to suspect. No problem s for Rev Stone Kop Chester Conklin who turns 80 happily. Singer Connie Francis brother. George Franconero or. Jus of pointed ass t prosecutor in Newark he a 25, just out of Seton Hall in june passed his bar exams Only four months ago. But has he hit a record Dick Liberatore a deejay who produces arranges recordings for the destiny Label is Alan freed s son in Law. Ebony Magazine praises Rudolph Bing for breaking the color line in . Big time opera he a the Branch Rickey of the met. The new a a Batman to series will have four minutes of commercials each half hour instead of Hie three customarily countenanced. Although the ads for Julie Christie in All . Dailies after she won the critics award As Best film actress of the Vear for a a Darling showed some but not wow wee cleavage the Wall Street journals full pager decorous by smeared off said womanly asset. Bill Zeckendorf or May manage a few headlines again shortly. By Bob Considine Man about town famed american bom 260 years ago today disadvantages cited to formal War declaration a thought discipline your son and he will give you rest he will give Delight to your 29 17. Character building begins in our infancy and continues until death a mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. New York Why done to we declare War on North Viet Nam Stop jabbing and throw the Haymaker which would Knock that arrogant Little nation off the map after All we Are at War. We re losing men and massive Treasury every Day. We have More fire Power on the Tine out there than we possessed in All our wars up to and including we i an enormous variety of planes ships bombs ammo flame tear Gas defoliation sprays a you name it we be got it. And Are using it. But there seems to be Little likelihood hat there will Ever be any Tor Mal declaration of War despite the temptation to reap what would be the ensuing benefits of president Johnson went before Congress with one of those old fashioned a a Date which will live in infamy Quot declaration he d Stampede the session and have the whole country probably behind him. It would throttle his hecklers under pain of prison terms for treason pack the draft card arsonists oif to Camp conscientious objectors reduce strikes shake millions out of their apathy and euphoria. However there Are momentous drawbacks to any formal declaration of War these obviously Oom larger in t h e presidents View from the top than the benefits which would accrue. Oley supersede and nullify the Oater Hydro cosy of our position the waging of undeclared War Halfway across the world a declaration of War would Force Russia to abandon its present tight rope walking activities and give it no Choice but to come actively to North Viet names Aid. The soviet Union has a solemn sounding pact with Hanoi which requires it to Rush military is Sanders i Bacilli bulletin barbs 46011 Kottabi Uhd marcs to. Him he Jackson Street Anderson. Indiana Telephone 643-5371 mauled every evening a Iceni of toasty by a Aderton new papera. Inc. George d. Critten be Eger. Part Tiona 1849-1944 Harriet w. Toner vice a Reumont. Hus-184 Robi it e. Jackson pietism Ani Man gel Jam Toner Scott vice piety cml Charle it. 1.4cobun, see retail Edwin a. Baule i treasurer second claw Plauge paid at Anderson ind. kale by Carrier in Anderson Madison and adjoining county towns m la Rural earner. Of per week. By mail in Madison and adjoining counties payable in Advance. Ane year �1j of Eta month. Shoo three months Hsu. One month. To 7ft by mail outside o Madison and adjoining counties payable in Advance one year 24.00. Six month $12 of. Three month $6 so. One nor nth. $2 2ft. Member of associated press the associated pret int tied Teclu Meiy to the us of re publication of All the new printed to this new paper. As Well a i a new . All right of Jou Capon or Ope Tai of pause Arr Are a tear veil some motorists reckon they can get away with speeding. Too often it turns out to be dead reckoning dad says that a certain aspirin commercial gives him such a pain in the neck he has to take an aspirin after watching it. Australia boasts of a Kangaroo that Tan catch football passes. Yeah but can he remember signals and be Alert to the audibles skier Toast a beginning is an even break. I i if you miss Yui r paper phone 642-4240 Between 5 . And 7 . Hie can Hope for nature lovers worry Over threatened extinction of some forms of wildlife. That does t apply to those teen aged gangs a pledge Aile i glance to the Flag of the unit it cd state at \ Lei Ira 5 and to the Republic for which it stand one nation under g gtd indivisible with Liberty and a Tiea or All. 1944 it Nia Lac Quot so what if Moo did Stop sending Rice you re always hungry an hour after you eat chinese food anyway a and manpower to North Virt Nam the moment that country is assaulted by a foreign Force. If we declared War on Hanoi and Russia failed to declare War on us it would forfeit its position As muscular Friend and protector of Jie communist world. It would blow its jealously held title of a first among if that happened wed probably then would have red China Horning in whether Hanoi wanted her or not. Seeking to supplant Russia As the number one communist nation. We could destroy huge areas of China by bombing but still not win an Inch of its unwanted territory by ground action. Mao tse Tung has said in effect that he could lose twice As Many chinese As there Are americans of All Ages and still have three times As Many chinese left As there Are now americans. His mood when he said this ran be described As Anticipatory. Writing n the current Issue of the Jesuit weekly. Washington correspondent j. John Eller Points out that the Johnson administrations antipathy toward a formal declaration of War against North Viet Nam is based on several other factors. Bulletin the . Is in Viet Nam at the request of the Republic of South Viet Nam to end aggression from the North Viet Nam and South Viet names Viet Cong and get a negotiated peace. Bullet although we and Tho australians recently mounted an infantry drive without informing the Saigon government until the last moment to Cut Down on bad intelligence leaks our guiding word in South Viet Nam is still if we declared War and hoped to win our big word would have to be a of Fensel and wed have to abandon our costly and exhausting efforts to bring about negotiations. Bullet a declaration of War would strengthen North Viet names charges of imperialist intervention. It would deprive us of the support of Allier who now give up service to what we Are doing because Thev would have no stomach for being caught in the Middle of a possible showdown Between the and the soviet Union or the . And red China. Lets face it. Formal declarations of a have gone out of style. The japanese did not Tell us before Pearl Harbor that they proposed to Cream us. Fifteen nations were involved in the korean War without formal declarations and to its very end we were calling it a a Pouce Britain France and Israel made no formal declaration of War against Egypt in 1956. That same year russian tanks mowed Down about 30.000 hungarians without the nicety of a signed declaration. Or Eller estimates that . Presidents since George Washington a time have sent the nation s armed forces into action 125 times without the endorsement of Congress or a formal declaration of War. You re watching number 126. This is the 260th birthday anniversary of a famous american. He was Bora a in poverty and according to his own words he a the 13th of 17 children. The family had a Small House in Boston. The boy failed in arithmetic. He received Only two years of formal education. But regardless of position or education no child born anywhere in the British Empire in the year 1706 was to have a Rester Impact on the Empire s satiny. The child was Benjamin Frankton. His life and career offer an inspiration to Young people of today especially those who believe their chances of Success Are hampered because they Are members of Large families they done to have As much Money As others or that they have a hard time getting their lessons at school. Records give Franklin a birth Date As Jan 6, but that was by the old Julian Calendar. When the new Gregorian Calendar was adopted by the British Empire in 1752, the Date automatically became Jan. 17 a the anniversary which has been observed since spurred by boundless curiosity and belief that service to his fellow Man was the greatest service to god Frankton educated himself into a Many a sided Genius with an endless zest for living. Of almost unbelievable breadth of interest he became athlete Printer Newspaperman publisher Mechanic author. Citric Leader successful businessman renowned scientist inventor Patriot philosopher and a Diplomat who helped to shape history. Dedicated to All human freedoms he was the first to petition Congress to end slavery. He helped write both the declaration of Independence and the american Constitution. Honoured in Europe for his scientific achievements he used France assistance when the colonies revolted against the British. And he used skills and knowledge of men and nations built up through years As a colonial agent in England to win for his weak country a better peace than either mighty England or powerful France a which had an Eye on american expansion a would have desired. Tile proverbs Franklin assembled in a poor Richards Almanack contributed mightily to building a lasting tradition of individual responsibly and Enterprise in the struggling Young american nation. Franklin accepted women As persons of Independent intellect Long before they won die right to vote. At 17 he was off on his own without the family Blessing a first to new York and then to Philadelphia. He entered Philadelphia As a hungry runaway munching one loaf of bread while carrying two others under his Arm but he was to have a mighty influence on that City a history. Became Printer at 22, Frankton was in the printing business with a partner. The next year they were publishing the Pennsylvania Gazette. At 28, Franklin owned the paper outright. Franklin was 24 when he married Deborah read who seven years earlier had laughed at the sight of him eating his loaf of bread in the Street. Into the new Home he brought a son William whose Mother s name he never divulged. Turning inventor he devised the Franklin stove which brought the fireplace out of the Chimney a with vast savings in fuel and increased heating Comfort then came Franklin s famed Kite Experiment which ended the ancient mystery of Thunder and lightning Ana the lightning Rod. Through the years and in a dozen Fields the inventions continued. Bifocal glasses a device for removing objects from High shelves the a car Monica which made music from spinning glasses a clock a flexible Catheter. Public service sought him out and devoured the later year Franklin had planned to devote to science study mid experiments Franklin was 70 As he helped the colonics prepare for the War of Independence he had steadfastly hoped for american destiny As free states within Hie British Empire but he fought against parliamentary interference. He helped to Speed repeal of the stamp act mid presented toe first Continental Congress petition to the King. A member of the Continental Congress he proposed the articles of confederation and Union helped draw in it and signed the declaration of Independence with War upon the colonies he went to Paris seeking French assistance Franklin a serenity and humor carried him through Early ordeal and defeat until his Mission was accomplished. With Independence won for his nation he pleaded at 78. A to be. For the Little time i have left my own master a to the end of his life Franklin continued writing on Public topics. And during amp years of Public service he never took payment for what he wrote nor did he Ever seek patents on his inventions a a a a a you re always complaining about my the irate wife told her husband. A but what about yourself just look at that fire extinguisher for example you paid $25 for h mid Haven to used it once a family weekly it it or Church membership is growing faster than the population. Considering the world Situa Tion judgment Day does t seem As far off As to used to. A a a researchers have developed a Pill that will cure hangovers another method is to avoid drinking too much. Almanac by United press International today is monday Jan. 17, the 17th Day of 1966 with 248 to follow. The Moon is Between last Quarter and new phase. No morning Star. The evening stars Are Jupiter Venus Saturn and Mars. Those born today Are under the sign of Capricorn. On this Day in history in 1706. American statesman and author Benjamin Frankton was born. In 1806. The first baby was born in the White House. He was the son of Thomas and Martha Randolph and the grandson of president Thomas Jefferson. In 1960, nine bandits staged the $1% million robbery of a brinks armoured car in Boston. In 1965, exiles bombed a cuban sugar Mill. For the a thou it Day Benjamin Franklin a doth thou love life then do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made you Are Welcome editor of the bulletin in behalf of the mental health association of Madison county and As the past president. I wish to inform your of my sincere appreciation for All the cooperation you have Given us this past year. I must admit that through your generous cooperation m the Way of publicity and editorials it has helped us carry out our programs to a successful conclusion in helping those that Are mentally ill. Harry i. Cowen around town 25 years ago Anderson in 1941 capt. Earle m. Pete soften received applications for enrolment in company a first infantry Indiana state guard from the following John w. Adler Frank b. Badger Russell c. Bisel Frank m. Benbow Lloyd l. Boyce Dale b. Din Widdie Frederick e. Comer Robert m. Cook Vern f. Cozad jr., Edward Eckenberg John eds ii William j. Fuller James r. Ellingwood Clifford f. Gilmore Keith d. Hanes Harry w. Hart dui Bertram Higginbotham. Austin m. Hungerford Gerald e. King Lester l. Lemay Donald e. Marrer Arthur p. Meikel Gilbert e. Mattox Aaron f. Mills Mark p. Montague Jack Ormond Russell h. Parkhurst Warner f. Riley Archie j. Roberts Robert m. Roof sr., Henry Schmitz Paul j. Shannon. William Shepherd. George w. Soften Michael d. Skees Charles e. Smiley. Eugene a. Smith Irvin i. Snyder Stanley j. Sokol Gordon r. Stewart Charles r. Toles Cecil l. Wilson. Cecil Whit Bead Percy a. Wildredge William Woolums and Philip j. Zeabart. Pouce received reports of 12 minor traffic wrecks because of ice on highways and a heavy fog but no one was Hurt seriously mrs. Vieune Rhem Anderson town trustee reported the Cost of poor Relief in the township for 1940 was $116,941.55, a drop of $17,644.45 under the 1939 figure. Directors of the Myca reelected the following officers president Arnold Huston vice president Ward k. Stilson recording Secretary l. O. Parker treasurer. J. E. Spaulding. Ralph Swinford. 26 loan apts., toolmaker at guide lamp was stricken ill at work and taken to St. Johns Hospital. Bob Hutton scored 16 Points for coach Carl Bombe a Sanderson High school freshman team in a 26-8 Victory Over new Castle freshmen in a basketball game played at the has gym. The Gingham club met at the Home of mrs. John cold. 1620 net in St., and alerted officers As follows president mrs. Clara Anderson Secretary treasurer mrs. Cold reporter mrs. Marv Coates mrs. Elmer Hodson 2220 Meridian St., was injured in an automobile collision West of Here on state Road 32. J

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