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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Anderson, Indiana Anderson sunday Herald vol. 94, no. 197 Anderson Indiana sunday morning february 4, 1962 Price 20 cents victim taken from pit divers find body near sunken Dozer the body of Lewis an Derson 52-year-old Bull Dozer operator was recovered from the Bottom of the Myers gravel co. Pit at . Yesterday about 26 hours after he went Down when the 30- Bulldozer he was operating broke through the ice. Civil defense skin divers were Manning two Small boats Over the spot where the machine Sank when one of them caught the body with a Grannel Hook brought out by the sheriff s department As a last resort to retrieve the body. State police and the civilian divers had searched under the ice capped pit since mid morning unable to locate the body. A Cable Hook etl to a heavy drag line Crane was fastened to the Bulldozer by divers but the grader Blade was scooped into a gravel Bank making Tow out efforts impossible. After the body was recovered Coroner Cecil Carmichael ruled death was caused by drowning. He said there were no body Marks to indicate a blow against the machine or a broken chunk of ice could have been fatal. Searching began Friday after noon shortly after Alexander Faulds the Plant Supe Riri Pendant reported seeing Anderson and the j Kennedy reportedly will stress to j regarded As Bright. Bulldozer break through the ice. J Congress tuesday the importance of million annually he was backing the education to the nation s Surv for five years to colleges and uni r ii France prepares to crush possible uprising fair and warmer. Recover body divers huddle around boat As Grannel Hooks Are being used in the final attempt to recover the body of 52-year-old Lewis Anderson who drowned Friday when he Sank in Myers gravel pit with a 30- Bulldozer that caved through the ice. The body was recovered from the pit by civil defense divers with sheriff s department Grannel Hooks after Day Long diving attempts by troopers and scuba divers failed. Herald photo order to halt cuban imports Given by Juk i Washington up Kennedy j saturday ordered All imports from Cuba choked off to i Stop the Fidel Castro regime from getting dollars to promote communist subversion in this hemisphere. The ban effective at . Est wednesday will Cost the cuban Economy about million a year i obtained mostly from . Imports of tobacco. But the president left unchanged the . Policy of a t limited exports of food Medicine and medical supplies by 3ftt j up fun generally fair and a Little warmer. High today Low tonight High tomorrow yesterday s High 49 Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Security forces throng Paris in crisis watch near 60 near 40 in 60s Lew 27 . . . Education plea scheduled Washington j schools. Its 1962 prospects Are osteopathic and Public health Antiq fax in i j. _ r -1-1 from this country to Cuba for humanitarian purposes. This has amounted to million in the past Kennedy s order was a Quick follow up to thei foreign ministers Confer it ence at punt a Del Este Over what he thought was a Road Jval without Way which apparently had teaching facilities along with forces ready attack on Given gifts May boost Uruguay where members of the organization of american states Oas Vot i m to isolate the Castro regime and expel Cuba fro the inter american _ t. I0" hazards in up right Wing political prisoners noted in same prison for the second consecutive sat inlay. Tanks and thousands of armed Security guards Ion a found the clock Alert at the Gates of Paris kept i the City Calm As it began a crisis weekend. J Premier Michel Deb re in a speech at Toulouse i declared confidently that the government of president Charles de Gaulle stands firm on its i ready to crush any uprising by the secret army organization Oas Here or in Algeria to Block an. 1 algerian peace settlement. Though Paris was Calm i during the Day. Tension creased at Nightfall As juice resumed their search of i suspicious persons and Carsh fog casts set unveiling any be diversities for construction of Aca a schools. Demic facilities and provision for additionally the budget pro xm.-i4 _ o j scholarships for students in such Leopold Ville the a to schools and Cost allowances to the Congo up a a the Fouse statement Jit Plain that the Trade Cut off e uuu5c, washed out. I into med sources said saturday four year scholarships and Cost Al poses increases of about Mil l a thick of the diving operation was education message will Lowance to the institutions. Existing education done at dark Friday out m More detail the need House has passed a Bill to Aid Grams of the office of education buildup of forces Jit said at 10 . Yesterday. As Kennedy sees it for programs the institutions in construction Jand increases in other education Ifor a offensive the loss of this income win five state police divers out tried m the state of programs but the scholarship pro programs handled by the National against marauding Gieng i reduce the capacity of the Castro on hand during most of the budget messages. Was omitted. The Senate is1, science foundation and other list troops and fanatical i regime intimately linked with to Hernen were injured at least an equal number of president s budget message j debating a Bill containing i. Local divers explored below estimated expenditure _ for sex j proposals surface while other volunteers education pro a diving clubs tended lines. Although weather conditions both movement of educational Grams during the year through provision for i agencies. July 1 at billion. Financial Aid for advanced study by persons familiar with the Forth a teachers of elementary and Sec coming message said it will carry Mondary schools and for Grants Toj new appeals for these and universities to Aid for classroom teacher education pro and teacher salaries for Public Al j Grams. Emen tary and secondary a three year program Estima to Cost s500 million the first year contracts to develop teaching a ship and a total of billion. This trials and methods for use in in Coin gop dinner to draw 450 sino soviet bloc to engage in acts of aggression subversion or Thel of the United and a . Spokesman also report other nations of i youth gangs Jivu province and Kern Katanga. Jungle Mission of Kama where american missionaries and their i families had been feared there was one plastic bomb1 Friday night Small hotel fire a by the Oas. No reported. L iuii1 he there was real fear of an up by the associated press t rising in Algeria where the fog cast a perilous pall temperatures j has carried out a Campaign of Lover Many areas of since Jan. L to oppo Section shutting airfields for hours Over much of causing scores of High accidents. Nigeria would act before then. The heavy Mist closed airports the prison rioting saturday be in California Over a 700-mile Gan when the inmates from Sacramento to san Sun aces the government drive to Diego during the late night and ithe Oas. Found Thev had been do Jearl a Morain accidents occurring since priced of the move As the fog near he prison prison officials California there wore More Auto q til til r c l t Ranf i _ Ai t f ii oops i Lour Vonc Sacco up in. Put a serious i Man the other near Lafavette i j t i capacity a car skidded and off eng White j fog per feted in California s e activities head on crash fatal in Rno re fho1, prisoners leaving Oieni Central Valley Nerc it has that while the s35 Mil a Drivers. Ine breakfast tables and opened cell j caused 23 traffic deaths in a week. But some Hope for improver the Madison county Lin Jated the americans were Safe. Liuo. Assured a capacity a j legislation foundered in congresses traction of adult illiterates. Crowd of about 450 officials of repo e last year largely because of a 10-year program of club said yesterday of any trouble indicating controversy Over Aid to Church j for construction of medical Den wreck injures 4 train workers Walkerton ind. A a i crash of two freight trains Tris oing to happen and jumped to safety just seconds before the Ca Lewis Anderson were More Ideal yesterday Oil fired salamanders were placed along the pit Bank to furnish please turn to Page 2, column 5 jeered by an earlier derailment Boose was demolished. Land heavy fog left four crewmen state sen. D. Russell Bontrager there 1s amiss and of Elk Khai to Republican Leader in a the Indiana general Assembly for lat he same time he several years will be the speaker. Government the dinner will also serve As the ousted vice Premier Antome i kick off event for the Lincoln club a Zunga the ,. A f membership Campaign for 1962 strongman from an army Camp Johns Hospital for treatment of the organization is composed of near Leopold Ville to Loanda alter suffering Burns in the base hundreds of Madison county resort town at the Mouth ment of their Horn 228 e. 29th publican men. The goal of the Congo Riv i authorities at p. M. . Membership drive 15 Mem please turn to Page 2. Column 6 i doors. To Page 2. Column 9 except upstate the wac Uirl the prisoners ran wild through turned sunny Over Indiana prison until the Warden sent noon and the stage was set for Security reinforcements who mild and dry weekend. Quieted the men shortly after 11 temperatures were expected . The reinforcements herded Range sunday at High Points men Back to their cells with was raised of to p_agc2. Column 5 f a mlle f r cauf., and mrs. Franklin Short and her former Stanley Villemson. Dennis were taken to St. Bers. Committees in phases of the dinner and charge of various state department injured in the moving train Are headed by Raymond Precup Jwj Fra h a. Holler. 4q i Adlow Lincoln Riith nip Nihom str and j j j t j j we w Ali thu. J. And damage estimated in were h. A. Healer 49, club president and Frank woman son suffer Burns beatnik Kidnap suspects hunted Chicago up police ques Chanenson s firm then re Lea Sec gasoline when one Man and searched for him. The other two were reported Snow and Sand Haz sparked authorities two others saturday in the be tenants at the the Field at the title Reno j firemen reported the Mother j rushed Down to the basement when she noticed it was on fire. Dennis had been cleaning a paint j turn to Page 2, column c Rev. A new York Central freight i train rammed into a St finding j freight train in thick Baze near a Pilkerton ind. Four crewmen were injured. A United air lines jetliner carrying 12-5 persons skidded after Landing at new York s Idlewild Airport. The pcs skidded when it neared the end of a runway and Chicago up police ques Chanenson s firm then released the right main Landing gear roiled ._.i. Shroud Blaze of dollars Jne erf Washington up Long beatnik kidnapping of a worn clj1 a Northwest airlines Jet. Be crash occurred _ when one Frank Bridgewater 40, a addition to hundreds of Senate subcommittee studying Al a mrs was Burnt on her j an and her two children. Aboard comm m Central freight goingjin., William Mobbs 34, Bradley i county Republican men and worn Ile ged military muzzling its Dis Sless and face and her soil suf i mrs. Irving Chanenson. 42 Hiah because of fog landed at Miles an hour failed Toi Arki Henry Sollo 60. Ivan Akee. In expected at the dinner to Bei Pute with defense secretan Rob Ifred Burns on his hands. Children. Eileen 18, and said she Bill Mitchell Field see a signal to Stop and rammed healer who suffered Back in held at p. M. Feb 12 s. As t1 i xxx Vav j. L Otisi Ullola it Ltd l nto tie rear of another and Clits was reported in Bowden s at the Junction of ind completed plans saturday for Tak i after treatment. I Lon Lommis Slon condition at the la Porte hos-j9 and 67 Southwest of the City Ling state department testimony Cic a firemen responded a Baltimore Ohio Railroad tra minimal hip of her. Run Norph in Manv a mme feral other Calls saturday. To consider six petitions Spital. The others were reported county District and state next week. About one Good condition with cuts and i Republican party officials Are also chairman John c. Stinnis. Fire broke out on the bed of a Mcnamara the Hospital Irence 14. Were Given their one say and went off a runway into Snow l Friday after her husband we Don t get the Money Well nobody Hurt and no damage to Sev produced a look Ransom Money. 5el to Nam have was reported. Police questioned an employee at said they were held in a landings were expected. Mile North of Walkerton. J bruises. The injured All Riding on the about five hours earlier. 15 cars moving Tram were rushed Tojo a Pennsylvania Railroad Freish Tigon Leader Dies holy family Hospital in la Porte were derailed near but none was Hurt seriously. Submitted to please turn to Pace column 4 cars were derailed and Page column 4 county Elkhart ind. Richard Schaaf Pioneer miss. Formally announced that Aniie me a i undersecretary of state George was putting up flares on the High Auto jitik6 Ball will testify on wednesday. Irav Al Broadway at p. The dispute Over the damage to the truck was not Lake ing of censors is settled before-1 extensive and the out of town i staffs it Jabout 150 Yards of track were Tom planning commission for ran Road officials said it Era up at the feb. It meeting. Take at East 24 hours petitions include the wreckage. I rezoning of jots along the East this is the account of events i Side of ind. 109 Between Fowler heading up to the crash Jann Fller and e. 5th its. For a service Sta a a train which usually leaves Tion and restaurant. Jel Khari for Streator 111., was split Rome up president acres from residential to Jinto two freights because of weath Juvanni Gronchi started Consulta a business for a retail self service Ier conditions. One contained 79itions saturday night on Italy a department store on the North Side cars. The other 51. They left the government crisis which is sex of ind. 67, about 900 feet West Yards about three hours i petted to end next week with the the main St. Junction. The prop Zapar j appointment of outgoing Premier erty is owned by county auditor the was held up by a Amintore Fanfani As head of a Joseph Armington. A derailment in South Bend. It f in 1 socialist supported Cabinet. J a plat for tentative and final left without the derailed cars Fanfani resigned Friday night i approval contain 67 lots in fail 1 stopped by the b 0 near paving the Way for a Center Creek Heights. I Walkerton. J left political Experiment based on a plat for tentative and final unit came barrelling the parliamentary support of i approval in Carpenter s the tracks. A signalman Wasi Etro Nenni s left Wing socialists. Street addition containing 17 try Jug to Sto in but the president plans to Reserve rezoning of one acre Prev men missed the signal his decision on the Fanfani a purposes for two family dwellings of tog in sch Iliad reduced ointment sources said until aft at 1620 Lindberg rd., owned to car Zero n consultations with parliament Republican hand the stage was set for Ball Driver was unidentified. J Leader died Friday in Elkhart to line up with Mcnamara against tie wiring system of an general Hospital. He was 83. The subcommittee. I Nicase turn to Page z. Column 6 iof but Flat with broken plaster takeoffs continued a Chicago s Walls and no hot water. To ii Are and Midway airports Dur sometimes Wilwy uhe Kidnap a tile Corning Mist. Jast up and temperatures Rose to Normal just walked walked up arid Levels or higher in most of the Back. One of them just country except the northeastern the matter of five minutes his l Over look Corner the Onset of mind weather a f was up apparently the j Soith band ind. No for governor f Ridney. A Ion in Tirc he met newsmen saturday in recognition of Poi first news conference As u to by creates an Lotical candidate and the for its he said no win policy of the Federal americans stronger than the government. Thunder on the left would us Walker said the controversial John Birch soc Ely. To which he Walker Side stepped questions or belongs compliments the United whether he ing a he More Elsec uni Pitary forces in their of Ive in at the forts to expose the enemy and than the state Doctrin ate troops in the general said he Giuld no combat ring an enemy ii com if he voted Lor a Denio Cral hut believed he in a primary a my Frice Daniel the turn m Steak to. 39c pork . 35c pay less super Market open 24 hours daily

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