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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Anderson, Indiana 32 pages Indiana weather Snow ending late evening or Early tonight. Tuesday mostly Cloudy no important temperature change Low tonight mid 20s, High tuesday upper 30s, High yesterday 33. Low today 29. Least killed new dominican Battle in town por relaxation Wor has Monys Dos and one of them it relieving Battle fatigue by a change of scenery. Here a group of . Soldiers in from their comp near Bien hoc Toke in the sights of Saigon by bicycle taxis. Despite the allure of the City you la notice that the men have their combat weapons with them for the Viet Cong is everywhere. A wire photo Fie Gaulle Back far new term near record turnout listed in vote Runoff Paris apr France settled Back for Morel i years of gaullist today following preside not Charles de Gaulle s reelection to another seven year term. Although de Gaulle so failure to win on the first ballot two weeks ago Gavel Clear notice that his popularity had slipped almost r one expected the autocratic old Man to alter his policy goals. He May soften his methods How-ct7 Ever but Thomas a. Beedy marines and army men marked incident a Day in the Saigon in the run off election sunday Saigon South Viet Nam fhe Viet Cong birthday by kill area Complete returns from euro tap a the Viet Cong gave Sai nearly 200 communists in the National liberation front Pean France and All overseas gon a Day of rest from terror Bree dashes with sizeable Viet was founded in 1960 under com territories except Guiana and ism on the fifth anniversary of Corn forces Monist leadership to give the polynesia gave the 7s-year-old their National liberation front with military personnel growing guerrilla insurgency a president 13.063,134, or 55.18 per today but renewed their violence restricted to quarters by a dusk political organization cent. Leftist Francois Mitter i at Nightfall. To Dawn curfew. Saigon passed a Viet Cong Call on Saig onese Rand got 10.609.744 a terrorist hurled a grenade through the night without Inci to observe 15 minutes of silence about 84 per cent of the regal a truckload of . Soldiers Dent. A heavy guard patrolled sunday to protest the War estered voters balloted a near after dark As the vehicle passed the area of the . Embassy r88�?� unheeded As traffic record turnout Over a Bridge on the Northern and the us information serv flowed and business continued Mitterrand termed de outskirts of tile City in route to a office both potential prime uninterrupted. Gaulle a Victory a mediocre a . Base lawns for Viet Cong birthday it was a Flop a fiasco. Com and said he would turn his at the grenade bounced off the violence merited a official Tendon to the National Saem Reat of the truck and exploded in the last six Days. The com he Only terrorist action took Bly elections in november 1967.j in the Street injuring Only one Monist have staged at least an place on the outskirts when a a an my efforts a he said. American police said. J1. Cons Cut Cost burled a Gre a will be to make the legislative .j1? Sci no our de despoil Snow and cos to mind ii six Dot amp Ems i police elect Ion the Beds Ivy in a re the tightest Security in years in a. I once ment which will save the re pub the City of More than 1.4 million Mixail in in rom adventure into to guard against any major Hobo Lla inn in a flare up of action at the which a discounted gaullist is birthday incident. Officials said the first accumulation of Snow. J amp Ong a a plunge the wave of terrorism could in a V do Gaulle who begins his new Day after renew violence at Nightfall of rest Viet army tanks move on f opener rebels injuries fatal to local Man not a creature was stirring not even a quadruple As Kathy axe., 6, reads a Christmas Story to her Sisters from left a it to Susie Julie and Anna. The four identical axe quads daughters of or. And mrs. Philip d. Axe., of Toledo Ohio have Matching Christmas stockings upper right for Santa s visit. The other three stockings Are for Kathy and Brothers Chuckie 5, and Timmie 4. The quads Are 216 and were born March 4, 1963. The father is an advertising Salesman for a Toledo newspaper a wire photo Borman and Lovell be Pill three Days of medical checks by Robert Berrellez Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic apr the precarious peace efforts in the dominican Republic Appe d today to have been dealt a shattering setback by a Battle Between army troops and former rebels. At least 13 persons were believed killed in two shooting incidents sunday. Twelve were reported killed in a six hour Battle that raged around a hotel on the outskirts of Santiago he country no. 2 icily. There were conflicting reports �?-----1on the cause of the Battle that o Ivy i pitched army tanks against an it fuck estimated 125 former rebels barricaded in the rambling two Story hotel Datum shooting ended following the arrival of 150 . Paratroopers of the inter american peace Force. The violence spread to Santo an Anderson Man who was Domingo 120 Miles to the South critically injured last August where a policeman was Dis when the milk truck he was armed and fatally shot through driving was involved in a crash the head by a member of an with a Semi trailer truck near angry pro rebel mob one of Markleville died saturday at Many roaming the littered John s Hospital downtown streets. Dari d. Foster 29. 1920 Wood the tensions and threats by Bine or died of internal i civilians in Santo Domingo to juries at la of clock saturday bring out hidden weapons morn ii. He had remained in prompted the Impf to reinforce serious condition at the Hospital its Small garrisons in the form since a Accident which oct Tor rebel territory downtown. 0,1 morning of aug. I shooting could be heard in the innit. Scattered parts of the capital. Up j late into the night Impf Markleville -. I sources said none of the shoot 011 ind. 38 in ing involved the hemisphere Henry co Narmy that was organized and to. Foster a brought Here in Early May to route Man for j help forge a peace in the do East Side Jer minivan revolution. Sey Dairy a violent explosion rocked the driving Western part of Santo Domingo the milk truck at Midnight. There was no in when it was mediate report of the cause of struck by the the blast. Semi truck. I Foster he Jim Strothman m. Schirra or. And Thomas p. The spacecraft rather than the after hitting Cape Kennedy. Fla. A Stafford praised the Titan 2 space suit sources noted Bowel Battje a the Foster Auto the Semi veer geared to dash Hopes of reline a nether a a astronauts Frank Borman Booster and gemini spacecraft. All four also remarked me wave of terrorism Conia us Pason a a around a a Mue Ami Olgui is new Quot to t a i Titzl a Quot to with to. Viet Cong companies at Smi i a us 265 Miles a rth a a thu supporters were overjoyed to stove a atari new Quot Perm cd a a Quot a a a to not Joe services set the Plain of Reeds 40 Miles West. A pm he a of Saigon. The bad difficulty on Hills and they Lan us government forces threw Back curves to # a a area held by 1.500 to 2,000 Viet of Vafa traffic War forced to Fong. But by Lac ump Lac sh00t of the vote. Only on the International scene de the communists with tactical move at a slow Pace. No died Down Tho americans air support and claimed 29 Viet accidents were reported a1 counted 72 enemy dead to s continued in Page s column 3 a a were tto it ii _ a a i a a Zippor Cong killed though there were several casualties Quot we re described Quot As twelve Miles father West. Bat minor mishaps Light. Most came when Viet c in tailors of South vietnamese re the Mercury was 31 degrees Cong fire hit four isl cavalry >i10w Krills a tonal troopers slammed into a at la ., and the Low was 29 helicopters. D let Cong hideout killing 26 degrees at 6 30 Light Snow just 30 Miles East of Saigon. Communists and destroying to fell intermittently during the the 173rd airborne brigade samoans and 53 buildings morning. Ice and Snow had joined with the 1st infantry Dispo Esmen reported. The attack melted from most Busy Thor vision to seek out and destroy a Force also captured 12 samoans Oug fares by noon hut second hard Core Viet Cong unit in a and found More than too Gre a Quot streets and roads remained joint operation called of ass0ciatfd up a ,.vus Auu some Nai Wojec hades and a dozen weapons. Sukk. Strengthened by South Viet Ihbe associated press Tjon toward the end of the with an improvement in the less than hah an Inch of namese and australian troops Snow fell today in the North flight the sources noted. On Man. People an i the two gemini 7 pilots flew song Rebe t into the ? another a How much of their Mission in their j Jap j Quot s i Quot i hide driven by a new Castle a Ach underwear and Vraim a svy regular armed forces a key Man who escaped with minor juries. Services set funeral services will be Eon used to stay at Cape Kennedy Borj leaders blamed ducted at to Tuesday at until wednesday concentrating a ai7y.demanded that j the first Church of the Naza gemini 7 capsule a on medical examinations. They round trips to the Moon begin High above the Earth wednes semen came for Labie Marcin after his humid three Das of medlca.1 checks a it 1 Aline first round setback in Schirra was quoted As saying until wednesday concentrating my and Ciema Noea that. _. Copter in an Ich he won Only 43.9 per cent p Pace travel has that the gemini 7 capsule a on medical examinations. They prov so Lal president Hector Rene by the Rev. John c. Wine a a a. Twice As Bright As the then plan to Fly to the manned a Godoy fire the military pastor and the Rev. John k. P who talked with the brightest Star Sirius when he spacecraft Center in Houston chiefs or face a general strike. Summer of the Ovid commit astronauts said their Maul a Itu j a i a a the. No Cirlo a rugs re Giorl it we a _ a Niti a to via vhf Vul a was approaching it and Schirra tex., to beg. Eight Days of Tell the president persuaded the i continued on Page 6. Colum 7 plaint of the 14-Day night was and Stafford indicated that Ren ing and retelling the Story of lab a leaders to wait until he the confinement a Bev Cillen t a a a a a. J. Hoe ,.k9n/.a a Fri the Camf nement a they stretch out. Thov asserted they dreamed a lot during the Mission sources said. Ami Borman was quoted As saying that Lovell was dreaming a fall tile new Hope for Llic i loll i in food the spacecraft some of it dehydrated a got tedious and somewhat object Devous was easier than they their Marathon flight to project Bas a Chance to investigate and a thought. Officials. Punish those responsible. I of til Mlot in Stafford and Schirra co piloted Navy Cape Schirra and air the Santiago fighting took the two Small air planes on thurs Force maj. Stafford flew from lives of nine army regulars and Day from the prime recovery nearby Patrick air Force base two rebels including Colm Juan ship the aircraft Carrier Wasp. T0 Houston sunday afternoon. Lora Fernandez former chief of to Bermuda. A or a playful reunion with staff of the rebel army. An in on the Way sources said they were no Gusst s2st�tow5s much easier to Pilot two gemini Sald weather S. Warplanes Endt a Snow was registered up to noon the two . Units split the Viet pm two thirds of Indiana and air Force it. Col. Borman spacecraft in form Aion even Kennedy be thirteen out of 18 americans of to Ltd a Lull in the raids on and county commissioners said Cong in a linkup following Tacti was heavy enough in the Navy cmdr Lovell As Well though the spaceships were instead Schirra was crouched registered at the 45-room hotel j a Huntly App Tifni la in. 1�?za_l Nail salts and t-600 rounds. H�7�prfai,� As 7 astronauts Walter speeding at i?,500 Miles an in a doorway at astronaut Crew were evacuated safely to a lamp Jaa St of Hoctor Finch Hunting mishap Crew from the Wasp to Cape a Chesterfield youth who saturday was shot in the left thigh with a 12-gauge Shotgun was listed in satisfactory condition today at St. Johns Hospital. Thi Faan Mil of in Amo Inanc Robert Chiu 16, of or i Box american 355, Anderson was wounded in Thunder Chi a dropped 49 tons be necessary unless the Situa of artillery. Of bombs and rockets on the Tion worsened the state High moving into the communist driving warning. Bac can Highway Bridge 75 Way department trucks were Camp. Operation smash about an Inch of accumulation Miles North of Hanoi spokes out Early today sprinkling Salt claimed an Early count of 16 was forecast for the Northern Epi third to bring a hazardous 7 astronauts Walter men said. Pilots reported two mixtures on Slick spans Down a third damaged fld curves. _ and damage to six antiaircraft positions nearby that protect s. A s f00 1 strategic Supply route from red China. One f105 went Down after being hit by ground fire. The Pilot ejected 45 Miles South Oft Hui from he Santa a Haiphong North Viet Nam s fund is beg dist buted mis major port and was picked up week ,0 Al no u Rea spots Hills Viet Cong dead 4 captured and third but most of the Snow was continued columns. Chances for a White Christmas were fair. The five Day Outlook through the saturday Holiday was for temperatures averaging 5 to 7 degrees above. In a doorway at astronaut Crew Ere. C vac a Tea a Seiy to a Home just East of Chesterfield Headquarters on neighbouring nearby air base S. Embassy at about 1 a a Dock saturday of persons who talked with the Merritt Island. When Borman sources said. The other five ter noon astronauts quoted Borman As and Lovell walked Down the were not at the hotel at the Crull was shot when his Cou to Kurt sayin8 he thought future space Hall he jumped out and began Iii i t Tun old men should not have to Fly in beating the air with his arms As by an amphibious Rescue plane. A Small S. Army observations plane collided with a South benefited from the generosity vietnamese single engine air of those who donated to the Sal Craft on a support Mission 27 vation army bulletin Spon Miles South of Danang killing sorted program both two Man Crews. From fund this week Normal but the coldest part of a the period probably will be near a Friend. 20.00 the end and accompanied by in memory of Lew Remley Snow or rain. Dept. 707 and 774, Delco Remy. 41.00 in memory of Thomas Lee and by Christmas eve Many hundreds of persons will have Over the weekend S. Anderson deaths see Page to William mock Cosey Corner nursing Home Chesterfield. William Chrisman Rah Bek nursing Home. Mrs. Martha Stull do Quoin Iii. Mrs. Florence Leighton 411 Vav. Loth St. Rhonda Lee Kirby tur key. Russell utter 127 South or. Harry Gay Clearwater Fla. Mrs. Ethel Freeman 408 i. Lith St. Dari Foster 1920 Woodbine or. 9niddoh5 Sims any a King Days till Chris read our ads by last night requests for food had been received from 355 families some of which include As Many Aslo members. Other help includes clothing fuel toys for hundreds of underprivileged children and individual assistance where the need is great. Two Hundred and five grocery checks have been prepared for distribution this week to the needy capt. Dale Tollerud fund administrator said. Another 150 families will receive baskets for which 4,000 cans of food and other Staples have i been donated by various groups. The fund is purchasing hams bread milk and other perishables to Complete the baskets. More grocery checks will be provided As needed. Many last minute appeals for i help Are anticipated As in past years. Last weekend Over $500 was raised for the fund by rotary club Exchange club Mounds kiwanis club and Certoma club members ringing Bells at the a it salvation army Kettle Booths downtown to raise Christmas help for the needy. Tonight the chief Anderson Lions club will a a Many the kettles. Contributions Are still needed for the Santa Claus fund to do the full Job this year. Gifts Are to be sent to Apt. Dale m. Tollerud salvation army Cita Del. 1615 Meridian St. Today a donors Are Lee Huffman $ 5.00 Delco Remy depts. 1191, 2nd and 3rd tricks. 77.00 Bowman. 2.00 Arthur Oliver 5.00 girl scout troop 268 5,00 rotary club. 150 % Exchange club. 134.42 Mounds kiwanis 107.85 Certoma club 97.43 in memory of Gilbert m. Scott 5.00 in memory of Fred e. Swinford 5.00 Anderson deaf athletic club _. 5.00 Eva r. Scott 5.00 in memory of mom dad and Blanche ____11.00 precipitation is expected to Range from a Quarter Inch in the North to one tenth Inch or less in the South. The Normal temperature Range at this season is 20-34 in Northern Indiana and 27-44 in the South so the probable pattern this week is for thawing temperatures by Day and freezes at night. Snow was sticking to roads in Northwest Indiana this morning but highways elsewhere ranged from wet to Normal for morning commuter traffic. Overnight Low temperatures varied from 27 at fort Wayne to 43 at Evansville. Winter will begin officially at advanced engineering dept., 8 41 . Est tuesday. Delco Remy 43.00 in memory of Harold Myers. 20.00, Nicole Trent and Drake. Pansy leaven to. Of Lawrence m. Busby. 10.00 donated by friends. Baker Brothers funeral Home. 25.00 Lawrence and Deliria Gloyd. 5.00 in memory of mrs. Alma evens ________10.00 for Jesus 14.28 or. And mrs. T. B. Custis. 2.00 a Friend. 5.00 from a Friend ____2.00 w. H. Glass and son. 10.00 or. And mrs. Farrell Wilson. _ 5.00 in memory of Linda Maude Raymond Rose and Beecher Simmons 4.00 in memory of Christ Mas. 5.00 previously reported 4,864.54 a right Way voter Bulky space suits on Long Dura Tion flights. And if a a Aback up pressure system is needed Borman suggested it be built into Jimmy Tucker 15, of the All the americans Are work same address dropped the my on a technical Aid project double barrel Shotgun on the initiated by Texas a amp a univer ground and the gun discharged Borman and Schirra had falsity at the school of Superior according to the Madison if the gemini 7 Crew needed Landing instructions. Borman and sch continued on Page 6. Columnal1 continued on Page 6coiumn a county sheriffs department. Johnson administration is caught in Stormy dispute Over correspondence on Viet peace but it is harder As a statement of policy than the la Pira version reported by f auf Ani and released in the Fanfani letter to Johnson. By John m. Hightower ing said this but the journalist Viet Nam out of any future a special correspondent who interviewed him said the government in Washington apr the quote was Correct. North Viet Nam itself de Johnson administration found state department officials bounced the whole thing Satur itself caught up today in a calling the c Harge outrageous Day As a hoax and in effect de Stormy dispute Over its Publica said the publication was forced Nied that a peace probe had diplomatic authorities said Tion of correspondence reporting by concern for what they con been made. Privately they thought the Hanoi and probing a conditional peace tended was a partially Erro the communist chinese government might have consid offer from communist North nexus account which had a1-chimed in sunday calling the ered it necessary to Issue Satur Viet Nam. Ready become Public Rusk was report of peace feelers a ,s denial to preserve its posit he storm overshadowed the reported angered and upset by made hoax which a fools no Tion with communist China Central question whether Hanoi criticism. a re Ardd Here As Vehe had in fact made an authentic. Lur Goldberg . Am . Officials Here were if Josed to Pattee in Viet approach for a settlement on its j to the United nations pressed by the degree of confirm a Jas it was own terms and might vet re a and ther who played the role mation in the Hanoi broadcast qually possible and perhaps spend to a u a Reust to Clar said sunday on however of the main Mecha a a Quot 1�pc�?o1 tha no if cation of conditions in it. Abcs a issues and answers Leal fact of the reported peace lady t. A a Nate the administration would have offer a the meeting nov. La be Early negotiate vet on any on this Dis tween la Pira and italian pro terms other thal1 t1�11&Quot own president Johnson could try to a preferred to carry o revive the roundabout peace cession in Yaonan univ Proe irions Phi a a a a privacy but was Fessor Mario Primicerio with the principal Exchange with president to Chi faced with a a a crisis 0f conf to and Premier Pham Van term which the Johnson admin Coram nist Minh of North Viet Nam by 1 Dencey with the Public Over the Dong. J titration has been totally unwell u., sending some kind of new Mes credibility 0f its peace policy. The North vietnamese an ing to accept is Point three Smisl \v2l5�i�,t pm argued adn Inis 35ew a ered a is ?�<"�?o��� a ministration officials said today that there had been no decision Jeane Dixon Cleveland up the have v brotherhood of Railroad train munition a foreboding men says sen. Birch Bayh d vision of a future event inn is a Une of 2,r\ seators a a if such a thing happens once on any new . Action. These 109 members of the Blouse who in a lifetime it is considered Crecy covers were torn from Rem Kable but it happens the incident last Friday after regularly to Jeane Dixon of noon after the St. Louis Post Washington . Pictured dispatch reported that a newish above with a Crystal Ball Given peace offer from Hanoi had % think we a lid Rentin in son Ltd to her by a Gypsy when shebeen rejected by the United Hode s 7hw the la Pira Fanfani account and fan fam sent the essence of was eight years old. She pre states. Matte said the vietnamese were the reply along to North Viet voted the a right Way on legislation the Union considered important in the 89th Congress. Bulletin Board traction acted correctly in re Phasis from the account which lists have a decisive role in the leasing the correspondence. Pra passed in to italian future of South Viet Nam. John Goldberg said he did not think Forell a minister Amatore fan son and Rusk have taken Tim Tam the . General Assem position that on this Issue there Bly president and which fan can be no Compromise Fant reported to Washington in a a. F. Nov. 20 letter to president John Ani s t0 Johnson was answered by Rusk . 4 disclosure of the Exchange Over peace negotiations would Hurt any chances that now exist for p,.? dcaed�?z.?Uch veits a a theas amid denials from Hanoi that Ritto ran Cerento Uble do prot Lared Tor 1 6306 j j80 j.�01 on the basis of the 1954 Geneva Boyless Gotama in a to flu we pm a China and the plane crash to Fiona at Eft it Lief �?o6.des ted total to Date �?.$5,821.48 City briefs 17 comics 27 deaths to doctor says .9 editorials4 Hollywood 14 on the line 4 social news .2-3 sports 18-19-20-21 Stock markets 28 television .27 voice of Broadway 4 what they say 16 winning at Bridge 12 world today.32 death of Dag Hammarskjold mayor Ier visions car atari a difficulties Are of disco Noi called its definition of the of a a a Christian Democrat one j l0?. Ings and frightening accurate that a i sure. But or. Benjamin speck and the talks Geneva treaty As a basis for Nam. Rusk asked for clarification on several Points of la Piras version of How a statement. Diplomatically therefore the next move would appear to be up to Hanoi. A no answer has reached me As of today a fan predictions have become leg i a aus Jamul of unit anti or Lams. I e j Dendary. C a Stuart Hughes co chairmen the Hanoi account which de to now you can read about her mar10 1 Primicerio accused Sec of the committee for a sane the state Pegau rement apr sequence of a Ltd in it life a and her gift a from re-ai7 of state Dean Rusk of nuclear policy attacked the disclosure said flatly that a the became Public . Officials the Best Selling Book written sabotaging the bid. 4 Secretary administration on the ground United states must recognize Wen t0 great efforts to Emp a by a famed columnist and close Sta e Dean Rusk is to be that it was a avoiding Neotia these four Points and show this Siam that the apparent peace Friend. A a gift of prophecy blamed he said Quot because he tons by publication of the Cor with practical deeds so As to footer had not been rejected As the Story of the phenomenal obviously wanted this Mission to Respondence in order to keep find a political solution to the reported by the Post dispatch. Iii 1 a a l a a a a a Jeane Dixon by Ruth Mont foil by disclosing in Advance Gomery starts wednesday in what had been later the the bulletin. 24-year-old linguist denied hav the National liberation front Viet Nam but the next Day the Post the political of the com that is in line with North Viet dispatch quoted a Well placed Monist guerrilla forces in South names Standard Public position i contain Tel on part column

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