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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Anderson, Indiana Controversial City rezoning slated for cons duration by Jeff Evans Herald Haft writer an ordinance to Amend the present master plan and the municipal building code of the City of Anderson could provide some fireworks in a lengthy planning commission session set for thursday at City Hall. In what City planner Don Mccarty termed probably the most controversial item on the Agenda the amendment would require that Public and Semi Public buildings be constructed in such a manner that they Are accessible and functional for the physically handicapped and the aged. Mccarty explained the ordinance does not Only include those buildings financed with Federal funds but All buildings open for Public use such As churches retail establishments and restaurants As Well As financial this is definitely a pretty important Issue to have open discussions Mccarty said. Representatives from both building and contracting associations and handicapped groups Are expected to attend the meeting to debate the Issue. When asked Why the planning commission might be trying to push these and other items through now when an updated master plan is in the offing Mccarty said the commission could not deny any property owner the right to petition for rezoning. When any property owner seeks to have Bis property retorted 1 simply place his name on the Agenda and the planning commission has the duty to consider the Mccarty explained. A wooded lot in South View addition just North of West 53rd Street and Between Southern drive and Pearl Street has once again been scheduled for planning commission action. The same tract of land has been petitioned before the commission on other occasions but no further action was taken Over neighbourhood opposition. Mccarty said the front portion of the land near 53rd Street is still intended for the construction of a furniture store. The major significance Between this and other petitions Mccarty noted is a sub division of single family dwellings planned for the Northern portion of the a proposal for an amendment to the present thoroughfare plan has been submitted by the Imperial Oil company for the redevelopment of land at the Northwest Corner of Nichol and Raible avenues. Imperial Oil co. Officials have expressed an interest to modernize the existing Gas station facility. According to Mccarty a problem could arise in this proposal because state Highway 32 begins at that Point and a canopy to be added to the station would impede the right of Way at the intersection. A rezoning request from Leo Dunn it sons to construct another building for truck sales at 1318 Alexandria Pike is also scheduled for commission action. The current facility at this location is set for non conforming use. Mccarty said he has seen similar requests go both ways in the past.1 he indicated there is no property to that Vicinity which is currently zoned for business which makes the proposal questionable. Anderson sunday Herald vol 115, no. 57 Anderson Indiana sunday August 22, 1976 Price 40 cents . Stages show of military Force Seoul South Korea tap the United states staged a demonstration of military Power in and around Korea on saturday at he same time As Allied forces felled a tree that was the Center of the dispute in which North koreans killed two american officers. President Ford personally approved the plan to go in there and Cut the tree White House press Secretary Ron Nessen said saturday at Vail colo., where Ford is vacationing. With Ford is National Security Agency director Brent a. Scowcroft who is keeping the president abreast of the situation. At Travis air Force base in California Flag draped caskets carrying the bodies of the two slain american officers arrived amid a Brief solemn ceremony. As the plane returning their bodies touched Down a 26-Man Honor guard saluted. The bodies were taken to the . Army mortuary in Oakland Calif. Col. Erroll Loving Travis information officer said maj. Arthur bonifas 33, of Newburgh ., would be flown to West Point For burial and 1st it. Mark t. Barrett 25, to his Hometown of Columbia . Bonifas was promoted posthumously front Captain to major. In the operation an Armada of warplanes and troops was poised near the demilitarized zone during cutting of the 40-foot Poplar at the Neutral truce Village of Panmunjom. A . Navy task Force steamed toward Korea. City budget session to be held monday final approval of the 1977 City budget will be Given by the Anderson City Council in a special session monday at in the Council Chambers of City Hall. The budget committee comprised of several councilmen City controller Paul Newbern and mayor Robert l. Rock gave its approval to the 77 budget packet late in july. All that remains for the package to be totally approved is the final consent of the Council. The Council has previously approved the first two readings of the ordinance. A petition for the rezoning of an acre of land at 2012 East 10th St. For the construction of a Multi family dwelling was submitted by the Board of missions of the Church of god and has passed two of the three readings needed the owners of the land Are Retha l. Shultz and Ruth m. Packard. The Board of missions has planned the facility to House those individuals preparing for work abroad. The petition Calls for rezoning the land from an r-2 classification to re. Minor opposition has been presented to the proposal by neighbouring residents. Franklin d. And Sylvia l. Johnson have petitioned for the rezoning of a plot of land at 1637 Nichol ave. For the operation of an automobile sales and repair shop. The petitioners met heavy opposition from the Board of zoning appeals when they applied for a variance from constructing such a facility within 300 feet of a residential area. The property is currently owned by the Shell Oil company which sold out All its holdings in Anderson recently. Also on the Agenda is a rezoning proposal from Anita f. Marsh for the construction duplex in Fairfax addition near the Comer of North Shore Boulevard and Glen Road. The proposal Calls for changing zoning restrictions from single to Multi family dwellings in the neighbourhood. Several residents opposed the Sifea because they Felt the plan would lower property values in the area. An ordinance amending the rates and charges for general electric Cablevision users and subscribers will also be considered by the Council. Cablevision representatives Are asking for a per month hike in rates for their subscribers. School opening readied local teachers will begin reporting to their assigned schools this week As the Anderson. Community schools prepare for the 1976-77 school year according to superintendent or. Harold Gallagher. Gallagher said new teachers will report at 9 . Tuesday to East Side Middle school for new teacher meetings. All other teachers Are expected to report to their assigned schools wednesday morning he added. Students in elementary Middle school ninth and tenth grades Are to report schools on Friday morning Gallagher stated. Gallagher said transportation for these students will be available however he noted kindergarten students should be brought to school by parents As no bus transportation for them will be provided. High school juniors and seniors Are not expected to report to school until monday aug. 30, he added. Wednesday s activity for teachers includes morning staff meetings with principals and afternoon sessions with area supervisors at various locations sunny and warm mostly Sonny and warm today Aad monday. Partly Cloudy and mild tonight. Highs today us monday near m ind Low of Lam to Ike Low is. Anderson s High saturday m inside today new arrivals pm tortes do Neril Paje 2 editorial comment Page 4 acct of living pages 11-22 sport 23-27 ctn tet pages 12-31 recreation Aid Arti 35 Ca Asner pm and Featro. Page a caul find ads pages n-41 real Elute Page 44. He stated. Thursday is slated for teacher preparation and will not be interrupted by administrative activities Gallagher mentioned. The first full Day of school for All students is monday. Aug. 30, Gallagher said. Wednesday afternoon area supervisor meetings for teachers Are All slated to begin at . At the following locations science Middle school and High school science teachers meet in room 113 at Anderson High school. Health and physical education Middle school and High school teachers meet in room 113 at North Side Middle school. Social studies Middle school and High school teachers meet in Library at Madison Heights High school. Driver education Driver education teachers will meet with their respective department Heads in the Driver education instructional area in each of the three High schools. Counselling Middle school and High school Counselor meet in East Side Middle school Library. Art elementary and secondary Art teachers meet in room 309 at Anderson High school. Business education All High school business education teachers meet in room 14 at Madison Heights High school. Home economics Middle school and High school teachers meet in room 213 at Madison Heights High school. Aarts Aarts teachers meet in room 102 at Aarts. Librarians elementary and secondary librarians meet in Library at Edgewood school. Language arts Middle school and High school teachers meet in the Little theatre at North Side Middle school. Music elementary and secondary Twenty six helicopter gunships of the kind used in the Vietnam War backed by an unspecified number of f4 Phan Tom and fill Jet fighters and three b52 bombers from Guam circled overhead while a Quick reaction Force of 300 . And South korean soldiers protected the tree cutting Allied military sources said. North korean soldiers at the scene limited their response to shooting photographs but their government accused the United states of a grave military provocation. A Pyongyang broadcast charged that 300 troops including Ameri cans in full combat entered the demilitarized zone Doz separating North and South Korea and Inot Only Cut Down the tree but also destroyed North korean guard posts and smashed barriers. Another 400 Allied troops took combat positions 400 Yards away backed up by five truck loads of soldiers and a helicopter All creating a terrible War the broadcast said. The Allied sources declining to be identified denied that the combat Force had entered the Doz but did not say How close it approached. The 151-mile-Long Doz was quiet elsewhere Tut armies on both sides were on the Alert and Washington sources said the aircraft Carrier Midway and its 775 warplanes four frigates and a guided missile Cruiser were in route from Japan to Korea. Pentagon officials have stressed that the military moves include ing earlier reinforcement of Jet fighter units in South Korea did not foreshadow military retaliation for the killings last wednesday but were aimed at discouraging possible North korean military action. The official statement of the United nations or Allied command said merely that a inc work party had felled the tree and got safely a free for All Between communist and Allied soldiers ending in the two american deaths and injuries on both sides broke out wednesday when the North koreans tried to Stop an Allied team from pruning branches from the tree which the . Command said hindered its observation of the North korean Side. Bonifas and Barrett were axed and beaten to death by North korean guards who seemed to be concentrating on hurting the americans the command said. Huskin and discussin1 hundreds of men women Ond children turned out at Seu Laffsa Ali Satur Day to eat freshly pied Corn roasted Over hot coals and talk Republican Cand Haies for county stale and National office. From Eft getting info the spirit of things at the annual Lincoln club Madison county women s Republican club picnic Are gop candidates bit Frazier. Delaware county Farmer and ?0fh a District congressman Ralph ind. Dist. 25 Gene Allen Turkey rancher and county commissioner Hersberger retired Tireman and real estate agent nominee for 36th dist. State repress it a five and Superior court Divi Sion judge Steve see related photo and zloty on Page 2. Candidates rest map plans by the associated press democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter mapped out his Campaign schedule saturday while president Ford kept close tabs on the tense situation in Korea and rested after a strenuous five Days at the gop National convention in Kansas City. Kansas sen. Robert Dole Ford s running mate spent the Day working in Washington. And democratic vice presidential nominee sen. Walter Mondale relaxed at a Lake Retreat in Northern Minnesota. Ford vacationing at Vail colo., personally approved the cutting Down of a tree in the korean demilitarized zone on saturday press Secretary Ron Nyssen said. Two american officers were killed wednesday while dimming the tree american led United nations command had said was blocking the View of North korean positions from the checkpoint. Ford had discussed the korean situation with Secretary of slate Henry a. Kissinger and National Security director Brent scowcroft before leaving the convention on Friday nes sen told reporters. The president ordered by his doctor to take it easy after the Rigours of the convention at which he captured the gop nomination from Ronald Reagan slept nine hours Friday night. He took a pre breakfast swim and headed for the Golf course. Asked when he expected to Start extensive planning for the fall Campaign against Carter Ford said Well Start sunday or Nessen said Dole and other Campaign strategists will arrive at Vail on tuesday or wednesday for Campaign discussions. Campaign manager Rogers Morton already is in Vail. High on the Agenda will be the proposed series of head to head debates Between Ford and Carter favored by both candidates. Carter meanwhile announced his already prepared Campaign schedule. The democratic nominee plans to kick off his Campaign in Georgia but then will turn his attention of California the Industrial Midwest and the Northeast press Secretary Jody Powell said. Carter Hall said Friday that the selection of Dole rather southerner As Ford s running mate had removed the pressure for extra Carter Campaign Effort in the South. Powell said Carter has decided to formally open his Campaign on labor. Day. Sept. 6, in warm Springs a. Carter plans to make two other stops on labor Day perhaps one at the Darlington Sod Auto race in South Carolina and will spend the remainder of that week in the South and Northeast Powell added. Anderson level termed average Reading problems explored by Ted Tretter Herald staff writer american students Start Reading earlier than Ever before in school these Days. They study from scientifically designed Reading lexis. Their teachers know More about Reading problems than teachers did in the past. So. Why can t kids read we put this question to administrators and teachers at various Levels in the Anderson Community school system. Generally it appears Anderson students Are not any belter or worse than other american students. The curve is commented school attorney David Gotshall. We Are right on what would be the National this on the line comparison Only Means Anderson students Reading abilities Are going right Down the Chute along with the rest of the nation if we can believe statistical reports remedial Reading teacher at Anderson High school mrs. Karon teeters agrees with the National consensus of dropping ability. One reason she cites is Standard test scores. Standardized test scores Are Quile Low in some she admitted. But student intelligence is average or some persons Are convinced television is the major culprit. That if is pre Empting the time students used to spend Reading. There used to be a time when you would go Home and have a radio newspaper magazines and says school superintendent Harold Gallagher. If we were to go Home with of Nursery rhymes. Who in the world is Mother they Gotshall believes the National decrease May partly reflect a statistical phenomenon. Johnny still can t read educators Alt across the country As Well As those in Anderson and Madison county area schools arc concerned and Are seeking ways to improve the Reading skills of the nation s children. A 10-part series on the problems and search or a solution starts on Page 8 today. Our students Loday it would be my judgment that most of them would go in and turn the television set on. Really we learn to read by he stressed. We learn to improve our Reading by mrs. Teeters on the other hand in t sure to plays such a big role in the lives of her High school students. Many spend a lot of time in the she said. They Don t have Strong Home of course mrs. Teeters school has a special situation. There Are Many students whom educators have labelled underprivileged. Many of my students have never Ever been read to when they were she stated. They never heard i think a part of the problem is we keep a lot More kids in school than we used he said. We have work study programs vocational training a lot of things we never had before. The students that May have dropped out before arc still in our schools and they Are poor the method of teaching Reading has been attacked by Many critics in my own opinion the problem with Reading began Many years ago when we abandoned the phonics says Highland High school principal Leonard Austin. Austin says sight Reading techniques left students to relate one word another. Several years ago Anderson schools Well Back to phonics again because they found that the sight learning method did not work he added. Gallagher feels phonics is important but pointed out that some children can read by sight and simply cannot learn phonetically. The present system in Anderson schools begins in kindergarten. There pupils get right Down to the business of Reading by learning a list of 15 Basic vocabulary words such As get go. In it and you. Which will be built on in higher Grade Levels. The Slough ten Mifflin Reading series used in the elementary schools is basically a phonetic approach but also combines sight Reading exercises. Kindergarten teachers can Tell you almost before they go to first Grade which ones Are going to do Well which ones will be average and those that Are going to have says Gallagher. Mrs. Susan Richards first Grade teacher at 10th Street school says she receives children who Don t even know the 15 base words All the Way up to children who can already read the encyclopedia. Students who Aren t Reading up to Par can be Send to special remedial Reading teachers who Are provided in some schools by Federal Grant funds but 10th Street school has no remedial teacher because it docs not

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