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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 4

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Anderson, Indiana Page 4monday, August 14, 1967 i pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United states of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All. New intellect test if the churning of your washing machine or the humming of your refrigerator makes you irritable congratulate yourself. You re smarter than the average Bear. That s what researchers at the acoustics and seism is Laboratory of the University of Michigan a Institute of science and technology claim. With nothing better to do they exposed volunteers also with nothing better to do to a appliance like acoustical stimuli Quot a noise that is. The findings they announce show that a there can he Little doubt that College educated individuals Are More bothered with the sound stimuli presented than the remainder of the the experiments disclosed some other significant things. I or instance those who were most bothered by the noise although they were College graduates did not necessarily have High incomes. And those who completed High school seemed slightly less bothered than those who attended High school but did not a get this now a did not receive a diploma. The variables of the parameters elucidated by this research Are truly Complex and thought provoking. No censorship cause quite a lot has been said and written of late about allegedly obscene and psychedelic references in the pop music that has such an Appeal for teen agers. Some critics Are All for cracking Down with censorship of recordings. Sly hints about hallucinogenic drugs and illicit sex Are certainly not Ulfat most parents would like their Young to hear on their favorite broadcast programs. But there is reason to think that the concern is exaggerated a and even better reason to conclude that censorship is not the answer in a society which rightly prides itself on preserving Broad Freedom of expression. If the undesirable references Are sly and obscure enough to escape the casual ear what Are the chances that they will get through to the average teen Ager if one of the less acceptable four letter words is hidden behind a Yelling chorus that makes hearing it almost impossible is that a threat if there Are sophisticated double ent Endres How Many youngsters will understand them and if they do a even if they Are Able to detect a word not commonly used in polite company a will that blight their psyches Are the value standards inculcated by parents and school and Church seriously endangered by this sort of thing our raising of such questions should not be taken to suggest that we approve of dirty song lyrics a even of those that camouflage the dirt so that it can scarcely be detected. Nor do we approve of lyrics that carry drug imagery whether hidden or quite obvious. We find such things distasteful and wish that broadcasters would use better sense in deciding what to put on the air. The Point we make is this such lyrics Are not enough of a threat to morals to warrant censorship which invariably creates worse problems than those it is intended to cure. Good grades pay off starting in october students will have one More Good reason to work hard in school. As a result of studies that have indicated that Good grades and Safe driving go together most Auto insurance companies in 35 states will begin giving discounts up to 25 per cent to High school and College students under 25 who Are in the upper 20 per cent of their classes or have b averages. The companies will provide a form to be filled out and signed by a school official. Boyle s column Bill mail Dmn a cartoon Jim Bishop reporter chm Pyche by r r by Garry c. Myers. . A Voo could urn to Mew a Tea a wow meddlers Iii diplomacy foul up the state dept. By Leon Dennen foreign news analyst newspaper Enterprise Assn. New York Nea the Logan act adopted by Congress As Long ago As 1799 prohibits private american citizens from engaging in diplomatic negotiations with foreign nations without official authorization. Yet each generation of americans produces its own private meddlers in International diplomacy who violate the Law with impunity. In 1915 it was Henry Ford who was convinced that by launching his a peace ship a he would bring a speedy end to world War i. He was discouraged by president Wilson. But the automobile magnate was arrogant enough to believe that he could succeed where the president of the United states failed. The fantastic Story of a a Ford a Folly a has just been recreated vividly by the Veteran journalist. Burnet Hershey in his new Book. A the Odyssey of Henry Ford and the great peace it is a fascinating account often hilarious and sometimes sad. Of a bit of True Blue americana that has Long been forgotten. Ford s Odyssey As was inevitable. Ended in failure. But it caused considerable damage to american interests. For Many years it was also a Rich source for diplomatic jokes. The assorted intellectuals preachers and doves of the 1915 Vintage who crowded the peace ship took to fighting among themselves even before they crossed the submarine infested Atlantic under the benevolent Eye of the Kaiser. Hershey then 19. Was Only an obscure member of the ill fated expedition. But fortunately for us he was then As now. A keen observer and gifted journalist. With the current crises in the world and the mushrooming of gleanings from a columnist9s mail new York Cap things a columnist might never know if be did no to open his mail if the average Man instead of retiring at 65, worked on until death be would spend an additional 25,000 hours on the Job. The big problem of the retired Man is How to spend those free 25.000 hours happily. The human animal is the Only one that consciously goes on a diet. Among those with the biggest appetites Are the elephant which can eat up to 95 pounds of food daily the Hippopotamus 49 pounds the milk cow 45 pounds and the Camel 38. The hot dog has become an International delicacy. We prefer All beef frankfurters but in Africa they Are made of Lamb and Antelope in Finland of Reindeer and in Japan of whale meat. Wives married to College graduates might do Well to avoid running the vacuum cleaner while their hubbies Art in the Home. Tests at the University of Michigan found that highly educated people Are bothered More by the noise from household appliances than Are the uneducated. Quotable notables a i have always thought respectable people Are scoundrels and i look anxiously at my face every morning for signs of my becoming a Russell. It pays to advertise american indians used to carve figures on Trees to let it be known they sought a Squaw. What is the largest . City in terms of area you re wrong if you say los Angeles which covers 454.8 Square Miles. The Honor is claimed by Oklahoma City. As the result of some 300 fun Resmi bails bulletin Etta Blitha March 2ims 1133 Jackson Street Anderson Indiana 46015 Telephone 643-5371 Hubli thud every evening except sunday by Anderson newspapers inc. Of org o. Crittenberge president 1949-1965 Harriet w. Toner vice president 1949-1964 Robert i. Jackson president and manager Jane Toner Scott vice president Charles w. Laughlin Secretary Raymond a. Reed treasurer second class postage paid at Anderson ind. Subscription rates by Carrier in Anderson. Madison end adjoining county towns or by Rural earner 40c per week. N 0i in Madison end adjoining counties payable in Advance one year $13.00 six months $8.00 three months $4.50 one month $1.75. By mail of mod,11on end adjoining counties payable in Advance one year $24.00 six months $12.00 three months $6.50 one month $2.25. Member of associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use of republication Etall the news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. All rights of publication of special dispatches Here Are also reserved. Annexations it now sprawls Over 631 Square Miles. Quip of the week a it really takes a pretty Small Man to hide behind his wife s skirts these Days a notes John Whyte. Prosperity note the swimming Pool now has become a family status Symbol. Of the nations 725,000 pools about two thirds Are Home owned. If you done to spoon Down 5va Gallons of ice Cream a year you re below the National average. Vanilla is preferred by 46 per cent chocolate by nearly 13 per Coit and Strawberry by 7 per cent of the Consumers. Coffee Flavoured ice Cream goes Over big in the Northeast peach in the South. Worth remembering a god gave Man five senses touch taste sight smell and hearing. The successful Man is endowed with two More horse and folklore eating bread crumbs will make you Wise. Putting Pepper in your stockings will cure you of chills. It was the greek philosopher Plato who said a to be gods Grant us what is Good whether we Pray for it or not. But keep evil from us even though we Pray for a thought he who says he is in the Light and hates his brother is in the darkness i John 2 9. We cannot Hope to command brotherhood abroad unless we practice it at Home. A Harry s Truman 33rd . President. Barbs private peace negotiators in Russia North Vietnam Cuba and elsewhere Hershey Book has More than its share of relevance to the present Day. Consider the activities of Cyrus s. Eaton another wealthy american industrialist who ironically enough has Long been a great admirer of russian can nudist leaders he recently informed the press that soviet Premier Korgin feds there can be an agreement to Settle the War in vie Nam without the consent of red Calina this. If True is news that americans will Welcome. But is it True Kosygin we Are to believe gave this extremely important information to Eaton in a conversation that lasted four hours. Yet during a two Day conference with president Johnson in Glassboro. N. J., the soviet Premier never hinted once that Russia was ready to act As peace broker in Vietnam. Kosygin in fact made k Clear to the president that Russia expected american withdrawal of u. S. Troops from Vietnam. It is possible that the soviet Premier said one thing to his Friend Eaton and quite another thing to Johnson. But it is also possible a and much More Likely a that the soviet Premier was using the no Russi amp a american industrialist As a sounding Board for communist propaganda. Private american ripens a whether they be professors Well meaning pacifists or influential industrialists a who Deal illegally with foreign Heads of state have Long been a a bloody nuisance a to the state department s professional diplomats. They meddle in affairs they do not understand. Consciously or unconsciously they often become instruments of foreign propaganda. Their private efforts Are usually an exercise in futility detrimental to their country. At Best they May be Good for a footnote in the history books or a momentary laugh like Fords peace ship. Anyway it is High time for the government to remind the meddlers that violation of the Logan act is still a punishable offence. So they say. Nazism is Back in Greece. The ridiculous Little Bunch of half educated colonels who have taken Over the country and set themselves up As a new kind of salvation army intent above All on cleaning up greek morals with their machine guns have proved themselves to be no More than a band of blackmailers. A actress Irene Papas. All the Money in the world could not exterminate the rat. He bears a new generation every six months and his population doubles and quadruples every year. No census can be taken but the Brown norwegian rat and the Black rat probably outnumber the three billion people of the world who can be counted. The rat is canny. He Seldom crosses a room or a Street. He prefers to move in Short bursts against Walls. His nose is sensitive and he often turns away from Subtle poisons a piece of cheese in a trap will get h a but the sound warns his friends. In world War ii the u. S. Government found a White powder which outwitted the rat it had no odor. To be effective it had to be spread in places where rats walked at night. He smelled it cautiously and crossed it. An hour later his paws began to itch. To relieve it he had to lick them. In this Way he was poisoned in the nest scientists have worked on the rat problem for Many years the Best they can Hope to do is to get the rodent population Down to manageable Levels. In port no one sees a rat on a ship. And yet if the holds Are sealed and fumigating agents Are forced inside hundreds of dead rats Are found they infest piers hams granaries City dumps housing projects basements cellars where garbage is stored warehouses farms even deserts. They May average a Pound or less in weight but have been seen three feet Long and weighing up to one Hundred pounds the Mother rat can Bear Young every two months and or female babies can reproduce at the age of six months. The average litter ranges Between four and ten when food is scarce they will leap into a crib and feed off a sleeping infant. Ironically most rats remain a frightened by baby cries. The Brown rat and the Black rat Are predatory. In port cities around the world they have exterminated rival rat. In nests they can Crouch in a Lumpy hunched position for hours waiting for the proper moment to strike. They have destroyed billions of dollars Worth of food and raw grains and the Cost is added to the Price so that the consumer pays for the rats. On the line the Effort of president Lyndon Johnson to arouse the Congress to the menace of rats has failed. Congress is Seldom interested in problems which cannot be seen in new York governor Nelson Rockefeller a move to allocate $4,000,000 to fighting rats is enlightened and progressive but is not sufficient to get the rats out of Harlem hallways. The Money might be spent better in finding a palatable agent which will Render the rat sterile. It is the Only Way in which Man can Hope to win against a silent and frightening enemy. No one can forget that besides the damage he does the rat is also Host to the Black plague. He has decimated Man when Man was least concerned with rats the causative agent is called Pasteu Reua pests a also Bacillus pests. It is a virulent germ which in Many cases does not infect the rat. It is excreted in the fees of the rat Flea. The result is so minuscule on a piece of cheese or butter that it is unnoticed by humans. The effect is disastrous. It attacks Man in three forms bubonic with swelling of the Lymph nodes and death within a week pneumonic which paralyses the lungs and kills the patient in a few Days septic Mic. Which involves the bloodstream so quickly that the patient expires before he can be victimized by either of the others in the 14th Century the population of Europe was 100.000,-ooo. Infested rat were found dead in the streets of great cities by the thousands. Before Man had a Chance to Analyse the situation he became infected. Twenty five million persons died in a few months. In the year 1720, Over 40,000 persons died in one City a Marseilles. There is no 20th Century immunity to the plague it hit san Francisco in 1900 new Orleans had it in 1914 Pensacola in 1922 there were wily 121 cases of plague in san Francisco Over a period of four years but 113 of them died. The rat is not an enemy to be dismissed with the word a pest a his War against Man is unremitting. Even when he does not kill he is an expensive Leech on the hide of the world. He costs More to ignore than to attack. The same is True of your congressman. A. By Bob cons Fino writings different before Iet Iuar and h. Bap Brown new York columns a columns Here show o. O. Mcintyre who had More circulation than any of today s deep thinkers used to write it is from the old n. Y. American Vintage late 1920�?Ts or Early �?T30�?Ts a letter to dog heaven dear Billy a i came across your badly chewed but favorite Ball in a closet today and put it away quickly with a slight choke. It has been More than a year now since you went away and we miss you As much As Ever. I have been thinking of that dreadful misty night we arrived in Paris and the Pink cheeked Page boy in the Tambourine Cap took you out for an airing and despite the warning took off your Leash a and in your bewilderment you bolted. When he returned White faced holding the empty harness it was the nearest i Ever came to fainting. Poor deaf Billy lost in a fog in a strange City. For four frantic hours i searched and finally found you surrounded by a group of chattering gesticulating frenchmen at the Coty Corner of the place vendome. How you literally bounded into my arms with what seemed a human shriek of Joy when you saw me and licked at my Quot hands and face with your warm wet Tongue. Then you Sank into a fit of exhaustion. All the rest of the night you did not move. I know for i could not sleep. 2 <=50 81= j if you miss your paper phone 642-4240 Between 5 . And 7 . Our quarrelling neighbors should open a restaurant. They could advertise h o Rne cooked feuds. From the Way the gals Wear Mem they should be called a swept up hairdos. Quot you old people think our music is so awful what about when toy used to Freak at fits part such Quot because you were deaf and so dependent i suppose you entwined our hearts More than the average dog. And left such an enormous Gap. Mankind in is feeble groupings is always and for excellent reasons i firmly believe puzzled by death. You now know what someday ail of us must learn. That is what is on the other Side. For if dogs Haven to souls neither has Man and the end is extinction. So i believe. I like to imagine you romping through Lush Elysian Fields jumping High like a Rabbit stopping now and then quizzically to look Back and listen for familiar voices and footfalls. For certainly you will no longer be deaf in your Vaha Lla. Maybe All this is a foolish Hope and maybe again it is not. What seems once miraculous often becomes quite simple. With a twiddle of the dial we fill our room with the music of a Berlin band. So who knows what greater wonders Are wrought in the twinkling of an Eye i do not profess to know. I Only know i believe and none of the cynics have yet been Able to shake that belief the slightest. You will recall Ben Ali hanging dog nimble that Ben Ali so thoughtfully gave us during the last few months of your earthly stay. You growled at one another at first and once or twice forgot Mutual manners and the fur flew. But in a Short time you were trotting off together tugging for the same sniffs of fascinating doors. Because you were old established we kept nimble in the Back at night but after you left he came in to occupy your bed and indulge your privileges. Like you he is a thorough and thought fit gentleman. He. Like you has never misplaced our Confidence although he a a terrible fraidy cat about being left alone. Nimble just As Vou indeed As All dogs has a distinct personality. You Grin a remember How you used to Grin a at the Way he flies into a fury at a big dog. He positively screamed when he saw a mastiff the other Day. And him weighing 14 pounds. You were Choncey about food. Hell eat even spinach with vinegar. Nimble is not the Crackerjack a buggy rider you were either. You were always on the window seat smudging up the pane with your Damp nose and missing nothing. Especially the Bright lights of Broadway. Nimble is on the floor stretched out and fast asleep in a couple of blocks. The Sway of the car seems to act like a bust in the Arm or something. That a about All. I know you continue to be the same Brave spirit in the transition. So a Revoir and we will be seeing you that a the Way the cookie used to crumble while millions shed a tear Back in the dear old Days before Vietnam race riots Stokely and rap poverty juvenile delinquency pot hippies Ltd and you name it. Early rising infants during the summer your child 2, 5, or 8 May have been waking with the Birds. He May have forced you to Rise thai robbing you and him of several Good hours of sleep. Like Many her parents you May have supposed nothing can be done about it. Some parents work out a Way by which the child Over 4 or 5 is allowed to get up As Early As he likes and entertain himself. While he May thereby allow you and the rest of the family to sleep he greatly reduced his own hours of sleep. Often these Early risers Are among the army of Over a a the doctor says by Wayne g. Bramstadt. . Doctor prescribed drug helps curb hair growth q a is there any Way of preventing the growth of hair on my thighs what would cause a woman to have hair on her thighs a a although it is unusual for the excessive growth of hair in women to extend to the thighs this May occur As a hereditary trait or As the result of a glandular imbalance. Recent studies indicate that nor Ethyn Odrel with Mestrano in Ovid taken Over a period of several months will reduce hair growth in about 67 per cent of those who try it. The drug requires a doctors prescription. Q a recently my hair has started to fall out. I have been taking birth control pills for the past two months could the pills be the cause will cutting my hair atop it from falling out a a some contraceptive pills May reduce hair growth but there have been no reports that they cause thinning of the hair on the Scalp cutting your hair will not affect its rate of growth nor its ability to maintain its foothold. Q a i have trouble with hair growing Back under my skin after i shave. It causes itching and redness. I have tried not shaving quite so close but my Beard is so heavy i am then accused of not shaving at All. What would you suggest a a if you switch to an electric Shaver you should have no More trouble with i growing hairs. Q a about a year ago i started taking reducing pills. Since then my hair has been falling out. Does the Lack of a Vitamin cause this a a in some persons taking supplementary Vitamin b Complex helps to prevent baldness. This would suggest a deficiency of these vitamins. At the other extreme thinning of the hair May be caused by getting too much Vitamin a. Q a i am 57 and have had several attacks of diverticulitis. My doctor prescribed Cantil. What is this drug and Are there any bad Side effects a a Mepen Zolatek Cantil is Given to relieve cramps diarrhoea and bloating. It requires a doctors prescription. It May cause dryness of the Mouth and it should not be taken by anyone who has an enlarged prostate or glaucoma. A a for the past three years i have had granuloma Anulare on my hands arms and neck. My doctor is giving me Yedrol but the Side effects Are very unpleasant. Is there any other treatment a a because these lesions usually Clear up spontaneously in time the treatment is hard to evaluate. Meanwhile your doctor May want to give you x Ray treatments or freeze tile lesions with Carbon dioxide Snow. Please Send your questions and comments to Wayne g. Brandstadt. ., to care of this paper. While or. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters he will answer letters of general interest in future columns. Tive Jitter elementary school children. Some of them Are under the physicians care and calmed Down with sedation promising cure a More sensible treatment often promising a cure a is to train these youngsters to sleep to a reasonable regular hour. Instead of letting the youngster 6 or 8 get up when he pleases even if he disturbs nobody else require him to stay in bed and be quiet there. If there is absolutely no doubt in his mind that he must he will. Furthermore he will almost surely go Back to sleep on waking Early. Done to Tell him he must sleep. The i him Only that he must stay Down in bed and not be heard. Begin Early train Yow baby Early to sleep Long enough in the morning. His waking very Early at 2, 4 or 5 May be related to his morning feeding period and to bladder pressure it is possible to let him learn to wait to a regular later period for Tho morning feeding. It is better to let him get wet rather than to be taken up unduly Early. Though he May at first cry a Long while he will go Back to sleep if you done to take him up till the clock rings. The youngster 3, 4 or 5 can learn net to sit up or stand till the Bell rings or you go for him. Say nothing about sleep just say a you must not get up till the Bell rings and that you must keep quiet a be consistent if he does get up or Call go to him Bare his Bottom and give him a smart Stop on his Bare thigh. If you Ara consistent and carry through this procedure without exception he almost surely will learn to sleep up to any regular hour you choose. It May take Only a week or less to accomplish this. But Don t expect him to sleep longer on saturday or sunday or a Holiday. You must follow the clock the year around of you wish to get Good results. Some parents will suppose this can to be done. Some others May try it for a morning or two and give up let them keep at it consistently for a week or even longer the youngster must know there is no doubt before he we adapt himself to such a program. I know h can be made to work. I saw k work with our own children and Grandc Ardren. What a difference it can make for the whole family. Young parents who done to want to Pav the Price of such training for a few mornings will have to lose hours and hours of rest and sleep for months and years besides the youngster will hardly get As Quot much sleep As he needs my but Letin a sleep problems with children a May be eur de by sending a self addressed . Stamped envelope to me in care of this newspaper answering parents questions q. If i say a a not to my son 2, he throws a Tantrum. What should i do a when you Are sure you should say. say it once and mean it no matter How he acts unless he then endangers himself or threatens persons or property act As if you had no More feeling than a wooden Post. Prayer for today o god the physician of i end nations look upon the it fusion of the world in which live and the division of Church and stretch Forth hand in Healing. Endure with spirit of Wisdom All to when entrusted the responsibility government and give enc gement to All who seek to i the divisions Between men Good will through Jesus Chi our lord. Amen. A Dudley Strain Lubbock i As minister first Chris Church. Around town 25 years ago Anderson in 1942 Ward Stilson Plant 2, located in the former Superior Ceramic co. Building s. Fairview St., began production of civilian Gas masks with r. Al Ward As manager and h. O. Wantland As superintendent. Miss Janice Gilmore daughter of or. And mrs. Albert Gilmore 2001 Central ave., suffered painful injuries in an automobile collision on Baldwin ave. Judy Jones Mona Girton Jimmy Canturbury and Robert Trimble were awarded contest prizes at a children a party Given by mrs. Donald w. Brown Columbus ave. Rd., to celebrate the birthday anniversary of her son Ronnie Wayne. The Rev. H. R. Carson pastor of the Noble Street methodist Church announced that Bishop Frederick d. Leepe of Deland fla., who was resident Bishop of the Indianapolis area when the Noble Street building was dedicated would speak at ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary Celebration of the congregation sept. 20. Everett Moss employee of the eagles Lodge Home and Ward Wantz of no. I fire station escaped injury but received a drenching when their boat overturned at Lake Webster. Firemen were called to the Home of Lawrence Mccoy or i to extinguish a Blaz it occurred when a gasoline exploded. A roof Blaze occurred Home of Sherman sol 2015 Morton St. Miss Margaret Pearl Hies daughter of or. Anc Samuel e. Humbles 2735 son St., prepared to Franklin College. Doyle Wasson 110 c St was reported ill at Cleo Davis president it Westvale democratic club closed plans for a meet the organization at we Park. Robert e. Hubter count Vage chairman of the c defense Council met wit pie a committeemen to for a scrap Iron drive i Rural areas. Delegates from George Ett Post of the America Gion to a state Convent the organization at Indian included Arthur Kolross Mander elect waiter Russell Parkhurst de and Lee hopping with nates named As follows pert Smith David be Hugh Mitchell Gola cd Earl Matthewman and Hawkins. A Kowis Welper manag it the beam and Welper to a yes 1004 main St., a is were Reaty for or of the 1942-43 season

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