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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Anderson, Indiana Quot sch 22 pages 22 Indiana weather mostly sunny through tuesday Low tonight in mid 50b. High tuesday in nun to upper 80s. High yesterday 78. Low today 53. Anderson Indiana monday August 14, 1967 vol. 83 no. 124 Price ten cents bombers continue raids a near red China Border lbs a Stop fiscal aides defend tax boost plan 111 Congress started by Edmond a Frukton associated pre writer Washington a president Johnson Stop fiscal spokesmen Are ready to argue that painful As it is to raise income Tares it would be More painful to let inflation Cut everyone a purchasing Power. Johnson Scall for a surcharge of to per cent on the income tax owed by individuals and corporations starts its series of tests in a Congress whose members Range from grimly resigned to hostile to the proposal. Treasury Secretary Henry h. Fowler budget director Charles l. Schultz and chairman Gardner Ackley of the Council of economic advisers were assigned to the opening presentation today before the House Way and Means committee. Johnson in a series of sessions with House democrats has Laid out the main lines of the administration argument a deficit possibly approaching $30 billion would mean inflation higher interest rates scarce Money for the Small business and individual Borrower and. Quite Likely disaster for the Home building Industry. The opposing argument is that a he Economy is not so Strong hut that a Burden of the magnitude of the proposed tax increase might depress it and actually reduce instead of increasing the governments revenues. Chairman Wilbur d Mills. Dark. Of the ways and Means committee expressed a widespread congressional feeling when he said. A a i am absolutely Mills added sunday the proposal a certainly faces a very difficult Uphill Battle Quot and he sees no congressional or taxpayer enthusiasm for any tax increase. Mills called the proposal a Tibout the toughest proposition Quot Johnson has faced in the Field of legislation. But Fowler said sunday he believes there will be no need for Compromise on the plan once Mills committee a is fully confronted with the sen. Thruston b. Morton r-ky., said he believes if a surtax is voted it is Likely to be six or seven per cent instead of to per cent. He said he thinks Johnson has Only a 50-50 Chance of getting any surtax approved by Congress. Mills spoke on a radio television broadcast in new York state Fowler on abcs a issues and answers Quot and Morton on metro Media s a opinion Johnson made one move saturday to demonstrate his stated intention to hold Down some types of government spending. He vetoed a Bill that would have provided More life insurance coverage for 2.5 million Federal employees and would have Cost $61 million the first year. He also told Congress not to go beyond a 4.5 per cent increase he has recommended in Federal pay. The president said the insurance Bill would Cost too much when there Are More crucial keeping Cool in Vietnam a Montog Nard youngster wearing his father s hot plays with a canteen of water near a sandbagged Bunker in the montagnard Camp at Dak Seang. Children in the Camp Are accustomed to playing with materials made for War. The comp is located in the South vietnamese Centro Highlands about five Miles from the laotian Border. A wire photo lightning seen Factor in Bear attacks on 2 girls attacks closest in Vietnam War by George Esper Saigon apr u. S. Warplanes struck for the second straight Day today at North vietnamese targets just to Miles from red China a Border. Along the major Railroad from China to Hanoi. The attacks sunday and today were closer to the chinese Border than any previous air raids in the Vietnam War. Navy a intruders and a4 sky Bawks from the Carrier Constellation in the Tonkin Gulf raked the Lang son Railroad bypass Bridge 63 Miles North of Haiphong. Pilots reported dropping the Southern Span of the m60-foot, four Span Structure. A u. S. Military spokesman said the Bridge is half a mile East of the Lang son Railroad and High Way Bridge which was knocked out in raids near the chinese Border sunday. The Navy said the Bridge was one of two bypass Bridges being built by the North vietnamese at Lang son to link with the major rail line other Navy pilots from the Constellation hammered a rail siding South of Lang son and Quot a a Quot Vij pilots said they Cut the tracks in1 or captured three automatic several places. Rifles six rocket launchers and the pilots reported they in if run a Poun l packages of entered Only licht antiaircraft .7 which the guerrillas appear new Orleans apr a the in the Law s hands Dean Andrew jr., left flashes a smile of he is held on All sides by sheriff deputies As he in escorted off to jail Early this morning following his conviction of perjury in connection with his Hue reported killing 2 guerrilla of i 3 six hour Battle sunday the defenders suffered Light casualties an army spokesman said. Government troops said they grand jury testimony in an alleged new Orleans plot to assassinate president Kennedy Andrews a 44-year-old attorney was found guilty on three of five perjury counts. A wire photo countered Only Light antiaircraft ,7 hich the Guerr fire. Entry had planned to attorney h convicted of perjury in Kennedy probe by Rill Crider so i perjury. lied. So i committed i done to know what i could not identify Clay l. Shaw is not an excuse for lying to the use actins of a a Quot Lff mysterious Clay Ber grand jury trying to determine vat the outpost Quot Quot a a Quot lure convicted Dean Andrews Trand. Whether there was a were reported lost. Today of lying to a grand jury wet. Atty. Jim Garrison con to kill a president. In the latest raids but the . A put from Cao Lanh. A about a mysterious figure in the tends that Shaw. 54. A wealthy Alcock stressed that Andrews announced that in provincial capital 72 Miles West alleged new Orleans plot to As new Orleans businessman used at his second grand Surv an saturdays 151 attacks on the of Saigon said communist mor Sassi Nale president John f. A a Bertrand Quot As an alias to plot Patrance. Identified Ben Rand Ai North an fibs thunderchief a re killed seven dependants o Kennedy the murder of Kennedy fug one Davis a French soar and an rf4c reconnaissance South vietnamese troops and guilty on three of five Ner Surv the Warren commission said Ter bar owners and when asked f Rene in Deown by round wred Kris run to a 1963 a a a of be a a cd a Quot. Men wer it we 2? cow Quot i near a twi jury decided at 1 50 am. After a so a a la a a cd us a a a replied in of it my Morar rounds fired Del Beret nit two hours and this drought to 641 the total of by . Marines landed in a minutes after pm am 8 Volce Lape of an announced . Warplane losses Navy Seabee compound in a n. U i a or it a so replies to state Anterro Over North Vietnam. Wounding 21 men. A j i03. .t1 complain cation before the grand jury As the air War name closer to the intensified air raid. On sad heal Jeffi Marrh 18 communist China in what a North Viemann Aoa Arm in re 2.�?s� a of Fps k 2 Quot he Lold a a a a a truth Quot said geared to be a lifting of some Fleet the Jota Admix to ? a Quot have Quot to Burgust a but he a Sot a Jivey target restrictions by president lion a not policht in lira a w0uldn a have a a a a a in i1 u held tip Johnson Sharp ground fighting creasing pressure on the rom Clay Shaw was not Clay Ber flared in South Vietnam a North munits defense attorney Harry Bur Trand. But they say he lied. Era 1st corps area. Iino fair i Rte Weiass immediately announced a most of us Uve humdrum elements of the 1st brigade of mint Amli he Hul a an Appeal fixed on mar Kves but exciting the . Mist airborne division Sissy rvs ugly had hg0 Points of Law happened to Dean Bertrand. Starting operation Benton ran Mii a to rsfn00 a Nan ? judge Frank j. Shea did not up until that time he did t into a ushering barrage of ass vt"0# 1� Date Tov sentencing. Have an enemy in the world. He Small arms automatic Wear i rhe it Burgess said Andrews 44, was on to he was Here he was ohs mortar a quoth of clash a will not be eligible for Bond until there he got swirled up into from too t some Warmup is expected after chill years troops in a Battle that raged firm this from sunday night until nearly in Washington sen. J. W. The 1 Dara troopers said Thov 8 a frs text fore Midnight after Marathon a a. Paratroopers said they critic of the administration s Hente for five Davs Ami Inelus counted 3o enemy dead on the War policy called debate tor me nays Ana Micua Battlefield Southwest of coastal bombing a very it Tam by. About 340 Miles North extremely stupid. A a East of Saigon. Two paratroop was a directly contrary to what ers were killed and 19 wounded j was the established policy of Hie the . Troops also reported government in 1964 and it will capturing 18 enemy weapons Lead the country directly into another unit of the brigade the most disastrous Conse suffered 12 wounded sunday by United press International we the Mercury finally chugged any i m t0 the 80s sunday Over Indiana but the Warmup did no to keep do a a a Vvs i v on in the Case went to the jury be asst. Dist. Atty. James Alcock a desire for attention said temperatures from sliding into to St Glacier. Mont. A dents 20 Miles apart in the a the superintendent of Glacier mountainous Park on the Mon National Park says lightning Tana Canada Border were Julie May have goaded two grizzly Helgeson of Albert Lea. Minn. Bears into killing two and Michele Koons of san die-19-Yeor-old girls Early sunday go. Calif. Roy Ducat. 18. Of per As they slept in sleeping bags in Rosburg. Ohio was seriously in wilderness Jared by the Bear that killed killed in the separate Tad min Helgeson. Forest rangers pressed a search for the killer animals. Park supt. Keith Neilson said his Only theory on the attacks was that lightning strikes in the ers that the Bear attacked miss Helgeson first then pounced on him in his sleeping bag nearby. He said he escaped and the Bear went Back to miss Helgeson. Ducat staggered bleeding and in Shock to a nearby campsite and other campers helped him to a chalet a Quarter mile away. Embassy hit Gill i Usu italian ilk Wun ill Mcky i until Linn Park alarmed the normally shy Lluu near sighted grizzlies into attacking. Brussels updo a Congo lightning started 14 Forest Lese mob sacked the belgian fires in the Park saturday and embassy in Kinshasa today and sunday. More than 400 firefight burned furniture and files on ters tried to control them. The the sidewalk before congolese Park has had no rain since president Joseph Mobutu june. Stepped in and stooped the a there seems to be an Asso violence informed sources said. Elation Between the lightning Mobutu accompanied by and the attacks a Neilson said. Foreign minister Justin bom a but we can to be sure. There is Boko drove to the embassy in no Sci City 0f natural food and the grizzly is an unusually shy animal. Its strange for them to Neilson said he has had several reports of bears nudging people in sleeping bags this summer but they ran when the campers screamed. The Bear that killed miss Koons sniffed at four other sleeping bags while the occur an automobile while members of his revolutionary party were sacking and burning its contents. The president immediately appealed to them to Stop the demonstration and return to work. Members of the mob were composed mainly of members of Mobutu a popular revolutionary movement party. ,.a, pants Lay Frozen with fear then h i i1?.01 sj1"irt lug .nex1 attacked miss Koons. Neilson door to the belgian embassy Sac a needs for Federal funds help for a children the poor the elderly and most important american fighting men in Johnson had proposed an insurance revision costing $13 million. The Congress approved measure would have increased the Federal share of insurance premiums for government workers from one third to two fifths and would have increased coverage by up to too per cent. His pay raise warning was aimed at pending congressional moves to add an extra $1 billion to his recommendation. He said continued on Page 6. Column 7 Anderson deaths see Page 6 mrs. Edna Schmidt 320 w. 2nd St. Mrs. Bertha Mckinley 910 e. 6th St. Was reported to have been seized and beaten by the mob according to informed sources Turk in Washington 61 cd a belgian Deputy foreign minister Rena at Van Elslander called an urgent meeting with the congolese charge do affaires in Brussels to Lodge a Strong protest the others escaped but the Zipper on her sleeping bag the mob shouted slogans making it Clear the attack on the embassy was in reprisal for the capture of the town of Bukavu by White mercenaries last week. Many of the mercenaries Are belgian. The British and French embassies also feared an attack since some of their nationals Are with the Bukavu mercenary group but the belgian foreign office said it had no knowledge of other attacks on sunday afternoon a Loudspeaker truck manned by youths toured the streets of Kinshasa. The announcer said the a ambassadors of Britain. France and Belgium will be made prisoners Quot in revenge for the capture of Bukavu. Ail three victims were employed for the summer in Park hotels. Miss Koons worked in the gift shop at Lake Mcdonald Lodge. Miss Helgeson worked in the laundry at East Glacier Lodge and Ducat was a Busboy at East Glacier. They were on outings on thear Days off. The two girls were the first people reported killed by bears since the Park opened in 1910, although several have been injured. Neilson said Glen Cole Park service biologist from Yellowstone National Park had been summoned to try to figure out Why the bears attacked. Park rangers armed with rifles combed the Granite Park chalet area where miss Helgeson was attacked and the Trout Lake area 20 Miles West where miss Koons was killed. All trails in the area were closed to campers and hikers. Ducat who was recovering Ini a Kalispell Hospital told rang shots fired into crowd five wounded by Bill Neikirk Hammond la. A a group of negroes demanding. Quot we want Beer Quot shot into a crowd of Whites barring their Way to a tavern sunday night wounding five White men state police said. State police and sheriffs deputies raided negro bars at Covington 20 Miles from Here before Dawn today and arrested 12 negro men and women. Col. Thomas d. Burbank state director of Public safety rushed from Baton Rouge and said several of those jailed had taken part sunday in the Bogalusa civil rights a liberation March Quot which stopped Here for the night in route to the state Capitan Quot but they Haven to been regular marchers Quot said sheriff Tom Sanders of Tangipahoa Parish. A a in a say they were curiosity a. Z. Young Leader of the March denied any of his followers were involved. He said a eau of our people were the wounded men were hospitalized in Hammond. Authorities at the Hospital refused to give their condition. Col. Ray heard of the state crime Laboratory gave parafin tests to the arrested negroes to determine if any had fired weapons recently. Sixty five state troopers armed with riot guns guarded the negro marchers who continued on pages column 7 night in a 60mm mortar barrage fired by guerrillas. About 40 Miles to the North vietnamese rangers sweeping the ridges where they had battled an estimated 1,000 North vietnamese regulars for two Days West of Tam by said to Cav they had killed 156 enemy soldiers and captured 40 weapons. They reported they had suffered moderate casualties in the initial engagement saturday. Two reinforcing battalions reported Light casualties. ethic for Uve nays Ami Maiuu alled the close a sunday session so unusual a or id Eero usand had t0 Check the Law i it a a a it a a a do a it v Quot 1 u review City Hall project the Chilly 40s again this morn but other congressmen recently criticized president Johnson for sparing what they called lucrative targets in the North. Gen. William c. Westmoreland . Commander in Vietnam. Said sunday that . Pilots Are getting a new and better equipment and ordnance which is proving More effective in raids the news reported from Saigon. It quoted Westmoreland As saying the air Campaign is a a the trial was before a five Man jury because the charge of perjury is a Misdemeanour under Louisiana Law. Twelve member juries Are reserved for felony cases. In final arguments the state Jivu up i Vatu Divico 7 a or Quot vietnamese militia defending vital part of our strategy it is the Huong Dien sub sector Post achievin8 greyer and greater on the coast to Miles North of continued on Page 6, column 6 my. For the fifth Day in the Row. Sub Normal readings held Sway from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River. It was 44 at Connersville and 46 at fort Wayne Early this morning. The fort Wayne Low did t set a record and neither did other Levels the thermometer reached Over the state. Low. A a a Progress of the proposed City included 52 at Lafayette 53 at accused Andrews of trying to Hall project will be re Evansville. 54 at South Bend Plav games with the Orleans View Kyj by City officials Wal Indianapolis and Cincinnati and Parish grand jury which is mesday evening at the special 56 at Louisville. Probing an alleged assassination meeting in City Hall it was a different Story Early p Mil a a a a attending the meeting set for sunday however the Row Nih the prosecution said Andrews 7.30 in the Cit Vert Recd wound up trapped in be Chambers will be members of Tern comin cd with i a Glass what the state Trull Randi he Ucil ind Board of pub was quote s 46 breaking the old is against military targets in go go t is a Tell us 1c May la to at Mark for aug. 13 set in 1941 the North the new York daily be wart to or Dean h Nei and representatives of by three degrees and Evans and then its All right a Ture to a Podl 3hsoss a the purpose of the session 1964 established in pm curl i no her Tau flew old an and will be to coordinate plans and other Early sunday lows Indi Vised Lee Harvey Oswald on mid Early sunday Iowa Indi nor Legal matters were filed e taken to tetting a 1 att Connersville 41 at primarily because he said he Kun Uinn a Impf a a rim and 48 at Lafayette 49 Isis Ujj Quot Ian so us it Bond. 52 Al Indiana new Capitol Hill debate is seen in red China bombing More pressure philosophy which teary to what was the is calculated to alienate the amen tion. Following this step a pub High temperatures sunday he supports. To abolished policy of the govern can people it would be to have he hearing for the purpose of ranged from 79 at South Bend the new level of bombing ment in 1964 and it will Lead the a rigged election in South Viet hearing objections to the pro and fort Wayne to 82 at indican on the eve of Senate de country directly into the most Nam a said Clifford. Acct or the Bond Issue will be Anapolis and saturday from 76 Bate on president Johnson a for disastrous he added a it is my private held. No Date for the hearing at South Bend to 79 at Indi Alivn in j Amaram Sam Tel a a i i a it a lit a. A a Sun Ahi in a1 f l at tit ill /4 a nil it hat it a1 Ama Iva i a crime Alert 649-2211 administration officials say oils. 53 at Louisville and 54 at they Are hoping to take bids for Cincinnati the budding in Early october. The High pressure area which my a Cipal Heads Are sex brought the cold readings from petted to make decisions Canada just after the Middle of of various matters including last week continued to envelope it How the budding will be heat the state. Although a Little cd. Officials have previously in warmer weather was creeping dictated the Structure would be up on hoosiers no a heat wave Quot electrically heated however no was anticipated. Washington a .,from red China and Friday warning a rigged presidential to be used has reached 08 my Meriun win dip bombing within to Miles of red against Hanoi a Doumer Bridge election would Cost South Viet also to be discussed is the to the mid 50s main China detonated Sharp new Cut came after Johnson lifted tem Nam the support of the amen Type of Interior furnishings to and reach highs he town the scism of the Vietnam War by a Pora Rily two major target res can people. Be used in the 62.000 Square mid and upper w s Tuc so persistent critic of a Duimstra frictions. He and Gen. Maxwet Taylor foot Structure. The five Danut look tion War policy and appeared Pentagon sources say the and visited South Vietnam chief of Legal matters to be Konoid temperatures averaging Ai lit Likely to generate More debate ministration will continue those state Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu a ered will probably include the four degrees below Normal Exon Capitol Hill. Restrictions except on certain candidate for president and petitions for a Bond Issue not cent near Normal in the extreme a i think its very dangerous key vital missions. The restrict Premier Nguyen Cao by to exceed $2 million to finance North portion the warming and extremely stupid Quot said areas Are a 30-mile diameter Thiell s running mate for vice construction of the new facility trend will continue into Wedney chairman j. W. Fulbright Circle around Hanoi penetrated president. The petitions have been circus Day with Only minor changes he a an Ihram . I a we Jook a personal message dating in the City for Over a thereafter tins week. Precipitation will average one fourth to one half Inch in thundershowers late in the week. A a sometime Between thursday North Vietnam reflects a Vul Uuie us a. Ii. I Tui Iglus a a a rv.vv.�, .uv the petitions have been circus Day with d ark., of the Senate foreign two or three times previously a we took a personal message dating in the City for Over a relations committee. But sen and a 15-to-20-mile-wide Buffer from president Johnson to by month and Are expected to be ate preparedness subcommittee zone along the North Vietnam and Thieu on this subject and turned in soon to City attorney chairman John Stennis a miss. Red China Boundary. Said As bluntly As it can be Bill Peck. The signatures then ukr showers la said the broadened bombing of Fulbright said the bombing said that if there was any one will be turned Over to the coun sometime be reflects a near red China a is directly con act on their part which would be to auditor for official Tabula and saturday. Bate on president Johnson a for eign Aid program. Debate opening today already had been expected to bring fresh attacks on Johnson politicos in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world. Whether one variety of recent congressional criticism that bombing was too sparing affected Johnson a decision to add new targets could not be determined As the White House fended off questions on the shift in tactics. But it was Learned that Stennis subcommittee heard secret testimony last week from adm. Consequences Fulbright a committee include View that they will do All in has been set. Ing members already troubled their Power to make them fair the project would be financed Ove Vietnam Cut Johnson Sand honest elections because i through a Bond Issue levied s3.4 billion foreign Aid request1 they understand very by $736 million. Clearly the result that will take a Senate democratic Leader place in this country in the loss Mike Mansfield a foe of in of support for South Vietnam if they Are not that Anapolis. Creased bombing said he Hopes to hold the line against further cuts in the Bill but added a i expect it will be Tough he told a newsman he expects a fall kinds of amendments to be offered. Taylor said everything he saw a indicates that the government is insistent on an honest election. They Are making every Effort under the conditions of War to obtain conditions where campaigning is possible and tile Senate warmed up to its re we r�?7�? a latest Vietnam tussle Friday with a maximum participation when a Battery of members 01� voters. Commander that Johnson had questioned How fairly the South Clifford said he is sure the agreed to some Extension of vietnamese elections will be Thieu by government w Ould re 1----, a a run or. Clark Clifford a Johnson emissary said sunday he gave Nouth vietnamese leaders earlier this month the presidents warplanes options to strike what one subcommittee member called a lucrative strikes sunday against North vietnamese rail Yards to Miles Linquish Power if an opposition ticket wins the election sept. 3. He said also a there is a general feeling there that whichever continued on Page a column is against the City. However funds from the state cigarette tax refund to municipalities along with space charges to utilities would be used to retire the Bonds Over a period of years. Preliminary architectural plans were approved this summer by the City Council. During the past two years the City has acquired All the property in the Block where the present City Hall is located As Well As the old Norton brewery site. Funds for the property acquisitions were appropriated from the City a share of the state imposed cig Aret tax. The architectural plans for die new municipal building Fol cont med on Page 6. Column i bulletin Board pages Betty Canary 2 births. 6 Jim Bishop. 4 Boyless column 4 child psychology 4 City briefs. 7 comics 15 deaths. Editorials. 4 health column. 4 Hollywood. In on the line. 4 social news. 2 sports 13-14 Stock markets. In television .15 win at Bridge. 9 world today a

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