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Anderson Herald Bulletin Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1968, Page 4

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - April 21, 1968, Anderson, Indiana Page 4 sunday april 21, 1968 language Barrier want and week the Herald joins news papers around the world today in celebrating International want and week starting with a special on non commercial ads. The special is a full week s insertion of an and at the three Day Cost. Regular advertisers Are encouraged to take advantage of this special and we sincerely Hope that those persons who never used classified advertising will join in the great experience that has been enjoyed by so Many. The Herald ran a total of classified ads during the year 1967. This makes the want ads one the most popular Market places for both individuals and businesses. Want ads Are used worldwide to help fulfil Man s need to communicate with a Large audience at a Low Cost. In the United states alone More than 30 million families use want ads each year to find buyers for items they have to sell. Want ads apparently started when Hap the Weaver a resident of ancient Liebes posted a note for the return of a runaway slave in the Market place of the town some years ago. Thai piece o papyrus discovered by Arch eolo girls in he ruins of the once great cily is the earliest known printed form of advertisement. Use of want ads has skyrocketed in the modern newspaper. During this week including saturday april 27, Herald bulletin want ads will actually go on Sale for a full week at the Price of three Days. The Herald bulletin want and department is stuffed by 11 trained and experienced people. They Are prompt courteous and eager to As Sist All advertisers with any Type and hey wish to run. All want ads will be processed As quickly As possible. International want and week affords the Opportunity to recognize the Public service that All Advertis ing want ads in particular renders to millions of people every Day. It is a time each year when it is proven that want ads More things for More people at a lower Cost than any other Type of Adver government causes inflation who is to blame for inflation the implication in Many of the legs isl alive proposals now before con Gress is that most of the blame lies with the private citizens. Govern ment spokesmen warn business and labor to behave prudently in setting wages and prices. If they Don t they Are threatened with wage and Price controls. Travel spending by . Citi Zens is blamed for aggravating the Gold crisis. Heavy lax increases Are recommended because private Citi Zens Are guilty of spending too much Money. A distinguished economist w. Allen Wallis who is now president of the University of Rochester places the blame for inflation where is belongs inflation can be generated Only by the government. Business firms labor unions or Consumers with excessive Market Power can . Many objectionable things that Are contrary to the Public interest but they cannot cause inflation or for that mat Ter prevent inflation is the direct result of government spending beyond i h e taxpaying ability of the citizens. Source of Progress Seldom Are monuments erected commemorating the accomplish ments of private Enterprise. But there Are a few scattered around the country that stand As mute testimonials to Early achievements in various lines of Endeavor. These comm Ergative monuments Are doubly interesting at the present time for they indicate that a great Deal of Progress was made in this country before big government and its benefits Ever enl i the picture. In Portland ore., there is a Small Tablet in one of the City Parks that Tell of the establishment of the world s first Long distance High tension line. The Power line extended from Portland to Willamette Falls a few Miles South of Portland. H was built in 1899 by the will Amette Falls electric company a predecessor of a company now serv ing the Portland area. The line was a pioneering Effort of private Cili ship Wise by Joumei b. Martin question who Are the s. A. R. Ten is this a Parl of the United states Navy and what Are their duties answer Early in 1958, a major airline celebrated Hie Safe a j j rival in Hawaii of its Vur Millionth passenger across the Pacific. It look Twenty years to reach this goal but will be much less time for next Millionth. Among the Many people to make this a Safe crossing Are the search and Rescue men . Men located in the Pacific. They Are the watch dogs o f Bolh planes and ships. If you have to pass near Hawaii a team of highly trained res c of men will keep constant Tab on you. Most of these men Are Navy men and coast guardsmen in Oahu and arc kept in constant touch with any trouble you May have. Many heroics have been per Zens and private Enterprise. Ii is doubtful if officialdom in washing ton c., Miles away even knew about the. Project. Certainly there Given to electric Power reliability since much of the pioneering development of the electric Industry Lay in the future and depended wholly upon the efforts of a comparative handful of highly inventive and imaginative enterprises. Without their efforts we might still have been contended to read by whale Oil James. The Point of All this that it is a fallacy to look to government As a producer of miracles. When Politi Cal overseeing of Industry passes from the regulatory to the manage ment area Progress slops. Govern ment is nol an innovator. Its con Cern for the welfare of the Public can Only commence after private Cal reprise has created a new product. Martin formed by these men throughout the years of which you have never heard. Some years ago a Friend of this writer was Tell ing me of an experience he had in crossing the Pacific by plane. He said Don t Ever get into trouble. H seemed that we flew two thousand Miles without Ever sighting a ship of any kind. It sure was a lonesome feeling and when we landed we took our hats off or the men who built Hal plane. Question what famous explorer said i shall find a Way or make answer Robert e. Peary. The doctors had told Peary off Only years before he reached the North pole successfully be cause of Frozen feet he would never be Able to walk again. The year was 190s. Peary was fifty three years of age. Seven limes he had tried to reach the pole Fie knew that this would be the last time he would be Able to try for it. He was Lerminez to make h this Lime so he said i shall find a Way or make and he did a year later. The Herald established june 18, 1868 published by newspapers inc. Telephone 643-5371 Leolice p. Critten feeder Harriet w. Toner vice Mia enl 1949-1h4 Robert e. Jackson Jane Toner Scott Chavies w. Vaughun Raymond a. Reed Prei Jenl end manager vice prelim feel Secretary treat veer tuned doily and sunday monday. Second clan Poi Laj. Paid , Indiana. Subi Crillion Rotti by Carrier one week soc. To Moil in Madison Ond cd ii nine Caun Lei where Oty Carrier Urvick ii nol of voidable payable in Advance one year 513.00 Lix month three one month 51.75. Oullis o Modi Ion Ond adjoining Cou Liei in Indiana and beyond Indiana fix Mont ii 512.00 Iri ret Mononi. 56.50 one month. 52.25. Up thai Fruite if Vou should miss your Hei Aid a who fair i. 9rcv.lhl 3ckvh.c c my la m t copy will be Lenl Atler 9 . By special Mininger. Shoutd your Carrier fail la deliver your Herald in sunday 05 to the Noreil pier not Llull Ike he role end lion a complaint. A copy will then be Given you wit Boul charge. Member of the associated press aria Tafti Tun it ent Illta la sri Fer Public Dillon of All Totol Kiwi or Inland in Hill Kiwi Popof of it la 01 All a Kiwi Rufii Vauhn the worry clinic an editor s Outlook by Jenkins Lloyd Jones the canal Giveaway recent events in the Republic o Panama in which president Marco Robles refused to accept impeachment by the National Assembly and instead sent National guardsmen o clean out the opposition Headquarters with ear Gas should make us pensive. It should particularly i make pensive these miss nannies in America who have been government to sign tralies that Ifould end u. S. Control Over the Panama canal. But ill won t. For these Char-1 aplers Are committed to Jones the Dogma hat the United states can Only improve its image in the world if it aban dons its positions of Power and abdicates its responsibilities. The theory that the United states has somehow been exploiting the panamanians is hardier than Jimson Weed and just As pernicious. Teddy Roosevelt practically created heir country by giving More than a Little Aid to panamanian revolutionaries Back in j903 As they sought to throw off the Yoke of Colombia. It had been a Light Yoke but earlier in the year the colombian Senate walked at ratifying a generous treaty that would permit tie u. A. To build the canal. Lead ers of the colombian province of Panama fearful Hal an Alternan five Nicara iian route would be used started the revolution and by the merest Chance american gunboats showed up to discourage the colombian Navy. The revolution s death toll consisted of a chinaman and a mule. In 1922 Colombia agreed that All misunderstandings were satisfied in return for a u. S. Payment of million. Under terms reached with the new re Public of Panama the United states agreed to pay the Republic million in Cash and an annuity of Panama agreed to forever relinquish sovereignty Over the canal zone. It is popular among our bleeding hearts to describe such a treaty As gunboat diplomacy. But what did the panamanians lose before Uncle Sam moved in the isthmus was a famous fever Hole. Travel ers took their lives in their hands just making a two hour transit on the Railroad. Uncle Sam cleaned up the fever. The canal remains the no. 1 employer of panamanian labor. Without the canal what passengers in this modern age would shift from ship to Day coach to ship again and if cargo had to be Otili Ocie entrained and reloaded it would be cheaper just to Send it around the Horn. But for the canal Panama City and Colon would be villages. Still panamanian politicians have perpetually complained and we have perpetually hacked up. In 1939 we upped lie annual Ante from to in 1955 we raised the payments from and now president Johnson is trying to sell Congress on a new treaty that would turn control of the canal zone Over to the panamanian government and include appropriate political economic and social whatever that Means. In addition some panamanian leaders have recently made new demands for half of the Gross tolls the United states to pay for All the operation and Upkeep. But in t less than million a year too cheap a rent for the privilege of run Ning the canal through the isthmus strangely no one seems to mention the million in Loans and the million in free Grants which Uncle Sam has handed to Panama since 1946, exclusive of Mili Lary Aid. It would be Normal for the government of any Small country possessing such a strategic location to Ryo wring As much from it As possible. But the real Force trying to pry America Loose from control Over the canal is not hard to identify. All communist parties of the world Are unanimous in denouncing America for its cruelty to the panamanians. On the Trade routes of the world there Are four major bottlenecks Gibraltar Suez Panama and the bosporus Dardanel Les. Russian sea Power already in the Mediterranean makes it unlikely that the turks would Ever dare close the last. Suez is blocked since the recent Arab israeli War but when Egypt regains control there s Little doubt about which great nation Mil Effort to push the British off Gibraltar and that leaves Panama. Before we sign a soft headed treaty let s imagine the result of a Castro style coup made irreversible by terror. The obvious consequences of a Panama canal Giveaway have caused Spruille Bra Ilen former assistant Secretary of state for latin american affairs former Navy Secretary Charles Edison sen. Strom thur mond and reps. Daniel flood and h. R. Gross to set american emergency committee on the Panama canal. More Power to them Gen. Fea. Corp Brady s health service by or. William Brady aspirin is not harmless various brands of aspirin All of which physicians and druggists consider of equal Quality sell Al prices that vary 100 to 200 per cent. Despite approval of the cheaper brands by physicians chemists and pharmacists some people demand the More expensive brands which they imagine Mast be even though the aspirin May have Sci me out of the same barrel. Aspirin is manufactured by a few chem ical companies and sell san bulk to various pharmaceutical firms mat compress it in tablets and give heir abets a proprietary name. Aspirin is not the harmless cure All that Many persons have been led o believe. H is less dangerous than other analgesics pain killers but by no Means foolproof. According to Bastedo s death has resulted from 5 and 10 grains of aspirin although recovery has occurred after an enormous dose 1 of has been taken perhaps Wilh suicidal intent. A single 5 or 10-Grain dose sometimes produces feelings of weakness collapse alarm ing Angi neurotic edema giant hives of face and Throat skin rashes and rarely death. When mrs. Smart Alice uses her Little Glass stick and finds her ailing child has a temperature of 100 degrees does she Call the doctor no she Calls her Pedia Tricia and without bothering to see the child the quack instructs mrs. Smart Alice to feed the unfortunate child aspirin until he can tear himself away from the Cash business in the office. Whal Ordi nary aspirin certainly not. Baby that s the kind the manufacturer says you can give he child Wilh the Blessing of your aspirin caters May think this diatribe is unwarranted. They just Don t know the danger associated with the use of aspirin. Recently the arthritis foundation form Erly arthritis and rheumatism foundation came clean in a bulletin to the newspapers rating thai in some cases of rheumatoid a Larilis the Only treatment that gives Relief is aspirin which the patient lakes in Large doses every Day. If i had rheumatoid arthritis i eat aspirin As i pleased without regard for possible poisonous or undesirable effects. In View of the vain attempt of Lallcer Day specialists to out Dale rheumatism and Call chronic joint disability arthritis which heir child minded customers imagine is a newly discovered it is interesting to note that these charlatans still regard Nis condition As rheumatoid and still gloss Over their ignorance by dismissing various complaints of unsophisticated patients As twice in my life i have taken aspirin. Once some 37 years ago when i had very painful acute Suba comial bursitis i look Large doses of aspirin of course with the precaution of sitting or lying Down for an hour Afler each dose As anyone who lakes aspirin should in my judgment it gave me grateful Relief from pain. Again a few years ago after Mickey went away 1 was troubled with insomnia i mentioned this in my column and a Nice kind lady suggested aspirin she said that Atler her husband departed she had the same rouble. Ana she had discovered that 10 grains of aspirin at bedtime enabled her to sleep. I tried it for two nights and slept no belter. Even Small doses of aspirin produce nausea or heartburn in persons with hyper acidity. This May be prevented by drink ing a Little milk just before and just after the dose of aspirin. Signed letters pertaining to personal health and Hygiene not to disease diagnosis or treatment w i 11 be answered by or. Brady if a stamped sell addressed envelope is enclosed. Letters should be Briel and written in Ink. Owing to the Large number of letters received Only a Tew can be answered Here. No reply can be made to queries not confirming to instructions. Address or. William Brady 625 Al Camino South Bev Erly Hills California by or. George w. Cram o i s is con used concerning love. She can t understand Why we urge Young people to select mates having the same altitudes religion race and color. For does l this conflict with the old axiom that of posit e s at study this Case Wilh care. Then Send for the rating scale below. Case f-549 Lois d., aged 20, is puzzled. Or. She began i thought it was considered fairly Correct that opposites attract in the Field of Romance. But i have heard you say that it is Wise to match people who have the same Outlook attitudes religion and family Back ground. So How you reconcile those different physical opposites Bolh of those apparently conflicting statements Are still Correct. For what is meant by the idea that opposites refers to physical characteristics. Thus a girl is usually most interested in a rugged robust male who is Brave assured and somewhat dominant. Conversely a Man is most charmed by a very feminine creature he does t thrill to a half male who skills Down hard liquor Eucks on Cigar tells risque stories and wears Ultra Short hair Dos plus mannish clothes. To appreciate this desire for physical opposites can you Normal women imagine yourselves falling in love with a Sissy male who wears Rouge lipstick and silk lingerie no indeed you women can t get a Maxi mum thrill out of kissing a half male. Nor does the average Man enjoy romancing a girl who can easily be mis folklore by William Wade in a waterfront area of Cincinnati where there were Many Low priced lodging houses and charitable centers a prominent personage thought he would present shoes to All who would or could i Wear hem. Now in this particular locality he found that i five per cent of the in i habitats were one-leg-1 ged and half of the others preferred not to i accept shoes. How Many i shoes did he n e e to buy the answer to this i Puzzle and another which follows will be Wade found at the end of the article. Here is the second brain challenger three men whom we shall Call Albert Ben and Carl were Given a test in Quick thinking. A Cross was marked on he fore head of each which they were Lold might be either Blue or White. They were then taken into an empty room. Neither knew the color of his own Cross or was permitted to speak to the others but each was told he could leave the room taken for a Callow teen age boy sexual male. So when we say opposites we Are referring to physical traits. But in other realms we find that a More nearly alike a Young couple Are in race religion color attitudes economic status education ideals and even hobbies As Well As politics then the less will be the likelihood of any serious quarrels of there Are always exceptions to such rules but when you marry you should play the baiting averages As does a Good baseball manager. I for when in at Peak exhilaration of the honeymoon begins to level off and you drop Back to your entrenched habits then the More differences that exist the More bitter and frequent will be your quarrels. For the average Man will want o live As his parents have trained him. And the wife will likewise. If Radical differences even in dinner menus exist or if one of the pair gets ruffled in his emotions then he May Chew out the other even about the food. And most husbands soon get ruffled in their disposition by the very natural in difference of the wife in the boudoir. That s Why divorces usually Start Intha bedroom. A Domestic quarrel then zooms much As a Liny tire May be fed by additional fuel Lill it becomes an inferno. The bedroom maladjustment starts Ilia husband looking for excuses to bawl out his wife. And that s Why the fewer their other Basic differences he less Likely it will be for him to reach the inferno stage that causes a divorce action. So Send for my tests for enclosing a Long stamped return envelope plus 20c, and Rale your Date before you pick a permanent mate when writing to or. Crane Mellot ind., enclose stamped self addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing or printing costs when you seek Persona advice or one of his psychological charts. If he either saw iwo while crosses or correctly deduced the color of his own. Now All were quite Alert but Albert was a Little quicker than she others. He observed that both Ben and Carl had Blue crosses and after a Feriv Momen a thought left the room having correctly determined the color of his own Cross. What was the color and How did he reach his conclusion answers first As Many shoes As Shore were people in the area. The one legged group required one shoe each. If half of the remainder refused shoes that was equivalent to the remainder wearing one shoe each. The percentage of the one legged might of course be any other than the five stated in the problem but the answer must always be the same second Albert s Cross was Blue. He reasoned thus if i were White Ben decide a is Blue for otherwise Carl would see two Whites and would there fire go out similarly Carl would know lie is Blue As otherwise Ben would have gone out. As neither moves i must be Blue american saying an atrocity is an Inci Dent too bad to be True. Sensing the news sensing by Thurman sensing outbreaks of savagery the tumultuous Days through which this nation has been passing make Good Ameri cans fear for the future of the Republic. Assassination of Martin Luther King jr., a deed shocking to be Lievers in Law and order has been followed by an orgy of mob violence unprecedented in this coun try s history. Great cities including the nation s capital have been the scene of Masc looting and fearful crimes of arson and violence. The protest Leader who espoused whal he called a philosophy of non has left behind a heritage of violence among his followers and admirers. The United slates has much to mourn these Days. Innocent people including Young children have been killed in the fire bombings and in unprovoked attacks on the is reels. Truly it is fitting that hags should be flown at half Mast not for the reason Given but because the nation has been shamed by Savage rampaging such As Good citizens never believed they would see in this proud Nalion. The murder of or. King was a dreadful deed hut die death of one negro Soldier in the ranks of the u. S. Army in Vietnam fighting the enemies of his country serves flags Al half Mast a thousand limes More than or. King Ever did. To be sure the roots of the violence lie much deeper than the death of or. King. They lie in the philosophy of civil disobedience that he and others encouraged for More than a decade. The people of the United slates Are paying a bitter Price for the lawlessness that has been advocated and excused Over so Many years. The bitter Frails of years of demagoguery by civil rights advocates can be seen in the burned out Homes and stores of America s cities. Clear thinking americans also have Rea son for being deeply concerned about the orgy of emotionalism that preceded the Riols and that actually May have helped set the stage Tor them. When faced with the ugly fact of crime the Way for Public leaders to proceed is with steely Calm and determination to apprehend t h e criminal. It is imperative hat a single crime no matter How shocking and barbarous not be overblown or that Public statements about the victim not become a vehicle for incendiary emotionalism. Unfortunately this sensible approach was not followed in recent Days. The first duty of All government bodies is to restore peace to pro life and to guard properly. The disorders that broke out in Early april May recur again during the Long hot summer ahead. Every cily and stale and chiefly the Federal government has a responsibility to enforce the Law in a Stern manner and to avoid emotional entanglements. If Riols recur and god forbid Hal this will happen the Way to Deal with them is with maximum firmness at the begin Ning. The Washington riots apparently got out of hand because police were not authorized to Lake Strong measures at the beginning. Looters were not slopped when they broke into stores and stole whatever they pleased. It is Irue that tear Gas was used after a time but the looter who is trying to steal a Mink coat does t mind a whiff of Gas. Traditionally looters Hava been shot if they failed to Stop on orders. This procedure has been used in count less civic disorders and Afler natural destruction caused by hurricanes and Lor Nadres. Shooting looters is the Only Way to Stop riots and Slop them in a hurry. Property As Well As lives need a Teller defense than has been available in recent Days. Every wrecked and gutted store is a personal disaster for its owners. Build ing up a mercantile establish men Oflyn lakes years and decades. The goods placed on display in stores have to be paid for even Hough looters Lake them away. Stores have to be rebuild or repaired often with Cash. Thus it is intolerable thai he institution of properly not be fully protected by the agencies of govern mental it rioters believe that they can engage in acts of savagery including attacks on police and firemen they will riot again and again. Only if rioters understand that they will be crushed will they be deterred from committing violence and from Burn ing and looting. The Lime is Long overdue when rioters and potential rioters Are made to understand that a get Lough policy is the Law of he land. The deals of or. King brought to the surface the Savage instincts thai lie just below the surface of Many of our cities. All the Power of Public opinion must be harnessed to prevent America s towns and cities be ing turned into Jungles by wild bands of lawbreakers. Preamble we the people of the United Stales in order a Oiom n More perfect Union establish Justice insure Domestic Tranquility provide Tor the common defense promote the general Wel fare and secure the blessings of Liberty to 2alwyls fv1 Nur ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Stales of s

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