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Anderson Daily Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 1

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Anderson, Indiana 20 pages Indiana weather mostly fair and Little temperature change tonight and wednesday. Part Cloudy thursday. Low tonight Rte. High wednesday 85. Anderson Indino tuesday june 28, 1955 machinery moved to new Plant Lynch operating Jackson St. Building Lynch corporation has completed a program of modernization of its former foundry Jackson St. And the Pennsylvania Railroad converting the property into a machine shop and with equipment installed the new unit operation. Robert Wiley vice president of Lynch charge of manufacture inc. States that the new Jackson St. Unit Fawn Plant 2, now operating a Small scale and will be full operation the fall. Jess Fowler formerly of the Assembly Plant manager of Plant 2. Or. Wiley says that conversion of the foundry into a machine shop part of the company a program of entering production Anderson and Marion plants of Lynch. Much of the machinery installed Irv the new Jackson St unit from the Assembly unit North Anderson and from plants Toledo and Defiance Ohio. Most of the Toledo equipment will be transferred two weeks. Entire modernization the Large Jackson St. Building has 55.000 Square feet of floor space with frontage of around 350 feet. The huge Structure was commission sends document to chief violent storms leave Issue taken Djulca Ama a Road program machinery Lynch Plant 2 George Burnett left process Engineer and Jess Fowler right manager of Lynch Plant 2, Jackson St. And Pennsylvania Railroad a shown foreground at the new factory unit recently completely modernized and converted from a foundry to a machine shop for Lynch operations Here. View shows equipment the new unit which now partial operation. The building has 55,Ock Square feet of floor space. Bulletin photo Kroger plans super Market at 38th and main St. Site budget dates set by state announcement was made today by the Kroger company that work being started the construction of a Large modern super Market a tract of ground at the Southeast Corner of the intersection of main and 38th its. A City permit was word has been received at the gaited today and prelim fight looms by the associated press tornadoes or violent thunderstorms that struck parts of the mid continent South and Hast left five persons dead More than a score injured and heavy pro it erty damage today. A aum and a woman were killed late monday when a twister 25 Homes Al the i Berge housing development Northeast of Scottsbluff neb some 25 persons i received Hospital treatment. Two persons were killed lightning storms that swept part of Texas and new Mexico monday night property damage was expected to run Between $100,-ooo and killed by lightning Daniel Williamson 13, Little league Leeball player was killed by lightning near Camden j., monday while and 12 other boys a food under a tree during a storm. Two other youths suffered Shock from the Holt. Hail and rain caused severe crop damage Greenwood township East Central Pennsylvania. Four inches of rain fell one hour. Killed the Nebraska Tornado were mrs. V. J. Daniels 50. And Jim Kambos mrs Daniels by Joe Hail la ii Helen Keller 75 Helen Keller 75 year old Blind and deaf humanitarian celebrates her 75th birthday at her Easton conn., Home by cutting a completely modernized including office of Madison county auditor Narv work has been begun washing i Senate re crib rally hired a a a a or it a r �?oi1 a 4 husband and of. And mrs Nick or Rhos parents of the dead boy huge Coke gift of Tho Ameri con foundation for the Blind and the american foundation a rash Robert Mck District met i Senhor or demo sir id peat. It Quot Quot a Quot loll visor of Kroger markets the sep project Cross parts of Nebraska and by local area states that the new,.n k Iowa told Quot eng a unday Nir it am Monaf super Market Wili be located a or Porter Advance of debate persons were injured a too x 125 foot building. Hie Glenn a measure that would of Wyoming. Other Interior facilities. State tax Board for car work of remodelling the factory Ings 1956 budgets of various building was charge of Guy taxing units of the county. A Hamilton local contractor and seven Man Board of tax adjust required several months. I of la non to no uen exclusively budgets and levies me a it Oarn. F. To it rth Platte River swollen by now for Assembly work connect include mayor Noland c l f u to renew Marci j a l0 Pul Mon Yback for the. Mate i re Tion with the production of Al ass Mayor t. Am a building permit was issued Hin heavy Rains forced evacuations 2ll�?oj&Quot.,? 8a,. Quot or Quot ii a ,�?Tf1 today by flows Hancock City ova or,.�?z and Rev a .1 rom mime orc., Quot a alive Quot oms c3 bump no no. Chair Man a a it late. It Quot a a a i tentative of the county co Uncle actor Dan t information pm. A a at Imor k commit Ftp killed by lightning she stood Lier front Yard at Canadian. Tex for overseas Blind. Quire several months. Merit will be named soon to meet w North r a nor to nmn no measure one Wouita f the Large North Anderson Plant sept 12 and review All proposed i ii. Obstruction . Or amendment to the atomic of a a Lynch to or Kph Rirl Niv la i. A j Terre haute has the general ion apr. R0mmismnn Rutm Tructien or Bricken Nebraska i it non Lone used exclusively budgets and levies the Board l a Erk i 1 Quot my Smon Consi Rueiinn Hung Over area the making machinery. House acts Aid Bill today f the permit Laken out by s5j� was ready to Hack Hisa a the contractor the Kroger build roup a action knocking out the f.,r eng a Lar a 5yrs sr., 46. a Field his farm and four appointees two named. By judge Russell Stewart of circuit court and two by judge Henry Schrenker of a Art., i the permit the estimated Cost i dates for budget study and a i a. A i Tivi ties expected by Sterling Green Washington or a Tho commission intergovernmental relations took Issue today with president Eisenhower a Highway financing program and called his administration to assume full command of civil defense. The 25-member commission created by Congress two years ago to recommend Boundary lines for overlapping taxes and encroaching governmental authority filed with the president a 311-Page document proposing 1, withdrawal of the Federal a mement from some Fields of taxation a leaving them to the states and cities a rapidly tax reduction becomes possible. It named no specific taxes. 2. Federal Quot payments lieu of taxes to Cit Ira and states compensation for real estate stricken from their tax Rolls Localise of Federal ownership. 3. Increased Federal a proper i a a a Lions for a mopped up male administered Highway cons auction program financed a a a pay you build Quot basis not by borrowing. 4. Action by Congress to trans for responsibility for civil defense to Washington from the mates and jellies which the commission said Art ill equipped financially Andi otherwise to carry the Burden. _. U a Iii ant device itt ski a nationwide 3 continuance with some mrs up Midnight thursday portent changes and curtailments Hung the balance today top i of Federal Grants nid under negotiator of i i. Steel Orp and which More than two billion Dot Cio unite. Steelworkers Gath jars annually furnished to states a a a for a negotiating session. And local governments the Federal a make already has been migrant the report said Quot has Tho fixed unless big steel and the come a fully matured device of co companies which usually follow operative government a lha world largest producer can the commission headed by Mey come up with a wage increase acor Kestnbaum of Chicago pres copyable to the big Union Dent of the Hart Schaffner a marx1 big steel has shown no indies clothing concern emphasized this Hon that it will up the Ante a counter proposal but some Ohser a fundamental objective of our ers thought this a entirely to system of government should sible. To keep centralization to a min offer half Cost mum Al Itati Loral ,0�?zold Hwu la Terl to a maximum. Meet today we Quot ,>0 instructed of Concrete 1 million dollars asked by risen a p and will completely fireproof How or for reactor to run the Panhandle tex a a Quot 7 of the Structure placed. Siv Hie t cd the Hill which Quot to Liun tvs aug la ten or a 000, that Bart a Compaq tar a the authorized i287.7w.m, dec juju Hown and Iivo r Likely today. La ill co Quot act cant Nieton prowl by voiced a y _ of stall ,. _ ,. Offer Al out half the Cost of Washington a a Early renew a called the government to at Ford and Central Al of a request that Russia pay the Feris Diehm Quot of Mut Orr the aug cd no acts include weds reached to Miles hour fui1 images for the shooting states counties and cities hut pm of quoth it Runsa several sections of Carlsbad Down of a u Navy plane a Phasic Enthat the a a red raise for hourly workers Ernie their Esfi motions and fax a woj Vrh gave a Stema and reorganize hair of the . Dow Mem full re i tit hrs Lyl Hau Quot 1 , Washington Levy a Hill taxpayers May file petition for Ribo �?T7, i. 5. Of Londry Tretis 0.p mini nut to it the prize new of Reiton Ain a reduction of existing cumulative1 Pauk i car. A monday. W<>r0 Sonora pc per from up Dent Eisenhower a full re pub pc better it propose that Thorpe new foreign Aid spending Bridge fund Auff 3 estimate 4 the new Kroger Market will g v t Hussi Sippi Valley eastward to View the Case monday night Eph mate launch a a search a tiny i to p., a of More than 3li billion dollars county officials to be filed with ave parking facilities tor 12. 0. A of a r<1f<l�,r. Non it the Atlantic and West of the con they were returning to Wash reappraisal of its fiscal came up for House action today auditor aug. 19. First om5?Lle? a round around whet i i a fed has cd mental Divide. Migton. I while the cities and states Are v critics aiming to pare it Down Yuu attic majority Quot Ltd z a Quot no to i to chief a a m 8uc�?~ Tion of budget sept 26. Ten or Market Wal embody some of the nigh up stripped the 21 million from a column Advance of debate the $3. 2r5.80o.ooo global Aid program. "7axon it prs May re it a food Stor,.s chairman Richards Ltd scat of Tho v l. C. T a a 1 one of the features will foreign affairs committee told j Len More taxpayers May canopy covered a pick up station r includes five millions for the newsmen. Fue petition for reduction or re most comprehensive innovations we 11 week the Bill authorizes funds for a atomic projects Over the country front of the Market White program announced by the presi?�1 Hope the Hill will not Cut j1.1 1t cum or it turn or re Patron can to the autos under Dent june la to help other nations appreciably. The Bdl passed get a while a carry by id atomic Power re Elora. The Senate already Cut 139 Mil f�?�1. Bui Jhk fend Levy a a p�?zrlha5cs groceries lion 6. First publication of school City pars mailman keeps Cool shorts few. A a with the Federal government the Dulles had flown a a Bangor. A ,.�?zrrion. The Maine earlier a that Neild said. Quot Suhs Lancial to of Quot. Quot National develop a Moro Rev rms a Puki meats which occurred Riu Init Al Mem fall it sla�?z., a a sen Howera six Day trip through i comm suon acknowledged new England their arrival Forrai Grant a divides re their president Eisenhower requested a the new Kroger Market will 3vs billion dollars foreign annual Mer my of boards of 1 m can service. It St be funds for the booking cd flnnrt8#nj h., High a air conditioned and will year beginning Friday aside from commissioners for judge and have new Type conv Pinr Belt the Money cuts the House Bill continued a e. Columned providing for speedy Check out extended forecast of customers chases the Market will have Crossings to be discussed ring presides at gathering Lith Ihl Mir a ? Cli thu i Vuu v Tell. Ii if Trail i Imu Iiri Iii a nil. Day and thursday cooler toward the big brakeman said Start. T and of week warming trend Over cd rolling up his Overall legs Ptah or Art nit at Tot Emiil Axenti act inn kit a Gnu nerd a of i Oiu. 7 two tenths met h showers toward said end of week. Substantially the form outlined by the administration. The Bill merely authorization which sets a ceiling foreign Aid spending actual funds will be voted separately. A Sharp attack was levelled at the program a minority report prepared by four Republican Mem hers of Richards committee. The signers were representatives conference of members of Church of Illinois Bentley of Mich lev ounce Board of works Igan. Adair of Indiana and Law set it a Board. Pollee chief D. Howard ring Bailiff of super refine Smith of Wisconsin. They Goen fire chief Al Tibbetts and Lor court who recently was contended the Aid program should of the Pennsylvania rail chosen chairman of the 5th his Indianapolis a the Peru be critically reappraised before Road wil1 held tonight at the strict Young democrats committee of the forty amp new funds Are authorized. City Hall at the Call of mayor Hon presided at a meeting of Quot a lot of Tho Noland c. Wright to discuss executives of the District group v Tun malting Ollish of Fie St la a Tion of signals at unguarded list saturday at Marion. Plan my a r.101 recommends Crossings of the Pennsylvania were Mado for Campaign Active 1 r a Kubuj from inc legion line Here. Lilies and organization work. Jorz pizza ion the mayor communicated with the Madison county Young use renounce our association r. A. Blosser division super democrats club headed by Willis american legion and a i intendant of the Railroad and Winkler president met sunday dec Arp of dissolved the executive the Anderson chamber of com has promised to attend or Send at Linder. Reports were made of of a has enrolled a a representative to the meeting Progress of a current Effort to Here. Presidential press Beere tary e a my a. Omaha a Job a a they really Razz Watnes a Ili Gerty said the two Tco nub rr10 Inen had discussed plans for next that a what Edward Zemanek a ant Laird column 3 husky freight car switchman said a monday about the Bermuda shorts temperatures will average near w ears the Job Normal Norma High 84 North to Quot they laugh and holler and wrists South Normal Low 59 North to tie a said. A i get a big kick out t i at. 67 South Low warming wednes of it. It does t bother me a i Ivov a Osis tiny life raft Delco Remy men sighted sea Indiana Bell begins fight but Tokyo of a tiny life raft to two Delco my men Advance Sib a occupied by one of two u i to new positions last week a Jne fliers missing at sea for i just decided to Wear shorts assumed their duties monday weekend precipitation nne tenth to that still proved too hot so cd to new positions last Shelbyville ind. Of the Indiana Bell Telephone co. Began it fight monday against Public service orders Banning higher rates and instructing the firm to make a Multi million Dollar refund. Patrick j Smith of Indianapolis Indiana Bell attorney said his opening argument that the pc orders were invalid a for the re among others that they produce a confiscatory Smith said the Utility would Justl land be done with forty amp eight split with legion sought Little.ix a 14 Kef ill Iii Iii Miu i or Utility Wuriu Jusu ask our night Tyl .i,/.� Gay a a higher rate or Heddle citing a Lvi air Force search plane some j20 ,. None Rev it it Rev not a. Ti. Trio w value 01 properly a love a. L. Mccu Houm former Siona i director of Plant protect Miles Gouth of tok>0 tonight about pvdf.nm. Xirui the Rolta of Tion at Delco Remy who has 940 p <6 40 a . Central stand Nues 0xpenaei Fnu the rate of had 18 years service with the a j tim Dusty was named assistant superintendent of the Delco Bat two Gar neg who vanished cd ordered by Marion county circuit a yesterday Quot James Hoyle Quot a who sunday Light air a a Quot v car 11 try to obtain a ruling i a Utah ii. I,-., n. Inv a Kerr. O St up Sian and sin 1 rank atonal invalidating Public service com . A mjr2wx.s22 a a War Bein k "1 up a Quot Quot a a a out Ltd i Quot Quot Quot Roth. One of the rafts at to 30 pm. 7 10 july 1952, and August i return it i loves fair. The phone company now oper ships of three nations hunted the rating under the higher schedule chamber adds new members support succession Merce has Enro bed eight net Tau enix i Quot Mem my no Ono govern members according to Floyd have occurred Here recently at ment club formed by Young appears Stoelting manager. They will Par Pennsylvania Crossings. Democrats. I the declaration which appeared tic Pate the chamber a reception Quot Munday the a forty and eight for new enrollees being arranged for july la by James r. Day chamber president. New members Al director of Plant Protection and assumed his Post monday a Whitton Joes a . Central Standard time Skar ii reread 1953. opening Day testimony c The search spread Over 20,000 winked Field production manager Miles of the foggy Western a let a americ appraisal o. Tri cd pm Nair unfit a it by Effort to locate the fog said Indiana Bell 90 buildings Are to a Jour i Oso ,. It follow Max Beigh. Anderson schools a. E. Hollenbeck Anderson laboratories Ralph Sears. Sears liquor store Roose veil Carter Carter electric co. Phyllis sue Stanley 6, Daugh John Enwright Burroughs adding ter of mrs Richard Brown 1144 machine co Russel Breeden. ,. Park a shop r Reed. Revdr Lynnn a ave a was dr0"ncrt shoes Christ Collins Palm Grove yesterday afternoon while she Stanley child loses life gravel pit driven. Had dozens of phone Calls sold everything from want and that a what we like to hear. And we hear it often when it comes to results from Bull tin Herald want ads it seem that there Little inexpensive ads will do almost everything they Are asked to do. Here this Man and 275 a Oil tank with fittings set Cottage./Ri Kitchen Cabinet 19 Kitchen Tahoe Extension top $5 phone 0-0000. Remember too. The Best place the world for bargains the want and pages of your Anderson newspaper. Phone 3-5371. Was wading the Ridgeway gravel pit Tousey St. Park place. Discovery of the tragedy was made when a boy found some of the child a clothing at the Side of the pit and advised her Mother who summoned police. Firemen were called and a search was started. Within a few min firemen removed the body from a deep Hole by using drags. Evidence indicated the child while wading had stepped into a Hole about 8 feet deep and Sank. Coroner Fred Hiday who investigated. Said death was from suffocation due to drowning. Fire chief Al Tibbetts assistant chief Herbert Johnson and firemen Joe Boze and Roy Foster Aristed locating the body of the girl. The drowning the first of the Accident occurred. He went Back season Here. To his Home but could Tell Little Luther Stanley 5, brother of about the tragedy. A Ordog to tithe water victim was reported ileitis the two children had Beer wiring the air conditioning to Hae been with her when the Ico amp trued Page to column to equipment of the Capitol club. Phyllis Sie Stanley or a society publication accused the legion of letting itself be dominated by a King makers a who it said disregard the Wisher of the membership. The statement urging members continued pile 6, column la i a two dubs three Afes destroyed Nevada Blaze Fly Nev. V two gambling clubs and three cafes were destroyed monday night a fire that spread so swiftly the game operators grab currency the tables. Mayor e. Broadbent estimated the building and equipment loss at Between $500,000 and $750,000 undetermined amount of currency was lost by the Capitol and the Alpine dubs the four Story Brick Wall of the Fly theater building stopped the f res sweep Westward across the business District of this Copper mining and milling town of about 4,000. A if that Brick Wall Hadnot been there wed have lost half the town a a Broadbent said. Fire chief Pete pop Holm said the fire was started by defective today scars Are smooth Ning hut you still find a jerks them. Proud cd men before they died of or a $22,986, too. Vii let iiitit#., m lotto lawyers indicated it would take Roy Mutton. Son of mrs Kila 1 a it 1 four or five Days to present Indiana Whitton this City has been named run to or it Belles Case manager of the Seymour ind1 by grim coincidence the wife _ # chamber of Commerce and will of one arrived today form min assume his duties july i. He has Nea ohs with her 5-year old son been manager of the Columbia she mrs David Winton Bell lot of City chamber of Commerce for her husband a second lieutenant. A year. It continued Ike. Cilium 5 run Board defers Council Call girl body recovered two City firemen Joe Bozo and Roy Foster and Jack Benzil a Light Plant employee Are shown the Ridgeway gravel pit. Park place near White River search was made for the body of Phyllis sue Stanley 6, 1144 Cincinnati ave. Who was drowned when she stepped into a deep Hole while wading. The body was located about 5 . Bulletin photo members of the Madison coun y Board of commissioners composed of Dale Flora Truman Swain and f red Willits yesterday discussed a proposal to make repairs a Bridge near Alexandria recently damaged when two cars were wrecked but reached no decision a program. soon estimates Are obtained a Call will by made for the county Council to consider funds for financing a Bridge program. A petition was received for resurfacing two Miles of Road near Leach school. Bulletin Board tags births. 12 Boyless column. child physiology .4 City briefs 12 comics to deaths. 12 editorials 4 health column. 4 radio. .8 social news 2 sports 14-15-16 Stock markets. 16 television 8 voice of Broadway 4 Washington news. 4 what they say. 20 world today .20

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