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Anderson Daily Bulletin Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1983, Page 5

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 2, 1983, Anderson, Indiana Dear Abby Anderson daily Buletin c wednesday february 2, 1983 o shop weekdays to to 9 a sunday 12-5 jottings patient sick of waiting gets on doctors Case by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby Why do doctors schedule six patients for the same time keeping a roomful of patients waiting i had a doctors appointment for 9 . I arrived at 8 45 and was told that the doctor would be tied up a for a Little while and was asked if i would like to go get a cup of Coffee. I went for Coffee returned at 9 15 and found four More people in the waiting room. They All had 9 of clock appointments they were also told to get a cup of Coffee and As they walked out the door another 9 of clock appointment rushed in a apologizing because she was late Abby i sat there until 11 20, then i heard one nurse say to the other a the has four More proct Scopes to do then we can Start calling them he has four examination rooms i flipped out and said a is going to pay for my extra parking i think ill Send this problem to dear i was taken within three minutes. They must have told the doctor i was starting a riot in his waiting room if i go to a doctor has a first come first serve policy i will wait patiently without complaining but i resent having to wait for 21/2 hours when i have an appointment. Switching doctors does no to help. Does this happen everywhere or Only in Pittsburgh a tired of waiting dear tired it happens almost everywhere. Doctors what a the re for this epidemic dear Abby please done to throw this away thinking its Only a gag because in a serious. In a a Middle aged Man started dating a woman my age a few months ago. I like everything about her but i can to Brig myself to kiss her beyond a Peck on the Cheek or a Quick one on the lips because she smells of garlic. In be offered her breath mints Chew ing gum and even kidding by remarked a Well i can Tell you be had something with garlic for she said she usually has a corned beef Sandwich or a Caesars salad because she likes garlic. Once she suggested that i eat garlic too so i notice it on her. I told her i did no to care for it. Now what do i do i really could care for this woman and i know she likes me. Its not just the garlic on her breath the smell of garlic seems to come out of her pores. Any suggestions a turned off dear turned off yes. Tell her that if she wants to see More of you she will have to a do something about the garlic. And if she does no to come up with a solution she is giving you a message a a in be made my Choice and you re not dear Abby you once had a Little poem in your column about giving Flowers to people while they can still smell them. Can you find it and print it again so Many people need to be reminded. Thank you. Neglected in Palm coast Fla. Dear neglected is this it a i would rather have a Little Rose from the Garden of a Friend. A than Flowers strewn around my casket when my Days on Earth must end. A i would rather have a living smile from one i know is True a than tears shed a round my casket when this world i bid Adieu. A bring me All the Flowers today whether Pink or White or red. A i would rather have one Blossom now than a truckload when i am author unknown you re never too old or too Young to learn How to make friends and be popular. For Abby a Booklet on popularity Send $1, plus a Long self addressed stamped 37 cents envelope to Abby popularity . Box 38923, Hollywood Calif. 90038. Copyright 1983 Universal press Syndicate r the gossip column q. Since Brooke Shields has always tried to maintain such a Goodie two shoes Public image How can she consider appearing in ads for pantyhose of All things a . Shields a. Hold on a minute. Brooke is careful about her reputation and carefully sifts All professional projects to remove any suggestion of the sexually tasteless. But she Isnit above a touch of the spicy especially if the rewards Are great enough. That a Why Shields signed on to push a line of pantyhose and tights aimed for introduction this fall to the teenage Market. But significantly enough when the new look was first unveiled models were hired to show off the goods a not Brooke herself. She remained fully clothed literally with a neck to toe plaid dress. Q. Has Shelley Winters secretly gotten married to an italian actor a much younger that she is a h j. Daleville Honor Roll listed the All a Honor Roll for first semester at Daleville Junior senior High school includes 12th graders Stephanie Brown Bev Craig Barry Hall Julie Moore Kathy Spangler Wendy suit and Wayne Wyant Lith graders Zina Barile and Teresa Mccammon 10th graders Brenda Bailey and Nick Wegesin ninth graders Tracy Hall and Gary Newman eighth graders Heather Gleason John Lennen Brenda Smith Brenda Spangler and Dawn Harris and seventh grader Sonya Flynn. Pruett on Deans list at Marion College major Pruett a member of the Parkview Nazarene Church is on the Deans list for the first semester at Marion College Marion. He is a Junior Jagoring in Christian ministries at the Wesleyan Church related Liberal arts school. Wile on Rochester Deans ust Jay Wile son of Howard and Joan Wile 1211 w. Eighth st., was on the Deans list for the fall semester 1982 at University of Rochester Rochester by. Broderick receives Marian scholarship Christine Broderick daughter of or. By i Obi to Adams Sloan singly divergent personalities this strikes me As really strange. What a the Lowdown a . A. These two show business giants Are indeed friends but due to their different characters someone a got to give a and its usually the More modest Peck. When dining at a restaurant Danny Ever the extrovert does no to mind being seated at a table where hell be visible. Greg on the other hand feels More comfortable maintaining a reticent profile preferring to be placed As far out of the line of Public gaze As possible. On those occasions when they Dine out together its Danny most often wins and they invariably end up seated at the choicest a a a table in the restaurant a in full Public View. Q. We re eagerly awaiting the new movie a lords of discipline a mainly because the title is such a turn on. Are there Sado masochistic overtones to the plot a . Winters a. That intriguing Rumor made the rounds in new York City a while ago and i decided to Check it out directly. Spotting Shelley lunching in a Manhattan restaurant recently i asked her about the report. Her response a a it a Shelley was married to the famous italian actor Vittorio Gass Man Back in the �?T50s, but that Union was Short lived. Quips Shelley a needs another husband a q. I hear Danny Kaye and Gregory Peck Are old Hollywood cronies enjoy socializing. Given their seem and mrs. Timothy p. Broderick 1308 Park Road has been named to receive a four year renewable academic scholarship to attend Marian College of Indianapolis. Marian is a Catholic Liberal arts College with an undergraduate enrolment of 850 students. Marmon Jessup named at Miami u. Sue e. Jessup 3657 Nichol ave., and Ellen l. Marmon 939 Sunset drive were named to the Miami University Oxford Ohio Deans list for the first semester 1982-83. Blood Center accredited Central Indiana regional blood Center has been granted renewal of accreditation by the american association of blood Banks. The blood Center serves 25 counties and 37 hospitals in the Central Indiana area. Pitts Warmke on Wabash list two Anderson students Are on the Deans list at Wabash College Crawfordsville for the fall 1982 semester. They Are Richard s. Pitts a senior son of or. And mrs. William l. Pitts it. 7 and Jeffrey w. Warmke a senior son of or. And mrs. Fredrick m. Warmke 304 North Shore blvd. Wabash is a private Independent Liberal arts College for men with an enrolment of nearly 800 students. A weather the forecast for 7 a in est rain i Snow is thursday. February 3 a Low temperatures showers Isi flumes fronts cold or station Rev 1 elsewhere will Nadav temperatures indicate previous Dav s High and overnight Low to 8 est Hilo pre i his 39 23 in 36 24 of cd 31 20 13 Clr 41 30 cd 53 48 2 56 Cdv 62 54 i 90 cd 45 34 cd 54 39 cd 45 37 cd 40 21 04 cd 60 51 i 61 cd 30 13 03 cd 34 29 in nationwide a snowstorm accompanied by gusting winds powered its Way toward the great trikes today after leaving drifts shoulder High in Texas High winds and heavy Snow swept across the Central part of the real inks and Mississippi Valley. The Nat Wal weather service said Snow would spread from Nebraska to Illinois. Indiana and Michigan As rain and freezing rain fell from Indiana to Southern new England in the West another Pacific cold front was crossing into California a but it lacked the intensity of the four storms that Tore into the West coast last week in tuesday tornadoes and thunderstorms whipped across the deep South Quot we heard the Roar and then All of a sudden we saw roofs and Sheds and buildings said Douglas Long of Pensacola. I la Quot somebody s boat came flying through the air from i Don t know where and went through the Side of my Indiana zones 1-2-4 tonight occasional rain. Changing to Snow before Midnight becoming Windy and colder i Xis in the mid to upper 20s Westerly winds 15-20 Mph thursday Windy and colder with a 70 percent Chance of Snow tempera lures will slowly fall into the Low 20s by evening winds Northwest 20-30 Mph and Gusty. 3-5-6 tonight Windy with a 50 percent Chance of evening rain with rain changing to Snow around Midnight i older with lows in upper 20s winds Westerly 15-20 Mph thursday Windy and colder with a 60 percent Chance of Snow temperatures slowly falling into the Low 20s by late afternoon. Winds Northwest 20-30 Mph and Gusty 1 7-8 tonight Windy and colder with a 50 percent Chance of rain showers in the evening changing to Snow showers before Midnight. Lows in the upper 20s winds West 15-20 Mph thursday Cloudy Windy and colder with a 40 percent Chance of Snow showers temperatures will fall slowly into the Low 20s by late afternoon. Winds Northwest 20-30 Mph and Gusty 9-10-12-13 tonight Windy and colder with a 50 percent Chance of rain showers in the evening changing to Snow showers after Midnight lows in the upper 20s to Low in cd 32 27 is in 37 16 in 30 16 09 Cdv 65 57 21 Cdv 59 52 05 Cdv 62 55 is cd 31 19 cd 33 32 20 in 42 39 47 in 39 37 25 in 69 63 57 Cdv 44 40 33 in Clr 40 36 42 in is 22 04 Clr 28 26 99 cd 34 31 16 in 19 12 51 39 30s winds West 15-20 Mph thursday Cloudy Windy and colder with a 50 percent Chance of Snow showers. Temperatures will fall slowly into the Low to mid 20s by late afternoon winds Northwest 20-30 Mph and Gusty 11-14-15 tonight a 50 percent Chance of rain showers in the evening changing to Snow showers before Midnight Windy and turning colder with lows in upper 20s to Low 30s winds Westerly 15 20 Mph. Thursday Cloudy. Windy and colder with a 40 percent Chance of Snow showers. Temperatures falling into the mid 20s by late afternoon. Winds Northwest 2030 Mph and Gusty 8 we 9 l 12 f la if it 14 13 Albany Albuquerque Amarillo Anchorage Asheville Atlanta Atlantic City Austin Baltimore Billings Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston 48 30 Brownsville 73 46 Buffalo Burlington Casper . Charleston w v . Cheyenne Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland . Columbus Dallas it Worth 47 32 Dayton Denver Des Moines Detroit Duluth Al paso Fairbanks Fargo Flagstaff great Falls Hartford Helena Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jackson miss Jacksonville Juneau Kansas City i As vegas Little Rock i of Angeles Louisville Lubbock Memphis Miami Milwaukee mils St Paul Nashville new Orleans new York Norfolk North Platte Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland me 43 20 Portland lure. 56 46 Providence 46 so Raleigh 60 48 rapid City 37 17 Reno 43 21 Richmond Salt i Ake san Antonio 60 38 san Diego 67 58 san Francisco 55 50 cd Clr cd Cdv 23 07 23 la 38 02 in 32 20 16 cd 46 26 in 37 24 of cd 78 64 Clr 64 40 cd 39 29 70 in 61 40 88 cd 80 66 56 cd 37 30 of Cdv 29 25 21 cd 53 33 in 50 32 04 cd 69 57 in 61 54 i 22 cd 31 25 04 Clr 62 42 24 cd 75 74 cd 33 31 la cd 24 21 17 cd 61 54 i 22 Cdv 71 45 92 Clr 47 r 45 40 in 28 22 40 25 cd cd Cir 22 19 15 cd 83 68 96 Cdv 4� 32 cd 59 43 in 42 38 24 cd in Clr in it cd 51 39 to toy 39 30 cd cd cd a Rcd precipitation for 24 hours ending 8 . 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