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Anderson Daily Bulletin Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1983, Page 4

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 2, 1983, Anderson, Indiana Anderson daily bulletin wedge toy february 2, 1983 Anderson newspapers inc. Publisher of uni arson sails bulletin a Esh wished March 23 685 Geof feed Wruten fiercer. President 1949-1965 half off to w Toner vice president 1949-1964 w Mno �,0k i a a a a 25 years ago i a v Eft e. Jackson publisher James l. Bannon editor Aion views expressed in this column Are the official opinions of the Anderson daily bulletin. All other opinions on this Page Are those of the individual writers. Draft registration residents of Madison county should be proud of the High percentage of Young men Here who have registered with the selective service system. Figures released recently show 95 percent of the Young men in this county have complied with the requirement to Register upon reaching 18 years of age. According to the Indiana Headquarters of selective service Only 279 men born from 1960 to 1964 have failed to Register in Madison county. There Are 5,422 Madison county men registered for those four birth years. Men born in 1965 Are required to Register this year. Recent legislation requires that Young men present proof of registration in order to receive Federal student Aid or to qualify for benefits under the Job training partnership act of 1983. Clark s. Ketterman state director of selective service said Many Young men have the mistaken belief they can claim conscientious objector status and not Register. This is not the Case since the classification would not be granted until Congress ordered selective service to Start classification and induction in event of a National emergency. To the 95 percent who have done their duty and complied with the Law a we say Well done. To the officials responsible for enforcing the Law a we say make sure that All comply. To the five percent still in violation of the Law a bit of advice a better get with it. High tech talk Anderson in 1958 the women a City Bowling association tournament opened at Browne a recreation lanes 622 Broadway. Association officers were Jean Ramsey president Helen Higi vice president Mabel Dean Secretary Eleanor Jackson treasurer and Dee Granger sergeant at arms. William Breek was re elected president Elmer Rushton vice president and Don Collins Secre tary treasurer of the Madison county Council of conservation clubs at a meeting at the Anderson conservation club w. Eighth Street at Raible Avenue. Eugene Pitts Delco Remy employee and Law member was named by county democratic chairman c. B. Cartwright to the county election Board. Harold Anderson attorney was the Republican member. County clerk Joe Armington a was chairman of the Board by virtue of his office. This was groundhog Day and even with temperatures ranging from 15 to 21 degrees the Sun came out briefly and the groundhog saw his Shadow forecasting six More weeks of Winter. The annual groundhog club banquet was scheduled feb. 7 at Linders. Jim Bannon Snow and cold stay away f we deserve it after suffering through two or three of the toughest Winters in Indiana history hoosiers deserve the mild Winter we Are now enjoying. This column is written on the last Day of january and while we Are not out of the Woods or drifts yet Yak gotta feel Good about what has happened up to this Point. To get an accurate View of just How mild it has been Here this year i called Bill Hecht we but a statistical wizard to get the facts for you. When Bill compiles his statistics he goes a by seasons not years just like basketball a so keep that in mind when you read further. Last season or the Winter of 1981-82 was a record setter for snowfall. For the season we had the stagger my Slippery Slushy sickening total of 51.75 inches. So far this Winter season 1982-83 we have had a ready for this a Only 43-Hundredeths of an Inch that a less than one half Inch of measurable Snow for december 1982 through january of 1983. Except for people who bought snowmobiles or who run ski lodges that has got to be the Best news since ice Cream. And Lack of Snow is not All we have to be thankful for this Winter season. Consider the mild temperatures. The coldest Day in january was the 19th, when the the Low temperature was to degrees. Hecht had to go Back a Way Back a in his weather record Book to find an equalizer. He found january of 1931 and january of 1921 As the Only two months besides 83 when the Low temperature was Only to degrees. How a that for mild december of 1982 was even Milder than january has been. There was no measurable snowfall in december and Only a few Days with a Trace and the coldest Day was dec. 12 when the temperature dipped to 15. A a ally of the measurable Snow this season has been in january and there have been four Days with a Trace. Bui says you have to go Back to the Winter of 1941-42 to find less Snow for the same time As this year. That season we had Only three tenths of an Inch by the end of january. The year before we had the record 51 inches of Snow this area got 11-plus inches. But there have been seasons Here where total Snow Fau was under six inches. For instance some skimpy Snow seasons have been 1949-50 with 5.2 inches 1940-41 with 4.4 inches 1934-35 with 4.1 inches and 1931-32 with 4 inches. Winter could still strike us a mean blow in february a last february we got 12.2 inches of snows a but we have no complaints up to now. And especially no complaints considering a those people and Woody Worms and shaggy squirrels that soothsayers were claiming meant a Tough Winter this time. A that was a started by that cold August we had a Hecht rec aued with a chuckle. A a that a when those predictions started coming out that it was going to be so bad this thanks for the research on this column Bui. A we Are getting older in the United states business the Media and politicians across the nation Are paying More attention to older americans. And for Good reason. Over the past few decades the number of senior citizens in the United states has been increasing faster than the total population and it is expected that the proportion of elders jul continue to Rise in the near future. According to the current Issue of the statistical Buletin of the metropolitan life foundation persons 65 years of age or older now represent 11.3 percent of the total population compared with 9.8 percent in 1970 and 9.2 percent in 1960 Florida led a states with the largest numerical increase in population aged 65 and Over. Almost 700,000 More senior citizens lived in Florida in april of 1980 than in 1970 currently More than 1,680,000 elderly persons reside within the state. Elders now constitute by far the largest proportion of the total population in Florida a 17.3 percent. Editors notebook mayor Tom Mcmahan has caused a news conference at his Home tomorrow afternoon. Any bets on what he plans to announce if As expected he says he jul run again for mayor please forget that you read in this space several weeks ago that i had a feeling he would not run again. Shows what i know. One Democrat said to me the other Day that if the race for mayor turned out to be Between Mcmahan and Paul Newbern who has announced for the Post on the democratic ticket it would be a clean one. A they Are both gentlemen and there wont be any that indeed would be Nice for everyone. Remember the in television football league i told you about involving John Broughton the Pendleton Heights football coach and others Well vision bowl i was played sunday a few hours before the super bowl and Steve Clark Defeated Tom Bannon for the title. Steve got a Nice trophy and a free haircut and a crowd of 15 jammed into Broughton a living room to see the big game. The score was so lopsided that i will spare you the gory details. Suffice to say Steve proved to one and All he deserved the trophy. Condolences to Carol Meiser Deakyne and her family on the death of her husband Jim who died sunday. He was a member of the 1953 Indiana University National basketball champions and a former president of the Fortville town Board. Carol is from Anderson and a graduate of Anderson High school. Jim Bannon is editor of the bulletin. Berry s world How about fixing it so the Little kids in Scandinavia can see e. T. Too a a great City. Proud people j letters to the bulletin letters guidelines a to be considered for publication letters must be signed with the writers name and address. Names will be withheld upon the writers request but in the event of litigation the name May be released. Letters should be Brief preferably not Over 250 words and must be in Good taste. The daily bulletin reserves the right to edit a letters published for Brevity clarity or libel. Parent gives school failing Marks to the editor Well another semester has ended. Although we have a computerized system for dispensing report cards High school students will not get theirs for approximately two weeks following the end of the first semester. A student May have failed subjects without knowing and without the Opportunity to work on the existing problems. Failure slips Are no longer Given i have been told by one administrator. We had the past experience of being told grades were Well within acceptable areas but when report cards came out it was a totally different Story. Parents Are you aware that school systems across the United states Are a National disgrace with Anderson in my opinion in the forefront last semester i asked two teachers to write or Call me regarding my child a grades. They never called or wrote. Do teachers have the authority to ignore parents requests for a conference and then fail the child without explanation this has been a repeated situation. Arentt parents due any explanation As to their children a Progress before the fact instead of after it or not at All do staff and administrators have the right to be insulting to parents who inquire about their children How can supposedly intelligent professionals consistently refuse the Basic rights of individuals How can parents be told not to come to school Why can to your average and below average student get the needed help in the classroom teachers Are too unconcerned about these Stu dents. They say its entirely the students and the parents Lack of interest that is to blame which in this Case and Many others is not True. I must say students and parents Are discouraged at this Point. Whether work is done or not the results Are the same always. In be had 40 years As a student and then As a Parent to witness the demise of our school system. When a student fails the teacher the Parent and the system fail. Please withhold my name . We have sincerely tried to communicate with the school system but have been abused by High level staff and teachers. Our Only desire is that our children receive a fair Chance at a Good education with teachers principals and administrators who Are concerned for their welfare and will treat parents and students with respect. I have contemplated filing a complaint because of Gross neglect and harsh and abusive treatment. A thank you. Jack Anderson Thurmond Wilson deny bribe Story Washington a the Justice department is conducting an extremely sensitive investigation of sen. Strom Thurmond r-s.c., the venerable 80-year-old chairman of the Senate judiciary committee. The investigation centers on statements by a Man who claims he saw Thurmond accept at least $20,000 in bribes for unknown services. The Money was handed Over by a middleman acting for renegade Cia agent and convicted arms smuggler Edwin p. Wilson. In a personal meeting with me the senator vehemently denied the allegation. He acknowledged that he knew the purported middleman. But he said no bribe offer was Ever so much As discussed. Wilson also denied through his lawyer that he Ever bribed any member of Congress. He is now in Federal custody. He was brought to trial and convicted on charges of conspiring to ship 20 tons of plastic explosives to Libya. In fact a source close to Wilson said that during the Excia agents plea bargaining Justice department officials brought up the allegation of a Thurmond bribe and indicated things might go easier on Wilson if he agreed to testify in S.C. a Case. A if he had known anything that was the time for him to say it a the source pointed out. But Wilson stuck to his denial. I first Learned in september 1981, that Justice was looking into a related allegation that one Man had offered Thurmond a services a for a Price a to Frank Terpil a Wilson associate who is still a fugitive. That investigation hinged on testimony of Kevin Mulcahy a government witness who died last october. Before he died Mulcahy told my associate Dale Van Atta that he had been with the middleman and Terpil in 1976 when the possibility of a bribe to Thurmond was discussed. The purpose of the meetings Mulcahy said was to figure out a Way to get libyan dictator Muammar Al Qaddafi the eight c-130 transport planes Libya had purchased. But they were embargoed by the state department because of the dictators support of International terrorists. Terpil had been offered a $1 million commission for each plane delivered. Mulcahy said the middleman suggested getting Thurmond a help at which Terpil offered the Man a commission of $250,000 per plane a and an equal sum for the senator if he cooperated. When we asked about these charges in september 1981, the middleman denied taking part in any S.C. discussion. A even if something like that occurred Quot he said a i would no More go to somebody like sen. Thurmond a i go to anybody. Number one i know How to and number two id be out of business in a the Man did acknowledge that he had a been approached by probably three or four different people on those c-130s.�?� in the Semi related Case now under investigation the new witness in a sworn statement says a middleman a would regularly come to the Arlington a office at telex International Wilson sponsored he has told government officials that on at least two occasions this middleman took $10,000 Cash in an envelope to a meeting with Thurmond and that the envelope was turned Over to the senator whom i know by the witness added that he did not know what the payment was for. This particular middleman told Van Atta he was a social but not a business acquaintance of Wilson. But a letter he wrote last aug. 2 to the judiciary committees chief investigator suggests a closer relationship to Wilson than he admitted. In the letter which Thurmond immediately turned Over to the Fri the middleman wrote of Wilson i consider him a Friend that i have known for about to he wrote that he had received a phone Call from Wilson in jail and that the Excia agent a said he would pay me $25,000 now and $25,000 later if i would talk to senator Thurmond. To see if the senator would discuss with Justice the possibility of having his Bond the middleman said he agreed to pass along Wilson a message a was a gesture of Jack Anderson is a columnist for United feature Syndicate inc. One of president Reagan a most significant utterances during his recent state of the Union address was Federal recognition of the coming of age of High technology. A a As surely As America s Pioneer spirit made us the Industrial giant of the 20th Century the same Pioneer spirit today is opening up another vast Frontier of Opportunity a the Frontier of High technology a was the Way or. Reagan summed it up. Happily Pioneer a High tech entrepreneurs already have Given the United states a big Lead to this new Industrial Frontier. Or. Reagan a state of the Union comments Are a Welcome indication his administration tends to create a favourable environment m which High technology1 will flourish. The presidents proposals for Block Grants to improve teaching of mathematics and science and tax Breaks for a education savings accounts should help provide qualified High technology personnel As they Are required. Significantly his commitment to retraining programs will help workers who can no longer find jobs in the old dying industries to learn skills required for employment in the new growing ones. Indeed Japan already is in the 10th year of an $800 million National project to develop the so called fifth generation of computers and artificial intelligence machines that think has moved to As respond to threat �0 Oval amp computer a a needed or. Reagan a Effie Era is on High technology is not surprising. When he was governor of California he Learned much about this subject during the Early development of Silicon Valley. The age of High technology has dawned already upon us. For a More Bountiful future we have but to encourage its ample opportunities

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