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Anderson Daily Bulletin Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Anderson Daily Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Anderson, Indiana 24 pages 24 Indiana weather Clearing and colder tonight. Low near Zero. Fair and cold tuesday. High in mid-20s. Wednesday fair to partly Cloudy warmer. High yesterday 22. Low today 19. A Quot Woof p Anderson Indiana monday december 23, 1963 vol. 79 no. 236 Price ten Centi reported injured Are i ship Glaze chemicals explode to the Rescue of stricken liner the 22,000-ton British aircraft Carrier Centaur shown above in 1954, is in route at full Speed today to the area in the Eastern Atlantic where the Christmas cruise liner la Kota was abandoned after fire and explosions. The Centaur was detoured while on a trip from Portsmouth to the Orient. A wire photo democratic leaders see Hope for foreign Aid Bill passage i killed 25 Hurt in fire at Hammond Hammond ind. Apr fire fed by a series of chemical explosions raced through a Block Long warehouse in the heart of Hammond Early today killing one fireman and injuring at least 25 other persons. Firemen battled the intense flames in subzero weather for More than six hours in a sprawling Industrial Complex. The dead fireman was Ridenti fleeing Man fired on at Berlin Wall by John o. Koehler Berlin apr East German fled As Francis Volk 32. He was hurled against a Brick Wall b one of the explosions which rocked the building owned by Uliana storage co. He died of a Skull fracture. St. Margaret a Hospital said the most seriously injured person admitted there was Richard Wylie a photographer for the Chicago Sun times. He suf. Feted severe head injuries a it mrs fired on a Man attempt patently from falling debris. �?o>8 t0 a from East Berlin to nine firemen were hospitalized As other smiling red guards cd in fair condition most of were admitting West berliners them suffering smoke inhalation through the Berlin Wall to visit and minor lacerations and 15 relatives in the communist Sec others were released after treat Der ment in the Hospital emergency he communist guards fired Ward to bursts from sub machine guns firemen who did not control at a Man apparently trying to Quot through the barbed the Southern outskirts tied by a threatened by pieces of Metal wire on needed in containers of alcohol Ether i est Berlin. Washington apr House rules a final vote on the $3 Bil caught the democratic Majori-1 the inferno until 5 am were struggle democratic leaders bringing lion Aid appropriations measure to with its ranks slashed b their absent members Back to was not expected before Christ Sente ism and such work by planes predicted they Mas eve. Forcing the measure Back to the and anti freeze compounds ex-1 West Berlin police said they would have enough democrats but even if the House a conference committee insisting Pio ded to feed the flames. Could not see the victim be re Elro the the credit ban be included a off duty firemen were bean opposition and pass the Verscaj Dro vision on govern mint a further Compromise was de to the scene As flames gained Light and heavy fog. But they on hand today to crack re pub proves the Bill with its Contro a credit ban be included. R a off duty firemen were Rush cause of poor Early morning bean opposition and pass the Verscaj provision on government a further Compromise was de to the scene As flames gained Hight and heavy fog. But they foreign Aid Biu by tuesday at reached. This one states that headway in the one Story Brick the guards shout a halt the latest. Guaranties Lur sales 10 and Concrete building. Halt a this was followed by a and that wont be any too soviet bloc countries the sen the president can approve cred the warehouse was surround fusillade followed by the soon for president Johnson his ate still must act prestige on the line and his Tex m the a gators most it for sales to communist coun de by the 200-acre 0f tries if he found it in a the a Standard division of Pullman screams of a Man. Pullman at the Wau in the heart of the heir fires and Snow add to perils Norris Home gutted few accidents Are noted fires and More Snow added to Winter hazards that have prevailed Here for a week. Snowfall measured Between i and 2 inches this morning and made driving even More difficult than it had been. The 80 men and 20 vehicles of the state Highway Force in this area were out shortly after the Snow began removing the accumulation with Snow lows and spreading Salt and cinders. The group is directed by Everett Stottlemyer superintendent. Earl Toombs local Street commissioner said that 800 bags of Salt were ordered recently and their arrival was expected today. Meantime the Street Force scattered 50 bags of a Al Salt this morning that had Detroit apr the Playboy i been loaned by the Emge Dodge heir Dies the heir to the Multi million Dollar Dodge Brothers Auto Fortune Horace e. Dodge jr., above died last night in Detroit. He was 63. A wire photo Dodge Fortune Playboy heir Dies sunday. N. Juu in me Wau in me Neari of me Neir to a Multi million dollars As Holiday delayed holidays uon1j in to re and reported inc., which manufactures rail City the Low of West berliners Dodge Brothers Auto Fortune it a cd no he a is a. �?om-.0 a a a a 7t.? each Deal to Congress within 30 Road car parts and conducts re dropped sharply today aft a a to race e. _ i , phone lines humming trying to whip up support the measure in Calls to Gressmen Dodge �?died Sun-1 costly fires occurred during the weekend at the Home of have kept the White House Tele have no business added All Days search for the Parent company. Acc Krend Rush. Most people a Day night. He was 63. Flay Wink and Are not Likely to vote if the rules committee sends firemen could not de a a a a v j rn0n he a tps8�ev10 floor Tody a a Media of Uthe of Ristp a a �?o3 Cious passes to visit relatives in boat racing enthusiast died of a five room dwelling that was con House democratic Leader Carl the Bill will have to Lay Over for flames which were discovered pc i a a i d five room Wei eng Mal was Albert of Oklahoma served no 24 hours unless two thirds of about sunday week and Are not Likely to vote it the rules committee sends firemen could not determine Parenty sating tour i a a he one time sportsman and. Charles Norris 6016 e. 3rth St., origin 01 the finite a Ciecie a a tri if in in. Until w As reported melting up con Journ ment Gressmen in Texas. Louisiana proved and Georgia who had gone Home thus no Quick adjournment is Early u Easl Berlin during die holidays a reported heart ailment at Jen gutted by flames at the Rich and at least one charter flight Tice that there will be no and he representatives present Quot and Hospital officials identified the Quot 31111�?T3 had passed Nuj Hosp la a a Detroit. He art1 Hughes Home or 2, near the Bill is a voting approve talking it up fireman who were admitted communist control Ali Golan i theban without be delay Paul Ukockis Robert Alexander pm hours after they Peters Home 2002 �"8k.alav# with the measure tangled in son Fred Vahst Robert Jens More than 12.000 went jarring Wasa a to an a a and the Neil Mcclintick Home a a Soni through the Juvall during the fun a u. >403 Arrow ave., where a y for Christmas and was in sight for the longest session the House. Senate democratic Fred Smolen Jack Wilson speeding them Back to the Ca i since the j950 korean War con Leader Mike Mansfield of Mon John Savelich. Michael Sand a Tai who was paying for the Gress. And when it comes it will Tana sent the senators Home. Al ers and Frank Kocal flight a and perhaps others be Little More than a formality though he scheduled Token meet a a a Wasny to Clear. A spokesman de for the 1964 edition of the 88th Yogg for tuesday and Friday he Nied the White House was pay Congress begins Jan. 7. Promised that no business would ing the Bill. The crucial Issue in the stale be conducted this week. However because of House mate Over the Compromise for however Mansfield and Rel a it Ign Aid appropriation Bill is publican Leader Everett m whether to ban government in Birken of Illinois said that if i de writing of private credit a the House does act they will accompanying any shipments to tempt to round up a majority to communist countries Complete final action on the aid1 the House included such a measure ban but Johnson protested the the Wall _ same period sunday. Late a million that has been Rae was extensively damaged but at the 12 permit offices in administered by his Mother fire at the Norris Home or four killed when rectory Holdup fails by Alec Morrison Ottawa up four persons were killed sunday when the planned robbery of a roman Catholic rectory erupted into a shooting Melee. Noon mass at the Little Church of Christ the King was nearing an end when two men were discovered waiting in the rectory hoosiers get Assurance of a is est Berlin about 13,000 persons p?3sj started around a fireplace and queued up in freezing weather to a mrs. Dodge or. Inherited her spread j rapidly. Firemen were apply for permits. Husbands portion of More than n. ,2a sunday West Berlin authorities said of and companies 5 and 6 and the r1 j p�88�8"1 Werta Chesterfield tire company re it the Christmas holidays and Quot w to a Flynn whih sold upon red lj0ss around 5,-Inew year s eve. Chrysler corp. The son had been living in by a i a ii i i the official East German news in son Naa living in a i Lute Noii Aav Agency adn reported that 31,000 f it Oora Maimon in fashionable j West berliners crossed into the Grosse Pointe farms next door the associated press communist zone Over the Wedi to his mothers 127-room Man hoosiers were assured today end bringing to 34,000 the nm-s1&Quot, Senate refused to include the0f a White Christmas As re Ber going Over since the visits. Survivors beside his Mother ban in the Bill and a Senate Kennedy s old w need snowfall added As much began thursday night. Include his estranged fifth wife House conference committee a. As 4 inches to the ground cover for nearly All it was their former showgirl Gregg her eliminated it in drafting a com Andt tirs in it bite in the Southern half of the state first reunion with relatives since w Promise measure. Of the Northern half still had a the communists built the Wall the Dodge session that Palm Beach Fla. Apr goal cover. August 1961. I continued on pm a . Until before John f Kennedy wore a the snowfall was expected to communist authorities an rep bucans Jonn r Enney wore a evening and no More bounced they had approved 358, up a a. White dress sunday for the first predicted through Christ too applications for visits. About to asses Tail 800,000 West berliners Are Eligi ble queues formed outside the 12 permit offices in Snow covered streets before Midnight More than 13 hours ahead of the i too. 670 Are rescued from greek liner by Tom Ochiltree London apr some 670 survivors were reported rescued today from the greek cruise liner Lakonia ablaze off the Northwest coast of Africa. The Christmas cruise ship had 651 holidaying passengers including four americans and a Crew of 365 aboard when fire broke out during the night. The British liner str Theden radioed she had picked up about 300 survivors plus some dead. She reported some survivors were injured. The Argentine liner Rio Grande reported she had rescued some 50 survivors and was standing by Tho burning ship seeking More. The Argentine freighter Salta reported 220 survivors aboard and the British Tanker Montcalm too. The stricken ship was burning a a in the Eastern Atlantic about and most senior officers a 180 Miles North of the Portu spokesman for the line said. Guese Island of Madeira and 550 the passengers were a Gay Miles Northwest of Cas Abalan and Carefree group when the Ca Lakonia left Southampton the disaster touched off a thursday for a Sunshine cruise massive sea and air Rescue of to Madeira Tenerife and the ration to pick up the Passen Canary islands in the Atlantic Gers All but 18 of them British off Northwest Africa. Or Irish and the greek and then shortly before Midnight German Crew. Came the first wireless message the . Air Force said planes telling of the fire aboard. It was circling Over the scene reported followed Early this morning by a about 60 per cent of the sur this final anguished signal visors had been picked up. The air Force at Wiesbaden Germany said three planes of the 57th air Rescue Squadron based in the azores reported a the vessel was on fire everywhere except for the aft portion. Survivors Are in lifeboats Atlantic to a help the and on life rafts which have Montcalm in Rescue Oner been dropped by . Air Force air Rescue and search efforts aircraft. Also were being mounted. A four vessels Are in the area in London worried relatives and Are picking up survivors and friends flooded the offices about 60 per cent have been of ormos shipping co Ltd. With picked up so far. Phone Calls. . Atkins the however there Are Many company a passenger director survivors still in the said the liner was a fully some reports said the Lako equipped with lifeboats and oth Nia. 20,314 tons with a length of or equipment and everything 608 feet was sinking with peo a working pie struggling in the water the Captain. M. Zarbis 53, a around her but by Early after greek was have a noon the ship was still afloat ran de a by at Drill for the Pas blazing furiously. The water Ore 5 a Onla temperature was deported to be Hampton and there had 64 you he a or a entirely of greeks and a sos from Lakonia. Last time. I cannot stay any Mora in the wireless Cabin. We Are leaving the ship. Please help crackling wireless messages said other Rescue Craft were hurrying through the Eastern Salta and rations. But did t Dawn in a Long break up saturday another victim time in 30 Days As the official Mas Day but continued sub period of mourning for her bus freezing temperatures posed no of re no a nil band ended. Threat of major melting. My l mrs. Kennedy and her sister continued cold temperatures Indianapolis apr the Princess Lee Radziwill made a dropping below Zero in some p. Parts of Brothers co. Was column j chiefs named selection of two Veteran Mem area is accidents Here police chief John Heiden and inspector Robert Graham reported 38 traffic accidents Here Over the weekend with no one seriously Hurt. Doris Walker or i sustained multiple cuts about the Elbow and ankle in a collision sunday at Range line re. And Cross St. Christine Mccarel was slightly Hurt in the same Accident. Deputy sheriff Mack Stinson investigated. As Snow increased the driving hazards the state Highway Force cleared state roads in this during the morning and Riho give those in the water a Chance subsequently the Salte radioed that she a heading for made i, .m�?zr.,oi11 p a with survivors. The menage \ sir. Was not Clear but the British mrs. I. Buchanan for the priest to return with the death toil in the state s worst Quot for Quot tonight but the . Opening hour. After Recti Southern Indiana were Day to la Penis and 0ieshoto , Quot in history to Halto so Lato Rosm s Toto Wear be said t slow in the. Passes the West Berlin a a my started. Ween ice show explosion at the a moderating trend should Start in have to wait a full Day be a a Quot an Deputy prime minister Fairgrounds coliseum is the 2-mile ride to the Ambas tuesday and continue through a in my not Umili chairman of Lionel Che vier a member of now 73 Sadorus Winter Home was one of the ext Midnight. Public safety named by mayor i Snow that had made extremely the Bornean Catholic Parish was the latest victim. Glen e. The few times mrs Kennedy had the never a Quot among the 350 worshippers who blk fat 68 Indianapolis died in left the Home of Oil c. Michael a jailed hers of the Anderson police they were in fairly Good Condi Force to serve As assistant potion. Lice chiefs under incoming chief City streets were in Hazard Doyle Wright was announced Ous condition with the new by c. D. Rotruck Snow on top of More than a f the new Board of weeks accumulation of ice and saw fold. And heard the events info the Rafure the permits Are Only Avail d thur re ill Lek and Charles i Fau Pouf Dunk Yilth Salt Able for West berliners. The. �?z_a�?�?.r.f imperative for Days with Salt and walking Hospital saturday 51 Days aft Paul since she and her two averaging 5-10 degrees below j1�?oj.v Trogdlen were appointed to the from the Ems a Comer the blast Burtt a native of children arrived last week for no Kraal across the state. That in 1 two posts of assistant chiefs. Receipt of 800 a for atm Viup Hugh pin an in. A Hrict Mac Hanii Riave Pani dictated daytime highs in the a a a Fuller a vol the other in. Re Tux at isi3 elem Spaay Ana Roll Quot a a Uzi two women and a Man were Jeffersonville had been an in the c Christmas holidays Paul a ted a a a a to Mevio us Nie Quot hit l Chittick. Reh.,Lles 1913 bag of Salt that had Boon Ord my airports Ana some in a hot to death sunday in an Diana Polis realtor for three dec loaned to House to mrs. Kenne s is to huh tons or a Here were tearful partings Sui i a and he Quot a a it Ira i. The Street Force hoped to and stranding motorists abortive robbery of the rectory Sade Dyl he s m let he 1 Lens Quot Day night at the crossing poems improve the condition of Prin icy blast dropped tempt Chittick resides at 1913 euclid1 Pany passenger in the heart of this Canadian capital City. Then one of two Brothers the suspected gunmen killed himself in panic As police closed in. The other brother surrendered and was charged with murder victims of the shooting were s fund workers rushed at pleas for help Low 20s. ,. The heaviest snowfall this As Quot est morning was concentrated in bomb j the Southern half of the state crossing Points berliners4-l.j.ibmt assistant chief. Or. And. Went Back mrs Chittick have two children. To pal list named Piker of or. And Consul at f Funchal on Madeira England and miss e. Driscoll understood the Salta had 400 of St Leonard a England rescued aboard. The agents said these and officials of the line believed dresses Aid not necessarily Indi two babies and 30 to 34 children Cate the place of residence of under 12 were aboard. Some a the americans but probably recounts told of mothers tossing feared to the places where they children into lifeboats and of signed up for the cruise parents struggling in the water fire flashed through the Leto keep their children afloat. Konias a twin funnel ship with the Lakonia a master capt. Much deck space for play As Mathios Zarbis 53, ranked As she slowed through a Calm sea one of the greek line s Ablest f com mood of of a. Cohutta la snow9 sleet paralyse wide area of South by the associated press Tremley hazardous in virtually Snow and sleet paralysed parts of the state forcing much of the South today Clos that closing of several highways much of then gum today Clos Ruflin whih my airports and some highways Northwest Corner of the state As an moved rapidly across Tho temperatures Mountain areas changing to there Are enough tears being reported away Tab used to the one Man said after Ieav-1 17th St i a a a a j a a p j a Force 12 years and is a past the thing left but take care of the ported hazardous but Highway president of the fraternal or Sydney Rogers children first. A Crews hoped to have the Snow in a no Der police. He is Active inf a get a Bloir Jimmy Cox highways in the area were re a a his elderly Mother in the the pleas for help from miss Alerte Guindon 45, the Santa Claus fund continued in . a a a it Rel us in Orison a a said a ammo rectory housekeeper miss do contributions to the Santa scraped off by mph fall a a a Young West s so lived with abated a ver the wtekend�?T.10 the fund which is sponsored by Earl Mcgee 62, it. 5, greens a her who saw his aged Par a sifter i an apartment in the pm it were a new App cants the salvation array and the Burg was found Frozen to death rectory building and Paul Mer this evening and tomorrow Are bulletin Are to be directed to sunday sitting on a soft drink Cier a parishioner. Roger by asked to appear in person at capt. Dale m Tollerud Salva cooler outside a Mobile Home he Fin Tainer Nette a i shot himself in the salvation army Headquarters tion army head Quad or a he new i Uii Wainri head with an automatic pistol because the task of giving out main St when police with machine guns the help has grown too great to today a donors Are a a ajl la a dept. 710-745 thoroughfares before the free any Mark As far ret zonk rain and sleet and then heavy Holiday traffic be. How Snow gins on Christmas eve. Fat Ouin Al Orl la the state patrol closed Many t ugh a Lii tos i Lam i persons who suffered injuries Many areas expected their roads in Northern Georgia Trogdlen l Faus other acc Lens Al. First White Christmas members of totto by a uth a Florid. With 2-4 inches of accumulation bed along this Wall to Wash it go weather were Pendleton in boy scout work and is a Mem to it or of Trinity episcopal Church. He has two children. 2721 Mounds Road injured Chin Rita Broadnax 2204 Continua a on pages column a Plant erected closed in his brother Reginald include extra deliveries. Eighty 17 gave up when he crawled five baskets of food were de onto a third store fire escape Vered today by Civ defense and found police guns bristling personnel and 60 were deliver below de saturday. Two Hundred Groe the younger Binette was Ery checks have been Given out charged with murder punish Many Bills for heating fuel or Able in Canada with death by Coal have been paid and win hanging he was ordered to Apter clothing of All types has Pear in Quolke court at to a m. Been provided in addition to est today to be formally Over 700 toys and refreshments charged. Given at the Santa fund party last Friday. The fund workers Hope to have finished the Job by 5 . I Christmas eve and it is re Quested that anyone desiring help report there before that time contributions to the fund will be taken until that hour a Ai tar is Quot of Quot Quot the Little girl is 3 years old Safe Robbe Auto stolen during Hight 1800 Lincoln shattering $200 from girl the daddy picks up pop bottles buy food with. He receives ice Cream store St., last night by window and stole Safe the burglars a disability pension Check from door from Jmmie Safe a the army of m a month cording to capt Aam Adams Mother is trying to get a of detectives Job to do at Home so she Tan robbers also broke into the care for her own baby. They bus Mccarr til i used car twice Are tej Rubie need for by to any at too w. 14th by. Last night of help anyone can give stole the key of a car parked Thern it in the Agency lot and Hel ted a Man age 56, but inca Pac i themselves to the Auto that it tales by serious asthma write fit a 1967 Model Chevrolet. A Jarn badly in need of police Chiel John Heiden and clothes size coat 40, a Waist not Cut Ehor Carl Chi Tiger my Ion orig the 29 inches Pant i no Trace Bas teen received of would appreciate any consider thi Enactor of either robbery shoos if Santa Claus has any Deko Remy $ Tsi or. And mrs. Joe Broderick. Zi.u4 Fred and Sharon a Warmke. or. Bailey a Home room 201, Anderson High school or. And mrs. Marvin Buck. Certoma club .266.68 in memory of Eugene and Marie Detienne. 5.00 rotary club 174.93 dept. 1505 and 1504 Deko Remy 72.00 a Friend. 1.00 a Friend. 20.00 Exchange club of Anderson twp. 227.34 in memory of my Lou 5.00 a Friend.3.00 dept. 753754, 774 Deko Remy 38.00 a Friend 50.00 Moose Lodge 150 30.80 Jeff Brown 5.00 Culligan soft water serve. Soo in memory of dad 5.00 or. And mrs. Edwin Buck 10.00 mrs. Alma Evans 5.00 Jerry Barrett h of outside a 936 where he lived alone. Low temperatures Early today were in marked contrast to last amp a so the new Corrus a de 5h we l vans Vilie is at Iii Anatolis Lotta my a r fabrication Plant Here and pm Wal and s tax it a it a a a been in operation for1 Toyeita or Al Mun is was a Quot a of the burning candles signal halt of mourning period in years. Air lines reported some flights Arkansas and Tennessee re out of Atlanta headed for Tho ported heavy snowfalls. Midwest and South Central Tennessee was covered by states were Cam eled or delayed Snow which spread eastward because of weather conditions. From Memphis. Roads were heavy Snow warnings Wert dosed to an 80 mile radius of posted for a six state area Memphis and air traffic was Tennessee Kentucky Virginia halted. West Virginia Maryland and Memphis police said traffic Delaware. The weather Bureau was tangled mostly by motor said the storm was expelled who ventured out without to spread along the Atlantic sea. Board into new England a taxi service was set up by unseasonable by Barry Schweid u c Washington a Snow Depths included to inches prick pal projects of Container Sand candles burned Bright g r the Snow and ice storm which of ram at South Bend 6 Al Evansville Porthon of America in 1963, in the gathering dusk of Wash an hour and a half moved a c r 0s from 4. I Wayne and 2 at Lafayette. 25 below Zero new York up ii the Low. Jim toy official period a mourn i a a to mid thou in had proclaimed on his emergency personnel to hos Nill. ? Quot a diet Porto a aah Mallon nov a or enc personnel 10 Nortoft. Western Edge of the a report and news Egton As the nation ended a new president turned a switch Quot a Uiti a a Quot a a a 1 Region to Oklah release from the office of _ h. Schoenhofen president Chi Kennedy. Tree behind the White House Cago. The report announced Sev sheltered against a biting leading the nation in a transition j. Eral projects for 1964 wind on Winters first Day they from sorrow to the Joy of Christ a Accuu Aboim of up to and the of dents ideals Are still aglow in a on this occasion one year or trial Quot West Guu regions. The a _ Kaa. Northwestern Corner of missis-1mercury or upped t0 in Lone Rock wig., one of the cold a Indianapolis 3 a a Foci Foj Mil is mourn Motif Quot a mmrbm�tem&s7<ifis53i4el,ts52fflff a a up Snow making some High state new York m parts ways and Bridges virtually in new England freezing weather extended Highway patrol said re was 80 at Naples fun urn Helper m previously reported 6,206.85 total to Dale the announcement follow est temperature reported to the Jim fail or corporation a a ago a a Johnson said a your bees weather a Virnau this America has announced plans inf a Ria. Of Jonnson Sam of of weather Bureau us .32 in bareheaded and Coatie m loved president John f. Kenneh morning excluding Alaska and during 1964 this Brilliant Winter Sunshine Keane by re guided us that Christmas the hawing. Was 25 below Zero at 3�?o due by had said in his Maui ural and is the Day when All of us doll ,. A a Lone Rock a. Sunday a High the Continua Torton a Tow. Dress Jan to. Imi a aft met Cato oui Thois to to others Quot Bis were icy Ami virtually Suo iridium modernization arum 2 a Falb. The Devouton which when we Are All reminded that impassable los 61 from Vita new to Foj a bring to this Endeavor will mercy and compassion Are the Burg North to Memphis a. A Gravid Ifft r a i i Light our country and All who really enduring Virtues when mw1 a solid Sheet of be the Mills ind Nark us of a a serve and the glow from that All of us show by Small deeds patrol said j sri Iutin Tahr Cating Flat cab Lruth Hight the world a and by Large that it is More Louisiana Abo reported real facilities to meet and anticipate bareheaded and costless Sun blessed to give than to receive., ram and hazardous High a Kagg nee<l-5 of its Day night president Johnson a so in that spirit tonight let ways. Customer companies. Container told More than 14,000 gathered me express to you As your in the Baton Rouge area the corporation operates a shipping at the Lincoln memorial and president that one wish that i Mississippi River Bridge the Container Plant in Anderson nation by radio and Televik have As we gather Here. It is a Atchafalaya River Bridge and in 1963 Container Corpora s10fl a thirty Days and a few wish that we not lose the close All overpasses were temporarily lion completed construction of ii ours ago John Fitzgerald Ken Ness and the sense of sharing closed while Highway Crews a new folding Carton fabricating Nedy 35th president of the unit and the spirit of mercy and poured Salt Ami Sand Over them Plant near Chicago 111., a Fibre so states died a martyrs compassion which these last state police closed 71 to can Plant at Jamesburg n. J., death Quot Hie world will not forget few Days have brought for ail All cars without tire chains from and a corrugated shipping con what he did Here he will live of us a the Arkansas line to Alexandria Tamer fabricating Plant at an on in our tie arts which will be to set in motion the solemn la the weather Bureau issued Der son ind. Three new facilities his symbolic serve at the Lincoln a hazardous driving warning also were opened in Western thus with the rhythm of Lin memorial three religious Lead for All of Louisiana Germany at Hoppenheim Nett Colas Gettysburg address cos a representing the proles the Alabama state patrol $7,187, ii my How Burg and j Johnson marked the end of of Pas i Coloma a Laid driving conditions were exes spots the Zero line extended to Tulsa okie from Anat Art shopping Day to Christmas shop for gifts in our and pages bulletin Board Page births. 12 child psychology. 4 City briefs. Links. It deaths. 12 editorials. 4 health column Hollywood. 14 0� the liar. 4 radio. It social news i sport sin Stock markets. 14 television. It voter of Broadway. A what they say. 24 winning at by Mig. It world today. 14 a

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