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Anaconda Standard Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 4

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Anaconda Standard (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Anaconda, Montana Vol. Xxxvii Montana leading daily newspaper no 136, Standard publishing company publisher and. Entered it the Porte of in at Anaconda a second Claa mall matter. Butte office is weal Park Strati. Busine department Phou editorial department phone Anaconda of i cd Butin department phone editorial department phone 421 421 47 41 by the daily and a tynday Standard Carrier to Butte Anaconda Deer i of it. Dillon Boatman and Philipsburg one month a a three month six months one year. I i of 8 on a 7 5 11.00 to Poetch Fiche mail within the United state and one three six month. Menthe. Month. Dally and sunday Hoo h of 11.71 Sun Only 1.10 Canada one year. 111.00 1.00 to for bion countries one three month. Months. 11.00 Hoo .10 1.40 six month. 111.00 4.10 one year. I no 1.00 Dally and sunday sunday Only. All general Busine letter and correspondence should a addressed to the Standard publish to company. Butte. Mont. Member of the associated press the associated Prest i exclusively entitled to Tho it for republication of i news ditches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and Alec the local new published herein. National representative a Prudden King a Prudden. 170 Cadlaon Avenue new York Stacey building Chicago Hobs building Boston. Chamber building. To Angeles 607 Montgomery Francisco Leary building Seattle. Of commers Street san sunday morning january 17. 1926. For the boys of Montana. Americans greatest vocational conference for Young men of High school age that is the proud height to which Montana state College authorities have reared the modest institution they founded seven years ago. This vocational conference conceived primarily to Benefit the boys of Montana now represents the youth of the entire Northwest. Last year its delegates gathered from seven states and several provinces of Canada. The Montana boys vocational conference is attracting the attention of educators of leaders in business and Industry from the Atlantic to the Pacific for Here has developed one of the Tost practical and definite Aims of the american educational system. It is a phase of education in which the Man of affairs the business executive the physician the lawyer the professor can give practical Aid and advice to that a lad seeking to select the Field that is to be the scene of his life a Endeavor. That departure from the Ordinary trend and Groove of our educational Effort has been hailed with satisfaction in College circles and among distinguished educators throughout the country. The example set in Montana is being followed in Many states. A this year the vocational conference at Bozeman will offer a More interesting or Prara than Ever. For the Benefit of its Young men it behoves every High school to see to it that As Many delegates As possible attend. Men at the head of Montana a greatest business and Industrial enterprises have taken a profound interest in this vocational advisory meeting and they have contributed substantial sums of Money in order that All May have equal Opportunity to attend. The railroads have recognized it with specially reduced rates and in other ways. Prof. M. J. Abbey of the state College faculty under whose Brilliant initiative the vocational conference has grown to its present proportions and importance is again at the Helm. In his work for the Young men of Montana he has won for himself a place of sincere gratitude and affection in the hearts of the oncoming generation. The High schools of Western Montana already have made their arrangements for Large attendance no High school Iii the state should be unrepresented. Besides distinguished men of Montana who will address the 1,200 boys the Cream of Young manhood in this and other states Many who have won High recognition in business and the professions throughout the nation will be present to give their advice and to discuss the lilies of Endeavor which they have followed. The annual vocational conference at state College presents a magnificent service to this states Young men. It provides a Fine incentive for the student. Its remarkable development Stamps it As a Monument to the High ideals and practical service of the men engaged in Montana a work Cor higher education. Whereas now Chicago exacts such a great Drain As rather seriously to lower their Levels. The s far and Broad seeing Engineer says that by s building a few dams diverting a River or two that i now flow into Hudson Bay and cutting a Short canal he can create the Basin of a new Lake More than twice As big As Lake Superior connecting the great Hay with the great Lake. Eminent engineers believe in the feasibility of this scheme. One of them declares that the location is such that nature has worked i with Man to make it entirely possible and that the resultant benefits to the 40,000,000 people in the Region would be valuable beyond computation. And the Cost is estimated at Only one half of that of the Panama canal. It is said that Lake Taviga a Tion today a is Only 73 per cent efficient because of the lowered Levels. This necessitates the expend Ture of millions of dollars to keep the lanes of these Inland seas open. The restoration of the Lake Levels would he made possible by the creation of the new sixth Lake 500,000 horse Power would be added to the Hydro electric Plant at Niagara Falls a new carrying capacity of great Lake ships created enormous outlay for dredging the channels would to Cut Down and decrease in Lake freight rates if All these benefits Are demonstrable the Nanu a facture of the sixth great Lake is Only a question of time. The making of artificial lakes is no new thing in the world but this would he the King pin the great j Mogul the commander in chief lord Paramount j grand exalted Nabob and be plus Ultra of them All i for All time or at least for so Long As this orb shall retain its individuality As a member of the present planetary system. Ben Franklin Day this being the 220th anniversary of the birthday of Benjamin Franklin the City of Philadelphia will observe the Occas on with More pomp and ceremony than Ordinary. Tho life and achievements of Franklin will be extolled in Many Philadelphia pulpits today and tomorrow there will be a big Parade and an impressive pageant. The Story of Franklin a first appearance in the Quaker City As a youth with a loaf of bread under his Arm and with Deborah Reed whom he afterwards married laughing at him from a doorway will be depleted As realistically and impressively As the combined resources of historians and costumers can make it. A great great great grandson of the famous Printer author statesman and scientist will impersonate his ancestor. The University of Pennsylvania which Franklin founded will be represented by a Large and enthusiastic delegation and the fire department the police department the Street cleaning and Street lighting departments will be Iii line. No mention is made in the Philadelphia press of the presence and participation of general Butler but there will be celebrities enough to make it a monster and memorable splurge without him the memory of Franklin has worn Well at any rate it Hasni to received All the hard usage to which the memories of various other eighteenth Century heroes have been subjected. George Washington for instance has been accused of being a hard Drinker and a terrible Swearer and they do say that Thomas Jefferson played the ponies John Hancock played the Banjo and Aaron Burr played the Devil. The worst charge brought against Franklin has been that the Story of his flying a Kite during a Thunder storm and bringing via the string a Streak of lightning from the skies is a whopper. Certain scientists have doubted the ability of any Man thus to string the lightning and argued furthermore that admitting the possibility of Sueh an occurrence Franklin would have been electrocuted on the spot. Certain other scientists however have come to the defense of the Story and Ben Franklin a Kite has yet to be banished to the realm of cock and Bull Romance As irrevocably As George Washington a Hatchet. We. My the Story behind the song by j. J. Celler a a Sweet Rosie of Grady a axons cart. Geouge ii. Wii/kiw8. J a place never before in by human Eye because it la to hard to reach j the in pole. 400 Mil from the North pole will be panted Over by capt. George h Wilkins next Spring of i i flight from Point Barrow in Alaska to hip Tubergen i successful. Cap lain Wilkin desire to Fly Over the pole partly j because it la prob i ably the world most unpalatable place and Alto it May prove to be a valuable province j for there Are Rosa. Son for Zuppo i int that the ice pol is surrounded by land. Geese gulls and ducks Fly northward from Alaska in Early summer i and reappear with fledgling. Also the prevailing wind and the Arctic tide indicate the Renene of land in the Vicinity of thic pole. If this land j exist it will become the property of the United i a Tea and will undoubtedly figure prominently in Arctic air developments. The expedition will be backed by the american geographical society and the Detroit aviation society. On the advisory Hoard Are William b. Mayo general manager of the Ford motor company of Detroit and Vilhjalmur Etc Fanalon explorer. The Captain la an austrian and was educated in Sidney to be an Engineer. In 1912, a a moving picture Man he secured the first front line closeup of the Balkan War. He went North with ate unison and near the South a pole with Shackleton. During the world War he a Fin aviator. For the last three years Captain Wilkin has collected specimen for the British museum in tropical Australia. Acting upon Fite Fannon a theory that a m m i can live in the Arctic a Long As his ammunition can hold out he will take Only two weeks Supply of food in the planes. Today Finland Central time stations. Waco Man Neapolis St. Paul Minn. 414.4 �?10 50 a. Rn., Westminster presbyterian Church 4 10 p. Rn., House of Hope presbyterian Church 6 20, second Church of Christ scientist 8 15, Atwater Kent program. Daf Kansas City to. 365.6 a 4-4.45 porn. Sabbath vespers. First presbyterian Church Rev. James Congdon pastor. Won. Chicago. 111. 301.6 ill a in. Reading of the comics by Uncle Walt 11 45, Chicago theater Organ recital 12 45, Chicago theater Organ recital 2-3, Lyon and Healy Organ recital 3-5, Chicago philharmonic orchestra 8 15-9 16, Atwater Kent program weak. Wroan Omaha neb. 826 �?9 a. Rn., Rev. It. Brown and his associate 1 30 p. Rn., matinee program 6, mrs. Carl r. Gray 9, Chapel service. Woc. Davenport Iowa. 488.6 a 1-2 p. Rn., Palmer Little symphony Paul j. Vipperman Tenor 6 30-7, Quot the brotherhood of men a or. B. F. Marlin 8 15-9 15, Atwater Kent radio artists 9 45-11 45, Palmer Little symphony. Mountain time stations. Fac Calgary can. 436.8 ill a. Rn., first Baptist Church Rev. H. H. Bingham. Koa Denver col. 322.4 ill a. Rn., first congregational Church. Rev. Robert Hopkins pastor 3 p. Rn., Organ recital. R. H. Minte Nauer mrs. Bernice w. Doughty Soprano Jane Ballantyne contralto Boyden 8. Massey Tenor or. Cornelius Debey. Baritone 7 30, first congregational Church. Maw u l ittle Annie Rooney a Quot Daisy belly and / Sweet Kosse o Orady Are a Trio of unsophisticated sentimental melodies marked by their simplicity and bound together by the same expression of innocent love and All Quot Elater under the the first was written by an irishman the second by an englishman and the third by an american girl. We shall Reserve the stories of the first two for a later Date. But let us hark Back to the 90s, when new York s Rialto atm Lay on fourteenth Street when Broadway and forty second Street was far Uptown. Those were the Days when a Blue eyed Wisp of a girl possessing a pleating voice entertained her audience with a Cycle of descriptive song. She would conclude with an exhibition of Walt clog to the accompaniment of the orchestra s stringed inspiration. It a in 1896, during a to weeks engagement at Tony Pas tors theater that the aforementioned girl Maude Nugent. Conceived Quot Sweet Rosie while waiting her turn before the footlights she had a habit of humming Little melodies to herself. One in particular a Gay Little tune caught the ear of the astute pastor. When he Learned it was an original Melody he suggested that its originator write word to fit it and slip the new song into her act the following week. Pastor said that the time was Ripe for a simple american Waits song to duplicate the Success of Quot Little Annie Rooney a which had come Over the sea. Encouraged by pastor s advice Maude Nugent hastened Home after the matinee and with scarcely any Effort wrote words and music. Before the week a Over she showed her script to several music publishers Only to have it rejected. When Quot he told pastor her experience with the publishers the manager advised her to disregard them that they would come flocking to her dressing room the following week when she was booked to sing the new imposition so certain was he of its Success. The merry Tittle Ballad singing of the love of two Young people caught the audience out front Tho following week and within two Days it Fame bad reached the ear of the very publishers who had refused ii they came racing to Maude Nugent s dressing room Check books in hand. Tony pastor s prediction had Corno True. The older Quot Sweet Rosie of Orady grows the younger so becomes. No wonder it is one of those songs that is unaffected with the passing of years. Quot Sweet Rosie o Orady my dear Little Rose she a my steady lady most every one knows. And when we get married How Happy Well be i love Sweet Rosie of Orady and Rolla of Orady loves copyright 1926, new York Tribune inc in other words if the office of president of the United states is seeking a Man named Al Smith the Man will give himself up voluntarily and save the authorities the trouble of organizing a posse. In South Carolina confesses to some disappointment Cole tease. Jim Reed has yet to encounter enough Competition to lose caste As the Senate sold reliable hell Popper. Even with the Senate seating Nve of North a hot a the government at Washington still lives you can to kill it. The sixth great Lake. Comes a Canadian Engineer who says he sees a splendid Chance to improve upon the Handiwork of nature when she devised the waterworks of the North american continent. When she established the five great lakes nature overlooked a most Brilliant Opportunity to create a sixth the biggest of the Bunch and so Bountiful a feeder to the five others As to keep them constantly up to High water Mark notwithstanding an occasional intermission of hostilities in China the spectators have but to wait a few minutes for some More of the same. Several recent Magazine articles having explained All the problems confronting China the world is More in the dark than Ever. A a a 4&Quot 1 in other words the two sides to the Anthracite strike Are determined to fight it out on present lines no matter How Many Winters it takes. Neu Jersey now has a wet governor and a wet legislature but what of it ? the Hoss has been stolen and the pad Locking of the stable is futile. Pacific time stations. Kif los Angeles. Cal. 467 a 6 30 p. Rn., nightly doings 6 45, Sunspot weather forecast music appreciation Chat 7-s, aeolian residence Pip Organ Dan l. Mcfarland organist 8-9, classic hour program arranged by Clarabell Patten Wallace 9-10. Examiner hour 10-11. Packard six dance orchestra Dick Barton soloist. A feb. Hollywood. Cal. 252 a 9-11 p. Inmate new. Warner Brothers sunday night movie frolic. Koo. Oakland. Cal. 361.3 ill a. Rn., first methodist episcopal Church 8.30 p. Rn., Koo Little symphony orchestra Albert Gillette a baritone 7 30, first methodist episcopal Church. Kow. Portland orc. 491. Sill 2 5 -13 noon service for to presbyterian Church 7 30-9 p. Rn., religious service. First congregational Church 9-10, concert Chevrolet Little symphony orchestra. Khz los Angeles. Cal. 405.2 a 5-5 30 p. Rn., roller Canary show from Billmore hotel 6 30-7, Leighton s Arcade cafeteria orchestra. Jack Cronshaw Leader 7-7 30, first methodist episcopal Church 8-10, program Martin music company Ruth Pitts Soprano John Martin concert pianist. Seattle Wash. 384.4 �?11-12 30 a. Rn., Church service first m. E. Church or. J. Ralph Magee pastor 5-6, Sprague string quartet chamber music 7 16-7 30, Organ recital or. Montgomery Lynch 7 80-9, evening services first m. E. Church or. J. Ralph Magee pastor 9-16 30, puget sound savings and loan association orchestra Henry Damsel. Director. A Bank Reserve increases. By the associated press new York. Jan. 16.�?the Adust condition of Clearing House Banks and Trust companies for the week shows excess Reserve of $25,210,560. This it an inc Saso in Reserve of although she a no one to instruct when a deficit in Reserve of $29,213.-340 was reported. Cams Elizabeth Thompson should she marry the Man who wronged her Quot a r service is nations first line of defense a contends Illinois congressman. Quot aviation along with the Navy of course in americans first line of defense. No preparedness problem should be construed a a threat or menace to european averred representative f. A. Britten of Illinois chairman of the subcommittee on aeronautic of the House naval affairs committee in a recent speech. Quot i n aviation a contended b r i to ten a the United states can not afford to be unprepared either industrially or in a military sense and i believe the various invest la Iso. Dear mrs. Thompson i am a girl of 17. I quit school when i was 16 on account of my Mother s health. I am not a bad looking girl and i dress fairly Well. But at the age of 16 i started to go with a neighbor boy. He then worked in a store just up the Street. On saturday night just at closing time i had to go to the store and he asked me if he might come Down Home with me and i told him yes. He was the first boy to kiss me and then told me he loved me. We went together for Home time but had a quarrel and i would not speak to him for about a month. Then we made up. I was going to visit one of my cousins and called him up to Tell him Good Bye. He asked me if he might come Over and Tell me Good Bye to my face and i gave him permission. He seeing my parents were not Home took advantage of me in my Home. I said nothing because i loved him. After i came Home he asked me for Many More dates and i finally gave him one. He did not bother me that time nor not till four month ago. Then i got ill. I told him so. But he would not believe me and told me to go to the Devil. I was terrified and so worried i did not care for anything so i started to take some Pill. I got Well he is Friendly to me now and has asked one of his boy friends to ask me if i want to get married. Don t know what to do about it so will ask you to give me some advice. Toots. It is for you to decide whether you want to marry a Man who was ready to desert you when you needed him most. Do you think you could depend upon him in marriage do you think he would have Given you the answer he did of he really loved you labs Hatch tons have brought Home to the Layman the necessity for the establishment by the Federal government of a Concrete Well determined policy in the air. Quot aside from the personal animosities and affections surrounding the Mitchell trial there is one outstanding evidence before ail of these investigating committees and that is the necessity As Well As the desire of ail concerned to promote aviation not Only for the National defense but in a commercial direction a Well. Quot i believe there is a great shortage of aviators and planes in the Navy but i am not sure that the present methods and existing Law should be utilised to balance aviation with the Fleet As determined by our Best advisors. By that i mean that existing Law will probably have to be changed before the Navy department itself will be satisfied with the results acquired from its own Bureau of aeronautics. Need More aviators. Quot i would like to see a thousand naval aviators in close co tact with the Fleet and its operations i consider a highly trained naval aviation personnel of the greatest importance to our National defense and i shall work along this line of thought during the present session of Congress. Quot America has been the Pioneer in every Branch of aviation and it holds More world s records than do All of the other nations on Earth combined i sincerely believe the world expects us to take a predominant part in the promotion of commercial As Well As military aeronautics. Quot i honestly believe that Congress is ready to tackle the question of aviation without feeling and with an open mind and with the conviction that the time has now come for a development of Industrial and military aeronautic facilities which will put the greatest nation on Earth in its proper com minding position in the air a or Brit ten said Home is my Pride. I love a Nice Horn and i love to work and make my Home a real place to enjoy life. T love to live a Christian life. I am 36 years old. My husband is 44 years old. He drinks and gambles and wastes Money. We Haven to a Home of our own and i would love to have one. And he stays out at night and Don t say where he has been. He never goes out with me even for a walk. I love him and i would like to see things going better for our own Good. I keep myself clean and tidy. I dress Well and i look Well when r Ani dressed. Please Tell me what is wrong. Mrs. W. H. There is nothing wrong with you mrs. W. H. Your husband a a. Weak nature and needs to be handled like a child and tactfully. Persuade him when he is sober to turn Over a certain amount of i earning to to saved in your name toward a Home. Appeal to his better Side. And build up a Pride in him that will make him want to have a Home of his own when he has a definite objective and saving is absolutely necessary he May waste less. Little stories she wants Home of heh own. Dear mrs. Thompson i am a mar ried woman. I have one boy to years old. My husband is a tradesman. He makes Good Money we have been married 13 years. I attend Church Don t go to show or dances. My Quot am Der anybody in de congregation what wishes prayer for Deir Tallin so asked the coloured minister. Quot Massuh a responded brother Jones. Quot aha a a spen Thrett and a throws Mah Money round reckless Quot be y Well. We will join in prayer to Brothel Jones jes after de collection plate have been Quot i did one charitable act remarked a merchant a he sat Down to dinner. Quot in a glad to hear it dear a said i wife. Quot Tell me about Quot of one of my clerks wanted an increase in salary so that he could get married and i refused to give it to sonnet. A. Thou Art for the grave thy glances Shine too brightly to Shine Long another Spring shall deck her for menus eyes but not for thine sealed in a sleep which knows no wakening. The Fields for thee have no medicinal Leaf and the vexed Ore no Mineral Power and they who love thee wait in anxious grief till the slow plague shall bring the fatal hour. Glide softly to thy rest then death should come gently to one of gentle Mould like thee As Light winds wandering through Groves of Bloom detach the delicate Blossom from the tree. Close thy Sweet eyes calmly and without pain and we will Trust in god to see thee yet again. William Cullen Bryant. A. A it

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