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Anaconda Standard (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Anaconda, Montana12 pages. Vol. . 138. Anaconda Montana. Tuesday morning. January 13,1891. Price i v e cents. H a s h clothing v j concern i East Park St. Butte. Any suit or overcoat for s 1 5. 0 0 we make this week a most extraordinary offer and would advise everybody to take advantage it. Our loss is your rain. While our business has been satisfactory we have still on hand More heavy weight suits and overcoats than we should have at this season the year. We therefore announce that we Wil l sell any suit or overcoat we have in the Louse Tor , no mat ter How much we asked for them before they All to now at the same Price. We do not mean by that to say we Wil l sell suits or overcoats formerly sold at Sio and �12 for $15. Those articles you Wil l find Are Cut deeper than Ever but everything sold at a higher Price has now been Cut to the uniform Price �15. We do not offer any fake discount and show you the original Price that has been raised 25 per cent or 30 per cent., but you can see for yourself very plainly what our goods Are. Some t k goods w e o 6 a l l you or at least a great Many have seen some our goods either displayed in our windows on our forms or in our store and we Aie sure you Wil l All acknowledge that our Stork while possibly not As la Geas some others is As Well assorted and contains As Many novelties and neat attractive patterns As can be Lound in any store in this City. A l l these now go at the uni form Price si5. Suits and overcoats formerly sold at $20. �25 and �30, All included in this offer. You cannot m Ike a mis take As this is positively the greatest 1 eduction Sale Ever offered in Bitte. Do not ask us How we can do it. Sufficient that we do it and the Means need not bother you. A l l we ask you is to come and see what w e have and we will guarantee you that Price is an object you w in l Only go away after having bought an entire outfit. They get their seats Silver Boi s legislative delegation finally obtain Justice at Helena a n e n d t o the d e a d l o c k the h o m e representative recognize the men who w a r elected by the people Sliver b o w t r i u m p h right. Gents furnishings c u t to t h e c 0 r 6. A s uniform prices seem to be the go u c taken lines sold forme by at #2.50, too and s4.00 and Cut them to the uniform Price $2.00. Just think it All Wool regular made underwear for $2 00 per suit. These goods were font any sold at �4.00 and As we sell fully 20 per cent cheaper than any House in town you Are getting for #2.00 goods that will Cost you #5.00 in any other store this City. A t these prices it you Are s in plied for this year you can Well afford to Lay 111 a Supply for next year As you will never get another such Opportunity. Do not think because we Only speak our $2 line that we do not carry finer grades Lor we have the finest l ims Cashmere and Merino in natural Wool and colors at prices to suit. Any m or overcoat for $ 1 5. 0 0. G a s h c l o t h i n g. C o n c e r n. Spec Lxi to the Standard. H e l e n a a n. 12.the Bouse met to Day i l l the room the Board Trade formerly occupied by the late m i n i n g Exchange. The place a been fitted up with desks and the representative to Day any that they Are settled Down to per manent Quarter. No quo rum was found this morning but this a the noon a l l were present except Penrose s i Lve r How. M r. W a l i u c c Lewis and Clarke gave notice his intention to introduce the l lowing b i l l s acts concerning executions or the better p to t dec t ion game and fish regarding respite pardons and prescribing the duties the Board Pardon providing an Index for District court records and prescribing the duties the supreme court c Lerk and his fees. M r. Each Lewis and Lark gave no Tice thut he would introduce a b i l l for the creation the office Public examiner. M r. Whaley Jefferson gave notice thai he would introduce by l l s providing for the print ing and distribution bal lots at the Public expense and providing certain Dutie for the county ases a. M r. Beach Lewis and Clark introduced Hibi l l requiring quarterly reports rom county officer their fees and the emoluments their o h v e s. It wan sent to a second Reading and ordered printed. The report the commit tee on joint rules was read and adopted. M r. Hunter Deer Lodge then moved thai a committee three be appointed to inquire who were elected representative rom Silver How and j lint representative rom peer Lodge Auu Beaver lieu. The motion was carried and i lumber Wal lace and Barrows were named. A t e r a re Cess 130 minutes the committee re turned with the l lowing report or. Speaker your committee appointed to inquire Lata Aad i Ortto this House who Are Elee Teit Mei Vioers . And entitled to seats in this House from the Hilly Silvel Bow Lemurl that they have investigated lie Mailer and find from Itie Art Denee or Escutel. Deluding the convial count the ote for Luem Lierni the House representatives at the election held in said county on the list tuesday Oei Oiler is., pursuant to Ordi Nance 1 1. the constitutional Convis Tiou the slide Montana that the Rol Lowinia named Kentl Dien received the highest Nuzio votes East for members the House representatives the legislative Assembly die stale in Montana and Are in tilled in seals in tins is. In to Wil Joseph h. Clark trim Leo coxed votes. I Ninas. Courtney who received i and Voles. A. May who received 3,47 votes. Alp Guso m. Dus suit who received 3.4s4 votes. Ii. I. Frank who ,52? votes. John w. Lii Laau who received i,442 votes. Flunk ii. Liol Fuiaua Xiv to received 3.395 Voles. Los Midi Hogan who i Vecei v Edt to votes. W. .1. In Rosc who in al 3 votes. I " i i Schimidt. Who received x j h votes. Your Committer Fui Liei tin i that the following named Gantic men who received rotes is said election having a smaller Minilie otes than the foregoing named Len were not elected to the House representative the legislative Assembly the slate Montana and that neither them is entitled toa Seal therein to Wii a Solohin. I a w to received a in Voles. Peter k. Dolman 3,. 7 otes. Lames 11. Monteith. I. In. Voles. Allien a Nome 31 1 Voles. Lou .1 o Meara Voles. W ill am ii. Kou its. .1. X otes. Newell .1. Scott. 3.38 votes. Thomas with Bridge. I i74 votes. W 1ii111111 Thompson u n vote. Abraham n. Sister 3.17. Votes. Atnel your committee further report that after iii Puuing into and hearing the evidence As to who tvs he 1 lint al the general election number this legislative us Sembly Lor the Coli tie Lee a Mage and it overhead Tyml that \ 1. Keni Iland received tile High is he v otes cast for such . Lice and is entitled As such to a scat As a inc Sci your honorable i m h i v. K. Ului Libei w. A. Wallace jr., John i harrows . After r m r. Heuclin moved the Viloption the report m r. Hughes moved the adopt ion the l lowing Resolution t e l. That Joseph k. Clark. Thomas. Courtney a. M. I a Ali Phonso m. Dies Scull. Ii. I Frank Din w. A Filieau. F r s a k l l. Lion Man Joseph Logau w. .1. Penrose and i p have been duly Eli Tisl a cml is the House representatives the legislative As. Be indy the state Montana from and by mixer Low county that they Are Eurll de 1 0 seals As such Lliel Albi is in hits House and i re hereby seated. And lie i further resolved that Absolone y. I. In. Peter it i Oluia ii. Lames ii. Monteath. Allien a Nolc Lohn i. O l l i a Awilliam ii he balls. Newell j. Scot Thomas . Wiiliam Trio Meson and Abraham v Voder having rec Elvisl a less number the votes Lee electors in said county than the first mentioned ten. Have not Csc teu members the House representatives the Assembly the state Montana and Are not i la lulled to seals Thell ill. And also resolves that a i. Kei Kipland has Iteen duly i Lee Leil a in Ember the House rep i reseat Alves the is ale Montana Finni and by the elector or peer Lodge and Beaverhead Enaa ties jointly. And that he is Keiiti Tyril to s seat As 1 such joint number in the boil and is hereby i sealed. Noih were adopted unanimously and the incise adjourned unt i l 1" a. M. To mor Row. Nothing was done in the Senate except 1 the consideration the joint rules and the rules by the committee the whole l Progress by t oth was reported and the consideration i l l be in is l de to Morrow. Senators Hoffman and Thorn ton presided during the committee the whole. The slate association met Here to night and he cited the d Lomg officers president Massena d u l l a r d vice presi dents n. \ v. M e c o n u o i l. Helena p. T. I Bride Hustle Thomas j. F lady. Great a l l prank k armst rough Titian t or Are floating a b o u t the Harbor. T w o schooners were badly damaged and t h e fires in the Amer ican p r i n t i n g company and Meta Coyiet m i l l works were extinguished by t h e in coming tide. At Providence h. I. And Newport the tide was the highest in in years. A i l Road tracks and wharves Are u n d e r water and building have b e e n b e a t e n Down. A t Highland terrific Northwest Gale prevail and a b a d night is reported a l eng the coast. The same k i n d r e p o r t s come rom the Maine coast and great damage waa done at Kast kit and cat Deti. F o k t m o n u i i Tkv an. 12. The Steamer City Washington r Ina new York o r Havana is Here. She encountered a Cyclone off Hatteras i St night and waa badly damaged. 4 Ine the Crew was i l led and another is missing. One passenger was badly injured. N e w b i u i o i u mass. J an. 12. The Steamer City o new Bedfor Winch sailed o r new York this afternoon r e turned Lute to night badly disabled. A wave h u d s t r u c k her smash ing by her works Anil almost swamping the vessel. Some o t h e Crew were pain fully Hurt and the c a r g o badly damaged. The worst s torm o t h e season is o n in q u e l m c t a in s a r e badly delayed. Ai Len town i Les bar re and o t h e r Points m Pennsylvania report u la Uva u l l rain. At Slatington an Iee Gorie caused a ii my and h i n d i Dainge. I n Vermont Bridges h a v e i Wen swept away a t n l t rain delayed by the. S t o r Mand Hood. H a c c i n c a n t h o l d i t. Secretary Noble la rider a imports it d r i i s Loo w a s h i n g t o Jan. 12. Representative c l u n l " l o a j reported to t h e House a l u l l increasing to 92.ouo.mt t h e l Imi t or tie Cost r the Purchase a site for a pub lie by i old ing it Sun Francisco. Secretary Noble to Tiluy r e n d e r e d an important decision revoking the order o sus Misiou i m p o s e d by Secretary Stairi upon t3h d e s e r t land entries made in 1�7. In the v i s a b Aca l i o in i Aland District known As t h e l l again and cover site. J. B. Haggin s individual entry is can c e l l e d b e e. I n t i l l l t h t grow l l l g thereon which removes it rom t h e character d e s e r t lands. A l l t h e o t h e r entries were remanded for hearing. T h e e e c t w i l l he to leave e a c h e n t r y to l e disposed o n its own merits. The land involved is considered very valuable. They m e d together. N e w y o k Kjan. Ii a n aged e Cupl named Harles and Augusta Thieke Liv ing at to t h o r n s t r e e not having been seen o r several Days the police t Lav burst Oien t h e House and found Triciti s i 1 in Immi. O n a table were found two empty i u m Winch had evidently s t i l l e d Poison. O n the table a a letter written i n German saying t h e y wanted my die together a u d would l Ike t o be buried together. On the ragged Edge gtd iral Miles uniting the coming toe hostile red Ian. They May come t o p e a c h but nothing definite c a n be l e a r n e d their intent Ione yesterday a movement in the Indian trouble s. P i k e r i d g e a g e n c Wyjad. 12. Q p to noon to men which have been mounted on ponies. The hos Ile c a m p is a l the North ern extremity the Val Ley beyond White Clay Creek and a l the bae a Semi i role Pine covered Bluffs. T h e i r i l Lage c o m p r i s e s a soul Immoss ssh although Many Are Dou holes m sealed in the draws which Lead out the Val Ley in the direction the Mireion. The site is one rom which they might Quick by retire were they not Fol Lowed so c l o s e l y by general Brooke s command. The latter is now less than five Miles in the rear the hostile. To Morrow neral Brooke w i l l puss upon lie a More closely unless they move into the Agency. Colonel Wheaton is now Alst eight Miles West the Agency with the second in Fantry and coming i l l this Way. Colonel Offley is Fol lowing Genera l Brooke with the seventeenth infantry. What is to lie done with the Indiana is a question which cannot yet be answered. The disposition seems to be to let them rest in peace it is understood they have promised to Send a delegation chiefs to talk with general Miles in the morn ing. It has been said some them i l l insist upon going t washing Lou to Lay their grievance before tie great father and Louie hold the Rauggi Sitison w i l l be respected notwithstanding Genera l mile a tin management the ruse in his own hands. One element which May cause t r o u b l e yet is t h e faction i g h t i n g in the hostile Camp. A scout said to Ai l a s s o c i a t e d pre c o r r e s p o n d e n t this evening that they Are Sti l l q u a r r e l i n g among them selves Ami the i n cannot imagine How the implacable a and others w i l l he Able to arrive at an amicable understand ing. It is believed Genera l Miles w i l l de Mand the chiefs the surrender the leading agitators and ship them South a he bad i blended to do with b i g foot Ami i then Settle with the others. T h e investigation regarding the wounded knee Battle is completed and the Iek its l a Veblen forwarded to Washington. Wel l pages officers say it i l l dispel the idea that colonel Forsythe s command deliberately shot Down women Aud children. Private Stone one the wounded in the engagement a n d an in Dian named Hunts alone do d to Day s t. L o c i j a n. 12. A / c spec a l Rou i the Cine Higg Agency reads general Miles determined this morning not to Parley nor Confer again w Ith the indians Aud sent a or Seeger to the hos Tilea ramped at the Mission stating his terms. He said they must come to the Agency in Small squads mud go into Camp on the Gro Juds near the r Pendly indians. He would not object they chose their own camping grounds but the Brule and o g a l l a l l a must not a m p together and they must submit to the Lawa governing the reservation a i d my the agent. I l l Learned rom off Icia l Ourice that this is general mile final action. the in Dian do not a. Opi these terms mile w i l l go after them and there w i l l be a l ight sure. T h e indians Are at the miss Ionin mile away and father jute a made arrangement with general Miles o r a conference with the chiefs this morning. It is expected the indians w i l l come in either As friends or hostile and a Confer ence May determine which. Fatties jute came to the Agency last night and brought Ibe news the a r r Iva l the indians at the Mission. He in formed Genera l i Lea hat the indians were in a r Pendly nit std and i lined to come in peacefully. He said the chiefs who appeared to be r Pendly would lie in in the morning and there waa a possibility that terms might lie made. The general belief there in that Short b u l la i c k i n g Bear and i t t l e wound w i l l Confer with him to Day. F a t h e r jute Days the Indiana do not want to be disarmed. The i s is the keynote the conference. Genera l Miles says they i l l not be disarmed it is possible there i l l be a peaceable settlement. There is no Confidence in their peace u l pretentious a a l l Day yesterday they were shooting cattle. A l o n g the line March they burned three Shack and destroy i their own property every k i n n save their guns and ponies. The indians themselves Par t a l by admit the chiefs cannot guarantee to control the warriors. They say they have among them about Ajo Young Bucks who Are very anxious to tight. A single shot w i l l Start them and besides this the indians who murdered lieutenant Casey Are known and when they Are taken they w i l l be hanged for murder. They Are among the belligerent Young Buck and they May precipitate a Light to Preven dying by the rope. The indians Are just a anxious to know what the White Are going to do As the whiles Are what the indians Are going l o d o. W a s h i n g t o no Anu. Genera l Scho Ilfeld received a dispatch ton High t r o m general Miles saying the hostile indians an now within two Miles Pine Hidge Agency. W a s h i n g t o n s l a t e s t. Curtis must go at last Helena is to hire a l e i postmaster the Republican Stripe. He Vii l by n a m e d t o d a y Harrison s position on t h free coinage quest ion c a r t e r will help a l a s k a t o o b Tain a government. Plus up about Many matters r i r a n i i p at the capita l. Washl Matox j an. 13.senator Davis introduced to Day the proposed Amend ment to the apportionment b i l the Pur pose which is to increase the representation in i be House to it gives Arkansaw seven congressmen Minnesota eight Missouri i and new York i l i. I Lur ing the delete the finance b i l l to Day m r. Stewart sent to the c Lerk s desk to have printed a proposition respecting his free coinage amendment which he said might be offered i any one desired to do so. The proposition accepted would take the place his free coinage amendment d o w n to a cer Tain Iki int. It is the same amendment in substance hut has attached a proviso that a l l s i Lver bul l ion not the product mines m i l l s or Sellers the t n i t re state and a l l s i Lver Coin and bul l ion the product other than the in l t de states san i Lin the discretion the Secretary the treas Ury be subject to a mini charge to lie fixed r o m Tiease to t ime by bins said charge not to exceed the difference be tween the Market value said Silver bul l ion i n London at the time it is deposited Aud the coinage value thereof. The Secretary May make such regulations a necessary to determine whether such Bullion i the product the t in Ted states. 1 his proposition w i l l be held in Reserve unt i l some agreement is reached respect ing its final d Sposi t ion. The collector customs at Kan fran Cisco has Lieen instructed to discontinue the practice at that port col Lect ing weigher fees three rents per Hundred Iwu Nils on drawback entries hags imported and exported filled with g a in. Confirmations postmaster Washington s. V Kee Lerat Kai Haven. The b i l l for Ibe Purchase a site a n d the erection buildings for a i l i tary Post at a i l Diego i l l be reported favor ably to i he Senate. I. F. Mis the Troup hut hot i n a sat. S i m x p v i. I. S. S. 1. J a n. I even ing at s i. Augusta Ikpi Sroul Cathedral Hare gave a two hours talk on the Indian situation. T h e Bishop has just returned Nuu the scene the wounded i knee struggle. He waa satisfied the eol Diers s imply d id i heir duly. The speaker thought the red men bail g i m s l cause for j complaint and det founded the present a i t ical Agency system a the cause for the 1 present outbreak. I the i n d i a n s May i y in i t o o. U l l t m i t l. Washa i l 12. A courier rom the Okanogan country say the la i Dian Are terribly incensed Over the by Nib ing one their number sus peeled the murder teamster ale. The alleged murderer had been Ryan i inc and asserted strongly in innocence and it was when lie waa Awai t ing r relative to procure Hail that he was lynched. He was Only 15 years o old. People in the Vicinity the reservation Are much us argued. The governor has seut arms and Armuni t ion. D e m p s e y b o o k e d t o w i n. The Kiperts Are old leg h l g Odd. La h l a i l e the Merrow r ight. New i k i. K a n Jan. L i. Dempsey and kits Simmons Aud their came to town to Gigli i. Frank Stevenson i put Ting h i Money Denim key. He think k i l r s i u can whip Corhett Ami that Jack son Haa a c i n c h on Corby l t. He does not aay ibis rom prejudice out because a l l j forma friends his know the men say so. The last betting posted to Day was $1,. N i i i. J i i o i t h. I t Dei Spaey wins with no Laker. By wedge Way the be l l ing i l l probably be a to i Ile Nipsey. Attorney general Ito Ger and governor i Nichols had a Long consultation a to whether they would interfere in the. Temp a cd fight. They would ill divulge the result their conference 1 but it is understood the authorities w i l l j probably interfere to prevent a inish fight. The attorney general and to night he would us once take step to forfeit t the Charier the o l y m p i c c Lub a id s Imi Lar Elul on the ground that they have viol ule i the Grant the stale Ami have used their franchises to violate Ibe l i v i the state. It i evident that the state holds under any a r Reugh l i tem that Ibe state Law Are violated and these grounds i l l act decisively. Special u the . W a s h i n g t o Jan. 1 the Montana delegation has Good Luck its members Hope to reach an agreement before they go to bed a to who Shal l be postmaster at Helena in place Colone l Curt Island they i l l give the name out to Morrow. Walker is again talked but one can not gel a Wink a to Avo the Man will be. A bin Power waa asked to night whole to lie sent in to Morrow a postmaster Helena he answered hotly it s Loo s i l by to talk he an i l give the impression that Russel l har r i son finds Walker unsatisfactory. The appointment Robert nhe r at Missoula is. I is. Held Hack to the disgust Sanders and Power for the aame Rea son and As Fisher d id much to get these two men into the Senate they Are naturally indignant. Power s u m s time ago wrote a letter to the president s lat ing that Walke r had Lieen endorsed by the delegation that he had the endorsement the entire re publican committee 18. And also the entire Republican committee o m � f l 0 a n d 7.s per cent the people Helena. He asked Why the appointment waa not made. Power received a polite note rom private Secretary l l. I lord stating that the Mai ler waa under Modera t ion. Iii Ell Harr Waou Haa not brought for Ward his candidate yet an i l Power and Sanders do not propose to recede from their position and May fight another appointment than that they Nave recommended when it reaches i lie Senate for conf i rat ion. I r. O. H. Hogg he Lena la in Washington on his Way to Germany to secure so be or. Koch s l mph for Montana patient. Carter Haa Lieen at the department several tune in behalf in creased fact l i t ies o r Poe master Keppler al Anaconda but the department is in flexible in its decision that the cancellations will not justify Auy More expense al lie office in your c i to. The deliveries Are admitted to be very Large for a place the population Anaconda but the sex pc a office la always allowed in the basis its outgoing business. The coinage committee will not report the h i l l that la in contemplation by the free coinage members until the Senate Haa passed its Bill and then it will he reported exactly in toe form which it get through the Senate so that it can be Token from the speaker s table As soon a it arrives and upon motion considered at once by the House. Senator flu Bunde admitted to Day to your correspondent that perhaps it would be belter to take free coinage now in res knee to the immeasurable Fransy that has seized the country Ilka the Grippe and let it try the Experiment while Itean stand it better than it might be Able to do the agitation were continued for several years to the detriment bus Nee with free coinage after All when i l could not lie so safely tried As now. Keedie to have a Chance to show How m u c h he will do to Heli. The Eastern men oppose Silver and the free coinage men will give it to him although the major i to the coinage com Mittee i supposed by the opponents free coinage to lie with i h e m. It is said by a Meillier the committee thai the fre. Coinage members w i l l be assisted by al l the democratic members to report a Bill i l i a r to that now pending in the Senate but Amend Das or posed by Stewart Aud that they w i l l lie prepared to Call it up a soon As the Senate b i l l comes Over from i the upper Branch. A l l the atones about the intention the president to approve a free coinage b i l l with a message indicating Bie Dis be i in in Ibe Wisdom the free coinage Experiment but conceding a great popular demand fun r free coinage Are denied by men who have recently talked with the i president and have found him More be brei i l than Ever in his opposition and in his determination to veto free coinage at any coat to i party. Carter i to have a Chance to make Hin self popular by introducing a Bill to Grant a territorial government to Alaska which i he is to take charge in Lis Progress through the House. C o n e i n t o r e t i r e m e n t. J George i t h u m p o n Addrea for Texe West Furt 1 ears will we Deer . J to the Sta Titard. I m i l o i m i Jan. 13. George. Thompson a brought to the Penitentiary i in Day by Sher i Hal re Houlder to i serve Oul a sentence ii years for rape. His Case was or in Ina l by tried at Ddom Beaverhead county where he received sentence o n february 1- it years in the Penitentiary. The Case however was taken up by the supreme court on a writ Hareas Corpus and was remanded i Hack to i. I ion r a new trial. While the Rase was Peu Diug he escaped from jail. But was recaptured in Wyoming and i brought Back to d i l l o where he was granted a change venue to Boulder. He was tried there and received a sentence ii years. He has thus bad Bia Liberty Fot Days and saved three years from ins or in Inal sentence. I r a n i i Reud herself. P a r i so a n. 12. To Day newspapers a l l shades politics concur i n sex preising co i in Ratu la l ion on the Success ,.f the new loan As proving the wealth and Power France. Over two Hundred and leu m i l l i on ranch the loan waa sub scribed i u London. T h e government schemed admirably to insure the prestige the loan. waa done to be e application sea l l investor. V n i i n r liar tel nightly iss peeved. W Shif i i. Rom j an. L i senator Hearst is Somes ii More comfor table this eve my

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