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Anaconda Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 1

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Anaconda Standard (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Anaconda, MontanaV o l. I i. No. 101. A n a c o n d am o n t a n a. M o n d a y morning d e c e m b e r 15.1890. P r i c e f i v e c e n t s. P a s h clothing c o n c e r n. 45 East Park St., to Montana. D e n o u n c e d in c h u r c h Parnell condemned from Many Catholic altars in Ireland. It makes us laugh to see w of tvs been the leading clothing merchants of this City cutting and slashing each others throats go it gentlemen enjoy yourselves and we will sit Back in our chair and watch the perform Ance Rhey Are claiming All sorts of reasons for so doing but in reality seeing their business fall ing off to such an alarming de Gree they knew something must be done to Stop it. Why was their business Mallinoff so that is a question easily answered. A new clothing firm had entered the Arena for the Public patronage and had conduct cd a business that was something new to thes old it was Competition that they were not used to. This new firm conducts a business that give credit to no one and consequently does not compel Cash paying customers to pay six months time prices and also pay the Bills of those who do not pay at All. Those old timers begin scratching their Heads when they found Trade slipping away from them. To use a Slang expression people were on to them and Uliey knew it so what did they a they were not honest enough to Mark their g o o d Down without a flour ish of trumpets As that would be virtually admitting they were too High before but they advertise that in order to stimulate their business which lord knows needs it 1 they will offer Mich and such a discount from their Origi Nal prices. It is but a Blind. Alter the enormous discount has been taken Oil their prices you will still find ours lower by fully 10 per cent. They cannot compete with us. It is impossible. They must employ collectors bookkeepers Etc., make had debts and a Large profit and loss account at the end of the year none of which we have. We will now Call your attention to our Stock off o i z e r c o h t s we have one line of Ulster that Are just received that we Are giving away at is 7.00. They Are a neat Gray Check frieze and ,1 coat the old timers sell for Soo and then allow you a discount we have also a Plain dark All Wool Ulster at sio.00, just think of it an All Wool Ulster at #10.00 it Isch caper than stealing it. We have several More lines of new goods that we shall specify later Nice Bright clean novelties but we Call your attention to these two lines because they arc leaders and dirt cheap. W e have also a number o f new lines of s u i t s f amongst which is a Black mixed claimer a at s1s.00, As Good a suit As any Man Ever wore and a neat Blue Check at the same Money. They arc both plums bought very late in the season at a reduced Price and Are being sold at the same Money. W e have also a Fine line of Square Cut sack suits at $i-\50, s15.00 and Sib of in elegant silk mixed Cassi marcs that Are dirt cheap. Call and see them and we Are satisfied that you will Sec that with All their discounts Etc., that we arc still the lowest in our line. Noisy p u b l i c meetings h e a l v s a y s m a n y s a u c y a n d iii n a t u r e d t h i n g s s c e n t s c h a r a c t e r i s t i c of t he i m p u l s i v e i r i s h p e o p l e. C Ash clothing c o n c e r n 45 East Park St., Butte m o n t a n a. D c i i l i dec. U. P a r n e l l addressed a meeting of out people at tul Lyrone to Day. I lie speech was mainly to repetition o l 1 lie Tattu Ramires in his previous speeches. It wan delivered amid a running Rone 1 Centary of cries Suc i As Down with Judas mealy to l Iel l with Llen Nessy tin Zulu k i n g " Etc. F rom certain of Bis followers. Froni tul Lyrone Parne l l and his friends drove vol i for where l u inc l l addressed another meeting n f c r r i Ned i i r i no i l i. Up. I h to these feeders As miserable butter sparrows whom he Hud pushed out of obscurity und Given a better Chance in i. In he gave himself. W Lilc talking l a Rne l l was interrupted by a gathering of his opponents who shouted " i ii hell with the adulterer. 1 a Light would inevitably have followed hut fur the presence of the police l Arnel l los d the Lay s work with an address at Crl in Ford where he spends the night. T he anti Parnell fact ion had a meeting to Day at Tippet in at which persons wire present. Canon Cah i l l s taking of the chair was the signal for a has Ofin i Arnoll i Lea to Start cheering for their Leader. This was responded to by the a l i i a rna l l i pm and the cheering was kept up by the two factious for a f u l l hour making it impossible for the speakers to be heard. Father Humphrey and others tried hard to pacify tin opposing crowd but in spite of their efforts stones were thrown and Sticks were u s u i freely Ami a serious conflict averted Only by the l Lna l withdrawal o f the Parnel ties. After the speeches were made resolutions were carried in support of Mccarthy and his followers. Mealy l \ " i in Tanner and Duvett to Day addressed a meeting in Sil i sort of m r John i Ope Meir Messy. Mealy declared if l Arnel l was allowed to return the leadership he would stump Ireland with a new Banner Matte of mrs. O Shea s Etti coals. L u r i in l lit is said put Captain u m i. A in parliament the Price paid be ing the Honor of o Sheu s wife. At a Stormy nationalist convention at in wry resolutions were adopted strongly denouncing l Arnel l and tho Freeman t Lull 1 Mil and Ca l l ing for the resignation of Justin Huntley Mccarthy Whon pre til v wry in parliament because he is having the support of i Arnodl. At a Large meeting at Moughal at which Canon Keller presided resolutions con Dilu l l ing l a reel l were adopted. C m. I t n a i in is 11l lec. 11.--the Hoard of guardians have rescinded their vote of want of Confidence in l a Rne l l. I t h i. I Dee. 14. T Here was a race be tween the opposite parties to catch the 1 lectors at Freshford. Davitt and sir John p i i m humic a reached that place j 1 it before the ceremony of mass. The priest however derided Itiat mass could Wai land messengers were dispatched to drum up the people. The crowd collected in the Market place headed by father s l m r u l l. At tin same moment a lot of Parnel l ites arrived headed by fall ier o Ishea the suspended priest. The l Arnellies however joined with the Ai i l i parcel l i pcs in their meeting shouting to Davit t you re Welcome Davitt spoke until father i Shea their Leader becoming impatient exc la med i must Stop Yon Davi t t the latter amid Good Humoured laugh ter appealed to l Ather t t Shea As a chivalrous irishman to h i nun go on. Father o Shea was Mol l i f red and said he would allow m i. Cavitt 10 continue lint after Davi t l uttered a few words in condemnation of l a reel l. Father to Shea lost his self control and Eon Liui id to indulge in bursts of descent and indignation occasionally subsiding into silence when Dav itt scored a Point. When the second Appeal was made by Davitt father o Shea said friends let us hear Davitt. 1 Don t agree with him but i res act h in f rom the Bol Tom of my the whole scene was characteristic of the impulsive Irish race. There was no disorder and after the speech making ended the whole crowd hied quietly into the Church where mass was celebrated. In h i. I dec. 14.in his speech at k i l let n. La Aly m i d i " l a r n e l l wanted to Irik m m like dil lon und o Brien and Sexton a Hoin Chiist us the altar of his lusts. L la. I by a n used l a Rne l l of prostituting the funds for the evicted tenants to employ hirelings to break his opponents Skull a reel l was showing wonderful m l Anil activity now but when had he bet h the last l Ive years a void " w i t h k i t t y. 1 1 laughter. 11caly continued in the same vein. Ill b u dec. Is at Wesnor county Mayo to Day l a Rne l l and his followers were denounced f rom the altar. In Many Osiier Catholic churches similar Denuncio t i o n s were uttered. A circular by in of to Newa read in the churches to Day. It says " i consequence of the deplorable stale of things produced by Parnell s unprincipled and unpatriotic action it is of the utmost importance to reorganize the k m f w branches in this diocese. 1 1 s,.,1 l l a. L al h i door. S i. U m 1. I r. 14. Marry l l a r Man lift his Home a l 1 o clock this morning to go to a Saloon so his daughter says to in i bulge in a smoke. He remained away two hours and then returned to the House. While attempting admittance at the rear door four slots were red and i f e l l dead. T to sons of the dead Man and John a Refinati have Lieen arrested. \ 1 al l m a i r n. N. M i or. B n. 1. A Etjen dec. 14. The1 Schurch hen was humid to Day. L Rev. M. A. Dionnie the vicar at the Rik f 1. Ufa succeeded in saving the holy sacrament. Another building used As the Council Hal l and court House was also burned. Loss 11-6,000. S o r g h u m s u g a r. I m t r n v e r y � f � i ree aaa w h i c h w i l l a m l u i u m a n u f a c t u r e. W v m i i n c. T o dec. 14. The annual re port of the chief of the chemical division of the agricultural department contains an account of the process recently perfected at the department As a result of experiments in the chemical Laboratory with reference to the manufacture of sorghum sugar. The report of the chemist recites some of the various difficult ies hitherto found 111 the economic manufacture of sugar f rom sorghum and indicate a so Lution of the question a to lie found in some process which would separate. 1 nearly As possible the Gummy Agor plus bodies f rom tho juice with out precipitation 111 the sugar. The known properly of alcohol to produce precipitation in the juice was made use of in the further study of tin problem. Not Only has the removal of the Gums been effected by the proceed k solved during these cd in Nientsu hut. Has been shown that this can be Eft Sousi at a Cost comparatively t r i f l ing by com Parison with tho r e s u l t s obtained. The article used in the precipitation can be almost wholly recovered by Susae que tit dist i l lat ion. Another feature is that the Gummy sub stance separated by the process a itself fermentable yielding almost half of its weight in alcohol. In order that the new method May heroine possible the report suggests the necessity for a modification of die Revenue Laws of Isis to Aslo al Low the preparation of alcohol used i n the process k carried on without a tax and to be made under a Bond by the manufacturer i a 1 it w i l l be used Only for this purpose. The chemist claims there is substantially an increase in the yield of sugar r thousand Gallons of juice f rom an average of about 10imi pounds to an average Over Mosst a l an increase of Cost of production of xi4 for alcohol which enters into the new process. F o r c a s t o f t h e w e e k. M a p p i n g i 1 1 i the w o r k o f c o n g r e s s f o r the next six Days. W a s i i i n i i i o. Dec. Ii. What w i l l Tonko place in the Senate this w e e k w i l l largely depend upon the Republican caucus to Morrow or tuesday. To Morrow w i l l l i e the twelfth Day of the pending of the elect Iowa b i l land the probabilities Are that unless the caucus decides to take a decided step towards a speedy Termina tion the pressure for f financial legislation i l l lie come great to be resisted. I n the House the reapportionment b i l l w i l l be called up tuesday. There is no concerted opposition on the part of the democrats and the Light which at the begin Ning of the session was generally predicted w i l l not come off. Russia and t h e j e w s England sternly invited to l i n d her own business. Causes of p e r s e c u t i o n t h e i s r a e l i t e s a r e s a i d t o h a v a d e s p o i l e d the r u a a l a n p a a s a n t a r e l i g i o u s i n t o l e r a n c e n o t in it. Or. I i h in i 1 1., dec. 14. The void Ivi Mug protests against or other foreign interference in regard to the treat ment of the jews in it Saia and Maya the meeting in London i l l not Advance vainly trying to open the door and then a p r e j u d i c e a g a i n s t p i n k s t o n. T h e y a r e t a i l i n g i j u a e r t a l e a n n u l h i i a p t u r r of k r o u s e. B t t t . 14. For some reason of 1 forts Are being made by several Verso is t o c n ate a Prudis e against or. Pink s ion who captured one Krouse a few nights ago after the latter had entered the House of my car i Wii so. Vit last Mercury Strei t. They a 1l1.it k r o i i r u. A drunk at the time Ami not responsible for his acts at any tune being demented. Mrs. I l so who was alone in the House and who called m r. L mks ton to her As i , declares that for a Drunken 1 Man and one who at Stosl is not of sound sense. Krouse acted very shrewdly and tried to make As Little noise i a possible while ascending l l. E ships to g r i into the House. He ascend a l l. E Steps leading to the front door and after r a v a g e s of s m a l l pox sad record brought from the Guate Malan Republic. T w e l v e h u n d r e d d e a t h s t h e w h o l e o u n t r y s u f f e r i n g w h a t a n e w y o r k n e w s p a p e r m a n s a w d 1 1 r. N k a v i s i t d o w n s o u t h. The cause of the jews one step. At the Bottom of the movement is the fear of the in gosh of an invasion of their country by the lews who might deprive the poor of their bread and 1 enter into Competition with the Rich As we l l. It is not religious intolerance that porn Mola the measure Relativo to the lews in Tussia where their synagogues stand proudly by the Side of the Chris t Ian churches it a the absolute necessity of saving the Rural populace f rom being drained of their resources by the lews who have already ruined the peasants in la Lyra uni Imattia m m l Omera Uia. I i is a w i l l save the lews themselves f rom popular retribution. She docs not is i ime a false liberalism but acts openly in protecting the Prie Writy of the Nat ion. If the whole of Kurop should attempt to f o u r. 1 distasteful policy upon Litls Sia she a in a position successfully to defend her 1 a m e x i c o h a s it n o w. T h e m e s s i a h s l n r y m u l l. I l l s e m e " s o u l h. K \ n s \ s c i t v. Dec. Ii. Luia Del com Muir " f lit 111 in Pueblo, in the City to Day in route to Chicago. 111 an interview to night he said the al Tec indians Are afflicted with the Masiah Era every similar to that which is disturbing the indians in the Northwest. T he alter Prophesy is very l Ike that which is l in l Icv cd 111 by the Sioux the Messiah w i l l cause the Volcano i Poca Lapoll to erupt and overwhelm the country with lava which will destroy a l l but the Titeca. T h e s u n n y s o u t h. Two m o d r u r e n i " Heath in West v l i g l n l a. W h e k l i m in. A dec. 1 4. T h e Bod ies of George Barker and James Lam tanners were found lying of l the Road a few Miles f rom the Clay county court i House saturday. The unfortunates had window he descended the Steps and i l i l s rally walked around die House and to the Back door which mrs. Nelson led unlocked when she went to summon or. Dickston. Krouse could not have i m c i i s o very drunk mrs. Wilson declares or he could 1101 have walked f rom room m room carry ing a lighted lamp As he did after of. Fee in g All Entrance. The fact that he sprung the front door while Irving m Force it open h aves the Story of h i do need by Drunken condition of Ieti to some dour,1. In trying to injure m r. I inks ton m m statement is made that he inn k Krouse with a revolver " r some similar weapon t h i s both mrs. Wilson and or. I Ink Ston deny. The weapon l i e d was 1 puce of Hardwood a Coos handle. M r. I inks ton had m pistol in his House when or. Wilson called the Only revolver he owns being used by his brother who i night watchman at the foundry in i Ark Street. Poured chg even he had a Eil a revolver m r. I Ink ton s a y s he would have Felt just if red to be it As a club under the r i cum Stancea for he did hot know who Krouse w As nor whether in w i s armed or not. A lady called upon Inin for assistance and seeing a Man whom he Hud 1 1. 1 v reason l o b c l i r v e a burglar prowling about her House at the dead hour of n Ighel. My had no time for questioning hut w is pulled to act quickly and decisively. This lie did and is not sorry for i t on the contrary he would doa l Ike thing again under l Ike circumstance. T h e g e t t i n g i n t o thirst f o r m. A n i l i n e s Cutcheon proposes to Ca l l up the army t. R e 1 f r o m t l. Wednesday to appropriation b i l l the first Opportunity the friends o f the shipping b i l l have Hern assured of the Friendly d i s p o s i t i o n on the part of the Rulea committee t o wards their measure and it is possible the reapportionment by l l May lie disposed of soon enough to permit the shipping Bil l to come up this week. Dorsey s i l l to reduce the compulsory Deposit of Bonds by National b a n k a n d to authorize the Issue of circulating notes Etc., w i l l be urged for immediate consideration. T h e c o u n t r y s 1 l e or Long b u s i n e s of o r the l att House statement seven Hays. B o s t o dec. 14. The Clearinghouse stat cent for last week is As Fol lows new York ii 1st id l i i .1." m. D m l s i Lett Ihirg san Kra Acisolo Baltimore Cdcil Ulutu new 1 1 lean ninth is avs is. C m s Istl Cestou. Salt Lake i a Ogham s e a t t l e of Ortla a Orr Lanula. 7 l .7 in i l i 1. i i a s i. In i Kii inc. Iti l i r e. �,b7s ,000 i n c. I i. In. Imi " Hil dec. 14,,Umi inc. A i. " a 11 " my i i h i i. " i ii 7,i s Uoo " m t.7 i h. I k i " it. Ii a Liuio in c i u i p. I i i0 m inc. Into t j m u a 1 h e is n o t a f r a i d. I r n r r a l Stuss a s. U r e i l that t h e r e la no l Lumli a. Is o n l i n ewes t. In \ of dec. 14.general mile accompanied by Captain mans and the general s private Secretary m n e no l Chicago to night t o r s t. I aul. T h e gen eral Wil l Slop a l St. I aul a couple o f Days and then go to the Northwest Indian country. He could not say How Long m Wil l lie absent. S c a n d a l in High l i r e o i k. M dec. 14. S. V. Winch said to he a wealthy citizen o f 1 Euialia was arrested this afternoon charged with Lar Ceny As Bailee. The complainant is mrs. F. F. Stanton who resides of washing ton Lio Levard in this City. A matter of s h u. I k i i n notes is said to is involved in in the Case. Winch is a Broiher in Law of mrs. Stanton. He is i u years of age and has interested in some u f her f financial affairs. Mrs. Stanton s Finan Cial agent f. Ii. Herr who is also a relative said to night w i n c h had taken the note without and retained 11 w to Irful by. L i e refused to explain the details of the transaction and says m r. Stanton ail ply walled l o recover the note from Winch and r inset the arrest expecting he would surrender the paper. Ins k i m i i l e s s. W i i. M i t o n. Ohio dec. 14. Sherman m r m a l o t is chg jealous of the attention other Young men paid to the daughter of mrs. Sarah Cochran of Cherry Bend probably fatally shot the Gir l last night and then suicide. The county Seal and it is supposed they were Frozen to death As no Marka o f Vio Lence were fount on them. D i s t r e s s i n g s i g h t s. A k i. O to h i Oder. 14. Lulu Steig myer and May Stevens who were the worst burned victims o f the birthday party a t Buchtell College saturday night died to Day. May l Laker of Johnson s Creek n. Y and Aure l a Warick o f storm Lake Iowa Are the m o s t seriously injured o f the surviving i n e m l s t s o f the party but the physicians say t h e r e is 1 1 0 immediate danger. The College Halls were tilled w i the t h e odor o f burning flesh and m a n y Young ladies fainted As they went about doing Relief w o r k. L a c k l i n n p s e y i d t r a i n i n g. In v m i. T a n dec. 14. Jack Demp sey. The pugilist arrived to Day in girl condition Ami w i l l train either Over a t the Lake or a t valves for his fight w i t h i . Several thousand dollars have already u Eti wagered Hereupon t h e result o f the Battle. I arty inv Reut h i h u l l s h a p e. K \ n v 11 dec. Ii. The third party movement w hich was organized a l the re cent Farmers Alliance convention look definite form Tiv Day when the a i l for convention was Given to the press. It asks for the Union of the Independent parly the people s party the Union labor parly the late Federal and Coupe Israle sol Diers the Farmer Alliance the Farmers Mutual Llyn cult association the. T in 1 1 a l l dance the knights of lai., r. The co l ored banners al l dance and al l other Industrial organizations based upon the fundamental idea of f Nancia l transport t labor mid land and the transaction of other legitimate business in further Ance of the work already begun. A m e r i c a i u. X m i v h i n t w o u l d n t k n l e l. 1 i v n i i i h Aula m 11.11. H s c o t t p a l . 14. Near j 1 1 1 1 town a min ing Hamlet last night a gang of hungarians a l l More or less intoxicated while returning Home met two americans named Watkins Ami Hunt ing. The hungarians decided they must got Down on their Knees before allowed to pass but the americans indignantly re fused to comply w Ith the demand. A b l i k s l y riot ensued in which knives clubs and Stone Wen f reely used. After r great Dif l Mculty the belligerent foreign ers were driven off. Watkins and h u i i i 1 ing were Isiah badly injured and Are in a precarious condition. he i i n the slim Max al null 1.1 be. Lawyer w i l l y m give 1110 a Glass of iter please bartender i coldly of what lawyer 1 f w a t t r. Please. Bartender ally thing else lawyer nothing else. I Lar Trudor nothing at a l l t l. I w y i r nothing. 1 Only wish a Glass of water. Bartender p la in water l Awyer simply Plain water. Bartender hot m set i i l l la mining Ileal. C i t v o k i f u . 14.--the Kincs mining District in the s Tam of san Luis one of the richest 111 Mexico has been sold to us american Syndicate headed by or. K i r k l a u i l of Milwaukee. 1. I at set y o r. Dec. 14. Mrs. Ida Oele Wing. A passenger on the Steamer trave from bre inti. Jumped overboard in mid Fyk Ean one evening while temm rarely is. Ranged. No Trace of the i sly could be 1 found. w As bound for Chicago where 1 she was to join her husband. Nel l l s m i s s i o n. B i m. I n. I l c 14.dr. Neur of Denver colo., is Organ 1/1 us a late and securing appliances at a Koch Hospital which a proposes to found in Amer Ica. H i s Shearr pure Kruni the n Wytnik weekly. Young Man " s i i have come to de Mand the hand of your banker " s i r ? what do you mean you Young " Young Man " h e r hand sir is the Price of my banker " m y m y this Sass Sims is iils arable. George c a l l a policeman Young Man " o n e mome it sir. You mistake. I know nothing of your All an a l do not for a Momal imagine that you have been guilty of any wrong doing the silence i alluded to is of another sort. 1 s in the Young m a l l who practices 0 1 1 the Cornet 111 the t id ing House next banker of t a i l bar my son and is i. 1,o 1 l i i i l i r in 1 1. I p a r i dec. I t. News Cornea f rom Avenue that u f p f m m in civic to we Oscai d nine time ago und old into the fore to endure in terrible Sii Lfering. The greater no Rulx a d Sedof famine. The search party Aine upon Many Bodum along the route taken by tho fugitives. M i i n l r i i Ilig fire. M i n i i r. And e i. Ii t he vat � s a y s the i r e last night waa Fili ally subdued after k m o d i comprising it b u s i n e s s m m m s had Lieen h u i i i d. T he total loss is . Jeorga re Hubata Ali Lew. L o m d o m. Dec. It. I he Willow of George Ink Sauk the artist Ami caricaturist is it and. S i l v t h k l e h v e i n in w y o m i n g. Ii 11. K e e n i s s a h l in c u v r r e d. Cash v k n n k. . Ii. Wyo Nuil first Rich Silver strike is no sorted f rom the inn i of state senator i l Teillon. Near Saratoga. The manager sends word that. J i f. I l in the Lui l l in l l Iny uncovered a six foot vein of Silver Ore and that assays gave hot less than ftp to the ton. This mine is Serosa the Platte River f rom Brush Creek where Gold f kinds have Luen made and the report apparently tsars out the theory that the mountains of the Southern All Ien county Are r Ich in Mineral As tie Range continues into col Orado. A a Rahoi t is l uus l l la l Lun. I n k i n m of. I dec. It. The aes Siou of the commission for the revision of the methodist Constitution has ended. It is hoped at the next meeting to Complete a rough draft of the Constitution. A l the f Ina l meeting just before the conference of i the f finishing touches i l l be Given to the work. 1111 1 1 Inin i Lerolin. S i. L u l l dec. Ii. During the pro Gress of a lire in a budding at the Corner of l. Ighland m Iri ii streets this morn ing three inmates jumped f rom the third Story window l i e in r i cd Schulls died Thia afternoon f rom injuries received but the other two Liz of and Kate Koch were Only slightly Hurt. I h r l s t l u n s k l l l r d. / \ n /. I i a h. I r. I i. It is rumoured that f 1 1 1 1 1 0 Hakar ithe Sultan of v i l l and his followers have destroyed the mrs fam on the Tana River and i l led Sev eral native Christ ians. I l u w u l us i h e h a n k n i w y i i dec. 1. A London Dia path this morning says a banker f u i i i d Here to Day with heavy Libil i t ies. There waa a Large Trade in american railway Securi ties. Massos i h e k a i l. Johl ski. 1by.dec. Ii. In a c o l h s i o n to Day Between two freight trains o i l the Ciuc in i a t i Southern near Elk Brake Man Stephen was k i l l t s l and Lugi l Beer h a l l fatally iniure.1 a n m. R 1 i i i k j dec. H t a wife of bight you. Anthony j. Mui Dellai i. P. Is dead. Teresa died this 111 turning but l i r n i h n f a sym Mem a p l i a l u i. M i l. " v k h. W i . 14. E d w a n l ii. Broadhead a leading capitalist of this City Ami at various limes prominently identified with banking and Rai l Road in s i v f r i m i s r o. Dee. 14.a sad record of mortality i n n i. I in. I a la was brought to this port Yeste Nlay by the arr Ival of the Pacil la m a i l Steamer san Juan. Among the arrivals waa Joseph m r m u l b a news Aper Man f rom new York. The Republic of Gualco Ina Lahe Days is i s i leg id by smal l pox. T he disease Baa made Fea r fun l Progress recently. He says that in seven weeks them were deaths throughout the country and at last accounts waa 011 the increase. But few sanitary precautions were taken when the epidemic appeared. The re us i was people have been mowed Down by hundreds. In the City of Guatemala dozens of deaths a Curtisl Dally. Contrary to the i patches last night no cholera a re ported f rom Guatemala. D i s t r i c t c o u r t a f f a i r s. Tho 1 res aug ner Nelly Forborne it t rns Lva i. 111. R e my i t. 1 4. T h e Day is not far Distant w hen Silver but county w i l l re quire a r i v i l court d i s t in r l f rom the r r a Ilia l Roi in t. To a daily attendant a l the District court the necessity of such a change in the near future heroines every Day More apparent. With its in creasing popular ii and greater p o l l. " vigilance the county is already producing enough c r Imine l Carea to keep one judge closely employed. The truth of this statement has been clearly shown during the present session of the court this session began on sept Emlick 1, is a. The grand jury was then started olf w nil a Large bm4mw of complaints to investigate. While they were performing this task the court tried five or six c u d cases and then accepting the Dua l report of the grand jury began Dispo nig of the l l l i l l uncut reached. Before these indictments were a l l tried another grand jury has met and reported a fresh lot. Only two c i v i l suits have Hern tried and but two More at the most can is be fore the adjournment of next saturday. I i the re asset nailing of the court in to Middle of january tho t Lisl business w i l l of resume the c r Imine l Calendar. Meanwhile the police and Justice courts i l l have sent up a dozen or More stale rates for the l us t grand jury. This next grand jury must is Rai led some tune 111 apr i l at the her Semi and almost in fore the court Wil l Havel i. R l the tune 1 0 try a l l the cases now u f ire it. It is Olivio is that in this Chase to avoid i i i l in t aug hards i i icon the j a i l prisoners who Are ii coun , c in i l bm44mmj must be almost a Ahmemd y e t t i n c in i l Calendar is already badly behind and ground la la lug lost instead 1 f gained. If the legislators o f this county in fore go ing to l l c l Eua in january i l l study the registers of actions of the District court they i l l see How to ideas the task now imposed i the District jul tic and they May save the county f rom much Lucon Vii Iehle and suffering by Rel Ieving the p r o m i r e it the Saporo Aclang session of tin legislature. It is not i i posed to restore the pro Halo judge for that would lie but a slight re 111 i 1 0 in District judge but it Sprok and to Institute .1 second court to have Juris diction in c i v i l matters alone. The i s court might i k Rupy the is i n now occupied by the Public l Library for this institution w i l l -0011 vacate in order to occupy a building of us own. A gentleman who is conversant with court usage and expenses has kindly hits sad a b t a h d a j i s reporter will i a intimate of the annual sex Ieli Pitun necessary to support this c in i l court. This estimate 1 an follows t � Only four juror at h a Day for 4n weeks of f Ive Day Searh 118,580 l l in judge at an annual salary of is i one Hail i of at an annual salary of f l. J i Ione clerk at a annual salary of t l ,. 1 one stems Gra Plu r at 1111 annual salary of s 1n z i. Incidental e Ipei uses in the sum a l l these expenses foot up 1-7, Josl. The i s or there alshits would be the annual expense of the proposed c in i l court. B r a d f o r d s b i g j a g. I i l i e u 11into. L u l l o d the a Heath Lay. I i i t f it. For Home time past Johnnie Simpson has been collecting City a i1 taxes having been a p i k i n l e d for that purpose by City treas Ivr Jacob. By what authority is not known but at a l l events s Masou took i t upon himself to appoint a Deputy i i i the person of b. F. Bradford whom he authorized to do the collecting and sup plied him with the necessary Blanks. Bradford proved to he an energetic col Lector and everything until to Day when the Deputy collector be l l into disgrace and then into j a i l. About noon to Day complaint was made to the police by a number of persons t i n 1 a strange Man who waa drunk waa going about endeavouring to collect pod taxes. The police a l once began to look for the Man who was on the l Ord s Day and who also As far a they knew might he a Imi Hisor. In a Short 1 i 1 Ticer Cisly found tile Man in l l l Umeki i i s pawnshop carrying a Book of Blank a Cripta and also a very Large sized jag. When the of ulcer appeared the Man was endeavouring l " induce the proprietor of the hop to 1 a h 1 o i l tax. M r. at once arrested the Man and took him be fore or. La robs who examined the Blank 1 receipt 111 ins Possession and found that. Bradford for surb he proved to be had taken it upon himself to sign the Orcas 1 user s name to a number of the receipts j without any authority whatever. M r. A Olis a always in l i s a number of Blank Ris Seipt Winch lie i sur to the collector and when Lin y Are exhausted tie signs Tuon. While discussing what to do with Brad Ford. Simpson walked 111 and at once l a Gan 10 examine his accounts. In a few minute in Fott Ltd thai Bradford had col i Lis Ted i which he had Fai led 10 turn Over l in thru ordered l i Radford Arre Lesl on the charge of misappropriating Public funds. The order was oly a and Brad Ford was taken to the county j a i l where he now is

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