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Anaconda Butte Miner Newspaper Archives May 6 1914, Page 1

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Anaconda Butte Miner (Newspaper) - May 6, 1914, Anaconda, Montana A i i Cirn i li5hlu entire Northwest weather today. Fair. The Butte mine h weather tomorrow. Warmer. Vol. Lib no. 227. Butte Montana wednesday Mohning May Ltd it. We established 1871 Upton Sinclair and miss Elizabeth Freeman photographed As they were being arrested in front of the Standard Oil building. 26 Broadway for acting As a mourning pickets Quot because of the killing of miners in the Colorado strike. Furth former Secretary of state is unwilling to accept president Wilson a offer of office because of his advanced age and the executive is casting his eyes toward Secretary Houston of agricultural department for the position. Washington Msj r. Is searching again for Federal Reserve Hoard. After four query. The president Richard Olney former Secretary president w la sob i wanted to appoint or. Houston to the Federal Reserve Hoard Hilt did not wish to governor of i in his a Cable. Since or. Olney declination the Prest months of painstaking in i has not flied on any one but is had determined on looking Over the Field for another member of state. I of the Lionard. He is said to he anxious As the Man to head the Hoard which will to get a new England Man so that Quot a a regulate the nations system of 12 a i Najr he represented it is believed i pineal flanks hot the latter has declined president choose a business Man with Lelong unwilling at his advanced age to Piga training. 4 other four members of the Hoard selected by the president Are Paul m. Warburg of new York. Or Adolph Rasper Rry a. Wheeler or Dong of Rorm Man finally chosen in or. Olney pro. I it is an open secret that the president has i Ingham undertake new responsibilities. Many administration officials were Dis posed to believe that Secretary Houston of Warburg or new in. A. The department of agriculture would he the Miller of an r no Man finally chosen in or Olney a place of Chicago and m p o. In a. _ a Lins Iniz Hnin. Ala. Huerta dreads approach of Villa More than he does americans says refugee Vera Cruz May rebel commander May not his a Francisco Villa the i dignified conduct which they have used in in All eases of intervention have declared that do a no of City govern meet la. Of tree months according j a con to a prominent Hus less Man who. A a a a other purpose Titan to keep a r la a i co p.�,. .0 in. On the min bin re let a in the Trinity of the affair. Capital asserts Huerta still is sending fed a we therefore Call on our Brothers to Cap Tai. Nason Nena am Fot a. Rommon a cause for Tbs defense Sra rur Srott is ass leans. Villa proceeding leisurely. General Villa is proceeding leisurely. In is the refugee of he has the intention of moving of the capital. Both Monterey and Saltillo Are believed in Mexico City to have been evacuated by the federals who Are said to have fallen Back on san Lula Potosi where they arc understood by the government to be threatened by the revolutionists. Bat Are still holding out. General Huerta be asserts has done nothing to show he anticipates a Forward movement of the american army or 1 x pets in the event of such a movement to offer serious resistance. Powder factory Busy. The government powder factory is in ported to be turning out Dally some 6.000 dynamite bombs. These Are understood to he intended for defense against att attack on the capital by general via or Emillano Zapata the Southern rebel. The refugee says that except for shipping a dozen or More Cannon to the Vicinity of paso i Lei Macho the Headquarters of ten. Gustavo mans on the mexican railway and a like number to Gen. Guillermo tub to in Verrete at Jalapa on the inter oceanic Railroad and supplies of dynamite for milling the Bridges on the Railroad nothing further has been done by general Huerta to prepare for resistance of the Road from Vera Cruz to the capital. Mas has Small Force. The business Luau who narrated these facts called on general Moas at paso Del Macho having been furnished a Safe conduct by general Huerta. From personal observation the refugee estimated that general Maas bad less than 1,000 men under his order. Events in Mexico pity. Events in the capital since the taking of Vera Crux the refugee said were Street demonstrations during the first few Days when various american business houses were stoned by the mob. Those demonstrations were apparently ended by a proclamation issued by several prominent merchants to the capital whose sympathies were with the revolution. They endeavoured to offset the alarming falsifications published by the government press. They also tried to relate with truth the state of affairs in Vera Cruz. One of the direct results of the merchants action was the abandonment of a giant demonstration projected by the Spanish Colony based upon a widely circulated report that the americans had sunk the Bennish Cruiser Emperador Carlos v. N the Harbor of Vera Cruz and had declared War against Spain. Under cover of this proposed demonstration it was reliably reported that several mexicans intended to make a general attack on americans and to sack and set fire to their property on the Assumption that the blame would he placed on the spaniards. Than for the purpose or rallying cause of the whole of Mexico that we May All March together against the invading Yankee. I have such Faith to your patriotism that i do not doubt that the forces of your command will rally to fight the invasion of the americans. I reiterate to you assurances of my distinguished consideration. It signed a a a Maas. Quot general in Chiaf of the revolution of the Bravo. A a Saltillo april 27. 1914.�?� Villa s answer. General Villa s answer follows a a in answer to your letter of april 28. In which you invite me to March with you against the foreign invaders of our county. I would say the. I understand your actions Bol Lea i machinations. Wisconsin member tells Senate he has evidence in mass of newspaper clippings. Letters. Telegrams and resolutions that there a nation wide plot on foot to coerce commission into granting rate increase to roads. A retry to inti Loftt the interstate c to Grant Eastern cent increase in which application i in to in i lipping. Surprise that these published report of his attitude had never been denied. When senator Stone pointed out later that there had Tyen denials from the president. Senator Lafollette said a Lima Freng pundit orator spoke on his Bill to make in anal offence to be k to infill a halons of the commission. He j red a Mas of newspaper clip copies of letters and Telegram found their Way to the commis which the authors urged favor a Hon on the Railroad plea. Asserted the Quot conspiracy had Lee of newspaper articles Edl and advertising that Manu Fae and Bankers bad assailed the commission with communications favouring an increase and that the propaganda bad been in evidence for months before the railroads made their application. I Ai Follette War Praed. Under the Law. The senator said the commission must reach its decision on the evidence and testimony taken by it and not upon the arguments advanced through such a Campaign in the course of his speech the senator declared that in Washington newspapers president Wilson frequently bad been made to appear in favor of Phe rate increase he said he could not believe that the president sought to influence the commission but expressed was glad to hear til hoped that the denial in the congressional k the senator warned that there is a growl the minds of the put courts Are More on property in rights grass tent Ami i appear stat would inf do hts colleague g suspicion in it ple that the a cloned to look kindly a rests than upon the the individual. He said con id not excuse itself for con adult Ting a tribunal like the commission turning Over to it cases of suck vast importance As the one in question and leaving it a exposed to every conceivable form of 2,000 i Nam Walrat of a. More than 2vmo communications hav been received by the commission. Senator 1-Afollette asserted including 700 petitions resolutions and letters org it tag the increase. A told Hoar chairman Harlan of the commission was i called from his bed at Midnight recently to receive such a communication. Quot there is no mistaking what has been done Quot the senator said. Quot the wayfaring Man although a fool knows i there has been an organised conspiracy to coerce the commission to a Empl Ance with the demands of the railroads that bag goo too be taken from the pub lie handed Over to them and no questions Sinclair and those arrested with him were fined $3 apiece but elected to go to jail and hunger strike until their condition forced the authorities to release them. First formal conference of mediators will be held at Niagara Falls ont., May 18 burning ship is columbian 13 of the Crew rescued 19 adrift on the Ocean Boston. May 6.�?mystery surrounding the survivors were so exhausted by thy identity of the Steamer which toss Beau their experience of Bein is an opes boat Washington May three South american envoys who have undertaken by diplomacy to Settle Mexico s civil strife As Well As her International differences announced tonight fully Aud 1110 your Prentha thai Tho firm formal conference. With uni leu i machinations. I know that As an representatives of the different Par accomplice you took part in the infidelity ties interested in mediation would be and treason of february. 1913. Madero Sheld at Niagara Falls Ontario Canada death. That we cannot Pardon and we May 18 also know that it will be the cause of your ruin. Villa turns Down offer of Gen. Maas Torreon May 5.�?the answer of Gen. Francisco Villa to a request from Federal general Maas in command at Saltillo that Villa join the federals in avenging the american occupation of Vera Cruz was delivered to the Federal messengers yesterday. The letters follow Quot to Gen. Francisco Villa i have received instructions to notify the revolutionary chiefs that american intervention in Mexico is an accepted fact. The United states of the North have committed a grave offence against Mexico by disembarking troops in Vera Cruz april 21 and by taking similar action at Salina Cruz two Days later. This aet alone constitutes the initiation of War and this is the supreme moment to Call on the patriotism of All mexicans to present a United front and forget our difficulties in an intense love of country. We can consider the enemy Only As a foreigner who in the most unjust and ignoble manner has stepped upon the holy soil of our fatherland. Quot it is Well known that the North americans following the hypocritical and in i therefore give this answer Only because your official request and my answer Are historical documents and i owe to posterity an explanation of my conduct Quot i know that the Pientl Flocs. By various processes have up to this time sought to bring about North american intervention in Mexico. It is known without doubt that the coming of the americans was desired and provoked by you. The manner in which you have excited internal troubles and then called on ail Mexico to help Light the external troubles is Clear to a l the world. Quot general Huerta and you did not show much Wisdom when you were converted into instruments of the Pientl Flocs Aud brought about the assassination of president Madero vice president Suarez and some other political demands because you did not believe that the blood of the heroes who started the democratic movement to 1904 would cause a civil War which would Lead to your ruin. Quot now you desire to provoke a foreign War to save yourselves from the disaster coming from the civil conflict. You show even less Wisdom when you pile up mountains of machinations and which will crumble about your ears. Quot you have sought to make this Union Between yourselves and the constitutionalists who Are under arms and with the pretext that a foreign foe threatens you seek to Arm Many mexicans whose sympathies Are not with you but whose patriotism you expect to exploit without reflecting you Are about to Arm a people who in Justice would chastise you As a criminal. These same people who have discovered you Are an Assassin of democracy you seek to win Over by starting a War against a foreign nation to serve your personal interests and those of your party. It will soon proved that the satanic declarations which you traitors to the fatherland have made in stating that we have formed a Union with the North americans is a stupid assertion which will Cost you your existence and bring to your families an eternal shame. The constitutionalists have the desire to do All possible compatible with the National dignity avoid a foreign War. But if necessary we will face two enemies the powerful Stran gel and the depraved compatriots. For Constitution and Reform a Francisco Villa a general in Secretary Bryan made the announcement for the three diplomats in a statement which follows Bryan a announcement. Quot the mediators have notified the different parties that Niagara Falls Canada has been selected As the place where the mediators will Confer with representatives of the different parties interested in the mediation and that the eighteenth of May has been fixed As the Date when the conference will attention attracted. The language of the declaration attracted attention for although the envoys had earlier today in a note said they would withdraw their invitation i on fire South of Bable Island for 48 hours. I was solved tonight when wireless Mes sages from the Cunard liner Franconia 1 to d of the hurtling of the freighter cd of Publ Tun and the Rescue of 13 members of her Crew from s Small boat. Tile death of chief Steward Matthew h. Lowndes Maury confesses that mass meeting was called so far As he was concerned at least with deliberate intention of nominating Only members of party bitter assails mayor and Clarence Smith saying they Are using the local for self body the survivors bad in charge. And the disappearance of a see a it and boat race Jin which were 19 men. Including the first and second officers also were reported. Whether the number of musing was represented by those said to be in the second boat still was Uncertain tonight. The number of the Crew was placed it of a tween 46 and to. The messages from the Franconia told of Only 33 men represented by the occupants of the two boat thought possible that there was for 40 hours that they could Tell it tote of what bad happened after rescuing the occupants of the first boat the Franconia searched until Nightfall for the rest of the Crew but without result. The columbian caught fire sunday right when about 300 Miles South of Cape a series of explosions followed immediately Captain Mcdonald ordered the wireless operator James Droban. To i and out Calls for assistance Bot one of the explosion put the wireless apparatus i out of commission. With the vessel belching flames and torn i by the explosions it soon became evident it wih Flat the Crew could do nothing and the a third for or a Hgt Nunn the ship was Given. Boat commanded by Captain Macdonald i the Steamer had a miscellaneous cargo of the columbian. Valued at Between 200.000 and $300,000. From h. Lowndes Maury proponent the mayor that he was going to seek.,in to nominate socialists Ami voiced the of the late Independent school Tukot bu8ulcion and a Lipf that the mayor Mem tool ticket suspicion former socialist City attorney Mem had Given hts plans to one who was for a Carranza representative unless an i Ber of the local socialist organisation hostile that is Smith armistice Between the constitutionalists and the Huerta forces were arranged no specific parties to the negotiations were named in the statement. It wag later Learned authoritatively that the reason for this was due to the fact that a further Effort was being made to induce Carranza to Send a representative. It was understood the mediators further had explained their position to general Carranza and were still hopeful that he might be represented without seeking to limit his agent to discussion of any particular subjects. Americana not yet chosen. The american government has not yet chosen its representatives. President Wilson and secretaries Bryan and Lane discussed Many names today but inasmuch As it will require several Days for the Huerta envoys to reach Here some of the intervening time will be taken by the president in considering men for the important Mission. As yet there has since 1898 and socialist candidate for he complained bitterly Over the Lack county attorney a year ago last fall. Of support Given Tho socialist school came it confession last night that the nominees by the socialist Organ and by so called Independent school Conven j the mayor and Smith declaring that to on was called with the idea on i they had shown themselves untrue to part and on the part of fellow party party principle by so doing members of nominating and electing i he extended his attack on the mayor Only socialists to office on the school Gnu Smith to criticism of the manner Board. The confession came in an at they Are running the a a yellow local tack on the mayor and Alderman Clar declaring that affairs in that Organiza ence Smith at a meeting of the Quot red j Hon were reaching tile stage where he socialists held in Fin Lander Hall. Was tempted to ask for his withdrawal he did not attempt to conceal the j card and join either the Servian or fact that he and other of his comrades finnish local. Were intent upon making at a social he declared that the Quot yellow local 1st school ticket and succeeded. Inland the party Organ Are being used fact he voiced a kick because mayor i for the aggrandizement of two or three Duncan and president of the Council j persons and that the situation is a the Clarence a. Smith had not supported j Saddest i Ever the socialist school ticket As they it is not should either personally or with the j fair play or local socialist Organ dared they dominate that nothing no matter How pertinent or important which they do not personally approve is published in Tho paper. He declared millionaire murdered of Hish son general Hiram Duryea starch manufacturer slain while in his bed. Conviction of Sim affirmed Day court appeals tribunal at san Francisco renders decision in noted slave Case. Guided by any rules of democracy a he said in which he de i prefacing his statement that the local so completely harbours men who Are opposed to socialists holding office. Quot that thing is run for the Benefit of a clique a he asserted at one stage of his attack on the Quot yellow Quot local. Quot there is no Chance for propaganda work a he continued. A they Are too much taken up with maintaining their own he spoke of hts attempts to have that in the matter of Newyl Ork May 5.�?chester Bernell Duryea chemist who murdered his aged father Gen. Hiram Duryea millionaire starch manufacturer in their Home in Brooklyn Early today was removed from jail in a Strait jacket to a Hospital tonight after he had shown signs of insanity. General Duryea distinguished civil War Veteran and head of the famous Duryea Zoua aves was shot seven times while in bed. The murder occurred on the porch at the Duryea Home where both father and son were in the habit of sleeping. Chester who is 43 years old. Slipped from hts cot into the House where he kept several rifles revolvers and shotguns for Hunting purposes and selected an automatic pistol and a Magazine Rifle. Not been any formal a is of Neotia j poor tank the socialist school ticket Hon the United states or Huerta not j both the Mavor and Smith betrayed having set Forth their demands. 11 him and alleged that in a dozen in was Learned today from a High admin Star Ces which he specified articles _ is ration official that in All submitted for publication in the a reds Quot reinstated and of the a a i Nan a a 1 Smtth Duncan opposition to his efforts. And referred to his Long Friendship for the mayor who he said he believed is misguided. The United states would not confine it 1 that socialist Organ written by social self to a Mere settlement of the inc l to and Daung with subjects of interments at Tampico which provoked the j get of the socjaij8ts, and had been represent crisis but would aim to bring fused by Smith and Duncan. He As about a solution of the whole mexican be ted that the control of the paper italian ambassador signs peace treat Washington May 5.�?Secretary Brya and Markuis Cusani Gonfalonieri italian ambassador today signed treaty providing that any question be tween the United states and Italy cannot be settled by diplomacy shall be submitted for investigation at an International commission of five members. The period of investigation is fixed at one year although it May be shortened. The treaty follows the terms of problem so that it could recognize a constitutional established government which would be Able to restore Tranquility in the Southern Republic. It practically is certain that the withdrawal of american forces from Vera Cruz will not be ordered until some definite settlement of the mexican problem is in sight. Villa reviews soldiers. Torreon May 5.�?fifteen thousand constitutionalism soldiers Many of them veterans a Large percentage of them mounted and All Well armed cheered and demanded to be led on to Milco City today As they passed in review before Gen. Francisco Villa. General Villa seized upon the Opportunity afforded by the National Holiday Cinco de Mayo. To review his Paitis Quot against Saltillo Quot and san he. A he by these two was so despotic that it is being used Only to further their own private ends and that it is so partisan that nothing hut what suits the purposes of Smith and Duncan appears in it. Or Maury said that it was common knowledge that the socialists were putting up a ticket in the Guise of an Quot Independent school he said that the state Law did not permit the party As an organization to do this. So the socialists called it an Independent ticket. He said that the schools he considered More important for the socialists to capture than a state or City and that the plan was to to put two socialists on the Board. Clarence Smith he said stood for a non socialist. Dan Madden in direct violation of party principle and also someone else not a unit not men lose in the House fifteenth of the Bryan peace treaties. J Potosi. Forces of being prepared for the Cam i secretly stood for forces of Urius t y i list. He declared that two before the mass meeting he told Washington May 5.�?�?olittle Navy men in the House today lost their fight against the two battleship construction program in the annual Navy appropriation Bill. A amendment by representative Buchanan of Illinois to provide for one ship was Defeated 148 to 91. While a motion by representative Witherspoon of Mississippi to eliminate All provision for battleships was swamped 152 to 41. Democratic Leader Underwood and Republican Leader Matin with several other prominent figures in the House voted with i the one ship advocate. Quarters held on ship perhaps for Huerta Vera Cruz May 5.�?au unconfirmed report was current tonight that quarters had been held for several Days on Board a foreign Cruiser for some High mexican official coming from the Federal capital. It was suggested in some quarters that preparation had Becu made for the coming of general Huerta or general banquet. Or both. Color ado tie i buc ans. Denver May 5.�?the Republican state Central committee Here today cheered and applauded the address of Frank c. Goudy approving the mexican policy of president Wilson and supposing the Law and order program gov e. M. Ammons in the Colorado Coal strike attended. Or. Hubert work of Pueblo was chosen National committeeman from Colorado to succeed former senator Simon Guggenheim. The committee endorsed the proposal of the National committee for the reapportionment of delegates to the National conventions and fixed aug. 4 As the Date for the state Assembly to select party candidates for the primary election. Special dispatch to the Miner san Francisco May 5.�?the conviction of Sigmund Suslak in the Federal District court of Montana for violation of the Mann act in transporting Grace Beal from Spokane to Butte was confirmed by United states circuit court of appeals in a decision handed Down. The decision of the District court of Montana in declaring certain land patents of William and Ida Connor and void was reversed the appellate court decided that the cultivation of the lands had exceeded the requirement of the desert land act. Judgment was affirmed in the Case of c. H. Hodge against the Federal mining and smelting company from the District court of Montana recovery of damage for personal injuries and the lower court also was upheld in the suit of the ignited states against the Northern Pacific for working firemen Mort that 16 hours in Montana. 250 albanians ire of do the meeting was largely Pueblo Purazzo. Albania. May 5.�?two Hundred Aud fifty Mohammedan albanian captured by the Epidote invaders at Hor Mova. Were crucified in the orthodox Church at Kodra. According to information received by the albanian government. The Epi rotes Are said to have set Ara to the Church afterwards and allowed the bodies to Burn. Well known idahoans Dies. Boise. Ida. May 5.�?william Balder Stone registrar of the United state land office Here formerly managing editor of the statesman for Many year and Well known in Idaho Utah and Colorado newspaper circles for 3ft years died suddenly at his Home hero tonight of Brights disease. He leave a wife and five children Here and relatives in Philadelphia and in Maryland

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