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Anaconda Butte Miner Newspaper Archives Dec 24 1901, Page 7

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Anaconda Butte Miner (Newspaper) - December 24, 1901, Anaconda, Montana The Butte Miner tuesday morning december 24, 1001 oranges a tall Ste a wet it i Angea each Crisp and tender White plume celery Bunch 7 l-2c an Doc second hand stove Keston Styls for spreading disease. Special service for members of Monitor Lodge of Walkerville. To w. Schemer files answer to states amended objections. Oranges medium Atte Sweet Juicy or acre dozen fat a 30c, 23c and a Ltd Cape cod cranberries Elal per quart. We have the most com plete and up to Date grocery store in Montana. Many of the departments have absolutely no Competition. Our location adjoining the Post office makes it at once the most convenient and we make it the cheapest and Best place to Trade. Oranges Large tweet Juicy oranges Damn 6f�c, to v and 4 k can do prevented by Tho prompt use of Antitoxin new Home interesting fact and statistic gleaned from the health report off a turn Citro a Scarlet fever is a study in itself. Fine musical program under the direction of Thomas Rich and a vested choir service was fully choral and by Beautiful Organ Volu Turic by miss Martin. Amended complaint filed in the action hosed i pen tile death of Michael Thylli which occurred Over four years ago As the result of injuries sustained it the Hutto reduction works. To Hoice Cating apples per Pound. The remarkable business for Xmas has pretty Well thinned out our Holiday specialities what a left we Are willing to Sach i Fick to get rid of by closing time tonight. Profit sacrifice the moving motive of this store till today and tonight. Lemons thin Akin Juicy Lemons or dozen. A. I so Large size Ripe bananas dozen 25c and. Some time ago Deputy health officer Frank Weldon made Tho Sta amp ment that smallpox Ami kindled diseases were spread through he medium of the second hand stores and chinese was houses and was laughed at by a number of Wise ones who thought the Only Way to get a disease was to Purchase it at some jewelry store or fashionable Bazaar. The annual report of the health department of Louisville ky., was received in Butte yesterday and in it is contained a statement by doctor m. In. Allen a recognized authority on the subject which supports Tho stand taken by or. Weldon. Doctor Allen says a the ordinance adopted at the health officers suggestion in reference to the sanitary control of second hand stores where cast olt clothing is bought and sold. Would prove to be the Means of preventing the spread of contagious diseases if we had a sufficient working Force in the health department a Boston Massachusetts and other Large cities have adopted very stringent methods of the sanitary control of this prolific source of disseminating Conin Gums disease germs and with very Gratifying and fruitful another interesting Para Prach in the report relates to Antitoxin and its use in diphtheria cases it is is follows Quot it will he observed by reference to the table giving the number of cases of diphtheria reported to thin office for the year and deaths therefrom that during the month of August. 1001, seventy four cases were reported eighteen of which proved fatal. Quot these figures Sjo Enk volumes in favor of recommendations frequently and urgently made by your health officer in ref Creel to the increasing efficiency of this department by a Mon Liberal appropriation for its proper maintenance a if we had the Force to properly fungi i Cate All houses where cent Sious and in factious diseases occur Tho spread of this deadly disease could be materially lessened. One of tin factors contributing to the Large death rate from diphtheria. Las reported is the failure on Tho Purt of some physicians to use Antitoxin the very moment the disease is diagnosed. Abundant sent Ishii a of the most scientific and reliable character from All Over the world show that tin death rate from diphtheria can be made almost nil j by the Early use of Antitoxin and Why i physicians should beset Ute is beyond comprehension. A in another portion of this report the necessity of the City furnishing diphtheria Antitoxin to the in in is fully and urgently set Walter woman. Surgeon general of the 1�?Tnited state Murine Hospital at Wash i rift on. If., in ids no Ort under Date of december i. 11101, Luis the following to say of Scarlet fever a the infection of Scarlet fever is of both natures. A immediate infection certainly can occur by the Contact of a susceptible person with one suffering with the disease hut still More probable is it that the infection is highly mediate in its character and is communicated to the surroundings of the patient furniture of rooms bedding clothing etc., largely through the finer scaly particles which arc Given off by the patient and diffused with the dust of the room. The Desque mation constitutes the essentially dangerous feature of Scarlet fever from the Point of View of the health officer for even after his Dcsquuma-1 tory proves has been apparently completed it May be renewed and the patient again i it Toome capable of conveying infer Tirb. The Poison clings with great per is Stoney to clothing of nil kinds and Tho furniture of u room especially that which is upholstered. It is exceedingly tenacious in its character and clothing which has in in put away for Mouths or even for years May unites thoroughly disinfected again convey contagion a observations which have been made 1 from time to tim show that til disease has been often transmitted through the medium of tie milk Supply and recent experience in Detroit Michigan he shown that even when the milk Supply a not at fault the disease has been communicated through the medium of milk tickets which were repeatedly used. A the specific germ of the disease i not known. Therefore disinfection of a it Mims or apartments where the disease has prevailed must is conducted on Genera principles. These disinfecting pro it cases differ in no Wise from those employed for the other acute infections or communicable disease. The Poison while very enduring is probably or a not very resistant nature which is fortunate in View of the High contagious Ness of the disease Arni its serious nature when Prev i aleut in epidemic form. It is desired to dwell with particular emphasis upon the danger which accompanies the Deroqu amatory stage of Tho disease whirl makes it different from the other acute infectious disease. The Effort must be not Only to destroy the contagion conveyed in the particles but to prevent the scattering of the said particles in the. Apartment where they it come mingled with the dust always present in the atmosphere. Therefore each chs. Of Scarlet fever must be a study in itself. No hard Aud fast Rule can to Laid Down us to the period of time after the Speer Anre of the disease when disinfection should be Practised. So Long As tin Desque mation of the patient continues of Long j is he or she liable to re inf rot a room or apartment which Baa already been disinfected no matter How thorough that disinfection has been. Observation alone can determine this Point Ami until the Deroqu mation has ceased or meant have in a ii taken to minimize its danger it is useless to undertake the disinfection of the sickroom a much May he accomplished in tin matter of prevention of spread of lie disc ate by Tho thorough hath us of the patient with Antiseptic Beths followed by injunction with any of the animal or vegetable oils or with a vaseline which Lias Ibsen rendered mildly Antiseptic with or Ibolica acid Bracic acid sunday evening the members of Monitor loth a. F. And a. M., Walkerville attended Saint Andrew s episcopal Church in a body where special psalms prayers a no a hymns were arranged in consequence of their visit. The Manta was under the charge of or. Thomas Rich and consisted mainly of music. Appropriate for the Chris to us season and Saint John s Day. Tho vested choir entered the Church singing is a processional hymn Quot ten thousand mines ten thousand Quot Ami after the Benediction returned to Tho vestry rendering Quot Angels from tile realms of Tho service was fully choral and Waji enriched by two Beautiful Volunta Ries by the organist. Miss Martin. Taking of a text i King. 6, verse 2. 4, 7. 12, in. Auld i Kings 7, verses la and i Tho Rector Tho reverend J. Bowker delivers an address on Tho uses of the Temple at Jerusalem its symbolism its two brass pillars and its manages to master masons a few of his remarks in As follows Quot although Hiram of Tyre was ended upon to furnish Many men and much my Tortal notwithstanding that the. Phoenicians assisted tile holy people in Tho great Enterprise which was to bring glory to the living Kiwi. To diffuse tile blessings of peace and civilization and to further the interests of True religion the. Temple has Ever been and Ever will be connected wit Fri Lumon m name because it woo the crowning glory of his reign the outcome of his devout feelings a Well As of tits faithful heart Ami firm belief Iii almighty god after mentioning it Many uses or. Bowker referred to its Moro special purpose. Quot this Templo of Solomon so exceedingly magi Zilic it tills holy and Beautiful House of fume of glory throughout All lands woe built to protect Ami preserve Hie Ark la was incomplete until Iii Ark was placed in position the Ark being nothing in itself merely a Plain coffer Ltd Chest just Bio casket of a rare jewel. It contained the two tables of Stone on which wore written Tho ten Conan amp a div the commandments should Ever be prominent in a Mason to Temple they should let a written try the linger of god a ism the heart of a master Mason firmly a they Are impressed upon hts mind. Ills heart should in indeed a table on which those Law Are to ply inscribed. Quot passing on to consider the two brass pillars Juchym and Boas. It was suggested that no other of a Tatur have Given Rise to so much controversy jewish writers never tiring of referring to their is Auty. The Temple needed no text or motto or legend inscribed in the forefront As the i two pillars spoke in Tho most unmistakable language. Standing like sentinels not at All a necessary part of tin Structure but merely huge. Costly magnificent monuments they taught distinctly the three lesson of strength stability Ami purity. The column and Cha i ter to a a the form d a Illy the Illy being emblematic of purity. Together with the Lily work in the porch they pm Lalim a that tim act nolo belonged to Tho mighty and holy Cine in impressed upon the minds of the people the Nee Wity of a holy lift. Quot Jachim Ami Boaz were Auld to Hava the following of Lions to master masons of today i firmness in Faith 2 unceasing Charity 3> Bio White Lily or a pure arum blameless life til a sir a by Iii principles <5 to in pillar of strength to poorer weaker los fortunate ones Tut to in pillars hereafter in that heavenly Temple not to be broken Rug cast into the fir nor to Strum in the destruction of another Babylon but to abide eternally in that new Jerusalem whose Arnono Ollu r bum Tho lord god in Tho estate of Charles Colbert deceased. An answer to the amended objections of the state to the petition of Frederick w. Schemer was flied yes Erduy. It is attempted by Bio pc to honer to prove the terms of a will that is said to have been lost or destroyed by which the dec aged left All in property to Petitioner Scheuer and Lillian e. Burton now mrs. Thomas Fluke. A Litton a Cotter and o. J la Ville Are attorneys fur a Chnuer. A i an amended complaint was flied yesterday in the District court in the Case of John e. Thin administrator of the estate of Michael thin deceased against William a. Clark anti others Tho defendants being sued As partners lining business on March 9, 1s97, us tin Butte Ore purchasing company. The firm. It is stated in the complaint owned and operated a Plant for the smelting and reduction of ores commonly known As the Butte reduction works it is stated that Michael thin was employed in the works on March it 1897. Und through some alleged defects in the machinery in the concentrator a was caught on a shafting and killed. A judgment for $20,009 de Mages is asked. J. H. Shropshire is attorney for the plaintiff. Choicest poultry we Are in position to hell you the finest poultry cheaper and to deliver it to you quicker than any store in Butte. Buying it direct from the Farmers in Carload lots makes these prices possible. Spring turkeys special per Spring ducks special per Pound my amp Jound. Spring chickens special per Spring geese special per Pound. 12bjt? �?z.13c leather goods photo goods toilet sets Ebony pieces. Ebony sets Cut Glass bottles Fine perfumery line soaps music Rolls Tine purses novelties All kinds. New crop nuts new crop nuts for Fine perfumery it 12 North Flain st., Butte a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Homo Modo layer and Pound cakes fruit Capra nut takes Angel food Cream puffs Rolls doughnuts and bread. The finest that skilled labor and fresh Stock ran make. Taper shelled Almon Daft a it Nam t20cr fancy Brazil nuts Pound., tile fancy Hickory nuts poundl20o selected Black Quot a i note per i Quot Quot Quot to fancy mixed nuts Pound ire Undi fancy Filbert nuts Pound. Fancy walnuts and pecans Pound. Fresh peanuts per Pound _ a a Quot e preach the a gospel of Good a Ness and prac a Tice Whatle j preach by shun v Ning All a Penny a Wise and Pound j foolish prac a times that would a Lead xxx to offer j inferior goods a for the Sake of Selling a at Little prices. J Christmas gifts. Reasonable and a reasonable. A in the estate of stand Sana e. Her Bour deceased judge Mcclernan yesterday on the application of Dolphin Olard As administrator granted an Orth r for a Transfer of thirty shares of the capital Stock of the Silver Bow National bunk to a new corporation being organized to continue the affairs of the bunk or to sell the Stock for the highest Cash Price obtainable. It is stated that the Stock has been assessed $25 per share and the estate is under the necessity of paying $750 As it assessment on the Stock. W. E. Lell Lanc was attorney for the Petitioner for the Transfer of the Stock. Family wines Guet Edel wine quart bottle. 78c Johannesburg wine quart bottle78c i. Amp e. Kind is Saint jillion imported wine quart bottle $1,410 Chablis wine quart bottle. 78c Cruse amp fils in Onset Cand quart bottle Lofio sauternes or Hockheimer wine quart bottle. Tat i or de Baltimore Lxix-tif�?T25 cigars. A re to $2.00 the Harvard Box of 25 Cigar my my my my my my __$2.00 2-Obelt Box of fid cigars $-4.go Henry Irving Box of 25 cigars. $2.28 pc Dilecto Box of 25 cigars $2.80 the cinch a Domestic Cigar Box of 12 cigars for a _ re a a 28c White Star Champagne bottle. Extra dry Champagne bottle red Star sparkling Burgundy bottle in the Bordeaux divorce Case notice was flied yesterday by Mchatton it Cotter that the defendants statement on motion for a new trial and Bill of exception and plaintiffs amendments would be presented to judge Clancy on december 28 for settlement. Bed top or g. H. Mumm extra dry Champagne bottle $1.73 in neck raiment in fur lined gloves in smoking jackets in silk mufflers in suspenders in silk underwear in silk night Robes in toilet cases in Bath Robes Iii suit Ceca the Candy department Booths the Delicatessen will have greens Iii try .111 mid dig feed for prisoners. If you fellow want to soc How to observe Christmas in the City jail you be around Here Early wednesday morning and stay All remark ii Jailer sol Levy yesterday. A what Are you going to have for the Hoys on that festive occasion sol Quot was a cd the keeper of the City Bastile. A Well in the first place a said sol throwing out i Chest and thrusting Lite hand in the aide pocket of hts trouser. With an air of proprietorship a we Are going to have the finest decoration in the Burg. We will have Evergreen and Smilax and spin neb and other appropriate greens. Including the Long Quot what i want now in a Short Man for Santa Claus. I can t do the part myself for i m a fruit the actor a Union will get after me. We my get a goo candidate la fore wednesday to i Hope i wont have to Dix up mgt let the boy. Wear going to have a tree and a Gre aged pig at the top. The Man who get tim pig a to give it to the Jailer a i am not sure about the feed but if you fellow Haven to got an invitation to dinner yet come Down and i la a you out. Wear going to have Flowers on the bile and each Man will i be Given a souvenir in the shape of la cabbage Leaf which will be econom Teal and can be used for other purpose aside from a buttonhole decoration. You will Mise it of you done to come around for when we do a thing Here we 1o a Good Job. That comes under the head of Quot but just then Bart Shea came in and Home to dinner. Department always Frosh and delicious confectionery tit special Xmas prices. Open ii evening but we advise shop Ping Early to avoid the crowds. Aud Goodim a knows there Goodlie la our hat. Dunlap mat Agency a 217 North main Street Butte. A a that will a sure to please the recipient. Lot us suggest some Good sensible and useful articles. We dhow a big Hortum it of handsome Rug from $2 to $6.50 each. Pictures that Are very artistic and unique in every Way expel rally appropriate for Holiday gift. 25c to $12. Beautiful cushions from $1 to $3.50 each. All kind of foot Stool and hassock at 65c to $2. Dainty curtain in fancy net. $1.50 to $7.50 a pair. Tapestry and Chenille curtains $1.75 to $10 a pair. Table cover All size some Al 75c, up to $5. Couch covers $3 to $6 each. A a Funk it Ahey mid Nome companion link thing too strenuous at City jail. Quot Punk Quot Casey and the six other boy who have been confined in the City jail for several Days part. Have been transferred to the county in to Tubon for auf keeping. A a Punk is being held upon a charge of assaulting a chinaman by throwing a snowball at him in which was concealed a piece of ice. The a chink Quot a nearly of not Alto Gekht r. Lent the bight of on Eye und Quot Punk will have to take a Charlie on the Reform school. The other boy were a treated for loitering about the a tracts in Tho wee Small hour of morning and for being a general nuisance anyway. Ever sine they have been confined in the City prison they have been making thing in Morable for the rest of the prisoner and incidentally the Jailer. Yesterday the boy were brought before judge Boyle and he thought the Hest thing he could do wish to Send them to the county jail until such a time a they could be brought to trial. For $1 we sell a Good Fountain pen or a Gold pen with Pearl penholder in a Plush Box. For 35 cents we sell a child set of knife Fork and spoon. For $1.75 a similar set with cup and Napkin King. For 85 cents six nut picks and cracks in Case. Holiday goods frames toilet sets atomizer Seis pictures statuary flan lure sets dolls games books toys skates Sims go carts and wagons toilet cases cult and Collar Boles fancy China bisque figures and Bric a Brac palais Royal company 75 East Park Street. Man on held on charge of Highway robbery and released again Iii jail. Jot Caney a arrested last night on the churn of vagrancy and locked up in Tho City jail. Cassy Wax arrested some time ago Toff Thor with to other of his Type for holding up a Man on West Park Street near the new Clark building. The men at la time a re taken to the county jail and their Nam k did not even appear Oil the blotter it til City Hall. In some manner Dusty escaped from trial and presumably his companion Hod the same Luck at any rate Casey a at Liberty until taken into custody last night. Lout i. Had a negro Arr ted on Tho a forge of assault yesterday. John Ttoe is in trouble again. John appears this time in color in is held on the charge of assault. John i an attendant or rubber in Joyce a Baths and is charged with assaulting Louis Wise who is a Well known tailor of the place. Tho Story told by i Xmas i that he went into the Baths and after having Olean de himself thoroughly emerged therefrom. It is alb cd that there was some argument about payment Between the negro and Louis. Words of a nature to be expected in a Case of this kind followed and the negro claims that i Iuis called Birn a name not acceptable upon which there were blow struck presumably by the Louis had the warrant sworn out and the negro arrested on the charge of assault and the matter will be settled by judge Boyle in the near future. Six fruit knives in Case rut ten and weighs. J. To Carroll lumber co. Arizona und Platinum streets offer great bargains in cutters and Riel he. See display advertisement solid Gold lockets of Fine patterns $0.50. Leys the jeweler. Sutton a new Orand a line of salts and Pep Pere in All Metal or Glass with Metal top. 4 nights in Bati Drav 41 i incr opening it la Vikt a an mat i nex w Edio Day december is to Moat mph of it melodrama of la Day. Iii our Ltd Ute tiring a to mad in tim. Hat und la Uton. The convicts daughter souvenirs free for everybody a heart Lory Turr in thought Arlo Ami language. A Arnut of Ai nitty. A at rung Aal embellish ii tile Moat Beautiful Ana startling Vartou effect. F it. Tilt pm it. On to lag freight train Usu a Beautiful Moi 1 Lorn Hout at tin unique Clin rat ter Vav Ary William tit. Hut Haro. J. T. Finlen drug co. Fairfield although the extraordinary Leiu Sud for souvenirs Dor tug our opening Days left us Early w without souvenir to deliver it opes we have arranged to give every adult visitor a card entitling tile Holder to a souvenir in a few Days Given on presentation of the card. At moderate Rales our $10 plat Are the that Money can buy. Guaranteed in every respect. Fin Gold frown and Bridge work. Teeth extracted absolutely without pain. Open evenings program of the Citrin Mas Narviea la father Callahan s pariah. Christmas Vic a at Tho Church of the sacred heart in father Callahan Parrish in Tho Eastern part of Butte will Oom Mene at 4 a. In with a solemn High a. Thoro will be a full choir und fifty altar boys. Masses will be said every hour from 530 a. In. To 10 30. In a latter will be another solemn High a. Solemn vespers and Benediction will be celebrated at 7 30 p. In. Very reverend father Gueymard professor of philosophy at All Hallow College bait la lie City will preach at 10 30 and at 7 30 p. In. Life death which wednesday a december Jtj grand Xmas attraction matinee and Niht. Att tossed valuation of property in Flathead and Jefferson Coontie. Contes of the annual financial state Monts of Flathead and Jefferson counties have in received by county recorder Weston. The valuation of property in Flathead county is $4,862 ooh arum Jefferson county k.1m.aao As compared with an assessed valuation of $38,600,000 in Buver Bow county. Today and tonight of Tho few Piee a left of a magnificent and unprecedented i Holiday Trade of strictly High dans toilet goods travelling nets line pert amen including the delicious a four Hundred Cologne Gunther a celebrated candles in gorgeous boxes and baskets that Are a Delight to every lady Opal hand decorated Ware at half Price offered take fair s pneumonia cure and live the latest metropolitan comedy Success graduate University Cut in Sylvania. Broadway and Maine Betta Ottlee 401 Hennessy Block. Telephone 719a. La silence s. Montana Street. Telephone. 721m. Office hours. 9 a. In. To 12 in. I the 5 and 7 to 9 p in liquor Hall. The third annual Ball of the Silver Bow county retail liquor dealer protective association will take place at Kenshaw Hall on thursday Ile Ember 26 ticket admitting gentleman and lady $1. Draughtsman wanted. Craftsman experienced with concentrator and converter work. Write stating experience. Address a single j.,�?� Tare Miner . Ching to at a sacrifice today and tonight celebrated Chine doctor. Phenomenal specially chronic la essay. Lits auras you. Traat night a any and rivets. His specially Choate diseases. His aures no or fall. Eye ear. Nose and Throat. Venereal diseases and diseases of . Re a nor to it. The finest mite of guitars Banjo and mandolin is in Butte for the holidays. Is to a a a mimic Conrin v

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