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Anaconda Butte Miner Newspaper Archives Dec 24 1901, Page 5

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Anaconda Butte Miner (Newspaper) - December 24, 1901, Anaconda, Montana The Butte mixer tuesday morn ipg december 24, t901. S Montana s largest grocery store december 24. Effort will be made shoplifters at work two women ruptured with half a dozen fowl and other goods on them. Had stuff under their capes mrs. O Donnell and mrs. Shields went into Media Sund asked for wrapping paper to cover their a purchases and the proprietor Lle came suspicious police Pound All sorts of Root. Today to serve you promptly and satisfactorily. The Christmas dinner will not Dis Sapp tint you a particle of we fill your order. Our turkeys Are remarkably Fine done to e How they could be nicer. Our Price is 15c Pound but the a Are Worth More. You la think so too when you see them. You can buy a turkeys cheaper Quot but they Are a cheaper fresh fruits fancy red table apples plump Juicy oranges and Lemons Golden jumbo bananas Etc. Catawba grapes extra fancy h Pound basketsr3c cranberries per quart a Loc oranges or Lemons plump and Juicy each in Popcorn fancy shelled per Pound so vegetables fancy lettuce from Columbia gardens Hothouse solid Bright radishes Parsley Green onions Green string Beans Snow White cauliflower Young beets Young turnip Fine parsnips Sweet potatoes Etc. Our celery is extra fancy Crisp Whit and tender Bunch 7 l-2c and. ,. 5. The a a fixings sag�?15c can ground Sage today 10c package Leaf Sage to thyme Marjoram or poultry seasoning 16c can today Ioe Stab dread for stuffing Loaffie fresh oysters no extra Fine lot for today a Trade. Rockaway new York counts dozen la Quot it Silver Kettle currant Jelly Quot just rights with Turkey. Ifs tart and finer Flavoured than any you Ever tasted. Per ase Richelieu or Durkee s salad dressing 65c bottle today 50c, 3�?ze bottle today12774 two women mrs. Of Donnell and mrs. Shields the former living Iii Centerville and the latter in Dublin Gulch were arrested last evening on the charge of shoplifting. The arresting officers were Steinborn and Young. Although the women were not caught re handed the evidence against them is Strong. Late yesterday afternoon two women accompanied by two Little girls went into the store of Marco Medin on Broadway by the front Entrance and went through to one of the rooms in the rear. In their arms they had a number of articles without wrapping and when they got in the room at the rear they began sending out for paper in which to wrap their parcels. A Why did you not have Tho clerk in the store where you bought the goods wrap up your bundles a asked or. Medin. And the women told him that the packages had become undone on their Way up the Street. It was noticed that first one and then the other would leave the Back room and then return with a package under her Cape and at last or. A Din became suspicious and sent for a policeman officer twin born answered the Call and when he was informed As to what was going on he went to the police station for a Plain cloth s officer and officer Young returned with him. It was intended to follow the women and catch them in the act if possible. Before or. Medin hint for the police he heard one of the women say that they Quot had done enough rustling for the As they showed no intention to go out any More the officers placed them under arrest As soon As they left the place and captured most of their Booty on them. At the City jail last night when an account of Stock was taken the Juicer found the following six Small tur keys and one Goose a package of dolls several cheap Glass dishes an Alburn several boules of condiments and other miscellaneous articles. W Hen the stuff was piled up on the floor it made a Good Sloyd Quot haul a and Pollee Are inclined to think that fees in Davis estate proposal to pay attorneys at this time is opposed. Application of administrator petition to have it stricken from the files in judge Harney a court fund of the estate in Boston probate court jurisdiction has now reached nearly seven Hundred thousand dollars. The olives Queen olives in Glass. 5-Pound Rosa Jar $1.75 bottles 75c, 50c, 30c. 25c it a Queen olives in bulk quart 76c and soc Queen olives stuffed bottle 75c, 50e, 35c and. Loc Richelieu asparagus White or Green per can try a perfection asparagus 2 1-2 Pound can25c Al Capitan asparagus tips Pound Cani they have rounded up some shoplifters who have been working Here for some time. Tile women do not appear to be professional criminals and look More ilk Olvea of workingmen who have not any too much Money to spend for the holidays. Both Are Middle aged and of respectable appearance. All of the quartet wore Long capes the children As Well As the women and this gives ground so the police say for the belief that they deliberately started out for the purpose of getting what they could from the City stores. The women were held in the City jail and the a ase will be More fully investigated today. One Glass dish was identified from the palais Royal store on East Park Street but the rest of the property is unclaimed. Neither of the women had anything to say. And when one started to make a statement last night she was Bidden to keep silent by her companion. One Lone Alderman. Plum pudding Etc. Extra Fine h to made English Plum puddings at our Delicatessen counter. Peerless Plum pudding Large can 45c. Medium can 22774 Richelieu Plum pudding Best that can be made 2-Pound can 50c, Pound can. 25<� mince meat bulk Pound 17<-and 12 i-2c in packages inc and. Kyc our bakery that in us All that key of mme la in Walkerville i ten night. One Lone Alderman was All that could be mustered for the meeting of the a Ulk Erville City Council last night. Others were conspicuous by their absence and it is not unreasonable to suppose that the approaching Christmas festivities were responsible for their non appearance. In any event no explanations were offered for the very slim attendance. Tin meeting was to have been a Spe Elal one. And was called to consider 1 matters of importance to the run Sci. Palty the exact nature of which no one outside of in Myers of the Council seemed to have any definite idea. Some Little time has elapsed sine the last regular Mel Ting was held. No attempt will probably be made to get the Alder a men Togo the r before the first monday in january. At that time there Are a i whole grist of matters scheduled for up Elal a Sid ration. In the Andrew j. Davis estate a petition was lilt d yesterday in judge Harney a court in behalf of Henry Root and other heirs asking the court to strike from the tilts the application of administrator j. Ii. Leyson Tor an order directing him to fix tile fees costs and compensation to de allowed to Forbis amp Pattison As attorneys for the administrator from november i , to november i Moi. I he objections to the application of the administrator Are stated to be As follows Quot because the court has no jurisdiction to hear said petition or application and because tile statutes of Montana do not provide fur the presentation of such a petition to the court or for a hearing Sunroof because attorneys fees for services rendered the administrator Are allowed by the court Only to the administrator on settlement of his accounts und such claims can be allowed Odly on the settlement of the final account. The final objection to the hearing of the petition is that no report or account of the administrator is on file and presents to the court for allowance and settlement which includes the attorneys fees used to be allowed in the petition or application. Clay Berg amp Gunn and c. R. Leonard Are attorneys for la. A. Root and the other heirs who Are the petitioners. At present there is pending before the supreme court of the state an application for a writ of review of the action of judge Harney in directing Tho administrator to distribute $100, to in Money and 200 shares of Tho capital Stock of Tho National bunk. The hearing in Tho supreme court upon the application is set for january 2. It is stated that Tho fund of Tho estate that is in the jurisdiction of Tho Iio Don probate court has reached $080,000. An order to show cause Why an injunction should not Continuo in Force in Tho suit of Reeker and others against Erie c. Lassen and others will come up for hearing before judge Ramey next Friday morning. The plaintiffs claim that they hold a Biose upon the Workings of the Neva mine above the to foot level. Reassert the owner of the property alleges that he simply gave the plaintiffs permission to work in the mine for a limited period. The Neva mine is in Tho Rice addition to Hutto. Baby Mcmahon. Baby Mcmahon daughter of or. And mrs. Patrick Mcmahon who received ski votes in the Brownfield Canty Coupon contest for the Bucko a Junto Range. Hotel arrivals. Splendid line of fruit cakes pumpkin und mine plea Rolls wafers. Squares. Quaker bread Etc. Ord or Early and Alk about Selling nuts Why avoid disappointment. Settled out of court. Renin divorce knit dual fused judge mc4 a Man a court yesterday. Call upon in the t a to to nut s it Kepa one Busy mixing them but that s to be expected when the prices Are so Low. Fin mixed nuts Pound iii1 fancy mix i nuts Pound. I to Candy our display of Fine candles compares favourably with any weather East or West. Our Candy department in a not consist of just a showcase full of Candy but it is a solid plate Glass Case in a Horseshoe shape of forty feet with to larger assortment displayed than any exclusive Candy store in Montana our Price a lower for the same kinds than even Chicago. Courts will not by any further action in the suit brought by or Dora Renninger against her husband. Vav la. Henning r. For separate maintenance Thiu it in having effected a settlement without resorting fully to the recourse of Law. Upon tin application of judge wines in department three of the District court yesterday the paso was dismissed. Tile parties it seems had settled their troubles by stipulation and. Of judge inca stat they desired an order Dos missing the suit. At the. Request of the attorney judge vet Leman also dissolved Tho injunction against reminder made by judge Clancy which prevent a from drawing his pay at the mine where he is employed. The action was original in brought in judge Clancy a court but As he his adjourn for the holidays it was necessary to present Tho application in Anotia r court. Victim of the disease at the butter Matt Berry new York mrs. Livermore Anaconda f. It. Warren and wife Whitehall f. Ii. Child j. M. Slight Anaconda l. J. Lehman Kansas City it. K. I Job Helena Tom Hamb in. Anaconda a. Trudgian and wife. John Iti Olenberg. Deer xxi be mrs. E. Clank Erberd Des Moines Ben Hager Billings p. A. Morrison. Whitehall James Goodie City p. C. Anderson. Saint lout Eugene King. Sheridan s. La. May new York John la. Geiger Kalispell. At the Finlen ii. J. Mannhart Saint Paul c. J. Davis Birdeye l. M. Holt Roswell. X. M. J. C. Dawkins Saint Paul w. A Evans w. J Evans jr., Anaconda Joe Whitworth peer i it a age miss Mary Nonovar j. 8. Smyth Boulder George t. Lamport red in Sage c. Britten 8j>okane James Lyle k. Mull Stein. J. W. Knight and wife Raymond e. G. Zly a John j. Con no Sand Coulee William Luddy. Margaret Walsh Lillian Walsh Jefferson w. A. Francis Omaha la. O. Henderson san Francisco to to tit As Wilson Dillon s. L. Jameson Bozeman w. Ii. Miner Meno Sha. Wis. John it. Egan Kansas City j. M. Woodside Pony. At the Thornton of. A. Clark new York w. In Campbell Billings miss it. Nelson Daniels Arles Whitehall Charles it. Curtis. W. It. Williams Chicago w. Liminal la Elena m. M on or elite wife and maid Sheridan a k. Cullen Spokane Alex Burrel and wife Marysville j. A. Martin a it Lake in it. Smit ii Anaconda p. E. Swinehart Dena John Berkin Boulder Lew Thorne Wabash ind., George Gosling Chicago w. Of. Lincoln. New York lbs hut j. Weber Boulder. Coffee of course you want tile befit Coffee you can get for the Christmas dinner. Our finest mocha tuns dinner and that Means our finest mocha and Java the finest Coffee Money can buy Pound hic Lurby a Quot a a Brothers j Lim re Street. Phone �8. Butte Mont. Hack Drivers will strike at six this morning you can hire a Hack today and walk. The Hack Drivers Union held a meeting last night which lasted until after Midnight and As a result a strike was declared among the men who drive for the i Avell and Reed Transfer companies. Tho strike is for three dollars a Day instead of 2.50, which is now being paid. Thirty eight men were at Tho meeting. The strike does not affect Quot fat Jack Quot Jones or Ramey Khu Nahan. They signed the three Dollar scale some time ago. The us a Ami Lovell stables each use ten Hacks every Day. It is claim that the present trouble Lias been brewing for two months. Tho owners of Tho big stables refusal to sign the scale. The men claim they have to work from six of clock in the morning until six p. In. They say that frequently when they go to turn in they urn told to go Back and work several hours longer when then is a big dance or social function on and that they do not receive any extra pay for the overtime. Quite a number of funerals Aru to take place today and of the Drivers refuse to go to work it will be difficult to bold them. Tile Hack Drivers say that Tho strike go a into effect at six o clock this morning. It is Likely that both or. I Avell and or. Reed will to seen driving Hacks today. Thomas l. Worthington Saccu tubed to an attack of Scarlet fever. Was quarantined after death the City health authorities were enable to place the sign on the House until after the undertaker had visited the place deceased had Ucon married three weeks and was sick three Days. Thomas l. Worthington a Painter for the Anaconda company died at nine of clock yesterday morning from the effects of Scarlet fever but the quarantine sign was not placed on the House until after undertaker Richards had visited the premises. Mrs. Worthington told the undertaker that she had no idea that her husband had the disease and was not so informed by the doctor who attended him. She believed that Worthington was suffering from an affection of the Throat Ami wits apparently As much surprised As tile in Dort Ker when she Paw the sign placed on the House. The doctor in attendance explains that he could not communicate to Tho City authorities the fact that the Case was Scarlet fever is it did not develop until after closing hours on saturday night and the Flut was closed till Day sunday. Soon after Worthington passed away his wife sent word to or. Richards and he visited the House Ami cared for the remains. Later in the Day he again visited the House which is situated at 458 East bark Street and was astonished to be a Scarlet fever sign near the a kor and wanting everyone not to enter the place. He telephoned to acting health officer Sullivan and asked him if the pallbearers could not enter the House at the time of the funeral on Christmas Day Ami received the answer that the acting health officer would inquire into the Law on the subject and Send him word this morning. At the time the quarantine sign was tacked up the House was thoroughly fumigated by one of the deputies of the health department. Or. Worthington was thirty two years of age and was married three weeks ago to mrs. Anna Mckay. He has a great Many friends in the City who will be sincerely Grieve to learn of his death. No More free rides railway travelling men must pay for touring Over foreign lines. Change effective january i this is one of the results of the recent big railway consolidations affects Hutto representatives of foreign roads blame is Laid on James j. Hill and Eil Harriman. Personal. Or. J. S. Wright has returned from a two weeks visit at Missoula. J. B. Read editor of Tho inter Mountain departed last evening for san Francisco. H. J. Manhart of Saint Paul inspector for Tho great Northern railway is in the City. Ii. Allen departed yesterday for Salt Lake where he will spend the Christmas holidays. J. C. St. Clair departed yesterday for Stilt in to to spend the holidays with friends. G. W. Templeton departed yesterday for Bisbee. Arizona to look after some mining claims. Moffat of Philipsburg was in the City yesterday Enro Ute to Salt talk to spend Tho holidays. Judge w. E. Cullen of Spokane was in the City yesterday Enro Ute Home from u business trip to Denver. Miss Bessie und or. Elliott Hutchins Are spending the holidays with mrs. George Ross 1024 Utah Avenue. Alderman Thomas Bryant departed yesterday for Salt i Ike where he will s end the holidays with relatives and friends. G. L. Havens of the Oregon Short line office departed last night for Billings luxe to will spend Christmas with Gurtne folks. Reverend father Larkin of Tho All hallows College of Salt Lake was in the City yesterday Enro Ute Home from a trip to the puget sound country. W. E. Brink City ticket agent of Tho Northern Pacific arrived Homo yesterday from grand Forks n. D., where he in been visiting friends for the past two weeks. Ii. O. Wilson general agent of the Oregon Short urn in this City a companies by his wife and her sister miss puss Cullen departed last evening for Spokane to spend Tho holidays with mrs. Wilson a parents. A. Morrison of Whitehall is in the City. A. Trudgeon and wife of Deer Lodge Are visiting friends in the City. Eugene ring came in from Sheridan yesterday. Editor wild of the Basin Progress is in the City. F. H. Child and doctor j. M. Sligh of Anaconda were Butte visitors yesterday. John Bielenberg one of the leading cattle men of the state is in the City from his Home at Deer Lodge. J. W. Knight and wife e. Mules inn and James Lyle of Raymond Are visiting in the City. That Tho Eastern trunk lines Are in Earnest in i heir efforts to eliminate free transportation is evidenced by Tho circulars to Thor Western representatives bearing on the subject. All travelling and general agents in this City have been notified that after january i 1902, free transportation will not tie issued to representatives of other roads Ami that no transportation will be Isk a from Western lint s for the men of the Eastern roads. It was at first thought that this order was the death Nell of the travelling freight and passenger agent but this does not appear to be the Case although local railway men Are inclined to believe that it is the first step towards that end and As a result of the recent railway consolidations. The infest instruction received by representatives of Eastern roads Are to the effect that each Man must furnish a detailed statement of the Miles travelled during nov pm Lier which Lins been taken to mean that this will be us Al is a Baals for an additional expense account to cover transportation for la travelling agents. The Eastern agreement not Only cuts out Tho courtesies heretofore extended to the big shipper to the detriment of the merchant in a Small Way. And Tho pull for trip passes for services rendered Etc., but it abolishes Tii Exchange of annual passes wit ii Western lines among railway employees themselves. Tho railway Mon think they see in it the doom of the travelling representatives of the railway corporations. Tho Only reason that the agents of we Tern Roods a not included is found in the refusal of the Small roads to enter into an agreement to abolish passes. Quot How Long the Small roads can hold out against Tho pressure that is Tsing brought to Bear on them by the big Railroad corporations is not known Bald a Railroad Man yesterday Quot but till can him what it will mean of they can in forced into the agreement nothing More nor Leos than Tho elimination of Tho travelling agent As Well As free transportation. It will also mean regardless of an agreement of the roads in Tho Western association that travelling men who a retained will make Overy trip count and that no junkets will to taken at Tho expense of the company that they represent Quot to prevent Tho Small roads from getting an advantage by the issuance of trip bombs to the travelling agents thus allowing them to run up expensive transportation Bills with other lines the agents a expressly forbidden to nuke from other lines under any conditions. Tho order bars Tho agents from even accepting trans mgt Rution on personal grounds. Quot another feature will in that agents of Eastern lines will hereafter make fewer trl a from their respective Headquarters and will use the Telephone Telegraph and Uncle same a Majl bags More frequently. Further Devol Menta in this particular Branch of Tho Railroad service will be we teed with interest by All Railroad employees. Quot Consoli Dalton of railway interests must necessarily mean the cutting Down of expenses lint Little can be done along this lint in the transportation department hence the traffic department will is tit one to Bear the Brunt of the pruning knife and of course tin first branches lopped off will in the travelling agent and the foreign agent. In my judgment James j. Hill und e. La. Harriman of the Union Pacific Are the men who have done More to bring about this agitation and make its Success possible than any other two Rny in in the country although the Pennsylvania anti the Vandervolt llm8 took Tho initiative in the a a a a a a a a a e a a a in we a w a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a of it a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a <�000000000 000000000 Al a aaa 000000000000000000 a a a a a a a a by b b b b a b by by by by by by by by by by by b in by b b b b a b b b b in 0 b b b by by a b by by b b by a Nickelet watch Given away today with every Purchase of $4.50 in our boys clothing department by a a b in a 0 b o b in a 0 a in in o b 4 a a a 0 a 0 g a 0 a 0 b b by by by by by b b by b b o b b b b b by by b 0 by b 0 b 0 b b b 0 b b 0 b b b in a in a w b by by by b b b b b b b b by All Christmas novelties at reduced prices today b b b 0 b 0 b b b 0 by by by by a a Bill by by by by by by by 0 b by a b b b b b a a by b a b b b b b b b by by by All toys and dolls off the marked Price today a by 0 by a in a in 0 b b b by by by by by by a pen tonight Thornton cafe. Get your of a hrs Mas dinner at the Thornton cafe for $1.00. Harmonicas Withers a Ordioni Concertinas flutes Musk boxes music Rolls and other musical goo an especially compute Stock for Lite Holiday Trade. Montana music company he North main Street. By by by by by by by b b by m. J. Connell company by a a a 009bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbid bbb bbb i i by a a by a a by a a notice. Notice is hereby Given in a Cord Anre with Section 26s2 of the c�h1o of civil procedure that in pursuant of an order of Sal of the District court of the second judicial District of the state of Montana in and for the county of Silver Bow made Lite 16th Lay of december find in the matter of the estate of William Egan deceased that the undersigned Thomas Rowan administrator of the estate of said deceased will so at private Sal to Tho highest bidder for Cash and subject to the confirmation of Tho said second judicial District court of tile stat of Montana on thursday tin ninth Day of january 19u2, at the hour of two p. In. In the afternoon of said Day. At the office of j. P. Healy room is. Silver Bow Block butt City Silver How county Montana All the right till and interest and estate of the said William Egan at the tim of his death and All the right title and interest that the said estate tuts by operation of Law or otherwise acquired other than anti in addition to that of the said William Egan at the time of Iii death in and to the following described property to wit an undivided one sixth 1-6 intent Sis Well a All right till and interest in and to the Little ploy Iamaio mining claim patented lot 372, edition 21. Township 3 North Range 7 West Silver How county Montana. All bbl or offers for the said property must be in writing and left at the office of Tho said j. F la Aly. Room 31, Silver How Block Butte City Silver How county Montana or delivered to tit undersigned executor personally or May be filed with the clerk of the sold afer Ade scribed court at any time after the publication of this notice and before the said Date designated for the making of the said Sale. Terms and conditions of kale Cash ten percent of the Purchase Money to be paid upon the Day of Sal and the balance upon confirmation of the said Sale by the said second judicial District court of the second judicial District of the said state of Montana in and for Tho county of Silver How. Dated december 22. 1901. Thom a Rowan. Administrator of the estate of William Egan deceased. J. E. Healy. Attorney for administrator. Our Stock a a so a a by a a by a a by a a two things against in Gold filled watches startling depreciation worthless guarantee to guard buying a by a a a in a a by 44 by a a of jewelry is the finest in the state a a that Sally we Are too Busy to bib Fay More Tuttle Greene jewelry co. Opposite Hen Nessye a n. Main St. Butte Montana. A a by a a by a a by a a by a a by a a by a a by a a by a a it would startle you to know How Little Gobi there is in some of the to called Gold filled watch now on the Market. The very extreme of depreciation has been reached in certain make of a Jil year Gold tilled ens. They Are actually Kohl by the maker of Low a two Dollar. How much Gold Tau you expect in such a Case. A Hen tile worthlessness of the Case become apparent the Turner finds himself Cus a a by a a by i a a by a a by a a by a a in a a a by a a a 0 a 4 absolutely without redress. The response from the jeweler and maker is practically a repudiation of the guarantee. We Are offering for a few Days the celebrated James Gold filled cases a a by a a by a a by a a by a 0 by a a by a a by a a a a a v by a a by a a with Elgin and Waltham movements at unusually Low prices for such High Grade watches All the very newest patterns. These cases represent the Acme of Art intrinsic Worth and constructive perfection in watch Case manufacture. They Are made almost entirely by hand and in shape ornamentation und finish they evidence the manual deftness of the skilled Artisan. 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