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Anaconda Butte Miner Newspaper Archives Dec 24 1901, Page 4

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Anaconda Butte Miner (Newspaper) - December 24, 1901, Anaconda, Montana The Butte mixer tuesday Mohning december 24, 1901 the Butte Miner Puhi us re dully by the it eth Miner company it Noe. Isi iss unit 1s& West a no dwt a Butte Montana. Officer Butte Miner company tame k. Mes let president Yeeee b. and treasurer a. B. Keith Sec retry and managing editor. Rates of subscriptions Dally Miner one year in Advance Bio Dally Aliner six months in Advance to Bally Miner one month by Carrier by sunday Miner one year in Advance weakly Miner one year in Advance pm. Entered at the Post office at Bette Montana As second class mail matter. South american Opportunity. No one can seriously study the conditions that prevail today in the world of caucasian Progress without boing impressed with the likelihood that South America is the great Battleground of the future. Not Only b the congested population of Many european countries seeking an outlet into conditions that Quot will Lessen the Strain of the struggle for existence but those mho aspire to opportunities must ibid thera on tile Plains and Steppes of Quot the Southern hemisphere. For years the Republic of Tho United states has been Tho Asylum of the of of att it Ionov through. Unit san i inviting too or re orcs not Only available Tamitra Sibr that have contributed to Tbs up building of Tho country but an overflow of ingrates that Poison tile it we in of tiber to Sud bring discredit ppm the most Liberal government on Ralfh. Ciupy Tep our Liberal immigration Ieso being modified to the pm that Elf a tim Iii infill possess the qualifications of manhood tile essentials of american May be permitted to enter a reports in other words As the years Roll by do Enship under our Flag will be too highly prize to be thrown at every Hollo from Abe slums of Europe Aud the overflow from the old world that has been pouring into our country for years will Beek other channels. South America is still open to both the better Ami the worser types from All sections of the old world and a Potpourri of humanity will seek Homes along the Amazon and the Andes in years to come. It it raid that ancient Home owed its evolution not to its alleged founders nor to the Mother milk of the nhe Wolf that suckled them but to the fact that it lie Carus the rendezvous of the outlaws of the then existing nations. Those desperate characters made War on the Sabines and us the final result of their forays and the capture of the women whom they took to wife u nation of Warrior was bom and the foundations of an Imperial Empire were Laid. Out of the conditions now developing in South american conditions that May not Ripen into ultimate effects for u Cen Tery to come there May evolve a civilisation characterized by every element of Progress that make a people great. In considering those who Are termed ffe�1swle� elements we Are too prone to forget the lesson of history unit the antecedents of our own race too Likely to Overlook Iii outlaws of Home the Vikings of Early Europe and the piratical Anoa try of some of the proudest family tree that Ever shed autumn leaves in american society. There i a Hyde and it Kyl principle to every Man and conditions May make the a one prominent or the other just As Matture of the want of it May be contingent upon environments which the individual cannot control. Not everyone is As Well fixed As was Pat anti Ley Mode famous in hark Twain s gilded age. Tat landed it Castle Garden and shouldered his trunk and made his Way to the flowery where by dint of Energy and perseverance be became chief clerk in a basement dive Only to Progress through sturdy Economy in saving his own income and u Large portion of unit of his proprietor until he owned the place himself. Later on he purchased a High toned Saloon Aud was elected to Congress whereupon he kit the need of taking on t Iii tie polish and accompanied by mrs. Of Bivey he went to Paris. Upon their return the name of tat of Kiley never More appeared on tile Escutcheon of fume or the hotel registers it was patriotic or Wile. Horn Day the fighting jostling uneasy netless South american Republic will t vol a a citizenship containing die Hest and most progressive traits of a Tor a ugly mixed population and the Southern hemisphere will Luke its place on the huge of human affairs and add its glory to the history of the world. Or. Crofter will May with us. Or. Kimbard Croker will stay with a. Rile Squire of Wantage in England and the Boas of new York City in the United Blate announces that we cannot lose him. This will be Good news for the re publicans. The members of that party Ria Lay refuses to resign. Advices from Washington Are to Tho effect that or. Maclay who is supposed to be a reincarnation of the once famous Baron Munchausen has refused to resign his position in the Navy Yard and give up his princely salary of $2.49 per Day. After having approved the findings of the Hoard of inquiry in the Schley ease which practically confirms the statements made in Maclay a alleged history the government by a strange perversion of logic indicates to the historian that he should resign his Job. Since the celebrated scotch verdict a not guilty but done to do it again a there has been nothing in the. Line of jurisprudence so completely submerged in equity As Tho demand for Maclay a resignation. If it had not been for Maclay the court martial had no or been held and the verdict against the hero of Santiago would have remained forever in Tho womb of Accident. Tho Opportunity to prove that Admiral Schley was overpaid when he received $216 for sinking the Fleet of Cervera at Santiago and that Admiral Sampson was underpaid when he received $2.&Quot, for being absent from his Post of duty and out of Range of tile Spanish guns would not have occurred Bud it not been for Maclay. It was the magic pen of Maclay that gave Sampson the Chance to show that he had emulated he example of his ancient namesake and pulled the Temple of glory Down upon his own devoted Bend. Had Maclay dedicated his Brilliant talents to scraping barnacles off american Bottoms at $2.19 o. Day. Instead of taking bus pen in hand to let the country know How to was getting along the Tempus Fugit never would have collided Wilh the Inu Tum in parvo and proved that True patriotism consists in being a Pink Tea purveyor of republicanism rather than a ship sinking Democrat of the old school. It is manifestly unjust to Maclay to Rob him of his Job in the nary Yard after having officially approved of the Gulliver glints and Side lights of the american Navy that he gave to the world. Instead of firing him or at least placing him on the firing line the government ought to have Given him an additional boost in the archives of Fame by changing his name to Mike a Lay that future generations might he persuaded to couple him with the famous family of that name in the More honoured history of our Republic. Unless something of this kind is done the time will Rome As the present goes thundering Down Tho tramways of the future when the name of the Man who made Sampson by unmaking Schley will be corrupted from a Mac Lay to a a met Lay a and his statements will be attributed to race prejudices As there is an unmistakable suggestion or sauerkraut about tie antecedents of Tho Only Way out of it is to Christen the hero of the Brooklyn Navy Yard a Mike a on the theory that Michael Angelo demonstrated that history can olt a signally produce a great Man familiarly known As a a Mike without necessarily timing of hibernian descent. The refusal of Maclay to resign until to is licked out would seem to indicate that to la figuring on the lecture Field or dime museum a noon us he is or titled by an unfeeling government. It is clearly his intention to lie forced out of a Job and then Appeal to the country for a vindication on the theory that if the verdict if tile court of inquiry in Correri Why Isnit Maclay Correct and if Maclay is wrong upon what theory is the court of inquiry right Why should Tho verdict of the Board be approved while the verdict of Maclay leads to his dismissal from tile government service Maclay May make a diligent Hunt for the time honoured coloured gentleman who is supposed to he hiding in the woodpile Anil alas he May unearth tim contraband. To the overwhelming disgust of the Powers that to. It is really dangerous for the government to a Iuit the author of the celebrated historical charges against Admiral Schley to quit the Navy Yard Al the Zenith of his glory and he thrown on the Coll resources of an unfeeling american Public just As the fruits of his work Are being harvested by Admiral Sampson and Secretary Bing. No Pedestal of glory in Sod on the verdict of the Board of inquiry in the Schley Case is Complete without Maclay parched upon its Pinnacle Aud the government will subject itself to ult sorts of criticism if this log Vul presumption is overlooked. Of Schley is a Knave and a Coward for having sent the Spanish Fleet at Santiago to Tho Ultima of the sen instead of permitting it to escape lint Sampson might have another Opportunity to Chuse it around in the Atlantic to eau from first to the Homestretch then is Kuchiy a Public bom Factor in giving the truth to the world. Maluy is behind the extraordinary movement in american is cities that would Rob a mail of a great Victory Flint had much to do with bringing the Spanish american Quot a to a conclusion and he should share ins proportion of the glory of such an achievement and he permitted to retain his $2.-19 Job Tho balance of his natural life. Burghers be conquered. When War degenerates into a proposition of killing off the population in order to protect the reputation for prowess that a nation May have enjoyed it partakes too much of Tho methods of tile red american Indian to be tolerated by the civilized world. England must withdraw from the Transvaal. Governor Crane of Massachusetts refuses tile Treasury portfolio soon to be vacated by Gage. Tile position is said to have been offered governor Shaw of Iowa. Sir. Shaw is a Mono mentalist of the most pronounced Typo and an experienced hanker As Well As having had years of experience As a sunday school superintendent. The acquittal of lieutenant governor Higgins of the charge of assault by an unanimous verdict of the jury of his fellow citizens is a hard blow to the Missoni inn and the Helena record who were looking Forward with a great Deal of political Zeal to a Case of official impeachment. With All the merry making of christinas eve let no one forget what the world owes to Tho Christ child and the principles of humanity and kindness he gave to Mankind. To the civilization builder on his mighty name we owe nil that we have a right to feel thankful for today. The Man who Makos the gems of the fireside Happy at the merry Christmas time May feel poorer in pane but a thousand times Richer in All that goes to purify Aud ennoble Tho soul. The supreme question As to whether the present shall lie something that is full of sentiment or full of Comfort must he settled today. The heavier the Burden Yon carry Home tonight in your arms the lighter will be tile Burden in your heart. The a Orson who plays Santa Claus is not As Sucic. Did As the person who works him. The emaciated Hoer Republic would like to get a British general in its stocking. I he Man who gets nothing else at Christmas reserves the right to get drunk. However excellent the weather u Green Christmas is impossible in Butte. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a so a in incidental would hardly have known what to do Hail or. Croker decided to eschew politics in Hie future. A Campaign that did nut give Ute republicans a Chance to Luke a fall out of the famous tammany chieftain from the platform and the hustings Wouch not seem like the proper thing. In fact it w Ould lose interest for it might take the republicans some time to get properly organized in their selection of a new scape Goat. Or. Unok cry of political enemies appear to have been Iii Nome dread that the great might Duiko the dust of new York from his feet and Uke up his abode across the water. Thane rumours became so persistent that the great Boss Felt Call Ltd upon to deny them Iii order that he might restore peace to the Republican mind or. Croker goes even further than might lie expected in contradicting this Rej Mirt concerning himself. He even indicates that he intends to dispute with the republicans the title to ult tile patriotism of the country. In tin interview obtained last week the great new York politician Gays a nothing can or will separate me from tammany Hall. English life is All right in its Way but i no in american and an american i will always remain. A Long As possible i will give new York municipal politic my Aid Aud assistance in in Endeavor to make the democratic purty stronger und More powerful than it will be noticed that like Ell True patriots or. Croker is not discouraged by u single reverse upon the political Battlefield. Just because or. Astor has gone Over to England and become a naturalized britishers it should not be thought for a moment unit All our Grout men will immediately follow the example of that Well known member of ail old Ulm distinguished american family. It is even fair to believe from or. Crokers latest interview that he would greatly recent being placed in tile same category with any of the families who arc recognized As be longing to the new York �?o460.�?� or. Croker wants it understood that he is an american in America even if he is Lite Squire of Wantage in England lie May die in England hut even if lie should he so unfortunate he will t nil die an american. In fact his patriotism la of Tho kind shut is dyed in the Wool. It May seem perhaps. Hun England just now is in Mort need of Brilliant statesmen limn the United states is but even our feeling of Friend Uip for the British nation recently reinforced us it has been by tile English agreeing to Ermit us to build Tho canal across the isthmus if we pay for it nil ourselves would not permit us to lend them or. Croker unless that gentleman was willing to lie Lent. When or. Croker sails across Tho Pond again it will not he necessary for the resident on the other Side to meet him with u brass hand playing a god have the King a for the great tammany chief has said in has no intention of entering of Kab politics. The United states and More particularly the City of new York is still to have the advantage of his counsel did and Las is to do with this knowledge in mind there should no longer la any reason Why every patriotic american should not enjoy his Christmas festival soothed by the reflection that or. Croker a determined not to abandon tim nation to its fun the boor War shown no immediate sign of collapsing it being authoritatively hit he that the followers of Oom la aul Are receiving did from euro ican sources. England having exposed her weaknesses and the limits of her resources for conducting the War Iii Hutli Africa Ila called Down upon Lier head the Best efforts of her secret enemies. There i a constantly growing sympathy for the Boers even among those believing that England was justified in resenting the conditions of citizenship Init wed by the Transvaal Republic for hostilities have been so Long drawn us to justify tile belief that Only by sex Lei mutation eau Tho to the Day a a we have a Happy prosperous and contented people in my town a said judge a. J. Stephens of Missoula at the Fin leu last evening. A Missoula has the advantage of having diversified interests consequently there is no time when we have a depression Iii All lines. Take it today when the Low Price of Copper is causing the uneasy feeling Here in Butte. While we have considerable Copper interests we have so Many other interests that this slump in the Price of the red Metal Doe not effect us. Tho lumber Industry is probably our largest interest and there is always la ready Mil for the futile output of the various Mills. Then there is a Large amount of outs and Hay shipped etch your from our City. This in addition to the livestock Ami Placer mining makes Missoula one of the he St Buri nets Points in flu treasure state. All the merchants report a Good Trade this full Ami real state is moving Lively at Good judge Stephen Aho mud that there was considerable development work a ing done at Missoula this year. A new Ork company is opening up a Copper mine Haring already exp it add of a $3u,Utt. A Mil nuke Syndicate is Al o working a Copper property having expended u similar amount. A George t. Iau port of bed Iulg is in the City in the interests of his Coal mines on i tear Creek located about twelve Miles Southeast of bed Lodge in sinking of by property or. Laiu Pori said a we Are mining the by St article of Coal at Bear Creek that is being mine Din the state. At present our output is i limited owing to the expenses of getting it to Market. We have to haul Over the Mountain to bed bulge. And thut Mike the Coal Cost a More on Board the car than does any other Coal produced in the state. If we could Only get a Railroad into that Section we would soon develop one of tin Margrat Coal producing mine Iii Montana. As it is we have a ready Sal for All Hie Coal we Cam get to the Railroad although we have to sell it at a higher Price than other Mou Taua Coal is sold nos a the Bozeman City fathers Are having ail sorts of trouble installing their new sewerage system a Haiti Ben Hager to contractor from Billings at the Butte lost Cheming. A when they let the contract inst summer i put in a bid for the work placing the Price a Low a i considered Tho work could he done and done Well leaving a very Small margin of profit for the contrator. A local contractor who had never Hod any experience in sewer building Bud a bid in much lower than mine and was Given the Job. After getting the work fairly Well started he realized he was going to lose several thousand Dollar on the Job and threw in up. A i he City fathers then conceived the idea of completing the work under their supervision Aud have it eix having All sorts of trouble Ever since. The system when completed will Cost them a hard Somo figure above my bid and i doubt if they have a Good Job ass judge Parker and court stenographer t. J. A. Monaghan of Boulder were in the City yesterday Enro Ute Home from Virginia City where they have been the past two weeks holding court. A we worked night and Day for two weeks a said judge Parker last evening at the Finlen a in order to get the docket cleaned up so a to to Able to spend our Christmas at Home. I have been noticing the improvements made in the Minei Here of late and am indeed gratified to see them. The Holiday number was one of the finest newspaper productions i have Ever seen and i Tun sending several copies of the same to Ray old friends in Kentucky so that they can see what is being done in Montana and also to show them what an enterprising Detuno Tantic Imper we have Here in Butte. I am a Rock rih Bod Democrat and this improvement in Tho minor pleases me wonderfully for when the Standard practically read itself out of the democratic party last fall it left the Field open for a strictly reliable democratic newspaper and the Miner if now stepping into that Field and i am confident Tiu it in the future it will a looked upon is the democratic newspaper of the state. Us Occam to tile new a a a Mark Prumm general Manger of h. L. Franks interests at the town of Frank Northwest territory Canada is in the City to spend the holidays with relatives and old friends i to speaking of the future Outlook for the Coal mining Camp of Frank or. Prumm grows very ent in. Kist in. A we Are now shipping 300 tons of Coal a Day and by the first of june our daily output will be above the 1500 ton Mark. At present we Are employing i fit miners Ami will add More men As fast As we can get room for them in the mine. The mine Lins not been opened a year and already it has developed into the largest Coal producing Camp in the country with one Oxcep-1 Tion that being the a rows neat goal company a works West of us on Iii other ride of the rang Ami we have a larger Coalfield than they and it la Only a question of time until our company the Canadian a Mer lean Coal company will be putting out More Coal than any other company in the Busine. Our town now Inis a population of Over four Hundred people. There Are twelve business House and two Good hotels. We Are already at work on a waterworks system and will Complete the same shortly after the Frost goo out in Tho Spring. The water i taken from a Mountain Stream above Tho town and conducted through Mains to the City for use. The vein of Coal which Wear working is a vertical one ranging in thickness from fourteen to Twenty seven it. It to an excellent Quality of Bani bituminous Coal and is Fine cok ing Coal. We had six Coke ovens erected his fall to test the coking qualities of this Coal and found it to is very Mullener. In the Spring work will in com am iced Ami rushed to completion and 230 j ovens will be built. An electric Light system for the town will also be installed next Rummer we having already Pur a phased the Dynamo and machinery. An expert win Lins just completed an examination of our Coal Fields Stutes that tiler Are i.�?Tum�, ton of Coal that to easily mined lit addition to tin we have five other veins which we have not Usyk t done any development work on. I see that some of these enterprising Mon Iana Newsow Permen have had us sold out several times already to Eastern in j French syndicates but there to not on word of truth in the reports. We have in excellent tiling there Ami tin com pan is writ aware of it Ami does not propose to let go of us ii a gins thing just us it is commencing to develop it. The country surrounding is Rich in Iron or an i firmly believe that the time is not Fui Distant when at Frank will be located i some of la Birgit blast furnaces on j the or. Drumm in addition to managing or. Frank s various inter ots at that Point is postmaster mayor of the Village or overseer us it is term the re president of the kc1ik�i Board Aud fills with dignity All of these office Awell us Many minor one. Business in Butte for six years past and newer during that time have i been the subject of complaint nor have i Ever been charged either before the Council or in court with conducting my business along any but honorable and legitimate have noticed however since there has been so much talk about the disreputable conduct of employment Agenes in this City through the fact that the names of the alleged guilty parties have not been made Public Many of my patrons have become suspicious possibly thinking that some of the Shady transactions that have been discussed originated with me. I would ask As a matter of Justice that should Tho Council ver have reason to publicly debate upon this subject again Liat its members state openly the name of the agent or Agency that is involved in the criticism made. I notice that the City is going into the employment Agency itself. This action on its part is said to be prompted largely from a desire to protect working men from the swindling operations that it to alleged some unnamed agent has been guilty of. The City could have protected the working men much More cheaply and fully of Weil by simply revoking the License of any agent or Agency that it was proved conducted business along dishonest lines. As it to to run an office of its own will Cost Tho taxpayers of Butte from $3,000 to $3,000 a year and it hardly seems like a Square Deal for the municipality to engage in that line of business. Experience has shown however that agencies conducted by City and state authority have invariably proved unsuccessful and after a trial have been abandoned. Tho particular Point that i desire to make is that it is unfair to condemn All employment agents and agencies because some people in the business May to dishonest. S. Vav. Jackson proprietor tile St. Paul employment Agene 17 West Granite. Butte december 23, 1901. Dividend declared. New York i tee. 23.�?at a meeting of the directors of the american Woolen com Jinny today a dividend of one and three percent on the preferred Stock was declared. This is the eleventh consecutive quarterly dividend disbursed to the it preferred shareholders since its organization amounting in the aggregate to $3330,000, or $1923 per share. Holiday delicacies voting Gou Pon. Montana a noted men a Fob tue Hall of Fame St. Louis 1903 to the Miner i herewith cast one vote each for the two names following to represent Tho state of Montana in Tho Hall of Fame. Bested fully. Montana rot. . City Market fancy poultry belgian Hare fruits Florida grape fruit Malaga grapes Cal i for xxx la grapes Catawba grapes persimmons pomegranates Midsummer vegetables lettuce string Beans radishes egg Plant Brussell sprouts artichokes cauliflower finest celery grown Shell fish Blue Point oysters Olympia oysters live lobsters Dungeness crabs fresh fish City Market Eisler amp Gronberg props. 26 West Park i in Wisdom a path to Holiday buying leads to this All agent not dishonest. To the Miner i he recent notoriety that has been Given the employment Agency Busine in Butte both by the City Council and by the pres Lins tended to work a great injustice to Tho people engaged in the Auriti who conduct agencies along Hon a a Ruble Ulm legitimate line. The Public is very Apt to think that All agencies a alike while As a matter of fact there is a great difference in the manner in which they a conducted. At a recent meeting of the City Council major Dawson made u statement telling that body an experience be bad with unemployment Agency. According to his Story he needed thirty men and the agent he employed sent him Atquit two Hundred lax res everyone of whom be held up for $1. The men wore angry when they found that they had Berat swindled Ami were inclined to blame major Dawson in the matter. The truth Tagliat if major Dawson had asked the right kind of an Agency to obtain the men he needed a never would have had any trouble in the matter. Several alleged disreputable transactions involving an Agency in this City have been published in the press Aud aired by Hie Council. In these discussions the name of the employment Agency that it is charged Lias been guilty of questionable practice Bas never appeared and As a result it has worked a hardship upon agencies that have been conducted in in honorable manner As the Public not knowing who has been guilty of the alleged frauds views All agencies with suspicion is far As i am concerned i desire to say that i have been in the couches $6.75 to $35 Hall Trees 09.00 to $40 ladies desks $4.65 to $25 great Center tables 50c to $10 dining tables $5.75 to $37 China closets $17.65 to $45 parlor cabinets $10 to $45 rockers 90c to $35 music cabinets $7.75 to $25 Reed rockers $3.75 to $12 buffets $12.50 to $40 Chiffo Niers $8.00 to $35 Metal Beds $2.50 to $30 Down quilts $5.00 to $12.50 Library tables $5.00 to $60 s a c r i f i c e Sale Cut Glass Cut prices dressing tables $8.00 to $25 combination cases $12.50 to $40 parlor suits $15 to $35 sideboards $17.65 to $50 Tabor ettes 50c to $5.00 Hall rack mirrors $1.50 to $7.50 shaving stands $7.50 to $13.50 child s rockers $1.50 to $3.50 suit cases and Valise $1.00 to $20 because we have 16 carloads too Many Brownfield Canty carpet co. 48 to 54 w. Park and 43 to 45 w. Galena its. Stuss a a a a a a a a s St ass

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