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Anaconda Butte Miner Newspaper Archives Dec 24 1901, Page 10

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Anaconda Butte Miner (Newspaper) - December 24, 1901, Anaconda, Montana Iother Butte Miner tuesday morning december 24, 1901. Markets of the world deep Cut is made in Sudar heavy under bidding the cause of a violent slump. New York. De. 23. Today a Stork Market took on Tho tone of Holiday dilutions and Tho volume of dealings f. La away to Over half a million Sharos of which a Largo proportion was in sugar. The fluctuations in Tho general Market wore not of great importance outside of sugar. There was a disposition to Advance Railroad stocks in the Early dealings especially the coolers hut the steady liquidation in sugar had an unsettling influence a the stiffness of Call loan Market discouraged speculation. Tho Hanks generally marked up the for standing Call Loans at eight percent arid the greater part of the Days Loans were made at that rate. Tile deep Cut of Twenty five Points made by the american sugar refining company in the Jerrice of sugar thus under bidding their principal competitors caused discussion of the probability of a resumption of a War in the Trade hut much attention was also Given assertions of the threat of Competition growing out of the great increase in the production of beet sugar and the Low Price at which that sugar is Selling. Only twice during the Day did sugar rally As Mach As a Point to interrupt its persistent downward course. The final Price was the lowest and to is below saturday. The previous Low record for this year was broken at la 2-3. Twi Aye a final Price was in 1-4. Araug amazed Copper maintained its More stable tone. Fluctuating Over less than a mint hut always below saturdays level. The stocks net loss is 3-8. There was some disorder in the Metal Market in London which wan reflected in a three Point decline in National Lead preferred Here the common Stock losing a Point. The firmness in the coolers was due to the urgent character of the demand for Coal which is reported to amount to a famine at some paints thus maintaining the Prosperity of the year s of largest pro tic ton and. Greatest profits in the Coal Trade. New York air Brake broke fifteen Points on the report of a judicial decision against one of the company s patents. But recovered a Large part of the loss. The probability that Money rates will not relax until some time after january i recessed speculation. The unprecedented Holiday Trade is making a Largo local demand for Cash and it is reported that the Trust companies Are drawing Down their deposits with the bunks somewhat for their year end requirements. There was deposited at the sub Treasury $350.ms today for Transfer to new Orleans. Many predictions continue to circulate of a january Rise in prox a a after Money becomes easier. Hands were Olmut moderately Active today and irregular. Total sales Par value. $2,709,000. United states threes registered and the new fours declined 1-8.percent on the last Call. New York stocks. Atchison. 78 do. Preferred.�?z.11084 Baltimore and Ohio. 160% do. Preferred. 91 Canadian piwlflc112% Canada Southern. 85% Chesapeake and ohio46% Chicago and alton.3444 do. Pref or a 7f,% Chicago. Ind. Anil a ads Viii. To do. Preferred. 71 Chicago and Eastern Illinois Puu ill Rego and great Western 1% do. A preferred nt3 do. It preferred. 45% of a Hie ago and Northwestern an f Hungo Hick i land and la Aruth. J50% Chicago terminal and transit. Do. Preferred. C., c. And habit Loots. Colorado . First preferred. Do. To Pond preferred. Delaware and Hudson. A la. Lanka and Western. A. Denver nod Kin Grande. Do. Preferred. Brig. Do. First preferred. Do. Second preferred. Great Northern preferred. Hooking Valley. Do. Preferred. Illinois Central. Iowa Central. Do. Preferred. Lake Erie and Western. Do. Preferred. Louisville and Nash Ioe. Manhattan i. Metropolitan Lireet hallway mexican Central mexican National. Minneapolis and Saint xxi is. Missouri i Arith. Missouri Kansas and Texas. Do. Preferred. New Jersey Central new York Central. Norfolk and Western do. Preferred Northern Pacific. Do. Preferred. Ontario Zuni Western. Pennsylvania. A. Eluting. Do. First preferred. Do. So could or furred. Saint Louis and san Fri Necco. Do. First preferred. Do. Second in of a Sredl. In Sia 974 a to. 57% 22% 175 242 4.1j m Quot 40% 72% 5s 1kj%tit a 137% a 71fri to pie pc 162% 24% uni 106% 102% 184 i 66% .9134% hts amp a it i 59% 55% i 13 it Bacilli i ski is soul h weal earn do prof in <1., Saint Paul do preferred. Boul hem in ache. Boi Tiern railway. Do. Preferred. Texas and Pacific. Toledo. Bacilli let out it and Western.,. Do. Preferred�?.-. 217 Vul not irs gds 32% sum 18% 101%a is 42fs4 a 26%20%46%, Union i milk la preferred. Vav Al anti. A preferred. Wheeling and Lake Erie. Do. Second preferred. Wisconsin Central. Do. Preferred. Sex fresh com fan ebb. American3>2 United Blairs Sci m ii a Ellanez it us. Amalgamated co Perom american car Anil foundry do. ,4 american linseed oil17� do. Preferred41 american smelting and refining 43% do. Preferred.�6% Anaconda Alining company. 2s% Brooklyn rapid transit. 64% colors do fuel and Iron. 89% consolidated Gas.215 general electric. ,.279% i Cummi Eagar .38% ii a King Coal. 15% International paper. 2u do. Preferred. 75 International jpowsr.k8 Laclede gab. So National biscuit. National Lead. National Salt. A to. Preferred. North american. 1 had tic Ltd Oast. A. I a Knific mall. I Colo t Gas. Pressed St eel in . Preferred. Pullman in Alae car. Republic St cd. Do. Preferred. Sugar. Ten noes he Coal and or it a. Union hag Ami paper conf any do. Preferred., United slates leather. Do. Preferred. United by ates . Do. Preferred. Ii re iou slates steel. A to. Preferred. Western , Ann Rion locomotive. Do. Preferred. 43 a 15%, 2 61. -----93 a. 74% -44 .1181%4 a a .21415l�i34 .h�?T9% 63% la 73 la a 13% 4% 42% 92% 91. A or. 89% Cuba higher with spot quoted at 42102 lbs my futures at Chu 17s 6d. The local Market was better and closed at $23.25. But very Dull. Copper in in Inion also gained �1 12s re to �17 for spot and �47 15s for futures. At new York prices were As before quoted Lake at $13, electrolytic at $12.67v2 and casting at j 12.50. With the tone Dull. Lead was unchanged Here at $4, but eased off is 3d to �10 2s 61 for spot at London. Speller declined 2s 61 at London to Cit 12s by but was unchanged and Dull Here at is 45. Iron was Dull and unchanged. Pig Iron warrants $to,5null.5n no. I Northern foundry. $15.5n9t 6 no. 2 foundry Southern. $14.50>i 15.50 no. I foundry Southern $15i pm. Glasgow Iron warrants closed at ills cd and Mil Desboro at 43s p cd. A a a a a a a a a a the miners Cable letter a a a a a Cocos a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Soso Soross p. J. Brophy q. . Riding stocks. Livestock Omaha. Boston. Adventure. Allouez. Amalgamated. Hallie. Hingham. Calumet and i Loda. It Centennial. Copper Range. Franklin. Isl Royale. Mohawk. Old Dominion. I Oceola. Gurney. Santa to Copper. Tamarack. Tramount Nln. Trinity. United states. Utah. Ali Toria. Vav . Wolverine. 16. 66 -.si24 a. .5500 510 .105 45%la 18% .38%.74 Iso in a 12% 13% 19 4 % 46% Omaha. Dee. 23. Cattle receipts. 2,700. Market slow but steady. Native beef steers jl>0.75 Western steers $3.tor/6.4m-Texas steers. $3.i m5.5 cows and heifers $2.soi i on t Anners $l.75#j2.60 stockers and feeders $2.75, j.35 calves $5 in bulls and Stags $1,759/ 1.1 1, hogs receipts 8.ro. Market slow. Heavy a a ,-.�?~kl mixed. $5.s.,i6 Light $5.50916 bulk f sales. $5. X59t6.lt. Sheep receipts 2,500. Market slow and steady. Of sir to Cholee natives fed buttons $3.b 1414.25 fair to Choice westerns ewes $2,754/3.50 common and choir sheep common $&605i3.2o knobs fed $4,504/5.60. A now York. Adams con. Alice. I or Cere. Brunswick a ont Stock Tunnel. Con. Cal. Anti virginia., Deadwood Terra. Horn by Ivor. Sex. Div. Iron Silver. Budville t on. Little chief. Tatar to. Ophir. Phoenix. Potosi. Savage. Sierra Nevada. Small Hopes. Standard. 20 45 i 5 .130. Boiro. 6 .ww.&Quot, 12 Soo. 66 6 w it to. 40 310 Bonds. U. 8. Refunding 2s registered. Of. H. Refunding 2s Etc Uxa a. U. S. 3a registered. U. H. 3s Coupon. U. S. New 4a registered. It. B. New in Coupon. U. S. To id 4s registered. 1 a s. Old 4s Coupon. Ii. S. Its registered. U. H. 5m Coupon. Atchison adjustable 4s c. And nov. Consol 7s i and a j. 4s. N. V. In. Isis. Northern Pacific Northern Pacific 4s Southern Pacific is. Union Pacific 4s. West i Ore is. Wisconsin Central 4s 108% 109% no 1 18. 189% 1128, ill3it his 94% 14% 106% 106% 73 106% 96 la 114% Sak Chi Cago. Chicago dec 23.cattle�? receipts 18.000 head. Market stronger. Good to prime steers ,<7 por to medium $3,704i<5.sb Stin kers Ami few lers. $2,i a cows and Leif ers $14i6.25 canners $ui2 bulls $l754r 4.i calves $2.504i6. Hog it Ltd a lots Tillay 42,000 tomorrow estimated. 35, left Ltd a. 7,500. Mark t steady. Mix til in i butchers $ g Mil to Choice heavy pm. I a 1.5 rough heavy f5.mwj6.uf, Light $5415.75 bulk of Sal a at $5,754 6.26. Shep re ulpts 15. Too head. Market for she up steady lambs Strong. Good to Choice Wethers. $3.501/1.10 fair t a Chi Lee mix $2 t>of/3.2f� West in sheep $34f4 Western lambs $49/5. By Pait Villars. Copyright. 1901, by w. It. I Learnt London dec 23.�?maps of greater new York. Of Long Island and of the new Jersey coast were in great de mind. Especially in mercantile and to Juaneal circles yesterday when the leading newspapers made prominent i in nation of the Pennsylvania Railroad i company a plan to shorten the Dis i t race Between London and new York by six or eight hours. When these maps were forthcoming Tho advantages of Austin corbins pet is heme to make Montauk Point a port of entry to new York were at a Nee apparent. Members of the Stock Exchange were observed pointing them out to each other and comparing the situation with that with which All visitors to England Are familiar debarkation at Southampton Liverpool or Gravesend and thence by fait train to London. Ltd and Tho Quarter of Ita Kansas City. Kansas City Ute. 23.-cattle-receipts, 4.<kk� head. Market steady. Texas steers $3,504/4.50 Texas cows. $2,254/3.50 native steers $4.75416.50 native cows and heifers $2,504/6.25 stockers and feeders $3.504i l.2f> bulls $2.25414.25. Hog receipts 11,000. Market be higher. Hulk of sales at $5.fo5o. Ii a $6,504/6.60 pickers $5.904/s.go mixed $5.75 6.50 lights $5.25u6.0 yorkers $59/6 pigs $2,764/6. receipts boo. Market steady. Lambs $1,504/5.25 buttons $3411.25. Cotton Market. New Turk. Dec. 23.�?cotton closed Points higher. I9i 4 Grain prov Sioris now York ports. Money Market. Now Lurk dec. 23. Money on Call firm at 44/v% percent. Closing and naked 4 or it. Prime nor Mill paper 64i6% or int. Sterling a a hang steady Altu a Tual i it is Ness in Bankers lulls at $4-87% for demand and at 4.ki�?~,/4.hi% for silly a lays. Posted rates $4.r44h>4�a. Com Mercial Usu $i.7%. Liar Silver 66%. Government , weak mexican by i cars 4.5%. State Bonds inactive Railroad Bonds irregular. T Rea Iury statement. Washington Doc. 23.�?the Treasury department today Drew a warrant in favor of rear Admiral Schley for $5,334, ids share of the prise Money due him for the destruction of the Spanish Fleet it Santiago july 3. . New York dec. 23. Flour receipts 15.-693 barrels exports 10,276 barrels Mark t finn. Lint Dull. Wheal receipts 3s,2i� bushels exports 127.45k bushels. Spot firm no. 2 red. R8%e f. O. B. Ii float. 85%c in ele Utor. Hops Guiet. Hides steady. Wool Jurl. In offs Trio quiet and unchanged. Sugar Haw. Easier fair refining. 3 3-16- centrifugal 96 test. A 12-32c molasses sugar. 2 15 16c, refined weak Standard a $4.46 Mould a i but loaf $5.15 crushed $6.16 powdered $4.75 granulated $4.65 cubes $4.90. Visible Supply. New York dec. 23.�?th visible Supply of Grain sat Unay. Docent la r 21. Is As follows wheat 66,,owl bushels Deer ase bf>1,000 bushels. Corn ll.ll3.thk> bushels dih Renao �?�>6, bushels. Hilts 5,599,0w bushels dec Rewiuk 143,Ink Bush is. Rye 2.560, iu0 bushels a crease 78, bus Liels , 2,046,000 bus Liels decrease 619,000 bus Liels. Foreign of markets. London Crain. Chicago of markets. Chicago Grain Chicago 1mv. alone of Aji the krauts show i a Sembla ios of activity and had a uniformly Strong tone. At in outset Cubics a re weak Anil this to tin in it Skup if Lite cold weather presume a u Stuek for whee i. La was with some Surprise that traders saw a study opening and a still steadier ulv Tuisee in the i tiling Ere Ai. A Kly were Sii glitzy bullish til sir at ii of saturday was a Irris Al Over despite the holidays to it Morrow and Christmas Ami buying it i it i is were plentiful the Scarcity of red Winier wheat Ait the anxiety of miners to Mocur what there a on the Market did Ute Wark. Winter wheat sold to Large lots it 4e Over May and res was quoted fur Sinai r soles. The for Ign was a Hirt a k�hh1 Ami private advices i at i Tiitu 8th. Is abroad or too Small to Iurii of any declines in proc sat i i v a Pool. On 11���?� a in lug Nijim m a kit open six a higher Iii la or at 49% tit m�?~>1. Sold up to 82,�?� and closed Strong i kill so lugh r tit 8�uk2%e. Com Izui a Dull narrow Mark to Little affected by the strength in wheal Alay dosed steady unchanged to a up at 6q 6 a. Gate i id a fair House Ira Ami were in Ltd a let act Vii May closed % High r at 4 us let. Pra Visioni bed a steady Market with it lard the leading product. May Tsirk closed he up litre 5 u7%c higher Ami rib i 5c up. London dec. 23.�?wheat earn is for passage rather firmer Walla Walla 29s 61 English country markets quiet. Imports wheat into United kingdom 31 a Nix quarters flour 190,000 barrels. Wheat Ami flour on in Sage to unit kingdom 1,620. to continent l120,- my. Indian shipments wheat to United kingdom 6,000 quarters to continent none. London stocks. London. Ivc. 23 Anaconda 5% Atchison do. Preferred 103% Canadian 1�?~aetflq, 116% Denver and i Grande 45% do. Pro a feared 96% non Bern Carlile ii. Bou them Pael tie. 62 Union i calf la log preferred in a liar Silver quiet 25% or Cuneo. Money at 3%tf i percent. Liverpool Grain. Liverpool Dee. 3.�?y.�?Thext firm Holiday in Haris French country markets quiet and steady. Weather in England frosty. Holiday bargains. Thanks perhaps to die missionary work of or. Yerkes a rendered especially fruitful by his recent Triumph Over the local Board which tried to foist upon him its own Choice of an electrical traction system for London a the other features of the Pennsylvania company a plan were examined with deep interest. The Gigantic Tunnel scheme under the Hudson River under new York under til East River thus placing Pennsylvania trains on the tracks of the Long Island railway will be cos it by studied by Uritis i engineers while financiers have now greater occasion than Ever to watch developments Iii the great rivalry Between the Vanderbilt and Pennsylvania systems. It is possibly not generally known in new York that englishmen furnished most of the capital that has been sunk in the Hudson River Tunnel which now probably ends forever Midway Between the two shores. It is now realized hero that the promoters of that Enterprise were in Advance of the times. The Pennsylvania company has always held the key destined to unlock the problem of Quick connection Between Eastern terminals and Manhattan Island and this evidence that it now purposes to use it is hardly less interesting to London financiers than to the Powers in Wall struck. Several Well known English churchmen who have a gift for the pen As Well As for the pulpit Are just now lamenting in print that the Coronation ceremonies will not include the anointing of King Edward Vii. A it is the one distinctive sacred they Point out. A by which the King is set apart from his holy such statements Are received with smiles in the neighbourhood of Westminster Abbey. Neither lord nor commoner in the legislative of the kingdom is ignorant of the fact that a Urit ish Monarch has nothing More than a parliamentary title to his throne. Parliament has Long since Censed to regard this office As a holy one. Of Edward were lint Hod in Oil by whole Bench of Bishops be would be in More a King than he is at this moment. Neither does the net of Coronation affect in any Way his Powers. It is a Mere pageant. The Crown upon bus head will have no More practical significance than will the coronets upon the Heads of the Peers and pee resses who attend the Royal show. It is in that August assemblage of scientists the Holt Ash association that extremes truly May is said to meet. At the late session of that body in Glasgow members in whose veins coursed the blood of ancient of axons representatives of Tho Best Anglo Faxon civilization listened respectfully to another member whose civilization owes absolutely nothing to heredity. This member of the or itch no so it ton is the real american a full blooded Mohawk Indian or. John Hrant Scro. He was born in the wigwam of his forefathers in the wilds of Ontario where his covering was a Blanket and Bis ornaments paint and feathers. Hut Jtj Ntekas was a Quot Good when a begun rubbing elbows with the u idles he copied their Virtues and abjured their vices. He never enjoyed a definite course of education but with his frock coat and silk hat he achieved such solid culture that scientists now Welcome him As an anthropological a t Oral level of intelligence. Consequently the exceptional Quality of the father considered apart from his ancestry is not Likely to raise the of the joint genetic focus of himself i Mother by More than a i amount. Let us consider the far from overstrained co be of a father whose int -111 a Nee exceeds mediocrity by an Ani int hat lies Between seven and eight times that a the a probable error Quot of the d i a a intuition of racial intelligence. Sup pm wife to he a woman of such ability that he. Qual is to be found i once in every fifty persons. The a the class of them a Par it it would be Halfway Between. Regression which is duo to the joint ancestral influences would degrade by at least two classes which makes a total drop of four classes. Only those children who deviate up i Ward to that Large extent can a qual i their father. <4 another paper of almost per Al i in j Terest and importance has just been issued by doctor Kidd in which hot i illustrates Tho doctrine of Quot use Lohri 1 Annec Quot my data taken from the direction of hair on til bodies of animals. J it is an attempt to prove that acquired i characters arc inherited. Ile t ikes two classes of facts the i formation of whorls in the Oats of mammals and the slope of the hair in certain regions of the Ivd of Ani j Mala and Man. Regarding the Dis to i sit on a if the hair As a St Classer the peculiarities and notes that in Tho Fri Joriel of cases these peculiarities Are congenital an i that some of i them Are in process of dec loom it. The streams Are disposed in the lines of least resistance. The hair slops ran a modified luring the Quot life of in in i div dual for the mechanical cond i Lions that produce flu slope Are in j present operation. Neither natural sexual nor germinal selection can produce these peculiarities. Hence if we abandon the creation hypothesis it follows that they must have been produced in ancestors by use or habit. Thus we Are forced to the conclusion that in some cases at any rat acquired characters arc inherited. Doctor Kidd notes the curious fact that the slope of the hair on the human Back differs from that on the upe arum Monkey. This he hunks is due to our spending quite one third of our lives on the Side in cd Quot and for some Iii 11-Leniums, sit least with some sort of 28 main Street Butte Montana drop Tyr a Good groceries / gropes Choice groceries Tropi Iyo a fancy groceries Orosi Iyo a superlative groceries a a ctr Lijin Ning propositions no Slack Quality. No waste. Oho Dic Iest and dust or decry store in sputter p. J. Brophy amp a co. 28 main Street. In Mhz n a v apr it in i. -4 Utt re v amp a �?o4 a it. Laii a i a v l a rest for the m Many interesting problems of this 1 a kind Awalt solution. The hair on Tho a Butte fint Only Osie bet Best Baker Best Economizer Best water Deate Best wearing i Best looting i Best for the Honey i Best All Balaund i the shinto Ranos. Only at the _ Montana ii aware co. 2 6and 2i� a flan St., j jul Quot in thorny. A 4 bit St to the that tin discovery calculated peace Loving of a1 peace Congress has Chicago quotation. Uhic ago dec. 23. A a it in quotation or it As follows Flat urm Ziy and very quiet no 3 Spring us at. Tin no. 2 re a k5% it 8e�?~y�no. Ii jul it 46%e47e no 2 while in 4m9%c no. 3 whit4, %4j48%e no. 2 Rye. A a a. Fair to clone malting Barley 58%>< Ole no. I 1, $1 a no i Northwestern $1-69 Primo Timothy aced of 404i6.50 mess no re or Burrel $15.404/15.mi, lure Lier i in a a limits. $9.?j%49.75 Short ribs Sina Bioko 35<<i,x til cry shoulders boxed7% 47%c Short Clear sides boxed a 804/s do whiskey bus is of High wines $1.32 sugar Clover contract Grade $9 40. Articles j re seipts. Shipments. Flour barrels. Wheat. Bushels. Corn Bushel. Dots bushels. Rye bushels. Harley bushels. Product 41,0ly� d3, Mim 124,01, to Uhm Exchange today 28,00 21 Ohi 43kii 1r7,0�k> 15, a 16,01tie a Tho Butler Market bit Ady Creamery 154/24tis by 19/ 2o<\ cheese firm 9%4fio%c. Eggs fresh 26-. Flet als. New York dec. 23.�?thoro were no special features apparent in in Tai circles at Home or abroad aside from slight advances in tin and Copper at the latter Point but this failed to stimulate business Aud generally Normal conditions prevailed. Tin Al Lindou ii sind tile Day 1�?~iiiiioh and organs #-.5 and i p i Lve Dol Lar Aud Shi Mont lilt a mein s. Another Carload of High Grade pianos Tan organs just received including the world renowned Kimball Weber i Hariiet amp Davis Whitney ii i Shaines amp company and Apollo self playing attachment. Quot the Kimball Quot is us a and endorsed try the Lutish eminent artists of modern times received the Lii Giu it award at i tin world s columbian exposition and tin Gold medal at the Omaha Exposi i lion in 1893 and 1898. There instruments Art just from the factory. Include All up Odate known to Hie piano Art and Are not store 1 worn goods foist on an unsuspecting Public by Eastern dealers through i middlemen or commission fiends. You can s and test the instruments and buy from your borne dealer who is j Here Oil Hie ground to make the guarantee and every Promise Good. We us i have several or bargains in slightly used instruments some Good Jis new also everything in the musical line such As High Grade regal mandolins and guitars and violins All at lowest prices and on the easiest payments also Beautiful silk and Satin scarfs elaborate stools benches Rolls stands and Holiday folios any of which Are suitable for a Holiday remembrance to a relative or mend Only at it it run Brothers 219 North main Street Hutto Mont. Mow lug daily. Tile Glassworks St Belleville and faint Ixonia Are daily blowing Over 300,000 bottles which sir to to Lilied with til famous Quot rude Al a Kkt Beer brewed by the Anheisser by Ach brewing ass a., Saint Louis. To. Regal mandolins and guitars from $4 to $125, and violins from $3 to $50, at Orton bros., 219 no Gib main Street. The \ to App nations not Leo Virtu d. But is still in Active session Kurt he that the real peace Congress was not that perfunctory whore deliberations at the Hague were follow cd by a general Rush to arms. No tin real peace Congress Lins been j in Active session for a dozen years land its membership is increasing Dally j to solve the Riddle tie bicycle a i been Dis overed to be the great of by m of Universal peace. Especially it is Poi tred out is the Mutual Lier tag of ii it left by Napoleon a i Wellington yielding to tin gentle and humanizing influence of j French resists on English highways an a English cyclists swarming All Over France. Who when in need of not Stan a to Quot pump up Quot or to repair a punctured tire. Will have the baseness to inquire of himself Quot shall i accent sue a Ltd from the despised hand of John bum Quot a or a is it to / i that i should lend my lilt to Thi detested Jean Fra i a Ltd a no the Cycle like love Quot Levels nil Quot that the foregoing is set Down in All seriousness is proved by the fact that it is Hie gospel now or ached by Branch s of the French association of Cycle companies. >4 frit an Buffalo always Points to ills tall. Tjit on his Asiatic brother Points to it the head. The Why and Hie win re fore Are shrouded in mystery. <4 next to the spectacle of children deprived if school Prev la Ges that of Little ones who Are Able to feed their eager minds Only at the expense of their bodies is the most painful contemplate. This is a spectacle to ii observed in certain quarters of in Mon that Lins be j come so distressing As to Caus spec the j int meetings of Tho Charity organisation society. As a result of tiles a movement has Bren started for i the Benefit of underfed school children. Contributions from Privat sources have been solicited. The influence of prominent a men of fashion line Ben gained and a special organisation of i Nevada . Whereby it is hoped the Dis Hamilton one of Grace of permitting thousands of in the worthy Little members of the new Gen 1 oration to sink Buck into their ancestral gutters will to a red. 4 4 4 Zanotta r Opportunity for crusading on a half of Tho infant population of London slums has just been revealed by chemical examinations of the ice Cream sold in the streets so cheaply that even the poorest children Are occasionally Able to Gorge themselves with the stuff. A sanitary inspector has reported to til health authorities that in some of tin places where this Cream is made Quot the elementary of cleanliness both of person and surroundings appeared to be Little one Public analyst of this filthy product reported that he found in it Quot particles of soot. Sawdust human hair threads of color <1 Wood. Amorphous earthly looking matter and Coal 4 4 4 there is no present Ign that the corned in Francale is emerging from Tho crisis which Quot As precipitated when the Fin Art minister overthrew the traditions and Laws governing tile Quot House of by entering in manager Claret All Hie authority vested Mith members n Spe a Tang the acceptance Hii d rejection of Manus ulpts submitted for production. Those not in tharret have mar it lied at the join orly of the 8ifntr in taking this action and of Cia retie in accepting tile responsibility of of fending the Baris Public by slights i placed on its footlight idols. The truth is that Claresie can Well afford to tic bold. He is securely entrenched behind the great ambition of the Fin Ira a minister to gain comradeship with tile immortal forty. A Lar Eti is a member of the French acad j emf and there you Are. The it a or is badly in need of vote and his in i Petry d not quit of the Quality that j picked will procure them. The n in the meantime the whole Paris i tfx map it stage and literary world Ere suffering through tills Bat to Royal. There it stagnation of the theater mid the t of Lismore not that Fin Public no eng a cares for novels finding facts aleut the Franca if my i stranger a id More a Tutor Bing Titan to Hon. Lotta s biggest night. Miner s of n ump throw their riches tit her toot. Lot to the exact men in private life to1 known As miss Charlotte Crabtree is a most charming and dignified woman of in Eti to figure and Middle age. 8 in has lived in retirement for nearly Twenty years. 8ho i it the stage it the height of her popularity for a it a suns that have never Iren definite i stated. Her singular influence re men was exemplified when about seventeen. In t Mother so was making wants Rocs now Nunal pc Yosr. A net a editon s. Rough was Hare of a r j a tour if the Camps. She landed at i the Mug ii St Camps i territory an expectant crowd of particularly rough miners was it j the tavern to meet h r when the Stag drove up. When there alight d from the stage a spare elderly woman who was mrs. Crabtree und a Ditth girl in Short frocks who was miss Crabtree the disappointment was loudly and vociferously expressed. However any How was bitter than none und that tvs a Long lit minors fairly picked the place where the show was to Tak a place. Two billiard tables had been used together to make a stage a curtain in ing dropped by tween for purport t of retirement. At the hour set for the opening there nipped from behind tin curtain a demure Little creature ii skirts retching to tin Knees und carrying a Banjo Slung negligently oven her shoulders. The audient was very co. In Lens than half an hour How vet lotto had every Mother a on of to Iii Iti a state of High wrought enthusiasm. Sin Sang to them dam id for them and told them funny stories with to re la a a Energy and they Ore Ord her again and again. Finally one Man Iii the audience carried entirely away by enthusiasm. Came Down to the front with a whoop i throwing something on the stage cried out Quot there you a an have my the example was contagious. In in a than a minute every Man in Tho place was scrambling eagerly Forward to it i "8t him of of riches in order to Lay them at lilt to see t. The result of that nights wan the most profitable in Tho Iii Story of i a Lotts a career on the it either in Nevada or anywhere do. Philadelphia saturday evening Post. An Ilir. Warded Hen inthe other Day. Two policemen websters International Section any a dictionary of it Sci Sii biography geography i Ion Etc new plates throw out 25,000 new a it ads phrases and do Finina prepared under tile duct supervision of . Haris ph.d., ll.d., United sues commissioner of educate assisted by a Larte corps of competent spec Iliuta. Bint to to. 2364ares 5000 illustrations the Intima Timat was irs issued it Jim reeding the Quot the be to haitian of t in inert Postai was issued in october goo. It they us Aud Best. We a. websters collegiate dictionary with ui�i8 iry of p. Tit a word and pts. Quot int i la ii Iju Alicee Micikas in b Fie Vincnt it Oka tent on of Boti spit Atlas. G.6c.merri am co., Pobu Shors sri Fifield mass. Coll lie oct potty an inner Ial remedy and absolute Core a a Moree the to birr Quot the Rev. Or. B wok pastor of the largest a a our i in new York fays tin Din Burgh Sal Nan. Ii Tell Gally. Ii1 was a very Strong Man. A ran is Galion since the Bon of bus scheme for the betterment of tilt human Breed is probably the most run after scientist in Europe Ile has just published some remark on professor Karl Ivason a data presented to the Royal society last week to prove that the mental Cha set Ere in Man a inherited in precisely tin same manner As the physical. Oat tones remark Are rather exhaustive and of Tours scientific in their verbiage. Hut this is the Gist of them the exceptional Quality of the father is Only one of four elements that contribute in apparently equal shares. The other Are 1 the Quality of the Mother 2 that of paternal ancestry St that of the maternal ancestry in the care Wear supposing the Mother May occupy a High though although a 1.7v St necessarily a lower position on the scale of intelligence than the father where for instance could an intellectual giant like Napoleon find an equal mate the average ancestry whether of the father or of the Mother is always More or less mediocre some ancestors being above and others below the Gen i and a Qipei Illy Strong in ins Opi to Diioli to slavery and intern Hgt Ranee. Tine Winter when or a Bing a course of Winter tons t in Temperance fit was in Vird out to mip a or to i Nee i is few for ten a. Luo its the conium was beginning to arrive tile lady of pc Lions timed to a a i in. I id sad exclaimed Quot lilt. Join. I or. La a is coming and our principal is brants Pearl a Quot the husband Ai pre of i ii info rat tim a ii of affairs. In Ltd lated it was now too int to Aller their arrange in a a. Simper was Moi ready Aud tin indy a heart Sank within Kcf when the peaches Wen s red. Or. B a to a n peach and swallowed a Mouthful washing it Down with a i n spout i to i of i a Brand. Great was tilt Relief of Iii lady that no remark followed. Finally the peach was eaten. A Cdr. Ii Quot in a Man who Hod i i fallen Iii Idle of Iii is reel and narrowly being run Over. Ii was taken Aff to to pal ass office where a Charre a of j drunk entice f we preferred against him Ile Prat oxtail Tot i a a. A it a i. I it said Iii had not eaten ii Aioli so for tin Las six i dais and wits p risking of cola cml starvation. Ii t tvs ii s Hallie As Loo Side Jar dins and ail in was a plumber thin name wan familiar to the Cornu Kissire de j like who on Esau ining ids usher. A a Lei. Ashi sos a red that ii Ardins i was tic Man who Iii Josejf by so it a Livre it the fire j on la Day that a Iasi Zopfie at that i till e i it Ardilla \ is Ort it a , Kiel i War in Ilia Way to i the exhibit iou Yards where ii Bai to Iii i employment when Fie Bourd the cry of Quot fire. To rustled in a ail out o the. By a ii r Twenty times Lii Ingi in aul soap t a a time is. Aft award want away. Refusing to give also Ruitu Latch anti Correct All irregular manufactured by c. A. Perrin to. D Kelena Mont for r Sale i yall druggist explanatory Parn Pill t. 8c a i Addor his in found not a it fore. I Cleive us the Folla Wung Day i. it the meet a raving i unit in a i a a a a if a s. A a till is tie a \ Law la was it it r Cognize to and a idea aug medal a a ii i ilk indy Quot will you take another let on it h a Quot Well i think said the doctor j Quot but Quot he added a a ii take Anotia r Saucer Ful of the juice if you plea attend in in. Uteri hers if the it. K i. A ail members of the it. E. L. Are urgently Rieste i to attend meeting on thursday december 26, As business of importance will be transacted. I3y order of president. An i in a Sluty cry Quot a suffered or years with a bronchial or lung trouble and trud various remedies i it lid not Idt in p sit Relief j until i Conizene e/1 using due min ate Couch cure Quot write i eve. James Kirk n an evangelist of Umi Ray a. Ill a i have a no a citation in re Omro ending it to i and a offerer fit Rte Era lies of this i a minute cough cur afford i Mordt he Relief fur coughs Olds Alai All Kin is it of threat and lung to Ahu for croup it is unequalled absolutely aft. Very pleasant to take never fails arum is really a favorite with the Cal Drej. The y like it. A Bro drag co., Finlen drug co. Nothing to Nice of a Holiday present As a piano Organ m in Lolin guitar i Din music Roll stand or Holiday Folio. Tho Best at Orton bros., 219 North main Street. A ladies sex pet t Good we. At-., work. In a a it Quot i n end others 82 a t it if the go no l a Bell ii y Block Bitte to Mont. Gift a Iii Tody snub during and and 83 do in i pc i Mal i faction and fat Mas Sage Chiropody. To e to atm Given to to hair and sea i to is not Esau Ltd Hup Rilous hair re a moved by tin Bent Cleethel process. Physical culture. Students instructed in the prof Eglon. Correspondence i Vii a r 1th ladies living in other places. Umsu Talion free. You make no piano or Organ disc from Orton Street. Mistake in Retting a or musical Merchan-bros., 219 North main

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