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Anaconda Butte Miner (Newspaper) - December 24, 1901, Anaconda, Montana Montana weather. General fair and cold tuesday wednesday Fuir West winds. The Butte Miner. Volume xxxix. No. 207.Butte, Montana tuesday Mohning Begum Heb pm 1901 established june 1870 refer dispute to the lion for settlement reported that Good otties of great Britain will be requested by Chile and Argentine. England is watching with anxious Eye in this City since last wednesday. The fuel famine is unprecedented and there is no sign of Relief. Wood has gone As High As $10 it i Coni and hundreds of people walk Miles into the country to meet wagons coming into the City and make purchases before others pm get to them. Railroads report thousands of carloads of Coal Between this City and Cincinnati waiting to be moved. Downing Street believes causes of dispute is trivial but the gravest complications Max result if mat ter is not an Icalla settled Argentine continues preparations for War. London. Dec. 23.�?the i Trish government is watching the Progress of the dispute Between the chilean and Argentine republics with much anxiety. A representative of the associated press was informed that neither Side has yet approached Tho British foreign office of Bot ii Chile and Argentine request great Britain to investigate the matters in dispute Between them lord Lansdowne will promptly acquiesce. The statement of doctor Alcorta the Argentine minister of foreign affairs that Argentine has referred the matter to the arbitration of tile British government under the agreement of 1898, appears to be accurate. As the foreign Vilice understands the Case it is not one relative to the Boundary Between the countries but whether Chili has tin right to build Neutral roads in the disputed territory. This commission of which Laird Mcnaughton is president has been sitting in London for nearly two years and is now almost ready to go and personally inspect the disputed Boundary. For various reasons however the departure of this commission has been delayed and it is Likely to be delayed for some time to come. The Appeal of doctor Alcorta has not yet been officially communicated to it the British foreign office but when it reaches Downing Street it will meet with favourable answer. Although lord Lansdowne the Secretary for foreign affairs finds that the commission under ism Mcnaughton is powerless he will intimate the willingness of great Britain to arbitrate the difference Between the two countries s if Chile Jirees to that proposition. Up to a late hour tonight neither country concerned had requested great Britain to take this i Teflon. The opinion in Downing Street is that the cause of the dispute is Petty but serious con plications May arise unless prompt Steps Are taken. According to advices received february is. 1899. The British government appointed Baron eld Ward Mcnaughton lord of Appeal in Ordinary major general sir Jim Charles Ardagh director of a a try intelligence and sir Charles i Ford Holdrich. Chief of Frontier t. In India a tribunal to Arbi trate the Argentine Chile dispute. Patriotic he won St Atkins. Argentine Raper Sivit arbitration at this juncture is i nip Sud Hie. Buenos Ayres Dee. 23, via Galveston. A the patriotic demonstrations growing oui of the possibility of War with Chih were renewed Here today. The chilean Miniette Here Senor Concha Suberc Eaux has not received any instructions in regard to the course ii is to pursue. An editorial article in the Bals says the interruption in tile relations 1k-Twetn the two countries must necessarily i of Short duration As they a mobilising their res res and could not afford to Supko it them under arms were a Long period to elapse ii fore diplomatic relations or resumed. It was Poss lie some time a to submit tin whole matter to arbitration but such a course is now impossible. The decision of the arbitrator could not be Siren before two More years had elapsed and the countries could not remain All that time on a War footing. Therefore a Radical solution of tile question is necessary. Continuing the Paia advises the Argentine government to invite Chil to accept a direct and immediate arrangement or in pre Laired for War. Tile British minister Here sir w. A. C. Barrington had a Long conference last evening with president Boca. Tin Argentine Licet divided into four divisions will take part in extensive Maneu vers next month. The two principal divisions Are ready to put to Lea made a too a impression. New York dec. 23.�?the recall of the argentin minister to bile Senor Portola has made a. Good impression in Argentine says Tho Buenos Ayres correspondent of the Herald. Tile correspondent also says that the Argentine government will prepare an explanatory note embodying tile Point of dispute and will Send it to King Edward of great Britain the arbitrator of the Boundary question. Bold Robbert in Leavenworth masked men steal Cash intended to factory help. Defies the president Maclay declares he can not be summarily dismissed. At the first signal. Col. Pablo Ric Cherl the minister of War has informed ites ident Roca that lie has available goo locomotives and 4,000 ears and on 14 hours notice lie can transport so too men to the Frontier. It is estimated that til. Maintenance of tin army which will be mobilized by february of a. Will involve an annual expenditure of 6.1,000,000 piastres. About Low men have already signed the Rolls of the in Rugayan volunteers. During the course of the conference Between president Boca and professes s. A. Barrington the president of Argentine explained to the professor the causes which have led to the difficulty Between Argentine and Chile. President Roca Laid special stress upon the efforts made by argentin to secure flu amicable settlement of the trouble a is Well As Jukin the craftiness which he asserted. Chile had employed in order to avoid arriving at ugh a Settle meat. I British minister will Send a details report of these circumstances to ills Horn government. Tho newspapers published Here assure their readers that the great Powers stand ready to offer their Good offices to a Diat the difficulty but that Argentine does not consider that the moment has yet arrived either for accepting or refusing such . According to the tri Bun the chilean my thuor will leave Here for Phil on january i and the Secretary of the chilean legation Senor ensure a will remain in charge of Chile a entert its. Chilean minister Buber Lascaux con Leavenworth Kan. Dec. 23.�?two in ask a men with drawn revolvers entered the office of the Abernathy furniture factory this evening and succeeded in getting away with the entire payroll amounting to $900. The robbery occurred just before the men were called in for their payment. The robbers succeeded in effecting their escape without being identified. No Tariff War with America historian demands trial made governor Leslie m. Shaw but it is understood that up to a late hour there has been no response received from governor Shaw to the inquiries aint him at the White House no information on the subject is available pending a definite authorization of Tho fact that a successor to Secretary Gage has been obtained. To Beaven War Drill asks commandant of Navy Yard prefer charges against him a Tai is Protection under civil service Laws. To Winter pm in of the North atlatl Squadron. Washington dec. 2.5.�?a feature of the Winter cruise of the North Atlantic Squadron in West Indian Gulf Waters will be drills in which conditions of actual warfare will in simulated. The training ship Prairie is to be utilized to assist in this program. According to her itinerary the. Prairie is scheduled to arrive in the Gulf of Baria on the North coast of Venezuela 8 Vera i lays after Christmas and remain in this Quarter cruising pm Wren port of Spain and fort be franc until the first part of March. Consul Harris Speaks of German Trade sentiment. London dec. 23.�?it is not probable that Germany will Ever begin Ai Tariff War with the United states says con sul general Harris at Eisenstock in a report to the state department dated november 22. The subject which interests the Ger a Man press most in connection with the furred for two Bourn this morning with new Tariff Bill or. Harris says i til doctor Costa vice president of a probable effect it will have in renewal gent inc Ami doctor a me nolo Alcorta a of commercial treaties in 1903. Lie says the minister of foreign affairs. After this conference senors Punta and Al-1 Coria went to see president Roca. The Tribune says that a Casus Belli would aria if file. Desiring to Render effective her jurisdiction Over the territory known As Esperanza attempts to drive the Argentine police from the i stump As Argentine would resist such an attempt. exhausted. Washington. December 23.�?Secretary Hay has received a cablegram from unit plates minister Wilson tit Santiago 1 Chile confirming the report that the resources of diplomacy have been exhausted in the Effort to Settle the dispute Between Philo and Argentina and that the diplomatic relations had broken off through the withdrawal from Chile of the argentin minister. Touching the proposition emanating from the Argentine Side to refer the dispute to great Britain As an arbitrator the Philean representatives claim that this was their own pro it Osit Lon. This in inc the Case it is believed there is a Way open fur to peaceful adjustment of Tho trouble. Slump Iii i Mariyln. London december 23.�?fears of the pm Ninen of hostilities Between Argentina and Phil. Caused a slump in the Stock Exchange today. The fall was till round and ranged from 4lt to 6 Points and it was difficult to effect sales. Prices hardened slightly during the afternoon. Chilean Sailor arrive in in Grantl. London december 23.�?a navigating party of chilean officers engineers and sailors has arrived at Newcastle on Tyne for the purpose of Manning tile warship recently purchased for Phile and tidying her to chilean Waters. Coal famine Iii Ohio. Lima Ohio december 23.�?there a. Not been a Pound of hard or soft Coal the sentiment is almost unanimously in favor of first reaching an agreement with the United states and using this Aas Ai basis for concluding treaties with other nations. Our food stuffs and manufactured goods have gained such ii Many that it will be to dislodge them. New York dec. 23.�?� Edgar Stanton Maclay whose connection with the. Schley Case led bras Dent Roosevelt to request his resignation As labourer in the Navy made formal demand Tod ii fur trial by usual naval proceedings. He averred that his came under the civil service Law and that he could not a dismissed without formal charges trial find conviction. The request for his resignation was sent to him by rear Admiral Burker commander of the Navy Yard at Brooklyn find he replied at once by letter formally sitting Forth his position. Discussing the Case Maclay Sal a a the president cannot have me dismissed under the Law Jis i be it. I do not see How he can fat rec in out. I Ain protect by the civil service Laws enacted by Congress whole enactments the president is bound to execute. I do not know positively lint i believe my position under the civil service Law furnishes me Complete Protection so Long Jis i violate no rules of the service and that i have not done As i have stated in my letter to the command int in answer to the request for my re signal Ion. A no i did not say that the president is As bad As the Czar of Russia. A i have done nothing More than write to the commandant and ask that charges be preferred against me and will do nothing More just now. I have not la Cen suspended an i am working Here today As i have been doing for fifteen months. I have tried to do my linty Here and have broken no rules and shall simply stand by my rights More for the principle of the matter than anything else for my position Here pays me very Little and is chiefly i valuable because of the experience and information it affords in its material i for my Admiral Barker forwarded Maclay a letter to Washington. Found guilty of manslaughter Clancy is reversed by supreme court order restraining Boston and Montana from operating go Manche mine dissolved. Judge of lower court committed error supreme court declares lower tribunal should Haw admitted As evidence certain records of actions Between Wetstein and the defendant company. Ruth Bun must go to Penitentiary for his crime. Jeffersonville. Ind., Doc. 23.�?newell c. Rathbun who was tried on the charge of murdering Charles Goodman by giving him Poison a is found guilty of manslaughter and his punishment fixed at from two to Twenty on years in the a a Ltd nil jury. The jury which had been a a Neil ring the Case since saturday afternoon Ait 6 13 of clock reported at to o clock tonight. Rathbun a attorney ask 1 for ii new trial Jund the motion will be answered later. Charles Goodman. Rathbun Jille Geil victim was found dead last month in a hotel in this City after he had spent some time with Rathbun. His body was shipped to Little Rock. Arkansas where Rathbun. Wife lives As that of Rathbun. On whose lift Jin insurance policy for $4,000 had been issued. Following the discovery that the body was not Rathbu Carne hath Bun s arrest at Louisville where he had enlisted under another name in the United stat army. The Corpse wis biter identified Jis Tufit of Barie Goodman ii wanderer who came i Quot Louisville from Evanston Indiana and Rndt Rathbun in front of i the halva Ion army Headquarters hero. Or. Harris says foothold in Tir a difficult matter burning train in a Tunnel fought Duel Over White woman let Dan or in kicked. Washington in. �?�51. Secretary Ding said tonight in Luid not received tin reply of Maclay to the request for his resignation. Bending its receipt the Secretary said lie did not wish to go into a discussion of tie matter for publication in his informal discussion of the matter Secretary Ling made it perfectly Plain that the president s intention in regard to Maclay would i Carri out regard inks of tin latter declaration that lie is protected by civil service rules. It is expected that if lie does not resign tie will be removed summarily. Seven lives Are an English Aster. Lost Dis in one negro was kitted and saw tendered position the other badly wounded. Logansport ind., dec. 23.�?jim Bell and Solomon Johnson coloured fought a Duel with revolves late lust night in a Saloon at Iii Kenneth quarries near in. 1111 is dead and Johnson badly wounded. They fought Over a White woman. Iowa governor offered portfolio of Secretary of Treasury. Washington dec. 23. A tender of the portfolio of Secretary of the Treasury to succeed Secretary gag has by a Liverpool Doc 23.�?an explosion in a fuse Box set fire to a train on the electric overhead railway at Singh y station to duty. Seven of the railway employees were killed. It appears that the burning Triin in Teie a a Tunnel stored with stacks of creosote Railroad sleepers. These were also set Oai fire. The Tunnel became a blazing Furnace and the fire brigade had the greatest difficulty in a extinguish Itig the flames. Fortunately the if Ingley station is the terminus of a railway running along the docks otherwise ii terrible Zug mister would have teen record. Apparently it passengers were killed but it is possible that other bodies May be recovered biter. Six lose lives in Accident runaway trolley in Allentown. A. Quit rails on curve at the foot of a High Mountain twelve persons Are injured. Allentown pa., dec. 23.-�?six persons were killed and a number injured today by reason of an electric tar jumping the track at a Sharp curve at the foot of a High Mountain a tween Here und Coopersburg. The Accident was due to the wet nails and Snow. Head. Reverend Tobias j Kab Ler. Aged sixty an unattached reformed Church Clergyman killed within sight of his Home Albert Yeager Allentown. Mrs. Boctor j a ii Fether Coopersburg. Ambrose Reinhard free Dens Ville. I win Renner. Zion Hill Farmer. Frank Wesley of Allentown. Injured William Pfilf Loep Allentown Arm fractured Scalp wound. John i it Wilt proprietor of Center Ralley botel left Arm frat lured. Mrs. J. D. Wilt right Arm fractured and Hurt internally. Edwin Simon of Lanark body to i Sod. Mrs. Albert Yeager whose husband wits killed Hurt internally serious. Unknown italian boy face Cut. Unconscious. Harry Elchard of i Anark Back and head Hurt. Conductor a. L. Leidlich of Allentown left let a rut. Motorman Charles Sleeker Allentown bruised. Mrs c. F. Newcomer Coopersburg Teeth broken suffers from Shock. Reverend b. In Hottel of passer Hurt internally. Motorman Steelie tried hard to Stop the ear when it slipped on the Steep Grad but the ear flew around the curve and swung against i guv pole which Tore off one Sid of the nearest roof. Those killed sat along the broken Side of the car and were crushed by the pole. Index of today s Miner Page Ink Argentine a bile Iaia i dispute. Supreme court on Comanche Case. Muchny defies Ala president. Street car disaster. Justice Brewer Speaks. Two Telegraph or we of the world. Fight against consolidation in Saint Paul. Regarding Staic of danish West indies. Turke tile world of sgt it. Baseball Outlook not Good. Races entries and form cd a. Four editorial it Oil rant. Maclay ref uses to resign. Soul ii american of Pori Unity. Or. Croeker to stay with i s. Incidental to the Day. Five Butte Faical news. Death of Thomas l. Worthington freight agents to farce. Alleged shoplifters of work. The girl i to won a stove. Feet Iii Davis will can. Hackman will strike today. Six butt Faical news. Court adjourns today condition of City funds. Butte in Brief. Seven butt local news. Colbert will its. Health of Tho people. Masons attend Church Kight news of lilt stat capital. Council investigating committee reports. Water company scores a Victory. Items from Livingston. Nine Western Montana news. A Ancon a i happenings. Missoula gossip. Phillip sly org malt tries to kill himself. Ten of tin world. I jeep it it in sugar. The Aline res Ltd aide i Ltd i eleven want and classified advertisements. Lure fighting in Africa. Twelve so a Cial illustrated feature stories. Birthj�1 a a of Chris Tum science. American exposition in London. Justice Brewer talks to new England society eng was Hall. Hun coming events. Druggist a banquet december in. Philadelphia. Dec. 23.�?the first annual banquet if the new land society of Pennsylvania held today in the horticultural covers being loll for nearly four dred members and guests. Guests were present from new York. Baltimore Washington Boston and Oiler cities. Assistant United states attorney j. Al Beck president of the society of aerie til proceeding with a speech in which he mentioned the name of Quot George tills was the signal for an outburst of applause such As wis not repeated during the remainder of the evening. The principal speech maker was associate Justice David Brewer of the supreme court of the unit d slates who pre Pond d to the Toast a the United states a world Power. Justice brewery a address was frequently punctuated with applause among other things he said a eth twentieth Century brings us face to face with new conditions tim Wear conscious that the United state it of America has become a More important Factor in the world thought. Tame fancy that the Spanish War wrought the great change. This is hardly so it May have cleared the or in a brought us face to face with in consciousness of the change but silent forces of Commerce and religion have Bren at work for years bring ing about the result. A again Aud again to is stated that j the United states has now become a world Power. So it has but w hat is i meant by the term a world Power i and How Are we to justify our right to i that tit i not by the manifestation of military or naval strength. Quot while wars will be As wars have been Jund while there is in the resources of our com re an Undi splayed military my naval strength that makes her the most dangerous enemy on land and sea yet the Dawn of Tho twentieth Century unveils i great glory that can to won on a Field of strife. A while the events of the last two or thro years have compelled an increase in our military and naval Force while the i mount of Money which is called for by the secretaries of War and Navy seem to Many too Large Jed while the Roll of the drum and the blare of the Bugle ate More often heard yet the Twenty sons of the pilgrims will never turn our i country Over to the Man on horseback nor will our dear St laurels is Crim soned by tile blood of the dying. A a a shall deserve to a called a world Power because our relations with All nations will be carried upon the High Ltha principles of truth in a Justice. We s t a lid in tile Council of the nations Strong enough to fear no attempt to throng us so Strong that we cannot afford to wrong any. A veil Hie weakest a at Ion s Rong enough to be firmly just to la most powerful of nations Ana so Strong that we must by kindly an i just with the weakest w e must be rank Jam Well As honest. Henceforth diplomatic language must i something to reveal and not Sonte Bing to conceal thought and purposes. The honesty Vav must show is not the honesty of shylock measured by that Iii ii is enumerated in the Bond but by Iii Golden Rule. An honesty which compels us to see the other party to the the Justice in noting some of the signs and to eds of the times touched on civil service Reform. In regard to this he said a in ail the avenues of our official lift is entering civil service Reform promotion by Merit has ceased to be Thoj a be of the in dieticians und is becoming the controlling Rill of All official life not merely Iii to. Army and Navy and we have had of Lite some very i it Oaktive assurances in res get to the but in Ai til departments of official life National slate and municipal whatever May be the present defects in thu binary employed to secure the desired a suite and very Likely the defects Are Many it is one of the Bright assurances of Tho future that the thought and purpose of the people Are turned in this direction and they will not be the w is u Ling Fang chinese minister re a pimped to the. Toast a a greeting from the orb minister Vav ii ailed d briefly to Tho open door of the Hiim Empire saying a that foreigners Are treat the Sam As the native. Then was no High Tariff in Cill a such a other countries had a cause til Othet countries had arranged the Tariff for China. Tho oldest nation in the East he said was grateful to America for All she Hajj Dom for China. America lie continued would not oppress hut would Sec that i Justice is done to ult special Telegram. Helena dec. 23.�?in a division by chief Justice Theodore Brantly the supreme court today revers 1 judge William Clancy of the District court of Silver Bow county Iii the famous Comanche Case. The court declares that judge Clancy erred in not admit Ting in the hearing of the application of Adolph Wutz Stern against the Boston 6c Montana company for an injunction restraining it from operating the Comanche us evidence certain records of other actions Between Wetzsteon Aud the Boston amp Montana and that that error Vas sufficient to cause a reversal. For nearly i year tax Comanche Mille has Ben dosed under the injunction issued by judge Clancy on the petition of Wetzsteon and unless another injunction la issued the Boston amp Montana May resume operations in the property. The action decided today forms one straining order. The Boston amp Montana at once App aled. The Boston a Montana claimed that the evidence adduced at the hearing before judge Clancy a us insufficient to warrant the issuance of the injunction. A we shall not now undertake to determine the merits of this Contention a says the supreme court a for the reason Ahjit the order must be reversed on other grounds. By the time another hearing can he had in the District court a wholly different situation May be presented and we would avoid prejudicing the rights of the parties Jis they May then be made to Appeal. Furthermore As will appear from Matt is referred to hereafter it May be that the rights of the parties will have been finally determined before another hearing Cun be had in which event sin h hearing will be entirely the supreme court then discusses the ruling of the lower court in refusing to admit tin answer of the Boston it Montana which had been verified upon information Jed belief. This ruling the court says Vas Correct. The court of the interesting chapters in the his tory of the mining litigation of Butte j comments upon the question of the Adolph Wetzsteon the plaintiff. 1ms All Power of a District court in issuing or along Chi aimed a one fourth interest in i denying an injunction the Comanche mine on. One of the big producers of Butte while the Boston amp Montana company has contend thut it owned the entire property through Purchase from ii. L. Frank. The Largey estate and others. Before John Lindsay left the District Bench of Silver Bow county Wetzsteon sought to secure from him an Injunc-1 Tion the Boston Montana i front operating the Comanche pending an Appeal from a decree of the District court of Silver Bow county that adjudged the pm titles from whom the Boston a Montana subsequently bought the property the rightful owners judge Lindsay denied the injunction. An i Pic evil to the supreme court resulted in the denial being Allie red. Last March Wetzsteon applied to judge Clancy for in injunction. This wis granted after a hearing and the min has been closed Ever since. At the injunction Heiring the Boston amp Montana offered Jis evidence the record of the judgment in the Comanche Chise Aas Well us the record of the injunction proceedings before judge Lindsay but judge Muncy As stated declined to admit it Aud granted the re an injunction and then takes up the action of judge Clancy or. Refusing to admit the record offered by the Boston 6c Montina. The refusal of the admission of the record it pronoun de erroneous. Other Points an discussed. The court concluding that the injunction should not have Ben issued. The court disapproved of three other cases today. In an opinion by Assor late Justice Milburn the judgment in the ase of Fannie Matusevitz against Lillie it. Hughes administer matrix of the estate of s. J. Reynolds appealed by the plaintiff from Silver Bow county is affirmed. In a decision prepared by associate a list ice Picot the court denies the motion to dismiss the Appeal from the judgment in the Case of Anna m. Trelkeld against George b. Of Neal appealed from the District court of deep Lodge county at the same time granting the motion to dismiss the Appeal from an order denying a new trial. The fourth decision modifies and affirms the judgment of the lower court in the eau of c. A. Whipple and la. 1>. Taylor against j. S. C. Stuart appealed by the defendants from Broadwater county. One killed and nine Hort trolley car break away while ascending a stoop Grade in san Francisco and Daisho from the rails into a Telegraph pole. San Francisco in. Ulm one Iverson was killed and Nill others injured in a Peculiar Accident on the Fillmore Street electric car line last night Pend mrs. Mary Phelan Domestic taken to Railroad Hospital died from fracture of Skull. Injured. Mrs. M. K. Ii it its it. A if of William Mausie foot crumbed und it Alp wounds will recover. Mrs. Mary Kelly Domestic contusions and suffering from Tum a. Robert Keller sprain of right thumb and contusions of knee. Robert hog re rut Over Eye and contusions. Miss Josephine Rigley confused Clit Over forehead and raises Tut Back of the head. Or. Turner contusions Aud Shock. Mrs. O Connor injuries very Slit it a. J. Dutchman Motorman slightly Hurt. Roy Phelps conductor injuries very slight. For four blocks South of Union Street the Grade is so Steep that the cars have to be pulled up the Hill by special machinery. As a car containing Flat sea people had nearly ranches the top of j the Bill it broke Loose in some manner i and rushed Down the Grade with frightful Speed. It kept the track until i Union Street was reached. Here there stood an empty car waiting to be hauled to the Summit. This obstruction was crashed into and wrecked by ill runaway car which then Jet mph a i til rails and was brought to a stand still by a Telegraph pole which it struck with terrific for let. Completely i demolishing the car and a rtt ring its occupants in All directions help a j at hand and the injured passengers i were Given immediate care. Foul murderer must die by the Guillotine Chartres Ive. 23�?aft. R a week s trial which has attracted the attention of the whole of France Brier the Farmer who on april 21 murdered four of his daughter aged fourteen eleven five and four respectively and Iii son seven years old stabbing und beating them to death White they were in bed was of a and i guilty today anti condemned to in decapitated by the Guillotine. Brier persisted in declare leg ing his innocence but the evidence against him was overwhelming. A pathetic incident of the trial occurred when Briere a surviving Tittle daughter who the police declare Only escaped the Fate of the Oiler children by not responding to Briere a invitation to go to or him went on the witness stand so Bingly protesting that her father was innocent and begging Hie court to restore him to her. Briere at the time of the murder asserted that two tramps ent red his House during his absence and killed the children he added that he re turned while the murderers were robbing the place and that they attacked him and after a desperate struggle left him for Lead with four a tabs in the head. He further alleged that Iii. Tramps escape d with the sum of Lind francs and a number of objects of value. Suspicion a win fell on Brier. It a suggested that he murdered his children in a fit of Drunken madness As lie spent the evening of the murders in drinking and As no traces of the a1-1 tramps were found besides i this. Briere a wounds were Only slight Hind the knife with which they were i inflicted wats found to belong to his House. Finally a bloodstained jacket belonging to Briere was discovered hidden under some Straw in the court Yard. His arrest followed another Story advanced in co mire thin with the murder is that Bra re wanted to marry a widow Alin Bud rejected him on account of his Large family and that he therefore sen for ail his children Nome of that in at that time j boarding with neighbor Aud committed the murders of tar which be in. Vented the Story of the two tramp hoping to thereby shield himself it Ore a suspicion

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