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Ames Times Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1902, Page 7

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Ames Times (Newspaper) - November 27, 1902, Ames, Iowa Ames vol. I. No. 30. Ames Story county Iowa thursday november 27. 1902 the Ames times an official paper of Story county advertising rates local notices 5 cents per line each insertion. Notices of entertainments concerts lectures suppers Etc where an admission feels charged or a monetary interest involved 5 cents per Hue each insertion cards of thanks 25 cents. Resolutions of respect and condolence St of. Announcements of Church service. Lodge s Coety and club meetings and All Public gatherings where not conducted for Revenue will be published one time free additional publications 5 cents per line. Rates on display advertising furnished on application. All changes for display advertisements mud be furnished by tuesday evening Al Only one Dollar per year Al Low a. Took first prize to apples at the St. Louis Apple growers convention. Cabbie nation is not dead. She attended the horse show in new York last week and of course created a sensation. She of course bad to do that in order to sustain Ber reputation. Harvey Ingham is doing great work on the editorial Page of the Register and Leader. Hut Harvey is not an of. He will have to Lave help or break Down. He is att Ernp log too much. Isnit there too much Lodge in this country. Of course we will not any of us confess that our particular Lodge is oot a necessity but it looks As though the country was Long it d to death. Is this realty Winter or just a Freak of the 1902 Iowa weather Thi Btu oho years ago tomorrow our honoured dad declared he had the Only boy that Ever happened a Treynor rec of d. Bet four dollars Aud eighty cents that the old Man has changed Bis mind Many times before this. Herb Krupp the great gun maker died saturday at Essen Germany of apoplexy. The factories at Essen ate the largest of the kind in the world and besides artillery manufacture ship railway and structural Irani. The jury in the famous Pinki Estein murder cae brought in a verdict of acquittal in the Case of Harris lev fcb who was on trial for the murder of fickle Stein after sixteen ballots had been taken. It is Pru Nable that the negro Walker co defendant with lev Leb will he released without coming to trial. This seems to be the Des Moines Way. One town in Iowa that the Ping Pong erase did not strike Ames. There was another negro hanging in the South thursday. This is not Given As a matter of news. Teddy kill a Bear because he failed to get his optics on one during his late Hunt in the Jungles of the South. On account of continued Iii health Walter Kellen has been Eon Pelleio dispose of his newspaper a the Williams Wasp. Walter s was one of die brightest minds on the weekly press of Iowa until ill health incapacitated him for work of either mind or body. Too bad a Walt a a Good fellow. Cart. Pc. Adams of the Cresco times died recently Al the age of of. He leaned the printers Trade at the age of 12 and has been in the newspaper business in Iowa since 171, except for a few years spent in Dakota. He has been at Crest o since 1893 he was a Man it Radical convictions Aud never allowed the interests of the counting room to interfere with the expression of them. Ile was highly esteemed for his Manly Quanti s. He has been assist any mrs. Irene c. And Lins in his newspaper work. Cannon of Illinois will be elected speaker of the next National House of representatives practically without opposition. Today we eat Turkey the Day of All Days of the year when Man should eat to the fullness thereof As it goes without saying that thanksgiving is a Day for feasting. In concluding an account of a a quiet wedding a Kansas editor says a a j. J. Anderson father of the Bride who never before had shed a tear found several of them rolling Down his Sun turned Cheeks As he came Forward to kiss the Bride remarking that she was his Mast immediately several of the ladies began to shed tears everybody was somewhat excited and in the confusion the writer found himself embracing a lady who stood conveniently near and who proved not to be his wife. He immediately apologized to the lady and was forgiven. He apologized again later to his wife with no very definite re w ii in educational institutions dismiss without any hesitation whatever students who Are guilty of Rowdy Sim or what is belter yet assist in having them prosecuted in the courts Rowdy ism will cease. The Iowa City Republican says fifty at the state University Are implicated in the recent outbreak in which City property was destroyed. These fifty expended time and Energy and Money in securing a Skunk and a Supply of Rotten eggs with which to break up a banquet. Ever one of them should be dismissed i Stanter. It was Only a Short time ago that the manager of the Iowa c to opera House bad his Collar Bone broken in opposing a Rush of students who ret used to buy tickets and not Long before that a Young lady had Ber knee permanently injured by hazing conducted by other Young ladles. Such work is just As criminal when done by students As by any one else. College authorities should not hesitate any longer in recognizing that fact As recent outbreaks in c. 0. Reed sold his farm of too acres last Friday to prof. C. F. Curtiss at $98 per acre taking on Trade the town residence of prof. Curtiss at $5,000, posses Slob of neither property to be Given until March i. This is the old Hodgkins farm and lies Only three fourth of a mile from the College and is a Fine piece of land. When farming becomes an entirely sedentary Pursuit which it is almost now the professor will probably retire to pm late life on his farm and enjoy a rest. Little Mary Maclane we Lave read Mary Mac Lane. We Are aware it i a Little late in the d in to acknowledge the fact but until recently none of our friends had bought it so a hat we had no Opportunity of borrowing it before this. We had in idea that when we read it we would be Able to Tell whether Mary was a Genius a Poser or i just a common Pine Blank fool. Though when you come to the latter proposition there is Only a hair s breadth difference for a Genius is just a fool developed along one line. All the Way through Mary strikes altitudes and proclaims herself a Genius a person distinctly Odd. She strikes herself on the breast and like sentimental Tommy by the immortal or Barile says a am i not a wonder a perhaps though lie is Only a Freak like Carrie nation but the fact remains that a Nineteen year old girl from the Sulphur Center of Butte Montana where the air is burdened wit ii the smoke and Gas from the smelters and nothing Green can live has i drawn the attention some of it Admir tog attention and some of it scurrilous of a great Many people in the West est Penally. Thus tar she is a Riddle. A girl of Nineteen with the thoughts of a Hla a woman or Man of the world of fifty and the Power to express them in language that at least compels people to listen and read Lier attenuated morality must have something unusual about her about the Only place in the Book where Art be non to Triumph Over nature is where Mary frankly confesses a to the fit of her shirtwaist that she lots sacrificed nine Good Cambric handkerchief to give it die requisite shape. She is an egotist and a Pessimist an egotist in that she is everlastingly bring Inge herself before the Reader in fact it is a portrayal of Mary Mac Lane. If a second party Hart written it. Making the Story impersonal it might be looked upon As a pretty Good specimen of humor. She i it a Pessimist because she deliberately belittles everybody and everything even the Mother who bore Ber and who probably gave her Good kind treatment for which her daughter hands convicted by her own words of the crime of ingratitude. Home Day. Perhaps Little Mary Maclane As you style yourself you May turn to this commonplace Mother end Brothers and sister when you get tired of your confidences in your kind Devil and Are sick and suffering. What a Little heretic you Are. Anyway and what a delicious morsel you would have been for the officers of the Spanish inquisition to have Laid hands on and put the thumb screws on. How they would have tortured you with red hot pokers and How the Iron Maiden would have gently opened to take you to and then softly closed on you and pierced you with the Iron spikes closer closer closer until they went even into your miserable wooden heart and your Good healthy liver with its Nice yellow bile that you Are so fond of talking about Aud into a your healthy stomach and your Young woman s body. Even so Mary Mclane its a Good thing you did t live in those Good old Days. Nor even in the times when the puritans were hanging witches and burning Bere in in our can Good country for even they would have made Short work of you. If you had t told us Yon had such a Good digestion we would think you had dyspepsia but you assure tis your vital organs Are All working beautifully so it must just be pure cuss Edness. Well Mary Maclane you Are still Young and maybe there is Hope for you yet. Any w a we think there Are a lot of people who if they tried could write even a worse Book of they put Down All their thought. Better cultivate the humanities Mary instead of lying out on the Hills in the Sulphur smoke. Your liver will do just As Good work and your living will be better. Turn up to dearly every institution in the West already this fall have demonstrated a Register and Leader. By Hen the Pilgrim fathers made a touchdown at Plymouth Rock and afterwards in remembrance of years of adversity fixed thanksgiving Day As a time for National rejoicing they Little thought that by the beginning of the 2uth Century the Day would be one that would be filled with the noise of the bellowing bleachers instead of quiet thanksgiving and religious contemplation. The seat of learning like the Star of Empire moves Westward and if it chooses to Wallow in the mud on thanksgiving Day instead of reposing in the Chimney Corner it is probably in accordance with the Rush of modern Day life. The world moves and not always Forward. Star Hlaj hut True a if every one Kiev what a grand Medicine or. Kings new life pills is a writes i. Ii. Turner. Dempsey town pa., a a you a sell All you have in a Day. Two weeks use made a new Man of infallible for constipation stomach and liver troubles. 2�?o5c at l. M. Bosworth drug store. The farm labourer i better Oil than the City labourer. His $20 a month is better than the Motorman the clerks. The policeman s and the Mechanic s $50 per month. He does not lose a much time in the year lives better is More Independent and enjoys life More than any other hired Man. The boy on the farm should grow to appreciate the dignity of farming. It is the oldest business on Earth. It is a complicated business and the Man who is a successful Farmer must have a Long head arid a level head lie must know things. If he is an ignoramus some one will soon get to own ids farm and he will have to for the privilege of living on it. The boy on the farm should study tile business of farming. Ile should study soils. He should know Alt about crops and Low to handle them. Ile should study the science of Breeding live Stock. A Goon Farmer knows More useful things than a College professor or even the editor of a newspaper and a boy who Bas an ambition to be a Good Farmer should be proud of Hie fact that when he realizes his ambition he Iii be one of the broadest minded most helpful beings on the face of creation. Boy stick to the farm. If you had Hie experience that some of us Fellows to town have of your had to live by Pulley and step lightly for fear of treading on some fellow toes who furnished the butter for your daily t read you d realize the Independence of a successful Farmers life is More to be desired than great riches. Two of the worst scared chinamen that Ever ran a Washoe House this far out in civilization could have been seen at the chinese laundry in this City i St monday evening. George who knows about As much about a gun As a Monkey knows of a sausage grinder was fooling with an old Shotgun. His partner warned him in their native language to be careful but George heeded not the warning. Luckily the muzzle of the gun was pointed from him. For at about this time there was a terrific report and fragments of the Glass front fell in a Shower to the sidewalk. George dropped the gun and remained glued to the floor with fright he shivered like one undergoing a severe chill Knees knocking together and Teeth chattering his partner was is badly frightened As he was but it affected him differently he got action on himself in Ade a couple of rapid u re nits of the room and i Hen tried to climb up tile Wall of course lie did t do it parties rushed in to learn the cause of the commotion and Georges explanation was about As follows a whoopee Heap big Popee shouted bang n e no know be loaded big window and gone to Heidi Eek me no Orang City Herald. Hebe a another one from the Boone Independent. The last time we copied one from that paper it Cost Usa subscriber. Of this Orie does no to get to a new one we will Cut the Independent Iff our Exchange list a a lady teaching Iii a neighbouring town was annoyed by the boys who every time they came up pairs puffed As though Tim exertion was too much for them and in do Ermine to Stop it. To she met the boys As they came into the room and t bus admonish d them a Hee Lier boys a she said a you Are making altogether too much noise and hereafter when you com into the Etnas room i want you to leave your puffs and pants Down Ida Grove Pioneer the boy on the the farm is Lucky. He is better off than if he was born with a Silver spoon in his Mouth. His life is healthier his morals cleaner his pleasures sweeter than those of ids City Cousin. If the boy on the farm has an ounce of common sense he will stay on the farm until he is a grown Man and continue right on staying until he is ready to get off the farm and off the Earth. The business of farming is i safer than any other business because it is More permanent. There Are Farmers living around Ida Grove Battle Creek Holstein and Galva who have been on the same farm a Quarter of a Century Ani have made Money. How Many merchants Are there in any of the towns i of this country who can say the same the Lincoln reception Gen. And mrs. Lincoln and miss Lincoln gave a most enjoyable reception at their Home lust thursday night to about 150 Friend. Besides the above on the receiving Lino were or and or. W. A Lincoln of Nashville Tenn opt. And or. Charles Lincoln of the 2nd infantry. U. H a. And Lieut. F. La. Lincoln of it. Dupont with the 112 coast artillery. The evening was agreeably passed in conversation and Light refreshments were served by misses Louise Rowe Ina Thompson Jeannette Bartholomew Martha coffin and Minnie Rich who also in turn presided Over the punch bowl in the Library. Many handsome souvenirs of the far East were displayed in the rooms Gold embroideries handsome drawn work from Japan and philippine curious including the weapons of warfare used by Tho citizens of the new Republic. The dining table was decorated with a Beautiful cent Erable Aud doilies of japanese drawn work Over Pink and lighted with a Sliver Candela with Pink Shad. Clusters of Fine chrysanthemums were us d As decorations for the other rooms. Guests from out of town were or. And mrs. D. D. 8. Fairchild of Clinton and or. And mrs. I. H. Fairchild jr., also of Clinton or. And mrs. Easter and adjutant general Beyer Alt of Des Moines. The Wail known hospitality of the Lincoln Home was proven afresh by this party which was the More enjoyed because the entire family were reunited at this time. International live Stock exposition a Mon highly interesting and in try it it innovation i year at the International livestock exposition will be the admission of Farmers sons into the sin dents judging contest. The donors of the Premium for tills years contest messes poor Clay and Sanders have specially specified that the contest he left open to All Farmers rant regardless of their belonging to any agricultural lege. This will give the colleges an Opportunity to prove up their teachings and boys who Are to Able to take the time Foi schooling is ill have an Opportunity to become a part of this educate a feast it will be expected that any Recotr Jyz d. First class school who under tie circumstances fail to enter Tim list. Is tin schools would better look to the air laurels in such a contest. Father whose boys have not attended this exposition should not allow anything to prevent the boys from coming this year to watch this event so As to prepare themselves for subsequent con tests As undoubtedly at future expositions Iii feature will remain a fixture in addition to its being a plea ure to Send the boys fathers should consider it a Bounden duty to give them the Benefit of this weeks live Stock education and die Man who farms and is not a student striving to improve and put hit place on a in Quot ter footing each year will not tie a Success. Semb Rolsin Htu Marh Aud t try them when you feel doll after eating when you have no appetite when you have a bad taste in your Mouth when your liver is torpid when your bowels Are constipated when you have a headache when you fee bilious they will improve your appetite cleanse a d invigorate your stomach and regulate your liver and bowels. For Sale by All druggists. Real estate Loans. If you have a loin on your place that can be paid of any interest Day see us i it us take it up and reduce your rate and a of get you a loan on which you can and amount on any Day you choose. We charge you no commission on such a loan. Story county Bank District teacher meeting the first District meeting of District no. 3 was held at the High school building saturday afternoon and was largely attended by teachers from allover the county Aud an especially interesting program was Given. The opening number was a song by Oue of the primary classes this however was not something prepared tor the occasion but a Sample of their regular work miss Cole in her paper on second year Reading told How she conducted a class not How it should be done. Mist Morrison gave devices for keeping up the iut Etest of Pup in third year Reading class. Miss Ghi it in practical he it Nee in the country schools Quot showed the possibilities of a thorough nature study. Miss Barr gave an interesting paper on first Grade work Aud Mist Gilo Irist illustrated with a no Del Clave Tiow the Little folks tart. The Solo by miss Holt was Well Given and App rec attic Illier paper on a encouragement for beginning teachers miss Besa gave encouragement to Only those who were willing to give thorough stud y to their work. There wag a general discussion it a a dialling the Homes in which a and was taken that teachers who visited the Homes were More successful Aud got along Best. Mrs. Robinson gave Many methods fur arousing the interest of Pupil to make them careful about punctuality and attendance. Miss paddocks paper our the teacher and races. Was Well received. She told of j he old to teen minutes recess As being Best. Miss Curtis gave an Intel eating Piper in a Laboratory methods and or. Hammel Aud Huperinten-1 it Hanson entered into the discussion and helped to make the meeting a very Intel Sung one. Jalufk in thirteen by sending 13 Antles vim. Hilrey of Walton Furnace vt., got a Box of buckled Arnica halve that wholly cured a horrible fever sore on Bis leg. Nothing else could. Positively cures bruises felons ulcers eruptions boils Burns corns Aud plies. Only 25c. Guaranteed by l. M. Bosworth druggist. Yeomen social the brotherhood of american Yoe Meu will give a social in the k ii Moo s Hail tuesday evening dec. 2nd. A Drill will be Given by the degree staff. Also a Good musical program. Refreshments will be served. An admittance fee of 15 cents will be charged at the door. In t. Mcintyre St. Paul minn.,who has been troubled with a disordered. N Mach says a a chamberlains a stomach j and liver tablets do me More Good than anything i have Ever for Sale by All druggists. Is .

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