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Ames Thursday Times Newspaper Archives Mar 27 1919, Page 1

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Ames Thursday Times (Newspaper) - March 27, 1919, Ames, Iowa Times advertisers get Best results the thursday times the times helps Ames to grow thursday edition of the Ames evening times Voi Ajah xxvi i Quot a. Mac Donald appointed la Federal i rom Aci chief Engineer of Highway communion Yamei it As Secretary held position Hetue Sinck 1913 Washington dispatch Kays Ames Mah will assume uis jul ties Koon % e % 0 Ltd it a a a a a a a a or. Macdonald iming out of a lilt City today no statement re a Gard ing the new position could a % he new ural from him. No no a a a has 110011 math Here a a Coiner of Hilt and Kano of Tho a a Federal position w Iii ii Mill a Lake him to Washington As a a far us could in Learned today a a no acre As or has Jet Bren named a a by the state Highway rom my As Ion a to succeed or. Macdonald. The a a sly try hit h is printed maw Mas a i urd from the office of infer it a a mat Ion United state. Depart a a meat of agriculture. mar. 27 Thorn a. Mac Donald chief Engineer of the Iowa state Highway commission ha1 been appointed by the Secretary of agriculture a Engineer in rimmed late charge of the work under tie f ederal Aid Hoad a t. Which or vide for a a operation Between the Stites and the Federal government in the construction and improvement of Roada or. Mcdouald will assume his new duties As soon As be Tan Dom up bus work in Iowa in the meantime he will continue to keep in to a tout h with the Federal aft. Hoad work of the department Ash has done during the past Tao or three months step already have been taken to expedite the resumption and eaten Aion of Highway construction under the terms of la Federal lie Are mended by tic Post office appropriation at and nothing will a omitted to Faracl Difate the of the work the regulation s Hare been carefully revised in the Light of pud caper in a and of suggestions off red by the state Highway department. The standards for plans specifications. And estimates have been modified to meat ape Jal it Ondl ions existing in some of the Staten and other changes in practices and procedure have been made All with the definite object of speeding up the work. Who direct All activities or will immediately supervise and dire t a1 the activities o the Bureau of Public roads under the Federal Aid Road act in hiding the expenditure of the additional a prop Lauon of $t#9,#00,000 pro voted by the Post office appropriation act for the Extension and development of Highway construction during the present and the next two fiscal years for the time being in the midst of the pressure incident to the resumption and Extension of Road work. Or Macdonald will devote his energies to problems arising under the Petter Aid Road Ait. It is planned that. In the near future he will formally assume the position of director of the Bureau of Public roads mad vacant by the death of Logan Waller Page. Or. Macdonald was graduated from the Iowa state College in the civil engineering course and was pm. Played by the t i ago great Western Railroad for a Tim on track work. In 1904 he became assistant professor of civil engineering at the Iowa state College and was placed in charge of Road investigation work. Well fitted for position in i Dok by was appointed Highway Engineer with the first Highway commission in Iowa and held this position until id13, when he was made chief Engineer of the present state Highway commission. Ile it also supervisor of state roads having charge of Al highways and streets adjoining o upon state farms. State institutions and the state Capitol at Des Moines. He is a member of the executive committee of the american association of state Highway offal or Macdonald s Broad knowledge sheriff goates stolen Auto t a Ink Ltd ii a rom Nevada Man was found Iii de. Mollies a Ames Iowa thursday March 27, 11 19 huns study yank culture an automobile belonging to of f. Anderson of Nevada which was stolen from or. Anderson s garage february 25, has been located by sheriff Griffin at i it a Moines. Sheriff Vvs. A. Ricketts and or. Anderson went to Des Moines today to claim the same. Soon after a was known Tho Caf lad been stolen circulars were distributed All Over the country and a Reward of $25 was offered. The a s a new one and therefore was a it on Aid Era Blo loss to the owner. Imes boy gassed Hee times returns Home a Germany has nos Only Learned that he has no monopoly on a Kultur Quot but now studying at first hand a bit of of the Bridge Over the Rhine at Coblenz Germany where some Rowland Kiker in in Wei Driver m the by x t nos Kent to c amp Dodge Rowland Kirkham son of prof. And mrs j. A Kirkham who a i been with the Rainbow division Over a Here tor the Pas year h is arrived from Camp Dodge on a ten Days leave of absence. Rowland was a lout naut in the j 42nd division an i was in a1 three it of the big drives in spite of the fact he was wounded and gassed three 1 times in the first drive at chateau Thierry he received the first wound in the second drive at Verdun he re. Elvelt a a Shell concussion and in the third drive at St. M n a a. He was wire gassed he was returned to w eks ago j o it h Rompaey of 9vs i America Brand each Day a Ca i yanks toted in and w Here each Day of Raphael fevers. C. S. Marine stat the German civilians curiously View be stands guard at the american vide ii As they Cross the Structure. Pool Hall question becomes a live Issue As letters Poi r in both for and against project the same company up time of it. Mended Iowa by it civil Ling Wering. A Camp Merrit a Glt of a casual 1 and Brough amp 11 of ii e men Rowland College taking Ted army soldiers to receive Joo i both Bix pet to 1.1 h it i it gym \ nos of Iii Shak a so. X ii gov fun Monr evidence that people Are become j Ming intensely interested in the Pool j Hall Issue is Cen in the number of i letters which have been received by j the times some favouring the establishment of a licensed Pool Hall and j others opposing it. Petitions like. Wine have Bee circulated about town i to secure the sentiment of the people regarding he question j the Macer undoubtedly will be j thoroughly dim Rosed at the meeting Jot the civil forum this evening to j of held it the City hid i. Hie time has United Iii us. A a a a of the question through tin columns of the paper and the res on fris sex Idem from the Mulier of letter received. In tin future lion Eter no letter will in published unless signed j la the writer and inasmuch a tile letters Are int omitting so numerous it is asked that the or Helen he made As Brief As possible. Parlor of the bitter class was established in Ames. Vav hat would Liap need mostly pm it would be fre it by College students the. Pm to town oftener bringing More Busine Hants. Also it would place for the boy w town town and a in Uch a nature would a ollege activities sue i hat surely is what Leeds namely a Plu boys can Conge Rara the ?. It Reg he ref bringing rid inc Dently to the Mer be a meeting n they were ing place of i amp enter of As athletics this school where the hash out the stir Battery dealers to be inks Friday garage Meh expected Here for Felt Hiram of i Elx re service station dealers of Willard storage batteries in the Ames territory Are expected to attend a meeting Bere tomorrow afternoon which 1h being put on by the local Willard service station of which c. Vav. Cox is the manager. The affair is expected to be attended by More than a score of garage men from Over the county. Following the pattern 01 in program a banquet will be served in the hotel in a he evening. The following is the afternoon program Coo p. reasons for falling this meeting. A your position with regard to the garage men. A c. Vav. Cox 2 30�?Willard policies for 1919,�?� the Willard reputation with car manufacturers a Earl x. Webber. 3 i amp a a the storage Battery its on traction. Operation and pc. W. Cox. 4 00�?�?othe still better Willard Battery a the Willard factory a a Earl n. Webber. 4 45�?open discussion garage owners and managers Quot criticisms it four a suggestions for our service to you ques regarding High Schoop will Stagi Chim Vai if students will put on Benefit per forma Nee 4ridav night Niider 284 a in. Rosa p plans have Ben practically completed for the carnival which is to be staged tomorrow night at the an of High school building. Members of the y. Vvs c. A. And v. My c. A. Will a part of the proceeds made that night to adopt a War orphan. Vav bile the Quot a club will use one of the proceeds to buy this years football men a a a sweaters. Owing to the epidemic of influenza during the Winter the Athle in funds ran Short about two Hundred Ames High Tepool pupils will take part in the t a in in ii each of these three organizations choose students fur a heir division from the student body so that the whole student body will he represented the affair is to be fun from begetting to end and some of the stunts that will be put on by the different divisions Aras follows ounces Devers says rank St item in i s will de asked eur in hearing senator Cummins to talk today add Resh on Railroad jul he Hov Xvi la Deex House committee probe by United press Des Moines mar. 27.�?vv�?Then governor Harding resumes his testimony in th1 House judiciary Pardon Robe this afternoon he will be asked show his Bank Book for the months f september october november and december of 1918. Counsel Beyers who is conduct in g on 1 Ped of beating Iowa and some i it a a it so that we will Budapest mar 2 5 cd in the hungarian s i r Viet govern j Ujj Mon has been formally it s am ukr a a a my without bloodshed. Al and Allied Soldier have beet their Liberty. The popularity \ Merleyn officers a not Dent everything has Bon vocalist a it imbed a Lien give of the lashed a i Aud nil fint Lief lids Pool Hall the editor Ames times i have read with interest the Arlo on Pool Halls by prof. Mat to a by Iii Tho i be stay Issue of the i inies from a student View Point it me voice my opinion. Evidently there i no objection to the Gam. Of Pool or billiards the main difficulty seems t be with the Hall. I was born in a City of fifty the government has met with the a thousand Nufi have lived there an Proval of the it Turner a tic the hum my life until i t ame to College this Hie and i he poor. City has licensed Pool Hall it by Liaro the red army lab ing organised j Parlours As they Are called Bowling it a a voluntary ba.-i#. And the soldiers alters and Cigar stores i spent Are being paid $90 a month. In ad-1 on Lerable of in time after school i it tote to this they receive their food j hours in company with a Bunch o clothing and an allowance for their Fellows who always congregated at Antilles j on of the billiard Parlours. None a it a. 77 7. Us for hidden by our parents to to him for the very important tak of ,. Foj Feder speaking of Pep i f the a Powers Ilia i i a Little Hui rear to g i Little easier to hav Chich students a amp could find the Pep of would realty amount re the Stock of the in. They seem to a a such a thing As a questions Whilt h is in port ant a the igbo say thai would make go to school and Ive a Good time a a Titi Toffi to the it the ins Titu Ion he. To something school would go Orget that there a a a supplemental really just a it Book part of a i l no vol worm died today irs. Katherine Stevenson who talked in Imes rec in Tia met Turk a minstrel show police court and others a Small admission fee will be charged. Lului ii a investigation of the pardoning of \ cd re in 11 he Ida county social criminal said i vaudeville Buzz Fang and chorus a hat the governor also will in asked prod fire notes during the same period. A i May hav it made a mistake a was la that was wrung from the govern a by Bey is in the testimony yes Day. Fhe questioning of the governor drought Forth no admission that he had broken a precedent or that he Iliad not complied with the Law in granting the Pardon. The afternoon session will not be called until rather late because of an id dress which will be delivered before the Assembly by senator Cli in mings who will speak on the Railroad question. I u \ so. We dire Ting the activities a1 government under the the Road act in Coop ration with the state Highway it commissioners of the various stat a is and even if i of h. Best Farn e represented in my of supervising the expenditure o for this purpose. Madden again flirts with thoroughbreds j say it myself Sunn Hies in the City a i the Bunch. A to our conduct in the parlor i in a certain that we did not hold he Large sum that Are now available j rav r meetings but on the othe hand. I can remember of no occasion whatever or of any action or word on our part which we should by i shamed of. The by hard parlor. J have to live up to certain Standard. In their licenses Are revoked anti the result i that there id no humor a a atmosphere about any of them. It it Council regulate. Some people May say that the have often seen these so called poo Hall bums. So have i hut when to you find them you find then. A cities and towns where till it Rouneil is mafia up of Mea who eith i firmly Belr it if proper great Deal of by and As far on firnal the uric in cd. Tho Ible for that. Is by int is be h t in. It also would ii stud lits wit owns to play p his is a Point 1 a pc r looked. Be Ive that billiard paring it ated would do Good to this commute is doing any harm is pity Council m ton i it Council is respond it the Council knows h no can come from to p a great number of go to near Yin Ames and ii should not b truly yours. De. Roddewig. It a through Lack of ability or through a failure to by familiar with the. Forlorn condition of thii.g-, do not a the proper legislation with regard .0 us h matters. A tei Ideue against Thrift Tath editor Ames evening times in re pause to your request for and her discussion of the licensed a a a of Bali Issue i admit the follow a Iii addition to the objections urge by professor g. B. Macdonald in our fue for tuesday to allot Chi h i agree i with to Point out a not her objection the tendency against Thrift. The government Haw to gently put Forth strenuous efforts 0 encourage Thrift. The newspapers Ltd magazines hav a All printed Nutini Rous appeals to develop the habit it of saving and to this Appeal Many mop in have responded. The Public Choel. Are trying to teach Thrift and we As Good citizens should doll we can to develop this habit Mong the Young. The saving of he first Hundred dollars 1 for Many no re difficult and in the building of or May by More important ban the saving of the next five Hun ired. To establish a commercial by United press Des Moines mar. 27�?mrs Tea bar in Iez it fir Orenson of Boston me of the leaders in he National a \ t. Of a a who came Here recently 0 Aid in the Temperance drive died it the Home of a Nephew Here today mrs Stevenson was the chief Beaker at a Union meeting held in he methodist Church Here Leas than we w a eks ago mrs. S it non came o Iowa to assist in the raising of r Louo a a part of the $1,000 �?T00 fund to be raised throughout the out re. She Aho gave an address it the College. Sport in All brandies seem to be enjoying a big revival. The thorough bred horse is Ovid Nutly still in the tunning despite the wonderful sex Hilt it ions of Fig engines and electric motors during the big War. John e. A a Madden one of americans leading or and wide experience in Highway horse racing men has Agrin bought construction matters peculiarly qual into the Thoro bred Stock farm Field of a town where the lower class of Pool Halls prevails. I Villi leave it to anyone to judge the morals of tha own for himself. 1 think they Are considerably lower than Tho. Of our Ity. For comparison let us take the City of Davenport where we find a general condition of clean business Bool Hall is to bring in a counter in \ neighbouring town is Airt example offence the proprietor throws on his bait for dimes and quarters. While teachers parents and editors try to develop the habit of Thrift the Pool Hail proprietor constant tempts men to spend be Ause to profits Only when i patrons spend it is his business to encourage men to spend. His motto is a come and Good morals clean living and tis spend Don t be .1 for lean billiard Parlours a so called the Money die takes in he gives not to Pool Hall bum to not tolerated in j ing of permanent value it is no the Parlours there and As the result it esteem of his whether his patrons no the bettor class of people Are accumulate anything or not. To in-0 i found shooting a game Dur Buenace them to spend he makes his ing a Apa re hour. Pool Hall As inviting As he possibly what xxx at 1 id happen can. The Man who spends As ii now let us suppose that a billiard goes never accumulates anything i the boy who spend his Nickel As ast a a gats them is forming a id habit if he continue this habit. Veil Tho he should not form other nor objectionable habits from his a 2 adore to accumulate he will Soonei r later lose hts own a Ltd of respect Aud Hen that is gone the rest of his a Eer is to or difficult to predict. This abjection alone is enough to con Iemon the commercial Pool Hall. In the recent drives for Money to rapport the various War activities Kines weal a Over the top a Whit neighbouring towns did not. These towns have had the a adv us Aga Quot of a a Ammer Tai Pool Hall is Here a connection does Anie ant the game advantage it output with Iowa Ltd it but a games should have a Pool Vail because Iowa City has a for Cany years up to the. last Iowa City has had saloons. A. Hat a suf Chient reason Why have had them when i was x student at Iowa City the rep Mala a Iff its Pool Hall wag certainly at it red Tabie. Among its patrons a Vert a few students but it a. Gen rally recognized that the Pool Hall patrons did not amount to much As Dud pm s. Few of them remained to graduate. Most of them after log no the Good standing they once had. In gored on for a time the n dropped jul of sight their career As students a Das cd. Ode member of my h Gan As a Brilliant student afer a year or Mare of dissipation beginning in the Pool Hall died us i verily under conditions that suggest a suicide. I recall very distinctly the o that came to All who had known him. A career that alight have been Brilliant was blighted and those who knew most Burnt his habits traced his breakdown to the commercial Pool Hall. A other Case conus to mind a High school student from one of the most respected Famili it. This Young Man after he Bogan going to the Pool Hall lost purpose and ambition he could nor 1 a Indue a to eater the continued on Page 4. A Thell it Ramsey Deputy Revenue collector arrived in Ames today and established an office in the committee room of the City Council chamber where persons May go t it secure information relative to the filling out of income tax forma or. Ramsey will to Here until april to. He halt Aith him All farms and Blanks which heretofore have prevented Many per ions from making their returns beaus of the Scarcity of the forms. Penalties Are not to be imposed upon those wha have Pat filet their it urns according to or. Ramsey providing they Are filled out and turned Over to the g a rement on it a before May i. Together with an of Idu Vir telling of their reasons. Or. Ramsey Calls a act thai he had pier a Ninaud be an is arising Taft drafts proposed v Ion complications runs a a in in should be it Ernst is made n to the Corpora a of the Many it of the ques some of these forms consulted before an at to fill out the Blanks. Sen in them through official in a Eneix to Persi. I n t Vav i i son the Deputy collector also is prepared a receive floor tax which includes a on tobacco and distilled spirits. The collector after leaving Ames 111 go to Cambridge being there april la to 15 and will be in Story try april 16 to 2<�?~. Pc men ballot n nation wide walk out today by United Presa Chicago. Mar. 37 balloting on i nation w do Teleg Raphers strike was n Prog today. Opposition of postmaster general Burleson opera Ion of the Lintel is said to be responsible for the proposed strife. President keen amp of the com Nercia Teleg Raphers Union said hat 400,000 ballots would be cast. Of the strike is decided upon it prob it by will occur within a month it was stated. Would have chateau where husband Feu by Robert j. Bender Washington mar. 27.�?ex-presdeut Taft is working with presi i est Wilson by Cable today in an Effort to Amend the league of nations 1 As to decrease the opposition who h is being offered to the propos i covenant by the republicans. At the peace conference articles of amendment which were written by or Taft at the suggestion of president Wilson were being considered la s was made know in Washington today. The proposed amendment is believed to have to do with the safeguarding of the Monroe Doctrin which apparently is the chief cause of r dispute. The amendment was drafted by Taft after the departure of president Wilson. Before writing it. However he asked Secretary Tumulty to communicate with the president and a a if suggestions were in order. The president replied that he would b a interested to hear or. Tafts amendments. They were cabled thru f i via i channels and president Wilna in another message stated that he a received them but said nothing As to what was being done with them. In another message today it was Dis. Hosed that the president had the amendments before the league. France is in for a a Al estate Boom to women of All nations should follow he example of lady Sarah Wilson of England. She is reported to be making arrangements wish France for the Purchase of the ground near Ypres where her Liu Bali colonel Wilson was kit a that so May build a chateau and live then a Monument to the Brave officer Martin takes Booth it Iii the list Ai Bastille ton a a Ecru supplied Tim titties be. A Vertial who secured spat it in the a proposed meet ban. Exhibition a Hall for the fait ground the a a name of go Martin Clotho a a Ata omitted by mistake. Or a a Martin nos one if the first to a Ign up to it a a i and a in a a i a filial ill iodine lieu flu v a plan. Tithers have so Ovett fur y a Pate in Tifei Ong Aud it , a a in made i a Lam than a the a a original 1 in of a it # Ltd a the weather air tonight Ami Hritzay. Some. A a bul a Armer Friday ant West portion tonight a mrs Vav. K. Melick spent the Day visiting Friend in Gilbert Aud was accompanied Home his evening by Ber daughter Madge who has been spending die past few Days visiting Friend in Hubbard

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