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Ames Thursday Times Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1919, Page 1

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Ames Thursday Times (Newspaper) - January 23, 1919, Ames, Iowa We Are not satisfied until we satisfy our readers thursday times we strive to please believing 11 can be done volume xxvi Ames Story Gunty Iowa i Hur Nhav j am Ary 28, iwo number 28v Powers declares i world is not passing Ora Peri of ease noted lecturer backs up his statements to audience e by cow Vinci no proof will release Tkac hers Sydney. New Jim. 22.�?in View of shortage of teachers in new South Wales Australia a o f James minister for i us to on a arranged for immediate release of teachers who enlisted in aus Ralian armed forces. In vets gather for says each nation must be satisfied Kac h end or world depending on other and there huot by Happy medium election Forcer a world is not passing Over to a period of ease arum Prosperity to it it any Means with big burdens of re it to and National problems i Settle a a were words of or. H. H Powers in third lecture of i live Given at agricultural Asseri by this wee Tare course. Jilt. Cd. A. Hot met of Waterloo selected to head a Bax Lauhon Dir year by this week on till free College let re elect Bergman Secretary treas. Imus Man Honoski nyah we motion a Aba Khon a far from assuming an Jimrae Diatz a Tate of fraternal ism and Wen being vast problems of race and nationality bounded by religious pre Judice of Ages and inherent in nor Nee of Ages make prob greater than Ever or. Powers who is recognised at a student of such problems and who with hts wide travel and chair in . University opinion of Che East Wen into detail with hts audience showing vividly on a map before him exact problem which now confronts no Only those silting at peace table Lem greater than Ever a for a he explained a if we Arklo have everlasting peace and a fraternity of nations question Ai satisfying each nation that is not coming from under Yoke of aristocracy roust be Given a real con ii oration that will last for All time. A Bohemia which was formerly tin Northern portion of old Austria Hungary now gone to pieces a combined with so vacs of duo Gary proper and two races hav. Already set up a new Republic Cancu f Lecho slovak Quot explained or. Pow Era. He then turned to other part. O old Empire and Poi used oui attic similar Small nations watch Wen starting up under their own Leader ship and with no regard to High of surrounding territory or race some sort of settlement Between these Small Republic would be Nee assay was belief of speaker and furthermore question of religious Bias and Creed worship in such countries would make a problem that he feels is most disparaging at this time a world has changed from times of a Hundred yearn ago and oui wives and mothers no linger de pent on their own resources. The ends o1 Earth Are joined and we Are jul. T a dependent on East As they arc upon us. With wrong ownership of manufactures and industries those nations which have been under German Empire cannot compete with outside world and even this Early Are pleading for a Means of support a or. Powers will deliver two remaining lectures of series Tomor Row afternoon and evening his topics Are for afternoon a new wards world trusts Ami world trustee Sand in evening at 8in p. In. A new guarantees balance of Power and thirty third annual meeting if Iowa veterinary association convened at Iowa state College yes erday morning for a three Day sea lion with More than two Hundred representatives from a1 Paris of country present. An interesting program was carried out yesterday and ast night athletic department wider direction of Roach Mays a aged a wrestling bout which was greatly enjoyed by those present. Delegates were also treated to an Hast rated lecture on new Serge Cal methods at which or Mayo Well mown Chicago Man. Was to hav undressed meeting but owing to Loath in his family was unable to in present. Or. Ross took his place my held his audience from Dart until close of his lecture this morning a business session a As held at which time officers and Brocton for association were elated for ensuing year. Or. G v. Scott of Waterloo was elected resident or g g Miller of coun la Bluffs selected first vice pro i Lent or l l. Lindsey of great Lnger chosen second vice president my or. H. D. Bergman of Ames Vas reelected Secretary and Treasur a. Or scoot relieves or h. Ii free Man on executive committee and or. G a. Johnson of Sioux City a i acted to a place on executive Ommittee in place of or. W. W Dimock for a term of three years a smoker has been arranged for his evening at Abidi time Del Gates will by eel in bal room of he Sheldon Muon hotel. President Pearson Alii deliver an address on a agricultural conditions behind Battle lines of and j w Coverdale will Tell of relation of no my agents to veterinarians. Members attending meeting Leclare gathering this year is Best Ever held in history of association and. A visitors from oth Ltd states declare a is Best meeting Ever held in United i Morrow s session will to held in he live Stock Pavillion of College when High Grade Stock of Iowa state College will be shown Dwa Blue sky Law Nimmo by Hague Best one in country to reason to relieve proposed investment Law will not pass How have mighty fallen Iii curates one new Depa rom eni would take investment corporation out or hands of secy or Stath. Asks is Suo damage Fri City of Ames or. And mrs. Geo. W Agner ask sum for Ach a i Dent at dangerous crossing of Amft is made a defendant in damage suit started in District court by George Wagner and his wife Julia Wagner w to in their petitions allege their automobile was ditched while Driver was attempting to avoid a collision with another car at a dangerous Corner in Northwest part of fourth Ward. Mrs. Wagner petition says was thrown from machine and severely injured. She asks for $1,000 while automobile was damaged to a Lent of 1200. Food administrator hauled with working in interests or Rig packers weather generally fair tonight anti Friday warmer Friday and cd Treme West portion tonight. Divorce cases often disclose a preliminary course of frenzied Romance Washington. Jan. 22�?herbert Hoover Pas been appealed to by Cable to save one Hundred million Dollar food famine fund from defeat in Senate. Senators backing measure Are anxiously awaiting Hoover s expected Cable denial of charges made by senator Horah that he arranged with american packers before lie left for Europe to create a new demand for food which would enable them to dispose of their vast surplus Stock of pork and meats at current High prices by creating a Market in Europe. Hardly had Hoard heard charges on Bill before leaders decided to Cable Hoover for a reply. His Cable officially denying any arrangements with packers is expected to be read to Senate today. Paris Jan. 23.�?herbert Hoover today flatly denied charges made in United states Senate during debate on Hundred million Dollar food Bill that he had worked in interest of a american packing Industry. By United press Des Moines. Jai 23 a if that Bitte sky Bill introduced in Louse yesterday by a. C. Mange of Polk county goes thru 38th genial Assembly and opinion is that t will. Iowa will have on of Best investment Laws in country in opinion of various lawmaker. The Mange Bill. As detailed yes erday. Would create a $10,000 department. This department would Ake investment corporations rom hands of Secretary of Tate and place them under Jeri Sulc Ion of state executive Council. The direct responsibility for Bonds would fall on a Security supervisor who would be appointed at an actual salary of $3,000. The balance if appropriation of $10,000 Early would go to pay office expenses and also salaries of clerk Tnp Loyed in re kindling of department s work. Investment companies that would rave to get permits from super visor would have to pay an exam nation fee of $25 for every $100, of Worth of Bonds company will sell. Thus buyers of that ones will have state o k. On very Bond sold. The Law would Urther make promotion Figur an Sale be written in red Ink on he face of Stock Sale Cert heat dividing line Between Bitt by and state investments is placed it 12 h or cent ten per cent being allowed for Selling and 2 % per cent or promotion costs from one to re years in Penitentiary together with a Fine of 11,009 to $5,000 is penalty pro tided by Hague a Bill. Hague s bid would make Law a effective immediately Oil publication. Thru Law fake dividends wok be barred thus taking away my h he lure that attracts Many inv a ors in poor stocks and Bono propositions. Another feature of Hill is one hat makes All Sal Era Omo of Bond concerns Register with sin which does away with Fly by night salesmen who usually make a big cleaning wherever they happen to land. In addition to this Register lion monthly and annual reports of activities must a filed with th., Security supervisor thus enabling that official to keep minute Tab on All operations of concern and its agents. Real estate Stock sales would be investigated by agriculture department of state when called upon to Dos to and when fraud is found it would a Quot reported to attorney general or his assistant Public Bonds and stocks v mid not be effected by Bill Aud state and savings Banks anti Faust a i panties would be exempted As Well. Insurance companies under control of rho state insurance depart Lent or when Cost of organization is 2 h p3t cent or less state controlled co Para thins securities that Are Legal investments fee Banks an i companies with capital Stock less than $2 boo. Spell bound Der address just night president of i. S. \ please Ai ii no with a a mixer speech i Roi i of arms am tur work accomplished Rylo. Cal institution one to Hoed i is example or. Holmes will talk at i a Pri Drake University head coming to Ames for address or. Arthur Holmes president of Drake University and formerly Dean of faculty at Pennsylvania state College is to deliver morning impel address next sunday Jan. 26, it 11 00 of clock. Or. Holmes Lias been a prominent Man in educational work particularly along line of child study and has written a number of authoritative books along this subject. He was recognised As an educator of Merit in East and Only recently came to Drake University. He is a speaker of ability and comes highly recommended. Believe allies Haye reached Solutin of russian problem monarchical Moye getting serious movement to restore King Manuel gaining momentum Rui xxx Fitow of soviets and gon be or Powers will restore nation hold conference on islam in Fer. m la of itch k will Likely be am Erk Vav civilian Keckesen i a l l \ ii by United Presa Paris. Jan. 2.&Quot russian problem which has been worked on As Only great Quick and a Erman it peace settlement of world appeared to be on Way to being olved today. The act Ion of he War Conn ii. Late esterday in voting part recognition i soviet government together v us other political and military factions in Russia which was exclusively fare ast by touted press on january la. A paved . Way for an amicable adjustment of Russia flairs. A program of associated pours. Based on unqualified Acop Anre by president Wilson Calls for i meeting with representatives of Job of in is. N elements on Prince Island in me sea mar Mon near constantinople. February 15 Thoro an Effort Wilt be made to work out future of russian nations along hues of self determination. The associated Dowers re expected to co operate in every Way for establishment of a stable russian government on a social economical and Industrial basis. Paris Jan. 23. Vance me Conn Lek former chairman of demo Ai National committee appeared today to be most Likely chosen As american civilian repro tentative on commission to be sent by associated Powers to Confer with russian delegates on Prince Island by United press Paris. Jan. 23 a ominus silence Day Hung Over situation in Portugal where monarchical fight to res Ore Manuel to throne us a r full swing. Of fit gals Here declare ail direct communication with their country is severed. The Only advices reaching Here Are rumours pm minting from Madrid. \ whereabouts of Manuel is unknown. A Madrid dispatch yester Lay said he was on Board a steamship off Lisbon waiting a favourable it Opportunity to land. Paris Jan. 23.�? monarchical movement in Portugal has assumed c More serious character a dispatch rom Iago says. 5.000 casts of whiskey Iii into state would boost pay of court stenographers Bill Falls i or increase of $2.00 making reporter s salary s 10.00 daily Coli Ege elections to de held Friday. Made Cardinal Guild approves lass candidates for election tomorrow Everyst Dent is eligible voting Booths re maintained % item it Al ii ill i rom s Ottah ii until t in i Des Moines Jan. thousand cases of whiskey Are illegally Brough into Iowa from Xvi Consin Illinois and Missouri each week according to Pat Sherwood special agent of department of Justice Here. He urged attorney general Hamer to do his Best to have state agents Corral As Many of bootleggers As possible especially now when thousands of youths Are being discharged from army at Camp Dodge and fort Des Moines. Sherwood said government did not. Have enough officers in this part of tile state to get All violators of Law hence ii is Appeal for Aid. A Little want and May Mil it. By United press lbs Moines. Jan. 23.�?court stenographers and reporters were Well taken care of As far As proposed a salary increases Are concerned in yesterday Bills. In Senate Wilson of App noose county introduced a Bill that seeks amendment of Law which governs compensation of Short hand reporters in District courts. He wants heir salary boosted from $ s.00 to cl0.0$ a Day. Representative Quick of Clinton county would boost wages of All Barnet court stenographers. It is Likely these two legislators will get together and Frame a common Bill. There was Tittle indication today whether or not he legislators will favor a boost in pay envelopes of court employees. In line with salary increases is Mother in a Bill by senator Whit Nore of Wapello who wants All City assessors increased from $3.50 daily >0 $4.00. It same time Whitmore brought out lots of criticism today trom officials thru out state by his Bill which would provide that any salary increases allowed by this Assembly shall not become effective until june 30, 112 1. The Wapello senator says All demands for boosts in pay Check Are due to High Cost of Ping conditions which will not prevail two years hence. At a called meeting of Carlina guld held Lait tuesday afternoon nominations for All College election to be held tomorrow were read and approved. The election Booth will be maintained in Cen j t r a i Hall tomorrow from 8 of clock j until i. Every student in school i will be eligible for a vote. The nominations were slow in a Oming to Guild and in several instances student organization was forced to make their own nominations. In other instances several members were nominated for various offices. The freshmen Dis played greatest amount of in hot Siam and they have a Good representation in Field. Another question taken up for set. Dement at meeting of Guild a. The on pertaining i freshmen Cap a Complete re w style was greed upon. The new Cap will take a he form of a Skull Cap. Cardinal in ador with Button denoting i apartment or division by a distinct color. A general Survey made by a committee brought Forth fact hat several of merchants have several of old Caps in Stock but tin change was made nevertheless. The ballot for election tomorrow will be As follow senior vice president m. L. Divine Helen Wahl. Treasurer it. F. Snyder cd e. Biederman. Junior a president ii h. Cowan l c. Kurtz. Vice president Ruth Pride Josephine Wiley. Treasurer Ruth Blanshan. Marie Hall l. I. Whitten. Athletic Council e. A Boeke l. M. Hadley Public speaking Council a w. C. Law i or g. B. Richardson. Student publication Board a. L. Bushman g. F. Deek Ert. Sophomore Nice Kinney. I x in president Ber a pot t or Faye Sot or. Treasurer Ruth Burker it j. Miller. Athletic Council j c. Mil a representative audience probably Large gathered at Ames commercial club rooms last eight for january mixer of that Socia Tion and paid marked Atten Tion to addresses of president Raymond a. Pearson Iowa state a Oil age head and Parley Sheldon fancier politician and club rep tentative at Jefferson Highway meting in new Orleans last week or was first Opportunity so elation has had of holding their Gular mixer since Spanish in Hurenza epidemic swept through a Ity with such a Force that it was Nee try for City Council to place a ban on All Public gatherings. Or. Schleiter president of Organiza Ion presided Over tile meeting and opened session with a Short plea f closer co operation among Mem is a larger membership and briefly touched upon work and organization of present club. President Pearson who shared honors with Parley Sheldon As speaker of evening held audience spell bound while he described in part his trip to War Ridden Europe in interest of United states government. Or. Pearson w to is an entertaining speaker a convincing talker and a turn of Force declared he would not 40 into minute details of his trip because a lecture which he will deliver some time Early in february had been arranged by prof. Noble. It which All present were cordially invited. Despite fact that he had not prepared an address president Pear on delivered one that will Long he remembered for startling facts it disclosed and Good Points he suggested. A i am not going to go into detail of my or. Pearson Aid Quot for two reason. First because do not want to take up your entre tire. Her this evening and Sec and because a lecture has been arranged by College lecture course of which prof. Noble is head for sometime Early in february at which i will go into details about or work in Europe which Arra is ice prevented being carried out hut who Csc will be of value to those round peace table and i would Ike for All of you to be present at that or. Pearson then fold How. By almost Aper human efforts people of England had seeded up production and increased wheat acreage Wenty five per cent in great Britain. Conditions in Italy he said were worse than to a were in either France or England. A at one time a he declared a Turin a Large automobile manufacturing town had Only enough wheat for one Day. Riots occurred and disorders happened. Which served As a warning to Allied governments that food must to supplied Aud supplied at without going into details or. Pearson told Why government had to guarantee a Price of $2,20 a by. To Farmers for their wheat during year 1019. A agriculture is not like he said. A Elf you Are to get results you must get started Early. One must Start at right time or else one will have to wait another year for a crop. Manufacturing can be seeded up almost in an instant. Farmers cannot. A they have to make an Early beginning. And after wheat shortage of 1916 and 1917 when wheat production fell off 50 per cent i Anan la. L. Young. Jug Council d. E. Conger s. E. Penney. Freshmen president n. M. Ione. No t. Mccord. M. W. My quite. Vice president John c. Brows a j Opal Miller g. E Willigrod. Secre a great Deal of knowledge is sorta re Ellen Boyden a e. Zurbach. Public speak government saw necessity of pro Green when used that structures made from it fall to pieces when material seasons. Those three a m. C. A. Workers who embezzled funds of organization must have been located close to German lines. June Wallace. Treasurer a. A. Adamson Thomas Masson athletic Council j. R. Flinn Clifford Lane. Public speaking Council w. T. Minerman c. Vav. Sunday. A Man who is fast asleep May be slow moving when awake. Dueing a larger acreage and we set about to get it. The results show what government accomplished. 9is,, bushels were raised a surplus of 26s.000,Ojo, which is not so much hut what it can be carried of Ltd. This would not have been any too much had War continued. A wheat conditions in world were not so bad but owing to activity of submarines it was impossible to get to Large amount at wharves. In Australia thousands and thousands of bushels of continued on Page 4

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