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Ames Thursday Times Newspaper Archives Feb 13 1919, Page 5

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Ames Thursday Times (Newspaper) - February 13, 1919, Ames, Iowa We Are not satisfied until we satisfy our readers the thursday times we strive to please believing it can be done volume xxvi Ames Sikov county Iowa thursday february is 1919 number so fall of plane cams. Injury of Frei Jones and Dali Hoo officer Mic and Mph. Alba Jon he receive letter telling of Hows Accident 7 troop lbs site s sail from fram3- ships who reach new n a a in week of 5 la Uunila to i decorated for bravery twice r or Shi no and French gov frn ment duh it Honor a it names to no Man or. And mrs. Alba Jones have re Tifel a letter from i. Dickenson first lieutenant United states Atria Cion service commanding officer of the thirteenth aviation Squadron Tell in of Tho heroism of their ton Fred when the plane in which he and lieutenant Brewer were flying fell in the Woods in the s. Mihiel salient killing the commissioned officer and curiously wounding sgt Jon. Sgt. Jones according to the officer letter Quot has been decorated by owner Al Pershing on two different oohs tons for bravery and once by the Kronuch government Fred has been a member of Lite aviation Branch o the service for some time. And pen a number of months in the Asiatic schools of France being graduated a1 a first last Pilot Aud was Ai Ting i this capacity when the Accident occurred. A i wish to inform Jeu As Best can lieutenant Dickenson a letter said a that the Accident of your son so Jones of tics thirteenth a Dvis Tion Squadron was very much in or rots of the True facts in the it ase. A Hgt. Jones is getting along the very Best Way and we expert to have him with us in a very abort time. A that he will be Able to return Horn with the Squadron with which he a done so mute Good work and is which we Are very proud and proud to have been associated with a mat like him. A i know that you and All who know him Art very proud of his goo work and As commanding officer. I am taking the Liberty of pea Fedor for the personnel of the Squadron when i Tell you the assignment Given or Jones have not and iou never have been accomplished by any other enlisted Man of the a k f. A tie spent More hours Over the in emf lines than any other Pilot of this Squadron he has twice be a i decorated for bravery and daring i the commanding officer of the Amor Iran expeditionary forces As Well a by the French government. A on november ii sgt Jones and first lieutenant c. A Brewer whip flying Over the St Mihili sector Loon of the wings of their ship and fell in the surrounding Woods. Lieut Brewer a killed and your son a badly bruised a few ribs broken and one rib pierced the left lung. A this injuries Are not As serious a first thought and he is a my along As Well As could he expected. Thor is nothing More that i can say except there is no need for worry and that he is getting the very Best to sible Washington in it Fob departure from France of seven transports and 1 a warships carrying approximately 12, Homecoming troops was announced by the for department. They will at new York and Newport new but in february 16 and 20, the transports Are re Ortega canonic Rotterdam Northland and West Turfeo for new York and the president cd rant and Tiger for n1 w port news tie battleship Ltd Coos to Newport n of and tin or St i you is to not w York. a uis president Wilson to or iipi1 if or of Rte l hurry it d k to Paris and i Ike it la i Roe no our i i Hrh there w Ilson spi ans Akl disclosed Vot ii Grant Kin it int Eren it e Al i Erra Iti it y i lev of left in Ltd \ hons a in. If incl by Mem Riks and ii ill Uli Doiny ill Isi i n i Kivi y in de a i la w la i l the annual h a St Hokerk for All my Ern Tiea in the pan has we Ilas t ii air a Belg Hail. I f urn alb Hou in chump week. Gut j m Van arrangements will be As go anything of it her. Faculty men on the program so. As is Tam cd by wrestling and Bam. Professor my f. D. Pain in electrical k refreshment doughnuts Cid freely dished Mokes a will ii a lined la Siil j lit ii it in a oppo Tui with the u Llo or. A Gener i. Is Salon of of con it in a is theft Welk is Imp by Ell. Paris feb i is hot a g n Era i session of the peat Tam rent will be held this week in still doubt Tai. At the one asian of this a Etmo of the. League of nations it Ohrn it tee seven articles of the redraft a Constitution had been completed the question of an International police Force proposed by the fret a delegates had not bees reached when 6 committee resumed its session at 3 30 the. Afternoon us. Tramways suspend in City of Belfast pro a sed vote by strikers on vial tor of settlement postponed by whispering pro i a i a Tho i paise i Tyr i apse impression cd Wilson is Belfast feb. 13.�?the propos cd Imi 11 of by Tho Belfast strikers regarding a Salt lenient was postponed pending a conference to ascertain if Tho engineering firms would accept the agreement reached with the ship-1 agent have been sewing by United press Paris feb. 13. Whispering propaganda with which America became familiar during the War was believed today to be responsible for the changed attitude toward Amerl an peace delegates in Paris suspicion grows that the seed Yards. The Gas and electricity supplies wer again stopped and the tramways suspended service after a few hours the St Pike committee had issued n which is producing die wild minor in circulation Here and treated a false impression of president we songs attitude. There has been s a r if cant developments in t or is con warning circular that an attempt has i . Been made to Stampede the strike. I a n v the o u g la 11 a persons i it a i in a Ltd the change in the French attitude Ami spirit can be attributed to German. Agitation. E nil it1 attempt m Ade to kill Len be Wilson renames draft expert for important position for four Yea re russian Leader escapes mob ii to Tut harm chauffeur i ii Lei Ihmi by United p Washington pet. Res 13. London. Feb. 13.�?an attempt major i was made to assassinate Nicola Lien general Enoch Crowder was today inc but failed a dispatch from vol renominated by president Wilson As cow declared today. Stockholm and judge advocate general with the vices said Lenine escaped without in rank of major general for four years jury but his chauffeur was wounded beginning february 15, the assailants were executed. Paru a Calden d Thim Pla foul i to a a Eviden ? but Ion infer be society in the Dis urn from via r if 15 Lay a w tee of not to a upon of Nalo or Wash Thi i to Brothers held Fok deaths Coroner jury fixes crime on /. 8. And i. I. W an Broth w Ashington in by j a Kroner a a jury stuns ram quire into the killing of i it a. T. Wang h. Hale and Vav a official of Tho it him t to a i in is Ion to f he Lait a verdict holding a to their death z. S. Wan Broth who wore a re an in an York to a hat wan to t h distr lice off dais Anno the Case of z. I. W. Brothers would ii a a grand jury now let of Columbia Cote of. 13.�? l to in Thod off Ben sen 40 a do Call states r that the s at the is. Of new sued last cod later t and t. I prese leu tug in the accused of a Plo Perm Ark ii ii at f the a draft nut Ion la b tor pro e the Ding will Lary Rev will w hat e Ighut by anti supreme War Council i the Ria in. Of in Iglus i rapport of the pre or country should be i on Tho same footing s expected to refer i in the of the i soon society s com Tod by be pre Viilu i Pii Tro Pierre Al la tied i. Vav. Be Ami it pm a it i i i v. Der arrest w Kansas City feb. Pierre alleged i. Vav. W. Arrested by officers in according to Nies Sag he was charged with an piracy against the life it by Ilson. Say local govern and is held on $10,000 Cago appear Antly was the the plan were made. Federal officers Here said. Whether the alleged plot reached a stage where la president s life really was endangered probably will not be known until the secret 3�?pietro Ider was Cleveland rom them legend con president ant agents my. Chi lace where a to a ton Ora plated it service shy is said. Pierre was released from the Federal Penitentiary at Leavenworth kan., october 14 last a year and a Day for opt after serving coition to the in dive Targ it draft from shortly prison p before Erre is his Aile lad to have told fell had Bec chosen to Ai Dent and to have Addei go to Chicago for Fin a i i. W. W. Beads our v prisoners he ack the presi that he would ii instructions Era there. Baseball prospects Julji Klut review in Valley in is opt Mistico View Poi n t on Low y St a i bus Hami s Greenlee has Kim in Clel s a Lone Leader pales olt men a Xii Maki s prelim in. Ary Pla is Imp Smit i i w Senate passes i Bills in a ulu Uil two of me Psi Rah gassed by Ere Hoise Oihi it w i re up prop Phons the cd \ a Fruh. It Iead b by e a Uci ii i i Al is is Ossis h my ill u a red Mil sur Lier in economic e s the i tribute ii Between country France and Bel advantage Over nor by entente Mil till safety to held an plea that d to recoup the destruct tuts the rash cum b Ive been i the american by the British. Id be Rei Jaburs ties from Genable t Ime. The Duncil can Reg a of raw mater a so As to in i cum of a pro Germany Ami prevent the latter from gaining the world s markets. Once divested of its economic features arrangement for an Extension of the military armistice can be quickly oomph a of j is believed certain that american troops will not by employed As permanent garrisons in the Rhine country longer than is Mcey Ary for military purposes or to insure the carrying out of the commercial conditions of the armistice. Chm Jup troubles it for considered the China japanese controversy or Japan a maims regarding the Basilica islands Are Likely to delay the society of nations project. It seems probable however that the matters will to hindered later by that organization. Considerable apace is Given the Chino japanese controversy by the French newspapers. To meet doubts cast upon its authority the chinese delegation has published cablegram received from Shanghai the provincial legislature of Shantung and the Chine a society for a league of nation at peking. Des Moines. Fth 13.�?the sea at had Tho passing fever today and at irs morning session passed seven Billa. One of uie Bills by Hale. Of Jon county would give ten state institutions $834,154 for furnishings and equipment and for the Purchase of mid live Stock clothing food fuel and supplies. One of the Bills passed by being ton of Johnson county appropriates $25,000 to Complete the medical Libra tory building at the Oakland sanitarium. To. O House Bill wore among Tho passed. The semite a1 it passed a concur in Resolution providing for a re Cess of one week beginning february 26. Senator Thompson of Des Moines county introduced a Bill providing r Ini renovated butter shall be Markd As such. Poch leaves to renew armistice Allied commander and Start Ort for treves to meet Hun delegation Paris Fob 13. Marshal Foeh was to leave for treves today carrying with him new conditions on which she Extension of armistice terms would be made. It is understood that Germany May fee permitted to obtain food from the allies after the devastated countries have been supplied. The in a t Iii forecaster today that the armistice would be prolonged indefinitely that hostilities would begin an Short notice in the a vent the in my shows bad Faith in carrying oat conditions of the terms that a dead line would to drawn which forbids German troops from moving info Poland. These cablegram overwhelmingly favor the activities of the delegation and direct that there be restitution to China of properties in Shantung. A Iowa state Lias the Best Chan in years to win the Missouri Valley baseball championship and should Vin it a a s lid Quot to jut a Quot Greenlee Star Pitcher and Captain of this years Iowa state team As he lobbed the Ball toward one of the cyclones future greats at the other end of the gymnasium a on reason for this continued is that at the 1 present time there appear to be but two contestant for these honors namely Iowa state and Kansas. Another is beaus1 Iowa St.v1 has a nucleus for i Pennant Winner in having seven experienced no n to Start this years Campaign. The cyclones Defeated Kansas last year and with til1 present material and added strength from last years freshman team there is no Rea on Why they cannot pull the trick again. A Missouri at the present time enc Hains no prospects of entering the conference for want of a Diamond their old Diamond was ruined by the s. A t. C. At that institution and up o the present time nothing has Beira Lone toward repairing it or petting to her. A of the men from last year s team Plain Greenlee Plagge and Hadley an easily take care of the firing line a a dutch Leveson should take care of the hot ones at Short Stop and help Leady the rest of the infield which will be made up of last years freshen. In the outer Garden Davidson hould land one place and Shellito. Who is now in the Navy at great lakes in All possibility will be Back for the coming season to take care of his old Garden. Tile third Fly Chaser will probably be Bierbaum. A a find from last years freshmen team a if these men Are All on deck said Greenier Iowa state will have one of the Best starts he has had in years. The one weak spot on the team is the search for a Backstop. The logical Man for the Job is Hee son but is he eligible he caught for Grinnell freshmen last year and u will be up to the eligibility commission of the state whether or not lie will be allowed to play with to is one. Execration then Iowa state sure looks like a Winner and with in even break in Luck Hou 11 come rat on Bucharest crowd storm car troop ailed to Hunnas Rev of tit Ion a i j Ili Lix Lisl i a i in i Luigi Vil inn. A a Rev was supt rec of i rift. I i. C open Hagen a a Lui tonary demonstration pressed by troops at in liar in in according to a Berlin Lisp received Here today. The no is said crowds attempted to is King Ferdinand a motor tar Shing a Down with the King. Long the th1 troops pre around th1 ruler and forced the people Back. Strikes Are spreading thru Kouri Iania and industries tire seriously handicapped reports received Here let delay president i hem la present proposition of est y Blish i no Iii be info in a tonal Yum y Aal i i son to Kea league s Laws r. S. In Al j Tivis selected a m y \ to picks int it v n s i Iti i Ion to session us in i j ill Man injured in Friendly a it Cyk Ley ill re it of i a Phy or i y is Deli by e th1 condition of Paul Sterling a senior student at the College who was taken to the Hospital unconscious the first of the week is now secure and or. Cd g. Tilden feels sure of his recovery. Sterling was in a Friendly scuffle with the former Captain of the foot Ball t ram v. A Heater an Ames boy and a classmate of Sterling a when Heifer unexpectedly climbed onto him pinning his arms to his sides in such a Way that neither could catch himself a they fell to the floor. Heater on top. Sterling was immediately Carriet from the veterinary Hospital where the Accident occurred to the Hospital and was unconscious most of the time for Twenty four hours Only recognizing Hilt Mother at Midnight when he arrived with his father and brother. The result of the Accident proved to be a concussion of the Back of the Skull which will not result seriously according to or Tilden yesterday. I in United press Paris of a 13 a the question of Sta wishing a huge International in i i tar and naval police Force under the league of nations was being threshed out today at a meeting of the league s committee. The Pronos i Ion it i understood was submit de by the French government. Am Fri it an and British delegates Are said to Opp whip it the be Lief was expressed that. Did cd Sion on this new article might prevent action on the Constitution today and thus eliminate possible presentation o it or draft to the Gen ral peace conference tomorrow. President Wilson s plans of leaving Paris for Home tomorrow night w ill. In All events have to be hang a. Not Only because he has been selected to read th1 Constitution at the it Don but because he wishes to Ake a copy Bauk to the United states with him. Troop Avih Dziwik to in discussed Washington feb. 13 a withdrawal of United states and Allied forces from Northern Russia and Siberia will be the first question be Ore the proposed Allied russian session at princes Island diplomats were Given to understand today. 8tate department officials predicted he Region of archangel and that of Omsk would be last minute parti Ipanto in the sessions thu it by revolutionists Royal family prevented from est aping by re ii Al workmen us i woman a Organ journalistic department to appear As usual Hua Era i by United press Copenhagen feb. 13.�?King Ferdinand was wounded when the Royal Palat e was bombed by revolutionists according to a Vienna dispatch received Here today. The Royal family is reported to have attempted to escape but was prevented from doing so by workmen. The revolution in said to be spreading. Mui Ilia Iowa state College would get $.�?T>70,000 under Lang Ith a Rill by United press Des Moines. Feb. 13.�?under a Bill introduced in the House today by Langfitt of Adair county $570,-000 would be appropriated for new a buildings at the state College at Ames. For new buildings at the state University at Iowa City $575,-000 would be appropriated ii outlawed Bootleg whisky is not property How can those who stole nearly $10,000 Worth of the stuff be charged with grand larceny the appearance on the Campus of th1 Emerald Goose official roasting Organ of the women a honorary journalistic fraternity Theta Sigma Phi. Is announced As March 1st. Say miss Dorothy Stewart edit of the scandal Sheet. This will be the second year for the women of the College to put out a publication by themselves the one last year taking the place of tin Green Gander usually put out by the menus journalistic fraternity. The Green Gander is to appear again this year altho later in la season. Many new sub War features Are to be augmented in the first Fleet while the Gander has not of announced his style of publication it is expected that he will secure the Aid of Ding of Des Moines if pos sible. Grove Back from Des Moines meet \ tended banquet Ami gathering of grocers w wholesale company j. J. Grove Lins returned from Des Moines where he attended the meeting and banquet of the grocers wholesale company in that City yesterday. Three Hundred men attended the spread at the chamber of Commerce rooms last night at which time Lafe Young jr., business manager of the capital spoke to the gathering on his trip to Europe As a member of the journalists party invited to inspect the battlefields of France by the English government. Th1 grocers wholesale company is made up of More than three Hundred and thirty four stockholders All of whom Are retail grocers in the state. Headquarters of the company ar1 located in Des Moines where the concern owns and occupies a four Story building. Wies girl is Jap an Ese song Hird the following clipping is taken rom the Butte Mont daily poet a an Advance Notise sent in a few lays before the current Bill at the hippodrome opened apparently Laboured under some misapprehension regarding a the japanese song Birds who present Twenty minutes of most pleasing Melody. It was stated thut h1 girls were from Tokio and Sang u japanese during the whole of heir Short lives. A one of the girls is from Kokomo ind., another is from Bangor Memy the third with bewitching dark yes and a most attractive Southern trawl is from Memphis Tetra. A Bree being particularly gifted sing to they just drifted together and have taken Chautauqua circuits and vaudeville audiences by storm. A a a we never claimed to be japanese said the one from Memphis Are eyes snapping dangerously a Waind he Only excuse for such an Assum sit is th1 fact that we appear in japanese costumes. A we sing a japanese song it we tried but we certainly can sing in English. If you done to believe it ask any on who has heard a the girls appear daintily cos Umed in Oriental Kimonos and sing delightfully. To Lien number is one of the Best on the program Anul their offering has been highly popular with hip th1 names of the Trio Are Ruth Cass and Margaret Ann Shelton of Des Moines and Dearie Poole of Ames. A Large population has been found in Interior China who did not know there was a world War in Progress. Yet China was one of th1 belligerents. The Al Brook funeral tile funeral of the late judge Al Brook of Eldora will occur saturday afternoon at the Home of his son in Law w j. Murray in Eldora. Judge Ai Brook was one of the Best known and most highly esteemed members of the Legal fraternity in Iowa and was one of the attorneys in the famous Rainsberger Case in Hardin co. His funeral will be largely attended by it member of the Bench and bar in Iowa. F. C. Tilden and daughter mrs. E. By Macy of Ames will attend. The weather Snow and colder tonight. Eld Day partly Cloud Ami colder with Snow flurries in emt por Tion. Strong shifting wind this afternoon becoming Wester i gales tonight

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